Backyard Threesome lesbian threesome with Zafira Jackie and Paulina from Sapphic

Backyard Threesome lesbian threesome with Zafira Jackie and Paulina from Sapphic
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (4) Lisa felt Jen's hand playing with her pussy and massaging her little clit. This was the best! Her tits were being felt by Rob, she had a new dick to suck on, Rob was licking her pussy and Jen was joining him with her fingers. Brad was in heaven too, Jen had a huge clit, she would jump and moan whenever he suck on it firm. He had his hand on her big tits, and nipples, Jen really knew how to suck a mans dick, and licked under his head, driving him crazy.

Her free hand massaged his butt hole. Rob had a young pussy to lick on, Lisa was sucking him so good, and he got to feel Lisa's sweet tits. Jen was getting really excited, she had Brad's big dick to suck on and jack with.

She was able to get Brad's big dick all the way in her mouth and down her throat, she had her fingers in Lisa's pussy, first two, then three to feel with, and Brad's lips on her big clit, and he started putting more fingers in the very large pussy.

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Soon he had most of his hand in her big pussy and found her G spot and it was driving her crazy. He sucked on her big clit, and started sucking it like a little dick. She really moaned when he did that, and started fucking his face.

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Jen could take no more sucking on her clit and yelled out loud, "OH FUCK, OH FUCKKKK!!! as she had her super climax big time. She grabbed Brad's head and fucked his face more as he sucked her clit. Her moan set the others off and Brad was next and he shot a huge cum down Jen's throat, bucking and moaning&hellip.oooooo…Gezzzzz and shuddered as he pumped her mouth full, over and over. Jen never took Brad's dick out of her mouth, and swallowed it all. Lisa started climaxing and moaned: "Fuck me Jen, FUCK ME!

as she humped Jen's fingers, which made Rob fuck Lisa's mouth faster, and then he shot a huge load in her mouth, spilling his cum out the sides, as she swallowed all she could as she jacked him for every last drop. They all moaned and gasp or air. Still jacking, licking and fingering to get every last ounce of pleasure. After about an hour of napping, Brad woke up.

Rob and Jen were gone. Lisa was curled up next to him with a content smile on her face. He whispered: ("lisa…lisa., wake up and help me change the sheets on my bed!") The bed was soaked. Lisa smiled and helped him load the washing machine, and air out the bed. They heard a knock at the door. Brad answered. It was Rob and Jen and an extra large pizza. They all gathered in the kitchen to pig out.

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Jen just stared at Brad and smiled. Lisa and Rob whispered and giggled quietly. That evening as they ate dinner, Brad and Lisa mom saw the empty pizza box and asked where the rest of it was. They told her they had Rob and Jen over and it was all gone. "Oh how nice, she said, they seem like real sweet kids." Brad started choking on his drink and up thru his noise it went, he coughed and got red in the face.

Lisa had to turn away giggling so hard. "So what did all you guys and gals do today?", mom asked. Before Brad could answer, Lisa said: "Brad played with Jen's 'X-Box', and then held up her napkin to her mouth to hide her giggle.

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Brad kicked Lisa under the table. Their dad smiled big, but never said a word. "Oh, so you and Jen hit it off, eah Brad?" mom asked.


Brad said: "Yeah, she hit on me, and I hit on her." Now their dad, started laughing hard with food half way out of his mouth. "What's so funny about that dear?" mom asked. Lisa, Brad and now their dad got tears from laughing. "Oh you silly guys!" mom said. Brad and Lisa kept grabbing feels, and flashing each other in the evenings. During the day, they fucked all the time. He chased her first, then she chased him.

They fucked in every room in the house. They fucked in dad's chair, mom's chair and even ate her pussy on the kitchen table where the family all ate every night. They fucked standing up in Lisa's window, after calling Rob and Jen to go outside and watch.

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Rob brought binoculars with him and he and Jen took turns watching. Brad and Lisa got turned on by being watched.

Brad stood behind Lisa and felt her naked tits, as she pulled his dick thru her legs and jacked it. She turned and knelt, sucking his dick. Brad then lifted Lisa up, and stuck his dick in her and they fucked hard, standing up in the window. Rob and Jen clapped silently then start feeling each other up.

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Jen bent over and Rob ate her pussy. Jen sucked his dick and they finally fucked standing up behind the lawn shed. Lisa held up a sign on art board…"10" in her window, Brad held up a "9.5". Rob and Jen bowed and blew kisses at them. Brad and Lisa had a situation. Mom after seeing Brads big dick, started flirting a lot with Brad.

Lisa noticed it and teased him about it. Late on Saturday night, mom had a lot to drink, and cozied up to brad on the couch. Dad had gone to bed. Lisa came over and sat on the other side of Brad. Lisa sneaked in feels on Brad. Brad started getting a big boner. Mom notice it.


She decided to lay her head in Brad's lap, right on his boner. She hugged him and pushed her head against his boner over and over with her eyes closed. Lisa was quietly cracking up. Mom whispered: ("brad, hold me please.") Lisa was moving her hands for him to do it. He glared at Lisa. Lisa said: "Come on Brad, hold mom, she needs some loving." Brad still didn't move. Mom then pulled his head down and kissed him passionately. Brad went into shock. Lisa is dancing around quietly, make fucking gestures with her hips.

Mom started breathing hard, and leaned Brad over on the couch, so now they were laying sideways, still kissing him. Lisa is going crazy quietly, pointing at Brad, and making like she has a big dick, and is jack it off. Finally Lisa says: (fake yawn) "I'm going to bed now, good night", and headed up the stairs. She stopped half way and hid, to watch the action as Brad gave her the finger. Lisa flashed her tits at him, and stood and rubbed her pussy.

Mom was drunker that they thought. The whiskey along with some pills she has to take, made her extremely horny. She pulled Brad to her, to feel his big boner pushing against her pussy.

Lisa stood up, and again, gestured fucking with her hips. Brad thought, and said to himself, what the hell, she won't remember, and dad's drunk and out. Mom said he quit fucking her years ago. She does have a nice body and tits for a 36yr old woman. I may just take a chance.

Lisa watched.