Horny Angel Smalls Giving Head and Humped by Big Wiener

Horny Angel Smalls Giving Head and Humped by Big Wiener
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A MASTER TO MY MOM, SISTER, AND THE CHEERLEADING TEAM Fourteen-year-old Freddie came home one day with two of his friend to play. Upon arriving at his house he noticed his uncles car parked in front of their house. He opened the door and went inside, and started searching the house. When he heard some noise coming from his mother's bedroom. He crept up to the door that was open a few inches, and looked inside. He saw his mom tied face down across her bed nude with her knees toward the floor each tied to a bed leg spread eagle.

Behind her was Uncle Joe. "SMACK" He hit her with a belt, and after each hit he asked, "DO YOU WANT IT?" But she couldn't answer because a big black man was in front of her with his cock in her mouth. The black man kept saying "BITCH DON'T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL".

As Freddie looked on his friends Randy and Dennis arrived. All three looked through the crack in the door. SMACK went the belt again and again finally the black man grabbed her head, and forced his cock down her throat as he started to cum. When he finished empting his balls he pulled his cock out. "SMACK" went the belt. "DO YOU WANT SOME?" Freddie mom turned her head and yell.

"YES JOE! I'M YOUR SLUT AND HIS BITCH"! Then all of a sudden a big dog jumped up on her back and started humping her.

On the second try his cock found an opening. At first it only when in a few inches, but on the next attempt it went in all the way. Uncle Joe moved around to her mouth and stuck his cock in for her to suck. The savage thrusts from the dog sent Uncle Joe's cock deeper into her throat. Abruptly both man and dog stiffened. The dog's knot was securely stuck in her cunt as Uncle Joe flooded her mouth and the dog filled her cunt. After Freddie mom swallowed her brothers cum, she licked her lips for more as she continued to move back and forth on the now still canines cock.

Milking the mangy mutts imbedded cock of all its hot cum. As the boys continued to look on another black man got on the bed in front of the kneeling captive. "BITCH NOW YOU CAN SUCK A REAL MANS DICK." Then he started to push his 12-inch cock into her mouth. At one point she choked a little, but after she relaxed her throat muscles it disappeared with ease allowing the black man to fuck her face with vigor.

Freddie couldn't believe what he was seeing. His own mother of all people, was fucked by a dog and sucked off two black men, and her own brother, and his best friends were there to see it too. The black man fucking her face was going a mile a minute, and with a cock as long as his you wonder why it doesn't poke a hole in the back of her head.

After about five minutes he started to shoot his load in her mouth and on her face. Freddie told his friends "let's leave" and they did. Outside Freddie looks at his friends and said, "what you think of that?" Dennis said. "I wish we could fuck your mom." Randy then ask "Freddie why don't you let us fuck your mom." Freddie said he set it up and they left. Freddie then wondered what his 16-year-old sister would say, but when he turned around he saw his uncle and eight black men leaving with six big dogs.

Uncle Joe as he was leaving said goodbye to Anna. That's my mother's name, and to my surprise he said goodbye to Emma my sister. Then he turned and saw me, and said "Hi Freddie".

He then came over and asked how's the man of the house doing. My father a policeman was killed in a seven-eleven holdup a year ago. I said fine how you doing. I then asked who the black guys were.

"Their fuckin dog catchers." Then Uncle Joe said thanks to the black men and they left. Uncle Joe then said that if he didn't leave his wife would put him in a doghouse for sure, and he left. When Freddie entered the house everything appeared normal except his mom was in a robe in the kitchen washing some cups at the sink, and Emma was in the shower.

He went in the kitchen and noticed a pool of cum on the floor, and more dripping from between his mom's legs. Then she said "Hi Freddie! I thought you were going to play with your friends this afternoon?" Freddie then said. "Yes mom we played for a while. Then I brought them here, and we watched you guys in the bed room". Mom turned in shock at the same time Emma came into the kitchen wearing only a bath towel.

Emma looked at their mom and asked. "What's for lunch?" Then their mom said. "He knows" as Freddie reached up and pulled Emma's towel away leaving her completely nude. She said "Freddie!" " What?" Freddie then got up and walked over to his mom, and took off her robe.

He then told Emma "your lunch is dripping to the floor." Emma looked at Freddie as he pointed to their mother's pussy. Emma then got on her knees, and started licking their mother's cunt. Freddie saw his Moms eyes roll back, indicating how good a job Emma was doing. Freddie then stepped up to one of his moms nicely formed tits, and started to pinch her nipple as hard as he could. He also reached down and squeezed one of Emma's tits.

Both women started to groan. Emma then opened Freddie's zipper and pulled out his cock and started to suck it. Freddie then told his mom that she should lick up the pool of cum that she left on the floor. "Yes Freddie" She Then got down and started licking.

A minute later the phone rang. Freddie answered it. "Hello!" It was Randy. "Hi dude! Why don't you get Dennis, Rick, and Bob and come on over. Bring Rex, Duke, Rodman, and Jordan." Both mom and Emma looked up in shock at Freddie. He looked at them and said, "I've got company coming over." "So you'd better mind if you know what's good for you." " Now mom get up and make some popcorn and iced tea and Emma you finish what you started." She started sucking his cock again. Mom started to put on her robe, when Freddie said.

"No you won't need your clothes whenever you're at home, you'll stay naked." "Any questions?" Both said "No"! "Ok Emma get back to work". Freddie was enjoying this blowjob mostly because it was his first, and that his sister did a good job.

Within a couple minutes he was cumin and his sister was swallowing every bit of his big load. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang and Freddie went to answer it. Randy, Dennis, Rick, and Bob along with Rex, Duke, Jordan, and Rodman all arrived at once. "Hey dudes have a seat in the living room." "Anyone want some popcorn and iced tea?" All said yes. Freddie then called.

"Mom bring us some popcorn and tea." "Yes Freddie" Mom said. A couple seconds' later two nude women came out of the kitchen one with popcorn and one with iced tea and glasses. Everyone appeared a little shocked at first. "Grab whatever you want." Freddie told the guys.

Dennis reached up and touched Emma on the ass. "Is this okay?" He asked. Emma replied. "Anything you want that's what Freddie said." Dennis than touched her pussy and looked at her for approval. Again she said. "Anything you want." With that Dennis and Rick both pushed their fingers toward her neatly trimmed pussy. Randy and Bob did the same. "Ms. McGee (my mom) you sure have a nice pussy" Bob said. Mom said "thank you Bob" Randy than stood up and started to play with her tits.

Rick then asks Emma if she would suck his dick? Emma said "of course" then she went to her knees and looks at Dennis and asked. "Yours too?" "Yes please!" He answered and she started sucking both cocks.

Freddie said "Mom I think you should do Randy and Bob the same courtesy." Once mom and Emma got going Freddie called to Rodman whose part Doberman and Great Dane mixed toward Mom and patted her on the ass.

He mounted her right away and started pumping his long red cock at her pussy. At first he couldn't find a hole until the young mom started rotating her ass, then it went in.

Each thrust went deeper and deeper. Freddie then called Duke a big black Great Dane. He then patted Emma on the ass until Duke mounted her. His massive cock entered her pussy right away and within two pumps impaled her to the dog-knot. Both dogs started fucking like crazy on the two cock sucking bitches. Then without warning Rick let loose gushing Emma's mouth full of cum, as she swallowed as fast and as much as she could. Mom expertly coaxed Randy's cum out of his balls and swallowed it with ease before giving Bob a blowjob to remember.

Both dogs continue to pound their long hard Cocks into the two female bitches. After a few minutes Emma screamed in pain as the big dog-knot enter her pussy. But the cock her mouth started to explode and muffled her screams as both human and dog started to cum. She gulped Dennis's big load down her throat, as the dogs swollen dick throbbed in her tight pussy releasing powerful jets of cum at her womb.

The big Dane dismounted but they remained stuck together butt to butt. He pulled Emma away from Dennis's still squirting cock. One squirt hit Emma on her forehead and another when into her hair before she could get her mouth back on the head oh his cock, to drink the rest of his cum. Mom finished sucking all the cum out of Bob balls, when Rodman's knot enter her cunt.

The look on her face said she was in peer ecstasy. She pushed herself back on Rodman's cock pushing the knot in even further as the big dog exploded drenching her cunt to new limits.

They both wanted to cram more of the massive cock into that tight cunt, and that left very little space for all the cum being deposited. The cum was being forced around the knot and dripping on the floor.

When Rodman finally pulled his cock out it was followed by an incredible amount of cum. Freddie ordered Emma to get her mouth over her mom's cunt to catch the cum.

Emma moved quickly and started licking her mother's cunt. Her tongue penetrated even further to get some extra and this drove her mom to another incredible orgasm, mixing her cum with Rodman's for Emma to lick out.

The guys looked on in complete and utter shock. After mom and Emma finished Duke and Rodman Freddie ordered them to suck Rex a big St.

Bernard and Jordan another Great Dane. Emma started on Rex at first having a little trouble locating his sheath in all his fur. Mom on the other hand had no problems with Jordan who has to be one of the biggest Great Dane in the world, and sports a massive 13 inches of cock to prove it.

Emma asked Freddie "can I show you guys a trick I learned last week?" All the guys including Freddie said okay and Emma jumped up and ran into the kitchen. She returned seconds later with a bunch of bananas and a knife. She found the biggest banana about ten inches long, and cut the ends off it. Than she started to squeeze the skin, forcing the banana out.

Until all she had was long empty skin. Then she started forcing Rex's sheath back exposing his long pink cock. Then she slipped the banana peel on it and started to jack the big dog off. Because the banana skin was so slippery, Rex started pumping it as if it were a big wet pussy, and in no time started cumin like crazy.

Emma put a glass under the end of the banana peel to collect all his cum. When he finished she had almost a third of a glass. Which she proceeded to drink. Mom then took a banana peel and did the same to Jordan.

She got a little more than half a glass and, quickly she drank it down. The women were told to go clean themselves up and be quick about it.

While they were gone Freddie called the rest of their scout troop. He asked them to bring Kong. Ten minutes later the girls returned all cleaned up. Freddie then put blindfolds on them and tied to hands behind their back. He then made them kneel in front of the stereo and he put headphones over their ears. Now the girls could not move, see, or hear what was going to happen.

20 minutes later nine Boy Scouts and Kong a big male orangutan that belongs to Tommy Long all arrived at Freddie's house. Freddie told his friends they could do whatever they wanted to the two females.

The girls had no idea that the other boys were there because of the loud music coming from the stereo. A couple of the guys started feeling the girl's tits. Jimmy and Lee got on the floor and slid between the girl's legs to inspect their pussy.

In no time the girls had hands all over their bodies feeling, poking, and caressing their most intimate parts. Jack a 16-year-old Scout asked Freddie if he could put his dick in his mom's mouth. Freddie said. "Sure but you have to cum in it to." Jack said okay and pulled out his cock and walked over to Ms. McKee. When his cock touched her lips her mouth opened.

Jack then proceeded to fuck her face while the others watched. Tommy, Jimmy, and Lee whispering between themselves, before approaching Freddie. Lee said "I've watched your sister during cheerleading and gymnastics, and I've always wanted her to do a split over my face." Okay Freddie said.

The boys got two chairs from the dining room and brought them into the living room. Freddie told his sister to do a split across them. She did it keeping her blindfold and earphones in place. The guy started sliding under her between the chairs.

They looked up into her belly through her gaping cunt lips. They poked at her clit and stuck their fingers in her ass and pussy. Emma started to grown from all the attention she was getting. Jack who was pumping his cock into the young mom's mouth, stiffened up and pushed his cock in as far as he could before shooting his cum down her throat.

She swallowed it like a professional slut. When Jack pulled out John took his place. Randy then suggested that we let Kong fuck Emma while in the split position across the two chairs.

Freddie said. "Good idea." Freddie led the ape that hadn't been laid in years toward his sister. Tommy then started to jack off King Kong to get him hard. Once Kong's cock got hard Tommy led him up to Emma.

He put his hairy arms around and neck and started pumping his big monkey dick at her gaping pussy. He entered her on his first try and each thrust drove his cock deeper. Every time his cock went inside of her. She would get lifted up, only to be pushed back down on his big monkey's prick. Emma in her excited state was completely bewildered as to whom the strange cock belong too.

Within minutes the big Ape was gushing cum deep inside his mates cunt. When he pulled his cock out Freddie put a glass under his sisters gaping cunt to catch the ape's cum which poured out. After getting about a half a glass of cum. Freddie put the glass to his sister's lips for her to drink. Emma said, "MMMM that taste different, but delicious." Then he gave some to his mom. She drank it down like it was water, and licked her lips afterwards.

Adam, Eddie, and Dave all deposited there cum in a glass. Freddie than guided his mom to lay under Emma on the coffee table so she could lick any remaining monkey cum from Emma's cunt. Emma from first contact started to cum, mixing her juices with Kongs for her mother to lick out. The good-looking young mother licked her daughter's pussy like a real professional. A couple minutes later Emma asked Freddie if she could get back on her knees, before she becomes bow-legged.

Freddie said okay. If they would masturbate themselves on the floor in front of the stereo for him? They both agreed. So Freddie untied their hands of made them keep their blindfold and earphones on. Within seconds the two women were finger fucking themselves to ecstasy.

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After the two girls finished masturbating Freddie took them to his mother's bedroom and retied their hand. Then he returned to the living room and informed his friend that this was all to be kept secret. All agreed. Freddie then asks who wants to go camping tomorrow? All agreed and went home. Freddie returned to his mom's bedroom and untried his mom and sister.

Then he asked how long they've been doing this? Mom said. "After your father died I needed someone to tell me what to do and Uncle Joe did that and more." "He took me to bachelor parties, singles bars, wife swapping event, and he would make me a whore at the army base. I once had sex with 214 men in a boot camp company." Emma said "Uncle Joe made me, Dar, and Ella all dog bitches last summer on his farm for three days." "We fucked and sucked all his dogs and you know Uncle Joe has a lot of dogs." "Dar and Ella from down the street?" "Yes!" Emma said.

"Last week we went to a dog and pony show." We fucked about 36 big dogs, and Dar, Ella, and me each made $2000." "We also do gang bangs with anything men, women, and dogs." "About a month ago mom, Ella, Dar, and myself went to a bachelorette party. We ate about 60 cunts that night." Freddie then said. "Okay I've heard enough now you're mine and you'll do as I say over anyone else." "Understood?" Yes Freddie both girls said.

"And from now on your call me Fred only." "I also want Dar and Ella to be mine." Yes Fred both girls said. Fred told Emma to call them and tell them to be here at 8:00 AM tomorrow. Both girls said yes Fred. " Okay less go to bed in our new bed this one." "Yes Fred." "Fred can I ask you a question?" Emma said. "Sure" Fred said. "Who was the guy with the big cock that fucked me earlier? He was so big, hard, and strong." "I'd love to fuck him again." "MMM his cum taste so good I think I could drink a gallon of the stuff." "Me too" mom said.

"That was Kong Tommy Longs orangutan." Both girls laugh. That night Fred fucked his mom and sister repeatedly until he passed out from exhaustion. The next morning at 7:55 AM, Dar and Ella arrived at Fred's house.

Fred's mom and sister explained what was happening. Fred woke up to four good-looking women sucking his cock. After the girls finished the blowjob, Fred informed them of the camping trip they were going on. They all looked at each other and said okay about an hour later they were in mom's van heading out of town toward Aunt Mary's farm. That's where the guys usually went to camp out. When they arrived they said Hi to Aunt Mary before heading for the woods on her farm.

When they arrived Tommy, Jimmy, Lee, Jack, Eddie, Dave, Gene, John, Adam, Randy, Dennis, Rick and Bob were all there. They were a little surprised to see not only Fred's mom and Emma, but also the other two teenage girls. Dar and Ella are cheerleaders with Emma and the three girls are some of the best looking in school. Dar has waist long blond hair, and Ella has shorter black hair.

After a couple minutes of small Chit Chat Fred told girls to undressed. They did without question. He then told them to go out and find some wood to start a fire, and they departed.

Tommy suggested we find the horses and go for a ride. Fred agreed and he, Tommy, Jack, Randy, Dennis, and Rick went to find the horses. After about half an hour they found the horses by the barn. They got the saddles and started back to the campsite. Aunt Mary's 4 big dogs Doberman pinschers, a Shepard, a Great Dane, and a Lab decide to follow the boys. On their way back Jack made a comment.

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"I think these horses and dogs are horny." Everyone laughed but the suggestion stuck in Fred's mind. When they arrived at the campsite everyone was either talking too or staring at the naked girls. Fred said, "I've seen you do dogs, but now I want you girls to show us what you did to the horses at the dog and pony show." The four girls all laughed as they got up to go.

Emma said. "We've never done anything with horses just dogs, but we'd love to try if you want?" Fred said "OK!" The 4 women went over to Champ a tan stallion that is very gentle. Ella and Dar proceeded to kneel under him. They started to caress the horses sheath and balls.

The horses big cock started to slide out, as the girls kissed and licked the enormous tool that kept getting bigger and longer. Within a few minutes it grew to around three foot in length. The guys watched as the girls started to masturbate the big cock and suck on the end. The horse started pumping his massive cock through their hands. When without notice as Dar was trying to kiss and lick the horse's cock he abruptly started to shoot his cum hitting Dar in the hair, face, and mouth.

She was getting drenched with the stuff. Ella continued to jack the animal off on her best friend's face, hair, and mouth. Big rivers flowed down her chest covering her tits, stomach, and cunt.

After Champ stopped cumin, Fred ordered his mom, Emma, and Ella, to lick Dar clean, that they were very happy to do. While Ella was doing her best to clean Dar's pussy area, Edzell a large male Doberman decided to have his way with her. With her back arched Edzell's front paws embraced her soft sensuous hips for the canine cocks assault on her tight young cunt. The ruthless cock relentlessly jabbed at her ass, thighs, and cunt until it found her sopping wet pussy.

Once inside he pulled tightly on her hips, pushing his massive canine cock in all the way to the knot. His frantic temple caused her to pant like a bitch in heat, as cries of passion escaped her lips. His cock moved in and out like a piston in a finely tuned engine. A couple of minutes later she started to scream as the dogs knot invaded her clenching hole. The dog stiffened an abruptly sealed her cunt to keep his seed from escaping.

The other girls finished their cleaning of Dar's body and watched as the big dog assaulted Ella's young cheerleader body. The guys all watched with open mouths at the young girl being raped.

The dog after a couple of minutes dismounted, but remained tied to Ella butt to butt. Jack then said "Hey Fred, we still have five horny horses and three more dogs and all of us so what are these sluts waiting for?" Fred looked at his mom who had the big smile on her face. Emma and Dar got up and went over to a black and white horse and started massaging his cock until that was fully extended. Fred walked over to Ella and ask if she was going to take all day to milk the cum out of the mutt stuck in her pussy.

She smiled and said, "I hope not." I than ask her how she and Dar got into this type of sex? "Your sister ask Dar, Susan, Gloria, Penny, and Patty at cheerleading practice before asking me." Ella said.

"Why didn't the other girls join the group?" Fred asked. "They kind of did, but not officially." Ella said. Fred than ask her how he could get them to be a part of the group now?

Ella said if I call them they'd come. That's when the dogs cock slipped out of her pussy followed by a large amount of dog cum. Fred told her that they could use his mom cell phone. He said okay. When they got to the van Fred gave her the phone. Then he opened his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He then pushed her over the driver seat as she tried to dial the phone.

Fred reached down and scooped up some of the escaping dog cum and coated her ass hole before inserting his rock hard prick. Fred started fucking her ass while she talked to Susan. Fred told her to tell the girls to wear their cheerleading uniforms and Bring 3 extra uniforms for Emma, Dar, and herself.

She said okay, and that they would be there in one hour. Fred said "Great!" A couple minutes later Fred was shooting his wad up Ella's ass. He then made her lick clean, and suck any cum still in or on his cock. When she finished they returned to the campsite to await the others.

When they arrived they found Emma with leather straps around her wrists and ankles chained to the saddle, for support. The big horses cock was in her pussy. The other girls were swinging her back and forth causing the gigantic cock to not only go in and out, but also expand her teenage cunt to new limits. Her eyes said she was enjoying it as much as the horse that started to thrust his cock deeper into Emma's overstuffed cunt. Then without warning his cock exploded sending large amounts of cum into Emma, who withered violently with her own orgasm.

Horse cum along with her own was dribbling out of her cunt, as the other girls using cup hands tried to catch the escaping river of cum. The boys all yelled at the girls to eat it, and they did. Ella ran to get her share before the others ate it all. When the horse cock slipped out of Emma's cunt her mom covered her gaping cunt hole with her hands to hold the horse cum in while the guys let her down.

Once she was free of the horse she stood up, and allowed each girl to catch some of the horses cum in their cupped hands. Then each girl slid between her legs to suck and lick her over stuffed pussy. Emma's thighs hugged them tightly during one orgasm after another. After the girls finished cleaning Emma. Fred told them to take a break. Everybody talked about what they just saw, and asked Emma and the other girl's questions.

A short time later a car arrived with four more girls from the cheerleading squad and two of them were on Emma's gymnastics team.


They ran up waving pom-poms and yelling a cheer while they jumped up and down making their short skirts fly up exposing their soft sensuous pantyless pussy's for everyone to see. Fred turned to Emma and asks why she didn't tell him about these girls, but before she could answer Ella said. "I recruited them yesterday after cheerleading practice cause Emma told me Uncle Joe was coming by." "But he'd already left when we arrived. If we'd known about the orgy we would've stayed." Gloria and Susan are two Baby face Blonds that could make a dead man cum.

Penny is a Kelly Bundy look alike and Patty is a cute Asian the girls finished their cheer doing a splits. Before the girls could get up Tommy, and Jimmy ran up and shoved their hard cocks in Penny and Pattys faces.

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The girls open their mouths and allowed the cocks entry. Jimmy put his hands behind Penney's head, and started pumping his cock down her throat. Patty on the other hand swallowed Tommy's cock like a real slut. John not wanting to be outdone ran over and put his cock in Gloria's mouth, and Dave offered his to Susan. All the girls started sucking whoever's cock might be handy. Jack came up behind Penny and lifted her skirt, and pushed his dick in her pink pussy. Eddie started slamming mom's cunt while Lee fucked her face.

Randy fucked Emma's ass while Rick filled her mouth. Dennis got on top of Dar, and started fucking her. Bob fucked Gloria from behind as Ella sucked Gene and Adams cocks. Within minutes cum started to shoot in every direction, in the girl's mouths, on their faces, in their hair, asses, and cunts, everywhere. The German shepherd came up to Susan and started to lick the cum Dave shot on her face.


Ella then told Fred that they'd never done it with dogs. Fred told Susan to get on her hands and knees, and left her skirt. She did and before she knew what was happening the Great Dane mounted her and drove his big cock in her just fucked pussy. The cock went deeper and deeper, as the teenager felt herself building toward a gigantic orgasm when she felt the dogs knot pushing at her clitoris and cunt lips. That was enough to get her off. While she was having her orgasm the dogs knot slip inside her, but she didn't seem to care.

Once inside streams of cum started shooting out of the beveled tip of the massive dog cock into her flooding her young cunt. As the dog continued to move Susan had one great orgasm after another. The glassy eyed look she had on her face. Made the other girls horny, and want to fuck again, and because the four dogs are constantly horny. Fred ordered the cheerleaders to get on all fours, and raises their skirts.

Fred then went up behind Gloria, and padded her on the ass so one of the dogs would amount her. The Labrador gripped her hips and thrust his fully extended cock into her cunt as deep as possible. Fred was confident in their union, and went over to Penny, and did the same, and then to Patty.

Once all three girls had a canine cock in their cunts, Fred sat back down with the others to watch the show. Each dog was trying to outdo the other. Each girl succumb to the delightful feeling of how it feels to be a bitch to a fucking mangy Mutt.

Within minutes Penny's eyes opened with a surprise look as her dog pounded his knot pass her cunt lips. Allowing them to tie as he unloaded his seed. Gloria was next to feel her dog's knot enter her teenage pussy. Patty was last to experience the joy of what a bitch goes through. Susan's dog sled his cock out, and Fred told his mom to clean her up.

She rushed between the girls legs, and started to lick her over flowing cunt free of its cum. Susan being totally exhausted was being transformed into a puddle of mush by the young mothers talented tongue. Fred then told Emma, Dar, and Ella to slide under the other girls in a 69 position, and be ready when the dog's cocks came out.

While the girls waited they let their tongues play with the girl's clits, and any cum that might be escaping their tight little pussy's. It also kept the girls very excited causing them too bastes the swollen dog cocks with fresh pussy juices. The dog in Penny's cunt came out first, and Dar's tongue slipped right in to lick her pussy clean.

Emma was ready when Gloria's dog cock came out. When the big cock came out of Patty's pussy a big load of cum poured out covering Ella's eyes. Fred told her to leave it, and lick the rest out. She did as she was told.


Fred told Penny, Gloria, and Patty to clean the cunts in front of them. Without any hesitation their mouth cover, and sucked their partner's cunts. The girls started having orgasms and some more than one. After ten minutes the girls had all collapsed from exhaustion.

The guys all jerked off during the girls bisexual encounter, and shot their cum in the girls faces and hair. When Jack got ready to cum he ran over to Fred's mom, and shoved his squirting member in her mouth. She swallowed his load and smiled. Afterward everyone rested with the girls in between the guys. After a few hours everybody started to wake up.

John asked, "Who wants to go swimming?" Everyone said okay, and got naked and headed for the lake. Once they arrived everyone started to jump in and splash water on each other. After a couple minutes John said he was going to butt fuck Penny. Jack said. "That sounds like fun." Both boys started looking for her. When they found her she was sucking Tommy's cock behind a tree.

They ask if they could join in? Tom said okay, and two boys smiled. John knelt down behind her. He then spit in his hand and applied it to his cock, then proceeded to penetrate her ass. She wanted to cry out as the hard cock invaded her ass, but Tommy grabbed her head and forced his cock down her throat as he started to cum. By the time he'd finished shooting his load, John's cock no longer hurt, but felt good. Jack replaced Tommy in her mouth for her to suck, and that she did like a real professional.

Minutes later she was rewarded when Jack started to shoot his load of cum in her mouth at the same time John was gushing his load up her ass. Back at the lake Adam was getting a blowjob from Susan and Dar in the lake.The girls would take turns going underwater to suck his cock. Gloria was sucking Gene, and Dave's cocks.

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Ella was sucking Jimmy while fucking Eddie. Lee was fucking Fred's mom while Emma sucked Fred's cock. Dennis, Rick, and Bob gangbanged Patty's jap ass. As everybody finished they sat around and watch the others until all had finished. After everyone rested a short while the guys decided to make something to eat. So they started cooking hotdogs a wienie roast, but before they put them on a stick they made the girls masturbate with them first.

Emma got a banana, and pushed it into Penny's pussy. Then the girls licked it out leaving Penny a gasping heap of flesh. After everyone ate Fred's mom was hung under Sam a big black horse in the same way Emma was earlier with a bigger cock going into her pussy. As the invading cock became larger and harder from stimulation as it entered the young mothers innermost depth. Her passion glazed eyes showed that she was totally lost in the ecstasy from her depraved act. As the cock when in and out a mighty animal started to become very excited, and started to jerk filling her cunt to near bursting.

She knew this could only mean one thing. He was going to come. The horse took a crushing lunge shoving his cock's fully expanded length all the way inside her wide stretched cunt. She could feel the massive slimy cock explode, shooting his cum deep inside the young mothers vagina. Further than she thought possible. The thick animal semen filled her cunt and started oozing out of her overstuffed pussy. The young mother experienced one intense orgasm after another mixing her love juices with that of her animal lover.

After a while the giant cock slipped out of her cunt with a loud flop. Penny, Gloria, and Susan were ready to lick and suck her pussy clean of the sperm. Patty started to lick the massive mushroom shaped horse cock clean of its shiny coat of human animal semen.

After about 15 minutes everyone appeared satisfied. As the girls rested the guys talked with Fred about what to do next. Lee said. "We should go on a naked hike through the woods." Fred agreed, but Randy, Dennis, Bob, Tommy, and Fred's mom didn't want to go.

So Fred left them behind. The girls each carried a small plastic bag with their uniforms some flashlights, and water. After a short distance Eddie, John, and Adam decided to go back to gangbang Fred's mom. The others continued on until they came upon a bunch of prisoners working on the side of the road.

Fred told the girls to put on the cheerleading uniforms. They did, and then Fred told the girls to walk past sweaty men doing a cheer. They all smiled said okay. The guys counted about 40 prisoners and about eight guards. Most of the prisoners were black and very muscular. Fred told the girls to tease the guards and prisoners that's all. But as the girls walked down the road cheering the guards called them to come to them. They did and the guards took them inside the prison bus. Once inside the guards each forced the girls to give them a blowjob.

After the guards each shot a load of cum in the girls mouths. They then took them over to where the prisoners were working, and told the prisoners to take a 15-minute break with the girls.

The guards made the girls strip naked. Then they each walked over to a cooler, and got a beer as the prisoners ran over to the girls. The girls will scared at first, but then one of the guards said "If you hurt any of the girls you'll get 25 lashes from the snake." The seven girls got on their knees and started sucking cocks. Emma had four white guys around her.

They where fucking her cunt, mouth, and just plain jacking off on her. Gloria, Penny, Susan, Dar, and Patty all had big black cocks in their cunts, mouths, or up their ass. Some of the prisoners were jacking-off and as they got ready to cum they would shoot their load in any hole available, or in the girl's hair. Ella was on the ground getting gang banged by a bunch of black and white guys.

After about 15 minutes a fat guard yelled at the prisoners and told them. "You have one minute." All the prisoners started jacking off on the girl's faces, hair, or in their mouths.

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Before a minute was up every prisoner had shot his load. One of the guards then came over and told the girls to get out of here. They picked up their uniforms and ran back to where the guys were. When the girls returned everybody headed toward the lake so the girls could cleanup before going back to camp.

When they arrived back at the camp Fred found his mother tied to stakes spread eagle on the ground with a blindfold over her eyes. The guys were kneeling around her.

As Fred and the others got closer they noticed the young mother bucking around as if she were having an epileptic attack. She was screaming words like "yes, more, don't stop." As everyone gathered around her they saw why. The guys had found a 5 ft. garden snakes and it was crawling on her and inside her pussy, and when the snakes head came out John grabbed it and held it so that the snakes tongue would come in contact with the young mothers erect buddy clitoris.

The flickering tongue had her quivering with overwhelming orgasms. The young mother was going crazy with lust. Soon she was begging them to stop, and after a few minutes they did and let the snake go.

Fred told them to leave her tied down, because she was on the verge of a major orgasm. Fred wanted to see her suffer for telling the guys to stop.

Tommy had some spray he took from his father's hunting equipment. It was a hormone to sexually attract deer. He told Fred about it and suggested they tied all the girls over a large log, and pray them with it and see what might happen overnight. Fred told the girls that the guys want to play a game called stick the dick in a cheerleader. The girls thought it might be fun and agreed to be tied over a large log not far from camp.

After the girls were securely tied to the log with their legs spread wide open. Tommy sprayed each girl with the hormone on the cunt and ass while Fred and Rick took some bananas that Emma had brought and peeled them and then pushed a slippery white banana into each girl's ass. The girls wondered what the guys were up to when they noticed the guys went to hide in some bushes behind them. After about an hour one deer arrived and another a minute later. They sniffed the air as they went over to where the girls were tied down, and because the girls all had some guy's dirty underwear in their mouth they couldn't scare them away.

The second deer put his front hoofs on both sides of Dar and started to jab his long prick at her wide-open pussy. The first deer mounted Gloria and found her cunt right away. Both girls tried to scare the deer away at first, but then they felt themselves building to a very explosive orgasm. When the buck's started to shoot their cum that got the girls off too. Tommy then told Fred that the deer got him horny, and he wanted to butt fuck Penny.

Fred said "Ok!" Cause he planned on getting a blowjob from her. Jack decided to fuck Patty's ass. The rest of the guys all rushed out, and up behind or in front of one of the kneeling cheerleaders for a fuck or suck.

Dennis had his prick in Emma, and Lee was fucking her mouth. Jimmy was fucking Susan while she sucked Dave's cock.

John ran up behind Ella while Rick used her mouth. Adam wanted to fuck Gloria's sloppy cunt that was still full of deer cum. Gene decided to use her mouth, and Eddie penetrated Dar's mouth. It didn't take long before everybody started to get very excited and close to his or her goal.

Each wanted to satisfy their young lust for a climax. The girls each obediently accepted each erupting cock as they abruptly exploded in their ass, pussy, or mouth. After the guys finished the bowed to tradition and sat around talking about how good they were. Fred told the guys to leave the girls tied over the big log all night just in case some more deer got horny.

The girls started to complain so Fred took a branch from a tree and started to whip each girl's young ass. The girls stop complaining in no time flat. Fred told the guys to tie his mom over the log with the rest of the bitches.

Jack and Tommy got Fred's mom and tied her over the log with the other girls. The rest of the guys moved their camp to a location closer to the log so they could view any action during the night. Fred told the girls that if they got any visitors they better not scare them away or he'd whip them again. The girls with tears in their eyes said "Ok". Then Fred, Tommy, and Jack started to apply some more spray to the girl's red sore ass cheeks, but ran out after doing his mom, sister, Gloria and Ella.

Jack said he brought some honey in a squirt bottle. Fred decided to put the honey inside Penny, Patty, Susan, and Dar's pussy's before he ran out. The hours were very quiet as the girls naked bodies glowed from the light of the full moon overhead. The girls were all frightened as they each anticipated what might happen, and the guy's were eager, as everybody remained conscious, and aware of every noise in the forest.

After what seemed like an eternity two more deer showed up. Both appeared a bit confused as they walked up to Fred's mom and sister. One walked up to Emma, and put his cold nose on her cunt hoping to locate the scent that brought him here.

Emma bit her lip to keep from making any noise. The big bucks realized that this funny looking doe was in heat and decided to do something about it. The big buck rared up putting his hoofs on the log, as his long hard shaft searched for his mate's cunt. The young mother watched as the big bucks magnificent cock found the entrance to her daughter's pussy, and slid in all the way. This caused the Bucks sperm-filled balls to hit Emma's sensitive clitoris.

Emma frightened at first contact soon realizes a new kind of excitement as the prominent bulge stretched her pussy to its limits. The smaller buck behind Fred's mom had his nostrils down by her pussy lips. First he would sniff her pussy then exhale blowing a stream of air into her cunt filling her abdomen with warm air.

Within a few seconds she became so horny you could've fucked her with the tree trunk she was tied too. But of course the young buck had other ideas. He also reared up and put his hoofs on the log, but they slipped off allowing the tip of the deer's cock to come in contact with her ass causing the young mother to scream. That startled both deer causing them to disengage.

When Emma's buck pulled out he was shooting cum everywhere and leaving Emma on the verge of a very tremendous orgasm. As the two horny bucks ran into the bushes. Fred jumped up very mad yelling "Why? Why did you fuckin scream Mom?" When he got over by his mother he picked up a branch and started hitting his mother. "You lousy bitch.

I can't believe you screamed." Fred yelled at his mother as he beat her. After a couple hard hits that drew blood and caused the young mother to pass out, Jack, Tommy, Dave, and John all jumped Fred before he killed his mother. After a few seconds Fred cooled off. Adam was checking to make sure Fred didn't kill her. Emma during all this was begging everyone to fuck her. Rick walked up behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt, and started fucking her, and after a short time had her cumin.

Gene came around to Emma's face and placed his cock on her lips and when she opened her mouth he pushed his cock in. Eddie replaced Rick at the same time bringing Emma to another feverish orgasm. Dennis during all this decided he didn't want to be left out, and told Dar to open up. When she did he shoved his cock down her throat.

Jimmy put his cock in Susans mouth, and Adam decided to have Penny's beautiful ass. Lee did the same with Patty. In a short time the guys had finished shooting their loads, and one by one came over to where Fred, Dave, Tommy, and Jack were sitting. Fred asked. "What do you guys think I should do with the bitch?" Jack said.

"I've got just the thing." Fred, Rick, Tommy, and Jack untie her from the log and threw some water on her to wake her up. Fred then tied a piece of rope around her neck and tied her hands behind her back.

They then led her toward the barn. Once they arrived the guys tied her to a post. Then the guys went to discuss what they wanted to do with her. About 15 minutes later the guys return to the crying mother who continued to apologize to Fred, and she said she would do whatever he asked.

Fred laughed and said. "You will anyway". The guys than untied her and lead her out behind the barn. This was where Aunt Mary kept her hogs. They opened the gate and pushed the young mother inside where she fell on her hand and knees, now you can get used to having pork shoved up her ass. Fred then decided to throw a bail of hay in for her to lie on, an old canvas bag to protect her from the pig's hoofs. Fred also informed her that he didn't want to hear anything, but grunts and groans.

At about that time a big hog came out and came up behind her. He immediately jumped up on her back and started fucking her with his corkscrew cock. The big pig fucked the poor woman for nearly an hour went two more big hogs came out to get some action.

Fred sent Dave back to get the rest of the guys and girls. One of the big pigs started to fuck the woman as soon as the first hog left. That's when Tommy and Jack went in to help the second hog mount her so she could suck his cock. About 15 minutes later everyone was watching the woman fuck and suck the two big pigs.

Cum was running out of her mouth and cunt like a small river. After about five minutes six more pigs came out to see what was going on. Fred told the other girls to go in and help his mom satisfy the new hogs. The guys threw in four more bails of hay. Tommy said. "These pigs must not be getting that much pussy from the Sows." Jack said.

"Yeah they're sure making bacon with those girls." One by one the guys watched the hogs attack, violate, and rape the girls. Gloria knelt down and before she knew it 200 pounds of hog jumped on her back thrusting his long slimy cock at her young cunt, and when he entered her she screamed. Dar got down in front of a medium sized hog, but an extremely large hog took its place. He must have weighed close to 300 pounds with a prick 12 to 15 inches long, and when he entered her tight cunt she let a blood curling scream escape her cute mouth.

She started to panic as the enormous corkscrew went in and out of her young pussy. Her blond pussy hairs were saturated with his cum as it sprayed all over her ass and cunt. Fred told Emma to put her pussy in front of their moms mouth, and for Ella to put her pussy in Dar's face. Tommy said he wanted his dick in Gloria's mouth.

Ella sat in front of Dar, and got her to calm down and get into how good it feels. She told Ella thank you as Ella grabbed her long blond hear and push her pussy toward Dar's parted lips. As Dar's tongue playfully licked Ella's bush and pussy, she could feel the big pigs cum splattering all over her ass and thighs, and as it trickled over her unprotected asshole.

The big pig pulled out of her flooded pussy, and reentered sodomizing the young cheerleader savagely. She wiggled, squirmed, and jerked in hopes of dislodging him from her flooded bowels.

He mercilessly pushed his screw-shaped penis beyond the limits thought humanly possible. The young victim could feel steady jets of thick spunk filling her asshole. The big hog disengaged and reentered her young pussy.

The big hog continued the rape Dar's body as the guy's watched. The medium size hog that Dar wanted was screwing Patty. The guys all watched as the girls fucked, sucked, and played with the pigs in the muddy pig pin, until the sun started to come up. Fred knew that Aunt Mary would be getting up soon, so he told everyone to run to the lake and clean up. In no time there were 22 naked people running across the hay field toward the lake. Once they arrived they started to swim and clean themselves of the gawd awful disgusting stink from the pig pin.

When everyone had finished washing themselves they started back to the campsite. Fred looked at Emma and asked. "Went we arrive home we watch Mom fuck a dog, and give head to Uncle Joe, and 2 black guys. Where were you?" She looked at Fred and said. " I arrived home before Mom.

The 8 black guys grabbed and blindfolded me as I came in the door. They raped me 2 times each before Uncle Joe showed up with the four dogs. Uncle Joe made me fuck two and suck one off, but one of the black guys saw you guys leaving and told Uncle Joe, and they all left, and I jumped in the shower." Emma then told Fred that their mom was suppose to get a lot worse then she got. Fred then looked at his mother and she smiled, and kissed him on the lips and said.

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" Fred you are my master." Fred then noticed that the other girls were slowing down to walk with him as the guys continued on. Then Ella said. "Fred we'll all be your slaves anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, or anything." Went Fred and the girls arrived at the campsite Fred told the guys they should go home.

The guys said OK and left Fred and the girls. They decided to sit naked and talk for a while. Fred told his mother that he wanted to sell the house and move. She agreed knowing that someday one of the young boys would spill the beans. Susan said her grandfather's farm was for sale and it was only 40 miles away.

Fred said that sounds great. All the girls like the idea and agreed to live there went ever they could. Fred asks Susan if the farm had any animals? She said. "Yes a lot of horny ones." Everyone started to laugh. Patty then ask Fred if they could go on another hike in the woods naked. THE END