Oiled gay twink anal Camping Scary Stories

Oiled gay twink anal Camping Scary Stories
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Hello readers: I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation to those who read this and give feedback or at least make a comment. To the trolls who open this just to click thumbs down, seriously are you that pitiful? If you make it to the end of this chapter, get your ass to the comments section and give me feedback.

Remember, this is a learn as I go hobby. I have no fuckin' idea what I'm doing. Read and enjoy, that's why I do this.

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Potential by Bistander Chapter 22 Sisters The softball sisters were in the den at Jayda's house. They had been playing Twister for forty minutes. One girl spun and told the others what to do. The winner took over the spinner, the loser removed an article of clothing and played again. Now, all three girls were naked and slick with Baby Oil. Gloria and Alex were side-by-side on all fours like crabs. "Spin already," Gloria told Jayda.

"Sorry, I got hypnotized by your big swinging tits." "You wish you had my boobs." "I wish I had anybody's boob," Alex said. "Gloria, if yours keep growing, you'll have big hangers before you turn twenty-five," Jayda said. "At least mine aren't half tit and half nipple, curving up toward the ceiling when I get excited!" Gloria said. "Now spin." "Well fuck you, too," Jayda said. "Now, get your right foot on blue." Gloria moved her foot forward one row and over two.

It ended up under Alex's stomach. Both girls teetered awkwardly, but neither toppled. Jayda flicked the plastic needle again. When it stopped she giggled and said, "This should be good.

Alex, left foot red." In order to get her left foot on a red dot, Alex had to hike her leg like a dog ready to pee and carry it over Gloria's shoulders, then place it below Gloria's left shoulder.

Gloria hung her head. Alex's crotch landed on the back of her neck.

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From above it looked like Gloria's head was inside Alex's body. "Damn, you did it," Jayda said. "Those long, skinny legs come in handy." "Save it," Gloria said. "This isn't comfortable." "At least you didn't end up with her butt-hole in your face, like I did," Jayda said.

"You loved it," Alex said. "Did not." "Then why did you lick it?" "I was trying to make you fall," Jayda said.


"Whatever," Gloria said. "Spin already!" While the arrow twirled, Alex humped her groin, grinding her slippery pussy on Gloria's neck. Gloria shouted, "Cheater," and crashed down on the slick polka dot mat. "Stretch wins again," Jayda said. Gloria flipped over under Alex, pulled her down, wrapped her arms and legs around her, then rolled Alex on her back, pinning her.

"Loser," Gloria said. Alex's oiled legs slid up Gloria's, over the bubbles of her ass and around her back. Gloria's tits squirted out from between their body's. "I'm feeling like the winner now," Alex said and started kissing Gloria. Jayda straddled her two girlfriends, then dropped her crotch into the curve of Gloria's lower back. It fit her like a human flesh saddle. She tightened her bent legs on their bodies. "Easy, girls, don't get carried away, not yet." "It's not me," Gloria said.

"She's the one holding me down and having her way with me," Alex said. Jayda got up and started wiping off her hands and feet.

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Alex and Gloria did the same. Jayda picked up her iPod, used the control wheel, then put it back and said, "Don't sit on the couch. I'll be right back." Alex cocked her head, looking at the speaker. "Did he just say, 'Whip out my big ten inch?' What are we listening to?" "It's one of my mother's playlists," Jayda said.

"I think it's cool." "Me too," Gloria said. "Who is that?" Jayda picked up the iPod again. "Aerosmith." "Ooh, leave them on," Gloria said. "That's the guy who was on Idol. He's funny. Remember what he said?" Alex nodded. "Hell fire, save matches, fuck a duck and see what hatches. That guy won, didn't he?" "I think so," Jayda said. "It's a playlist, it'll play whatever.

I'll be right back." Gloria wanted to hear, Janie's got a gun. That was the reason she knew who Aerosmith was. The movie, Below Her Mouth, ended. The credits were climbing the TV screen. Deana and Rebecca were staring, but they weren't reading. Neither of them spoke. It had been an hour since they'd said a word even though both of them had opened their mouths a dozens times.

During the movie, Dallas and Jasmine's raw, animalistic lust for each other, aroused Deana and Rebecca, but the character's exhibition of their passion and love challenged Deana and Rebecca. There may have been clubs somewhere in the world for lesbians to gather and cities where they could express their affection publicly, but as far as Deana and Rebecca were concerned, that didn't happen in the deep South.

The predicament Jasmine found herself in brought Deana to tears, which she hid from Rebecca. "What do you think she did?" Deana asked. "Were they together at the end or just seeing each other on the side?" When Rebecca turned towards her, there was evidence of repressed emotions. "I don't know. I think they left it up to us to decide. She told her friends, though." "What would you do?" Deana asked.

"Not fair," Rebecca said. "I can't say." "Why not?" "I'm not engaged to a guy and in love with a girl." "If you were?" "If I had to choose between you and some guy, that's easy. What about you?" "Do you think someone could like girls that much, her whole life, and marry a guy?" Rebecca shrugged. "She never explored those feelings. It was a kiss when she was young.

Then her mother fucked her up, didn't let them see each other again. Yeah, it probably happens all the time, especially around here." "I'm not gonna do it," Deana said. "What?" "You know, with Evan, I'm not gonna do it." "Because you think you might end up engaged, then get caught getting fucked by my big black strap-on?" Deana said, "No," then she saw Rebecca's expression change.

Her girlfriend's eyes filled with compassion. "I don't wanna hurt you or him." Now she felt vulnerable. "It'll make everything crazy." Rebecca smiled. "Thank you, Dee. Are you afraid you might like it too much and decide—" "No, no, that's not it." "Then what?" "I'm worried." "You're always worried," Rebecca said. "I think you should know what it's like. I want to." Deana squinted her eye and wrinkled her nose.

"You know already. You've had a bunch of boyfriends." "Don't be mad, but not as many as you think, not like that." "What do you mean?" Deana asked.

"Guys lie, and the girls thought it was all true, so I never corrected them.

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I thought it made me more popular. That first time with James, that sucked." "Because he put it in the wrong hole?" "Well, that, and it just wasn't, oh, I didn't like it. I mean it was better once I found a boy who knew what he was doing, sorta, but I've never had that OMG thing that everyone talks about.

Not until you kissed me." "Then I really shouldn't do it." Rebecca shook her head. "No, I want you to. You should have that experience. It's important to know." "I know, Reb, I already know. You'll always be my first, my first love." "And you mine, but—It's up to you, but you should know what it feels like.

It's not a bad feeling, and I imagine if it's with someone you really love it might be totally great. Maybe you'll like it more or like both." "Not Evan. I don't wanna hurt him or anyone else." "Like who, me? I told you—" "No, not you. Anyone, anyone like—" Deana stopped and tried to figure out how much she should tell Rebecca. "Gloria has a crush on him, and if she found out." "You're not gonna let her watch are you?" "Don't be stupid." "You think Evan would do anything with her?" Deana was pretty sure he already had, but that wasn't the real problem.

"What if he wants more and I don't? He'll get his heart broken again?" "Again? You already broke his heart?" "I guess, but—Shit, see how complicated it is?" "Not really," Rebecca said.

"I think he's fooling around with Candy." Rebecca's mouth fell open, and she bounced on the couch.

"Your mother and Evan! What the fuck. Shit, tell me more, more, more. How do you know?" "I don't," she said. "Now I feel stupid. I shouldn't have said anything." Rebecca wiggled up close to her and said, "You wouldn't have said it if you didn't know. You read his mind and you—" "I don't read his mind.not really, but I haven't seen him so I couldn't have." "Then what makes you think that?" "It's stupid, but the way she looked. Remember what I said, she was glowing?

I have nothing else to go on, but she looked so happy and, um, satisfied." "Wow, that would be—I don't know. Your mother—You really think she'd.with Evan?" "Reb, things aren't as wonderful at my house as you think," Deana said. "Candy doesn't seem happy.that happy around my father.

When Evan massages her and flirts with her—" "Flirts!" "You know what I mean, like when a boy pays a lot of attention to you and you know he's interested." "I see boys doing that to you all the time, but you ignore them," Rebecca said. "Your mom is young, really young, and she's fuckin' hot, for sure, but you think your brother would try to hook up with her?" Deana's shoulders rose as she sucked in a huge breath, then she blew out a long swoosh of air, and her body deflated.

"I'm such a motor mouth. I never should have said anything, but Evan has had a crush on her since he was like eight. When they got married, he was heartbroken. If you ever say anything I'll kill you." "I'm hurt that you think I might say something." "I know, I'm sorry.

What can I do to make it better?" Rebecca jumped up. "That movie had me excited, but thinking about your mother being more like my mother set me on fire." She pulled Deana to her feet.

"Come on." "You aren't fucking me with a big black dildo!" "I never said my mother had one of those." When Jayda returned to the den, her hands were behind her back, and there was a grin on her face. "Ready?" Gloria and Alex nodded in unison. "Close your eyes," Jayda said. They did, but Jayda turned her back to them, anyway. "Okay, here it is." She spun around, holding a dildo to her groin. Gloria and Alex stared. Jayda jerked her hips and wagged the fake penis.

"Come and get it, girls. It feels just like the real thing, even these." She cupped the big balls dangling from her pubic bone. Gloria wrapped her hand around the cock and squeezed. "It does. Feel it, Alex." "It's Cyberskin," Jayda said. "They make sex dolls out of this stuff. I wanna get one like Evan and keep him in my closet." Gloria tilted her head and glared at Jayda. Alex wrapped her fingers around the thickest part and said, "It's kinda big.

Is Evan this big?" Gloria wanted to say, if Evan's cock were that small I would have sat on it this morning, but instead she forced herself to look shocked and said, "He's my brother!

I don't check him out." Alex turned to Jayda as if she would know. Jayda said, "Come on Gloria, you must have noticed something. I bet he's way bigger than this." She waved the penis at Gloria.

"Come on, Gloria, tell us," Alex said. "I've seen my brother's. It would be hard not to. We live in the same house and share the bathroom. You know how boys are, they don't care who sees it." Gloria shook her head.

"He's your little brother. You probably had to give him baths while you babysat." "Whatever," Jayda said. "This is average length and skinny enough to practice giving head. You know, it'll slide all the way down your throat." Alex put her hand on her throat. "Seriously?" "Yup," Jayda said.

"Before the night is over, you'll be an expert at doing deep throat." Gloria held the balls with both hands. "It's amazing how real they feel." She kissed each testicle before sucking one, then the other into her mouth. Alex's mouth hung open. "You're supposed to put those in your mouth, too? God, you're sluts, both of you." "Look who's talking," Jayda said.

"You have been touching your little brother's wiener." "I never said that!" "Ya'll stop," Gloria said. "Hey, you think your mom, you know, already used it?" Alex asked. Jayda shrugged. "Does it matter? You're gonna suck it after it goes in my pussy." "Yeah, but that's been on my face. If your mother used this, put it in her, that's like incest if you use it." "Shut up," Jayda said. "It's not like we're using it at the same time.

She washes it. See." She put the cock head under Alex's nose. "Who cares," Gloria said. "Let's see who gives the best blowjob." "Oh, I got this. Right, George?" Jayda asked the rubber dick. Together, Alex and Gloria said, "George?" "What, would you rather I call him, Evan?" Gloria held up a threatening fist. "That's gross." "Mmmm, I don't think so," Alex said. "The two of you are the worst!" Gloria said.

"Like you wouldn't want him if he weren't your brother," Alex said. Gloria looked back and forth from Jayda to Alex, then took the lifelike dildo away from Jayda. "I never said I didn't want him." She circled the cock head with the tip of her tongue, then pulled it between her sucking lips.

"He's only my stepbrother." Her mouth opened and her tongue guided the cock. She sealed her lips around the shaft then pulled it out, glistening with her spit. "Mmm." The dildo went back inside her mouth, then moved in and out with rapid thrusts.

Her eyes widened and watered. "Mm, Evan, your cock is so big. I don't know if all of it will fit." She opened her mouth, tilted her head and sank the whole cock into her face. Her pink tongue lapped at the balls each time she plunged her throat.

"Ah, no, ah, not in my mouth, Evan. Cum on my face." Jayda and Alex were staring; both in shock, but for different reasons. Gloria yanked the dripping dong out and waited a few seconds before cracking up.

"Holy shit, joking, I was joking. Alex, you should see the look on your face." Alex turned to Jayda, and as if on cue, she started laughing with Gloria. "She's right, Alex, I wish I had my camera." "You're assholes," Alex said. "Oh, and Gloria, you win, slut.

You deeeeep-throoow-tated that thing and licked the balls. I thought I was watching a porno. How did you learn to do that?

You've never had a boyfriend." Gloria had a blank look for a few seconds, then she said, "Jayda taught me. She's the real slut." "That's right," Jayda agreed and slammed George down on the glass-topped coffee table. The suction cup stuck and the rubber cock wobbled.

"Now that Gloria got him ready check this out." She pointed down through the glass. "I'll be able to watch George fuck me." Alex and Gloria stared at the mirror below the table while Jayda straddled it. They could see the suction cup gripping the glass and Jayda's crotch above the dick. "Oh.my.God," Alex said. "You're gonna squat on your mother's table and fuck her dildo.

Girl, you ain't right." "You'll be fighting me to get on George after you see what getting fucked looks like." Jayda lowered her crotch, grabbed her pussy with one hand and steadied the dick with the other.

"I have been looking forward to this all day." Gloria stared at Jayda's fat pussy lips and the pink between them. There was an indentation at the back of the flesh channel with a tiny opening in the center. She had eaten Jayda out but never got to see her pussy like this. The sight made her shiver, imagining a cock as big as Evan's being there.

It wouldn't be possible for it to go into Jayda. What about her hole? What would it look like hovering over her brother's giant penis? She was panting, wishing she could be in Jayda's position, but she couldn't.

Her friends would make her take George; then she'd bleed and prove she had lied to Jayda. "Oh, shit," Alex said, "I can't believe how excited I am." "Told-ya-so," Jayda said and pressed the Cyberskin dome against her sphincter. Her hole was completely covered by the dick head.

"Ah, that feels so good." The rubber erection bent, but Jayda pulled it back in line. "Oooh, George, you're so big." Alex and Gloria gasped when Jayda's hole opened for George. Jayda sat down slowly.

Her pussy meat clung to the Cyberskin and pulled inward. With half of the cock inside her, she stopped, then lifted up. The flesh-like dildo came out wet. Jayda dropped her ass again, and George slid in without grabbing. "You slut," Alex said, "you're dripping on the table." "And you're dripping on your hand," Jayda said, looking at Alex's crotch, where her middle finger was rowing over her clit, and her pelvis was doing a sexy dance.

"Don't worry, I'll be done soon, and you can have him." "I didn't say I wanted to," Alex said. "You do," Jayda said and sat down on the table top. In the mirror, her ass cheeks flattened against the glass.

The rubber balls pressed out from under her pubic bone. "Ahh, fuck." Gloria didn't say a word. Vicariously, she was taking her brother's cock inside her body. It didn't hurt at all. She had no idea how deep her tube was, but in her mind, all of Evan's dick would fit. His tight sack would massage her clit each time she took him all the way. She'd let him fill her with his cum.

If anyone were going to put a baby in her, it would be Evan. Any inhibition Jayda might have had, was gone. She bent her knees, leaned forward and grabbed the edges of the table; then she started flinging her ass up and down, slapping it on the glass.

Gloria watched her friend and relived that morning. In her imagination, the pain didn't make her stop. She overrode her fear and pushed down hard on her brother's dick. Evan was in her, like George was in Jayda, sliding deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

His hands had a firm hold on her ass, shoving her up and down. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. She leaned forward, braced herself on his chest, and slammed her pussy onto his shaft.

"Look," Alex said, "she's coming, she's getting off." Gloria snapped out of her fantasy and watched Jayda's body stiffen. Her back arched. She wasn't in love with Jayda, but she loved to watch her get off, especially on Alex's face.

There was something wickedly erotic about a girl sitting on another girl's face. Jayda's pussy stretched around the base of the dildo, her fluids leaking, running down over the rubber balls, was an equally nasty sight. An orgasm started rolling through Gloria's body. She grabbed her crotch and crossed her legs, squeezing her hand between them. Alex pointed at Gloria.

"Look, Jayda, she's getting off watching you." Jayda smiled and straightened up. The dildo slid out of her, but her hole stayed open for a second. "Your turn. I got him ready for you," Jayda said. "I don't want your sloppy seconds," Alex said. "You came all over him." "You're just chicken," Jayda said. "No, I'm not," Alex said. "I don't want to lose my virginity to your mother's dildo, that's all." "You already lost it to a hot dog," Jayda said. "Hot dog!" Gloria said. "You stuck a hot dog in there?" "Yup, she sure did.

Popped her cherry with an all beef, Ball Park frank." "Better shut up," Alex said, "or I'll start talking about all the things you put in your pussy." "Come on stretch, spread those long legs across this table. I swear, it'll be the best thing you've ever felt." Jayda reached out for Alex's hands and encouraged her. "I'll be right here with you." The lanky tomboy easily stepped across the table. Jayda stood behind her, reached around Alex's body and held her chest with one hand.

She moved her other hand down to Alex's pubic mound. "Trust me," Jayda said and guided Alex toward George. Gloria moved to the end of the table, facing Alex, and got on her knees.

Alex's face showed fear, maybe a cry for help. Part of Gloria wanted to go to Alex's defense, spare her, but the rest of her wanted to see that cock stuffed inside her friend. She looked down into the mirror and watched Jayda's fingers massage Alex's pussy lips. Compared to Jayda's deep, meaty groove of labia, Alex looked like a ten-year-old. Jayda forced the narrow wedges apart, exposing her inflamed flesh. "It'll only hurt for a second, then you'll be begging for more," Jayda said and grabbed George.

She dragged the head through Alex's pussy groove, then used the mirror to guide it to her pussy mouth. "Bend your knees just a little bit." Jayda's palm was firmly planted on Alex's pubic bone. Her fingers were spread around the dildo, forcing Alex's lips apart.

She pushed her friend down. Alex started to say something, but the bulbous knob of the Cyberskin cock popped through her resistance. She screeched through gritted teeth. "No more, that's enough, no more," Alex said. Jayda ignored her and pulled Alex down. George inched into the skinny girl's body.

Her mouth was open as if screaming, but no sound came out. Goosebumps formed on Alex's belly and continued down the front of her thighs. Gloria found her clit, swollen and sensitive. She rubbed it, wanting to cum with Alex. Alex's body took over. It moved up and down without Jayda's help.

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Gradually she increased the distance and speed of her motion. "Shit, shit, shit, it's not like a hot dog. I can feel all the ridges and bumps inside me. Oh, it feels good." "I told you," Jayda said, "I told you were gonna love it." She winked at Gloria.

"Back up. I wanna lean back," Alex said. "I wanna feel it when I'm leaning back." Jayda moved, Alex leaned against her and arched her back, pushing her groin higher, then shoving it down. Gloria expected to see George pushing the front of Alex's groin out each time she slammed down, taking all of him.

"Don't let me fall," Alex said and reached behind her, grabbing Jayda's thighs. The girl was riding the cock like a pro. Gloria couldn't believe Alex's tiny hole was taking George all the way down to the thickest part.


She hoped her own body would do the same for Evan's dick. Gloria knew the look on Alex's face. Her friend's eyes were rolling and the nipples on her flat chest were stiff points.

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Jayda nodded at Gloria with a smirk. "Here she goes." Whenever Alex came, her pussy got too sensitive to touch. Gloria and Jayda always saw it as a challenge, but the tomboy was strong and would buck their faces or hands away. Every muscle in Alex's body would stiffen then tremble, and finally, she would ball up, holding herself or cling to whoever was there.

Sometimes, if the orgasm were really intense, she'd cry. Gloria fingered her clit frantically, hoping to cum and still be able to keep Alex from crashing through the table.

Alex's knees straightened, and her pelvis shot forward. The sloppy-wet dildo swung back and forth under her arched body. Her muscles started quivering, and her pussy dripped. Gloria got up and steadied herself. Jayda waited for the shakes to stop, then she backed up with Alex. Gloria helped, and they lowered the climaxing girl to the floor, then laid on each side of her and put a leg over her body. "Nobody gets off like you," Gloria said. Alex mumbled, "Mm, thank you, George." Jayda lifted her head and leaned over to kiss Gloria.

"You wanna give George a try?" "Ah, I do, but I can't," Gloria said. "I'm sore." "Ooh, I bet," Jayda said. "From what?" Alex asked. "Um, from watching you two." Gloria laughed and wondered how much of Evan Jayda had seen when he rubbed oil on her naked body. Her brother must have gotten excited touching Jayda. Who wouldn't? After they came in from Sally's backyard, Candy had taken a seat on the leather sofa. Sally had just asked her if she wanted more wine, and Candy asked her sister if she was trying to get her drunk.

Sally laughed and asked, "Do you want me to?" Candy already had a bit of a buzz, but she wasn't sure it was from the alcohol. Sally didn't wait for an answer; she handed Candy a fresh glass of wine and sat next to her.

"You are a light-weight, aren't you?" "I never, um, rarely drink," Candy said. John never let her drink at home, and when they went out with his friends, she only had one drink, if she was lucky.

"Drink what you want," Sally said. "With a body like mine, I can handle a whole bottle by myself, no problem." Candy thought, bigger, better, faster. Sally was definitely bigger, and she looked better than Candy remembered.

"You have been taking care of yourself." "Mm, maybe, lately." Sally stood up, reached under her shirt and unhooked her bra. Candy watched her sister's tits drop. Her nipples expanded as they slid down and away from each other. "What about you?" Sally asked. "You've been going around in circles. What was it you wanted to talk about tonight?" Now, Candy wasn't sure she wanted to confess, so she tried changing the subject. "Didn't that hurt?" She pointed at the outline of the loop under Sally's right nipple.

Sally revealed her stomach and said, "Not as much is this. I bled like a stuck pig." She rolled the belly button ring between her fingers. "My God, your abs are ripped. How much do you work out?" "With all this extra weight," Sally rotated her torso quickly, swinging her tits side-to-side, "crunches give me a helluva workout." She sat down sideways, facing Candy.

"Amazing, you're amazing." "You too, little sister, but what is it you really wanted to talk about?" "The pictures, did you have any luck with the pictures?" "I did, I'll have them next time you come over, but bring Gloria, please." "I will." Sally put her hand on top of Candy's.

"What's bothering you?" Her sister could always see through her. Candy gulped her wine, put the glass on the end table, pushed her head back into the couch, and sighed. "I did something bad. You're the only person I can tell.who understands me. I think you do.

Nobody has ever known me the way you did." "I know," Sally said and squeezed her hand. "You can tell me anything. I'm in no position to judge." "I'm ashamed of myself." "Candy, it's me, your big sister." "I spied on my kids.

I put a spy camera in his—their bathroom. I watched them." "Candy, you're a voyeur, you always were. Did you think you could flip a switch by getting married and who you are would go away?" "I'm his mother.

Mothers, grown-ups, don't do that kind of stuff." "You're wrong, Candy." "No, I am, I'm their mother." "You're not a grown-up. Grown-ups have to go through the process of growing up. You got a baby, a husband, and house; then you expected to know how to be an adult. That's what you did. You went from teenager to mother of three. He expected you to be an instant replacement for Sandra.

Did you know Sandra had great parents, a good upbringing, and an education? Did you know she studied psychology? You had a fucked up sister who taught you about sex and a drunk for a mother." Sally was right, but that made Candy feel worse. "Sally, I slept with him, my stepson, I had sex with him, today." "Why wouldn't you?" "I'm a married woman…married!" "Do you love him?" "I don't know, but it doesn't matter, I'm married." "Evan, do you love him?" "It doesn't matter, Sally, I'm married to his father." Sally proved she was faster, too.

Before Candy could react, her sister was straddling her lap with those thick thighs. The rest of her sister was as strong as her stomach appeared. Sally forced Candy's arms straight up over her head and pushed. That section of the sofa was a recliner, and it fell back. Her sister's tits crushed down on hers, and her mouth did the same.

It was like every other time Sally kissed her, she submitted and fell headlong into their crazy sibling lust. Sally pulled her lips away with a pop and stared at her. "Married, really?" Candy nodded and moved her hands under Sally's shirt. "Why do you do this to me?" "Because you want me to and you like it.a lot." "I do, but that doesn't make it right." Neither did the wine, but Candy wanted to forget about reality and experience all the things she loved and missed about her sister.

She lifted Sally's shirt above her tits, pushed the massive flesh globes together; then sucked a nipple into her mouth. She held it between her teeth and flicked it with her tongue. "Mm, Candy, I missed my Candy." Sally pulled Candy's shirt off. "We're still going to talk more, but first—" She removed Candy's bra.

Candy unbuttoned Sally's pants and pulled the zipper down. "What are you doing?" Sally asked. "I want to see your tattoo again." "Let me help." Sally stood in front of her, removed her shirt, then shimmied, wiggling her pants down over her 40-inch hips. When Sally was naked, Candy took a minute to admire her sister's beauty and erotically sculpted body. Sally was like her, freakishly put together with tits and hips and an ass that confounded the senses when compared to her waist and the rest of her frame, except Sally had more of everything.

Candy reached out and traced the tattoo, Candy. "I missed you, too." Candy always loved the way her sister undressed her. She lifted her ass and Sally tugged the pants past her butt and inched them down her legs.

She came back for the panties, slid them to her knees, then picked up her feet and continued. The silky garment slowly caressed her calves, ankles, feet, and toes. Candy looked down her tingling legs. Her ankles were on Sally's shoulders. Her sister was kissing her way up each calf. Candy knew she was in for a long build-up to what would be an explosive orgasm.

Sally had gotten better at making love, too. By the time Sally reached the top of her inner thighs, Candy was ready to scream and violently ram her crotch into Sally's mouth. Her sister grabbed her ass and pulled it to the edge of the couch. She shoved Candy's legs back and apart. Candy held them out to the sides of her chest. Sally lifted and spread her cheeks. Candy thought she'd be able to lick her own pussy if her sister kept bending her.

It was worth the wait. Sally's hot tongue plunged her asshole and licked the length of her pussy groove. Her sister had the longest tongue she'd ever seen, and it went deep inside her.

Sally worked her lips down into Candy's gash while tongue fucking her pussy tube. Candy grabbed Sally's hair and pulled like she was trying to force her sister's face into her body. Sally went back to licking her asshole and fingering her pussy while her thumb ground over her clit.

Every time her climax was about to peak, Sally paused. "Please," Candy begged, "please finish, finish me, I need to cum." Sally snickered like she was fourteen again and said, "All you had to do was beg." Candy's fingers dug into her own ass cheeks. Sally rammed two or three fingers into her while sucking, licking, and punishing her throbbing clit.

"Ah, ah, ah, yeah, yeah, I, ohh." Her toes curled, then her fingers balled into fists that pounded the leather. "Holy, shit." The orgasm made her insides jerk violently.

She pushed Sally away. "Damn," Sally said and lifted her face from between Candy's legs. "When did you start squirting? You came all over my face." Candy stared at her sister. "Ah, I guess just now because I never have before." "You always came a ton, but you never did that.

Wow." Candy welcomed Sally's warm body on top of hers. They kissed, and she tasted herself on her sister's lips. "I love you so much." "I love you more," Sally said.

The drive from the race track to Jason's house was filled with excited conversation about races, crashes, and all the hot chicks. Jason wasn't mad anymore about Evan ditching him. Evan redeemed himself by taking KK to Cindy's pits. Jason and BJ were supposed to get drinks for everybody. Somehow, when they finally met at the hauler, both Jason and Billy Joe had purple lips and tongues.

Evan was the only one who noticed Jason's slushy was cherry, as were Billy Joe's swollen nipples. Mm, that girl should wear a bra. "Dude, that KK is really into you," Jason said. "What was it she had to tell you that the rest of us couldn't hear?" "She's nuts. You know that, right?" "So, you don't have to marry her, just take her far enough away so Billy won't worry about her.

I swear, we were getting seriously into it, and she stops me because, 'KK is gonna wonder why we're taking so long.' Can you believe that? Does fuckin' ticket girl run her life?" "Maybe she said that because you were trying to fuck her," Evan said.

"No, if KK weren't there, she would have let me. That girl is horny. While you and KK were watching Cindy's race, Billy Joe was standing behind me with her hands in my pockets. She got me hard." Evan shook his head. "Jeez, a breeze gets you hard." "Dude, she was touching me." "No wonder she stopped you, she got scared of the mule." "Fuck you!" Jason said. "You're queer, always thinking about my dick." "If you hadn't been—" "Stop!

That's old news, and I'm sure you have done plenty of things you wouldn't want me talking about. Pantie sniffer." "At least I'm not trying to hook up with a girl who looks like my sister," Evan said.

"At least I didn't blow a load on my sister's leg," Jason said. "And BJ doesn't look like Becky." "Okay, we're both perverts. Let's change the subject." "We're teenagers on summer vacation.

What other subject is there?" Evan shrugged. "Good point. So, how does she kiss?" "Becky? I never kiss her. We only fuck." "Right, asshole," Evan said. "BJ, how do those sexy lips feel with all that purple flavor on them?" "Next time, I'll get the same flavor she gets. She's hot, dude, smoking hot. Her lips and tongue are incredible. Ten seconds of kissing had me ready to go." Evan felt like telling Jason that Becky would do the same thing with her oversized mouth, but it wasn't time to admit there had been a breach of the sister protocol.

"Next time you feel her up, wait until her nipples chill out before you bring her back. If KK hadn't been so into Cindy, she would have noticed. That girl needs a bra." "Yeah, Becky's nipples are always popping up, but she doesn't care." "Yeah, hers too," Evan said.

"You never told me what the freak wanted to tell you." "Oh, that, she wanted to thank me for letting her hang out with Cindy." "She needed to drag you off to do that?" "Jeez, she is certifiable," Evan said. "Yeah, I know. What happened?" "Her way of saying thank you was to make out with me." "What?" "Yup, but she said she'd kill me if I told you." "What does she care?" Jason asked.

"I don't think she cares if you know, but if you know, you might tell her friend. That's who she didn't want to know." "A thank you make out is weird, but not so weird that—" "Jeez, I swear, this is why I didn't want to get involved. KK thinks me and her have a thing, now." "From a kiss?" "Yeah, except it was a pretty wild kiss.

If we hadn't been so close to ya'll I think we would have done a lot more." Evan was sure they would have, and he had wanted to. KK might have been insane, but fucking her would have been fun and uncomplicated. She lived forty minutes from him, went to a different school, and didn't drive. They only time he'd have to deal with her would be at the race track or if he went to her house.

He imagined sex with a girl he didn't love or live with would be a fun distraction. "Dude, don't hold out on me," Jason said. "How far did you get with her, second, third base?" "What base is it when you grind your cock on a girl's pussy?" "What the fuck," Jason said.

"You got her on the ground and—" "No, I didn't do anything. She got all sweet and said she was going to kiss me for being so nice to her. What can I say, her kisses are pretty hot. Next thing I know, her legs are wrapped around my waist, and I got her pinned to the trailer." "Why the hell didn't you just carry her in front of the truck? Nobody could see you there." Evan took his time thinking about his answer. It would be a relief to tell someone he felt like he was cheating on his mother.

"Listen, you can't tell anybody, but Deana wants me to fuck her tomorrow." Jason stopped watching the road and turned toward him. He continued, "I'm saving up a huge load to squirt inside her.

We're gonna make a baby." "Douchebag! You're such a fuckin' douchebag. I thought you finally saw it my way. Then you drop a baby into the story. One of these days, soon, I'm gonna pay you back." "All that Darlene and Becky shit, you had it coming," Evan said. Jason exited I-10 mumbling, "One of these days, very soon." Candy woke up from her post-orgasm nap in the most comfortable bed she had ever been in.

The pillow swallowing her head smelled like Sally, who was laying next to her. "How long have I been sleeping?" "Not too long," Sally said and kissed her cheek. "We grew up sharing a bed." "I know," Sally said. "I always imagined we'd end up together again." "I fucked everything up," Candy said.

"No, you didn't. You did what you thought was best. I gave up my little girl. I fucked up her life. Now, she hates me." Candy turned on her side and slipped her leg between Sally's. "She doesn't. She doesn't understand, but she doesn't hate you. You should see her." "No, she doesn't deserve to have me show up after all these years.

She never knew me." "I think she'd like to meet you. She doesn't understand why, but she wants to hear what happened from you." "Mm, we'll see," Sally said. "Now, what about you? Why don't you leave him? You're not happy. I'll be here for you. I'm not leaving this time." "I can't," Candy said. "What do you have to lose? Take Gloria and start over." "No, he won't let me.

If I leave, he'll take her." "You're her mother. No judge is going to let him have her." "He caught me cheating." Candy sighed.

"He'll use it against me." Sally's legs clamp down on hers. "Baby, it's serious, isn't it?" Candy wondered how grave the expression on her face must have been.

"Yes, yes it is. He caught us, walked in. He'll ruin everything for her. She doesn't deserve that." "What do you mean? Who, who was it?" "His niece. I was with his niece." "Cindy, you and Cindy?" She nodded. "Cindy wants to be a psychologist. He'll get the kids and fuck everything up for Cindy. I won't let that happen." "I'm sorry, baby, so sorry." Sally wrapped Candy up in a full body embrace.

"Can you stay, spend the night?" "Yeah, but I'll have to go early. I have to get home before any of the kids." "Good, that's good. We'll figure this out, Candy. I'll help you figure it out." "I'm so glad you came back. I've never needed you more." "I need you, too," Sally said. At Jason's house, Evan had won first dibs on the shower because rock always beats scissors. It was the end of a day that would go down in history as the most significant day of his life.

He was exhausted physically and mentally. The best part of the day had been making love to Candy, twice. Candy was his stepmother and his father's wife. Now, he had to live in the same house with that incredible woman, burning for her, but unable to act on his feelings. Wasn't that the same situation he had already been in, except now, it was magnified ten-thousand times? "You better have saved me some hot water," Jason said. "I'm sure there's plenty," Evan said and shook his head, spritzing Jason with water.

"I'll be asleep when you get done jacking off to the memory of Billy Joe's succulent lips. Don't wake me." "You sure you don't want the cot, asshole?" Evan shook his head and unrolled a sleeping bag on the floor. "Nope, I'll lay on this and use this sheet to cover me. That cot fucked me up last time I stayed here." Jason shrugged. "Suit yourself." It wouldn't have mattered if Evan used the cot, the floor or a bed of nails.

He was in the first stage of sleep in minutes, and if he had put a pillow over his face, he might have stayed there. Instead, the room brightened and interrupted his REM state. He kept his eyes tightly sealed, refusing to acknowledge Jason's return. "Evan." It wasn't Jason.

Evan opened his eyes, then squinted into the overhead light. Someone was standing next to him. "Oh, jeez, Becky." Jason's sister leaned in, blocking the light. Her chestnut pigtails, lack of makeup, and the kittens wrestling on her pajama tops made her look her age. She wouldn't have been able to seduce him looking like that. "How are you?" Becky asked. "I'm sleeping," he said. "You look awake to me," she said. "I want a kiss good night." "You need someone to tuck you in, too?" She stepped over him.

He looked straight up between her legs. The cotton patch covering her crotch bulged with what he knew to be an abundance of pussy. "Becky!" "One kiss, and I'll leave you alone." "Fine, if you promise." Becky crossed her heart and pulled her top up to her hips; then she started squatting. "What are you doing? You said one kiss." "Yup, just one," she said and poked her finger into the plump pouch coming toward his face.

"Right here." He lifted his head, turned it right, left and right, then inhaled. She smelled Ivory fresh. He pressed his lips into her crotch and sucked on her pussy lips through the fabric. Jason's sister had special powers that made him stupid. "Mmmm," she purred and yanked her panties to one side. It never mattered what he did in his dreams, and Evan wanted this to be a dream. He wanted to not give a shit about anything except fucking Becky, even if Jason came back from the shower.

Becky rotated her pelvis and pulled his face into her crotch. He punched his tongue into her tangy-sweetness. She groaned and ground her pussy on his mouth. "Oh, yeah, I want you, Evan. I want you in me." Evan pumped his tongue, driving it into her pussy tube. Becky bucked and smashed her fat clit on his nose. Her juices were already flowing and coating his lips. He could still hear the water running through the pipes in the walls, so he grabbed her ass and helped her thrash.

He could make her cum before Jason finished. "Ah, I, ah, I want it, I want to feel it inside me," she said. "I want you to fuck me." "No, hell-no, Becky. Jason will catch us. We agreed we would never let him find out!" The shower stopped. "Shit, get out of here." Becky was panting. "Jason won't care. Come to my room." "Yes, he will. Please, just go, quick." She reached behind her and squeezed his erection through the sheet.

"You're hard. You want to." Evan pointed at the door, frantically. Becky poked out her bottom lip and said, "Party pooper." As she stood up, she pushed her white, cotton underpants down, then dropped them on his face."Hope you have horny dreams about me.

Good night." He groaned and stuffed the panties under his pillow, then he rolled on his side, disgusted by his lack of self-control. A girl's pussy shouldn't have that much power over him. It wasn't any girl, though, it was Becky, and there was something about Becky. Evan pulled the sheet up and covered his eyes. When Jason came back to the room, he turned on the bedside lamp and switched off the overhead. Evan was glad and uncovered his eyes. That was when he remembered what happened last time he spent the night.

His friend apparently didn't have the same level of modesty as he had because Jason was standing there naked. His back was to Evan, but Jason's cock and balls were dangling between his legs. Evan knew he should have slammed his eyes shut, but he didn't. A sound made Evan jerk. It was the doorknob. There were only two people in the house other than him and Jason. The door was opening. Jason turned towards it, and Evan got a full profile view of his friend's cock.

He didn't have a hardon, but his dick wasn't hanging anymore. The door clicked shut, then the air stirred as someone walked past Evan and stopped next to Jason.

The nightstand light shined through the gap at the top of her legs, creating a silhouette of her pussy. Becky was naked. Evan's heart raced. Evan couldn't decipher the hushed voices. Jason might have been rebuking his sister, but for what? They were both naked.

Jason motioned towards him, then pointed at the wall. He assumed Jason was telling his sister to go back to her room, but Becky's hips swirled.

It reminded him of when she thrust her groin at him behind the dirt pile. The taste of Becky's pussy was still on his lips. He eased the panties out from under the pillow. His cock was growing. Becky glanced Evan's way, then got on her knees in front of Jason. Evan didn't move. He was still expecting them to start laughing at the practical joke they were playing on him. Then they would call him a pervert for spying. It was weird under any circumstances. The mule had continued its upward climb.

Now it was parallel with the floor, pointing at Becky's face. Jason made a few tentative strokes, then he pulled back on his flesh, exposing his purple knob. Becky moved forward, opened her mouth and swallowed it. Her nipples stiffened, changing the shape of her tits. Jason clamped his fist around the shaft and pushed his hips at her. Becky slurped six inches of dick into her mouth.

Jason pointed. "Shh." Becky grinned and slurped again. Evan knew how awesome Becky's suck hole felt. He almost groaned. Her cheeks puffed out, her throat gulped, and more cock slid into her face. The girl's mouth was even bigger than Evan thought. Jason's face twisted in an awkward pleasure. Evan's cock was rigid, sticking out the top of his boxers. He wanted to reach for it, but they'd stop if they knew he was awake. Jason would, not Becky. Was this the threesome Becky wanted? Evan had imagined it would be Becky and Darlene.

He had no intention of doing Becky with Jason. Becky's tongue snaked around her brother's cock head, applying more spit, then she started going down on it. Evan held his breath like someone at a magic show, waiting for something to vanish. Jason's groin rolled forward, feeding the angry red meat into Becky's mouth. She didn't retreat. Her head tilted back and allowed the silky dome to enter her throat. Evan gulped, then almost gagged sympathetically. Jason kept pushing, and the magic happened.

His sister had most of his cock down her throat. Jason blew out a long sigh. Becky gagged and pulled back. Jason waited for a few seconds; then he plunged in again. Evan held his breath and watched inch after inch of slobbered cock slid out of Becky's mouth. Jason stuffed it back in, and she eagerly received him. Evan thought Jason's dick head had to be in her stomach. Was he on the set of a deep throat porn movie? Becky pulled back, gasping and said, "I, ah, I want it, want it in me." "Shh." Jason shook his head.

She sprang to her feet and said, "Yes," then she turned around and put a knee on the bed. "Do me this way, from behind." Jason moved behind his sister and lifted her other knee to the bed. Becky bent her legs and pushed her knees apart. Her ass lowered and moved towards Jason's dick. "No screaming," he said and worked his cock head into her pussy groove.

Evan thought about how hard it had been to get his dick in Becky. He couldn't imagine she'd be able to take the mule. Jason squeezed his shaft and applied pressure.

He was about to destroy his sister's pussy, and Evan couldn't look away. Becky turned her head, and Evan saw that devilish smirk he'd seen in her bedroom and behind the dirt pile. She knew he wasn't sleeping. Jason shoved his hips forward and wiped the smirk off his sister's face, but she didn't turn away from Evan.

She wanted to watch him watch her. "Do it, do me," Becky said. Evan felt like she was performing for him. "Shh, you said you'd be quiet," Jason said and grabbed her hips. "I will." Jason's arm muscles tightened, pulling back while shoving his groin forward. Becky's face twisted. "Ohhh, shit." Her brother continued filling her pussy with cock. Becky's toes curled, and her feet kicked the air. Evan blinked hard to make sure he was seeing clearly, expecting her to scream for mercy.

Becky didn't, and she never stopped staring at him. Her expression seemed to say, look what you could have been doing. Evan was too shocked to be envious. Jason was fucking his sister. Jason braced himself with his knees on the edge of the bed. His ramrod shined with more pussy juice each time it came out, glistening in the lamplight. His body rocked aggressively, driving deeper and harder into Becky's body. She stiffened and bit the blanket wrapped around her fist.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she hissed. Becky's forehead pounded the bed like a headbanger at a metal concert. Her brother danced his version of the bump and grind, ramming his sister's fuck hole. Evan heard Jason say, "Your tight pussy feels so good," and those words spoken to his sister made Evan desperate.

He pressed Becky's panties against his nose. The smell was erotically familiar, and he wished he had fucked her when he had the chance. Jason bent over, bucking like a dog on his bitch, then he yanked Becky's body up.

She arched back against him, thrusting out her pointy tits. Jason's hand moved up her trembling body and wrapped around her throat. He forced her head back against his shoulder.

He grabbed her crotch with his other hand and bounced her stiff body on his cock, ramming up into her. Evan rubbed his throbbing dick head with the moist cotton that had covered Becky's wet pussy. It didn't seem likely that Jason would blow a load inside his sister, but his balls were tight, and his thrusts had the rhythm of someone ready to cum. Evan wondered if he'd have the willpower to pull out of Deana.

Jason let Becky go, and she crashed face down like a dead body. His cock popped out, swung upward and slung a stream of cum across Becky's back. He grabbed his dick and shoved it into the groove of his sister's ass and pumped the rest of his load onto her lower back. Evan closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing slowly. Oh, the potential there would be if he just didn't have a conscience, like Jason.

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