Mother and daughter breastfeeding and fingering each other

Mother and daughter breastfeeding and fingering each other
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NOTE: In order to aid in the visualization, check out pictures of Miranda in the "sex stories" forum, under the thread "Miranda: The Price of Modeling".

Trust me, it'll be worth it! Miranda is a beautiful young Vietnamese girl, just turned 17 years old. Energetic and outgoing, the young stunner stands 5'6" with light brown hair and eyes, adorable B-cup breasts, long legs and a shapely figure just on the cusp of blossoming into full womanhood. She's the type of young woman who ignites fantasies in men that make them feel like kid-touchers, but who know in their heart that if they were able to be alone with Miranda in a locked room, they'd teach her every lesson she never anticipated learning.

One of Miranda's most heartfelt desires has always been to be a model. Today, on her 17th birthday, her parents have taken her to a private studio and paid a hefty price for a two-hour session with renowned photographer Darren Mikels. Darren is a dark haired and well-groomed, well-built man of 6 feet with an eye for capturing beauty through his lens. From the moment Miranda walked into the studio with her parents, the only thing Darren's been able to think of is getting her on the floor and fucking her hard until she screams out his name.

Miranda has a dazzling smile full of brightness and innocence, and from just one look at her, Darren could tell instantly that she's a virgin--not a man on Earth has touched her sacrosanct pussy, and he longs to be the first. It was all he could do to make his way through the meet-and-greet with Miranda and her folks, and to not burn his hands as he set up his studio lights, as focused as he was on Miranda's lithe little body and her beautiful budding breasts, which seemed almost to call out to be fondled.

Some parents chose to stay through their kids' photo shoots, some choose to leave but occasionally drift back unexpectedly. While setting up his camera, when Darren overheard Miranda's parents say they were leaving but would be back at the end of the two hour session, Darren thought he'd pass out from the thrill of knowing he'd have this little beauty all to himself. It wasn't that Darren couldn't get almost any woman he wanted; the man was certainly handsome enough and had fucked quite a few of the young women who had modeled for him over the years.but this was untrod virgin territory, forbidden fruit, and his mouth fairly watered with the desire to taste it.

As Miranda took off her coat and followed Darren's instructions to go to the dressing room at the rear of the studio and change into the first of her outfits, it was all he could do to keep himself from tearing her clothes off and fucking her right there on the floor as soon as her parents left.

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But he wanted to take his time, savor the view of her in the various outfits he had chosen after Miranda's parents had told him her measurements.posing happily for him, before he claimed her as his own. Miranda came out in the first outfit, a long one-piece golden dress with straps which tied it at the back, and a golden sash wrapped around her torso, just under her breastline. She had on thigh-high black come-fuck-me boots, the heels of which added an extra four inches to her height, making her just that much more enticing.

"You look absolutely beautiful," Darren said breathlessly, imagining her coming over to him and kneeling before him at once, to open his pants and take his cock into her mouth by way of appreciation for the compliment.

Instead, Miranda smiled shyly and simply said "thank you," in a lilting, sing-song little girl voice. There was a white faux Graeco-Roman pillar nearby, and Darren had her pose against it, her tight, beautiful little ass resting against the pillar with her arms behind her, hands holding onto it for support. Darren began snapping pictures of this impossibly sexy young woman, keeping an eye on the time as he did; he wanted to make sure he took enough pictures to satisfy her parents, but still wanted enough time to pop Miranda's cherry at his leisure.

"So what are you looking for out of life, sweetheart?" Darren asked as he snapped away, the sound of the shutter clicking feverishly as Miranda shrugged her shoulders, smiling innocently. "I want to be a model, because it seems like a nice way to travel and meet people. But I really want to be a doctor one day." Click-click-click-click.You'll probably have the horniest patients in the whole ward, Darren thought to himself, but said instead, "That's a beautiful thing, wanting to help people." Miranda smiled again as she replied to his statement and moved into the next pose he asked of her: sitting on the floor, one knee bent up with her hands and cheek resting on it, the other leg stretched out flat.

Her orange dress rode up on her bent knee slightly, teasing but never fulfilling the promise of sliding down her thigh to reveal what color panties she wore. Darren could feel his cock begin to stiffen in his black jeans as they made ridiculous small talk and he finished one roll of film. He asked her to go change into the second outfit, and with a happy "sure" tossed over her shoulder, she all but skipped playfully back to the dressing room.

Darren fumbled for his next roll of film. He couldn't believe how anxious he was! He had fucked women who had gone on to be supermodels--what was it about this young girl that made him so distracted he could barely think straight?

As he finally managed to load the camera once more, the answer came to him as Miranda stepped out of the dressing room, now wearing a blue-bordering-turquoise one-piece dress with straps fastening much like the ones on the previous golden dress.

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This time there was a white sash wrapped below Miranda's breastline, although she still wore the black come-fuck-me's. Darren licked his lips as Miranda reclaimed her previous spot against the white background, and he realized her nipples pressed tightly against the blue fabric.

Of course, the dresses he had assigned her permitted no clause for wearing a bra, which would have detracted from the beauty of her photos and her semi-nude back.but he had become so enthralled with Miranda's overall beauty that he had forgotten all about this until he saw her nipples' outline.

His cock hardened further, begging for release as he told her to sit with her back to him and to look back over her shoulder with a smile. Miranda was a good, obedient girl, and did as she was told. Darren imagined her blowing a kiss to him and saying "I love you, Daddy".but instead, all he received was the smile he asked for, and Miranda asking him if this was an okay pose.

Click-click-click-click.He assured her it was, and spent another roll of film on this vision in blue as his cock pounded against the course fabric of his jeans, shedding a tear of precum which dribbled down his leg, begging to be drained into Miranda's virgin pussy.

Finally, realizing it wasn't the studio lights that was causing him to sweat, Darren asked her to change into the last outfit he had prepared. Miranda smiled and nodded, then headed back into the dressing room. Darren exhaled heavily, feeling almost as if he had already fucked her, he was so drained just from the act of desiring her so much. He changed his final roll and checked the time: Miranda's parents had only been gone about forty minutes, so there was plenty of time to still fuck her brains out.if he retained the nerve.

When Miranda came out of the dressing room again, Darren thought he had died and gone to heaven. She now wore a one-piece white dress artfully decorated with little yellow and brown flowers all over it. Light brown spaghetti strings tied at the front around her waist, and the skirt portion of the dress was so short that had Miranda bent over to pick up a quarter, she would have been taking his picture instead! She still wore the black boots, and Darren knew as he absent-mindedly snapped a few pictures, it was time.

"Hold on a second honey," he said as he stopped photographing and walked toward her, "I just need to adjust something with your dress." "Is everything okay?" Miranda said, looking down at her dress self-consciously.

She had been facing the wall, half-turned toward him with that alluring smile he had fallen in love with. Darren nodded and knelt behind her, his face level with her tight, beautifully rounded Asian ass. "Just stay still," he murmured as he took a moment to admire her perfectly fit, slender legs, all wrapped up snugly in the come-fuck-me's. He reached up, at first tugging on the bottom of the skirt, pretending to adjust it. Miranda had paid him no mind and turned to face the wall once more.

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It was only when she felt his right hand slide up her leg and fondle her tight little ass that she gasped and turned to look down at him. "W-what are you doing--?!" But before she could say anything else, Darren's other hand had shot up between her legs, tugging her panties aside and then snaking three of his fingers up and inside her tight snatch, wiggling around inside her!

"STOP!!" Miranda screamed, suddenly terrified of what he was doing. Darren jutted his shoulder forward, knocking against the back of her knee and forcing it to bend, sending Miranda tumbling backward, off-balance. The base of her spine found his other shoulder and Darren moved forward a bit more, resting both of their weight on his knees as he knelt on the floor and Miranda fell backward, forced to grab onto the back of his shirt to keep from going back all the way and slapping her head against the hard floor.

With Miranda bent over his shoulder like a sack of flour, her legs opened automatically as one of her heels slipped and her left leg went off the floor just a bit. Darren switched hands quickly: he pulled his left hand out of Miranda's abruptly wet pussy and held onto her left leg, keeping it off the floor and her off-balance as he snaked his right arm around her other leg and pushed her light blue panties aside once more, giving her a mild panty wedgie.

He pushed his fingers inside her and began to shake them back and forth. The position of their bodies was awkward to say the least, and anyone standing behind them at first glance might have thought they were playing some bizarre game of Twister without a game mat.

"STOP! PLEASE!!" Miranda screamed again, her voice echoing throughout the empty and locked studio as Darren furiously masturbated her, his fingers expertly massaging the walls of her unbelievably tight virgin twat.


Miranda began to cry openly, and Darren couldn't believe that the sound of her little girl voice collapsing into frightened sobs could ever have turned him on so much. He had never raped a female before in his life; but there was such power to be had in just owning someone this way, keeping them so helpless, listening as Miranda's sobs turned into surprised gasps, and her breathing became uncontrolled light panting as her pussy melted at his touch, slicking his fingers with its unanticipated moistness.did she even understand what was happening to her, Darren wondered, as she approached the edge of her first orgasm?

"Uh-uh-huh-hnnn--hmmhhh." Miranda gasped uncontrollably, and her left leg began shuddering in his tight grip. But no; it couldn't happen this way. Darren wanted her to cum with his cock deep inside her, feeling her lack of control beneath him as she exploded a torrent of her hot juices all over his cock as his own member was finally allowed to release its payload into her pussy.he wanted her to know the helplessness and shame of wondering for at least a few weeks whether or not she would be carrying his baby.

As this last thought came to him, Darren found himself hoping desperately that Miranda's parents didn't believe in abortion under any circumstances. The thought of this beautiful little girl breastfeeding his child got him so hard now that he winced as his engorged cock rubbed harshly against his tightened jeans.

"UNGH--!" Miranda grunted as Darren slipped his fingers out of her and dumped her to the floor like an unwanted article of clothing. He turned his head and looked at the beautiful young Vietnamese girl; she lay face down on the floor, her body shaking, her first orgasm barely averted.

She buried her face in her hands and cried like a little child, not understanding why he was doing this, why her body had reacted the way it had, and why a part of her was sad that he had stopped, even though she felt an almost overwhelming amount of shame at being molested in such fashion. Darren stood up and pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the floor beside Miranda.

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Her face was still buried in her hands as she sobbed, not noticing the hint he had dropped her. He then stood over Miranda and unzipped his fly as loudly as he could.

Now Miranda paused in her sobs and slowly turned her head to look up at him; Darren's 7 1/2 inch cock hovered over her ass, a long string of precum slowly dripping toward it as he dropped his pants to the floor, kicked his shoes off and stepped out of the jeans. Miranda could only stare at the thick cock helplessly, mesmerized; she and her friends had talked about what it might feel like to have a penis inside of them, had even joked about it.

But it wasn't until Darren's precum slicked her ass cheek that Miranda snapped out of her trance and realized that she was about to be raped. She bolted up from her prone position and tried to run, hoping to lock herself in the dressing room and use the cell phone she had left with her street clothes, but she wasn't used to running in four-inch heels and stumbled as Darren quickly caught up to her, kneeling over her and grabbing her by the waist, turning her over to face him.

"No! No, don't, please--!" Miranda cried as she began beating her hands against Darren's chest and even slapped him in the face a couple of times. Her blows stung, but to his own surprise, Darren laughed aloud, amused by the antics of his helpless little girl. Miranda seemed to realize how helpless she was, as she found she couldn't wriggle out or simply break free from his strong arms, wrapped so tightly around her back.

She began to sob again as Darren laid her back down on the floor, partly resting his body atop hers as he reached down with one hand, pulling up the little white dress, revealing the panty wedgie, now soaked from the forced moistness of her pussy.

Darren gently pulled the wedgie free and began to kiss the sobbing young girl lightly on her forehead, her cheeks, and her adorable little nose. Gradually, Miranda's sobs lessened. "W-what are you going to do.?" she pleaded, her light brown eyes still lovely, even though they were swollen slightly from crying. "You know what I'm going to do," Darren said quietly, almost tenderly.

"I want to hear you say it. Go on, it's okay." There was almost a minute's pause.


Then Miranda stammered, "Y-y-you're going to.fuck me.?" Darren smiled and nodded. "I can't help it. You are the most fuckable little girl I've ever seen. But it doesn't have to be bad. You're a virgin, aren't you?" At this, Miranda sobbed again, and nodded her head slowly. Darren gently ran a finger through her hair, brushing some of it out of her eyes, bringing her attention fully to him again. "It doesn't have to be bad, my little daughter.

You do what I say, and I promise, you'll never be able to get enough cock to satisfy you." Miranda didn't know what to say to this. Although she had been afraid, it had felt good when his fingers were swishing around inside her, making her vagina feel so warm and.loved, if that was the term for it.

She looked down at Darren's hard cock, which throbbed against her leg, dribbling precum all over it.

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She would be the first of her friends to be able to say she had had sex, and could tell them what it felt like. Her parents never had to know. "W--what do I have to do?" Darren smiled; he loved the inherently obedient nature of Asian woman. "Just open your legs, do as you're told, and let Daddy take care of everything." Miranda thought about it a moment.

"Will we be finished before my parents get back?" Darren smiled again and nodded.

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Miranda nibbled her lower lip anxiously, then slowly opened her legs beneath him. Darren lifted himself off of her, watching her carefully. He had half expected her to kick out at his cock and make a break for it, but she didn't; Miranda lay there still, her legs open, the front of her light blue panties now sopping wet with her eager moistness.

She almost jumped at his touch when he reached down, but managed to remain settled as he gently pulled the dress' straps down off her shoulders and then pulled the top down fully, exposing her absolutely perfect B-cups.

Miranda's quarter-sized nipples were fully erect, and Darren had never seen such a perfect pair of blossoming breasts on any woman. He reached down now and folded her skirt over her waist, just above the waistband of her panties. He told her to lift her butt up, and she immediately did as instructed, allowing him to pull her panties down around her legs, to just above the top of her come-fuck-me's. Miranda bent her legs, having glimpsed this act in sex scenes from various movies.

Darren put his hands on her knees and spread her legs further apart as she moved in between them, positioning his cock at the opening of her hot little hole. He laid down on top of her and told her to wrap her arms around him, which she did. Without warning however, he shoved his cock in all the way, snapping her hymen apart and almost feeling himself let loose inside her instantly at the joyful pain of almost going deaf as Miranda screamed her virginal loss in his ear. She began crying again, and Darren felt her warm juice and light blood flow mingle around his cock, which throbbed with anticipation within her.

"It's okay, baby," he whispered in her ear. "It only hurts a moment. You'll get used to the feel of my cock inside you, and then the fun begins." "Fun--!?!" Miranda shouted at him as she looked up into his eyes with anger and pain. He moved to kiss her, but she turned her face away from him. Darren roughly grabbed her chin and turned her forward once more, pressing his lips harshly against hers.

Miranda tried to push him off of her, but Darren pushed his cock up inside her again, forcing her mouth open in a shocked gasp. He immediately took advantage of the opportunity and plunged his tongue inside her mouth, rubbing it harshly against her own in an attempt to get her to understand that every inch of her--every single inch--was now his property.

Darren reached down, roughly grabbing Miranda's thighs and throwing her legs up and around his waist as he began pushing deeply inside her, fucking Miranda in long, slow strokes. Miranda continued to fight, slapping her little fists against his shoulders and grumbling in protest under his mouth.but as Darren kept sliding in and out and back inside her gently, Miranda's struggles lessened.

Before long, the little Vietnamese cutie had unwittingly wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, her tongue mingling playfully with his own, and she was sure to keep her legs locked in place around Darren's waist as he slid inside her tight pussy with increasingly fervent strokes. For his part, Darren was in heaven; Miranda's pussy was the tightest he had ever had out of all his partners, and her slowly acquiescing obedience helped to harden his cock more than it had ever been before; and he was well-known for being able to harden considerably in the presence of model pussy.

"Mmmm.mmmmm.mmmmmmm." Miranda slowly began to moan into Darren's mouth as their tongues mingled, Miranda's own ceding control and following the direction of his own like a good little partner. Her tight pussy clamped ferociously around his cock, to the point that Darren almost couldn't get it inside her all the way. It wasn't resisting the filling sensation of his prick in the slightest; it was just that now that Miranda's pussy had gotten used to having Darren's cock inside, it didn't want to let it go.

Darren pulled his mouth away from Miranda's long enough to watch her bend her neck in unbridled happiness as she drifted away into her own world of sensual pleasure, feeling her new white master's cock stir inside her, touching every secret spot she never knew she had.

He lowered his mouth to her breasts, flicking his tongue over her hardened nipples and sucking on the tits he hoped would one day be nursing their little bastard. He sucked on one breast as he fondled another, then switched his mouth to the other and played with the spit-slicked other one. Finally, he wrapped his arms tightly around Miranda's back and lifted her up as he sat back on his own legs. The shock of repositioning and the abruptness of Darren's cock sliding in deeper from this new stance forced a sharp gasp out of Miranda's mouth, but she quickly adjusted to being sat down on his lap.

She smiled joyfully, amazed that being forcibly taken like this could feel so good--! She held on tightly as Darren began bouncing her up and down on his cock, which was now suitably slicked with her pussy juice so that it produced a wet slapping sound as he lifted her up and down.

She wanted to chuckle somewhat at the sound, but she felt so good as he fucked her that she couldn't do anything but moan in ecstacy. "Call me 'Daddy'," Darren ordered her as he bounced her up and down on his cock. "Daddy!" Miranda moaned happily as she felt a new warmth spread throughout her whole body.

She could feel that wonderful sensation approaching, the one she had felt when he had shoved his fingers inside her earlier, but this one felt so much better--! "Ahh.AAHH!! OhhHH.Daddeeeee---!" Miranda cried out, her voice carrying widely within the privacy of the large studio, her pussy exploding as the excitement of her first orgasm flourished within her, even as she felt Darren's cock blow its load deep inside her, a great rush of sperm shooting up inside her like a hot geyser, coating the walls of her pussy, with Miranda so overwhelmed as her body shuddered gratefully, she didn't give a moment's thought to the possibility that Darren's seed might even now be fertilizing one of her eggs, knocking her up.

Miranda collapsed against Darren, her head resting on his shoulder as he now leaned back on his ass, letting her rest her entire body against his, overjoyed as the sweat from their bodies mingled.

He looked down, feeling his cock throb eagerly inside her as he spied some of his sperm mixed with her pussy juice slowly dribbling down from inside her to moisten the base of his rock-hard prick. He wanted something new from her now, and gently slapped her on her little ass to bring her attention back to him.

"Get up, baby." Miranda shook her head no. She couldn't believe how much she enjoyed the sensation she had just experienced; she didn't want it to end now.

"I'm going to fuck you again, but it's time for you to learn a new lesson," he told her. Miranda looked at him doubtfully a moment, but then braced her hands against his shoulders as she slowly lifted her amazingly wet pussy from around his hardened shaft. Her legs almost gave way under her, and he had to catch her at the waist to keep her from falling. Darren held onto her as he got to his feet, then shared a deep, passionate kiss with his no-longer-virgin girlfriend.

As they broke away, he wiped tears of happiness from her eyes. "Kneel down, sweetheart. It's time you learned how to suck a cock." Miranda glanced down at his slicked cock, then looked back at him and smiled happily.


She dropped to her knees at once, and Darren patiently instructed her how he liked to have his dick sucked. Miranda listened to him carefully, almost as if she were in school paying strict attention to one of her teachers in order to get a homework assignment right. She licked her lips in anticipation, then got to work kissing his prick from the base of the shaft upward. She wrapped her slender little fingers around Darren's pole, stroking it lightly as she stared at the tip of the head and talked to it, calling it "baby" and assuring it that she was going to do her best to take care of it.

She topped off her conversation with her new daddy's dick by kissing the head lightly twice, then opening her mouth and slowly slipping it inside. For a first timer, Miranda actually sucked cock very well, better than Darren had expected. She was able to fit just over six inches of his cock into her mouth and partway down her throat before she began gagging, but twisted her head to the side slightly and angled his cock downward in such a way that she was able to fit a full seven inches in.

Her eyes popped wide momentarily as she achieved this feat, but she closed them and kept stroking Darren's cock as she slowly worked his cock around in her mouth, her tongue massaging its underside as she sucked it almost as good as a five year veteran Ho Chi Minh hooker. Finally, Darren couldn't hold back any longer under the almost unbearable pleasure from Miranda's loving oral attention.

He blasted a load of hot cum into her mouth, and her beautiful brown eyes went wide again as she tried her best to swallow every drop. She couldn't fully manage it however.gagging, she pulled back, letting Darren's cock slip out from between her lips. Holding the base himself however, he aimed it and finished partially on her face, hot sticky strands of cum splattering all over her lips and chin and dabbling her nose as Miranda coughed harshly, trying to get a legitimate breath in.

Darren grapsed the coughing girl's shoulder, sitting her back up a bit, and jerked off on her tits, his white moistness dripping down her cleavage as Miranda looked up at him, drained and helpless as she finally managed to get her coughing under control and breathed in great gasps of air before being able to breathe normally again.

"You are such a fucking good little girl," he complimented her, amazed at how pliable she had become to his will, and how easily she accepted becoming little more than his own sperm receptacle. He knelt down and held onto her waist, gently turning her around so that her back was to him as Miranda tried to wipe some of his sperm off her face with one hand. He got her onto all fours, then positioned his still-hard cock at the entrance to her heavenly gate once more.

Holding tightly onto her hips, Darren told her again what a good little girl she was. He thought of asking Miranda if she was enjoying herself, but selfishly, he didn't care; he knew from her reaction so far that she was enjoying her entry into the world of sexuality, but all that really mattered to Darren was how much cum he could get inside of her before he was satisfied. With that in mind, and his cock remaining stiffened by the prospect of tasting Miranda's moist pleasure once more, Darren slowly slid his cock inside her soft, wet mistress yet again, feeling his cock fairly vibrating in anticipation with each soft moan his little girl let out.

Finally, with his shaft all the way in up to the balls, Darren began pounding away furiously, his balls slapping against Miranda's tight little ass as she cried out in pleasure, edging Darren on with pleas of "Fuck me, Daddy! Please, fuck me more Daddy, please!" Darren wasn't about to deny his little girl her request.

He reached around, grabbing Miranda's tits and fondling them consistently as he pumped his cock into her like a runaway jackhammer.

After nearly fifteen minutes of riding her like a prize pony, Darren felt his cock build up and then let loose with a steaming rush of hot cum inside her. "Fuck!" Darren shouted, feeling as if his cock was draining completely of every last ounce of sperm he had as he filled up his little cumslut.

The two of them collapsed together, spent, their sweaty bodies sticking together under the heat of the studio lights.

They remained that way for almost ten minutes, his hand finding hers and their fingers entwining. Eventually Darren realized that the 2 hours was almost up, and he hastily pulled out of Miranda, ordering her to get up, wipe herself off with a towel that was in the dressing room, and change back into her street clothes. Before she did, she stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his lips.

"I love you, Daddy," she said sweetly, some of her innocence and naivete maintained. "I know, baby," Darren replied. He didn't love her in the slightest; for him, she was just a new fucktoy to be used as needed. But he knew that now that Miranda had gotten her first taste of cock, she had a fire ignited in her that only further sex lessons from him could help manage. "I love you too, sweetie," he lied, further reeling her in.

Miranda skipped happily into the dressing room and went about cleaning up. Her parents arrived only about ten minutes later, but by then Miranda and Darren were both dressed, and the young girl couldn't gush enough about what a great photographer Darren was and how pleased she was with her session. Darren promised to have the photos developed within a couple days, and Miranda told her parents that if they gave her the money, she could stop by to pick them up and save them the trouble.

They agreed to this, shook hands with Darren, and as they left, Darren's cock couldn't help but throb in his pants as Miranda's fairly attractive mother almost slipped on some spermy residue on the floor. "My gosh, I'm so sorry," Darren said quickly. "I don't know what that is, but I'll be sure to clean it up." Miranda had to stifle a giggle as her parents reassured Darren it was no problem; they were just happy their little princess was satisfied with her session.