Tattooed Blond Trans Fucked Hard In The Ass

Tattooed Blond Trans Fucked Hard In The Ass
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Dear Thom-Ass, Face it Tom, you just gotta love your name! A little payback for introducing me to that new girl, Linda last year. Charming move, my boy.

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I remember it well, I'm reaching out my hand and my very best bud, Sir Thom-Ass speaketh so, "Linda, you've undoubtedly heard of Little John of Robin Hood fame.

I'd like to introduce you to Little Dick." Would have been a smooth move, if you hadn't started laughing so hard that snot starting run out of your nose. Man, I just never forget that look of disgust on her face as she walked. Of course, I'll also never forget that cute butt in the tight jeans strutting away from us.

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An ass to die for, I tell you. Here I am in hot and humid North Carolina. I won't be going to college until next year. Planning to apply to State, UNC and East Carolina. It's cheaper if you're a resident and I guess that takes a year. Can't believe you got to watch a couple screwing in the old cave. Shit, I remember we'd sometimes find used rubbers, but, man, to actually stumble across one being used.

You're a lucky son of a bitch, that's all I can say. Sounds like the girl was hot! Man, I wish I'd been there to catch that action. I did manage to luck out a bit on this side of the world. Jeannie's room in this house is several doors down.

Man, I miss my old door. The good old days of spying on my sister are over. A glorious era hath come to an end, Sir Thom-Ass, but grieve thee not. A new era hath been born on the roof of my present domicile. The air was sweet and warm. I escaped out my bedroom window and climbed a little up on the roof. I noticed a second floor light was on in the house next door so I crawled over to get a better look. The houses are kind of close together out here.

I had a good view of a bureau, a closet door with a full-length mirror and the edge of a bed. I would have liked to see the whole bed and skip the bureau and closet, but I wasn't in charge of designing the room, sad but true.

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I was still pissing and moaning to myself about the arrangement of the room when a woman walked up to the mirror. She was wearing a pink bra and panties set.


Despite being in probably her late twenties, she had a fine body. Full hips, a ripe round butt poked against the bottom of her panties. I could see her shapely back and butt direct.

Her face, nice rack, tight tummy were visible in the mirror. The best part was the prominent mound pushing up against her panties. When I first noticed it, I wasn't sure whether she just had a hairy bush or a real push out mound.

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I soon found out it wasn't a hairy bush. She stood staring at her reflection for a moment and then cupped her breasts in each hand and lifted them up a bit. She turned to the side and grinned at her reflection.

When she reached around to unhook her bra I could feel my crotch begin to tingle. I tell you, Tom, she dropped that bra to the floor, those boobies hanging there all pretty with pink circles round her nips, it was a sight to behold.

She cupped her right one, lifted it up, looking it over and fondling it. Then she went and ran her thumb over the nipple, that was hot. When she lifted up the titty and licked the nip with her tongue, my nuts started roasting. She grabbed both her fine boobs and was rubbing them around, standing there staring at the mirror. She's spread her sexy legs, I was watching panty clad butt spread when she leaned forward toward the mirror, still holding and rubbing her big tits.

I can't even put into words how much I wanted to be stroking my cock! It was just my bad luck that the roof at our new place just wasn't designed for comfort. It's so steep that I was leaned back with my feet dug in.

Sir Richard The Great was banging up against my shorts looking like a tent pole but I knew if I started giving him the attention he wanted, even needed, I'd lose my grip and fall off the roof.

Man, that'd be a great little time in the hospital, showing up with a broken hard-on and trying to explain that star gazing makes me horny! She tested my resolve to it's fullest when she stepped out of her panties.

Her glorious round, sexy butt was revealed. The reflection showed that she shaved her pussy.

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I tell you, that woman had the biggest mound I've ever seen. It just stuck out there like it was proud to see the world. She had fat pussy lips around her sweet slit. I didn't get to see it too well or too long because her right hand got in the way. She was staring into the mirror, stroking away at that fine cunt. Sir Richard was throbbing. She slid her fingers along her slit for a few minutes, her mouth a little bit open, her butt shaking and rocking with her hand.


It was incredible and got even better when she cupped her great mound and slipped her two middle fingers inside her cunt. She leaned forward toward the mirror making her rotating butt stick out even more in my direction.

It was now so close that I could she her puckered little asshole. Her legs were spread wide. I could see her fingers between her legs pumping in and out of her pussy real fast.

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She was bent over so much all I could see in the mirror was her hair and her tits but the view from behind was fine, thank you very much. Then as she was rocking and shaking really fast, her legs trembling, she did something that completely knocked me out. She reached behind her with her left hand and pressed a finger up against her asshole. No lie, she didn't put in but just pressed it there, making little fucking motions as she pounded away at her pussy. When I saw her ass muscles clench and her fingers dive deep into her cunt as she squeezed them hard, I knew she was cumming.

She rocked forward a few times and then slid to her knees. I figured I'd better make my get-away before she recovered from her big O. I carefully moved down the roof and climbed back into my bedroom. Goes without saying I had a very important appointment with Sir Richard that didn't last too long. Man, I was so worked up; I shot my load after just a few strokes.

I've been up on the roof a few more times and just seen her changing once. I keep hoping that I'm going to get to see another mirror session or, better yet, she'll rearrange the room so I can see the bed. Must have hope, old buddy, that's what keeps us alive.

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Hang in there. Sincerely, Your Noble Friend In Exile, Richie