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Ass Traffic Misha Cross gets gonzo style anal sex
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It's a fictional story. Hope you enjoy, I know I have. I came home to my new puppy. I was always bouncing around from place to place as a kid so never had the chance to own a pet. It was the first thing I did when I got my own place. Rex was already a couple of years old, still a puppy, but trained. At least, that's what I thought. It didn't take long for me to realize he wasn't exactly housebroken.

After some chewed shoes, and some new stains in my apartment I was ready to flip. I started to research how to train my puppy. Of course I used google, skimmed the websites until I came to one that guaranteed a trained dog within three months. Only three months of working with Rex, and I'd have a trained dog! But it was on the internet, and I was a little hesitant to contact someone that may or may not be real. I looked down at Rex. He was chewing on my brand new shoes!

I clicked the site, and sent off an email. Now all I had to do was wait. -------------------------------- "So how long have you been doing this?" I asked the shadowed woman across from me. She leaned forward before answering. "We have been providing trained dogs to clients for approximately five years. In those five years only ten dogs have taken more than three months to train. Of course the ten were our first ten trained. The first took approximately seven months to train the second five and a half, the third five and the time continued to decrease.

The first dogs took the most time because we tried different methods before we settled on the most efficient. The training has no been perfected to an art." She leaned back once again, leaving me to my thoughts. It all sounded fantastic, but there was always a catch.

"Is it alright if I come to a training?

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Just to see what it's like before I say yes." "I am sorry this is unacceptable. We will however, provide a contract that provides a dog withing ninety days or there will be no payment necessary." I thought about this, unsure if I should agree.

I mean there were other trainers, but none that gave this kind of timeline. But if there was a contract, it gave a safety net right? And I did just want to get right into playing with Rex. What's the worst that could happen right? "All right. It's a deal." She pulled out a thick stack of papers. " All right, you need to sign here, here and here." She said as she pointed to several places in the stack.

I went to read the papers, but she held them to the table, nudging a pen into my hand. Although I admit it was weird, I wasn't really thinking and just signed. She pulled the stack away, closing her briefcase and standing. "All right, tomorrow show up to 286 Carnel Street with Rex. You will be staying there with Rex until the three months are up as per the contract. Come at six in the morning.

Sharp." She walked out the door, leaving me gaping after her. I guess I should have read the contract. ----------------------- I walked into the building with Rex at my side. It was a huge building with practically no neighbors. I carried my pack, with several changes of clothing. I stopped just inside the doorway. It looked abandoned. And it couldn't be a scam because I haven't given any money or information yet.

Other than my signature they haven't gotten anything from me. I started to back out, thinking maybe I had gotten the wrong address when I was grabbed from behind, a cloth placed over my nose and mouth. I kicked, I punched, I did everything I could to free myself. It wasn't long until I passed out though. ---------------------- When I woke, I looked around, seeing nothing but darkness.

After feeling around, there were a few slats, but no light coming through. I tried to stretch, but whatever I was in wouldn't let me go any farther than my hands and knees. After what felt like a lifetime, I heard a creak, and light began spilling in, allowing me to see I was in some type of crate, with nothing on. I looked out through the slats, noticing rows of other crates.

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My door was opened, and I saw the woman that I'd met with only a couple of days ago. She grabbed my hair and pulled me out. Keeping me kneeling, I was half dragged to a table where I was then strapped in. I tried to stand, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't brake the bonds. "Please. I don't know why you're doing this. I won't tell anyone.

Please, just let me go?" She looked at me with a smirk. "You've already been sold, pup. In less than three months, you'll be living with your new owners." I was horrified.

What was she even talking about? Was she a psycho? "Please, no one has to know you can just -" Right at that moment she placed a ring inside my mouth, preventing my mouth from moving. She reached inside, grabbing my tongue and pulled it on top of the ring so that I can move it around.

She placed a cloth over my mouth and once again, I sank into oblivion. ------------------- When I woke, I was once again in the crate.

The ring was still in my mouth, and I felt like to go to the bathroom really badly. I had mitt-like things on my hands, making them look like paws, and my knee joints felt sore. When I tried to sit back and straighten my legs, they wouldn't go past 90 degrees.

I tried to scream, but only muffled sound reached my ears. It was only later, when I tried shifting that I noticed I had something in me. When I reached back, I found a tail.

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Following the tail, I found it attached to my ass. I tried to pul it out, but with my hands in the mitts, all I did was aggravate it. I left it, shifting back to my hands and knees, and shortly after, fell back asleep. ------------------- I woke up to food being pushed into my crate. Before I could try to bribe the person, they left, moving to the next crate. When I tried to pick up the dog bowl in my hands, the tail shocked me. I dropped the bowl, some pellets flying out.

I tried again to pick up the bowl. I was shocked even worse! I bent down to my forearms and tried to pick up the pellets with my tongue. When I succeeded, I felt he most soothing sensation. It felt like the tail was leaking into my ass, countering the leftover effects of the shocks. I moaned in relief.

Everytime I used my tongue, I was rewarded with the soothing sensation. I tried once again to pick up a pellet, but they were all gone! As the sensation slowly disappeared, I moaned in frustration. I looked around, noticing some of the cages were empty now. Only a short while ago, they were completely filled.

I wonder where they went? I drifted to thoughts of freedom from the cage. ------------------- I've been in the cage for about 60 feedings. If they're feeding me once a day, then about two months, if twice, then only one. During this time, anytime I did something relatively human, I got shocked. Each time was worse than the last.

Every time I did something they liked, I was given the most amazing sensation through my tail. It's been about 15 feedings since I've been shocked. I looked up to my cage door being opened. It was the lady from my first day here. I stood on my hands and knees, trembling with excitement.

I've only ever left the cage with her. In her hands was a collar and leash. I bent my head as she reached out. She snapped on the collar, leash already attached. During this I felt the liquid being poured into my ass. I shivered in pleasure. "Come on girl. It's time for your lessons." I followed her out of the crate and down the row of cages.

As I walked, I could feel my tail wag. Just like a real dog. We reached the end of the hall, and stood in front of an elevator.

She pressed the button and we waited. As the doors to the elevator opened, we stepped inside. When we reached our floor, we got off and walked to a door just down the hall. The lady opened the door. Inside was just a wide open space with about three other women like me and their handlers. The lady walked in and sat us in the corner. We were there for a couple of minutes before the door opened again, and a man walked in. This was the first male I've seen since I've been brought here.

"Alright ladies. Those still standing, go sit by the back wall and we'll begin." He waited for everyone to be seated at the back before starting again. "So, know you've all been here several times, and you know what you're doing, but this is just the preliminaries. And remember, every dog has a different temperament and we don't know for sure how they'll react." It was then I realized he wasn't talking to all of us, but the handlers.

To them, we really were just dogs. "Can I get the two of you who've brought your dog here before to come up front." Two of the ladies, and their "dogs" went to the front. "Remember, dominance is control. You are dominant to your dogs, you are master. And don't let them forget. Now, just go through the basics, then we'll teach the newbies." I watched as the two handlers dropped the leash and commanded the dogs. I watched as them bark, sit, beg, heel, I even watched them sniff the other's ass.

If I didn't know any better, I would say they were dogs. "Excellent. Now, for the two newbies. Bring your dogs to the front please. We'll start with sitting." My handler brought me beside one lady and her dog.

I looked at my fellow woman. She was panting, her tongue hanging out, a little bit of drool dripping too. When her eye got itchy, she scratched just like a dog. Was this going to be me? "Sit." I sat on the side of my hip, trying to be careful of my tail.

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I started to feel a shock going through my body. I started to cry out. The shock increased in intensity! I didn't even notice the man walk over. "Remember not to let your dog make sounds unfit for their species.

A dog does not cry, but whimpers. Continue to shock her if she still cries." Hearing this, I stopped crying. Instead they softened into whimpers. Instantly the pain disappeared and the leaking sensation came back.


I felt the tingles begin in my nether regions. "Now that she's behaving once again, get her to sit properly. No matter how old your puppy, the posture should be correct. Our buyers pay quite a bit to have a properly trained puppy." My handler raised my hind end of the floor into a standing position.

Once a was standing on my own, she commanded me to sit again. This time, when I sat, I looked to the more experienced. They were sitting on the asses, like a dog should. I copied them. As soon as my ass touched the floor, I felt the soothing tingles. I gave a big sigh, so happy in that moment. ------------------- When my cage door opened at feeding time, I stood.

I was really hungry. I've stopped trying to count my time. It was obvious after the countless training sessions that I was never getting out. I would be here until they decided to let me go. I don't know when I gave in, maybe when I was first given dog food, maybe my first training session. It doesn't really matter, because after being treated like a dog for so long, I've truly become one.

I waited for my food, but it never came. Instead hands reached in with a new collar and a new leash. I shivered in anticipation. There are only a few places I can go, but my favourite by far is the training room. I truly hope we're going there. I exited my cage, my tail wagging. I followed my handler.

When we passed the training room, I started whimpering.


I don't know where we're going. It's confusing because in all this time, I've never been so far. A part of me wonders if I'll be let go. I shiver a moment, not wanting to leave. At first it's what I begged for, but now, I don't think I'd survive without the things I've come to depends upon.

When we reached a door, my handler bent down to my level. "Are you ready to meet your new master?" I cocked my head. I wasn't sure if I was happy or not. After being trained, I was treated well here. What if my master is different? She pushed open the door, walking through first. I followed close behind, my tail still.

When I reached a pair of legs, I looked up. Shock went through me as I recognized the woman who sold me my dog, Rex. It was then that I first though about Rex, and what's happened to him in the time I was taken.

When Samantha, my new owner, bent and stuck her hand out to me, my training kicked in. I automatically sniffed her hand, slowly approaching her. "You did a good job. Thank you." Samantha said as she stood, taking my lead from my handler. "She hasn't been fed. As stated in the contract, she is your trained puppy, given three months after payment. Just sign here.

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It's just to say the we held up our end of the bargain." My mistress signed the contract, thanked her once again, and walked out the door. Stepping into the bright light, I was then loading into my new crate, onto the back of a truck.

I looked around once secure, ready to go. ------------------- It was a while before we pulled into a gated community. It was a little odd, since the whole community was in the middle of a forest. It was protected, yet public. The truck stopped and my mistress jumped out.

She walked around the truck and released me. She took hold of my lead once again and walked me to the front door. Once inside the house, I was a little nervous. It was a new, strange place. I started whimpering. At the first sound I made, I heard the clicks of another dog's nails. I looked, seeing Rex, come running. I smiled, seeing him. My mistress walked away, leaving us to be reacquainted.

When Rex started to sniff my ass, my training once again kicked in, and I in turn sniffed his. When he licked, I stood for him. It wasn't until Rex was called into the other room that I realized exactly what I was letting him do.

I blushed, knowing my descent was truly complete. I followed Rex into the other room, where My mistress was with a man, petting Rex. "See Dan. Isn't she a beautiful puppy?" My mistress stared at me, before whistling softly, calling me to her side. "Yeah. What's her name?" My mistress paused in scratching my head. I looked to her, wondering why she stopped.

She was staring at the man. "I don't know. I didn't think that far ahead." She started to once again scratch me. I turned my head, trying to get her to pet the spot I wanted. "What about Roxie?" There was a pause before the man answered. "Are you sure honey. You're not going to change your mind in a week?" "Yeah. She likes her name. Don't you Roxie?" At that moment, she reached my spot. My back leg started to shake, and I kind of groaned. "Roxie it is then." ------------------- After a few weeks, I got into a routine.

I basically did everything that Rex did. I went to the bathroom outside, I was taken for a walk once a day. I got to meet other dogs. Not just like Rex, but like me too. It seemed as if it were an accepted thing in this community. I was happy. I had no worries. It's a good life.

I got up from my spot by the television and headed to the backdoor. I whimpered before my mistress realized I needed to be let out. Once out, I peed, then went to find Rex. He'd been acting strange lately.

I found him curled up in the corner. When he saw I was out, he ran to me. We started sniffing each other, making sure nothing had changed. Rex sniffed my ass, before he began licking. I watched him as he started to lick my pussy.

This was new. After so long of not having any sexual contact, I was being turned on by Rex. When his tongue entered, it went so deep, my knees began shaking. It wasn't until he tried to mount me that I understood what was happening. Rex smelled a bitch in heat, and was trying to make puppies. I tried walking away, but he just kept following. It wasn't until I reached the backdoor, when I had no where else to go, that Rex finally mounted.

I tried pawing at the door, but Rex was too heavy. He started humping and I needed both paws to balance.

My ass turned up, and was in the right position. When I felt his cock touch my pussy, I shuddered. He drove it in. He pounded into me, again and again. All I could focus on was this beast fucking me. When my head banged into the door from the hard fucking, I barely noticed.

At the same time I felt Rex's knot banging into my pussy. It was going in and out, still too small to plug me. He pounded me into the door again.

His knot finally stayed in. I felt the ripples start at my core, then spread until it was the only thing I could feel. My head was thrown up, my eyes unseeing. When I calmed, I could feel Rex emptying into me. I realized at some point, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, my master and mistress stood there, smiling, watching us together. Rex turned so we were ass to ass, periodically trying to pull out. When he finally got out, he walked into his corner and licked himself.

The door opened, and I was let into the house. I was truly a bitch now. ------------------- "Roxie." My head went up at being called. I slowly got up, shaking off the sleep, before going to my master. He was at the front door with a long lead in his hands.

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I wagged my tail, excited to be let out. He clipped me in, and lead me out to the stake in the front yard. He clipped me in before going to his car. When he pulled out, I sat. I didn't want to be left alone.

I whimpered, wanting my master to come back. I laid down, truly wanting someone to come keep me company. It wasn't until I felt a snout at my pussy that I realized I fell asleep. Thinking i was Rex, I opened my legs. After the first time, we fucked at least once a day now.

When his snout poked at me, I got the signal to stand. Sleepily, I went to my knees. It wasn't long before I was mounted and moaning. With my eyes still closed, I rocked back into him. He pounded into me again and again. His knot was huge. It got stuck right away. He came not too long after, continuing to pump his hips. Still tired, I laid my upper body on the ground, my hind end being held by the knot. When the knot was small enough, he climbed off.

He started licking me again. When I felt him mount once more, I was confused. When I looked back, I saw a small crowd of people, all with make dogs, ready to fuck. I was still a bit groggy, but when the second dog thrust into me, I moaned. He pounded mercilessly, never seeming to tire. I was rocking back into him, trying to get more in me.

He quickly came, his knot slipping out quickly. This was my afternoon. People would come and go. Dogs would pound into me, the knots no longer staying. Cum constantly leaked out. My ass never stopped humping back, even when there was no dog on me.

It wasn't until my master unhooked me that I realized there were no more people, no more dogs. I whimpered. I felt the need to be filled. My master carried me into the house. He carried me to my doggy bed. There, Rex quickly came to me. I stood, ready for him. He licked the cum for awhile before mounting. He fucked me fast, and furiously.

As he fucked me, my master came to my front. He bent in front of me, and while I was being fucked by Rex, my master attached a new tag. "Now everyone will know you're truly Rex's bitch." My master walked away as I was being fucked by Rex. I've realized my purpose in life.

Maybe it wasn't to begin with, but after being trained, I don't think I'd be happy being anything else.