Hot wife shares her lover with her hubby

Hot wife shares her lover with her hubby
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Teenage Trailer Park Twats Two nineteen year sluts go on all out fuck and suck binge I am one of the few girls who will ever admit this, but the truth is the truth.

And my truth is that from the time I was 18, I was the biggest cum sucking, take it in the ass, pussy licking whore this side of the Susquehanna River. I'm not sure why, or what it was that caused me to have such an insane sexual appetite.

I was normal in every way except for the fact that I grew up poor in a rundown trailer park in a small one horse town in the southern part of central Pennsylvania. And as unfortunate as it is, a lot of the stereotypes of the trailer park lifestyle that you see on the Jerry Springer show are basically true.

Everyone in that whole damn place practically fucked and sucked each other at one time or another. Maybe all of that rubbed off on me or maybe it was just in my DNAI never really figured it out but all I can tell you is that from the first time I had my pussy licked and fuckedI just couldn't get enough sex.

And the first time I sucked a cock, saw the look on his face, and felt that hot sticky pumping load of cum hit my tongue, I needed more. I would have to call it an addiction. I loved the taste of cum so much I would practically suck any dick thrown in my face. I relished the thought of feeling a big juicy cock starting to pulse and the taste of the sticky pre cum coating my lips in anticipation of sucking down a sticky and salty sweet load of jizzto methat shit was good to the last drop.

I would lick the cum off of anything, and let's face it, I practically have. But this story isn't about me directlyit's about myselfand my cock sucking ass fucking partner in crimeTina. We were the best of friends most of our lives and shared everything together. In fact we have shared more cocks than we can count and we both sucked enough cum to start our own sperm bank.

If there was one girl who could give me a run for my money, it was definitely Tina. I remember one night we ended up at "greasy" Jake Amigs trailer. We were out late walking down the main road of the trailer park killing time and he comes pulling in in that loud, filthy dam truck of his. By the way he got the name "greasy" because every time you would see him, he would be under the hood of that scrap heap and be covered in grease all the way up to his elbows.

He was half lit up already and he damn near bumped into me with his truck when he pulled into his little stone covered parking space. I yelled at him for almost hitting me and he stopped, got out of the truck with a case of Coors in his hands and said "Oops! I almost ran your little ass over!" He then made the comment "You girls should be home; it's past your bed time!" I sarcastically said "Kiss my ass Jake, I'm old enough to be out whenever I want and so is Tina".

Jake replied "Are you gals old enough to come on in and share a few beers?" Tina and I looked at each other, and shrugged. I said "Yea I guess we are, but why would we want to drink with you?" He said "Because I got a full case of beer, an empty trailer, and you girls don't have anything better to do now do ya?" He was right. We were bored out of our damn minds and to be honest, we could really use a good fucking buzz. So we agreed and followed him into his shitty little single wide.

I remember thinking as we went through the door about how upset I was that the only thing Tina and I could find to do was to get drunk with a forty year old truck driver that everyone referred to as "greasy", butbeggars can't be choosers so what the hell, why not. We get inside and the heat was just stifling to say the least. I could actually feel the sweat running down my stomach and onto my pussy underneath my tight, cut off shorts.

Greasy turns on the lights to the kitchen and the living room, opens the refrigerator door and starts taking the beer out of the case and placing them on the shelf. Greasy yells "Have a seat!", so we go into the living room. I could practically feel his eyes tearing us new assholes as we walked the five feet it took to get into the living room of this dive.

Tina sits down on this old beat up couch and I sit down right next to her.


He yells from the kitchen "You girls want a brew?" Tina yells back "Of course, that's why we're here". He comes in the living room and hands us each a bottle and an opener, and then goes to wall and flips the switch on his old beat up air conditioner. At this point I am feeling totally uncomfortable because it's so stinking damn hot and muggy in there I can barely take it. He sits down on the chair in the corner and turns on the television and says "What you girls watching?" Tina responds "we aint watching nothing', we came here to get shit faced on your free beer".

Greasy laughs and says "Come sweety, don't be so cruel". Tina said "How would you know if I am sweet or not fucker?" He laughed and replied in his drunken redneck voice "That ass is sweet; I was checking it out on the way in".

Tina replied "I know my ass is sweet fucker, everyone knows that". She looked at me and laughed and said "Aint my ass sweet Baby Doll?" Baby Doll was the nickname she gave me when we were kids. I laughed and said "Yeah, my ass is sweet too!" Greasy replied "Both ya 'all got sweet asses".

Tina replied "We damn sure do" and stood up and grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into the middle of the room and stared a slow grind and motioned me to join in. Tina was shaking that sexy round ass back and forth and I was swinging my hips in a slow twist. The sweat was slowly running down my back and dripping down the crack of my ass as we got even hotter with all of the dancing. I looked over at Greasy and he looked like he was going to cream his jeans right there, he just had that look in his eye like he was watching the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Tina pulled me into her, threw her hands around my waist and began squeezing my ass cheeks as she led us in the slow grinding dance. She sat her beer down on the table and began kissing me ever so softly on the chin and lips. It wasn't the first time that we made out but for some reason, I was getting fucking hot! My pussy was practically dripping. I suppose it was the fact that this time we had an audience to watch us even if it was only that loser Greasy.

I slowly looked over at him while Tina was grinding and kissing me and noticed that he flung his leg over the arm of the chair and had started rubbing his crotch. It was the most bizarre felling that I had ever had, I was so fucking hot and horny by the fact I was being watched but I didn't find Greasy even the slightest bit attractive. I love to fuck and suck and I have fucked just about everything on two legs, but for whatever reason, even though Greasy didn't "do it" for me, I was incredibly fucking hot knowing he was watching us.

Tina looked over and noticed he was rubbing his crotch and he made no effort to even hide it from us. She looked at him and said "Your balls itch boy?" and started laughing out loud. He said "I got your balls girly" and continued rubbing his crotch and looking on like a starving dog through the window of a gourmet steak house.

Tina kissed me on the lower lip and reached down and undid the button on my shorts. She slowly pulled down my zipper and whispered in my ear "I know he's fucking goofy looking, but I want fucked Baby Doll, let's tag team this fucking hick". I just giggled and continued to grind as she slid her hand into my shorts and started rubbing my clit.

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I let out a slight moan of pleasure and I looked over at Greasy while Tina spun me around. He was sliding his zipper down; Tina noticed it too and said "You got a license to get that out fucker?" He laughed and said "Last time I looked it was my place and it was my beer, I don't need a license".

He slid his hand in his pants and pulled it out. Just that quick Tina and I couldn't believe our eyes.

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This goofy assed loser had a dick the size of King Kong! We both froze in our tracks and just stared, Tina just blurted out "Look at the size of that fucking cock Baby Doll!" I have sucked and fucked a lot of cocks in my time but Greasy was packing a dam serious few pounds of cock meat!" Both of us still frozen in a cold stare with my shorts undonehe started slowly stroking his cockthis fucking thing wasn't even fully hard yet and already I knew that my sweatyjuicy cunt had to have a serious ride on that cock.

Tina pulls my shorts all the way off and toss them onto the couch. She then turns and slowly walks over to Greasy and turns and starts grinding her ass right in his face. He took his left hand and started rubbing her ass through her shorts. All I could do was watch and continue my slow grind being butt naked from the waist down.

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I was incredibly wet looking over and watching Greasy stroke the huge cock while Tina was grinding her sweaty sexy ass in his face. I couldn't help myself anymore and I slowly reached down, and began massaging my clit.

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I looked over as Greasy was stroking that gigantic cock and rubbing Tina's ass as she did a slow sexy grind in his face. Tina slow reached down and undid the button on her denim shorts; she slowly raised her hands up to her slowly grinding hips and placed her thumbs inside the waistband.

My pussy was practically dripping as she slowly slid the back of her shorts below those sexy, perfect, sweat soaked ass cheeks. I wanted to cum right there and then but I wanted to savor this a little longer so I slowed down on my bulging, engorged clit and slowly slid my fuck finger into my dripping snatch. With her ass cheeks and asshole exposed, she slowly cocked her ass closer to Greasy's face and he began kissing and licking her left ass cheek as she moved in a slow grind.

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She moved a little to the left and his tongue hit the beautiful, sweaty crack of her luscious ass. He moved his tongue to the other cheek and she responded by twisting her hips back again landing the crack of her ass right at his tongue. He once again moved and Tina turned her head and said "You want an invitation or what fucker? Eat my fucking ass!" Tine bends completely over with her shorts still just below her ass cheeks; the sweat off her ass was shining in the light that was beaming down from above.

Greasy took his hand off of his huge, rock hard cock and placed one on each cheek of Tina's sensuous ass and spread it wide. He buried his tongue deep into the crack of her sweat soaked ass and rolled his tongue around her tight little asshole as she moaned in pleasure and said "Oh Yeaheat my ass like you're starving boy!" Tina had this little thing about calling men boys, almost like letting them know she was in charge, and to be honest it made me so fucking hot my cunt felt like it was on fire.

I couldn't take it anymore; I slowly walked over and threw my left foot up on the arm rest of Greasy's chair. My sweaty, musty, soaking wet pussy was a foot from his face. I reached down, grabbed a head full of his hair and pulled his tongue out of Tina's asshole and buried it in my cunt. I jammed his entire face into my steamy snatch and thrust my hips up and down giving him a huge gulp of my musty wet pussy. Tina looked at me and said "Hey bitch! My asshole was loving that shit!

Give it back!" She grabbed his head and thrust his face back into the sweaty crack of her plump juicy ass and started to moan and gyrate in pleasure. Greasy reached his hand over and slid his fuck finger into my dripping wet cunt and slowly gave me the in and out.

Tina was savoring every lick of his tongue that slid across her asshole and she turned to me and said "Damn Baby Doll, this fucker eats a great ass!" I looked down and saw his huge cock dripping with precum, this cock had to be at least 4 inches around and 9 inches long and as his finger slid in and out of my juicy cunt I couldn't stop thinking how great it was going to feel to have my pussy reamed by that monster of a dick.

I was so soaking wet with excitement and it so hot I couldn't take it anymore; I took my halter top off and threw it over on the floor. I step backed as Greasy's finger slid out of my musty slit and took my shorts off, I slid my soaking wet panties down around my ankles and pulled my feet out of them and wrapped them around Greasy's gigantic cockwith his tongue still savoring every inch of Tina's sweaty ass crackI got on my knees in front of herworked my body between her legsand grabbed Greasy's cock, already covered with pre cumI shook it to shake out of every drop of jizzI opened wide and could barely get his gigantic swollen cock into my mouth.


I instantly tasted the salty sweetness of his pre cum and savored it as it slid down my throat and coated my taste buds, I placed my hand under his huge ball sack and rolled them in my hands, I could hear Tina who was spread eagle over my back getting ready to explode in into her ass eating orgasm.

She was so wet that I felt drops of her pussy juices hitting my back as she moaned, shivered, and commanded Greasy's tongue deeper inter her ass.

I slowly took his cock out of my mouth and began to run my tongue right along the shaft just under the head; I barely heard his muffled moans of satisfaction and pleasure because his face was buried so deep in Tina's ass. I could still taste the salty sweet flavor of his jizz as I tackled the task of licking the sweat and pre cum cocktail of his massive shaft. Tina started to quiver even harder and I knew she was about cum hard.

I pulled myself back and buried my face into her gorgeous, soaking wet and musty snatch while Greasy was still long licking her tight little pink and sweaty asshole.

The sweet, tart and tangy taste of her sweat and snatch statured every taste bud of my tongue as she exploded into a screaming orgasm of sweat, pleasure and two probing tongues. As she slowly came down from her explosive orgasm and began to breathe a little slower she caught her breathe and said "Ah fuck yeah, that was fucking insane!" She them slowly walked to the middle of the room as Greasy's tongue slowly slid out of her ass and she collapsed on her back in a heap of sweat and satisfaction.

I looked over at Greasy who had this tight little "I just ate Tina's sexy little ass" grin on his faceshe was so wet I could actually see his chin shine in the light from where it was grinding against her tight soaked pussy while his tongue was in her ass.

I crawled over on my knees and went between his legs, placed a hand on either side of his head, and started to lick the cocktail of sweat, pussy juice, and pure musty lust off his face. Continuing to savor Tina's pussy flavor off his chin I reached down and grabbed his huge cock and slowly started to stroke it. His cock was incredibly huge and hard as a rock and I remember thinking to myselfeven as un-attracted to him as I washad I known his cock was so big I would have went out of my way to fuck him a long time ago for sure.

On my knees, with Greasy leaning back in the chair, I just slowly stroked his huge cock while staring at the sheer size of it. I could hear Tina take a sip of a beer from across the room. She slowly worked her way over beside me and poured some cold beer down over top his cock; he winced and said "Damn that's cold!" Tina being her normal smart assed self, looked at him and said "Shut up wimp, there is going to be a hot pussy on it soon" I kept slowly stroking his cock as Tina took the occasional lick of pre cum from the tip of his cock.

Now it was my turnI wanted a warm tongue in my cunt this time so I got upput one foot on each arm rest of his big comfy chair grabbed his hair I practically rammed my juicydripping snatch into his mouth.

Every stroke of his tongue on my sweaty soaking cunt sent lightning bolts up my spine, I reached back and spread my ass cheeks and rocked my hips back and forth forcing my asshole across his tongue and then back to my snatch.

My pussy was so wet and it was so hot that my neatly trimmed landing strip of cunt hair was saturated and looked like I just got out of the shower.

I took a quick glance behind me as Greasy started sucking my clit and I saw Tina sucking on the tip of his cock. I heard the loud slurping and lip smacking noises of Tina's mouth on his big cock as my pussy juices continued to flow all over Greasy's face as I moved his tongue from my asshole to my clit and back again.

My pussy was soaking wet as I savored every long lick of Greasy's tongue probing my asshole, my pussy lips and my clit. I was incredibly hot and my mind was made up that if I was going to cum, I was going to cum with that gigantic cock in my cunt.

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I dismounted Greasy's face, and grabbed Tina's hand on my way down to the floor. I pulled her to the center of the living room floor, got down on my hands and knees and threw my ass up in the air exposing my dripping wet snatch in the perfect doggy style position.

I said to Tina "Get your pussy right here beside me, it's time to get fucked!" Tina got on the floor and assumed the "Ass in the air, fuck me like a jack rabbit position". I could feel her hip bump against mine, the feel of her musty sweat against my skin, the smell of sweet tart pussy in the air, and the thick humid atmosphere was driving my pussy crazy. I turned my head over my shoulder and saw Greasy stroking his cock sitting in the chair.

I began to shake my hot sweaty ass slowly to and fro, his eyes were locked onto my dripping wet slit as I said to him "Get over here and ream my cunt fucker, I want to cum on that big cock hard" He slowly got up and took off his shirt. He then released the button on his jeans as he pulled his massive cock back through the zipper hole in the front, and slid them down and off and tossed them on the floor.

I remember thinking to myself that I had never in my life ever been fucked by a cock that was so damn long and thick, and then I got a god look at his balls. His nut sack was every bit as big as his cock and I knew there had to be a gallon of cum in those nuts.

Now my mind started wondering where I wanted that gigantic, creamy, hot load blown. Did I want that squirting jizz blasting all over my ass cheeksdid I want it oozing down my throator did it want it coating my whole pussy in a sticky sweet messah the choices! Greasy comes over and gets on his knees behind mehe reaches over and slowly starts run his hand over Tina's sweaty ass as he used his left hand to slap his gigantic cock in my ass.

His cock was only semi stiff from being so fucking big and he continued to slap that gigantic head against my ass and gave it a few good strokes to get a full on rock hard dick. He slowly slid his finger into to Tina's asshole and gave it a nice slow reaming. My cunt was dripping with anticipation, juices, and sweat as I felt the tip of his gigantic cock find my creamy slit. Slowly my cunt was pushed apart by his mammoth head forcing my pussy lips apart.

I felt the incredible feeling of pleasure as his head slid all the way into my cunt stretching it for all it was worth. He got about half his cock into my pussy and slowly began to pump my cunt. I was quivering with unbelievable lust and pleasure and moaning out in ecstasy as he slid another two inches of monster cock into my cunt.

Tina looked over her shoulder at his huge, rock hard cock reaming my cunt for all it was worth and yelled "Yea! Fuck her! Fuck that pussy till it comes!" I was on fucking fire with pleasure as his monster dick reached the deepest depths of my cunt. I could feel my pussy juices running down my inner thigh along with the sweat from the heat in the room.

Greasy started to moan with delight as my tight pussy squeezed his cock as he started to fuck it faster. As longer and deeper moans started coming from his mouth, Tina looked over at him as her hip was still grinding against mine and said "You better not cum yet you fuckerthat cock is going to fuck my cunt before you do!" Tina knew that this was one gigantic cock and I guess she figured that if he blew his load, it would take forever to get it hard again because of its huge size.

I personally think that she just said that so he would stop fucking me and slide his cock into her ready, willing, and soaked snatch, and of course, I was right! Just as I was getting ready to cum like I never have in my lifegreasy reaches up and spreads my ass cheeks apart and slowly starts to slide his cock out of my pussy.

I said "Not yet fucker, I am going to come hard soon so put that cock back in my cunt and fuck me, let that bitch wait!" He slid his cock back into my snatch and began to slam it hard. I felt his big, full, sweat soaked ball sack slapping against my clit as he went in deep and hard. The cum must have been bubbling in his nuts as he stroked deep into my dripping wet cunt and with every thrust I came closer to exploding in the most intensecunt soaked orgasm I have ever had.

My moans became louder, and my cunt became even more wet as I slammed my ass against the front of his body forcing his cock deep into my pussy. Tina could sense I was ready to explode into orgasm and she reached over and slapped her hand against my ass cheek and said to Greasy "Yeah, Fuck her, fuck her hard till she fucking comes" He began slamming me even harder, the slapping of his nut sack against my clit was driving me even more insane as his massive cock stretched and reamed my pussy wider than it's ever been.

I felt the incredible feeling of my orgasm coming on, my cunt was dripping, and my rock hard nipples felt like they were going to explode.

Tina kept slapping my ass gently and cheering Greasy on to fuck meand finally I couldn't hold it in anymoreI exploded into a screamingquiveringspine tingling orgasm that made my cunt explode in juicesI came so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out. With my ass totally covered in sweat, my cunt soaking wet and dripping from being reamed by one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, I collapsed onto my back in the middle of the living room floor.

Tina crawled over in front of Greasy and started shaking her round, sweaty, juicy ass and bumped her hips slowly back and forth in front of him exposing her slippery wet snatch to his gigantic cock. She turned her head over her shoulder staring back at him and said "Spread my cunt and fuck me, It's my turn to cum" Greasy moved closer behind Tina's ass and placed his left hand onto the sweaty small of her back and placed his thumb in her ass crack.

He smacked his huge cock that was still soaked in my pussy juices, and slowly slid it into Tina dripping snatch. As I looked up I could see the look in her eyes and the pleasure filled wince in her face as he slid the bulk of his gigantic cock into her tight dripping snatch. She started to moan out in pleasure as Greasy slid the full length of his cock slowly in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

She yelled out "Oh yeah, fuck it, fuck my cunt" he started moving his cock into her cunt faster, deeper and harder. The slapping of his nuts hitting her clit was getting louder and his thrusts were getting a lot harder. Tina was practically screaming in pure pleasure and about ready to explode into complete and total orgasm. She started to scream out "Fuck me! I'm going to cum! Go deep!" He started ramming his rock hard gigantic cock even deeper and as Tina exploded into orgasm, she let out a loud pleasure filled scream as he slammed his cock into her cunt.

Greasy continued to slowly ream her pussy with his rock hard dick and for a while I thought he was going to blow his load on her ass, but he slowly pulled his cock out of her cunt, slapped it on her ass, and stood up and went to the kitchen to get another beer. With his gigantic cock dangling between his legs, I watched as he walked across the floor. His nut sack shining from the sweat and pussy juices all over it was a major turn on for me. I kept thinking to myself that that monster cock of his and the full round and extremely large nut sack had to a ton of hot sticky cum in it, and dammit, I was going to find out one way or the other.

I have to confess, I absolutely love cum. I love everything about it. Nothing gets my pussy more soaked than seeing a hot, sticky, and salty sweet load squirting out of a big, rock hard cock. Being a self-admitted and proud slut, I have enjoyed gallons of cum in my lifetime. I have had loads blown all over my ass, in my asshole, all over my face, in and on my pussy, in my hairdown my throatand one of my favorite things to do was the jerk off a big healthy cock and aim it and squirt the cum all over whatever I aimed it at.

I just loved the feeling of a stiff cock in my hand and feeling the spurts, hearing the moans of pleasure, and watching that sticky, salty sweet treat of jizz fly out all over the place.

I also love swallowing cum. My personal record for one night is four sticky loads of cum from four different cocks. Tonight however looked like it was going to be different. With a cock and a nut sack the size of Greasy's, I knew Tina and I were in for a hotstickygiganticsplattering treat of jizz and I personally couldn't wait to have that spunk oozing down my throat. Greasy began walking back towards the living room and sits down in his easy chairleans backand throws his leg up over the arm rest.

Tina and I sat there in our pool of sweat and gazed over and his long, dangling cock hanging off the cushion of his chair, and dripping in sweat and pussy juice. He threw his head back, took a sip of his beer and said "Fuck yeah; this is a night to remember!


We've got to do this more often!" Tina responded "It's not over yet fucker! I want some of that cum!" Greasy responded "How do you know I didn't cum in your pussy?" Tina said "I know you didn't, I would have felt a load from that big dick" Greasy just chuckled and said "OK baby, if you say so" Tina and I crawled over on our hands and knees as Greasy continued to drink his beer.

Tina crawled right between his legs and began licking his nuts and massaging them in her tiny hind. I leaned over the other arm rest and began slowly stroking my finger up and down the shaft of his sweaty cock. I would occasionally tease the head of his cock with my finger by running it right beneath his foreskin where he was circumcised.

I heard the licking and sucking noises as Tina moved her mouth from his balls and up to the base of his shaft. Her tongue must have been washed in the flavors of both of our pussies, our sweat, and pure lust as she began to tease his cock shaft with the tip of her tongue. His cock was slowly spring back to life after reaming our cunts and ever so slowly the blood flowed into his shaft as it got partially hard. I wrapped my hand around his huge, thick cock shaft and began to stroke up and down ever so slowly.

I wanted a full on rock hard dick before I began to suck it. Ever so slowly his full cock began to stand at attention, the head looked like the size of a tennis ball and as I stroked a little faster and Tina kept licking the base of his shaft, I could see the shiny, oozing drip of a wad of pre cum dripping out of his cock hole.

I leaned over and stuck the tip of my tongue into the small glob of jizz on his cock. Immediately the delicious tangy, tart, and sweet tasted hit my taste buds and sent a quiver through my still wet pussy. I placed my mouth over the very tip of his cock and with a loud smack; I sucked the glob of pre cum off of his cock and gave a gulp as it slid down my throat. Tina looked at me and said "Is it good baby doll?" I said "Fuck yeah, salty fucking sweet" She immediately grabbed me by the sides of my face with her hands and stuck her tongue in my mouth and as she swirled it around my tongue and tasted the remnants of Greasy pre cum she said "Ah, I love that shit" Tina sat back a little to take a break but remained between Greasy's legs.

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I began to put his gigantic cock head into my mouth and slowly slid it in and out as Greasy moaned in pleasure and said "Oh yeah, suck it fucking dry baby, suck it out" I slid the huge bulging head of his cock deeper into my mouth and to the back of my throat. Tina leaned forward and began licking and sucking his balls and slowly ran her tongue up to the base of his cock shaft.

His deep heavy breathes and moans of pleasure started getting deeper and louder. He took his hand and placed it on the back of my head and forced his cock even deeper into my mouth. Tina slid her tongue up his cock shaft and I let his engorged, pre cum dripping head slip out of my mouth. Tina and I hungrily licked and swirled our tongues around each side of his huge bulging head while I slowly stroked his shaft with my hand.

He tossed his head back over the top of the recliner as he placed a hand on each one of our asses. Our bodies were still completely soaked in sweat and I could feel the roughness of his calloused hands gliding over my sweaty ass as he slowly slid his finger into my asshole in a slow steady finger fuck.

My pussy was still soaking wet and I looked into Tina's eyes which were directly across from mine as we licked each side of his monstrous cock head. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was thinking the same thing that I was. My taste buds were craving his hot sticky cum and I knew Tina was just salivating at the thought of sucking down his heaping gobs of salty sweet jizz. My curiosity was going crazy as Greasy's finger kept giving me a nice slow ass fuck.

His finger reaming in and out of my sticky wet asshole sent jolts up my spine. Of course I was wondering how much jizz Greasy's gigantic cock could spurt out. By the size of his cock and his huge dangling and swollen looking nut sack, I was positive it was going to be a gigantic load of jizz which is exactly what I was hoping for. I love the taste of semen and I kept enjoying my ass probing as Tina and I continued licking this gigantictennis ball sized cock head in complete anticipation of the spurting cum fountain we were about to savor.

I started stroking slightly faster and licking his cock head a little harder, my tongue probing the sides and then the very tip of his cock hole. I and Tina's tongues began to touch each other on the head of his cock as we savored the salty sweet trickling pre cum dripping from his huge cock.

Faster and faster I stroked his cock as we continued to lick his head while Tina massaged his balls. I looked up and locked eyes with him as we continued to devour his cock and balls with our tongues and hands. Greasy had this incredible look of intense excitement and pleasure in his eyes I'll never forget.

The slow, steady probing of his finger in my asshole was keeping my pussy in a steady drip. His breathing became heavier and his moans of ecstasy became louder. Tina and I both knew we were about to savor a gigantic load of salty sweet jizz we had been waiting for. Tina looked up at greasy and said "Come on fucker; blow that fucking cum all over this damn place!" My excitement and anticipation of his gigantic load forced me to respond and I said "Yeah fucker, we want your fucking load, every damn drop of cum better squirt out of your nuts!" With my grip tighter on Greasy's cock, Tina's hands on his ballsand both of our tongues all over his tennis ball sized cock headhe was about to explode in a gigantic load of sticky sweet jizz.

I felt the first pulsations of the base of his cock starting to pump, he moaned louder and said "Ah fuck yeah, suck it fucking dry, I'm going to cum!" The first spurt of his load blasted out of his cock, exploded across our tongue's and up our faces.

It was so powerful it blasted up across my forehead and into my hair. Being the cum lover that I am I quickly sucked and licked the huge glob of sperm from his cock head in anticipation of the next blast from deep in his sweatygigantic balls.

Tina was doing her best to get her share of his cum but I had her beat. As I swallowed his salty sweet jizz my pussy tingled as it slid down my throat and coated my taste buds. I selfishly grabbed the shaft of his cock and yanked towards my mouth so I could savor the next powerful blast of his jizz.

I knew a cock the size of his would blow enough cum to fill a wine glass and I wanted my cum loving mouth to suck down as much as I possibly could.

As Tina looked on with a horny, sultry drool coming from her mouth and a wad of jizz on her chin, I jerked hard and fast on his cock, opened my mouth and placed it sideways against my tongue, as I watched Tina shovel the glob of sperm of her chin and eagerly into her mouth I felt the second powerful blast of cum working its way out the tip of his cock.

Damn I love cum and I couldn't waitwith a loud pleasure filled "yeah baby" an even more powerful blast of cum exploded out of his piss holesaturated my tongueblasted it up the side of my faceand lodged in front of my ear. His extra salty delicious cum was so hot I felt my tongue getting warm as I gulped down another shot of nut butter. As I swallowed his creamy cock treat I aimed the head directly towards Tina's mouth to give her the next eruption of cum.

I knew she loved spunk as much as I did and I didn't want to be greedy. As the shot of cum blasted out of his cock and into Tina's mouth I reached up and ran my hand from my ear, down my face, shoveling as much cum as I could into my mouth.

This load was incredible, with my throat and mouth already awash in his semenI savored the glob of cum I just shoveled into my mouth as I watched Tina's warm hungry mouth wide open and her taste buds getting blasted full force with his next juicy shot of semen. The explosion of jizz into her mouth was so large that it dripped out of the corners of her mouth. I was so hot, horny and cum hungry I moved closer to Tina and jammed mouth against hers with Greasy's cock head in between, as we rolled our tongues together and all over the head of his cockanother hot juicy blast of cum began to squirt out and explode all over our tongues and faces.

As his massive spurt of cum filled both of our mouths and slid down his rock hard shaft, we let his cock slide out of our mouths and I immediately began rolling my tongue on Tina'sboth of us savoring the stickysalty sweet treat we had squirted all over our facesI couldn't get enough of his jizz and I slowly slid my tongue down Tina's cheek taking in even moreworking way down her neckand across her tits licking and swallowing every drop of cum I could get.

As Tina continued to harvest every drop of cum off of her face with her hands and sucked it off of her fingers, I slowly reached down and grabbed Greasy's semi hard monster cock.

I slid my tongue from the base of his cock to the base of his enormous head licking all the cum I could get on the way up and with one last milk of my handI squeezed out a sizable stream of cum that rolled out of his cock and started running down the head.

I opened my mouth, placed his cock head in my mouth and with one loud suck, I hungrily gobbled up those final remnants of his delicious cock load. As he laid there with his head back on the recliner, I crawled over to Tina and engaged in another tasty cum swap.

My thoughts just drifted and my mind started to wonder who our next conquest would be, and a little disappointed that our incredible fuck and suck was over for another night. Or was it? Series to be continued………&hellip.