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This babe is a sex fiend
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The Rosetta family ate the breakfast prepared by their mother and after that the girls walked to school with their mother. Alexia the Lyn, like most teenagers, once embarrassed to need their mother to walk them to school. Given the recent events students at their high school are student walking with their mothers seems to be more regular.

After seeing her daughters enter the school Linda walked home and turned of the alarm and found her alone in this large house.


She put all the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned the sink and the table. Lyn was once called Lynda but that sounded like her mother's name.

Linda walked into her bedroom and brushed her teeth. She noticed the box with the dildos in it partially pushed under the bed. No one else was home and she took off her clothes and spread her legs down in her bed.

She couldn't help but rub her pussy and was aroused by it. She thought until a week ago she had never had any sex except with her husband. Now she aroused by her daughters and for the first time memory she finds herself masturbating. She puts two of her fingers into her vagina and uses her thumb to message her clitoris. Takes her only about five minutes to experience an orgasm from this. Linda realizes she loves her husband very much but does not feel any guilt about a sexual relationship with her daughters.

It crosses her mind that she may be cheating on him for her own seeking of pleasure. Linda get up and walks into the kitchen to wash the dishes and do some cleaning. Linda disables the alarm and makes sure the door is unlocked thinking it would be embarrassing to be trapped outside this way. She puts on some thongs and walks outside down the driveway and to bring in the mail. It has become exciting to be naked and to go outside is more so. Linda brings the mail back into the house and opens it over the trashcan to throw away the junk mail.

Today there is nothing but junk mail today. Linda relocked the front door and suddenly thought about swimming but they had no swimming pool. There was room in the back yard for one, but only a lot of grass there now. Linda walks to back door and opens it to look at the grass and make sure nobody could see her, she walked outside and sat on a lawn chair in the shade.

There was a pleasant breeze coming off the ocean and it felt good on her naked body. After about an hour enjoying the outdoors Linda came back inside and took a shower and got dressed in some shorts and a tee shirt. She brushed her hair and smiled at herself in the bathroom mirror. She than removed the tee shirt she just put on and looked at her breasts that had remained high and firm in spite of having nursed her long-ago babies.

There was the slightest sag from a lifetime of gravity but he nipples were still pointing straight out and not down. She looked in the mirror and could still see the bottom of her breasts. Linda thought she had just turned 38 a month ago.

Linda remembered a former neighbor that had breasts like hers but couldn't wait to get implants that looked huge. Her husband divorced her not long after that this woman did this for herself not for him but looked so much different with her huge boobs. Linda never thought about doing this to her-self and felt good having smaller firmer breasts. Her husband thought the same because he told her.

Linda lowered her shorts and discovered she was not warring any panties. She also noticed her pubic hair had started to return. It has been nearly a week since it had become a noticeable five-o-clock shadow. Linda heard her doorbell and quickly put her tee shirt back on and pulled up her shorts.

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She shouted: " I will be there in a second" and heard the man at door say "UPS." She opened the door and he handed her clipboard and asked her to please give me your autograph on the next line. She saw his van in the street and sighed for the two packages. The UPS driver asked her: "can I help lift these into your home?

They are quite heavy:" She told him: "Thank you" and backed up into her door and watched the driver lift the packages, one at a time, into her entryway. She thanked him and went back to the truck and drove away. Linda looked at the two packages on the floor and recognized one of them as the waxing kit she had ordered only 4 days ago. The larger box was addressed to "Linda Rosetta and the girls at home" and she opened it first.

She got a short knife to help and used it to cut the tape and removed the staples from the top of the box. She lifted out the Styrofoam padding from the top and lifted out two packages in separate boxes and stet them next on the floor. She saw a 9x12 envelope and opened it. She pulled out what appeared to be the instructions and looked at the illustrations on it. After reading the instructions she closed the box to look at who sent this to her.

She noticed the name of her husband and the address of his employer. She looked at her watch and decided to put it all back in the box.

She put on some shoes and she was ready to reset the alarm when she thought about not having a key to get back in. She found her purse and keys inside and put them into her pocket. Linda reset the alarm and locked the door behind her. She walked quickly walked to the school to be able to walk with the girls home. Alexia and Lyn noticed their mother and ran to her for the walk home. It didn't take long for Linda and her girls to get home from the nearby school.

Alexia and her sister noticed the boxes on the floor near the front door and asked Linda about them. She told them she started open one of the packages that contained something from a company called Sybian. The girls put away their backpacks and went in the entryway to see for themselves. Linda opened the box and the girls lifted the machine out of the box. They opened the accessory boxes that contained the remote control and three different dildo-like accessories.

They carried into Linda's bedroom where they plugged it in. Linda took the dildo things into her bathroom were she washed all of them of with some soap and water.

The girls looked at the instructions and took the remote and plugged it into the machine. They twisted each of the dials to see what happened and began to remove their clothes in preparation of trying it out.

Linda did the same and asked her daughters if she could be the first. Linda put the medium plastic thing on the machine and spit on it to lubricate it. She got on her knees and lowered herself on the dildo. Alexia turned on the rotational dial and Linda felt pleasure from this. Alexia turned on the vibrator and Linda took a deep breath and began to feel a great deal of pleasure. Alexia was reading the instructions when Linda suggested she hand the remote to her.

Linda turned up the vibrator and leaned forward with pleasure. She began to pant and found it difficult to not cry out with pleasure. It took her only about two minutes and she began to involuntarily cry out and she experienced a powerful orgasm. Linda stopped the machine and stepped off it. She said: "this thing fees so good it should be illegal." I suggest you girls flip a coin to determine who is next." Alexia told Lyn odd and called out: "even" and held out two fingers herself and so did her sister.

Alexia was stripped and ready to try this out herself. The dildo had a front surface that was to contact the clitoris and Alexia sat on what Linda called an orgasm machine. Linda took the remote and turned up the vibration and varied it watching her daughter. Alexia yelled: "this feels sooooo great." Alexia began to squirt from her pussy and pant with expectation of an orgasm that she experience in couple of minutes.

Linda noticed her transition and turned it down slowly as Alexia brought herself off the now wet machine. She told her sister: Prepare for the most powerful orgasm of your life." Lyn eagerly lowered it into her vagina.

Linda tuned on the rotation control with the vibrator and Lyn opened her eyes with pleasure. Linda turned up and down as she observed her 16 year-old-daughter enjoy her self greatly.

She called out: "Iii aaam haaving an oorrrgasm." Linda turned it down as Lyn leaned back in pleasure. She said: "that is the fastest most intense orgasm I remember." Linda asked her daughter if she could us it again and Linda again lowered herself onto the now still dildo ready for another orgasm. Alexia turned it on and Linda began to vocalize her breathing and in short time she had another quick and powerful orgasm.

She stepped off the machine and had a hard time balancing herself for a minute. She said: "do you girls want to take this thing upstairs to the extra room." Your dad will be coming home soon and there is homework to do" the sisters took the thing up the stairs and did what their mother asked.

They started on their homework that would keep them busy for two or three hours. A few minutes later Mike walked in the door and Linda met him while completely naked. He put down his briefcase and Linda unzipped his trousers and took out is hardening penis. She got down on her knees and began to give Mike a blowjob. She stroked him and held her lips on his penis and worked it back and forth.

The sight of Linda's nude body and the stimulation she was giving him turned him on a lot. She backed off for a moment and asked Mike: "please cum in my mouth sir." She was dripping from her vagina from the pleasure she was feeling from sucking on his stiff cock.

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A few minutes late she felt him harden even more and she heard him beginning moan she sucked him deeply in her mouth as he ejaculated into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of the warm liquid and stood up and kissed him passionately.

He hugged his naked wife and asked her: "Would you mind if I fuck you in a minute." She replied: "Pretend I am your sex slave and would love to be fucked." He took her hand led her to their bedroom. He undressed and reclined in the bed. He said: Please impale yourself on this and she guided his love tool into her vagina.

She leaned over and kissed her husband as she lifted he pussy up and down on re-hardened cock after about five minutes she arched her back and loudly moaned as she experienced third orgasm in the last twenty minutes. She continued to pump his cock and she felt him cum inside her for ten or so pleasurable minutes. She lowered herself on him and kissed her husband again. She told him: "Thank you very much master." " Me and your daughters also want to thank you for that orgasm machine." He said: "what orgasm machine." He walked out with her, both of them still naked to the box containing the Sybian machine and he studied the label.

He told her: " I didn't buy this for you but it was ordered by somebody from the radio station." "I have been bragging about my newly sexy wife and two beautiful daughters and someone at the station had it sent here." Linda said: "let me get dressed and I will show it to you." After they she dressed he followed her upstairs.

The both heard a buzzing sound. Linda went to her extra room and cracked open the door it was still on the floor and Alexia was sitting on it. Mike looked over her shoulder and saw his nude daughter and backed away because embarrass her. She was on the machine panting and moaning loudly as she experienced an orgasm. Linda closed the door and said: "when you find out who ordered this for us please thank them from all the females in this home to the bottom of our hearts." "I have two orgasms while using this and each of your daughters have used it to have at least a couple powerful orgasms using it." Alexia put on some clothes and walked out of the room smiling.

Linda and Mike walked in the room leaned over and he smelled it and told his wife: "It smells like pussy." Linda replied: " It is my pussy, Alexia's pussy and Lyn's pussy juice that you smell" "It is great for a two minute orgasm and we have all used it" " To bad it only works on females." She said.

Mike laughed and told her: "I am glad that you and our daughters are pleased with this thing. They went back downstairs and the phone started to ring and Mike picked up the extension in the kitchen. It was Abe Kelly saying: " Mike, I have good news, I got the information from the place where they rented the truck used to move." "I gave that information to the FBI and they were able to track the billing information to a location in Orange County where they were able to recover 1.9 million dollars of he money they got form the kidnapping ransom." "At the location in Hollywood a warrant was issued to enter this address and they arrested three individuals because they had nearly $100,00.

They also found in their possession the guillotine of the kind used by magicians." "It could be use to behead someone or with a simple setting the blade would retract into the housing making it harmless." "The FBI needs a sample of Alexia's DNA." "Since she was naked when placed in it she would leave a lot of DNA on the table and in the neck clamp on it." "All of the money seized had the serial numbers of the ransom money." Mike asked "how many were involved in this and how did they prevent us from using cell phones?" Kelly answered: "I don't know all of the answers at this time." Mike said: thanks you very much for the information." "Make me and invoice and statement including your expenses so I can pay you." Kelly replied: " I will bring it to you at your work if that is all right." Mike: "Just give me call first." Mike gave him his cell number and the call ended.

Linda said: "I hope you don't mind if I was listening on another extension." "I needed to know this as well." Mike said: " no problem Linda, at least I will not need to answer any questions." Mike asked Linda: "what is the other box in the entry way?" Linda answered: " I believe it is the waxing kit I told you about." " It is the better alternative for shaving every couple of days." " I will open it put it away for now." Linda opened the box and removed the packing materials and lifted it out.

It was electrically heated and held a cup of melted wax with some wooden-popsicle sticks and a lot of course strips of cloth along with some instructions. Linda said "this small heated container melts the wax that is applied using the popsicle sticks and the strips of cloth are used to pull the hair by the roots." "It takes much longer to grow back compared to shaving." Linda carried it up the stairs and put it next to the Sybian machine that was not in use now.

Mike followed her and observed her as she set down the waxing outfit. Linda said to Mike: "would you like to see how this works?" Mike looked at her and said: "yes that would be interesting." Linda closed the door and stripped herself nude.

She made certain it was plugged in and lowered herself on it until it was gone into her vagina. She took the remote and it began to buzz she turned it up leaned forward a little contact her clitoris with the pad for it. She began to pant and turned it higher. Mike noticed the design of the machine and understood why it worked so well.

Linda began to vocalize her breathing and turned it down and off after reaching an orgasm. Mike said: " that didn't take long?" Linda replied: "only a couple of minutes." Linda got up and hugged and kissed her husband and told him: "don't worry, it will never make you obsolete Mike." She put back on her shirt and shorts and they went back down stairs where she began the task of preparing supper. There was a period of silence when she and Mike both heard the buzzing sound coming from upstairs.

They looked at each other smiled and they both knew it was one of their daughters enjoying an orgasm. The buzzing stopped and restarted a few seconds later. Mike smiles and said: "both of them." Alexia came bounding down the stairs and stopped and went back up after realizing she was still naked.

Mike sees her briefly and turns and tells Linda: we have a very pretty daughter with excellent nude body." Linda replies: "please don't say anything to Alexia about seeing her naked or she will be embarrassed." Mike replies: "I will say nothing." The girls came down a few minutes later and said nothing about using the orgasm machine.

They sat at the dinner table and Linda served them some homemade vegetable soup with some toasted whole wheat bread with cinnamon sugar on it. Mike explains the call from Abe Kelly and Linda tells them about waxing outfit. Lyn says: "we noticed it beside the Sybian machine." Mike thinks about asking if the girls like the machine but says nothing.

Alexia comments: " it is a shame it only works on females dad" as if she could read his mind. Mike tells his daughters: "I told your mother that I didn't order this machine but someone from the radio station did." "After knowing how much all you girls like it, I would have bought one of these myself." Linda then revealed to her daughters what the Mr.

Kelly said on the phone call. She then asked Alexia: "We will have to find out how to get a sample of your DNA." Alexia tells her: "there will be no problem for me as long as it doesn't interfere with school." Alexia and Lyn both went upstairs after saying they needed to get started on homework.

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Mike and Linda didn't hear the buzzing any time tonight. Mike said: "I will find out how ordered this orgasm machine so I can thank him or her for sending it." He walked over to the box and looked again at the label on it to get information on it. It was from Mike Rosetta and us at KWOF. It was addressed to Linda and all the Rosetta girls.

Mike used his computer and used Google to bring up Sybian to find the cost of this wonderful machine out it cost less than $1,400 including shipping. He thought about paying back however paid for it. And he also thought about it being a fine gift for any female. There were five female employees at the station that may have pooled for the cost or one off them may already have one and was sold on it she influenced the decision to buy it for his wife and daughters.

Who would he talk to, who would he thank? Everyone there knew about his daughters being kidnapped and they all knew never to reveal his name. The next morning, Mike dropped his daughters of at their school before driving to work.

He was a few minutes late but that was not unusual given the traffic on any given street or freeway.

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When he got work he entered the radio station and into his office. Mike called the HR office and told Norma about how much his wife and daughters enjoyed the gift from here. He described the Sybian machine and asked Norma who may have sent to his home. Norma replied: "My husband gave me one these last year and I didn't even try it out for a month or so." "My husband has been unable to give me an orgasm for several years." "I unpacked it and watched the DVD that came with it and read the instructions." " To make a long story short I was able to have a powerful orgasm with it." " Now my husband loves it because it has resurrected our sex lives." She continued: "I did not buy the one for you but I did talk about the one I had and that may have been the reason you got it from here.

Mike was surprised Norma could be so descriptive of her personal life and he thanked her for the information. He also said " My wife has become a different person after using this." Mike called the station manager and asked to see him. He was happy and walked down the hall from his office to the station manager's office. He said: "Hello Frank, the reason I am here is to thank you or whoever bought and shipped that Sybian machine." "My wife and daughters love this thing and it has had the effect of making my wife into a different person." Frank replied: "given the fact your family has gone through such a terrible experience with the abduction of your daughters we figured the estrogen crowd at your home would appreciate this thing." Mike asked: "who's idea was it." Frank said "Norma has one of these and she talked it up with every female employee here and brought it to my attention." " We took a collection and had it shipped to you" "I also bought one of these for my wife." "She loves it and has been closer to some of the neighbors she has invited over to try it for themselves." Mike: "Please thank you and everyone that paid for it." Mike went back to his office and went to work at his job contacting business and selling advertising for the radio station that employed him for that purpose.

When Linda got home from accompanying her daughters to school, she couldn't help from going upstairs to the machine she was given. She stripped her clothes off and lowered herself onto the dildo on the machine and turned it on using the remote control.

She enjoyed the feeling of the rotation control and when she engaged the vibrator to her clitoris and she couldn't help from having a powerful orgasm in just a couple of minutes.

Her G spot and clitoris were still hot and dripping sex juice she got on the machine again for second orgasm a few minutes later. After that she took another shower and dressed again. There seemed to be something erotic about being naked for Linda.

She has never been like this before. Linda unpacked the package containing the waxing hair removal equipment. She took out the wax heater that was to keep the wax warm enough to remain liquid but not so hot it would burn. Linda read the enclosed instructions that made this effective for more permanent hair removal. Linda had not shaved herself for eight days. She took a small amount of wax and melted it.

She used a small flat stick to put some of the wax under her arm. She held the wooden stick in place and twenty seconds later pulled it out and was surprised that it came out with considerable hair.

Linda had to use a mirror to see what she was doing. She repeated the stick use for two more passes and most of the hair under her arm was gone. She put a small piece of fabric in the wax and put it under her arm and removed nearly all the hair under her left arm. She was surprised that there was little pain if she removed only a little hair at a time. Linda used another piece of fabric under her arm and was surprised to come out with more hair. She did the same with her right underarm but pulled out more hair at with each pass.

It heart a little from this but was more economical. She checked in the mirror for any other hair and did not see any. There was some redness from the irritation but it faded after a couple of hours. Linda put the mirror to see her rectum opening and used a little wax on a stick to pull the sparse hair. She then used some wax on a stick on either side of her vaginal opening and got rid of all of it by repeating the process with some cloth.

She still had some liquid wax left and used that to remove all of her pubic hair. She felt she was getting good at this looking at her bald pussy that was a little red from the irritation of pulling hair. She looked at her nude image in the mirror and was proud at having no hair down there. Linda looked at her watch and was surprised at the time that had gone buy.

There was still some melted wax in the container but would save it for her daughters. Linda got dressed again and set out for a brisk walk to accompany her daughters home. The pace made her breathe a little harder but it felt good to see her daughters as they left the building.

As they were walking home Linda told them about waxing herself. She said it was a little painful but there was no chance of cutting herself as was possible from shaving. When Linda and her daughters got home each of the girls got a quick and powerful orgasm from their new sex machine. Each of the girls had grown back three or four millimeters of pubic hair. The girls remained naked and paid close attention to their mother as she explained how this waxing machine worked. Linda got undressed to show off her bald pussy and the three nude females set about to wax each other's pussy and underarms.

The irritation of pulling hair left a little redness that had faded already on their mother. Thirty minutes later, all the females were hairless down there. While they were waxing each other, Linda got another orgasm on the machine as did her daughters.

They all checked each other out for a stray hair that was pulled using tweezers. Each of the girls was dripping from her pussy due to the pleasure of an orgasm.

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They all seemed to be turned on by each other's nudity and did some welcome finger fucking. Linda was surprised that her daughters were so sexually developed and she was assured they would not seek sex from boys and they were not disappointed with one or two orgasms every day. Mike got home a little early today and watched his two nude daughters scrambling upstairs for their room. He mentioned it to his wife but noticed she had a bald pussy and his penis was hardening by his wife's nudity.

Linda lay face up on her bed and Mike asked "would you mind if could taste you?" Linda told him "I would be disappointed with you if don't taste me" "I need to be eaten and fucked if you don't mind. Mike removed his shoes, shirt, and under ware. He climbed her and gave her passionate kiss before kissing each of her nipples. Linda told him she enjoyed the stimulation on her breasts but she said "I want you to inspect my waxed pussy. All the redness was gone and she looked ready for sex because of the dripping from her pussy and licked it all up while using his fingers to stimulate her G spot while he sucked on her clitoris.

She felt his penis entering her vagina as he continued to message her clitoris. Linda was having one orgasm after another and told him so. She grabbed each of her breasts as she cried out from having yet another orgasm after being fucked for several minutes. Mike called out as he pumped his cum deep in her pussy. He kissed each of her still-firm breasts and then her lips and confirmed she was "more sexy every day and it is like we are both much younger." He said I love you very much Linda." Linda told him "I love you very much Mike." "I hope you don't mind having sex with me but I feel like I need it." Mike answered.

"I am very turned on by just looking at your nude body." "You look like a teenager." Linda thought about talking to her daughters about both of them having their periods on the same day and how she has not had a period for six weeks or so. When she got dressed she went shopping for some food for the family she stopped in a pharmacy and bought one of the pregnancy tests to take home.

When she got home she put away the groceries and went into the bathroom to urinate on the test kit. She left it on the counter as she went to prepare supper for her family. After the meal she went back in the bathroom and was floored to find it indicating she was pregnant. She remembered Mike had a vasectomy years ago and worried about him blaming her for being unfaithful. She felt some of his semen running down her leg and found a microscope slide and spread some of it on that.

She still had a microscope in a box in her closet. She opened the box and inserted the slide and adjusted the mirror to get more light on the slide. Linda was very surprised to find a few sperm swimming around.

She carried the microscope and pregnancy test down stairs to show her husband. Linda asked him "when did you get your vasectomy?" Mike thought about it for a minutes and told Linda.

"I think it was just after you were pregnant with Lyn." Linda put the old microscope on the kitchen table and asked Mike "would you mind to look at this for a minute." Mike looked through it and was surprised to find a few live sperm. Mike asked Linda "where did you get this sample?" Linda told him "it was dripping down from my vagina from the sex we had 40 minutes ago." She then showed mike the pregnancy test that indicated she was pregnant.

She told him "I haven't had a period for six weeks." Alexia looked at the tester and asked her mother " Are you pregnant mom?" She told Alexia and her sister about the live sperm in this sample and said: "There are very few live sperm on the slide but it only takes one to get pregnant." The next morning Mike called his station and told them "I have to see a doctor because my wife is pregnant." "I got a vasectomy fifteen years ago and I saw some live sperm in the semen sample provided by my wife." "I will be in as soon as possible." Mike got an appointment with his doctor at 8:30 this morning and he told the doctor about his wife not having a period for six weeks and he was ready to provide another semen sample.

Mike was able to provide the sample and the doctor looked at it and said "I have only seen this once in all the years of practice but "You appear to have a vestigial third vas-deffarrin." "Mike, I am going to refer you to a urologist for this and he may have to give you some minor surgery." "There is a very low level of active sperm in this sample but it only takes one to make your wife pregnant." He called Linda to tell her what had been confirmed and now I must see a urologist soon to fix problem with low level of sperm that should be zero.

"Linda, do you need an abortion or do you want to remain pregnant? She told Mike: " I have to see an OB-GYN to answer some questions." "Most women my age have a problem becoming pregnant but I am not most women." Mike smiled and told her "you are not like most woman." "Remember me telling you looked like a teenager yesterday afternoon." Linda smiled and told Mike "Thank you Mike." Linda continued the walk to school with her daughters. Alexia told her "Mom, I wouldn't mind having a younger sister or brother." Knowing she would have to depend on the recommendation of the OB-GYN because at her age there may be complications of some sort.

She told Alexia "This means I am ultra fertile for my age to get pregnant from a low sperm count that your father has." Alexia told her mother "Mom you look very young for your age." Linda replied "It look somewhat younger because I have never had a sunburn and I always worn long sleeves and big hat when I have to do yard work outside." " I do most of my outdoor work early in the morning like now and in the late afternoon after you get out of school." Mike was an hour late to work because of having to see a doctor.

Nearly every one was perplexed by Mikes wife getting pregnant in spite of the vasectomy mike had nearly fifteen years ago. Mike told them of "extremely low sperm count that would preclude even a young woman from getting pregnant." At about noon Linda got a call from the gynecology department at the local hospital. She needed to have a baseline visit to evaluate her pregnancy at this early stage.

She was told: "they would give her a more accurate pregnancy test." It would be two weeks form now to give her a chance of missing or having a second period. They told her "it was likely that she was not pregnant because of the extremely low sperm count of her husband." "Even a 20 year old would have a extremely small chance of becoming pregnant with such a low sperm count." They told Linda: At the age of 38 she would have only have 6% to 9% of her eggs remained." "Most woman of this age needs a lot of help getting pregnant with millions of sperm." Linda would not get an abortion since they really did not believe she could be pregnant.

Linda became naked and used the Sybian machine to get a good long lasting orgasm to take her mind away form thinking about being or not being pregnant.

Linda staggered away from the machine barely able to walk from the powerful orgasm she experienced.


She pulled on a knit shirt and some shorts feeling sexy for not wearing any underwear. Linda had slim legs with little fat. She now realized she was 41 years younger than her mother. Her mother and father were still alive and healthy. Linda looked though several boxes in the storage room before she found a picture of her mother holding Linda as a small infant. Her mother looked as though she was much younger than her age of 41.

As Linda was growing up as a child she realized her parents were approaching middle age Linda had a brother 12 years older than her and a sister 17 years older. Her brother became a Doctor of Medicine. Linda like her sister finished college with a BS and became busy raising a family.

Linda took off walking to the high school to walk them back home. She walked as fast as she could and felt good about being early Alexia and Lyn walked out alone and ran to their mother. Before they were kidnapped Alexia and Lyn, would be embarrassed to be seen, with their mother but their abduction changed everything.

It also had an effect on nearly every student at the school. When all the family females got home the two girls went upstairs to their rooms as their mother began to plan supper for the family. Linda then went upstairs to inform her children that she used the waxing kit and would impart her experience on them if they needed it. Linda walked into the room where the waxing kit was and found her daughters there. They had out the instructions and were ready to help out each other wax the pussy of the other.

Linda had a good understanding of how much wax would be needed for the two girls and she asked her daughters "will you girls be removing the hair under your arms." Alexia and Lyn each raised their arms to inspect the other and told their mother " Yes we will" "Mom did you wax under your arms?" Linda raised hr hands and asked the girls "Did I do a good job?" They each looked at one side of her underarms gave her close look and they said together "not a single hair left." Linda told the girls to use about twice what she used for their own purposes.

She turned on the storage kettle and put in about the proper amount of wax and waited for it to melt. Linda asked: "do you want me to show you how to do this?" Alexia was pulling off her trousers and replied: "Yes please mom." Linda waited for the green light to come on and asked Alexia to: 'Sit down and spread your legs." Linda use one of wooden sticks to scoop up a small amount of wax and told Alexia: "spread your cheeks." She used each of her hands to do this and Linda used the small amount to remove the long hairs around Alexia's ass.

She then used small piece of cloth soaked in wax to quickly go over the same area and catch any other small hairs on her legs. Alexia had a little hair on her legs and her mother carefully removed all of it.

She then used the wood stick to begin remove her short pubic hairs a little bit at a time to minimize the pain. A wax soaked cloth was the last to be used to make sure every hair was pulled. Lyn was standing behind her mother. "What about all the redness?" Linda dropped her own pants to show her daughter "the redness had completely faded." She said: "I takes several hour for the redness to fade." "All that hair pulling was irritating and it will go away soon." Alexia inspected her pussy and legs and told Linda: "I cannot see another hair anywhere, thanks Mom." Her sister Lyn asked; "Did it hurt at all?' Alexia replied: "It doesn't hurt much at all." Lyn took off her pants and underwear and spread her legs and cheeks as her mother did the same to her.

Linda was careful to remove all the hair from her legs and around her ass. She then started on each side of her daughter's labia and used the stick to carefully take off every hair.

She then removed hr pubic hair a small area at a time and used the soaked cloth to go over her pussy to get all the stray hairs she may have missed.

She got up and handed her daughter a mirror to inspect her ass and pussy and she told her mother: "Mom, it didn't hurt at all." Linda then heard the buzzing of the Sybian machine and saw her older daughter sitting on it beginning her orgasm. Alexia was done a minute later and her younger sister sat down on it and turned it on for herself. Linda thought there is no more lesbian experimentation after girls began to use this machine.

Two minutes and a few seconds later Lyn was finishing her powerful orgasm. Both of the girls were surprised to see their mother pull down her shorts and told her: "Don't you wear any panties mom?" Linda replied; "Not today I didn't." I was going to go back and put on some panties after I took a shower but I forgot. Linda sat on the machine for her daily orgasm. When she was done she went to the bathroom to get some tissue to absorb the wetness after her own orgasm.

She then pulled on her shorts to begin the evening meal. She noticed she was not wearing a bra either and went into her bedroom to put one on and some panties. She pulled off her shirt and looked in the mirror to observe her still high and firm breasts. She put on the bra anyway because it crossed her mind that her breasts were high because of the bra holding them up. Alexia asked her mother: "how long it take for hair to come back after being pulled rather than being shaved." Linda answered: "According to instructions on this thing, some of hairs will never come up and others will take several days to begin to appear." "When shaving to look clean and bald you have to do it every day or two and there is no way waxing can cut you." She then walked downstairs to prepare dinner for her family.

While she waiting for some of food to cook she clipped coupons as she always did for her next trip to the market. Mike got home as the meal was cooking and noticed his wife's attractive legs with the tight shorts on. "Linda, you look sexy all he time don't you?" She replied: "Thank you mike" "Maybe in a few months, I will begin to pork out from being pregnant." She added: The obstetrician's office says they have expressed a lot of doubt about me being pregnant." "They told me your sperm count is so low almost no very young woman could get pregnant for this reason." "They ruled me out for being 38 years old and having only small amount of remaining eggs." "Also, I am not as fertile as I once was as a much younger woman and even a much younger woman would have nearly zero chance of getting pregnant from such a low sperm level." "Pregnancy is the result of a woman under 30 and a couple million sperm." "They feel is not possible with only a few dozen sperm." "Mike, I have nearly always got my period every 27 to 29 days since I was 13" "It has been 44 days from my last period and the pregnancy detector from the drug store indicates a definite positive from my urine this morning." "Mike, the instructions that came with the tester says it is capable of indicating a pregnancy after missing a period by a few as 5 days of what is normal." "In my case I am15 days late over my normal period." "The tester has a indication when I bought it, now it shows + after a few minutes after I urinated on it." She held it in front of Mike to show him.

Mike gave her a pregnancy detector "from one of the women at work." The business end of it has a window showing 'NEG.' "When you feel like you need to piss use this one" He showed Linda the instructions the showed it would show pregnancy in 5 days after a missed period.

After eating Linda took the instrument in to bathroom and a minute later it indicated POS in the same window. Linda gave it Mike to verify. She told him: "I remember being pregnant before and feeling a little nauseous about two weeks after a missed period on Alexia and maybe a day or two longer from a missed period for Lyn." Linda noticed the buzzing noise after her daughters went upstairs. Mike heard it also and turned Linda around and kissed her and hugged her. Linda told him; "We are like Pavla's dogs salivating when smelling food except it with us it is sound of they seeking more orgasms." They grabbed each other's hands and went to their bedroom and closed the door.

Mike sat down on the bed to take off his shoes. Linda kicked her shoes off and pulled off her shirt and shorts.

Mike stood up and they kissed again for a while before Linda undid Mikes belt and began to take off his pants. She then reached back to undo her bra and panties She sat down on the bed and spread her legs to show her husband her completely bald pussy.

Mike asked her: "Do you want to wax off my hair?" Linda answered: "Maybe later". Mike looked at his now naked wife and his penis began to harden. They both hugged again while standing and Linda asked Mike "Please lie down Mike." He did that and she lowered her bald pussy onto his hard penis. She kissed him again while working up and down.

Mike lifted his head to lick each of her nipples and Linda indicated she liked it. Then he began to be drawn to her bald pussy. Mike put his finger in it as he sucked on her clitoris.

Linda loved the feeling and worked herself into an orgasm. Mike asked he if he could fuck this beautiful pussy. Linda said: "I insist that you do." Mike entered her vagina and after ten or so minutes, the opening of her vagina tightened as she experience another orgasm. She asked Mike "Do you want to cum inside me or do you want a blow job. He said: "I wouldn't want to make you more pregnant." Linda took his wet cock and put it deep into her mouth.

After less than a minute of stoking it with her lips mike began to grunt. Linda knew he was about to cum and let him do it deep in her thought.

Linda swallowed it and stood with him and they engaged him in a extended kiss. They smiled at each other as they both heard the buzzing as they thought of their daughters getting a quick orgasm. Linda dressed in her shorts and tee shirt without the need for a bra or panties and prepared the evening meal for her family.

Mike announced that he would get $100,000 seized from the kidnappers. The remaining 1.9 million dollars was held as possible evidence if the crime were to go to trial.

This only because it contained the serial numbers provided by the bank to the FBI. They also recovered the guillotine used to terrorize Alexia and her sister. They have recovered DNA from Alexia's nude body on it.

Kidnapping for ransom is a felony punishable by life in federal prison. Added to this is the rape of their daughters that could mean life without parole. Mike told them of three arrests so far. The FBI is still seeking the way they were able to suspend service to their cell phones.

They were not getting any help from the kidnappers that now had legal representation. They could not use any of the ransom and were in jail unable to afford the million- dollar bail for each of them.

The next morning was Saturday and Linda dressed and left for her volunteer commitment. She felt a little nauseous and remembered the so-called morning sickness she had on long ago pregnancies. She would never forget the abduction of her daughters but said nothing about it to anyone. She could not risk having the press come to her and her family.

When she got home six hours later, it was time to prepare the evening meal. Mike came in and asked if he could help and she kissed him and said he could help clean up afterward. Alexia and Lyn came down stairs hungry.

Mike had to make them lunch today and they enjoyed the meal with his daughters. Linda told her husband: "I felt a little nauseous this morning and that reminded me of being pregnant before." Mike replied: "You don't have to convince me you are pregnant, the fact that the obstetrical department seems to believe it is not possible to get pregnant at your age." Linda said: "I can hardly wait to convince them to change their minds." "I don't feel like an old woman and don't think I look that way." Linda felt as though she had to read from her daughter's-text books and class notes to be able to provide any help for her daughters.

So far they have said they did not need any and their grades were nearly all strait A's. They spent from two to four hours every night doing homework after they got home from school.

Linda and Mike were very proud for the grades they were getting. Mike was watching a basket ball game on TV when Alexia whispered to Linda: "Mom would you like to join us on the Sybian machine for an orgasm." Linda said: "Give me a minute but need to pee and I will join you.

Linda went into her bedroom and undressed to remove her bra and panties before joining her daughters for an orgasm. Her daughters were both undressing in their bedrooms and walked into wax and orgasm room absolutely naked. Linda saw them both nude and took off her shorts and shirts to join them. She told Alexia: "Who wants to be first?" Alexia was as tall as her mother now and Lyn not far behind. Alexia started to say age before beauty but said: "Mom you can go first but don't turn it off so dad will not know you are here." Linda said: "Thank you I will do this but don't worry about your father." Linda stepped on the machine as Alexia held the remote control.

Linda was somewhat turned on seeing her daughters nude bodies and required no lubrication to sit on the five-inch dildo. Alexia turned it on and Linda began to feel her orgasm coming after only a minute or so on it. Alexia had turned on the rotation to rub on the G spot and varied the vibrator control as she watched her naked mother begin to breath heavier and start to cry out when she had achieved an orgasm.

Linda stepped off and was dripping from her vagina from being turned on. Lyn was next and she instantly said she felt incredibly good told her sister to not to stop. Alexia was holding and controlling the remote. From experience she began to notice when her sister start her powerful orgasm. Lyn smiled at her sister and mother and Alexia turned off the machine. Lyn was experienced at the control and knew how to best turn on her sister for a quick and powerful orgasm and she achieved this after only a couple of minutes.

After every girl experienced an orgasm or two they all stood up and thought their mother still looked good while nude. Alexia told her mother: "Mom, I want you to know how good your body looks." "I will be proud if I look as good when at your age." Linda replied: "Thank you Alexia." She looked at both her daughters and noticed they all looked very good. They both had small firm breasts and any redness was gone showing only a completely hairless pussy. Linda reached out and took the hand of each of her daughters and brought them in for a hug.

Lyn surprised her mother when she suggested that they would like to display their nude bodies to their father. They walked out of the room and hand in hand walked down the stairs. Linda told Mike: " Mike please close your eyes." He was watching TV but closed his eyes. The three girls walked up to about ten feet from where mike was sitting.

Linda said: "we have a surprise for you to look but not touch and open your eyes now." Mike opened his eyes and stood up to find the nude girls standing in front of him. He said nothing for a minute but was surprised that his daughters seemed to be very developed.

He then said: "Thank all of you for the view." Linda told him: "Alexia and Lyn would like to watch us have sex." Mike said: "I have never been more turned on from looking at all of your beautiful bodies." He took off his shoes and pants and Linda pulled down his underwear exposing his erect penis.

Linda laid down on the carped floor and each of her daughters stood nude behind her. Mike put his stiff penis into her vagina while looking at his two very sexy daughters standing where he could see them. He was experienced at being able bring his wife to an orgasm before he did. He leaned over a little being knowing he had to contact her clitoris with every stroke. Linda daughters were not in her field of vision at this time but she knew they there.

She thought of it being a turn on for her husband but found it was pleasantly different for her and she had a strong orgasm in front of her daughters while being fucked by their father.


Linda offered him a blowjob after her orgasm and he whispered that he "would like that and thanked her for the offer." Linda asked her daughters: " are either of you girl uncomfortable seeing this and they said in unison: "Don't mind us, we want to see this." "Do you mind being watched Dad." He admitted to them: I am very turned on by the vision of these two beautiful naked girls." They both watched as their mother began to suck on his rock-hard penis.

The girls moved in close so their father so see how a blowjob was done. Mike stood up looking at his nude daughters and Linda got down on her knees to give him a blowjob. Mike couldn't help but grown that he was ready to cum and Linda lowered her mouth to take in every drop of his semen and swallow it.

Alexia said out loud: "Next time you and mom have sex could we watch like today" Mike answered: "you two girls standing there nude was a powerful turn on for me." Alexia said: "next time, would you let me give you a blowjob." Linda answered: "You girls are never to reveal that you watched your father and me having sex." "Alexia, that goes for you giving your father a blow job." "I am sure he would mind being blindfolded and unable to see who was doing it." Each of the girls walked up and kissed him on his cheek.

Linda walked back upstairs to get her shirt and shorts to put on and the girls went to their rooms and got dressed. They both started the homework that they needed to turn in on Monday morning. They both had a glow from the orgasms they had and the curious excitement from watching parents have sex and displaying their nude bodies to their father.

They both understood they should never talk about this to anyone outside the family. The story of their kidnapping and rapes were never to be forgotten for them but they were never mentioned to any of their friends or teachers. They understood the reasons for this and they understood why they should never talk about it because they would never want their parents to get in trouble for doing something they asked to do.

The girls were growing up and were proud of their bodies. The two girls were proud to be able to sexually gratify themselves daily on the Sybian machine. There was no need for having sex with any boys. Both of the girls have been asked to have sex and they had no problem saying no. Everyone in this family got up early even on weekends for breakfast Alexia has to go to a college recruitment that she agreed to go to next week. She needs to put together a resume of her high school.

It should include club membership athletic team involvement and honors advanced placement classes and her grade point average. Alexia wrote down her band membership and ability to play the flute, Her involvement in thespians and drama. She her grade point average including the AV classes is 4.62. She has worked hard to get good grades because she wants to eventually go to medical school. She looked at the expected formant and she was able to do well on it.

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Alexia told her sister Lyn she would do it tomorrow. Lyn will be finishing her junior year this year while Alexia has only two months to go and she has been told to repeat the SAT that she took six months ago. She got 1540 on it and she has to take it again to improve on this. He counselor says if she continues to do as good she be valedictorian will get or have to speak in front of her class at graduation.

She may need to testify against the criminals who raped and made her feel like she was about to die. Any trial would be up to 2 years from now.

Kelly told the family that these guys would go to prison for life without parole for what they did. End of part 5