Classy milf rims her new stepdaughter

Classy milf rims her new stepdaughter
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Because of all the positive feedback, I've created a second part! Thank you to all those who commented and/or gave a positive rating!

And, if I continue to get such encouraging results, I'll begin to write a third part as well. If you have any suggestions or advice, please leave a comment and let me know. <3 linky_fangs The Sixth Prince - Part 2 Jasmine slowly opened her heavy eyes as the haze of sleep lifted. Messily sprawled out on top of something, she realized she must have rolled over in her sleep. Then, that something expanded, lifting her very slightly upward before shrinking again and softly lowering her. It's breathing!

The demon's sleeping form startled her, drawing reality to her immediate attention. Her blue eyes widened as she scrambled away from the creature in an uncoordinated panic, causing her to fall backwards over the edge of the large bed.

Her arms flung to catch herself, yelping as she hit the cold floor with a dull thud. Izial stirred. Groggily muttering something in a strange demonic language, he sat up and lazily rubbed his dimly glowing eyes before remembering to translate. "Are you alright, my sweet?" He spoke calmly to the fearful human.

Long black strands of her hair had scattered all around her, some messily clinging to her white face. She made no sound or movement; staring back at the handsome grey figure completely stunned. "Calm down; nothing shall harm you as long as you are in my sight or my quarters." He added after waiting for her reply that never came. "You are under my authority and protection until my last breath." The thin silk sheet slid gracefully off his naked body as he turned to face her, "Come here." The dark prince gestured, inviting her into his open arms.

Jasmine eventually felt her panic leave her in a wash of realization. Hauling herself to her knees, she crawled over to his waiting embrace, sleepiness beginning to return to her body. His arms strongly wrapped around her, his scent soothing any doubts and worries still hiding in her mind. Bathed in layers of smoky spices, she breathed deeply while his fingers gently stroked and ran through her smooth hair. "Good girl." He cooed softly. Soon his gaze began to wander around the room, his focus beginning to drift to other things.

Her big eyes peered up at him full of wonder, making him smile and urging him to brush that blue strand of hair out of her face once again. The demon carefully swung the streak back to its preferred place with a swift claw. His fanged smile made her giggle and he quickly kissed her curved lips before she distracted him from attending his routine duties again.

Izial reluctantly pulled her warm body away from his; he needed to get ready and prepare for the day. She watched as he stood up and stretched, gracefully moving his arms into the air, bending left to right, and then arching his back, rolling his head to the side while his tail lazily hung downward, the tip twitching occasionally.

His body was beautiful, carved from flawless stone and dusted in silvery ash. Izial smiled and looked back at her, his eyes vividly coming to life as the remaining dreariness dissipated.

Subconsciously reaching to his head and attempting to tame his messy black hair, he looked her body over before speaking to her, "Have you found my closet yet, you sneaky little human?" His voice came out in a purr, teasing her with a hidden adventure.

Jasmine's eyes twinkled with the challenge. "Not yet!" Jumping to her feet, she quickly searched the room, feeling along the hard black walls for a hidden door. Izial followed behind her, amused. She ran toward the large stone shelves on either side of the cluttered desk and pulled at random objects, hoping that it would unlock a secret room, like on the movies.

Her round breasts bounced with each step. The demon watched her movements closely, his arms held loosely behind his back. Wincing slightly as she began removing figurines and thick books, he took her hands in his and shook his head.

"You should have figured out that I prefer things tidy by now; I would never make it necessary to dismantle my arrangements. Here, I'll show you." He stood beside the table, reaching out and setting his hand on the side of the storage unit.

With a small push, it swung away from the wall, revealing an eerie dark passageway. Izial read the intimidated expression on her face before remembering that he hadn't provided light in there for her.

Her eyes followed his hands as he stepped closer to the table, grabbing hold of a wax rod and melting it in his hand. Gracefully forming it around a thick string, which was cut to length using his claws, he sculpted a beautiful, spiral shaped candle that sparkled silver. Snapping his claws together above his creation, he sparked a flame that greedily engulfed the wick. "This is for you." He chuckled, handing her the candle and then happily leading her down the dark hallway.

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Jasmine hurried after him, constantly scanning the scrolling area that her flickering light illuminated. Everything was carved out of volcanic rock and had been left bare; blank of anything interesting.

However, Izial's tail caught her eye; he kept brushing against it curiously along the dull walls. His ass was also attention grabbing; firm, cute, and muscular. Jasmine smiled naughtily to herself. The passageway was short and narrow, opening up into a room much smaller than the main bedroom.

She spotted four old fashioned, but very well made, chests pressed against the walls in pairs.

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A large silver mirror stood in between them while a thick round table sat firmly in the center of the room. The prince strutted openly toward them, not caring that he was completely naked. When he moved to the side and crouched to open a chest, Jasmine noticed her own naked reflection staring back at her and reflexively covered her plump breasts with her arm.

She had gotten so used to being naked that she forgot her most private areas were fully exposed. Sensing her movement, Izial looked back at her and then returned his gaze to the task at hand, continuing to rummage through the trunk as he spoke.

"Are you not pleased with your body, Jasmine?" his demonic accent warped the pronunciation of her name slightly. The question caught her by surprise. "Uh, no, it's just that." She trailed off and grew quiet, not quite sure how to answer.

Turning to face her with a puzzled look on his face, he continued, "You shouldn't be ashamed of your body. And, you have no reason to hide it from me." His eyes were green again and shone in the dim candlelight, a fine ring of red developing around the pupil. The shapely woman slowly released her breasts, softly bouncing on her chest once before settling, though her nipples had hardened again and stubbornly remained that way.

She smiled at his protectiveness and dominance; it was cute how he acted in charge and enforced himself. "I'm just not quite used to it yet." "You don't need to be, but that's no reason to hide yourself." His eyes narrowed. "I will not allow you to wander around my kingdom in your natural state.

However, you may dress as you please in my quarters. Your body is for my eyes only." His face softened a bit as he got back on track to his purpose of bringing her here.

"While you were recovering, I had clothing specially designed to fit your body." He gestured to the far chest with his hand. "Pick something out; I wish to show you around my kingdom soon." His eyes sparkled with pride, the red melting away.

Setting the candle on the polished surface of the table, Jasmine approached the chest with curiosity. What could they look like? The lid lifted open with ease, revealing several neatly folded black gowns, each one expertly embellished with detailed silver lines and patterns.

She lifted one up, holding it to the light as she inspected it. The material was incredibly well made, soft to the touch and seamless. It ran over her fingers like water, and then slid onto her body perfectly when she tried it on. The style hugged her hips, making them seem sexier, and showed a small bit of cleavage; just enough to let the mind lust of seeing more.

Two long strands of thicker material hung down around her neck like a scarf while the sleeves flared out slightly around her wrists. Elegantly draping around her long legs, the skirt of the dress fell almost to the floor.

When Jasmine peered at herself in the mirror, she was awestruck. Enhancing her feminine figure, it vastly emphasised her best features and made her appear more beautiful than she ever thought she could be.

It felt astonishingly comfy too; she never knew she could wear something so flattering and still feel like she was wearing pyjamas.

Momentarily forgetting he was there, Jasmine gasped a little when Izial hugged her from behind and kissed her neck tenderly. "I'm pleased that you like them," He purred softly in her ear, "And the mirror as well; I had it made just for you." A little confused, she leaned her head against his cushy cheek and murmured, "I thought it was yours." "It is under my possession, yes, but it is of no use to me.

I encourage you to view it as your own." She felt him nuzzle her sweetly. "Why don't you use it?" She questioned. "I am a demon." He replied with a slight chuckle. "My kind has lived in the dark for hundreds of generations and has evolved accordingly to function without light." A thin tail wandered under her dress, lifting the fabric up and stroking her leg.

The prince's breath rolled over her shoulder as he sighed, continuing to rub the tip against her even skin in small playful flicks. "Then how do you see?" She giggled, already having an idea; his tail was wandering higher, tracing designs all over her body.

He smiled, quite distracted, creating a small pause before he explained, "As you may have noticed, my eyes create a bioluminescence that glows, allowing me to see items placed near my face. It has also preserved my ability to have sight much like yours under Earth's conditions.

However," He paused to smell her hair and brush his tail along her ass cheek, "Our main way is through touch, which has developed rapidly and continues to improve to this day. The most developed areas on our bodies have naturally collected high amounts of blood in them in order to function. This is why my ears, tail, and erect penis appear darker; my blood is silver in colour." A wicked smile grew on her face as an idea struck her, "Oh is that so?" Before Izial could reply, she had his tail entwined in her fingers, lightly brushing the arrow shaped end with the pads of her fingertips.

A sharp gasp escaped his lips and Jasmine could feel him flip his appendage back and forth in her hands, trying to wiggle free. "Naughty girl." He snickered, holding her tight and nibbling her earlobe with his fangs. Her delicate hands excited the sensitive surface quite quickly, making him breathe faster; his mind and heart speeding up involuntarily. Sneakily drawing the captured bundle of energy to her mouth, she extended her tongue and lightly ran it up from bottom to tip.

He shuddered, moaning strongly near her ear and then sliding his tongue down to the base of her neck. Something stiff prodded her through her thin gown near her bum. Smiling, she released his tail and spun around, locking lips with him and rubbing his enlarged member against her silky covering. Izial closed his eyes and kissed her back, fondling her thinly covered breasts with enthusiasm. His tongue blushed against her lips, coaxing her mouth open.

Jasmine became aroused herself as their tongues danced and fought for dominance in wet heat and playful suction. The prince gradually broke away, lifting her face close to his in the candlelight. "Once you've got me started, there's no turning back." His fangs showed in his grin, "Now you must bring me to my release." His face was serious yet filled with naughty intent. "As you wish, my prince." She responded with a wink.

His hand being pulled by hers, Izial swiftly followed her down the small hallway as she lead him back out to the brightly lit main room. "Here is your seat." She pointed to the tall, throne-like chair he had beside the bed. He leisurely sat down on the comfy cushion, curling his tail around his waist and laying it on his thigh as he leaned back.

His mind pondered her intentions; this was his study chair, though richly intricate in style, it was previously used strictly for research and reading only. Standing just out of reach, the human girl slowly began to touch herself, letting her hands glide through her long black hair, slip down her shoulders, hugging herself, and then slowly drag across the beautiful dress down to her hips.

Taking her time, she weaved her hands downward along her leg until her ankle and then gracefully ran her fingers back up, taking the thin fabric with them.

Going painfully slow, she revealed her silky white skin inch my inch and taunted her audience with it, caressing her exposed body with care and temptation.

The demon watched with fascination, his eyes full of sinful desire. The strong urge he quickly developed to stroke himself to the suggestive displays she performed was almost too much for him to bear. Once she pulled the flowing gown over top her head and shamelessly threw it behind her, she posed and pawed at him sexily.

Izial couldn't look away; he was completely captivated and rock hard; massive cock standing at attention between his legs. He couldn't help but smile dominantly as she knelt at his feet and kissed up from his feet to his knee and then along the inside of his thigh; he loved having others follow his orders by command and place him in a position of power. Jasmine gently scooped one of his balls into her warm mouth and sucked playfully at the loose skin, coating it in her slick saliva.

Her hands grasped the base of his cock as mouthed his sack, rubbing strongly up and down the thick shaft. Then, his ball was released gently. She continued to lap at the wet skin with her tongue before moving onto his other testicle and repeating the process. Izial set his arms on the thickly padded arms of his chair and felt his tail twitch a couple times from the intense pleasure that the creative young woman stirred up inside him.

Once done with his balls, her lush lips engulfed his dark head and bobbed steadily up and down, taking in as much of his size as she could and pumping the rest with her fists to the same rhythm. The demon growled and humped her face, lightly pressing a palm against the top of her head; encouraging her to take it further. Her mouth over flowed with drool from his fat member and leaked down to her hands, lubricating his shaft thoroughly and allowing her to increase her pace dramatically.

As she gained momentum, Izial shut his eyes, focusing on her enchanting technique.

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She looked up at him as she worked, her blue eyes crinkled at the corners from a smile as she attacked his erection with an animalistic hunger. The heat and anticipation that had been stored in his sac rushed up through his hard cock and erupted out the top just as Jasmine pulled his length out of her mouth. His moan of ecstasy filled the air as his hot cum gushed out onto her face; bursts of white semen climbed from her chin to her forehead while others fell across her cheeks.

Immersed in rapid spasms of pleasure, the prince leaned back and lifted his chin up, trying to catch his breath. Slowly coming down from the rush, he relaxed and closed his eyes; focusing on the intense sensation until it faded away. With a sigh, he opened his lashes and looked down at the cum covered girl, who was cutely examining his semen and then glancing back up at him with a proud smile.

He laughed, leaning down and kissing a clean patch on her face. "Thank you. I shall reward you for your service later tonight." He winked at her with a naughty grin. "Sounds like a deal." She giggled, imagining the possibilities of what he could be planning. As he rose to his feet, she scooted out of his way and stood up as well.

"Umm." She looked at him, her face and hands coated in his thick produce. He smiled at her and pointed to the white cloth on the nightstand, "I am going to dress.


You can use that to clean yourself up. Make sure to put your clothing back on before I return." Nodding her head, she quickly scampered toward the clean white square of fabric while Izial silently walked back into the dimly lit entrance. The fluid on her face seeped into the cloth without a trace as she carefully wiped it away. Sighing and closing her eyes, she focused on the feel of the smooth, wet texture of the semen being absorbed by the soft pad.

Once cleaned up, the naked woman retrieved her outfit, picking up the silky pile. With one swift motion, she lifted it over her head and released it, letting the sexy gown fall over her shoulders and down her curves once more. She excitedly spun around, making the long skirt flare out in a fluttering circle. Seeing a dark figure emerge from the hidden room behind the shelves, she stood still and smiled. Izial! Happily returning, he was dressed in something similar to a tuxedo without the tie; long black pants with a silver, slim fitting jacket detailed in large black symbols.

This time he wore a plain shirt underneath, hiding his muscular body. The prince had groomed his hair nicely, every dark lock falling perfectly into place.

His eyes sparkled green as he sauntered out, glowing with pride. "Are you ready?" He asked, his gaze tracing the shape of her body as he spoke, pleased with the elegant effect that her gown created.

As she opened her lips to reply, her tummy growled, emitting a long deep rumble. Izial's ears twitched as he immediately tried to track the foreign sound. "What in hell?" Jasmine sheepishly covered her belly with her hands. "I'm hungry." "Yes, but," He snapped before realizing her comment was related to the sound.

"Oh, is that what that was?" "Mhm." She giggled at his stunned expression, and then groaned. "And I feel like I haven't eaten in days." Sighing in relief and lightly laughing to himself, he looked toward the main door. "Actually you haven't properly eaten a week to be precise." She gasped and felt as if her stomach was trying to digest itself.

"I shall order us our waking meal." She smiled at his unique language. "You mean breakfast?" "I believe that is what your people call it, yes." He noted, proceeding to approach the large blocked entranceway.

"I forgot the potion I gave you would wear off soon." He added, swatting his tail at the brail panel, which was positioned where the handle should be. "Potion?" Shock and fear mixed in with her voice.

The demon chuckled as the door opened, sliding sideways into the wall. "Yes, you may not remember, but I fed it to you when you first awoke. It provided your body with a steady supply of nutrients and medicine to aid in your recovery." "Oh," she responded, recalling the hazy event.

As the demon leaned out into the open doorway and called out loudly in his native tongue, Jasmine curiously hid behind him, peeking out to see what exactly he was doing. Two pairs of yellow eyes were soon visible, getting larger as they grew nearer. Izial stood tall as the two demon servants came into view and halted, at attention and awaiting orders.

A quickly paced conversation broke out. Unable to comprehend the language, she just stared at whoever was making noise. Though she couldn't understand what he was saying, she could tell that the prince was in charge; he was the loudest, seeming slightly angered, and the other two submissively looked at the floor in his presence.

Soon they scampered off. Izial turned to face her. "Our meal had not been made ahead of time as I arranged upon your arrival," He frowned from annoyance.

"But it shall be prepared immediately. Three demons had been killed and captured while on harvest duty, causing a delay in supplies." He informed her. Not sure how to reply to his neutral expression, she went on her toes and kissed him. "It will be alright, Izial." A faint smile formed on his lips. "I'm grateful it doesn't disappoint you.


there is nothing in my power I could have done." "It's really not such a big deal, is it?" She curiously asked. "Yes, it is. I'm beginning to feel hungry myself." He muttered, "And I hate it when my direct orders are not carried out, especially when it makes me wait for items as simple as my own damn food." "It won't be long." She tried to cheer him up, but her voice quivered slightly from his anger. His eyes found hers, swirled with blue, green, and ringed in red.

He must be feeling mixed emotions about this. The demon pulled out of her grasp politely and headed toward the storage unit, luring a book down into his hands with a gesturing flick of the wrist. Jasmine noticed his tail hung free in the air, uncontained by his clothing, and swung actively as he carried the stuffed book in both hands toward his study chair. Sitting down and loudly flipping pages, he formally crossed his legs.

She couldn't help but giggle to herself. My, he's quite the creature. Admiring her quiet lover, the young human soon grew curious and strolled over to him, hoping to learn all about what he was reading. He heard her presence drawing near and swiftly shut the book, looking up at her. Jasmine paused, a little suspicious. "What are you doing?" "I was looking up ancient texts." was his reply. "Can I see?" She half begged. "I wanted to tell you myself." The demon uncrossed his legs and patted his lap, setting the book to the side.

She happily climbed on top of him and waited patiently for him to start. "Did you have any questions in particular?" He began. "Not really.Oh!" She looked up at him. "We're in Hell right now, right? This is the underworld?" "Yes, yes it is." He laughed, "However it isn't really below your world; it is in another dimension completely, which is why I had to take you through a portal to bring you here." Petting his tail and smiling as it reflexively tapped back against her hand, another question came to mind.

"Why is your blood silver?" "It is the mark of being a member of the royal family. Originally a genetic flaw in the first prince, it was eventually passed on through the generations.

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Being part of the sixth generation and the first offspring born with royal blood, I was entitled 'The Sixth Prince of Hell'. My common name is only used by my family, though you may call me Izial as well, for I consider you my mate." He smiled, rubbing the black arrow shaped point of his tail along her cheek.

"I'm honoured." She smiled back, and then unfocused her gaze, imagining what lay in the pitch black beyond the door. "So you have siblings then?" "Yes, three, and I'm sure you will be introduced shortly, whether intentional or not. We share no connections other than genetics, for we were raised separately." He said without emotion, "Although I do know them well, as expected of me." "What are they like?" Jasmine managed to say before abruptly being ignored and gently lifted off the demon's lap.

His dark, pointed ears twitched in his hair, calling him to the main entrance of the room. With a swipe of his tail, the thick door rolled open. A female servant, visibly demonic, but not of royal blood, was carrying two large towers of trays in her clawed red hands. Her features were barely visible in the distant candlelight and Izial's thin shadow masked half her body as he let her inside.

Without a word, she was lead to the bed, carefully unstacking the piles of covered food onto the mattress. Giving a quick bow to Izial, and then hesitantly bowing again to Jasmine, she hurriedly left his personal quarters.

The door silently closed behind her, leaving the two alone to eat. The scent was delicious, wafting through the air; savoury and mouth watering spices. Izial was already on the bed, sitting crossed legged and unveiling the dishes. Hunger instinctively pulling her toward the food, she eagerly joined him; her body almost moved on its own. There were several thick, white plates, each holding a different entree. Once he had uncovered all the different items, she saw a heavily dressed and topped salad, a dish of colourful fruit, and the remaining four dishes piled with various meats that were presented in various ways; cut, whole, thin, thick, some burnt, and others barely cooked or left raw.

The prince offered her the salad while he chose a plate for himself and placed it in his lap. His meal consisted of heavily smoked meat generously marinated in what looked to be blood. It trickled down the sides, pooling on the plate and oozing out as he sliced it with his claw.

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She inspected her own dish next. The fresh greens were drenched all over in an orange sauce and heaped with countless earthy coloured cubes of what she assumed to be other vegetables.

How am I supposed to eat this without making a mess and a complete fool out of myself? A puzzled look grew on her face; there were no utensils. Noticing that Izial was halfway done his first helping, she awkwardly pulled at a round leaf on the outer edge of the large plate, trying to scoop it into her mouth.

Half of the toppings slid off and fell back onto the plate with little plops. Lifting the remaining bits into her mouth, the flavour popped once she bit down. It was very bitter and the sauce was sticky, but the cubes were crunchy and contained a powerfully sweet and tangy juice. Her instincts were rapidly overtaking her desire to look attractive; she flipped her hair back out of the way and started shovelling her food into her mouth with both hands, using the leaves as scoops.

Izial watched her sloppily consume her meal while he professionally cut his meat and ate cleanly, staying silent. He bit into the rich morsels with his fangs, letting the salty red liquid pour onto his tongue. Jasmine however, had much difficulty, eating messily with her fingers and constantly getting funny looks from him.

She eventually began to feel hopelessly rude and unworthy. After watching her struggle for a bit, the prince licked his claw clean and cut up her food for her, easily slicing and stacking it, though somewhat visually disgusted by the contents. The young woman sheepishly looked up at him as he pierced a chunk of her meal, holding it up to her mouth to feed her.

Jasmine smiled and blushed, greatly embarrassed, but still greedily took his offering. Izial continued to feed himself with the other hand, offering her part of his meal once hers was consumed. "Try it." She leaned forward and bit the slice of juicy meat, pulling it off his claw and into her mouth.


He smiled at his cute little human, so adventurous and innocent in his eyes. Once both of the plates were clean, they shared two more; one was thinly sliced pork and the other was a beautiful rare steak. Happily content and stomach satisfied, the demon leaned back against the headboard of the bed and tucked a pillow behind his back while Jasmine helped herself to a couple pieces of exotic fruit.

She looked behind her and kindly offered him one with her small fingers, seeing that he had eaten less than her. He laughed and shook his head. "Why didn't you eat any of the vegetables?" She half scolded him. "Well you're the only omnivore in this room." He snickered, raising an eyebrow as he habitually crossed his arms. "Oh." She looked at the remains of the meal sheepishly, sucking on another piece of sweet red fruit.

Realizing that there was no meat left, a pang of guilt hit her heart. She glanced back at the prince, who immediately responded, "I'm full; do not look down on yourself. You only took what I offered; there is no reason to be shameful." "Alright." She said, giving him room to change his response; he didn't look completely full. "I do not joke." He pointed out in serious tone, narrowing his eyes as he watched her.

Jasmine giggled as she munched on the scrumptious fruit chunks. "I was not trying to be funny." He added; trying to correct her like she was a child.

"It wasn't, but you're just so cute when you act official and dominant." She pointed out. "Cute?" Taken aback by the statement, he repeated himself. "You think it's cute?" He seemed appalled by the word. "Mhm," she giggled, setting down her fruit bowl and crawling in front of him. "It's adorably sexy." "It shouldn't be cute or adorable." He said firmly, staring her in the eye.

"It should be." He froze, trying to find the word. The demon frowned and readjusted his position to look professional; he sat up and took impressive posture, his arms defiantly crossed. "I'm not cute." His tail flicked agitatedly in the air. "See?" She snickered, "That's cute." Izial just flashed his fangs at her and growled his protest. She smiled naughtily and sat next to him, stroking his upper arm teasingly, "It's also very charming and elegant," She purred, gradually feeling his tail relax and his shoulders loosen up, his ears listening tentatively.

"I love it when you assert yourself and put my back in my place; it makes me see you through lustful eyes." She continued, "Every woman loves a powerful bad boy, and it looks so good on you." The prince began to smile, enjoying having his ego stroked.

"You sly girl," He purred back at her, "Such a way with words." His tail gently ran across her breast, making her nipple harden.

"But being born as a demon of lust, there is no way for you to be more seductive than I." His body brushed up against her back, taking her breath away. "However, I do have duties. One of them," He paused to place a kiss along her sweetly scented neck, "Is to show you around my palace." Lifting her up in his strong arms, the demon gracefully carried the small young woman off the bed and gently stood her on the ground.

"And the tour starts now."