Mom cheats her husband with her stepson

Mom cheats her husband with her stepson
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The final months of being in High School soon was here. John and I pretty much kept to ourselves the next few months as I was about to finish High School and he was just finishing his first year of college.

We also did not see much of his aunt DeRonda as she was away for two months on business. Graduation day came in June but to be honest it was just another day as I felt something was missing.

That was Kim, her and I had stayed in touch with phone calls and writing letters, but I missed her just the same. We had gone through all of school together except for on this final day. I had noticed that Kim had done some growing up of her own being away. I could tell from talking to her on the phone and in her letters. She seemed to be a little more respectful of me, which I did not know how to take. I was used to her being in charge and more or less telling me what I should do or what to do.

I was really looking forward to her coming back to town in late July. The only problem I might have with her was; could I trust her around John. I still was not sure about that but it did seem to me that she had lost her interest in him. She never really asked me anything about him when she wrote or when I talked to her on the phone other than if he was doing OK.

Kim even told me that she was going to enroll at the local college when she got back. I was excited and a little weary of that. However, I was looking forward to next fall for I would be a freshman at John's college. I was hoping maybe the three of us could go back to being like it was in High School but I would have to wait and see.

It was late July, John and I were so in love. I had final accepted that he truly loved me; I knew I truly love him because I still got all tingling when he took me into his arms. In addition, the sex was still very good and hot.

We both had been working full time at his dad's car lot since we had got out of school for the summer. It was strange working with him in some, ways like other men at work seem to avoid me but that may have been just out of respect. I may have not of helped that any as I was pretty much of a flirt and a big tease at work. I loved to show the other people at work my big boobs, my ass and even my hairless pussy from time to time.

I also was flirting with the customers as well when I would do they loan applications with them. I really enjoyed doing that if you were let say a middle-aged male 35 to 50 years old.

One day that summer a man about 45 years old came in looking to buy a brand new corvette. I figured he must have been a well to do person as John's dad was showing him around. I also noticed everyone making a big fuss over him. I had some paper work that I needed his dad to sign so as he was showing the man a corvette on the dealership floor I walked over to them. Now on this day I had wore a black skirt that went down to about my knees however, it was split up the side to almost mid thighs.

I had just a garter belt holding my nylons on with no panties and high heels shoes. The slit in my skirt really showed off my long lovely legs I had on a low cut top and a white lacy push up bra. My tits over flowed over my top. I had my long blonde hair was pulled up.

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John had told me on the way to work; that all I needed was a pair of glasses and I would look like a teacher from his college. He wanted to pull over and do me in the car but I told him we would be late. We even used this outfit for some role-playing fun we had later on down the road.

I had noticed the older man the minute he walked into the show room. He was tall, good looking with black hair and silver streaks at the sides, which made him, distinguished looking. I also noticed everyone was falling over them selves to please him. I walked over to them with paperwork in my hand.

"Mr.______ I need your signature on these papers if you have time," I said as I stood there with my tits over flowing my shirt and one of my long lovely legs extend forward a little. John's dad took the paperwork and as he looked it over, I noticed the gentle man looking me over.

He started at my high heels and worked his way up my body. I saw him checking out the slit in my skirt which was showing part of my thigh and the garter belt I had on underneath. I watched as a smile came to his face as his eyes feasted on my big boobs flowing over my top.

I was a little shocked when he finally made eye contact with me. Most men would always turn away when I had caught them checking me out. This man just smiled at me as we made eye contact. John's dad walked over to a nearby desk as I followed him. I made dam sure, I shook my fucking ass in my skirt as I did.

I leaned down with both my hands on the desk as he signed them. I glanced back at the man who was standing there with his hand on his chin as he checked out my hot fucking ass. "There you go Janet," Albert said as he handed me back the paperwork. I replied back, "Thank you," to him and I turned to the other man and said, "Sorry to have interrupted you," as I flashed a smile and rather heaved my big fucking tits up.

"I only wish all my interrupts were as beautiful as you," He replied giving me a big smile. I felt my pussy twitch as I stared at him for a second or two. It twitched even more as I smiled back and then turned walking away. I once again shook my butt as I did. I got to my office door where I turned back around to see that the man had watched me walking all the way back to my office.

I gave him another smile and a little wave as I closed my door. I sat down at my desk and I slipped my hand under my skirt. I rubbed at my pussy lips, which parted as I slipped a finger into it. I toyed with my pussy using one then two fingers. I ran my two fingers in and out of my pussy making it go moist. I wanted to free my tits and play with them or at least pinch at my nipples. I knew I could not do that in case someone walked in.

Therefore, I worked four fingers up into my pussy and placed my palm on my clit. I started to rock on my hand as I moved my fingers in my pussy. I was soon flopping around in my chair as my fingers toyed deep in my pussy. "Ahhhh," I moaned out as a small but powerful orgasm came over me. I leaned back into my office chair as my orgasm subsided thinking how naughty that just was.

Especially in the fact, I had been thinking about the man with John's dad as I toyed with my pussy. While at the same time thinking how good it had felt. I realized then just how much I enjoyed flirting with older men. I took my fingers into my mouth where I gave my fingers a quick cleaning with my tongue.

They were wet and sticky with my juices; I do love tasting my own juices from them. I had just started working again when there was a tap at my door and John's dad Albert walked into my office. "Janet I need a favor from you," Albert said. "What is that?" I asked back.

"Well Dan the customer I was with: I was going to take him to lunch but something has come up and…," Albert paused for a few seconds. "I was wondering if maybe you would take him to lunch for me," He added.

I looked at him giving him a smile as I replied, "Why me Mr.______?" "He seems to have taken an interest in you that's all Janet," Albert replied. I gave him that little evil grin of mine as I asked, "Is he going to buy that corvette?" Albert leaned down placing his hands onto my desk as he replied, "Janet he told me he would buy one of them if you would have lunch with him," giving me a big smile. I thought for a few seconds before I replied, "Well I guess if it means that he will the corvette," as I got up from my desk and walked around to him.

Albert slipped his hand to my back as he said, "Thanks a lot Janet I owe you one." Albert walked me out and introduced me to Dan. I walked outside with him with my arm laced through his. Dan walked me over to a little more than fancy sport car. He opened my door to let me into his car.

As I got in, I gave him a nice look at the girls as I bend down. I also made sure that I parted my legs, which gave him a clear shot of my just fingered pussy as I got into his car.

We made small talk as he drove to a nice little restaurant that he said he knew of. He asked me normal stuff like how long I worked there, did I have a boyfriend. I did not tell him the boss son was my boyfriend. We got there and we walked in they seemed to have known him as they too all made a big fuss over him. We ended up at a back booth pretty much away from everybody else. We talked some more over a couple drinks before our lunch arrived.

It was a very tasty lunch as well. After we had finished our lunch, he ordered us another round of drinks. He picked his drink up and he kicked it all back. He put his drink back down and his arm went around me.

He pulled me into himself and kissed me fully on my lips. I could not help myself as I kissed him back also. I left my tongue slip into his mouth as I felt his hand running up under my skirt. His hand touched my hairless pussy as he broke our kiss. "Mmmmm a bald one just how I like them," Dan whispered into my ear as he stuck a finger into my pussy. I did not reply I just leaned back in the booth as Dan started to kiss at the top of my breasts as he fingered my pussy.

He had nice long fingers and they felt good in my pussy. I placed my hand down to the front of his pants. I felt his hard cock through his pants.

I rubbed and grabbed at his cock through his pants as he fingered me until my juices were starting to flow. Dan rather moved me back into the booth as he lifted at my skirt where the side opening was. He pushed it to the side and he dropped his face between my parted legs.

He started by licking on my thighs right at the edge of my nylons. He licked one side then the other before he buried his face right into my pussy. "Dan what if someone see you doing that?" I asked as I felt his tongue lapping at my pussy.

Dan looked up at me from between my legs as he replied, "It is not like they are going to throw the owner out," before he shoved his tongue back up my pussy. Dan was driving me nuts with his tongue. He was also rubbing his hands on my nylon covered legs and thighs which also gets me very horny.

When I felt his tongue flicking across my clit I picked his face up with my hands from between my legs. I was horny and I wanted some cock. "Dan you can fuck me if you want too," I rather moaned out. I believe I may have had a little too much to drink. On the other hand, it could have been he had just made me horny and I needed some cock. Which ever it was I could not believe I had just told him that.

Dan got up for just a split second. He undid his pants and pulled me onto my back in the booth. He pulled my legs apart with one on his shoulder as my other leg went down to the floor. He slipped his cock right up into my wet pussy with one big shove. My pussy was slick with my juices so his cock went right in with no problem. Dan started to fuck me deep and hard right away. His cock was of average size so it did not hurt. In fact, due that he was fucking me in his restaurant in the afternoon with the chance that anyone could see us.

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That really added to the excitement of it all and I welcomed his cock driving in and out of me. Dan was like a man on a mission. His mission was to dump his load into me as fast as he could. I closed my eyes as he fucked me, as it did feel good. He kissed at the top of my breasts as he drove his cock in and out. Dan fucked me fast and hard for about five to ten minutes. I felt his cock give a little throb deep in my pussy. Dan left out a little moan as he buried his cock deep into me.


His cock spurted out four or five hard shots of his cum deep into my pussy. I had a nice little orgasm of my own when I felt it.

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"Ahhhhh," I moaned as I rubbed at his head that was lying on my breasts. Dan kissed up from my breasts to my lips. He gave me a nice deep and long kiss on my lips. I felt his cock go soft and slip from my pussy. I could feel his cum start to run from me.

Dan got off on me and I opened my eyes. I was shocked to see one of his waiters standing next to the table. He was looking right at my pussy that had Dan's cum leaking from it. I slipped my skirt back down and straightened myself back up at the table.


Dan had gotten out of the booth done his pants back up before he and the waiter talked. "Janet I hate to have to rush away but something has come up and I am going to have to get you back," Dan said.

I told him that was OK, I understood. Dan drove us back to the dealership at the light before it he kissed me again. He also told me that was the best lunch he ever had. I thanked him and told him that I had enjoyed it as well. We pulled onto the lot and he walked me back into the dealership.

John's dad was standing there as we entered. I once again told Dan thanks for the lunch as I gave him a smile and a wink. As I walked away to my office, I heard. "So how was your lunch?" Albert asked Dan.

Dan replied, "Let's just say you can order me a red one with all the extras." I turned to them both as I walked into my office. Albert was shaking his hand as he turned to me giving me the thumbs up sign. I walked on into my office and closed my door. I was surprised to see John sitting behind my desk as I walked to him. "So just how was lunch?" He asked with a smile as his hands went to my butt. "It was very nice," I replied as he pulled me toward his face as he lifted my skirt.

"Oh and a little wet I see too," John said as he removed his face from down there. I looked down and thought damn it Dan had shot pecker tracks all over the front of my black skirt. There were white little stains on both sides of my skirt as matter of fact.

I looked back to John with a serious look on my face. "I can explain," I said. However John replied, "No need dad told me you were helping him make a sale," "I just did not know that making a sale that way was legal," as he gave me a smile and a little laugh. I knew I did not have to say anymore to him when he stood up and he took me into those lovely strong arms of his. Our lips locked into a deep passionate kiss. My toes curled as he kissed me and no man I have ever had can do that.

John rather waltzed me to the front of my desk where he leaned back as he broke our kiss. I watched him unsnap his pants and letting them drop, with his hard throbbing cock in his hand he said, "Did you save room for dessert?" I pushed on his thighs as I dropped to my knees.

I left my hands on his thighs as I took his hard cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock slowly working it all into my mouth. I started to suck deeply at his cock as I bobbed my head up and down on it. "Ahhh yeah baby you suck so well," John said as his hands went to my head.

John helped me take all of his cock into my mouth. I do love sucking on his cock.

His cock fits just perfect into my mouth and tickles the back of my throat as I suck on him. I wanted to have him shoot his cum deep in my mouth. I would suck at his cock, then lick at his dick head. I even took my tongue and ran it up and down his hanging balls. I took two fingers and I rubbed just behind his balls a little bit. John moaned and I felt his cock start to twitch. DeRonda had told me about rubbing a man in this spot, as it would help to make him cum faster.

I rubbed and pressed there as I bobbed my head up and down. When I felt his cock begin to throb I took him all deep into my mouth. "AHHH Shit Janet you are going to make me cum," John cried out. I felt his hand running through my long blonde hair as he plunged his cock even deeper into my mouth.

I was breathing through my nose and sucking at his throbbing cock at the same time. I felt his cock jerk and then his cum blasting against the back of my throat. His cock gave three to four good jerks.

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I used my neck muscles to swallow all that his cock sent into my throat. John picked me up from my knees and he kissed me hard on my lips until he broke the kiss when he said, "Janet I do love you so." "John I love you more," I replied before I kissed him passionately once more. After the kissing, I sent John on his way as I had some paperwork to do. I told him if he did not I would be working tomorrow instead of spending the weekend loving him.

It was good thing that I did too. As John was leaving my office his dad, Albert was walking in. "Hi yea Dad," John said with a smile on his face as he walked out. Albert just shook his head at him as he came into my office. He had some paperwork in his hand which he laid on my desk as he said, "Got some paperwork here from you to fill out Janet, it is on that new corvette Dan just ordered," as he gave me a little smile.

"OK Mr._____ I will get right on it," I replied giving him a smile back. "Janet thanks for taking him to lunch for me as I could not have made the sale like you did," Albert said as he gave me a wink and started to walk from my office. I was horrified for a second as I replied, "Dan told you about lunch?" "Yes Janet and I see no reason my son should ever know," Albert said as he was leaving my office. I just smiled to myself knowing that his son already knew. I went to work on the paperwork in front of me.

I had just finished it all up when my phone rang. I answered it and it was John's aunt DeRonda. I told her I was glad she was back I had missed her. We chatted for awhile then she asked me if I could have John stop by on Saturday, as she wanted to see him about something.

The workday finally ended and john and I drove home. We had no sooner walked in the door than John was all over me. He was behind me as he slipped his hand up thru the slit in my dress. "At least close the door, John," I said as his fingers toyed against my pussy lips.

"Why you were not that modest at Dan's restaurant today," John replied. I spun around and I asked, "I did not tell you what he had done how do you know whether I was modest or not?" "Dan came back in later in the afternoon as he wanted some modifications to the engine in his new corvette," "He wanted to know if I could do them when his car came in," John replied as he licked at my face.

"Just what did he tell you?" I asked. John went on to tell me that Dan had told him he had taken a hot little number back to his place for lunch. John told me that he did not tell Dan that hot little number happens to be my girlfriend.

As John wanted to hear what Dan thought of me. John told me that Dan told him the moment he had saw me he knew I had slut written on my forehead. Dan told him that he could tell because I was showing off my big fucking tits to him as they popped over my shirt. As John told me that, he fished my big tits out of my shirt and my bra.

John rubbed at my tits as he went on telling me what Dan had told him. John told me that Dan knew for sure I was a fucking slut when He put me in his car. Dan told John that I flashed my pussy and those lovely thighs of mine at him.

He also told him he had thought about just telling me to suck his cock as he drove. "Mmmmm I would have too John you know that," I said. John was getting me very worked up what with telling me what Dan told him and him playing with my tits. John told me that Dan had taken the slut to his restaurant as he figured the least he could do was to feed me before he fucked the hell out of me.

Dan told him after the lunch he moved in for the kill. He told John he kissed me and the fucking slut slipped her tongue damn near down his throat.

Dan told him that he slipped his fingers down to that girl's pussy and man was she fucking wet with her juices. John slipped his fingers into my pussy as he told me that.

John was running his fingers in and out of my once again wet pussy as he went on telling me. Dan told him that he fingered my pussy until I squirted my love juices over his skilled fingers. Now I was there and I do not remember that part however, I just chalked it up to the male ego. Dan told John he pushed me back into the booth and shoved his face up into my wet fucking snatch. John told me that Dan told him he ate me out for a while until the fucking slut was begging me to fuck him.

Another one for the male ego I thought. Dan told John that he slipped his big fucking cock into me. Dan told him after a few shoves of his cock. I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and deeper. John told me that Dan told him he did just that but then I had told him that his cock was too big and was hurting me.

"I almost laughed as I know you can handle a big cock Janet," John said as he maneuvered us both toward the kitchen table. John removed my skirt as he picked me up and sat me onto the kitchen table. He told me that Dan told him he must have fucked me for an hour or so before I was begging for his cum in my pussy.

I reached down, unsnapped John's pants, and pulled his hard throbbing cock out. I was pulling on John's cock as he told me that Dan told him he flooded my pussy full of his cum and it leaked out all over the fucking booth seat.

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He told John that one of his help had seen the fucking slut laying there in the booth unable to move with his cum pouring from between my wide-open legs. John told me he asked Dan just where he found a slut like me. Dan told him I found her out walking the streets. John told me that he told Dan that he wishes he had a fucking slut like that. John told me that Dan told him if he ever ran into me again he would bring her to him, as I would fuck who ever he told me too.

"Well if Dan told me to fuck you then I have better do it," I replied as I placed his hard cock to my pussy. John slipped his cock up into my wet pussy and started to fuck me slowly but deep. He worked up to a steady pace driving his cock in and out of my pussy.

John bent over to kiss me and my arms went around his neck. John kissed me while he fucks my pussy deep. "AHhhh fuck me like the slut I am," I cried out as one of many orgasms came over me. John just scooped me up from the kitchen table.

My hands around his neck and my legs I wrapped around his body. His hands went down onto my butt as he pumped me up and down on his cock. I started to bounce myself up and down on his cock as he just held me over his cock. Ahhhh listen to that wet pussy talk you slut," John said as my pussy was making slurping sounds as it slipped up and down his cock.

John started to buck upward as I bounced down on his cock. I felt his cock touching bottom and rubbing against my special spot. I just bounced down harder onto his cock as he pumped my whole body up and down his hard fucking cock.

I felt my whole body start to shake and I buried my head against the side of his head. I licked at his ear until my orgasm took over. It was a powerful one when it did. My pussy convulsed all over his cock and my juices just started to flow freely from my pussy.

I accidentally bite at his ear when my orgasm was in full force. "AHhhhh fuck," John cried out when I bite his ear. He did not stop fucking me at all. In fact, he slammed his cock all the way into my wet pussy and just held me there. I felt his cock swell and then throb right before he unloaded his cum deep in my pussy. I had another powerful orgasm when he did. "Ahhhh fill me with your seed John," I screamed as I moved my pussy on his throbbing spurting cock.

I was breathing fast and hard as I left my long legs slip from around his waist and touch the floor. I saw that he was a washed in his own sweat. He would not have to have a workout after fucking me like that I thought. I looked slightly up to him and into those lovely hazel colored eyes.

"John I am no ones slut but yours," I said as I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him deeply on his lips. John broke our kiss as he replied with a little laugh, "Maybe I should call Dan and see if he has a table for my slut and me." "No way, they have cum filled booths there," I replied with my own little laugh.

We kissed and hugged then off to the shower we went. We went to a nearby place for dinner. Over dinner, I told him that his aunt had called and asked me to have him stop over tomorrow, as she needed to see him about something. "Oh so she is back from Italy," John said with a rather concerned look on his face. "Italy what was she doing in Italy?" I asked John.

John seemed to be searching for words to say as he just sat there then he replied, "Uh just business that's all." John got that same strange concerned look on his face so I asked, "Is every thing OK John?" "Yes Janet we will get through this just like everything else," He replied as he picked at his food in front of him. "Get through what John?" I asked again. "Nothing Janet lets not even go into it yet please," John replied not once looking up at me.

I knew something was troubling him but I did not pry to find out what it was. I really knew he had something on his mind when we were at home later and it was bedtime.

I asked him if he was going to join me for bed. He told me to go ahead he had some thinking to do. "John is there anything I can help you with?" I asked not trying to make it as if I was prying on anything. "No Janet thanks it's OK," John replied before he kissed me good night.

We drove over to his aunt's house the next day in the afternoon. We pulled up into her long semi circle driveway. There was a long limo parked in front of the house. I saw John roll his eyes for just a split second. I turned my attention back to the limo. I saw there were two men in suits standing by the limo one I figured was the driver as he had a hat on. The other one I noticed was looking right at us as we pulled in.

John parked a little away from the limo and we got out. We walked up to the limo and the man without the hat in a very heavy Italian accent asked, "John, long time no see how's the feet ball?" John shook his head and with a little smile replied, "That's football, Angelo and it is doing well." Angelo looked toward me then back to John as he asked, "She with you John?" "She is safe and she is with me Angelo," John replied.

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Angelo tipped his head to John and we walked up to the front door. We went inside and I saw other man in a suit standing at the bottom of the stairway that lead upstairs. I asked John who are those men. John told me that they were just business friends of his aunt's.

I looked back at that stairs and I saw DeRonda was coming down them. She stopped and told the man at the bottom something and he went upstairs before she came over to us. "Janet, John so nice of you to come as I asked," DeRonda said as she gave me a big hug.

DeRonda broke our hug and she gave me a smile as she asked me, "Janet could I borrow John for a few minutes?" "Yeah I guess," I replied. "He is not in trouble is he?" I asked as she took him by his arm leading him away from me. DeRonda turned back as they walked away and replied, "No, at least not yet," flashing me a big smile.

I sat down in a near by chair. I glanced up the steps and I saw there were two men standing at the top both in suits. The one told the other something and he walked away a bit then stopped. The other man turned back toward me and he just stared at me. He just stood there with his hand hanging down in front of himself just staring at me.

After about 10 minutes of this, I got up and walked toward the kitchen. I glanced back to see that he followed my every move with his head, never moving his body until I was out of his sight. I got into the kitchen and I looked out the back French doors. I saw John and his aunt talking by the garden wall. I watched them for a while it seemed like DeRonda was doing most of the talking. While John was shaking his, head either yes or no. I saw that it was mostly no.

Then I saw John like maybe he was yelling at his aunt and his hands were going in complete disorder. My hand was on the door handle leading outside as I saw DeRonda rub her hands to the side of his face. That seemed to calm him down however I was still heading toward them.

DeRonda told him something else and then I saw her wipe a tear from her own eye before she turned and walked away from him. John turned toward me as I reached him. "John is everything OK?" I asked. "Yes it is," John replied. "Why were you yelling at her for then John?" I asked taking his hand into mine. "Nothing Janet it does not matter as my aunt will do what ever she wants too." John replied as he started to walk me from the garden.

"What was DeRonda telling you?" I asked. "She wants us to spend the night here as she is throwing a party that's all," John replied as he put his arm around me and walked me through the garden. "What kind of a party?" I asked. John took me into his arms and as he hugged me he whispered, "It's a dinner party with one of your favorite parties afterwards." "A swing party," I replied.

John told me yes, as he walked me around the house back to the front. I saw that the man named Angelo was at the side of the house when we got there. He just nodded his head to us as we walked by. John walked me to his car where he got into his pocket and dug out his keys. John handed them to me and told me that I should go on home without him. John told me that his aunt had some stuff she wanted him to do for her. He told me to go home relax for a while then get dressed and be back here around eight.

John took me into his arms and he gave me a deep long passionate kiss before he put me into his car. As I drove out the driveway, I looked into my rear view mirror. I saw Angelo walk up to John who just threw his hands up into the air. I watched Angelo pull his hands back down; then place his arm up on his shoulder as they walked back together toward the garden. Now I had no idea that anything was up or just what, the hell was going on.

The only thing I knew for sure was John seemed a little upset about something. I returned home and sat around for a while trying to think what it could be. My mind drew a blank the only thing I did know was that there was to be a party tonight. I was just happy that we all were going to have some fun tonight. I had not seen DeRonda for almost two months. I took a long hot relaxing shower. After my shower, I went to my closet to see what I could find to wear.

I tried this and that on before I chose a mini black leather skirt and a black leather jacket they both had rivets on them. I put on my best red push up bra, red panties and fishnet hose held up by a red garter belt with black high heels on. I drove back to DeRonda's house and arrived at about eight o'clock in the evening. When I pulled up, I saw that the gate to her driveway shut. I had never seen her gate closed before. There was a man in a suit standing by the gate. He walked over to my car and as he bent over to look into my window.

I saw him put his finger up to his ear where he had an earpiece. He just nodded his head, took his hand from his ear, and looked at me through my window.

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He touched his earpiece again as he said, "Go ahead Janet they are waiting for you," as he motioned to another man who opened the gate. I drove up the driveway until I saw John standing there. John was dressed in a three-piece gray pinstriped suit.

I almost wreck his car staring at him. He looked very handsome dressed like that. He helped me out of the car and took me into his arms.

John whispered into my ear as he hugged me, "You look lovely and hot tonight my dear Janet." "As do you John," I replied at him before our lips met in a deep passionate kiss. John walked me up to the front door where that Angelo person was standing he looked at me and said in a heavy Italian accent, "Tale donna bella ed erotica l'è," as he opened the door. "What did he say?" I asked as I looked toward John. "Such a lovely and sexy woman is she," John replied with a smile.

I was just about to ask him how he knew that. However as we entered I saw DeRonda talking to the same two men in suits who I had seen earlier in the day. DeRonda looked at me, she tapped one of the men on his arm, and he looked at me as she pointed me out. I saw the man just nod his head yes as she walked over to John and me. "There you are my dear," DeRonda said as she gave me a big hug. "Don't you look hot in that outfit," "Girl you are way too sexy for my nephew," She added sticking her tongue out at John.

John would have normally come back with a good reply to her. However, this time he just stood there and did not say anything. In fact, I noticed he was still not acting himself. "John are you OK you been acting strange today?" I asked him.

However, before he could say anything DeRonda replied, "The boy is OK Janet; I have something I want to show you my dear." She whisked me away from John who when I had looked back had vanished.

DeRonda and I walked through the people that were mingling around as we headed up the stairs to her room. When we got to the big long hallway up stairs, there were those two men in suits standing outside one of the room doors. As we got closer, one of them went inside and closed the door. The man outside the door just nodded at DeRonda who nodded back.

We went to her room and DeRonda told me to have a sit on the bed. DeRonda pushed a near by cart over which had a bottle of champagne on ice and two glasses on it. DeRonda popped the cork and poured us each a glass. With glasses of champagne in our hands, DeRonda held her glass out and I joined her in a toast as she said, "To the life we love with those we love," and we finished our glasses of champagne.

"DeRonda, Just who are those guys outside in the hallway?" I asked her as I put my arm through hers. DeRonda turned and looked at me and replied, "Never mind about those two they are just old friends." "Why did you bring me up here DeRonda?" I asked as she filled our glasses once more. "I have something I wanted to show you, Janet," She replied as she got off the bed.

DeRonda walked to that closet where she kept all of John's trophies. It sounded like she was searching for something when finally she returned to the bed. DeRonda had a photo album in her hand as she sat down next to me. She poured us both another glass of champagne end then took a big sip from her glass. DeRonda opened the album as she said, "Janet I am sorry that I never took the time to really tell you anything about myself," DeRonda said then paused to take a sip from her glass again.

DeRonda showed me the first page, it was a picture of her in a very lovely bridal gown. This was no ordinary bridal gown; it was lacy and very expensive looking. DeRonda looked very lovely in it as well with her long red hair done up nicely. She was as even more lovelier back then than she was now.

"DeRonda you looked so beautiful in your wedding gown," I said as I stared at her picture. "Thank you my dear I did love that gown," She replied as she turned the page. On the next page, there was a picture of a very tall dark skinned Italian man in a tuxedo.

I must say he was handsome as well. On the next page, they were together as bride and groom. From the looks on their faces, I could tell they were very much in love. Seeing them together brought a smile to my own face. DeRonda ran her hand over that page as she said, "That was my husband Carlo." "We were married five years before John was born to my sister." She flipped through the next few pages that showed their wedding and of their reception.It looked like to me the biggest wedding party I had ever seen.

From the photos it looked liked a fairy tale wedding and the reception looked like it was held in a castle. "DeRonda did you marry a prince?" I asked as I looked at her. DeRonda gave a little laugh before she replied, "No my dear Carlo was by no means a prince." DeRonda took another big sip of champagne and then she told me. Janet when I fell in love with Carlo I had no idea just who he was and at the time I did not care.

The first few years we did nothing but travel around the world. She showed me some of the places they had been to in the photo album.

In almost every picture that were either kissing, holding hands or in each others arms. I could tell that they were very much in love. "Janet I was young but so much in love with Carlo my heart had told me he was the one," DeRonda said as she ran her hands over a few photos of them. DeRonda flipped through some more pages until I saw a photo in which she looked a little on the heavy side.To be truthful she looked down right fat.

However, as I looked closer, I saw she was pregnant in the photos. I just looked up from the photo and to DeRonda staring at her. "Four years into the marriage I gave birth to Gina," DeRonda said as she showed me baby photos of her daughter.

DeRonda told me that she was so happy to have a baby girl with her husband. DeRonda told me that when Gina was two she found out that Carlos was indeed no prince. She told me that Carlos was not the man she thought he was.

DeRonda told me that she had always wondered just what he did but had never asked him. Then one day she did and he told her he was in the import and export business.

Which was fine with her that was until she found out just what that meant? DeRonda gave me a funny look and said, "You know what I mean." I looked at her giving her a funny look back and asked, "Was he a gangster?" DeRonda replied with a smile, "Well lets just say he was not always on the straight and narrow," "But Janet I still loved him." "He always kept Gina and me away from all of his dealings and he always promised me that no harm would come to us." Carlos brought us this house, which was close to my sister.

DeRonda told me that Carlos would stay from time to time then fly back to Italy every now and then on business. DeRonda told me that John was born to her sister when Gina had turned three. She told me that she was going to help her sister right after John was born. DeRonda told me it was such joy watching Gina and John grow up together.

They were inseparable; they played together everyday. When one of us needed a babysitter, we just dropped them off at each other's house. Carlos and I just loved taking Gina and John to the zoo, amusement parks and other places here in the states. "I adored both Gina and John as they filled me with such joy," DeRonda said. DeRonda told me that they lived as a very happy family until Gina was about 10 and John was seven.

She told me that Carlos had taken Gina back to Italy with him for a visit during the summer. DeRonda told me she was going to join them in about a week or so. DeRonda told me that Carlo called her a couple days later when she was over here and told her not to come over to there. He told her that Gina was safe but he did not want her back in the country for fear of something happening to her. DeRonda told me she was heart broken. The man she loved was in trouble and now she did not know where her daughter was.

She told me that when ever things returned to normal over there Carlos would send for her. A year past and it was still not safe for her to come get her daughter. DeRonda told me that Carlos saw to it that she would never have to worry about money. I saw a few tears run down her cheeks as she told me I did not need money I needed my daughter and my husband.

"Is that when you started raising John," I asked her as I took a hold of her hand. "Yes he was about 8 back then," "His dad was just starting up his car lot and raising John helped me to forget my own troubles at the time. DeRonda replied. DeRonda told me that it was three years before she was able to go back to Italy to see Gina and her husband. DeRonda told me that Gina was indeed safe and lovely as ever at 13. DeRonda told me that Carlos had everything under control and they returned here to live with Carlos traveling back and forth once again when he had to.

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DeRonda told me that Gina and John picked right up where they had left off. They were two peas in a pod she told me. They did everything together and maybe something's they should not have been doing together DeRonda told me as she gave me a wink. She told me that John taught her English and she taught him to speak Italian. She told me that each summer she and Carlos would take the kids around the world showing them the wonders that were out there.

She showed me photos of John and Gina on vacation with them. It looked to me like they were more like boyfriend and girlfriend in some of the photos but I did not say anything. She told me that she loved it when Carlos was here. For he was far from his business and everyone in our town just thought he was some very rich person that DeRonda had married.

She told me that Carlos adored John as much as he did Gina. DeRonda told me that once again they were one big happy family for about three years. "That all came to an end one day when at the airport they told Carlos that he was not allowed back into our country." DeRonda said.

I was allowed to go see him and Gina over in Italy so she did. DeRonda told me that she wanted to bring Gina back over here to live but Carlos would not allow her. However, Carlos would send Gina over to visit and stay with her each summer. Well that summer I allowed my hormones to get the best of me and I allowed John to have his way with me but you know that part of the story. "Janet, Gina was 18 and she came back here a little earlier than she was suppose to," "Gina caught John and I doing more than an aunt and nephew should be doing together," DeRonda said.

"She caught you guys FUCKING," I yelled out. "To make this short Janet," "Gina was crying and yelling at me, she told me that I had taken the man she loved and that I had ruined him." DeRonda said. "The man she loved!" I screamed out as she put her finger to my mouth for me to let her finish.

DeRonda said, "I managed to get her calmed down as I sent John back home," "I talk it over with Gina as best I could," "I explained to her that she could not be with John as they were cousins." DeRonda told me that Gina's reply to this was that in Italy it would be OK. I told her no there was no way in hell that was going to happen. Gina told me she would tell her dad Carlos what was going on between me and John.

That was unless I allowed her to join us. "I should have put a stop to everything back then, but I was afraid of what Carlos would do to my nephew Janet," DeRonda said almost sobbing as she did but she paused and we both took a big sip of champagne. She went on to tell me that she went along with Gina, she allowed her to have John.

DeRonda told me it was a lovely experience having her own daughter and John. DeRonda told me that she enjoyed having them both around and their time was full of fun and love. She told me she just got a little caught up in her swingers parties. She told me that she rather just left Gina and John on their own and not really seeing what was going on or happening between them.

"What was going on?" I asked as I filled my glass and hers for about the fifth time. "Gina and John had fallen in love Janet," DeRonda replied putting her head down for a second or two. DeRonda told me remember when you found out John had stolen a car from his dad's car lot.

Well he stole it to drive to the airport to meet Gina as she was leaving to return home. They both were going to go back to Italy to be together.

Luckily, the cops got him first and they brought him to me. I sat him down, I had a long talk with him, and I told him the truth about Carlos.

I told John that when he was old enough if he wanted to go be with Gina in Italy I would not stop him. I also went back to Italy for a while so I could straighten my daughter out on this as well. She agreed with me on waiting to see how it turned out when John got a little older. Gina still came back home here for the next two summers and we all had fun again. However, I kept a closer eye on them this time around.

"Gina has not come for a visit since John was 17." DeRonda said. She added, "It is my entire fault that she is here now." "Those weeks I was away I was over there and I happened to tell her about John and you." "You did, what did she say?" I replied with my eyes wide open. "She told me that Gina wanted to come see the person would have taken his heart," DeRonda said. She also added, "I told Gina that it was unlikely that she was in John's heart anymore," "However Gina told me that she wanted to see that for herself." "Why didn't you guy tell me all this before?" "Why did you both keep secrets from me?" I asked as I started to cry.

"Because Janet no one knows about Carlos but for my sister, her husband and John," DeRonda said. "I knew I would have to tell you someday but it was best that I did not until you needed to know," She added as she took a hold of my hand. "You felt I did not need to know that John's heart may lie with another woman," I screamed at her as I ripped my hand from between hers. DeRonda took my hand again as she replied, "Janet I know what lies in John's heart and that it is you." "What about your husband Carlos?" I asked as I wiped at my eyes.

"I told him the full truth when I was over there recently," "He told me he already knew about my fun with John and he understood." "After all he does has an mistress of his own over there, however we are still married and I do still love him," DeRonda said.

She also added, "He did not know about Gina and John however he told me it would all work out for the best in the end." "It seems like everyone but I know just how this is going to turn out," I replied as I dried my tears away.

"Stop thinking with that brain girl and think with that heart," DeRonda replied as she took me into her arms giving me a quick hug. "Damn girl we killed that bottle of champagne," "What say we go back down and join the party," DeRonda added. "I guess, as I have to face being dumped sooner or later," I replied. DeRonda just shook her head as she helped me fix my pretty face and I fixed hers from all the crying we both had done.

We walked out into the hallway hand in hand and I saw those men were gone. We walked down the stairs, through the living room, and into the kitchen with DeRonda pulling me along. I saw those two men from upstairs they were standing by the French doors leading into the garden. My stomach started to twist and turn. My mind raced with everything that DeRonda had just told me. Was my name in John's heart?

Did he have Gina's instead? Does John still have Kim in his heart and not me or her? These questions raced in my brain as my stomach turned. I am going to bring this chapter to a end. You will have to wait until part 2 of "School is Out and Dark Secrets Follows" in that chapter I come face to face with Gina.

Sorry this chapter was a little long but I had to get a ton of details into it. As always let me know that you are enjoying this. Janet I will also be posting some photos of myself in the outfit I wore to the party that night. I will try to get them up over the weekend in my albums on my profile page in the forum.