Gay twink outdoor fist We coax him that we work for the college paper

Gay twink outdoor fist We coax him that we work for the college paper
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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1: A mother unwittingly has passionate sex with her sons bully. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Coach! Colin tripped me!" I whined, as usual the coach wasn't paying any attention to the game he was too busy looking at the soccer mom on the field, my mom.

"No I didn't I was trying to get the ball! he's just being a crybaby." Colin retorted, but it didn't matter either way, the coach was clearly uninterested in the event and was mainly just annoyed with the interruption of his gawking.

"Quit the belly-aching Jessie, sometimes your going to scrape a knee or bruise an elbow, it's sports son! man up!" "Yeah, girl name, stop whining." Colin gnarled which received a hearty amount of laughter from the other kids on the team and topped it off with an infuriating smirk, obviously pleased with getting away with another jab at my pride. Colin was the same age as me, but he sure didn't look like it. He was 6 foot tall, well built and handsome, blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole shebang and a real jerk to boot.

No wonder all the girls liked him. Me on the other hand, pretty much the exact opposite at 5'3 I was a skinny, pale, nerdy loser and Colin liked to make sure I knew it. Suffice to say, I wasn't a hit with the ladies either the only time I ever asked a girl out was for a school dance and she literally laughed in my face. As I got up and wiped the grass and dirt from my knees and palms I heard the coaches whistle blow, it was break time.

all the kids rushed to the sidelines to have some snacks and something to drink. Every week one of the parents got the duty of providing snacks and drinks and just generally being around to help out during the soccer practices, this week it was my moms turn. there were two small picnic tables for everybody to eat at, I went to sit down with the one my mom was at but it was full before I got there.

she looked at me and shrugged lightly, nothing to do about it, I guess I'll have to go sit at the other table with the coach. From where I was sitting I had a good view of my moms table, and I saw her sitting across from Colin and talking with him. all the other kids at that table were chatting amongst themselves but Colin and my mom were having a pretty involved conversation with each other. it seemed like they were having a pretty good time, they were laughing and joking together, one might even think they were flirting with each other.

Why is she chatting with him? Didn't she see what a jerk he was? didn't she see how he tripped me during practice? he did stuff like that all the time but I was always too ashamed to tell her about it. Then I noticed something else, he reached over the table and casually put his hand on top of hers. I expected her to pull away immediately and say something but she didn't instead she looked down at his hand, looked up at him and blushed she looked almost bashful.

he pulled his hand away before anybody noticed or it became uncomfortable and continued chatting up my mom. I didn't understand. I was so angry and jealous, I loved my mom so much, he didn't deserve any of her tenderness. She was the picture of beauty, flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and shapely only 36 but she looked 25, as a matter of fact, Colin looked more like her son than I ever did. I must admit, I thought about her sexually sometimes, she was the only woman who ever really showed me any affection.

the girls at school where always so mean she wasn't like them at all, she was sweet and kind and caring she wouldn't fall for a guy like him, she was probably just being polite I thought to myself. Break time ended soon and we all headed back out to the field to continue practice after a short time I noticed Colin wasn't around doing any drills. I looked over at the coach who was fast asleep in the sun with a newspaper over his face. where did he go?

I thought, but quickly pushed that thought out of my mind who cares? he probably ditched, at least he's gone. As practice ended I started a jog towards the sidelines but noticed my mom wasn't there, she was always at the sidelines at the end of practice waiting for me.

I started to walk towards the parking lot to where we had parked and noticed my mom outside the van talking to someone. It was Colin. Did he have his hand on her thigh just then?

no way it must have been my imagination. As I got closer it looked like she handed him something, maybe a piece of paper? what was going on? they both noticed me and mom greeted me "Hey, sweetie." she said in her heavenly voice followed by an innocent peck on the lip and a hug as usual.

She seemed to have a funny taste on her lips this time but I didn't have much time to ponder it as I quickly realized who was standing next to us and wiped my mouth, pretending not to like the way she coddled me. "What are you two doing?" I asked coldly. "Just talking." my mom said somewhat nervously. "About what?" I asked. My mom opened her mouth but hesitated for a second, like she was thinking of something to say. "Balls, scoring, dribbling, you know soccer stuff." Colin piped up with a slight chuckle and that same smirk I saw earlier.

"Heh, yeah." my mom agreed, again nervously. "Anyways, we should get going. It was very nice talking to you Colin." "Yeah, we should talk again soon Ms. Robins." he replied in a tone of obviously pandering endearment. "I would love that." What an odd exchange I thought to myself before climbing into our minivan which was unusually hot and humid and smelled somewhat of sweat.

But again I pushed the thought out of my mind. He was probably just acting sweet and innocent like he does with the teachers at school so he doesn't get in trouble when he bullies me. Still, the whole situation seemed odd. The next day at school was also quite odd, I noticed people staring at me a lot in the hallways and I even heard some of the kids snickering behind my back.

Do I have a kick me sign on my back or something? it wouldn't be the first time someone (guess who) had done something like that to me. I went into the boys bathroom to check in the mirror and see if I could notice anything.

"Hey, loser." are the first words I hear as I enter the bathroom, It's Colin, I ignore him. "You know, you've got a pretty hot mom, I bet you pull your little pud to her all the time." His friends laugh, he's always trying to get under my skin.

"No I don't, that's gross." I responded but it was a lie. I did masturbate thinking of her often and at 4 inches I wasn't very well endowed either. The truth of the insult only made it sting all the more.

"I bet you sniff her panties too you creep, what kind of panties does you mom wear?" "Shut up, I wouldn't know I don't do that kind of stuff, you're the creep for even thinking it." Again the sting of the truth rang through my soul I didn't just sniff them, I wore them, jacked off in them and touched them to my face.

I know its wrong but my mom is so attractive and I love her so much, it's impossible to resist. "Your mom's definitively the type of lady that wears sexy underwear.

Probably small, tight, white lace with some kind of frilly lining and a splash of pink." my eyes widened, she had a pair exactly like Colin had just described, how did he guess?

"Shut up! Fuck you!" I yelped, my voice cracking pathetically in the process and stormed out of the bathroom and directly into the principles chest. "What did I just hear you say Jessie?" "N-nothing." I meekly responded, I knew I was in trouble. Then Colin and his friends came strolling out of the bathroom.

"I think he said 'F you' to me Sir, he was being very rude to us in the bathroom talking about our mothers and what kind of panties they wear." "What! no I wasn't! you were talking about my moms panties!" I blurted out, much to my humiliation and the amusement of every kid in the hallway who heard it. "None of that matters, I heard what you said Jessie and you are getting after school detention." What a day, I sulked on into class and tried not to think about the fact that I was going to miss the bus now and would have to walk home, I wouldn't get in until supper time.

When I got home that night I was exhausted, my mom was in the kitchen getting ready to make supper "So, how was your day?" she asked, she always cares.

"It was fine, I guess." I didn't like to talk to her about getting bullied, I didn't want her to think I was a some kind of wimp, even though I am. "You hungry?" "Not really, I'm really tired actually, I think I'm just going to go to sleep." I said and she asked me; "How come?" but was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. "Oh sorry honey, one sec." I caught a fleeting glance at the name on the phone '8iq6oi' what a strange name I thought, oh well, I took it as an opportunity to escape into my room.

As I'm laying in my bed I hear mom calling me from downstairs. "Sweetie, that was work calling since you aren't having dinner I figured it would be okay if I headed out for a bit." Jumping at the opportunity for some 'alone time' I quickly replied "Yeah, sure, that's okay with me!" and waited until I could hear the door shut and the car drive off.

Eagerly pulling my pants down I sat at my computer half naked squeezed some hand lotion into my palm and started an all too familiar ritual slowly massaging my meagre erection I logged onto my e-mail. I was subscribed to many different porn sites and got a daily inbox full of MILF porn, specifically of the tall, curvy, blonde haired, blue eyed variety.

But as I'm scanning my e-mail I notice one that stands out, it's from Colin, how did he get my e-mail address? he probably got it from some girl, I've handed it out before in the hopes of starting up a relationship online, god knows I can't do it in real life. "Subject: sorry" Hmm. "hey dude sorry I was such a dick today here's something to make it up to you" there was a video file embedded in the e-mail.

Against better judgement I opened the file, my hard cock still in my hand slimy from the lotion. The video is really dark and shaky but I can hear a voice. my moms voice! the video quality is terrible and I can't see anything but I know that's my moms voice!

I would recognize It anywhere. "Oh god, I can't believe we're doing this, I think we should stop." my mom says. What is this? what is mom talking about? what is Colin doing with this? why did he send it to me? questions are racing through my mind. "No way." a male voice speaks up "They are going to be out there for another hour at least and the coach is fast asleep, that's plenty of time." it sounded like Colin, but there's no way, it couldn't be.

My heart started to beat faster and my hands started to shake. "But what if someone finds out, what if he finds out?" "Nobody will find out I promise, he loves playing soccer so much he wont even notice you're gone, trust me I know, we're friends. Let me just put my phone down." As he does everything starts to come into view. The inside of a mini-van, our mini-van, it looks like he propped the phone up against the door and the ashtray so it is filming the backseat of the van.

I see my mom and, to my dread, Colin. My heart stops, my throat tightens, my stomach drops and butterflies start fluttering in my chest. No, what's happening? this can't be what I think it is. As I think that he leans in and kisses her, there's a still moment, then she kisses him back, passionately.

I know now in retrospect after having watched the video dozens of times that was the moment all abandon was thrown out the window, along with her shirt and bra. With no thought to consequences she lets him suck on her breasts, so soft and tender, moaning faintly and running her fingers through his hair, almost motherly like.

He starts kissing the side of her breasts, then down to the tender ticklish flesh over her ribs, then back over to her soft tight stomach and finally her belly button. As he sucks and licks her tiny delicate belly button she lets out a slight gasp and he begins un-buttoning her pants.

He pulls on them firmly and they fall down past her soft thighs to her knees revealing her "Small, tight, white lace panties with the frilly lining and a splash of pink." My heart begins beating again, faster this time likely to pump the large amount of blood that is filling my small but bulging erection and my hand instinctively starts to move up and down, very slowly.

Colin begins undressing himself, quickly pulling his top off and pulling down his soccer shorts and underwear to reveal a large thick 10 inch long erection. My mother puts her hand over her mouth at the sight of it her eyes grow wide "Oh, my." she says, before looking back up into his eyes with the most lustful stare I have ever seen.

I'm in an almost trance like state, I don't even register what is happening in front of my eyes, like I'm in shock. My own mother. Colin. My hand still slowly moving up and down my sticky lotion smeared dick. She takes his cock in her hands slowly rubbing it up and down almost matching my own rhythm while they make out with each other. their faces are less than an inch apart, staring directly into each others eyes as their tongues twist and knot and dance together like some wet fandango, saliva running down both their chins.

Her grip on his erection gets tighter as he starts to pull her panties down her thighs, still lip-locked and still never looking away from each other. She pulls away "I want this inside me." she says, forcefully. and just like that I'm pulled out of my trance and the reality of this starts to set in "" tears begin to well in my eyes but I start to stroke slightly faster "Please, not you mommy, not with him.

Don't do it, I love you." the motion in my hand contradicting the emotion in my brain. She presses up against him and positions herself above his cock and begins to lower her visibly dripping pussy down on his dick. I plead and beg at the screen knowing that it has already happened and I can't stop it, but still hoping I can.

As the head of his dick touches her soft tiny waxed and hairless pussy lips they both stop for a second and she rubs his knob against her pussy. "You want it in you, don't you?" "Oh god yes." she says.

"Oh god no." I reply. "Me too, I want to fill you up so bad, and I'm going to. I'm going to fill you up completely." my mother visibly trembles at the thought. "Hold on let me get more comfortable." Colin says as he adjusts himself so he is now lying down with my mother straddling him preparing herself to fuck his heavy powerful rod.

Then it happened, she started to press down on his cock, there's resistance at first, he is big and she is small, it's clearly a tight fit. But quickly her pussy envelopes the head of his cock. I can only imagine what it feels like, and I have, many times, worse still is that it looks like it feels even better than I ever thought it would.

He moans and says "Yeah, fucking sit on it." my mother lets out a moan of her own, getting louder and more lustful the deeper she pushes him inside of her "ooooOOOOOOH, Yes! fill me! fill my pussy up!" clearly she had taken a liking to his phrasing. "Nooo, mom, please." I meekly whimper to myself as I hunched over drawing myself closer to the computer screen and began "pulling my little pud" with a much more solid rhythm than before.

She reaches the hilt of his shaft, her petite pussy lips twitching around its base. She has a look of deep satisfaction on her face, clearly pleased with having mounted such a large and thick cock. "I can't believe how big you are, I've never in my life had such a big." trailing off into a breathy moan. "Yeah, you like 'em big don't you?" "Mmm, yes." my mother replies zombie-like. This revelation makes me look down at my own cock, small and skinny and I start to sob gently, I'll never be big enough for her, not even close, not after him.

I hate him so much. I'm sobbing heavily now but I raise my eyes back up at the glowing screen and with shameless abandon begin masturbating furiously. "Ride me." Colin says demandingly, my mother begins to lift herself up his shaft revealing just how wet and sloppy her pussy is.

His cock glistens, even his belly glistens from when she was sat on it. Her pussy is literally drooling on his broad solid pole as beads of clear slick juice roll down his shaft.

Rhen she drops herself back down on him "Ugh!.Uh.Yeah.Yes!.Fuck!.Me.Fuck me!.Ugh.Fuck me!.Hard!.Fuck me deep!" my mother grunts obscenely and in time with her sopping puss dropping down onto his cock. "Yeah.Take it.Fuck yeah!.You slut!.Ride me. Bitch!.Fuck me!" Colin replies degradingly, every insult out of his mouth is like a dagger in my back and every breath of pleasure out of hers is like one in my heart.

Her pink silky skin starts to shine with a thin layer of sweat, beads roll down her shapely curves accentuating her lascivious body. The soggy wet noises of love making that their thoroughly entangled genitals are making are matched by the pathetic shlicking sounds of my creamy hand and prick.

My sobbing, now reduced to gentle but steady whimpering makes for a suitably pitiful soundtrack. I can see my mothers body start to tense up. "I'm going to cum.I'm about to cum!" her downward thrusts became quicker and more shallow. "Yeah, cum on me!" every time I hear his voice I cringe and my cock twitches slightly.

She tenses up, her muscles firm and frozen, she stops moving completely. But Colin doesn't, he wants more, he wants to give her more, so he begins thrusting violently upwards into her pussy. it causes my mother to shriek loudly as she trembles with convulsions of pure pleasure and her eyes roll back into her head "I can feel your pussy cumming, I can feel it spasming around my cock!" she tries to say something in response but I can't quite make it out exactly, some incoherent combination of slutty grunts and dirty talk.

Her body begins to relax and she slumps over the backseat. Her eyelids are half shut and she looks exhausted, Colin's thrusting has slowed and become jerky. "I'm going to bust my nut!" he says crudely which seems to sober my mom up and she quickly shouts; "Not inside!" He pulls out and they both wordlessly go to their respective positions; her crouched down on the floor at his waist and him standing up with his head crooked against the roof of the van.

She swiftly puts him inside her mouth and begins to suck. She sucks him deep and caresses and cradles his balls too, I can even see her tongue darting around inside her mouth and around his cock through movements in her flushed cheeks. "UGH!" he grunts like an animal and tenses up but my mother keeps him in her mouth, she doesn't stop sucking, or licking, or cradling. I can see every load he shoots into her heavenly velvety mouth through the pulses of his shaft, there are many.

Six to be exact, I counted. She pulls him out of her mouth and rests his knob on her lips as she swallows his spunk. There are two hard, heavy swallows, the kind you do when you have something thick like peanut butter stuck in the back of your throat. As she is swallowing his gunk a pool of thick white jizz is oozing out of his cock and puddling on her full luscious puckered lips, which she then purposefully and lustfully licks.

She finishes him off by giving him a soft gentle peck on the tip of his dick, the same kiss she would give me on my lips only moments later. "Oh god, that was amazing Ms. Robins." "Mmmmmm, it sure was, big boy." those last words repeat in my head "Big boy." my mind stops for a moment, though my hand doesn't and I come to a realization It wasn't "8iq6oi" on my moms caller ID, it was "Bigboi" the realization makes my spine jerk and a shiver shoots down it from my neck to my hips and then straight up into my dick, the head balloons as blood rushes into it, my shaft twitches strongly and I shoot the largest single rope of cum I have ever shot accompanied by an orgasm that goes down to my toes and causes my head to arch backwards as the thick rope drops back down onto my own face, stinging my eye and coiling up inside my open gasping mouth.

Although my eye did hurt from the salty discharge, they were streaming with tears for other reasons. Wiping my shame off of my face and spitting it out of my mouth I slink dejectedly into my bed and try to cry myself to sleep but soon hear a car pull into the driveway and the front door open and shut, mom is home.

I hear her climbing up the stairs and walking down the hall towards my room and she softly speaks outside my door "Honey are you awake?" I don't answer, the door slowly creaks open. Quiet footsteps make their way to me and I feel her weight as she sits down on the edge of my bed careful not to wake me "Good night sweetie." she caresses my hair and gives me an innocent peck on the lips, there is a familiar taste, although this time I cannot wipe it away.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Chapter 2: The affair continues.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wake up in my bed the next day my eyes slowly open, everything is fuzzy and dream-like. Still half asleep I think to myself, It was just a dream. A wave of relief washes over me for only a moment before I'm rushed fully into the waking world and the truth sets in and my heart sinks.

Like the calm on a rollercoaster as you reach the peak of the hill before plummeting back down to earth. I can't believe what happened, it can't be real, maybe it was a dream after all? Now I'm just blatantly lying to myself but I keep it up. No, it didn't happen, it couldn't have, it's just too unbelievable.too heartbreaking to fathom. I glance over at my computer knowing the truth lays on my hard-drive but I ignore it.

It's stupid to even check, there's nothing there I scoff. I'm not doing a very good job at fooling myself though I am trying desperately hard to. "Honey! breakfast is ready, get yer' butt down here and get ready for school!" My mom calls out, playfully.

School! no, I can't go to school! Colin will be there and he'll.I-I just don't want to deal with him today, that's all. I quickly crawl back under my blankets and do my best to mimic a sickly moan. "Uuuhg, I don't feel too good mom." I hear her clamber up the stairs to my room and open the door.

"What's the matter honey, are you feeling a little under the weather today?" She sits on the edge of my bed and lovingly rests her hand on my leg in an attempt to gently soothe me.

Though I am ill, it is not the kind of illness she thinks and her affection only makes me sicker. In that moment I peek my eyes out from under the covers and see my mother for the first time since I went to bed last night. Her bare feet are so dainty and small, with one leg crossed over the other her left foot tapping the air and her teeny little toes wiggling about.

My eyes wander up towards her ankle and the bracelet lightly shaking with the motion of her feet "M-O-M" with a little heart, I made it in kindergarten, she still wears it. Further still towards her long elegant legs who's shape is exposed by the form fitting elastic jeans she's wearing. Her calves are perfectly formed to lead the eye towards and accentuate the shape of her thick fluffy thighs that erupt into a butt that is hard to imagine.

Something to dive into and lose yourself in, and you could. Her stomach, tight but not hard, nothing about her is, she is soft and supple in every single way, every part of her body, every part of her mind. Her breasts are 34Ds, still firm with youth but pillowy and full as if the milk inside had been whipped into a light cream.

It's enough to make you sick with desire but impossible not to look at, the contradiction makes me dizzy with lust. And her face, I could wax poetic about her hair being made of pure gold and eyes of perfectly cut topaz but it wouldn't do her justice, It is simply the sweetest face in the whole world. Morning sunbeams cascade through the window and illuminate it with a heavenly glow, the face of an angel, my angel. And then all the lies fall away as if they were never even there and I think of what he did to that beautiful face.

I can feel my eyes starting to well up, I shut them tight to seal the tears from leaking out. A sob rises up from the pit of my stomach and into my chest, I try desperately to close it off at my throat. My body tenses slightly and it slips out though due to my restraint comes across as more of a strange cough than a sob. "Oh dear, you do seem sick. I'll call the school and tell them you wont be in today." "Mhm." I nod quickly and pull the covers back over my head.

"Aww, feel better baby, I'm heading off to work straight after I phone the school, call me if you need anything." And with that she gives me a playful pat on the bum and leaves me to my sorrow. As soon as she leaves I rush out of the bed and over to the computer, dropping my underwear to my ankles in the process. My hands are shaking so much its hard to direct the mouse pointer over the video file.

I double click, I'm already hard, I was before my mother had even left the room. Squeezing some lotion into my palm I spend the rest of my day repeating the pathetic scene of last night. The tears, the hurt, the shame, the jealousy, the humiliation, the arousal, all of it. Over and over and over again I don't even know why it just seems like the only thing I can do. This is the closest I'll ever get to her but the farthest away I'll ever feel. I cum so much nothings even coming out anymore, I cry so much its the same.

I imagine her patting me on the butt, it's the most sexual act I'll ever receive from her. She comes home later that evening, she's late and it's nearly supper time. I walk in from the kitchen to greet her. "Hi honey, I hope your feeling better." there is something different about her, she looks flushed and disheveled. "I am, why are you so late?" I asked and she seems to answer the question nervously. "Oh.another work thing came up, sorry about that." another 'work thing'?

like the work thing that came up last night, I swiftly put two and two together, she saw Colin again.and she fucked him. Just like she did last night and just like she did during soccer practice. "C'mere and give me a kiss sweetie." As she stars walking towards me I notice something about her, she seems more.content?

serene even, there is a bounce in her step and a healthy glow about her. But as she leans in to give me a kiss I focus on her lips, I know what she does with them.I know what he does with them.

"No!" I blurt out backing away she looks slightly shocked and confused. It's just a peck on the lips, this is how we always greet each other. I'm inches away from telling her everything, telling her that I know she has been sleeping with Colin, telling her how he picks on me, telling her how much I hate him. But I think about how it will affect our relationship, nothing will ever be the same again.

No more affection, no more tender love, it will be awkward and uncomfortable forever. She will stop, I will swallow my pride and find a moment to tell her about Colin bullying me. Then she will stop. I'll keep the secret but things will go back to the way they were and she will feel so guilty she might even.that thought alone was enough. "I'm not a kid anymore, I don't want to kiss my mom on the lips." it was an excuse and a lie, I did want to kiss my mom on the lips, just not right now, not with his taste staining them.

"Oh, okay, sorry." she looks dejected, I feel bad. She just fucked my bully and I feel bad for hurting her feelings. The next morning dawns and I wake up listless and depressed. I know the sick act wont last forever and I'll eventually have to face my demons sooner or later, it might as well be sooner. "Jessie, come get your breakfast!" mom calls so I head downstairs and eat breakfast with her, it's nice, it feels normal. I get ready grab my backpack and head to the door to wait for her, this is where we part ways every morning.

She goes to work and I walk down the street to the bus stop. "Alright honey, have a nice day at school.".I wait."Um.Jessie, bye." Oh right, no more goodbye kiss 'I'm not a kid anymore'. "Oh, uh, yeah, bye." I sputter out awkwardly, she gives me a look and chuckles slightly before heading off to work. I walk down the street to the bus stop and get on the bus. Everybody is staring at me as I walk inside, I know why, they all saw or heard about the video of Colin and my mom.

There a few giggles and many knowing smirks, one of the kids mouths "Your mom" then mimics sucking a dick with the motion of his hand and poking his cheek with his tongue. I avert my gaze and begin walking towards an empty seat at the front of the bus Gabriel is sitting in the spot next to me, she is kind and shy but homely and unpopular, she speaks up as I sit down. "Don't sit next to me, go sit somewhere else." It stings and it's humiliating. I keep walking down the isle with my eyes caste down at my feet, people mutter mocking insults at me under their breath as I walk past.

I quickly find a seat with nobody else in it and stare out the window trying to ignore everything around me. This is going to be a bad day. I get the same treatment as I walk down the hallway towards my locker. Smirks, laughs, insults, shoves, it's bad enough from the guys but it hurts a lot more when even the girls are joining in. Everything will blow over I repeat in my head as I walk on. I get to my locker and as I'm putting in my combination somebody shoves me from behind causing me to smack my face against the locker door.

"Hey girl name." "What do you want? just go away." I whine. "Man, I've felt lots of pussy before, but your moms? that was something else." I ignore him and try to shove past but he is much too big so I have to squeeze by him instead. "You know, I felt her pussy tighten up when I called her a slut, that's how you know she's a whore." My fist tighten into little shaking balls, he can talk about me like that, I can handle it, but my mom? nobody talks about my mother that way.

I turn around and swing hard at his face, my knuckles make a slapping noise against his cheek and his head barely moves. Colin looks down at me and punches me hard in the nose I flop backwards into the lockers. He swings again, hitting me in the cheekbone and I slide down onto the ground and try not to cry. I expect to hear people jeering at me but I don't so I slowly raise my eyes and see the principle standing over me.

"I-I, h-he-" "Save it Jessie I saw everything from down the hall. First you're swearing at people, now you're starting fights? You are in serious trouble, both of you, go to my office right now." Me and Colin sit silently side by side in the principles office waiting for him to come in and tell us what our punishment is going to be. He turns to me slowly, narrows his eyes and says accusingly. "I know what you did." I ignore him "You jacked off to that little video me and your mom made." I cringe inside but continue to ignore him, he's just trying to get under my skin like always.

"You know how I know?" "." "That file you opened had a little Trojan in it, wanna know what it does?" I'm still silent but curious, where is he going with this? "It silently installs itself onto your computer, opens up your webcam and starts recording." No way, he's bluffing, but still.I think back to my bedroom, I do have a webcam.

It's sitting on top of my monitor pointed right at me. I never shut the cap, why would I? I never use it, I only got it to talk to my dad in Texas before he stopped contacting me and mom altogether.

I almost forgot it was even there. "'Remote Access Technology' that's what the guy on the forum said it was called.

He didn't believe me when I told him what I wanted to do with it but changed his tune when he saw the video me and your 'mommy' made together." Me and my 'mommy', why did he phrase it like that? I began to get worried.

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Wouldn't I have notice if my webcam was running? not again, it can't be happening again, he can't always win like this, it's not fair. Then he started to speak in a mocking tone mimicking my voice in the most unflattering way possible "Pleeease, not you 'mommy', not with him, don't do it I looove you." My mouth agape I turn my head and look at him silently, it was true, he knew.

I didn't know what to say, I just stared at him doe eyed and helpless. "Don't fucking interfere with me and your mom and I wont show the whole school and her the video of you crying your eyes out and jerking off to your own mom, weirdo." I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out, just then the principle walked into the room. "Alright you two, here is what's going to happen, I talked to all the kids who saw what happened individually. They all say you, Jessie, started the instigation by insulting Colin's mother." "Heh." Snorted Colin.

"What! no! they insulted my mother!" "I've heard that one before Jessie, remember? There seems to be a recurring theme here." "No! they are lying because they are his frie-" "Am I lying then Jessie?! are you saying I didn't watch you turn around and punch Colin for no good reason?" "No, I'm not sayi-" "Good then that clears everything up then. Colin you are free to go but don't think I don't know it takes two to tango buster, clean up your act." "Yes sir." Colin says with the same tone of pandering endearment he used on my mother and walks out of the room.

"You however will be getting after school detention once again and will need to phone your mother and tell her yourself what happened and why you are in trouble once again. I've already called to inform her of the situation so there is no point in lying." I'm in total shock, the detention is minor, calling my mother will not be fun either but knowing what Colin has on me?

that is a heavy weight that I am struggling to carry. I stand up and feel my knees almost buckle, my legs are weak, my hands are shaking, I am erect.

That last one I don't understand but nonetheless there it is. I walk out of the office to take out my cell phone and start dialing mom. "Hello, Jessie." she answers coldly. "Hi, mom." "Do you have something to tell me?" "I got in trouble at school today." "I heard, again Jessie?

Maybe it's good that you were sick yesterday or this would be the third day in a row you're in detention." "You don't understand mom, he started it." "That's not what the principle told me and he said he saw it first hand.

He also said that you were saying rude things about Colin's mother? how would you feel if Colin said things like that to you about me?" "He, does!" I yelp. "Oh yeah? like what?" she says unbelieving. The words get stuck in my throat as I remember Colin's threat, I can't tell her, he'll show the video to her and then what would she think of me?

"That's what I thought." The Colin she is having an affair with is very different than the one that torments me at school and my silence only reinforces the image of him she has in her head, the false image. "God Jessie, it's going to rain tonight so now I have to drive all the way down there and pick you up." she says irritably, she is clearly annoyed with me right now.

"Sorry." I quietly say in response. "You better be, I'll be there to pick you up after detention, goodbye Jessie." "Bye mom." I say dejectedly and end the call. I spend the rest of the day sulking In detention, thinking about everything that had just occured. How quickly it all happened, it's like a blur, I think back to that day at soccer practice and how easily had persuaded her to have sex with him. What did she see in him?

did she like guys like that? I wonder if she dated people like Colin when she was in high school, what did she think about guys like me? The principle walked in and told me I could go home now so I grabbed my backpack and headed outside into the rain.

I stood under the overhand next to the parking lot out of the rain waiting for mom, where was she? it was taking a while. I hope she isn't so mad that she is going to make me walk home in the rain. My cell phone rings and I look at the caller ID It's mom, she's probably phoning to tell me where she is. "Hey mom, where are you?" I answer the phone, there is no response. "Mom? you there?" still no response. I think I can hear some faint noises, shuffling, creaking and heavy breathing, I turn my volume up and listen intently.

I can now hear undoubtedly the sounds of heavy panting and I know exactly what is going on. I don't know how he got her phone but Colin is fucking my mom right now and that is what I'm hearing. The heavy breathing and moaning sounds stop for a moment and are replaced by the sound of wet lips smacking together briefly before returning to the breathed pants of my mother and deep grunts of Colin. It's amazing what I can glean about what is going on by just the sounds alone. I can tell the tempo of their lovemaking by the timing of their moans, I can tell the stride of his thrust by how long her moans are.

I can even tell that he is fucking her deeply by the fact that her groans turn into an almost pained grunt at their peak. I shudder and shake the thoughts from my mind. Colin's voice starts to speak. "Aren't you glad you stayed here with me instead of going to pick him up" My mother was in the middle of a long moan when he asked.

I waited with baited breath for her response. "Oouuh.yes" she she says, I feel my heart ache. ".Ugh.but I feel.Uh!'s raining." "He needs.ugh.discipline, Uh.he's been lashing out lately." "Mmmh.why?" my mother asks, curious to know what's been going on with me these past few days.

"His pride is hurt.Ugh!" Colin grunts in time with my mother, interrupting himself, then calms down and returns to his slow rhythm ".He get's bullied a lot.uh, uh.I protect him.He's jealous of me." I hate him so much, I hate the lies he's filling my mothers head with.

"Oooh Colin." my mother coos "You're such a, uh.sweet boy." the same honeyed words she talks to me with. ".mmmoh!.let's stop talking about him now." the panting stops again and the sound of lips smacking together returns, I hang up, unable to take anymore. I now know, inch by inch, mile by mile, he is stealing her away from me. I begin walking home, It's cold, I'm soaking wet, and my erection is pressing painfully against the front of my pants. When I get home I see my mom sitting on the couch she turns to me "Hello, Jessie." she says.

"Why didn't you pick me up?" I already know the answer, but I want to hear hers. "I was busy with work, I figured you could use the exercise." "I'm freezing! look at me, I'm completely soaked! why didn't you phone me at least?

I waited outside the school for 20 minutes." She cringes slightly when I tell her that, I think she feels guilty. "Um.I'm sorry honey, I was so tied up up with work I completely forgot.Come here, let me look at your face." She says, trying to change to subject. I walk over to her and she puts her hand on my cheek, the tears running down them are camouflaged in the rain water.

"Tsk tsk tsk." she looks at my wounds with concern. "I think he broke my nose mom." "Well, maybe you should pick fights with kids your own size then." That comment hurt, she was saying I was weaker than Colin.

I pull away from her soft touch. "Whatever, I'm going to my room." I say angrily, she doesn't respond. In my room now I slip off all my wet clothes and fall down onto my bed, I rest my head on my pillow and feel something, something slimy. I lift my head up but the pillow sticks to me so I have to peel it off my cheek. There's some thick white goo smeared on my pillow.

Then I see some sort of fabric laying under where my pillow was, it's soft and smooth. I pick it up and look at it, it's moms panties, the white ones from the video.

Colin was here! that's how he got her phone. He came by after school while I was in detention and stole her phone then phoned me on it behind her back while they were having sex. Then he came into my room and squeezed my hand lotion onto my pillow as a prank, jerk. I look down at my mother panties, they are ripped on the left side from the waistband all the way down to the leg hole, I imagine it.

He must have torn them off her that first night she went to visit him, they probably fell down her right leg to her feet leaving her completely exposed. or maybe they didn't, maybe they stayed on her thigh flapping and waving in the air as he violently fucked her. I don't know why I imagined it, but I did. I get hard staring at them, I can't help myself so I slide over to my computer and wait for the monitor to turn on.

There's something on my desktop, a folder I've never seen before, It's titled 'your mom'. I open it and inside there are two video files the first video I recognize, it's the one Colin made of my mom, the second is untitled but I have an idea what it is.

That idea fills my head with shame and arousal and fills my erection with blood. I play the video and instantly recognize the location, It's the inside of my bedroom, how though? And then I remember the webcam, it would have still been recording, it still is! I quickly jerk the cable out from the back of the computer.

My mother is standing fully clothed in my room and Colin is taking his shirt off. "I don't like this Colin, it feels strange." "It's just a room, besides I want to be able to make love to you to beautiful music." he says, in his familiar pandering tone, why doesn't she see through it?

Colin is at the computer now, he looks up at the webcam and smirks into it before looking back down at the monitor to find some soft music to play. "I don't know Colin." He turns around and starts playfully dancing towards her, my mother giggles as he grabs her hands and starts slow dancing with her in the middle of my room. "It's just a bed baby, we can always clean the sheets." he whispers. ".Alright." She responds. Colin begins undressing her as he dances with her, taking her top off as she wiggles her hips then unbuttoning her pants as she shakes her tits right in his face.

My mother is blushing and totally enamored with him right now and soon they are completely naked, slow dancing together like teenagers at prom. I can see my mothers pussy and thighs are dripping with a syrupy nectar, she is so wet for him right now it's almost hard to believe. They kiss and tongue each other while dancing, Colin starts sucking on her neck, his solid erection is sliding smoothly between my mothers thighs. Her pussy lips are straddling the shaft and lubricating it as it glides around with the motion of their dancing, her knees buckle slightly and she moans passionately.

I look down at my hand, I still have my mothers panties clenched in them, I wrap them around my small dick and stroke myself. I am so sexually frustrated right now, my mothers pussy touched these panties and now my dick is too, this is the closest it will ever get to her.

I can almost feel her pussy in the softness of the panties, but not quite, just enough to make me long for its touch more. Like running a cigarette under the nose of a smoker and then throwing it away, it only makes the craving worse.

Colin grabs my mother firmly by her upper arms and pushes her away from him, she looks at him sheepishly, his grip is so strong and she is so fragile and helpless.

"Suck me, make it wet for your pussy." he says. Mom gets down onto her knees and opens her mouth wide, very wide. She moves forward making care not to touch his cock with her lips, saliva dripping down from the roof of her mouth glazing his cock as she does. Then as she reaches the hilt she closes her mouth around the shaft and pulls backward sucking hard.

"Oh yeah.more.suck me sloppy." She obeys, repeating the motion although this time she cocks her head to the side as she glides him in and then twists it to the other side on the backstroke. Her tongue coiling around him as she moves forward then coiling back as she pulls away. I'm watching my mother learning and experimenting with ways to pleasure him with her mouth, she adds something new every stroke.

Sucking his balls, massaging them, licking the head and the shaft, sucking the knob as she strokes the rest, sucking slow, sucking fast, sucking hard, sucking soft, deep-throating. All the while eagerly watching his reactions to see what he likes the most and adding it to her quickly growing repertoire.

She is slobbering and drooling over his cock so much it's like her mouth is as wet for him as her pussy is. Strands of drool connect from her lips and chin to his shaft and head, she sucks him sloppy but slow. She pushes him deep into her mouth until I can see her throat bulge from his cock entering it and begins swallowing "UGH, oh yeah! that feels so good!" Colin grunts as her throat contracts and squirms around the head of his cock, her tongue lapping his ball bag as she does.

Colin begins thrusting into her mouth and throat, my mother is surprised at first and gags slightly then tries to pull away but his hands are firmly gripped on the back of her head and he will not let her. She soon relaxes though and opens up her throat for him, I can hear loud wet sounds as she begins to suck again. Thick slimy saliva from the back of her throat begins coating his cock as he thrusts himself into her mouth for close to a minute. Colin soon has his fill of my mothers mouth and pulls her back by her hair.

"Get on the bed." He demands so she lays down with her butt on the edge of my bed and her feet on the floor and looks up at him. They are about a foot apart and staring at each other. There are no words, there doesn't have to be, they both understand.

My mother slowly begins spreading her thighs apart, her pussy so wet that I can see a single strand of her slick syrupy pre-cum stretching from one thigh to the other until both are fully spread and it breaks in the middle, falling to either side and resting wetly on her silken skin. Her pussy is fully exposed now shining moistly in the light, it's so hot and damp that a light haze of steam can be seen visible rising up off the area.

Liquid condenses on her inner thighs near her pussy like the sweetest morning dew, she is is so hot for him I can almost feel the heat radiating off her pussy through the computer screen. He moves in close, never unlocking his gaze from hers and leans forward on top of her, positions himself between her legs and presses his member into her just enough to make her pussy lips bulge out to the side slightly.

My mother arches her back, closes her eyes and bites her lip in anticipation. nothing happens. She looks back at him, he is still staring dominantly​ into her eyes.

"Do it" She says "Put it in me" his stare is intimidating. She breaks eye contact and looks down, blushes slightly and then understands. Looking back up into his eyes, with purpose she says "Please put it in me." and he begins pushing himself inside of my mother, clearly pleased with her answer and she clearly pleased with his reaction.

Her breaths are so short and gasping from the pleasure it almost sounds like she is hyperventilating. As he presses himself deep inside of her I notice something, her belly, it is rising, swelling slightly. It's his cock, it's so large I can see it as it pushes its way up my mother and into her womb.

I'm not the only one who notices. "Watch." he says as he puts his thumb onto her chin and guides her eyes towards her stomach. He begins to pull out slowly and the bulge recedes.

"Oooooh." my mother moans as her eyes grow wide watching it. Her pussy lips flutter and twitch as he's pulling back. "Oh god, you're so big I can see you in me, that's.that's. so hot." He begins to push himself back into her pussy, her lips sputter and spit on his cock as he does and her other lips let out a moan. Her eyes are still fixated on the cock in her pussy as it distends her belly, she likes to watch it.

"Give me your hand." he says and my mother obeys thoughtlessly, he puts her hand onto her belly and I can see her lovely precious fingers rise slightly as he pushes in and fall back down as he pulls out. "I can feel your cock inside me with my hand, It's just so.uuuuh." she trails off. My mothers legs begin to rise up off the floor slowly as Colins pace begins to pick up, they graze up along his his thighs as she raises them, then his butt. They start to move towards each other, her feet meeting above his ass and her ankles locking together, she has wrapped herself around him now.

Colin picks up his pace and fucks her harder "Oh Colin! Oh god yes Colin! " she calls out his name "Fuck me!

oh god you fuck me so good!" Her legs tighten around him now, like an anaconda, she wont let him go. "Yeah, you like that you dirty slut." he says. "Oh yes! I love it! I love your cock, it's so big! Fuck me deeper Colin, fuck me deeper!" Colin begins to position himself further on top of her, and her hips rise and tilt so he can completely root himself inside her pussy.

"Uh! I can feel something around my head, like a pocket." "That's my womb! I can feel you in it too! cum in it Colin! cum in my womb!" I'm in shock, I never thought she would go this far, she is completely lost in a haze of lust right now. She is a glutton for his cock, her pussy is gobbling it up and completely indulging in the lewd and carnal gratification it offers.

Her belly is undulating, as her pussy squirms and wriggles around his cock in an orgasmic frenzy. I take her panties and try to squeeze a dollop on lotion into them but to my frustration nothing comes out of the bottle, I'm all out. I remember the lotion Colin squeezed on my pillow, it is still there and there is plenty of it.

I scrape as much of it off my pillow as I can and wipe it onto my prepubescent sized dick then wrap her panties back around it and continue shamefully masturbating.

The lotion feels different than it usually does, it feels better than it ever has before. it's slick and slimy, gooey even but I am in too much of a vulgar fervor to care why. Her legs unlock now, rising in the air as her hips angle higher upwards. her knees unbend and her legs spread widely apart, her arms fall wide to her sides and her eyes roll into the back of her head. She begins shaking and convulsing on the bed in a seemingly endless climax, Colin, paying it no mind, continues thrusting forcefully into her cervix.

Her grunts become pornographic and she begins drooling and slurring, he is literally fucking my mother stupid. With her feet spread as far apart as possible sticking nearly straight up and waving around in the air my eyes follow up her elegant legs and I see it. Shaking and rattling around her ankle as her legs twitch and jerk from his thrusts and her orgasms.

"M-O-M" with a little heart, I made it for her in kindergarten, she's still wearing it. I begin to break out in tears, the most confusing ones I've ever known. Ones of sorrow as the sweet woman I made that for is being satisfied by the man I hate most in the world in a way I never could. And of joy as I see that she still cares for me, she thinks about me every morning she puts it on, she still loves me. I wish she didn't, it would be easier if she didn't, I could hate her then but she does and I love her too, I love her so much, she's my angel.

My sobs aren't loud for fear of mom hearing, but they are intense and emotional. Colin begins panting loudly, he is close. He stands straight up and grabs my mother by her ankles, his clammy fingers touching her anklet and begins thrusting hard and bluntly into her pussy and most likely her womb as well.

He buries himself inside her as far as he can and stays there for a moment, I see a heavy throb in her belly, it's his cock blasting an enormous wad into her. "UGH!" he screams loudly my mother responds; "I can feeeel your jizsh, It'sh sho thick." she says dumbly, I can hardly believe those words came from her pure innocent lips.

Colin pulls back, then repeats the motion, another throb. I count them Jesus, how much is there left? he is jizzeming inside her so much her bulging belly is swelling slightly as her womb fills with his cum. He begins to gingerly pull his cock out of my moms pussy before suddenly and violently thrusting back inside one more time.ten.

With that I came hard into my mother panties, the lotion feels so good, it's so thick and slimy it brings me to a euphoric gooey orgasm. I count my own feeble pulses, one.two.and that's it, I can't help but compare myself to him and I find myself inadequate in nearly every way.

He collapses on top oh her and my mother seems to regain her composure her dignity, however, is lost. Not to me though, I still respect her even if she doesn't respect herself. "Oh Colin.before I met you I had no idea what an orgasm could feel like." Colin is lifting himself off of her, huffing and puffing. " love it don't you." "Mmhmm, I love it, so much." They both stand up and look down at her pussy and wait for his cum to ooze out, but it doesn't, it's so thick it stays stuck up inside her like pancake batter.

They share a laugh together when they both realize that it's not coming out, my mother looks up at Colin warmly and puts her hands over her belly where his seed is settling then raises herself up on her tippy toes to lean in and kiss him lovingly on the lips. It's the type of kiss she used to give me, a kiss I'll never feel again. I don't care what she does with her lips anymore, I just want to feel them against mine again, I miss them.

Why did I have to say that to her? I should have told her everything then, none of this would be happening. That last moment she shared with him, it was too tender, too caring, it wasn't just an affair anymore, they were lovers now, this wasn't going to stop. My mother turns around to put her clothes back on, with her back turned Colin looks at the camera takes my pillow and wipes his dick off on it, it is coated in a thick layer of his cum and now my dick is as well, he and mom walk out of the room together hand in hand.

I look down at my cum covered cock, disgusted at what I had done and how much I enjoyed the orgasm his natural lube gave me. But with no more lotion left I wrap her panties back around my dick, look back up at the computer teary-eyed, hit repeat and start all over again trying to ignore what the slick slimey lube I'm using really is.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 3: Jessie is humiliated further. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been crying myself to sleep every night since this whole ordeal started, though I've been doing more crying than sleeping lately.

My eyes are puffy, sore and red and I'm staring at the ceiling in my bedroom. It's late maybe two or three in the morning? it's hard to tell, my vision is blurry from the tears. I hear a rustling noise in the bushes outside of the window I go and look to see what it is. There's somebody outside in our back yard throwing pebbles at the window above mine, my moms room. I'm about to open the window to yell at them when I see who it is, Colin. He's looking right at me, smiling. He puts his finger up to is lips as if to shush me, then drags it across his neck in a cut-throat like manner, it's a vague threat 'be quiet or else'.

He's distracted by movement in my moms room. "Jenny.Jenny." He hisses, trying to find a balance between a whisper and a yell. I've only ever heard people refer to my mom as Ms. Robins or Jennifer, never Jenny, only my dad used to call her that. My moms window slides open. "What are you doing here? go away, it's late." My mom responds trying to match his tone of loud whisper.

"I want to see you." "No, you can't somebody will hear you." "Like who?" "You know who, now get out of here before you wake him up." the window slides shut again.

Colin looks at me again, still smiling, I move away from the window and press myself up against the wall. My heart is beating so fast, I stand there for a moment and let myself calm down Thank god I think to myself Thank god she didn't invite him up at least she still has the respect for me not to have sex with him while she thinks I'm asleep in the room below.

I can hear shambling noises along the side of the house and my heartbeat and anxiety begin to rise again. At first I think Colin is angry that he can't have sex with my mom and so he's climbing up to my window to humiliate me somehow.

But the noises move past my window and keep climbing higher, my anxiety and heart rate climb with them. He's going to my moms room, he's going to climb though her window like a love-sick teenager from some sitcom. Although Colin probably is a love-sick teenager, or more likely lust-sick, this is nothing like a sitcom.

I hear her window slide open and the shambling noises outside turn into shambling noises inside as he climbs into her bedroom. My mothers angry muffled voice is leaking though the ventilation system and into my room. I can't make out the words but I can make out the inflection, she sounds annoyed.

Colin is trying to calm her down in his signature pandering tone and it seems to be working slightly, she is still annoyed but she's not as loud and she is letting him speak. He laughs, my mother sighs, He says something, she responds, not annoyed anymore, almost.sympathetic?

What are they talking about? he says something else and she laughs, It's slight but I can make it out, a small chuckle. She responds, they both laugh. This is probably why she is so enamored with him, he makes her feel young. He's young and handsome and well built and popular, he's throwing pebbles at her window and climbing through it at night, she probably feels like a teenager in high school again.

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I am a teenager in high school and I've never got to have an experience like this before but my mom gets to experience it twice? and Colin get's to have it with my mom? it's so unfair, my heart feels like it's being rung out like a sponge. Why couldn't I make her feel young? Couldn't I make her feel the way he does?

I look down at the four inch tent in my boxers and I'm reminded that, no, I can't. The voices above me stop I can hear the shuffling of footsteps but they soon quiet down as well, What is going on? I need to know, she wouldn't fuck him here, there's no way, not with me in bed right beneath her. I crawl under my bed to the vent in the floor that connects to my mothers room and press my ear up against it so I can hear clearly what's going on.

"Mmfph.Mmfph." sounds like the kind of muffled moans made when two mouths are pressed tightly together, that combined with the sound of clothes rustling and falling to the floor paints the kind of picture I don't want to imagine, but do anyways. I guess she would fuck him here, and she is going to. My heart would sink if it wasn't already about as deep in my stomach as it could go, if it went any deeper it would be in my ballsack. With the way my emotions and libido are mixed together right now though, it wouldn't surprise me if that's where it already lived.

I shake the thoughts from my head, what am I doing? no more, I hate this. I can't do anything about it but I'm not going to indulge in it anymore, it's sick and only makes me feel worse.

I crawl out from under my bed then crawl up on top of it and under the sheets, I'm going to sleep. No sooner than I close my eyes do I hear the sound of two bodies fall onto the bed above me. My eyes open up and I stare at the roof for a moment, it's silent, I shake my head again and close my eyes go to sleep. I hear them moving around a bit on the bed and I try and ignore it but it's in the back of my mind screaming at me He's going to fuck my mom, he's going to fuck my mom.

The voice is fueled by the periodic sounds of them moving around on the bed above me, they aren't having sex yet, but they will be soon. None of it is helped by my hardening dick painfully struggling to stand up against the weight of my heavy blanket.

I tuck it into my waistband but that doesn't help much, it's painfully throbbing with blood and very difficult to ignore. The shuffling above me starts to become less periodic and more rhythmic, and I begin to hear my mothers long muffled moans, the foreplay is over now, they are making love to each other in her bed. He's fucking my mom, he's fucking my mom the voice repeats louder and faster in my brain. Every time I start to tune out the sounds of my mom moaning and her bed groaning I'm startled back into clarity by her headboard smacking lightly against the wall.

Just like me they probably start tuning out the rest of the world and get lost in their lovemaking and fuck each other with a more and more steady tempo until the rocking of the bed gains momentum and smacks against the wall pulling all three of us out of our concentration.

Either that or Colin is doing it on purpose because he knows I'm listening, probably both. My hand starts drifting over towards my boxers as all this is happening, my dick is throbbing and hard. Like an itch you can't scratch, the more you try to ignore it the worse it gets. I fondle myself a little, just to satisfy the itch a bit and let my mind relax so I can go to sleep.

It's not enough, I start touching myself, just rubbing and grabbing it but not stroking. I try and stop but it's too difficult, every time I move my hand away it slowly works its way back like it has a mind of its own.

I'm stroking it now, through the fabric of my boxers just go away already I think to myself why wont you listen to me?. I try and block out their sounds but it 's not working, the part of my brain that's trying to block them out is fighting a losing battle against the part that is trying to focus on them.

I've now pulled my dick out through the fly and am stroking it with my fingers and thumb, not yet fully committed to masturbating. My mothers moans begin to rise up through my mind and into the forefront of my thoughts and everything else starts to fade away.

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Like one of those 3d paintings, the white noise falls into the background and the image reveals itself as clear as day. The image is of my mothers soft naked body being defiled by a ten inch long thick cock attached to a horrible asshole.

My eyes are wide open, I now have a firm and strong full fisted grip on myself and I'm staring directly at the spot above me that my mother is getting fucked at. Her breathy voice is so pronounced in my mind now it's almost as if she's whispering her moans for Colin directly into my ear, teasing me with them, I swear I can feel her breath on my neck.

I'm sweating heavily, there's no tears this time, only anger I hate him, I hate him, I hate him is now the monotone motto repeating in my brain as I stroke myself hard and angrily. It doesn't take long for me to orgasm, it's a weak and unsatisfying orgasm that stains my sheets but it does the job. I feel my eyelids growing heavy and I begin to get sleepy, a common side effect of masturbation.

There's a strange mixture of emotions in my head now, hatred of self and hatred of Colin all wrapped up into one confusing package. But something odd happens, the same sounds that drove me into a frustrated angry heat begin to soothe me. The rocking of the bed is a metronome ticking away hypnotically and my mothers muffled moans of passion become a softly sung lullaby that lulls me to sleep.

I dream of her, we're both naked floating in some bright celestial space, she's truly an angel here, my angel. "Mommy, I love you." "I know dear, mommy loves you too." she responds angelically. She floats towards me and reaches out her hand coming closer and closer to my tiny dick.

Light and heat radiate off her hand and surrounds my petite member as it stands erect, as if it was trying to reach out to her as well.

I can feel her warmth, she's so close, her hand is almost there. It's getting warmer, so warm, her fingers stretching out mere inches away and slowly growing closer, it trembles with anticipation. Just then I'm pulled from my sleep as the warmth begins to cool my eyes begin to open and I see a blurry figure standing over me.

"Mommy? Is that you?" "No it's not your mommy, loser." my eyes focus and I see Colin standing over me with his dick out, he's peeing on me. "Sweet dreams? You talk in your sleep you know." "I-I Wha-what is- what are yo-" "I gotta go, have fun explaining that to your mom, bed-wetter." and with that he shakes his dick off right in my face, splashing drops of urine in my eyes and lips and climbs out my open window.

I don't fully register what just happened, I'm still only really half awake but the cold wind from the open window and the quickly cooling soggy spot I'm sitting in wake me up pretty quickly. I look down at my groin where he pissed on me, I'm soaked, It must have been one of those long pisses you have to take after you have sex.

Not that I would know anything about that but I imagine they're similar to the ones you have to take after you jerk off. "God damnit." I mutter to myself, what am I going to do? It's not like I can tell mom that Colin pissed on me in my sleep after he was done fucking her.

I look at the clock, it's four-thirty in the morning, they must have been at it for an hour or so, I still have time. I can gather up my sheets and clothes and put them in the wash before mom gets up, I'll flip the mattress and make up an excuse later. Gathering up all the sheets and blankets I slowly open the door and tip toe down the hallway towards the laundry room. As I turn the corner to my horror I see my mother coming down the stairs right in front of me.

She is wearing only her bra and panties and her hair is wet with sweat, so is her skin, she smells of sex. I look down at her legs and notice her panties are wet, I think I can see some cum smearing out around the edges of them near her inner thighs. If he came inside of her again she was probably heading downstairs to clean herself up in the bathroom. I quickly shoot my gaze up towards her face before she notices me looking. "Oh! Jessie! you scared me." I can't think of anything to say, I just stand there stupidly and stare at her.

"What are you doing with your sheets?" "N-nothing." she pauses for a second. "What's that smell?" then her face lights up with realization and she looks at me in almost shock "Did.did you.pee your pants?" there's a slight tone of disgrace in her voice as she says it. "N-No!" It's all I can think to say, I can't even come up with an excuse.

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She looks down at my boxers and notices they are soaked in piss, then looks back up at me, her expression is filled with shame and disappointment. "Jessie you can't be wetting the bed anymore." I've never felt more embarrassed and humiliated in all my life, I'm completely mortified.

It's worse than the time Colin pulled my pants down in front of everybody in the hall and the girls started to laughing at me, worse than the time he picked me up by my underwear in front of Lisa McMillan and dropped me into the trashcan, even worse than the time he fucked my mom and showed the video to everybody.

She's looking at me like they do at school, this isn't supposed to happen here, this is my home, she's not supposed to see me like this. "I-I just.I had to much to drink! Before bed I mean! I had a bunch of water, that's all." she rests her head on her hand and sighs then she looks up suddenly, she must have noticed how she looked and realized the state she was in.

"I don't have time for this, I have to go to the bathroom, just put your stuff in the laundry room." she says brushing me off hurriedly. I continue on with my humiliating chore, I don't even know how to describe the feeling, shame, humiliation, disgrace, all of it and more. I can't bare the thought of having to look her in the face again and I can't bare the thought of not being able to bare looking at her beautiful face again.

After I'm done putting my clothes and sheets into the washing machine I go back to my bedroom flip the mattress and fall asleep almost immediately, I'm emotionally exhausted.I wake up late Sunday morning and head downstairs, mom is already up eating cereal for breakfast. "Hey mom." I say trying my hardest to act like nothing happened. "Morning honey." she responds obviously trying the same.

"Watcha' eating?" I ask, just trying to break the uncomfortable atmosphere. "Just some cheerios." I sit down at the table with her and reflect, it's not supposed to be like this, we used to be so close, now it seems like she's trying to avoid me. I have to do something, I want to get us back to where we used to be. "So, what are you doing today?" "Nothing- Err, I, uh, I might need to go to work today, I'm not sure." She never has to work on Sundays, she's just leaving herself some wiggle room in case Colin wants to see her today.

"Do you want to watch a movie with me later?" she looks up at me kind of surprised. "Um, I'm not sure, why?" "I don't know, we just, we haven't been able to spend that much time together recently, I sort of miss you." A smile lights up across her face, I miss seeing it so much.

"Aww, that's so sweet honey, I've missed you too. I'd love to watch a movie with you later and maybe we can spend some quality time together afterwards?

you seem sort of distant lately." "Thank's mom, I'd like that." The bad mood from last night seems to lift from me completely, this is the mother I remember, this is how we used to be together, I'm so happy right now. "Oh, um, that is if work doesn't call, you know how busy we've been lately." and my bad mood slams back down onto my shoulders.

She just put spending time with me in second place to getting fucked by Colin, I hate him. I finish my breakfast silently and head back into my room trying to think positively Maybe he won't call tonight, I hope he doesn't call tonight, please don't call tonight.

In my room I sit down at my computer and begin doing homework for school tomorrow, the folder on my computer titled "your mom" sits there mocking me every time I look at it. I should just delete it, my mouse moves slowly over the icon and hovers above it for a moment. Why is it so hard? just delete it, you don't want it anymore. I right click and move the pointer over 'Delete' but I hesitate.

I slide the mouse down one more to 'Rename'; "My mom" it now reads, I'm ashamed of myself. Later that evening I'm downstairs watching television on the couch, my mom hops down on the couch beside me. "Hey sweetie, watcha' watchin'?" "Oh, nothing really." "Wanna watch that movie now?" "Yeah, sure!" "Okay great, you pick the movie, I'll go make some popcorn." I can't help but stare at her butt as she walks away into the kitchen, it's so perfect I want to put my face between her cheeks and fall asleep in it.

I turn back at the television and head to the pay-per-view channels, I'm trying to find something that she would like. She loves romantic comedies so I figure I'll find one and we can watch that together but there's only one available it looks like.

I read the description, It's about on older woman who falls for a much younger guy. I don't really like the sound of that, it hits a little too close to home. It might be a little uncomfortable watching that with mom but it's the only romantic comedy available so I go for it anyways, how bad can it be?

Mom comes back from the kitchen and puts the bowl of popcorn between us then she sits down on the other end of the couch, she curls up next to the armrest brings her knees up to her chest and puts her feet on the couch.

I see she is wearing the anklet I made for her, it makes me smile, she's not wearing any socks. Her feet are so small, her tiny toes are curled up cozily and the soles of her feet looks as soft as the skin on her cheeks. I bet they would feel so good, so delicate and gentle, I wonder what those tiny toes would feel like curled up around my- "So, what are we watching?" she interrupts my thought.

"Oh, it's a romantic comedy." "Oh great, I love those." "I know." I respond and we share a smile. The movie starts off slow and me and mom are both visibly bored, this isn't going as good as I thought it would but still, it's nice to be next to her sharing some time together. The male lead is introduced, he's roughly 6 feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes well built and handsome, as a matter of fact he.he looks just like Colin.

I look over at my mother slumped over and bored resting her head on her hand. Her eyes widen and she starts to sit up straight, I think she notices the resemblance as well.

She's obviously no longer bored, as a matter of fact, she's leaning in and watching the movie intently now. I find myself watching her more than the movie, I see her getting sucked into it. She sighs longingly during scene where he takes his shirt off at the gym, giggles girlishly at the scene where he playfully smears some cake on the lead actresses nose, furrows her brow sympathetically as he makes a love lorn speech.

She is completely enthralled with the film even though its absolute cliched tripe. I know my mother she may love cheesy romantic comedies but she's a lot smarter than this. The movie begins to come to an end, but not before the traditional and always uncomfortable sex scene. The room is lit with warm glow of candlelight they both slowly start to undress in front of each other and kiss passionately.

They fall onto silken sheets, his sweaty back arches as she runs her fingers down it and her legs wrap around his butt as he thrusts slowly in the vague direction of her groin.

I look over at my mother and she is visibly flushed and squirming a bit in her seat, this must be what I look like when I'm trying to hide a boner from her. Her hand is resting on her thigh dangerously close to her pussy and I see a single small bead of sweat run down the satin flesh of neck and come to rest at her collar bone, I want to lick it up. Her jugular vein is pumping blood vigorously, I can imagine where to.

"Can I get some of that blanket over there honey? it's a little chilly in here." she says, that's strange thing to say while you're sweating I think to myself but hand her the blanket anyways. She lays it over her lap and I see her hand move down between her legs and stay there, I know what she is thinking of.

She is imagining the blue eyed lead in the film as Colin and herself as the older woman that is being passionately taken by him and she is touching herself to that fantasy while she sits right next to me. Almost as soon as the love scene ends her cellphone starts ringing, she wriggles it out of her pocket and I crane my neck to see the name.

Her face lights up brightly when she see's it, mine does not, It's 'Bigboi' why does he have to ruin everything? "SorrysweetieIhavetoanswerthisit'swork." she says rushing the words out of her mouth, she throws the blanket off of her and runs upstairs to her bedroom like a schoolgirl. I wait until I hear her door slam shut upstairs and then I run to my own room and crawl under the bed towards the vent in the floor. I take the grate off so I can hear better and press my ear as tightly against it as I can.

Sound travels though the aluminum vent like a megaphone, I can hear my mothers voice, it's a little echoey but I can make out everything she is saying. "Yeah. yeah .Well that's too bad, I really wanted to see you tonight." She giggles "Yeah, me too." I can't decide if I'm happy or disappointed that I can only hear one side of this conversation. "No, you can't Jessie is home tonight.I know he was but that was different, he was asleep.No Colin, that was a one time thing.I don't know, he's always home on the weekends." I'm always home on the weekends because I don't have any friends and I don't have any friends because Colin is always humiliating me in front of everybody.

"He wet the bed the other night.I know that's what I said!" She's gossiping about me to him over the phone, she's acting just like the girls in school do. Colin has probably had a conversation just like this with some of the girls at school and probably about me as well.

I hear her laugh. "Come on Colin don't say that, that's mean." Did he just make fun of me? did she just laugh at the joke? My heart aches, not you too mom, please, you're the only girl I know that respects me and doesn't laugh at my expense, please don't start now. I begin to wonder if this what she was like in school or is Colin turning her into this? My mom and dad got married pretty young and he's always been a mean jerk. I know that they met in high school, dad was probably just like Colin, maybe he is just her type?

No, I don't want to believe it she's not supposed to be like this, my mother is sweet and caring and kind. She's not catty and mean and superficial like them. "I probably shouldn't be telling you this stuff but I don't have anyone else to talk to and you're his friend, maybe you can help?" You can talk to me! Why won't you talk to me? He can't help, he only ever makes things worse, why don't you see it!? "Some times I worry about him, he's so small for his age, I wonder if he's just a late bloomer?.No!

That's not what I meant, I meant his size, not his.size, besides how would you know how big he is down there?" Oh god, they are not having this conversation about me. "Oh no, really? They laughed at him?.Well that explains why he's flunking gym." He's telling her about the time everybody made fun of me in the shower after gym class, I don't go anymore.

"He's really that small?.I don't know where he gets it from, his father wasn't nearly that small." She giggles "Oh, don't you worry, his father doesn't even compare to you.mmhmm.Yes you are.You're the biggest I've ever had." I don't want to listen to any more of this it's too humiliating and disillusioning, I try and crawl out from under my bed but I'm stuck.

"You like that? You like knowing that you're the biggest?.Yeah, big boy.No other man I've ever met compares to you." I suppose that includes me as well, I don't want to hear this but I can't move either. My dick is getting hard but with the way I'm pinned under the bed I can't reach it with either of my hands. "Are you touching yourself right now?.Me too.I'm wearing my pink panties.You know the ones.Yeah those ones.I'm not wearing a bra. I could be not wearing anything at all, If you wanted.Oh yeah, what else do you want?.I want that too, I want you to bend me over your knee." Oh jesus mom, what are you doing to me?

My dick is so hard and horny I'm humping at the air. "Yeah spank me raw.oh god, I'm your bad girl.I'm only bad with you baby, punish me." I'm frantically humping at the air now, it's doing nothing for me but I can't help it, it's like some kind of animalistic instinct.

".You want to know what I would do if you were here right now?.I would crawl across the floor towards you, undo your fly with my teeth and unbutton your pants with my tongue.You know how limber my tongue can be Colin.I'd pull your pants down and bury my face into your boxers and pull your dick out with my mouth.Uuuh.I'd suck on your bag until you got hard.

Then I would suckle on the tip like a baby nursing on a bottle.Mmm yeah, I love the way your milk tastes." I can't believe what I'm hearing from her, I had no idea she had these kinds of thoughts and fantasies in her head.

".Mhm.okay, I'll tell you what I love about it.I love how big it is, I love how thick it is and I love how hard it is.It's so masculine and powerful, I want to submit to it. I think could cum just by sucking it, sometimes I think I could cum just by looking at it." I'm writhing around on the floor with lust right now, My dick is begging to be touched, pleased, satisfied somehow. I manage to twist myself onto my belly somewhat so my dick is pressing against the ground and start humping the soft shag carpet on the floor.

It's a truly pathetic scene but I need to satisfy myself so badly right now I'd do anything. "I want to sit on it, I want to impale myself on you." "Yeah mommy, sit on it." I start to interject myself into her fantasy.

".Ooh, yeah.mmmm.I'm going to take a seat right on your big dick until you're so deep inside my pussy you can feel my heartbeat.mhm.Then I'm going to rock back and forth on it." "Oh yes mom that's so hot." I close my eyes and fantasize as I my hips pathetically hump away at the floor. "Then I'm going to bob my tushy up and down on it until I can feel you burst inside of my pussy." 'Ooooh mooom your pussy feels soo good, do you like my big dick?' "Mmm yeah.You like that baby?" 'Yes!

I love it mom!' "Now tell me what you're going to do." 'I'm going to fuck you so good with my big dick mom, I love you so much.' ".Uuuh yes, more." I'm grunting softly into the vent as I grind at the carpet, although it's more like a whine than anything, my voice cracks periodically as I grunt away into the floor. "Ugh! uh.uh.I'm almost there." 'Oh yes mom! me too!' "Oh!.


I'm going to cum." 'Cum for me mom, cum on my big dick.' "Oh god.yes!.I'm about to cum!" she's getting louder. 'So am I mom! Oh mmooommy!' "Oh Colin!" she moans his name loudly as she cums.

It resonates through the vent and rings through my head completely destroying my fantasy as I spurt a few weak loads into the carpet and start whimpering pitifully. As I'm cumming into my carpet tears roll down my cheeks and drip into the vent with the tempo of a leaky faucet. "That was great Colin, not as good as the real thing of course but still fantastic.Alright, I'll talk to you later.bye." and she hangs up the phone and goes to bed.

My hips are still slowly humping the floor and my eyes are still slowly dripping tears. I continue on this way for about a minute or so before I regain control over myself and my emotions and struggle to get out from under the bed. It's late and I have school in the morning, I should really go to sleep but I don't.

I sit down at the computer and spend the entire night beating off to videos of Colin fucking my mom. The next day at school is like a blur, I'm so tired from staying up all night watching those videos that I have trouble staying awake during classes, it's almost a blessing in disguise though as in my zombie-like state I also barely register the usual taunting and name calling that goes on constantly through-out the day now.

I raise my hand during history class and ask the teacher if I can go to the bathroom, as I get up to leave I hear Colin speak up from the back of the classroom. "Oh! I have to go to the bathroom as well sir, may I go too?" "Fine, fine just hurry up." As I'm walking down the hall I hear Colins footsteps behind me hurrying to catch up to me. "Hey buddy" he says condescendingly as he pats me hard on the back "Man your mom is a freak dude, you wouldn't believe the things she wants me to do to her." actually I would, I heard some of them last night, but I don't say anything.

"What's wrong buddy? Why the long face?" he has a smirk on his face as he says it. I speed up to try and get away from him and turn into the bathroom, I hear his footsteps enter the bathroom behind me so I immediately lock myself into one of the stalls before he can corner me or anything. "Aw come one little guy." He says knowingly "Don't be like that." "Why don't you just leave me alone already, haven't you done enough? Please, just go away." There was a time when I could grin and bear his teasing or tell him to shut up or go away but after what he has done to me, I'm no longer above begging him to stop.

"Did you hear about the party I'm going to be throwing at my house on Saturday? Everybody is invited. Oh- I mean, except you of course, you understand right? It would be uncomfortable, what with your mom being there and all." That last comment startles me a bit, what does he mean my mom's going to be there? "My mom wouldn't go to a high school house part Colin, especially not one I wasn't even invited to." "Well, why would you be invited?

After you punched me in the face and said all those nasty things about my mother? She'll understand. My parents are out of town and it wouldn't be right of me to throw a party at their house without adult supervision, she'll be the chaperone." "I've known my mom for a lot longer than you have Colin, she's not going to do this and even if she does go to your party what do you think is going to happen?

She's not going to do anything with you in a house full of kids I go to school with." "She would if it was a house full of kids from my old school that have never met you, never will and don't know who you are. I'm just having a little reunion with some old friends, or at least, that's what I'm going to tell her and that's what your going to tell her too if she asks or else you know what will happen." I'm fuming red, I wouldn't have believed this rouse would work a week ago but after everything that's happened, he just always seems to win.

"That's a stupid idea!" I shout, my voice strained with worry and doubt "She's not going to fall for it! Don't even waste your time trying!" it's a desperate and obvious ploy. "Don't be mistaken girl-name, your mom might think she's coming to chaperone a 'get-together' but I'm going to make sure she parties, gets drunk and gets fucked, and I'm going to be the one doin' the fuckin' " I hear him stomp out of the bathroom and the door slam shut behind him, I slink down on the toilet and try and think what to do.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 4: The cruel and humiliating conclusion.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the week progresses, so does my mothers relationship with Colin, work calls become more frequent as well as late nights. I start receiving more E-mails from Colin with pictures and videos take from his cellphone. Pictures of her mouth wet with cum and spit, video's of him jizzing in her open waiting mouth or inside her sopping spasming pussy.

She knows she's being videotaped in them, she probably thinks they are just for him. Some of the photos aren't even from his phone, they are from my moms.

She is sending him nudes of herself taken in the bathroom after showering. Steamy photos of her sticking her butt out towards the mirror and sucking on her fingers. I have been spending every free hour of every day locked up in my room masturbating, sobbing and sleeping, in that order.

Saturday arrives all too soon, late in the evening I see my mom coming down the stairs. She's wearing a casual evening gown, it's made of a thin cloth that sticks to her curvacious body with a light static hold and drapes over her breasts and hips so lightly you can see every bump and crevice and curve as if she was wearing nothing at all.

She is wearing glossy lipstick and more make-up than her flawless creamy skin needs. She's putting earrings in her ears as she comes down the stairs, the kind I only see her wear on special occasions. "Alright, honey I'm getting ready to leave." She says as she walks over to the counter to grab her purse. "Why are you dressed like that?" "I told you, I'm going to be chaperoning that get-together Colin is going to be having at his house." "But you don't need to be dressed like that." I say.

"What, doesn't it look good?" she responds with a bit of insecurity in her voice as she looks down at herself. "It looks too good is what I mean, mom." she seems relieved and tries to calm my worries. "What do you mean? It's fine Jessie. It's a formal party after all I'm not going to show up in jeans and a sweater, it would be rude." "But you're just the chaperone.

Why do you have to go anyways, Couldn't somebody else do it?" "It doesn't matter if I'm just the chaperone it would still be rude.

And no, I agreed to it and it's too late to change the plans now. Why are you so worked up about this anyways honey?" "Don't you realize how embarrassing it is that my mom is going to a party that I wasn't invited to?" I'm trying to guilt her into not going but she doesn't seem to be responding to it.

"First of all, it's not a party, it's a get-together and second of all it's only for old friends of Colins from his old school. Nobody you know is even going to be there Jessie." Which is a lie, although my mother doesn't know it. Everybody from my school is going to be there and they all know my mom is going to be there too. "I know but stil-" "Listen, I have to go Jessie I'm already late, I'll see you later tonight okay honey?

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Bye." and she rushes out the door to her car and drives away. I'm walking back and forth frantically in my bedroom. Once she shows up and realizes that it's a house party she'll go straight home I'm sure of it, but as the hours tick away it becomes clear that she decided to stay. Still, she's not going to get drunk at some high schoolers house party and she definitively won't have sex at one. I'm biting my nails with worry and pacing around my room with a feverish nervous energy.

I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't even sit down I'm so anxious. As it gets later and later my anxiety rises higher and higher, it's past midnight, what is she doing? She would yell at me if I came home past 9:00. Finally I hear the front door unlock, and I race down the hallways to meet her. I see her stumble inside, her hair is a mess. It's tangled and wild and her dress is dishevelled and her eyeliner is dripping a little.

"Where have you been!?" I ask accusingly. "Huh? What? Oh! Hi honey, what are you still doing up?" she slurs drunkenly, she's far more inebriated than I have ever seen her.

"What are you still doing up? You were supposed to be home hours ago, what happened?" "I was at the party honey, don't you remember?" "I thought it was a get-together?" I quip. "Same thing." she says as as she brushes me off.

"Get-togethers don't go until one in the morning mom! You're drunk!" "I'm not drunk shweetie." "Don't you know how humiliating it is when everybody at school hears how my mom got drunk at a house party I wasn't even invited to?" "I'm not drunk!" she slurs "And it wasn't a 'house-party' nobody from your school was even there.

Anyways, maybe you would get invited to more parties if you weren't fighting with every kid at school Jessie!" she is becoming defensive and angry.

"I'm not getting into fights with anybody! And Colin was there!" "Of course he was, It was his party besides why would he invite you after you told him you had sex with his mother? Ooh-ho-ho boy, if only you knew." That was clearly a slip on her part and even in her drunken state she recognized it. "What does that mean?" I ask sheepishly. "Nothing, I'm not going to stand here and argue with you Jessie it's one in the morning.

I'm going to bed and so are you! To your room mister! Right now!" I head into my room but I'm too filled with emotions to even think about going to bed. I look at my desk and see my cellphone has a new text-message, I never get text messages or phone calls unless it's telemarketers. When I open it up I see that it's from Colin, probably going to gloat about tonight, I contemplate not reading it but curiosity gets the better of me, "check ur email" it says, so I do. It's another video attachment, she wouldn't have, would she?

Not at his party, please don't be what I think it is. My suspicions are confirmed when I see the name of the video "drunk and fucked" When I open up the video the location is some musty bedroom, I assume it's Colins. Colin is adjusting the camera and I can see my mother standing behind him over his shoulder. "I want to make something to remember this night with." Colin says. "You're sure nobody knows what we're doing up here." my mother asks.

"Don't worry babe, nobody even notices that we're gone." I can hear loud music playing and the sound of voices yelling and laughing muffled in the background. "And they won't be able to hear us?" she asks further.

"They can't even hear themselves talk over the noise of that music, babe." my teeth grit every time I hear him call her that. Colin finished adjusting the camera, turns around and slowly starts walking towards my mother. She is holding her hands over her chest and her fingers start tightening around her purse string in excitement as he draws closer to her.

Her face is red, I can't tell if it's flushed from the alcohol or blushing from Colins advance, likely a combination of both. "I haven't been able to do anything like this since Jessie was born, I used to be quite the wild girl you know." My mother says coyly.

"You still are" He replies. He puts his large strong hands over her tiny delicate fists and moves them down to her side, taking her purse and throwing to the side as he does. He then puts his hands on her shoulder and begins sliding her dress off. It's a small gesture but that's all it takes for her light dress to float to the ground like a feather, leaving her stunning body completely exposed.

She has no bra, no underwear, she wore nothing at all underneath it, just for him. It make's me wonder if she planned on having sex with him from the beginning. Colin, with his hands still on her shoulders, leans in and starts kissing her deeply, I can see their tongues bulging and writhing in her cheeks as her little fists begin to loosen and her fingers fall limp.

"You want it?" he asks her. "No, I need it." she replies. "Then show me." and my mother backs away. She runs her fingers up and down her frame, grazing her nipples as they grow hard and stiff. Then begins sucking on her middle finger as she moves her hips around slowly like a belly dancers. Her other hand reaches down to her plump and succulent mound of venus, waxed and finished to a smooth luster.

Her fingers start shlicking in and out of her pussy moistly. Colins flaccid penis is larger than my erect one, much thicker too, It begins to grow and swell as he watches my mother dance and finger herself for him.

Moms eyes are focused on it too, on her face a smile grows with the same slow pace that his cock does. It begins to lift and straighten and clear precum drools off of the tip. My mothers dance becomes more lewd, her hips are moving faster and her thighs are spread apart, two fingers now slide in and out of her pussy and it starts drooling onto Colins hardwood floor. His cock is standing straight out now like a flag pole but it's not done growing yet.

Veins bulge and pump like pistons as the shaft thickens and the head expands purple with blood until it is roughly the same size as my mothers tight little fist. My mother bites down on her finger as she see's Colin grow to his full and mighty size. Strands of her natural lube hang from her pussy like drool from a salivating bulldog. I pull my pants down and begin stroking myself. He looks back at the camera "I want you to say something in the video for me, you know, for encouragement when I watch this later." My mom smiles and walks sexily over to the camera and bend down in front of it.

She is staring right into it, and I am staring right back, it's as if we are looking directly into each others eyes. "Mmm I wish I was there big boy, have fun." she coos and then gives the camera a wink and a kiss. I will mom. I think to myself. It's almost enough to make me cum right there, I have to take my hand off my prick for a second to stop myself. The intimate moment is interrupted by a loud smack on my mothers ass she yelps sharply "Ouch!

Colin!" she laughs. "Yeah, good job babe now go get into position, I'm ready." My mother walks over to his bed and bends over completely naked, her legs straight and her knees locked she puts her hands on the bed and arches her back.


"Come on big boy, give it to me, I want you so bad." my mother starts moving her ass in a slow circular motion, Inviting him inside of her. "Well, since you asked so nicely." Colin grabs his meaty cock and sticks the head into her pussy, he then puts his hands behind his head like he was relaxing and sighs contentedly.

My mother knows exactly what to do, she begins to push back into him slowly filling herself up with his cock. "Uuuuuuuuuuh." she lets out a long moan as she sheaths his huge erection inside her tiny pussy. Her butt touches his defined abs and then compresses as she pushes as hard as she can into his groin so she can fit as much of him inside her as possible, he pushes back to help her achieve her goal.

She moves forward, unsheathing his powerful intimidating weapon, it drips with pussy juice. This slow, wet motion repeats, they are both releasing long soft moans as she pleases his cock with her pussy and her pussy with his cock.


She begins to slide him inside of her again but this time when she reaches about half way down his cock, which is more inches than I even have to put inside of her, Colin thrusts suddenly and violently upwards into her pussy, "OH!" my mother lets out a surprised shriek when he does. He holds it there lifting her ass up into the air by his strong cock, she is standing on her tippy toes writhing around and begins gyrating her hips and ass on his cock.


First in circular motions churning up her womb with his oversized staff. Then she drops down onto her heels then back up onto her toes as her pussy humps up and down on his pole. The room is filled with the moaning and groaning of both of them as they indulge in each others overflowing sexuality. She pulls back out of him again and then slides back in, Colin thrusts violently upwards again, then again, and again.

Each thrust accompanied by a lustful scream from mom. "Enough foreplay." Colin says sternly and he grabs my mother by her ass and starts thrusting into her with long hard strides, pulling himself almost completely out of her and then completely back inside of her in one smooth rhythmic motion.

"Oooh yeah, dig in Colin, it's all yours." like her body is a Buffet and she is giving Colin the all you can eat plate for free. "Yeah you like that bitch? Fuck yeah! Take it! Take it!" "Yeah I like it like that!

Give it to me! Uuuuh!" The back and forth banter is so filthy and lewd they could win some kind of award. As the minutes tick away Colins thrusts become harder and faster, moms tits are swaying in the air and her nipples are so hard and erect they could almost rival my pathetic erection. My mothers body is sticky with sweat and beads form above her ass and fall down her crack, they drip off her nose and nipples, down her legs and thighs and form into a pool on the floor by her feet.

A pool of sweat and cum and whatever other juices are dripping off their steaming bodies. Colin move his hand up to her hips and grips her firmly, he lifts himself up onto his toes and then lifts my mother up off the ground by her hips. He starts fucking her in the air very hard, her feet and legs are dangling and twitching in the air and her toes are wriggling around and curling up tightly. A seemingly endless ululating moan is spilling out of her mouth.

".uuuhUooUH!oououUUUhoohOO!uuOoOoUuhh." Her head falls limp and starts swaying and bobbing around with the motion of the rest of her body, her elbows bend as she looses the strength and concentration to hold herself up by arms. As I watch my mother lose herself in orgasm and lust I cum into my fist. My watery jizz pools in my hand, above my cock but I stay hard as a rock, or a pebble is probably more accurate.

I stroke down coating my dick in my own jizz and then backup again using my cum as lube for round two. Colin puts her back down onto her feet, satisfied with showing off his dominant sexual prowess and returns to their previous pace. My mother begins dancing on her tippy toes, the same kind of dance you do when you need to go to the bathroom really badly.

She starts grunting words out of her mouth "I'm guunna- I'm gunn- I'm guu-UUUUH" My mother gushes a torrent of cum out around Colins cock, it's a hard stream like plugging the end of a hose with your thumb. However in this case the hose is my mothers pussy and the thumb is Colins massive cock. It flows down both of their legs and splashes on the floor below them. The surges of my mothers squirting ebs and flows as waves of pleasure run up and down her spine Muscles in her thighs and butt twitch causing the flesh to bounce and jiggle "UUGH!" Colin returns my mothers mating call with one of his own as he bottoms out and blasts off inside of her.

The clear liquid flooding out of her swollen pussy starts to run milky white as it washes out some of the spunk Colin is pouring into her uterus. Tears run down her cheeks smearing her mascara, her eyelids start fluttering and her tongue lolls out of her mouth licking at her lips like a dog in heat.

Colins abs, back, and butt contract every time he ejaculates inside of her swampy pussy. It's a seemingly never ending orgasm the liquid guzzling out of her gorgeous seizing pussy starts to get thicker until it's consistency turns mucousy and splatters on the floor beneath them.

Mom's breasts start heaving heavily and she is panting so deeply it sounds more like she is gasping for breath. Her arms drop and fold in under her breasts and her feet slip on the slime and juice and sweat that has pooled around them. As she falls onto the bed her pussy slides off of Colins rod and it springs up and down spurting the last few ropes of jizz he has left in his balls wildly over her back and hair. I cum with him, it hits my stomach and dribbles down, filling my belly button.

She lets out a zombie like moan and her eyes close shut. Her tongue is still lolled out of her mouth resting on her puffy lips as she drools over her own chin and Colins bedsheets. Colin huffs and puffs for a minute before looking down at the wreckage he is responsible for. My mothers mind reduced to ruin as it recovers from the orgasm that just shattered it's foundation into rubble and her body lay bent and broken on his bed.

"You awake babe?" he asks to no reply, he slaps my mother sharply on her pussy causing it to shake with pleasure and juices to flow out of it. "Babe, you still with me?" he asks again to make sure she is not still conscious. She does not reply, she does let out a gravely purr but it's clearly just a reaction to the spanking Colin gave her pussy.

"Good." he says before looking towards the camera "I told you she was going to get drunk, I told you she was going to get fucked, and I told you it was going to be by me, faggot." Precum or postcum as it were, slobbers out of my dick as Colin insults me and a tear forms in my eye.

He stands proudly over the debris of cream and cum and drool and sweat and my mother's crumpled figure. His manly cock still stands heroically erect over everything, masculine and confident, almost daring even. Colin then puts on a pair of pants turns around and opens his bedroom door. As he does raucous cheering and jeering erupts form the hallway outside and light falls onto my mothers nude body bent over the bed exposing her in the most revealing position possible.

The light reflects off of a thin stream of juice still flowing across her shivering mound and down her legs. Her pussy is bright red, sore and swollen and sticky with cum that is still gurgling out of her gaped hole and glooping down her sweaty thighs. "That's how you do it!" Colin exclaims followed by the loud slap of a high five "Holy shit look at her!" a voice cries out. "You can see her pussy!" another calls.

"Oh. My. God. You really fucked that losers mom? You're awesome Colin." a female voice says before the door shuts. I peel my finger off of my sticky baby sized dick and grab for a tissue to clean myself up with.

The box is empty so I have to clean myself off with a used one. I go to wipe away the tear that formed but I still have some cum on the back of my finger and end up rubbing it into my eye, stinging it and causing a single tear to turn into many. Late the next morning I wake up to see my hung over mother sitting on my bed looking at me "Hey honey." she says softly.

I don't respond, I'm still hurt and angry from last night. "I'm sorry about the other night Jessie, I feel bad, you're not mad at me are you?" "No, I'm not mad mom." I respond, I still can't hate her, even after everything that's happened I still can't even stay mad at her. "Were you drunk last night mom?" she looks embarrassed.

"I mean, I had a couple drinks but I wasn't drunk." "What did you mean when you said 'If only you knew'?" She turns red almost immediately after I ask the question, she looks guilty and ashamed, It's the only time I've ever seen this look on her face.

"Oh, uh, I, just meant that, um, I've seen Colins mom! She's not the prettiest pear in the bunch." and then laughs nervously. "Oh.okay." I know the truth, I don't know why I ask the questions when I know she's just going to lie to me and it's going to make me hurt even more. "Alright honey, well I'm glad we cleared that up. Now get yer' butt outta bed, it's pretty late." " "Yes sweetie?" "Do you think.could I have a good morning kiss?" She cocks her head to the side and furrows her brow slightly.

"I thought you didn't want me to kiss you anymore." "I know but I changed my mind, I miss it." "I don't know Jessie.I don't think so." "Come on, mom." I whine She looks confused, I just want to feel her lips against mine again.

"No honey, I think you were right, you're getting too old for kisses from your mom." "Please mom." I'm practically begging her at this point. She responds harshly. "No, Jessie! I'm not going to kiss you." her response is somewhat humiliating, she hops up off the bed and walks out of the room in a bit of a huff.

Later in the evening I'm watching T.V. And I hear the doorbell ring "Oh! That will be Colin" mom says. Hearing his name from her mouth jolts me like a tazer "What!? What is he doing here!?" I exclaim. "I invited him, Colin told me at the get-together that he wants to be your friend again. He's a good kid Jessie and he's good influence on you so I invited him over this afternoon so you guys could make up and have some fun together." "But mom!

I don't want to be friends with him!" "Well that's too bad Jessie, he's waiting outside so you're going to answer and your going to apologize to him for your behaviour last week." and with that she grabs me by my collar and drags me over to the door. I stand there in front of the door looking at the ground "Well, go on." she prods so I open it and see his hateful smiling face staring back at me.

"Hey Jess! It's good to see you, sorry I couldn't invite you to that party the other night but it was for old friends only, you understand right?" "." My mother prods at me again.

"Yeah, it's okay, don't worry about it." I say reluctantly. We all stand there awkwardly for a moment. "Don't you have something to say to Colin Jessie?" my mother reminds me. "Sorry Colin." "For what?" She chides. "For hitting you at school last week." "And?" "And for." The words sting like bile as they eek out of my mouth ".saying I had sex with your mom." Colin is brimming with happiness at this moment. "Don't worry about it, water under the bridge, can I come in?" "Oh sure!

Come on in" My mother responds gleefully. "Alright you two, I'm going to be in my room taking a nap, you two can watch T.V. Or play games or.whatever! Just have fun!" she says excitedly and she leaves us alone. Colin jabs me in the ribs with his elbow "Your mom really wants us to be friends eh, I wonder why?" I slump down onto the couch and start watching T.V. "Oh no, I want to go see your room, don't be rude Jess!

I am the guest after all." every word he says bites with the venom of a scorpion. I reluctantly lead him to my room and sit down on my bed. "So this is where you spend all your lonely nights fantasizing about my bitch eh? Oh sorry, I mean, your mom." "No.

She's not your bitch anyways." Colin ignores me and sits down at my computer desk and starts rolling a joint. "What are you doing, you can't do that in here." I gripe, Colin puts the joint in his mouth. "Oh yeah?" he says with it hanging out the side of his mouth. He lights it takes a long pull and then blows the smoke right into my face.

I cough and wave the smoke away before rushing to the open the window. "We're going to get in trouble." "I'm not." Colin responds. "I shared one of these with your mom last night, I guess my cock isn't the only thing she likes smoking." he grins at me when he says it then turns around and starts my computer.

Mom smoked weed with him at that party? She always told me to stay away from drugs. I watch him go to my desktop open up the folder, he comments on the name "My mom'? Dude, you're pathetic." and then he deletes all but one video.

"Hey! What are you doing!" I stand up and move over to the computer. "Oh, you wanted to keep those?" I realize what I've just said and slink back to my bed. I do want to keep those but it's too humiliating to admit to him, and to myself. "Don't worry." he says puffing on the joint "I'm adding to your little collection you creep." and he pulls out a USB drive and sticks it into my computer. "What is that?" "Just some videos I took of your mom, girl-name, now shut up. I don't actually want to be your friend." I resign myself to my bed and stare at my hands, I think I'm getting a contact high, I've never smoked weed before.

I thought I did once but it turns out it was just catnip, some jerks just wanted to see if they could get me to smoke it. Colin finishes messing around with my computer and then turns to me and says "Alright now listen, I'm going to go upstairs and tell your mom you passed out after smoking to much weed." "But!-" "Shut up, she wont care if I tell her it's mine.

You're going to sit down here and be fucking quiet until I come back. If you hear anything coming from your moms room, ignore it, we're just wrestling. Understood?" "." "Understood!?" ".Yes." "Good, later loser." Colin gets up and leaves. I hear him go into the kitchen and rustle around in the pantry, he walks past my open door and I see he has a bottle of olive oil in his hands.

"Look! extra virgin, just like you!" he teases and continues on up the stairs.

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I think about staying in my room but I need to know what he is planing on doing so I follow him up quietly. I hear my mothers bedroom door creak open. "Colin what are you doing?" I hear my mothers voice say. "Don't worry about it." he responds as he sneaks into her room. The door is still open a crack I slide across the floor and pin myself up against the wall outside her room to hear what's going on. "Colin what's going on, where's Jessie?" "He's down is his room asleep, he smoked a little too much weed and passed out on his bed." "He what!?" "I know, I know but listen, he's a teenager, he's experimenting like every other teenager in America.

Wouldn't you rather him do that for the first time in his own house with somebody you trust than on the street with a bunch of drug dealers?

Besides, you're being a bit of a hypocrite, you indulged in a little wacky tobaccy at my house the other night." I hear my mother let out a heavy sigh. "I.I guess you're right, I'm still not happy about this.

And don't tell him about me 'indulging' okay? He's mad enough at me for showing up so late last night and I think he knows I was drunk." "You'll have to be more clear about that Ms.

Robins, you indulged in quite a few things last night. Why don't you indulge some more right now?" "No! We can't, Jessie is asleep right downstairs." "That didn't stop us before." "Well it's stopping us now, why don't you go down there and wake him up and go outside or something?" "I tried, he's out like a light, it's like he got hit with a horse tranquilizer or something.

Nothing is going to wake him Jenny.nothing." " know we can't." "Don't you want to?" "It's not that I don't want to, I do, It's just that I can't." "Alright, alright but I can't go downstairs and hang out with Jess, he's totally passed out. Can't we hang out together up here? Until he wakes up I mean." My mother lets out another long sigh, "I guess so. But no funny business Colin, I know how you are." "I know you do." Colin responds playfully.

"Hey, want to smoke a little with me?" "I really shouldn't." "What's the worst that could happen? Jessie wakes up and you go back to sleep? It'll be fun." ".Alright just a little." "Just a little." he agrees. I hear the flicking of a lighter soon after followed by a coughing fit by my mother. "Wow, that stuff is strong." It sure is I think to myself, I'm feeling dizzy and funny. I can hear the sound of somebody rummaging through a drawer or desk.

"What's this?" Colins voice says coyly and then I hear some sort of buzzing noise. "Oh! Put that away!" my mother giggles. "What's this thing for, huh?" "It's for when you're not here." ".I'm here now." there is a long silence.

".Oh Colin." my mother moans quietly. I need to see what's going on, the door is still open a crack so I peek through and see Colin and my mother sitting on the edge of her bed. Her head is hung backwards and Colin is sucking on her neck, His hand is down her panties and I can see his fingers rubbing and sliding around in them and a wet spot start to form on the front.

I think she is stoned now, the room is filled with smoke and it's very strong stuff, I'm as high as a kite just from the amount he blew into my face earlier.

"You want this don't you? Just admit it." "Oh I do Colin, but we can't." "We don't have to fuck, we can just play around with each other. There's more ways than one to make somebody cum you know." "Oh yeah? Like what." my mother asks desperately and I see Colins hand dive deeper into her panties. She lets out a moan that is cut off by his mouth kissing her deeply. "Like that." he says once he's finished frenching my mom.

"You said you used to be a wild girl, you should know these things." "Oh I could show you a thing or two." my mother says in an attempt to impress him. "Then show me." he demands and my mother takes up the challenge. She gets onto her knees and crawls between his legs, she takes her teeth and grabs his zipper with them and pulls it down, she's doing just what she said she would to him over the phone.

She places her entire mouth over the button of his pants, she struggles for a while, they're both laughing and then finally 'Pop!' his pants are completely undone. "I told you my tongue was limber." "Oh I know it, you've shown me how limber your tongue is first hand." He helps her pull his pants down and she shove her face into his boxers, I see her pull her head back and as she does his four inch flaccid penis reveals itself inch by inch as it stretches out in front of him from the suction of her mouth.

My own four inch erect penis is bending painfully against the front of my pants, but I'm afraid if I move to adjust it they will hear me so I frown and bear it. "Uh.yeah, suck me bitch." "I don't think so big boy, I have something else in mind." she teases as she hops up onto the bed and motions for him to do the same. She takes off her tiny ankle socks, her anklet stays on though to my relief. She lifts her feet into the air in front of Colins face, her nail polish is bright pink and slightly glittery and each toe so small it could fit inside a thimble, she wriggles them around.

"Lube them up big boy." and Colin starts sucking and licking every groove and curve of her foot and every nook and cranny between her toes. Oh god, I bet they taste like strawberries. She grabs the vibrator Colin pulled out and moves it down towards her still red and swollen pussy, the buzzing turns into a muffled hum as she slides it inside of her.

"Oh boy, I'm still tender down there from what you did to me last night." "I'm going to do the same thing to you tonight." "Mmm, let's just take this one. foot. at a time." as she says that she places her left foot gently down onto his member, then her right. Colin takes the olive oil he's been hiding from her and drizzles it over her feet and his cock until they are both gleaming and slick with it.

"Where'd you get that?" she enquires. "I have a few tricks up my sleeve." he responds. "Mmm, you always do you naughty boy." My mother caresses him with the soft sole of her feet and he grows firm between them.

Her delicate smooth feet stroke him slowly as olive oils dribbles down them to her ankles and stains the bedsheets. She puts his shaft between the arches in both her feet and starts stroking up and down gliding his cock between them as his head swells with blood, mine does too.

Colin grabs her feet between his hands and starts thrusting into them before my mom stops him. "Nuh-uh-uh big boy, you just sit back and relax, let me do all the work, this is all for you." she wants to please him completely by herself, probably as payback for all the times he has brought her to climax by himself. He obliges her and leans back onto his elbows, dawning a smirk on his face matching hers. She puts her feet flatly against either side of his cock and curls her toes around his head one by one and starts buffing and fondling and stroking it with all the dexterity her graceful toes can muster.

She presses his cock up against his stomach and starts rubbing up and down it with the whole length of one of her feet while she plays with his balls with the other. She's moaning playfully at him the whole time, trying to turn him on. I've always fantasized about mom doing this to me, even the intricate details of my fantasy don't live up to the reality of what I'm watching, it's my dream come true for him.

As her foot caresses him from the root of his shaft all the way up to the tip she slides his head between her big toe and her index toe and picks it up so it is standing straight in the air.

She stops massaging his balls with her other foot and places her little toes over his bulging mushroom head. They start wriggling and worming around on it wrapping his head in those nimble tender toes and polishing it, her pink nail polish glimmering in the air as she does. She's sliding one foot up and down the shaft between her toes.

Colin's head nods backwards as he lets out a long moan. "You close big boy?" my mother asks sensually and Colin answers her with another long moan "Oh good.

That's it baby cum for me, cum for mommy." I can feel my heart wince and shiver as I hear her say it. Why would she call herself that to him? I'm her son, not Colin. He grunts bluntly and a single rope of cum shoots out from between her toes into the air and then fall down across the top of her foot. "Yes!" my mother says with excitement, her eyes wide and filled with thrill and exhilaration. Colin blows another load into her gentle tender toes this one splatters under her feet and oozes down his shaft and her heel.

Then a third, this one more powerful than the previous two combined, His thick jizz squeezing out from between all her tootsies covering her pink nail polish in white. Cum sprays out from under her foot ploping down wetly onto the other one that is still holding the shaft. Multiple spurts erupt from between multiple toes like a geyser and land on her ankle and calve and foot and even her thigh. A rope lays directly across her anklet crossing out the letters and completely covering the heart "-M-O-M-" it now barely reads.

She grabs her foot and bends it up towards her mouth, yoga hasn't just made her body firm and defined but also limber and flexible. One by one she puts her toes in her mouth sucking the cum off them slowly all the while looking right at Colin passionately. Reminds me of when she would play "this little piggy" with me as a child, only she never sucked my toes, she just wriggled them. I must be the little piggy that cried and went 'wee wee wee all the way home'.

She sticks her tongue out as far as she can and with two long strokes she licks all the cum up off the top of her foot. Her foot is clean as a whistle but she's not done yet, she notices the anklet and unclasped it. She tilts her head back and opens her mouth up wide then brings the anklet over her mouth and gradually dips it in.

Once it's fully inside her mouth she closes her lips around her fingers and sucks all the cum off as she slowly pulls it out. She finishes it off with a loud smack of her lips and an eager "Yum!" Colin grabs her forcefully by her wrist as he leans in to kiss her and the anklet drops to the floor. I hear hit the ground and multiple pieces roll across the floor, the piece that makes up the little red painted heart is broken in half right down the middle.

My dick hurts so badly right now it's hard to focus on anything else, I know I can't masturbate out here in the hall so I reluctantly turn away.

The last thing I see before I leave is my mothers bare ankle swaying in the air as Colins hips heave back and forth between her inviting thighs. In my room I can hear the loud creaking and groaning of the bed above me, It seems in my mothers lust and marijuana fuelled haze she completely forgot about me being in bed right beneath her. Then I remember what Colin had done to my computer I hop on and see a bunch of photos and videos scattered across my desktop.

I open one up and recognize it as my mother room, Colin is in it and her window is open. It's the middle of the night and they are fucking each other very slowly and softly on the bed. I pull my pants down knowing my mother and Colin will both be busy with each other for a while. My dick is so sensitive right now I'm barely touching it, I had no idea weed could make you so horny.

Their slow pace starts to pick up slightly and the headboard bangs against the wall and I realize that this is from the night he climbed into her bedroom from outside!

I minimize it without finishing and open up another. This one is also from moms bedroom, I hear them having a conversation as my mother slowly and gently rides him. Colin his holding her phone up behind her back and smiling, this must be from when he phoned me as they were having sex.

The other one is the webcam video I already had from when he fucked her in my bedroom. Why did he delete the others I wonder, but I'm too busy riffling through all the new material to ponder it for too long. I'm deeply ashamed of myself as I gingerly touch myself to video after video and photo after photo of my naked mother, careful not to climax. I'm in such a frantic sexual daze that I don't even notice the rocking above my head has stopped, I don't hear the footsteps coming down the stairs.

But I do hear my bedroom door as it swings open and Colin yells loudly "Wakey-Wakey sleepy head!" I turn around with my dick in my hand to see my mortified and disgusted mother staring right at me. "Oh-ho-ho my god" Colin chortles. "Jessie! What the fuck are you doing! While there are guests in the house!" "No I-I wasn't-" As I stand up from my desk my headphone cable pulls out from my computer and the speakers loudly blast the most horrific sound I have ever heard to this day.

My mothers voice moaning and cooing Colins name. "Wha- what is that?!" my mother shouts. "Nothing! it's nothing! just get out!" I frantically turn to the computer to turn off the video but I have so many up and they are all playing at the same time.

"These are all from your bedroom!" Colin exclaims "He's been videotaping us have sex with a hidden camera and masturbating to it!" the look on my mothers face is hard to explain, it's absolute disgust and shame all rolled into one. "No! That's not true! You did it!" "Why are they on your computer then?

What a pathetic lie!" "No you don't understand mom, he's been blac-" Colin cuts me off by punching me hard in the face knocking me right to my ass. I land on my balls, they ache badly and I start to cry. "You're fuckin' sick dude you know that? that's sick what your doing!" Colin is a filthy liar, but even I know that that's a true statement.

My mother walks out of the room silently and in completely shock. "Mommy wait!" I shout my with voice shaking and stand to run after her but trip over my pants still around my ankles and fall forward directly onto my erection. It hurts badly but I manage through the pain and stand back up, rushing out the door and leaving my pants on the floor behind me.

What's amazing is that I somehow managed to maintain a full throbbing albeit extremely painful and small erection as all this occurs.

I chase her upstairs into her bedroom with Colin following closely behind. As I walk into her bedroom I see her pull out a small go-pro camera from under a decorative towel on her dresser, Colin must have put it there the day he came to my house when I was in detention.

"That's not mine, I-I didn't do that!" "What's wrong with you Jessie!? This is disgusting!" "No-nothing It wa- was Colin." "Stop blaming Colin for everything!

And cover yourself up, nobody want to see that.little thing of yours." She says with absolute disdain in her voice as she throws me the decorative towel I hold it over my shame. "You know, I was going to find a way to tell you about me and Colin and break the news to you later.

That's why I wanted you two to get along so badly. But since you apparently already know about us I guess there's no point in waiting." Mother looks over my head at Colin and he walks around me and puts his arm over her shoulder in support and they both look down at me ".I'm pregnant with Colins child." It's as if the whole entire world falls away into blackness and there's nothing left but sadness and depression.

My knees knock and my legs shake like a scared puppy dog. "M-m-mom-mmy" I mumble as a stain begins to form on the front of the towel and drops of jizz begin to splatter on the floor between my feet. "Oh.

My. God. Yo- you.disgust me! Get out of my house! Get out of my house right now I never want to see you in this house again!" "No, mommy please, I love you, I love you so much!

Don't do this!" I beg and plead desperately. "Stop calling me mommy for god sake, you're almost 17 years old! I'm calling your father to come get you, you're living with him from now on!" I try and protest but Colin grabs me by the neck choking me and drags me outside.

He throws me completely naked into the front yard and I see my mother throwing some clothes out of my bedroom window into the yard. "I don't care what you do or where you go, just don't come back here until Monday when your father will be here to pick you up!" she shouts at me before slamming the door shut.

Colin looks down at me sitting naked in the grass and I stare back up at him like a frightened dog "You better get out of here right now, or I'm going to beat the fucking shit out of you, girl-name." I heed his warning and scramble to pick up my clothes. I see the broken remnants of the ankle bracelet I made for my mother in kindergarten sitting discarded in the pile. I notice silhouettes of people staring out at me from their windows so I quickly put on some clothes and run off into the night.

I have no friends and nowhere to turn so I spend the night sleeping outside before returning home in the morning to find my fathers car parked outside our house. "Get in the fuckin' car." he says to me, I can only assume mom told him what happened. "But I need to talk to mom, I need to tell her what really happened." My father smacks me hard in the face.

"You're not going anywhere near her after I heard what you did. I can't believe you're my son, you were always a wimp, but a pervert too? Sometimes I think your mom fucked some loser when she got pregnant with you and never told me." He stinks heavily of booze, he's cruel when he's drunk and once we're not in a public area he will only get crueler.

He grabs me by the scruff of my neck and drags me into the car and drives off and I stare out the window at my old life slowly fading into the distance. Inside the house Colin and my mother try to take their minds off the whole ordeal the only way they know how; intimate lovemaking. She lays on her back in their bed as he crawls between her spread her legs.

She looks into his eyes as he positions himself to fuck her and thinks about me for the very last time "Colin has been more like a son to me these last few weeks than Jessie ever has. He's been more than a son, he's been a lover too. I can start over fresh with him, two new sons, a baby boy and a grown man.

I love him so much, I feel like an angel to him, I'm his angel." That's the last coherent thought she has before Colin pushes his huge sturdy erection deep into her pregnant belly. Our stories both have very different endings, mine is a sad and pathetic tale but unlike this one, not very sexual.

I remained a virgin for the rest of my life, I had to pay for it the first and only time I ever came close to having sex, the hooker laughed at me when she saw my dick, she laughed again when I told her that I had never done this before. When she climbed on top of me and went to stick it in I prematurely ejaculated before I even touched her pussy lips, she laughed a third time.

I couldn't get hard again so she made me pay her 300 dollars and left. Colin and my mother, however, have a full and complete life and grow old together in wedded bliss raising their newborn boy. Mom wanted to name it Jessie, I suppose in an attempt to start over completely from scratch but Colin said that it was too girly of a name for a boy so they named it Jeffery instead.

My mother, Colin and their new son live happily ever after. The end. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed this story Please leave a comment or -email me with any comments/questions/feedback at somet[email protected] I will respond to and appreciate every one I get.

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