Big Booty Blonde Eva Bends Over

Big Booty Blonde Eva Bends Over
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It was late one evening when I headed down to Seattle to see my friend Jenna.


Jenna and I had gone to college together before she moved down for grad school. She was gorgeous, and I always had a bit of a crush on her. She was about 5'10", Indian, with massive smooth breasts and wide hips. Her best feature was her face though, perfect smooth skin, long black hair and a stunning smile. Every time I looked at her I would get hard. She was also a little naive though, and had been having trouble with "boyfriends" at her new school.

So I made the 30 minute drive to see her one evening and buy her dinner. We decided to go to a little cafe and order from their tiny, but tasty menu.

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The talk drifted from subject to subject, never really touching on her life too much. She seemed to be avoiding the subject of her love life. Strange considering it was one of the reasons I went to meet up with her. We walked back, to her little student flat and she invited me in. We sat on the couch, munched some snacks she had lying around and turned on some rerun of Ghost Hunters. "Its weird," she mused, "but this guy looks a little like my ex." Finally we get somewhere!

"Really? Is this the guy you were telling me about on AIM last night?" "Yeah." She trailed off and looked a little sad. "Well he sounds like a jerk anyways, and you never finished that story about why you broke up." Jenna was quite for a few seconds, kinda staring off into space.

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"Well. You promise not to tell anyone about this? And don't judge me for it?" "Yeah of course," I responded quickly, eager to know why this one didn't work out. Even though I already had a sneaking suspicion that it was the same reason the others hadn't either.

Her sexual inexperience. "Well it started out ok, but then things got a little weird. Whenever we kissed he used to bite my lips. Way waay too hard." I looked at her lip and saw a tiny scratch on the bottom.

I frowned instantly, her lips are too perfect to scar like that. "What happened after that?" "Well, he was on top of me on the couch and he started grinding into me. After a while he went all stiff, then.Well.

I felt the wet spot." The jerk came in his pants! I screamed in my head. Turns out I was wrong, it wasn't her inexperience that ended this one. "That wasn't the first time either.

Our make-out sessions usually end that way. And of course after that he doesn't want to do anything. I mean he never even tried to give me." She looked up and blushed. "Well never mind that, lets just say I was bored fairly consistently." I shook my head, close to laughter at this point, but not wanted to tell her why. If I blurted out that I couldn't blame the guy, that just looking at her makes me want to cum and I'm sure kissing her would make me do the same, I would be kicked out of her flat so fast.

"I mean," she continued, "every date I have seems to end like crap. No guy has ever kissed me 'right' and Ive never even.came.before. Not even by myself." I looked deep into her eyes, and saw she was telling the truth.

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Never once had she experienced an orgasm, and she was almost 24. She next words were out of my mouth before I could think. "Fucking sacrilege." She looked up shocked, not used to me swearing around her. "Um, I mean. if I was dating you I don't think you'd be able to stop me from giving you orgasms.

heh." I let out a couple pathetic laughs to cover my awkward string of comments. I was sure my face was extremely red. Jenna's face was unreadable. Eventually a small smile escaped and she giggled lightly. "You're sure you didn't drink anything tonight?" She covered her giggle with her hand and the look on my face must have been shock and embarrassment so she snorted out another laugh.

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This one bigger and louder that just seemed to get louder. She eventually stopped and leaned back in the couch, before patting my leg and looking at the clock. "Ah well, its past 1, do you need to go?" "Yeah. Yeah I probably should." We both stood and walked over to her door. When we got there she gave me a hug, resting her cheek on my chest. "Thanks for coming over, I needed a good evening. Between jerky boyfriends and tough classes I don't get much entertainment." She looked up at me and smiled.

"Its no big deal anytime you want me to." I trailed off as I looked at her smiling face, perfect red lips and sparkling almond eyes. I couldn't help myself.


I locked eyes with her and I saw hers widen as I leaned down slowly and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, one of my hands resting on the small of her back, the other between her shoulders. After a moment her eyes slid shut and her lips puckered against mine, her hands moving to my shoulder blades and pulling me closer.

The kiss lasted for a few moments more before I pulled away, smiling awkwardly. "Sorry about that, just couldn't help mysel-" A finger to my lips made me quiet. "Just shut up." She smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen and snaked her fingers into my hair and pulled me back down again.

This kiss was neither soft nor chaste like the last. This was the kind of kiss that people warn teenagers could lead to babies. Our lips pressed together firmly, I felt her tongue reach out and run along my front teeth before dipping into my mouth and stroking against mine. Our tongues battled for minutes, first wrestling in my mouth, then in hers. My hands became braver and as she let out a low moan from my tongue caressing her lower lip I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and squeezed as tight as I dared.

"Ah!" She pulled her lips away from mine and looked at my eyes with a smile, "Come on." She said as she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. Swaying her hips more then usual, grinning over her shoulder at me. For a virgin, I though to myself, she certainly knows how to work her body.

I gave an appreciative growl as I saw her hips sway, she heard this and looked at my face. The desire almost primal. It was that look that sent me over the edge. Once we reached her bedroom door and pulled her around to face me and in one movement lifted her up and pressed her against the door. My lips founds hers and my hands found her glorious round ass. Massaging her as I held her up securely. Moving away from the wall I kept her pinned to me with one hand on her back, and another still groping her ass.

I laid her on her back on the bed and, careful not to put too much weight on her, held myself above her and looked into her eyes.

She smiled big and wound her hands around my neck and kissed me. This one more like the first, soft light kisses, feeling her full lips rub against mine. We fit. It felt perfect. "Wait," I heard her say. "Ive never done this before." I saw a slight tinge of fear in her eyes and cradled her face with my hand.

"Don't worry, first things first. I want to give you what you've been missing. I want to make you feel better then any man as ever before.

All I need you to do, Is take off your clothes." She looked a little apprehensive. "All of them? I don't know, I'm a little self conscious." This time I did laugh out loud. "Jenna, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

And seeing you naked would basically be equivalent to receiving the Nobel peace prize!" She grinned as I lifted myself up and stood by the bed, holding my hand out to her. She grasped my hand and I helped her stand up. I kissed her lightly on the lips again before I placed my hands on the lower hem of her shirt. Pulling upwards I revealed a perfect, smooth and toned stomach. Then the gentle swell of her mountainous breasts covered by a scarlet red bra. I had never seen such breasts.

As I lifted her shirt over her head I ran my hands down her shoulders to her chest. I cupped both mounds in my hands and lowered my face to them. Burying my nose between them I inhaled the natural small of her breasts. She sighed lightly and stroked my hair as I reached behind to to unclasp the hooks. As I pulled the garment off her shoulders the most glorious pair of breasts ever sculpted were revealed inch by inch.

My eyes went wide as I suddenly got dry mouth and could only stare at her. The slight giggle brought my back to reality, "well I'm glad you approve." "Oh I do more then approve." I leaned in to kiss her again as my hands found the front of her jeans.

I quickly unbuttoned them and drew down the fly.

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At this point it seems like her shyness got the best of her and she buried her head in my shoulder. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked worriedly, thinking it might be too fast. "No, no I definitely don't want you to. Just.the feeling is a little new. But it feels so right, you're not taking it too fast. Just.Just keep doing what you're doing." I smiled and began to lower to lower her pants down. Helping her step out of them at the end. I then knelt and ran a string of kisses down her stomach, while hooking my thumbs into her panties and sliding them down.

I was greeted by the holy land. A perfectly groomed patch of fine black hair and completely smooth lips greeted me. As I helped her take them off she turned slightly. I then saw the curve of her ass. My mouth went dry again and I almost burst though my jeans.

Her ass was flawless. The cheeks sloped out behind her, so round that if you were to place them back to back it would make a sphere. I almost scared me, how much I wanted her at that moment. But I had something to do first. I smiled and sat down on her bed and spread my legs. I held out my hand and pulled her on top of me so she was sitting between my legs, with her back to me.

She leaned back and sighed happily tilting her head back to give me an almost ridiculously chaste kiss before rubbing her nose against mine. "Now Jenna," I spoke lightly into her ear, "we're going to make you cum." She smiled and I felt her body relax at the sound of my voice. I took the initiative and placed both of my hands on the back of hers and guided them to her breasts.

Rubbing her hands all over, making her pinch her own nipples and stroke the backs of our hands over her aureoles.

After a few minutes of this she was panting softly, and her nipples had hardened incredibly. I began to guide her hands slowly down her stomach and finally to the cleft between her legs. This is when her breath cough nervously in her throat.

"Don't worry darling, this will feel amazing, I promise." I felt her relax so I continued to guide her hands lower. Using both thumbs we spread her lips apart and with one index finger ran a slow line up her slit, and over her hard clitoris. Her whole body shivered and she let loose a low moan. I continued to guide one finger up and down the slit slowly, giving the clit a light flick at the apex of each stroke. With her other hand I guided one finger deeper into the cleft, until we reached her entrance.

I softly slid her index finger up to the first knuckle inside. Her gasp this time was about an octave higher. Her body on fire from the intense desire. I continued to guide her hands for a few moments, then took mine away. To my pleasure she continued doing it on her own. I ran my hands up her stomach and grabbed her breasts. Delighting in the feeling of unobstructed flesh. I pressed her breasts slightly together and pinched both nipples between my thumb and forefinger lightly. I twisted them once.

Her back arched and she pressed her breasts into my hands. Moaning wantonly now, not even trying to be quiet. I to give attention to her breasts, timing my twists with her sliding her finger into herself. Moments later her breathing became ragged and her body began to tighten.

I pinched her nipples harder then usually and whispered "Cum for me, I want to see how beautiful you look in ecstasy," before I snaked my tongue into her ear and licked lightly at the lobe.

That was all she needed, back arching she let out a keening scream, her fingers a blur between her legs, my hands pulling her nipples outwards. I looked down and saw her squirt slightly, the fluid running down her slit and pooling on the sheets. her body spasming in the absolute pleasure of the first orgasm. Her face was red from extra bloodflow and her eyes were screwed tight.

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Her mouth was wide open and her tongue worked inside. She was gorgeous. After was seemed like hours she collapsed against me, panting loudly, hands resting on her stomach as the last orgasmic twitches left her. She looked up into my eyes and could not even speak, her body so wracked with pleasure she was incoherent. I pulled her upwards to me and kissed her lips like a lost lover, and she responded in kind.

"I hope you have more in you," I said with a cheeky grin. "Because now Im going to do something Ive wanted to do since I first lay eyes on you. I lifted her slowly off my body and laid her back against the pillows. I knelt between her legs and spread them open. I smiled up at her and saw an odd emotion in her eyes. It was beyond lust by now, she wanted something else.

She wanted me. All of me. I leaned down and parted her glistening lips with my thumbs before I flattened my tongue softly against her tender folds.

The response was immediate. Her hips bucked up and she gasped loudly. "Oh god, please, please do that again!" She moaned. "I will do more then that," I smiled up at her and laid a soft kiss right on top of her clit, making her groan and smile down at me. I went back to licking up and down her folds, going from the very bottom near her tiny puckered anus, to the very top, swirling around her clit with the tip of my tongue.

Eventually I snaked my arms upwards and began to play with her breasts as I devoured her, twisting her nipples and running my hands all over the massive globes. Her entrance was so slick that I would occasionally fuck her with my tongue before I went back to tracing circles around her clit. Her hands were snaked in my hair and she muttered incoherently, moaning every time my tongue touched her most sensitive spot.

I kept it up for over an hour, bringing her to the brink then drawing away and letting her cool down until eventually when she neared again I didn't stop.

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I began to attack her pussy with full vigor. Twisting her nipples and sucking, nibbling, kissing and licking every single spot on her pussy. "Oh god, yes, yes. More please don't stop please don't-AAAAAAAH!" Was all that came out, her scream growing louder and louder, hips bucking up to meet my face and she began to shake. Every hip thrust upwards she would squirt slightly, I felt it splash against my chin as I locked my lips onto her clit and rubbed it furiously.

She grabbed my hair tighter, and pulled my face violently into her pussy, I could feel her muscles working as she sprayed my neck and upper chest with her fluids. I eventually detached myself from her thoroughly pleasured clit and sat back on my knees smiling down at her.

Her eyes snapped open and the look in them almost scared me for a moment. She then leapt upwards and smashed her breasts into my chest, her tongue invading my mouth more aggressively then I had ever experienced. Her hands ripped my shirt off over my head and I looked into her feral eyes as she unbuckled my pants and fished my rock hard dick out.

I saw her look down at my penis, her mouth agape and breasts heaving, before she looked upwards and smiled at me. She leaned forwards and grasped my cock at the very base and squeezed hard, making me groan.

"Now. Now its your turn," she husked as she opened her perfect lips and stuck out her pink tongue. She lowered her mouth towards my shaft and never taking her eyes off mine. TO BE CONTINUED.