Have a special care for my cock

Have a special care for my cock
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Breeding station By Homealone_447 Valerie was the rookie of the exploration team. They left her behind to take care of the mothership while the rest of her crew landed on the planet to explore an abandoned space station. The large old structure was not registered in any of the federation charts and it wasn't sending any identification signal as was mandatory for every civilized construction.

The team had been gone for three days and Valerie was bored out of her mind. She just walked around in her underwear feeling sexy, checking the monitors in the command center and hoping this mission would end soon.

Why are they taking so long to check the station? It didn't look that big in the structure scan, Valerie wondered. Suddenly, a blurry image popped on the screen startling Valerie. It was Hanna, one of the youngest on the team and Valerie's best friend.

The signal was weak and the sound of Hanna's voice wasn't clear but it was evident that she was in distress. "Valerie! Are you there?! Can you hear me?" "Hanna! Are you ok?" Valerie responded immediately. "I need your hel…bzzzz…" Hanna's signal started to fade off.

"What? Hanna, I can't hear you…" "…fzzz…ease …you have to get me out of h…bzzffzzz… something is comi…zzzzt." The image vanished. Valerie knew that Hanna was in real trouble and she had to do something fast. Despite her orders to stay put, Valerie jumped in one of the smaller carriers and headed down to the isolated planet. She was scared but her friend was in danger and she couldn't just stay here doing nothing.

She would deal with the consequences later. Valerie thought about Hanna's words… What did she mean when she said "something is coming"? It seemed that Hanna was alone down there. Where the hell was everyone else? Valerie landed near the southeast entrance. As she entered the station, she noticed the old and rusty pipes. It was evident that this place had not been used in a long time but still there was a low humming sound coming from somewhere.

This section is empty. Maybe I should have started the search at the other side, Valerie thought. Not far from the doorway, Valerie found a strange looking object inside a small room adjacent to the main corridor. It appeared to be some sort of plant resembling a large, metallic cocoon. She couldn't tell if it was dead or alive.

Wow! This thing could be worth something. I must tell the others about this… if I can find them.

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While she moved closer to the plant, analyzing its exterior, another menacing creature silently approached Valerie from behind. The surface looks hard, Being so inexperienced with field operations, Valerie became too distracted by the plant. She never realized she was in imminent danger. The monster got closer.

It was some sort of humanoid with long arms and a large mouth full of teeth. He was hungry and he wasn't going to let her escape. The creature stopped right behind Valerie with his clawed hand already in the air, ready to strike a single, fatal hit. Even then, Valerie was still unaware of the monster's presence. She was looking the other way, touching the surface of the plant with her gun.

Maybe it's so old that it got petrified. Suddenly, with a lightning fast movement, the plant opened up and a swift tentacle darted forward, penetrating the monster's chest. Valerie was thrown back to the floor while she tried to understand what was going on… "What the hell!!" She screamed.

The creature screamed painfully as the tentacle plunged deep into his chest and ripped it open. In a matter of seconds, the monster was lying on the ground, dead. Valerie realized in shock what just happened. She had been a fool to let that creature get so close to her. It was a miracle that she was still alive, but maybe not for long… "Where the hell did this thing come from?!" Valerie tried to reach for her gun but she saw the bloody tentacle pulled out from the dead monster's chest and curve on her direction.

She remained quiet and immobile, analyzing her options… This plant saved my life… but maybe just to kill me next. I'll try to slowly get out of here. But the plant was not about to let her go.

It moved its tentacle around Valerie's waist and pulled her closer. "Oh, crap!" The plant began to explore her body, sliding inside her clothes, trying to understand Valerie's body configuration. Another tentacle protruded from the plant's body and lifted her top exposing her right breast. "Hey! Stop that!" After removing her top completely, one more appendage slipped under her shorts and ripped them off. "Shit! This freaking thing is undressing me.

This is not good!" The plant had figured out how Valerie's body worked. With one tentacle firmly wrapped around her waist, it moved the other closer to her crotch… "Oh, no. What the hell is it doing? Don't you dare…" …and penetrated deep into her vaginal cavity, stretching her pussy lips wide to accommodate the thick circumference of the tentacle.

"Ahhh!" The lubricated tentacle began to twist and stretch within Valerie's pussy. The pain from the sudden penetration quickly subsided as her body got used to the uncommon size of the flexible phallus.

After a few minutes of being ravished by this alien plant, Valerie was more than surprised to realize that she was beginning to enjoy the pumping motion of the rubbery appendage. Every penetration felt better than the previous one while the young woman moaned in rhythm with the forceful strokes. "Ahh! God! I can't believe I'm enjoying this" Valerie was a little disappointed when she felt a sudden emptiness as the tentacle withdrew from her pussy and moved behind her. She was forced to bend over and when she looked back, her heart jolted as she saw two tentacles ready to plug into both of her holes.

Valerie gasped just before the large phalluses penetrated her deeper than she thought possible! Valerie opened her eyes wide. Her mouth also opened but no sound came out. She remained motionless, trying to cope with the astonishing feeling of the fat tentacles squirming inside of her body.

Soon, the plant's appendages resumed their rhythmic motion, one in opposite direction from the other, in, out, in, out, fast and hard. Despite the awkward situation, the young explorer felt a hint of pleasure spark again within her loins as she found her voice again, shamefully moaning in response.

"Ahh, ahh…" An hour later, Valerie couldn't care less about where she was. Her last thread of shame was long gone and she was certain that an orgasm was approaching fast. She wanted it. She almost couldn't wait for it… At last, she exploded in a powerful climax!!

Everything became blurry. Her pussy and ass twitched spasmodically around the rubbery tentacles, which kept pumping her body relentlessly, prolonging the delightful pleasure until it became unbearable and she collapsed to the floor.

***** While Valerie recovered from the overwhelming orgasm, the plant's tentacles wrapped around her legs. The pretty woman lifted her head, worried that the horny plant wanted another session. What she saw made her heart shudder with fear… A mouth like tentacle emerged from the center of the plant and approached her in a menacing manner.

"Oh my God! It's going to eat me!!" The toothless mandible got closer while Valerie tried desperately to pull away but the tentacles had a firm grip on her legs. "This is no way to die! I knew it was too good to be true…" But the plant was not planning to eat her. The special tentacle attached firmly to her pussy and seconds later, Valerie felt many tiny tendrils caressing her pussy lips and pulling them apart.

"Ehh?" The confused woman let out a gasp, both from relief and from the pleasurable feeling on her clit. But she didn't relax for long. Valerie saw a big swelling that moved within the tendril. The tentacle sections expanded to let some round object slide through the hollow tube in her direction. "Oh, no!! What is that?" Moments later, Valerie felt something pushing at her pussy and spreading her wider than ever before, until the mysterious object slipped into her lubricated cavity.

Her belly swelled slightly to accommodate the strange thing. The pretty woman watched a second lump slide towards her through the tentacle… Oh God!

Here comes another one. In despite of this, her pussy jolted with anticipation as if it had a life of its own. Valerie couldn't deny the enjoyable feeling of the tiny tendrils wrapped around her pussy lips and her clitoris, pulling them open to allow the new slippery object slowly penetrate her body, stretching her love canal wide and forcing her womb to elongate and expand.

Valerie's eyes rolled up as her second orgasm of the night went off, starting in her pussy and spreading all over her trembling body. Moments later, Valerie lay unconscious on the floor while the plant continued its work, undisturbed by the subject's condition. ***** A while later, Valerie woke up, not sure where she was.

She felt tired and heavy. A quick look around helped her remember. I better get away from here before this thing decides to go for another round.

I can't believe this. A freaking plant got me pregnant! Well, better this than killed by that horrible monster. When Valerie was a few hundred yards away from the plant, she evaluated her situation. Maybe she should go back to the mothership and call for help. But Hanna needed her and she couldn't leave her behind like that…Then she realized that she had forgotten her gun!

Shit! The gun! The hell with it… I'm not going back there! "Ouch!! Something is moving inside my belly!" The scared woman started to feel contractions in her pelvic area, first mild and soft but increasingly stronger.

Then she felt fluid dribbling down her thighs. "Oh crap! I'm leaking something!" Valerie felt her vaginal cavity expand as one of the objects that rested in her womb, traveled down her body and protruded between her lubricated pussy lips. "Shit! I'm giving birth to some…thing. It's so big!!" It was an egg! A round, greenish, slimy egg was being pushed out of Valerie's pussy, moving inch by inch with each powerful contraction.

The slim woman was in shock, as a mixture of pain and pleasure cluttered her mind. The wider section of the egg was already out and only one last contraction was necessary to push it free. At last, the egg splashed down to the floor within the puddle of thick slime that cushioned its fall.

Valerie looked down as she recuperated from the stressful birth. "It's a freaking egg! Or maybe it's a seed considering it was a plant that put it inside of me." Valerie was quick to put things together and realized what her role was in the bizarre ordeal she was going through.

Now I get it. The plant saved my life by killing that monster just because it needed me. It is using me to spread it's seeds around the same way earth plants use birds and other animals. Shit! I just hope it didn't put too many of them inside of me. Valerie kept walking and reached another section of the station. She froze in astonishment at the scene she bumped into. "Oh, my God!" One of the crewmembers, Abigail, was being ravished by a large, reptile-like, monster.

"Abigail!! Oh, God! The monster is fucking her!" Surprisingly, instead is trying to fight it, Abigail seemed to be enjoying it immeasurably. She grabbed one of her breasts while the creature thrust hard at her pussy. Is she moaning from pleasure? He's pumping her so hard, it's gonna break her in two. Then, the creature turned it's head… Oh Shit! The monster is looking at me!!" Be brave Valerie. Don't make sudden moves… After Valerie realized that the monster was a lot more interested in fucking her friend than attacking her, she started to walk very slowly beside them, trying to get to the other side of the room.

How can she take that enormous cock inside of her? She is so besieged, that she doesn't even know I'm here. The creature followed Valerie's every move but never stopped pounding Abigail's body, even as he shifted her to a different position. "Jesus! He is manipulating her like a rag doll" I wonder how long this monster's cock is. I can almost see Abigail's belly being pushed out with every stroke. On the other side of the hall, Valerie stared at her friend's exertions for a moment.

She imagined having that enormous phallus inside of her, pumping in and out, hard and deep. Her pussy stirred involuntary just thinking about it. Abigail didn't need to imagine anything. She could feel the monster's cock penetrating her body as deep as possible. At that moment she didn't care who it was or what it was that ravished her so delightfully. She just wanted it to go on forever… But nothing lasts forever.

The monster shoved his cock one last time and exploded in ecstasy, filling her womb with so much sperm that it sprayed out from her pussy in every direction. As Abigail felt the hot fluid churning and flowing inside of her, she reached her own overwhelming orgasm.

"Ahhhhg…" Valerie watched the scene with incredulity and decided to move on. There was nothing she could do to help her friend and she wasn't even sure that Abigail wanted to be helped at all. I better go.

I don't want this monster to consider the possibility of having a threesome. The hall led to a narrower passage that was blocked by a door. "How the hell can I open this?" Suddenly, Valerie felt another jolt in her belly.

"Oh crap! Not again…" Her contractions increased in strength and frequency while another egg began to slide down the girl's vaginal cavity, rubbing and expanding her inner walls. Valerie was surprised to learn that it felt a lot more pleasurable than the previous time, as if her body was adapting to the situation. Valerie's pussy lips twitched around the slippery egg, keeping it trapped for a moment, lingering half way in, half way out… …Until both the egg and the woman collapsed to the floor.

"Shit! I hope it was the last one." Unexpectedly, the door opened automatically; leading to another hall similar to the first one. This place is certainly big. The explorer entered the next room and the first thing she saw, was an alien woman with blue skin strapped to a chair inside an insulation room. She had seen that species before. "Wow! A Sirkalian woman! What the hell is she doing here?" Valerie approached the glass window that separated the main corridor from the room.

She looks pregnant like I was. Maybe the alien plant got to her too. But why is she inside this room? She is just staring up at the ceiling. She seems to be under some sort of trance.

Something very strange is going on in this station. Without any warning, a swift tentacle smashed against the thick-glass window scaring Valerie. "Ahh!" The glass was strong enough to resist the strike and to keep the creature contained inside but Valerie took a step back anyway.

"What the hell?!" She watched as a weird monster that looked like a green tube with tentacles all over its body, turned around and got closer to the mesmerized alien woman. The creature climbed on top of the chair and aligned one of its tentacles with the woman's pussy. "Shit! The monster is going to fuck her. So that's why she is pregnant!" As the Sirkalian woman felt the tentacle penetrating her, she moved for the first time, opening her eyes wide and letting out a loud gasp.

"Damn! She is awake!" The alien woman moaned and shivered from the feeling of the creature's tentacle squirming and twisting inside of her, searching, feeling. The monster was just making sure that everything was developing correctly in her womb. Valerie observed the scene behind the safety of the thick glass. She started to see a pattern in all that had happened so far. This is so freaking weird!

Everything in this station has something to do with sex. I can only imagine what is growing inside of that poor woman.

Inside the enthralled woman's womb, a small replica of the monster shifted to a different position and snuggled in the warm comfort of its temporary home. Valerie kept moving… I have to find Hanna before something like this happens to her. She climbed down to a lower level and as she turned her head she saw something that filled her with joy… Another crewmember, Madison, was walking calmly in her direction.

Valerie couldn't be happier to see a familiar face. Someone that could explain to her what was going on and where was everyone else … "Maddy! I'm so happy to see you. Are you ok? Where is everyone?" …or so she thought. Madison walked closer to her with an expressionless face.


It only took Valerie a second to see a small tendril hanging over Madison's chest. Valerie followed the tendril with her eyes, and soon realized that there was something attached to the back of her friend's skull.

"Oh my God! Madison! What's that on your head?!" Madison didn't respond to that or any other question. She just stood there like a zombie, waiting for Valerie to move out of her way. Valerie waved a hand in front of Madison's face, hoping for some reaction… "Hey!

Can you hear me??" But the only answer she got was a hasty strike from the tendril that passed inches from her hand! "Fuck!" After that, Valerie decided to step aside and Madison robotically walked forward. That thing on the back of her head has complete control of her. I better follow them. Maybe she'll lead me to Hanna. But Madison didn't go far. Just a few steps ahead, she knelt down to the floor and waited.

What is she doing? Valerie wondered. The answer came quickly! An enormous scorpion-like creature walked closer to Madison. It moved slowly, without any hurry, as if he knew that his mate would wait for him as long as necessary. Valerie tried unsuccessfully to pull her friend away. "Shit!! Come' on Maddy! Let's go!!" When the monster got too close, Valerie took a few steps back and watched as the bug's tail curved down and approached Madison's pussy.

Valerie was almost certain about what was going to happen next and she decided to stay. Maybe she could help her friend afterwards. Jesus! I hope it doesn't kill her with that thing! The tip of the bug's tail opened up to let out a fat proboscis… Oh God! …that penetrated Madison's pussy with a single forceful stroke! Madison barely made a sound but her eyes rolled up into her head, a clear indication that her numbed mind was still able to feel everything.

After just a few minutes of strong fucking, the monster sprayed a big gush of sperm inside Madison's cavity. Valerie could hear the fluid bubbling inside her friend's body and it was even stranger when a little trickle of semen rolled down Madison's opened mouth. "This is fucking impossible!" After her body was completely full, Madison sat on the metallic floor and remained immobile for a moment. Her eyes fluttered for a few seconds and then… What is she doing now?

…she lay on the floor facing up. The smaller creature detached from the back of her head and carefully walked across her chest and belly. The little bug turned around and inserted its tale deeply inside Madison's flooded pussy. Valerie could clearly distinguish something sliding inside the bug's tale towards her friend's body. But she couldn't get closer to stop it since the big monster was right there, standing guard. "Oh, no! The little one is placing an egg in Madison's womb!" Valerie was so caught up with the bizarre scene that she didn't notice another big monster sneaking up behind here.

Again her lack of experience was more than evident. The creature was almost on top of her and Valerie was still looking the other way. A troubling thought roamed in her head… What is wrong with me? I'm starting to feel horny watching Maddy get fucked! When she realized that another creature was right behind her, it was too late. "Oh Shit!! No!" The monster grabbed her leg with one tentacle and dropped her to floor.

"Please! Let go of me!" Moments later, a fat appendage was buried deep inside Valerie's pussy, squirming and pumping frantically. "Ahh, ahhh, ahhh…" And just as quick, Valerie reached a shameful orgasm that made her body tremble with spastic contractions over and over, while her pussy twitched around the improvised cock. Then, the creature did what its instincts indicated.

Its big tale curved beneath the main body and the real phallus entered the bewildered woman's pussy as deep as it could reach. Soon after, Valerie could feel her belly expanding to accommodate the massive load of sperm being pumped inside of her pussy and womb.

The creature pulled its cock out and the thick, hot fluid sprayed from the girl's pussy all over the place.

Meanwhile, the small bug had finished placing its egg inside Madison's womb and now was menacingly approaching Valerie, who lay on the floor recuperating from the overwhelming experience. Luckily, Valerie recovered in time to see the intentions of the small bug. "No way I'm gonna let you place an egg inside of me, you little piece of crap!" Valerie stood up quickly and ran to Madison, hoping that she had regained consciousness, now being free from the little bug.

Unfortunately, she was still completely gone. Whatever that small monster did to her, seemed to be permanent. Valerie walked away from the creatures, regrettably leaving Madison with them. I don't think those monsters will hurt her. They need her to spawn their offspring.

I'll come back later with a support team. "This is all so weird!" ***** The young explorer kept walking for a while when she suddenly saw another crewmember, sitting peacefully next to a bizarre creature! The monster had its tentacles surrounding the helpless woman while one smaller maggot sucked her breast and to make it worst, the woman was pregnant! "Olivia!!" Valerie screamed. Olivia was awake and completely relaxed.

She saw Valerie approaching and at first, she thought she was dreaming. A warm sensation spread from her right breast that reminded her where she was. Olivia moaned softly "mmmh" Valerie daringly approached her friend and the monster, trying to help her. "Oh my God!



Reach out to me. I'll pull you out!" But Olivia didn't move. She was too numbed to help herself. Valerie was afraid to get any closer because the creature's tentacles might grab her as well. That maggot is suckling her breast like a baby. Shit! Maybe it IS her baby! Pulling out from her reverie for a moment, Olivia was able to mumble something… "Val… care.ful &hellip.mmmh&hellip. D.nar…" "Olivia!

You are awake! Let me help you!" Valerie responded. "care.ful&hellip.Dn…ar…" Olivia could barely speak. "I can't understand… Olivia, where are the others? Where is Hanna?" "Save… your.self… mmmmHH" Olivia mumbled.

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Suddenly, the trapped woman moaned loudly and arched her body as she felt a strong spasm within her belly. Valerie jumped back scared.


"Shit! What's going on??" Valerie screamed. Something was stirring and twitching inside Olivia's belly, pushing its way down her vaginal track. It was time for a new birth. The bewildered woman locked her wide, opened eyes with Valerie's while Valerie watched in terror as the tip of a new maggot protruded from Olivia's pussy. Olivia's eyes rolled up as the main section of the lubricated newborn stretched her pussy delightfully. Finally, the maggot splashed on the floor while Olivia shuddered from the last spasms of her unexpected orgasm.

"Oh my God!!" said Valerie truly amazed. As Olivia crumbled exhausted to the floor, Valerie saw this as an opportunity to pull her away from the creature, but just an instant later… "Shit! The tentacle is wrapping around her arm!" Olivia looked at Valerie with eyes of resignation while the monster lifted her up. She knew exactly what was going to happen next.

She felt the tentacle pushing deep into her pussy and screamed with pleasure! "Aahhh!" The twirling appendage penetrated all the way to her womb and discharged another load of sperm, initiating the cycle for the next generation of maggots. Valerie watched the scene feeling useless from being unable to help her friend.

Wow! Olivia is still pregnant with at least one more maggot and the creature is fucking her again! I wonder what she tried to tell me before… something about being careful with "d.nar"? What the hell is that? ***** Valerie decided to continue her search for Hanna. She spoke to her best friend hours ago and it was evident that in this place, anything could've happened to her during that time.

I haven't been able to help any of my friends! I hope it isn't too late for Hanna as well. Valerie walked for a few minutes and entered what seemed to be a control room. In the middle of the room, she saw something that took her breath away… "Oh my God! Look at that!" She carefully approached a couple of floating figures, one Sirkalian woman and another monster. At first, Valerie was uncertain if they were really there or if it was just a holographic projection.

This is just a projection, I wonder where they really are. This is a different monster than the one I saw in the containment room. I guess they kidnapped several Sirkalians to do their experiments. As Valerie saw the fat, bulging tentacle wedged inside the alien woman's body, she exclaimed with admiration… "Wow! I didn't know Sirkalian woman could stretch that much!" Valerie walked from the projection unit to the control panel.

This console is still working. Maybe I can find out what the hell is going on in this place. Valerie opened the station's log and browsed through it. Log0012: Scheduled time for station completion is pulsarM16+002348 Log0040: DNA Reprogrammer arrived at docking port 7. Central containment room is ready to begin experiments. Log0358: Cross-breeding successful between Sirkalian female and subject 033.

Expected birth at pulsarM16+002746. Log0390: The DNA transformation in exposed subjects is a lot higher than expected. Subjects unable to control sexual urges. Containment room reinforcement is necessary. Log0408: Newborn Sirk-033 unfit for military purposes.

Subject rejected. Log0837: Erratic behavior detected in station's personnel. Defcon 3 in progress. Log1139: DNAR scheduled for destruction at pulsarM16+004087.

Log1157: Security emergency. All personnel must evacuate the station. DNAR destruction was unsuccessf… The last log was incomplete. Valerie was astonished. "Holy crap!

They were cross-breeding species for the military!" While Valerie searched for more information, she didn't notice a monster on the back wall, observing her.

This is what Olivia was trying to tell me. This DNAR thing is transforming every living creature into sexual maniacs! The creature moved closer to the unsuspecting woman while she searched for Hanna on the station's monitors.

And she found her! "Hanna! There you are!" The monster moved swiftly and pushed the surprised woman away from the console, dropping her to the floor. This time, the first image that popped into Valerie's mind wasn't a row of sharp teeth sinking into her flesh but a big fat phallus penetrating her body.

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Her heart jolted with fear and her pussy twitched with expectation. And she was right! The creature moved into position to bury its fat tail into the slim woman. "Shit! Its gonna fuck me! That thing is too big!" The appendage penetrated deep into her body and surprisingly, Valerie didn't feel any pain at all. Her vaginal cavity expanded and molded around the phallus like a glove, sending an amazingly pleasing sensation to her confused mind. If this wasn't enough, the creature's tail began to vibrate, creating a map of Valerie's body in the monster's limited brain and increasing the overwhelming bliss in the woman's mind.

In a matter of minutes, Valerie trembled in delight as she reached a massive climax while the beast prepared to impregnate her. Suddenly, another creature approached them aggressively.

This new monster was identical to the one that was attacking Valerie. It was trying to steal the fertile woman and was ready to fight for her. The monster on top of Valerie retrieved its phallus from her pussy and prepared for the battle while the astounded woman was still shaking from her orgasmic spasms. Only after she recovered from the mind-blowing ecstasy, Valerie became aware of what was going on… "What the hell!" … and ran like hell out of the room!

The fighting monsters didn't notice that she was gone. ***** Hanna was located in the same level. Just a few rooms down the hall. Valerie reached the room in no time and called out for her… "Hanna? Are you here?" Hanna was right there, unconscious, wedged to the east wall by a viscous substance while three tentacles penetrated her pussy, ass and mouth simultaneously. "Oh my God!

Hanna!" Valerie reached out and grabbed the tentacle in Hanna's mouth. It was spongy but firm enough to push through her gullet. "Don't worry honey.

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I'll get you out of here." I hope these tentacles don't attack me. Valerie pulled the appendage gently until it popped out of Hanna's mouth. Good! The tentacle is not moving. Now, the one in her pussy. This tentacle looks different. Maybe this creature uses this one to impregnate… the females. I hope Hanna is not pregnant yet! Valerie pulled the second tentacle while an abundant white substance poured down from her friend's soaked pussy.

Valerie realized at that moment that her own pussy was moistening as well! "I'm sure this tentacle reached all the way to her womb! This doesn't look good." Valerie grabbed the last tentacle, which penetrated Hanna's overstretched anus. "Ok. The last one. It is thicker than the other ones." Valerie was astonished that as she pulled, more and more of the tentacle slid out of Hanna's body!

"Damned! How can she fit all that inside of her?" When the long appendage was completely out of Hanna's ass, Valerie looked astonished at the enormous piece of meat resting in her hands and for a moment, she felt the urge to shove that lubricated limb inside of her burning pussy. I wonder how would it feel to have this in… But a soft moan from above woke her out her reverie. Hanna was waking up. "Mmmmh…" "Hanna!

You are awake! Let me get you out of there!" Valerie said. "Val… so glad to see you. Where am I?" Hanna asked.

"You are in the space station. Remember? You have been here for four days. Come on!

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Let's get out of here!" But Hanna, showing her usual bravery, said to Valerie, "No… not yet. First we have to destroy the DNAR.

I know where it is." **** The girls walked through the main lab while Hanna explained what happened when they landed. "When we arrived, the captain ordered us to separate and begin the search on different sections of the station. After a while, I heard someone scream on the intercom. I tried to get back, looking for the others but this horrible creature attacked me. I managed to escape and that's when I called you. But when I was waiting, I started to feel dizzy and I don't remember anything else until you found me." Valerie listened carefully and told her friend about her recent encounters, "I saw Abigail, and Maddy and Olivia but I couldn't help them!

This place is crawling with monsters!" Suddenly, they were interrupted by a strange vision! "Oh my God! There is the Captain!" Hanna said out loud.

"Shit!! That thing got her!" Valerie screamed. Captain Carrie Medford was lying on the floor. She wasn't moving much while the strangest creature grabbed her right leg. It was some sort of trunk attached to the tiled floor with many thick tentacles extending all over the place. The older woman was frozen in place, staring upward as if trying to say something but no words came out of her mouth. Hanna approached, trying the help her but a swift tentacle blocked her way!

"Damn! She's got a tentacle pushing into her pussy!" Hanna exclaimed. "Don't get too close!" Valerie warned her. Hanna could see clearly how the tentacle retracted from the Captain's tight cavity and immediately pushed back in, a little further every time.

Carrie tilted her head back while muffled gargling sounds filled the quiet room… And suddenly, the tip of the fat tentacle emerged from Carrie's mouth as her eyes rolled back into her head!

"Oh God! Look at that!" Hanna screamed. The slimy appendage slid between Carrie's lips, slowly, relentlessly, until twelve inches waved in the air like a surreal salute to the astonished observers. "This is impossible!" Hanna added. "Nothing seems impossible in this place," Valerie said calmly. Valerie and Hanna watch with impotence as more and more of the tentacle protruded from the Captain's mouth, invading her body, becoming part of it. Valerie didn't fail to notice that Carrie's nipples were fully erect.

Nonetheless, the girls were terribly aroused by the bizarre scene and they did their best to hide it. What would happen if I got a little closer… Hanna wondered. "Come on Hanna. We can't help her and we need to move on," said Valerie, hiding the fact that her pussy was almost on fire from excitement.

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The explorers arrived at the room where Hanna had seen the DNAR on the monitors before she was attacked. "Well, here we are. That DNAR is behind this door. Are you ready?" Valerie asked. "Not really. But we have to go in anyway. This thing is too dangerous and must be destroyed." As the door opened, the girls saw a couple of huge monsters looking down at a glowing spherical object floating over the floor. It was the DNAR! "Oh Crap! These creatures are protecting it!" Valerie exclaimed.

"What are we gonna do? Maybe we should just leave it there and go back to the mothership," Hanna said, having second thoughts about the mission. As they looked more carefully, Valerie got a glimpse of the monster's swinging cocks.

Her pussy stirred spontaneously, and then she said… "I'll distract them…" "What?! How?" Hanna asked. "I'm sure they won't hurt me. When they are not looking, grab the DNAR and take it away," Valerie responded. Hanna watched with incredulity while Valerie removed her boots and walked completely naked into the room. One of the monsters saw her immediately.

She is crazy! Hanna thought. Valerie walked back to the left side of the room while both creatures approached her. They looked a lot like the monster that was ravishing Abigail a few hours before but their skin had a different color. Hanna reluctantly tip-toed into the room and got closer to the DNAR. Oh, no!

Look at the size of his cock! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea… Valerie said as she stared at the creature's phallus. The monster reached out and lifted Valerie effortlessly. He wasted no time and aligned his fat cock to her pussy… then yanked her down!

Shoving most of his cock into the girl's tight hole with a single stroke! Valerie could feel the phallus pushing deeper and deeper, stretching her vaginal walls to the limit. It felt exactly as she expected; pure bliss. The DNAR was already changing her body, rearranging her insides in ways she couldn't understand. But she loved it and she wanted more! Meanwhile, Hanna was standing near the DNAR.

She wasn't sure how to pick it up.

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It looked like a ball of fire but it didn't emit any heat. She wondered how something so beautiful could be so dangerous. Wow! So this little thing is responsible for all this mess. While Hanna stared at the DNAR, deciding what to do. The second monster got closer to Valerie and her pounding mate. He moved behind her and discovered that there was another hole available. He wasn't going to wait until his friend was finished.

Valerie almost went berserk when she felt the second cock forcefully penetrate her ass. Now she was in heaven! The monsters pumped the slim woman's body with all their might. They had the unavoidable urgency to spread their seed and they would not stop until the female was completely full with sperm. On the other side of the room, Hanna was still standing by the DNAR. As the minutes passed by, she felt more confused. For a moment she forgot what she was supposed to do.

Then she remembered; she had to destroy the DNAR! Her pussy twitched hard and her whole body trembled with apparently no reason at all.

Hanna realized that her pussy was soaking wet. The DNAR was so beautiful… how can she destroy it? Hanna fell to her knees and unconsciously started rubbing her clitoris. She stared at the twirling motion of the fireball while the bluish center throbbed in synchrony with her pussy. Hanna couldn't think anymore.

Just a few feet away, Valerie was taking the fuck of her life. Two enormous cocks pumped her pussy and ass without mercy. It was too much. It was too good! Valerie exploded in ecstasy! Her body shuddered and contorted between the two muscular monsters while her pussy and ass clamped down on the stroking phalluses with uncontrollable spasms. A few seconds later, the monsters climaxed too! With the first gush, they sprayed incredible amounts of sperm into Valerie's body.

Then a second stream filled her body even more, followed by a third one. In a brief second of clarity, Valerie remembered the thin line of sperm trickling down from Madison's mouth while the scorpion-like creature filled her body with sperm. Now she felt the warm sperm rushing up her own throat and spilling from the edge of her lips.

She climaxed again! Moments later, the ravished woman lay on the floor exhausted, unable to move, barely able to think. She could stay in this place forever. Fucking. Breeding. If it was her destiny, she was ready for it. The monsters were done with Valerie but were not satisfied yet. They became aware of Hanna's presence and they wanted her too.

They needed to spread their seed. It was imperative. Hanna looked at one monster walking closer to her and her heart jolted.

Then she looked at his large cock and her pussy stirred. Hanna's body was on fire. She almost climaxed just by touching the monster's phallus with the tip of her fingers. An arousing fogginess clouded her mind and made it very difficult to think clearly. Only her most basic instincts were stimulated to the maximum. Hanna stared at the huge cock in front of her and only one though formed in her mind… Sperm!

Hanna placed the tip of the creature's pole in front of her lips and prepared for an impossible task…to swallow that enormous cock completely. She opened her mouth wide and the first inches of the phallus slipped between her overstretched lips. The monster's cock went deeper… And deeper!

When her nose finally touched his pelvic skin, Hanna reached a forceful orgasm but managed to remain steady, keeping the whole piece of meat wedged inside of her throat. Hanna knew that this was going to be a long, heavenly night.

She was craving it. She had to breed! ****** The next day, both girls were back in the mothership. Valerie was still resting from the unbelievable fucking and Hanna was lying next to her, admiring her friend's gorgeous body.

Valerie finally woke up. "What happened? Where am I?" she asked. "Good morning, sleepyhead. How are you feeling?" Hanna responded. "Are we back in the mothership?" "Yes. I carried you here after the monsters… well, you know." "After the monsters fucked our brains out! I remember. I was supposed to save you and you ended up saving me," Valerie exclaimed.

"We saved each other my darling and I want to thank you for that," Hanna answered. "You don't have to tha…" Before Valerie could finish the word, Hanna kissed her. Valerie kissed her back with excitement, feeling a heat-wave spread across her entire body. All the memories of her recent monster-sex encounters came back to her at the same time. Hanna moved on top of Valerie, straddling her body. They looked at each other with true passion in their eyes. Their bodies were different and so were their minds.

This was what they were supposed to do. Have sex. Always have sex. Valerie saw Hanna's eyes lose focus as she moaned softly. The brunette couldn't see that the reason for this reaction was a flexible and lubricated tentacle slithering out from Hanna's pussy.

Hanna's pregnant belly shivered slightly as the tentacle protruded more and more. It curved down aiming to Valerie's tight anal entrance. And penetrated her! Valerie moaned loud in response. "Ahhhh" She was hoping for this and she almost reached an orgasm right at that instant. But Valerie knew that more was coming and she wanted to enjoy every second of it. The beautiful girl felt the tentacle pushing deeper and deeper. She remembered the Captain. She pictured the tentacle coming out of Carrie's mouth, waving in the air.

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Valerie climaxed! In the middle of the blissful spasms, the lubricated appendage rushed between the brunette's lips. Hanna watched within an astonishing haziness how the tentacle projected from Valerie's mouth, approaching her own. Every time her pussy twitched, the limb moved a little closer to her lips. Moments later, the inevitable happened.

The tentacle entered Hanna's mouth, pushing past her throat and even further. It seemed to have no end! Valerie and Hanna were now deeply submerged in a world of never ending ecstasy. All they cared about was remaining together and bringing joy to each other. But the wonderful experience was not over yet. The tentacle moved across Hanna's body, coming out of her ass… …just to bend down and penetrated Valerie's constricting pussy.

The circle was complete! The long time friends had become one, bonded together by a gift from the DNAR. And not far from the entwined couple, the DNAR was right there! Watching everything, hearing everything, always in control. Hanna had brought it to the mothership.

It was too beautiful to be destroyed. It brought too much joy. The mothership was scheduled for arrival at the Central Base in a few weeks and all would change there too. The large population of the base was up for a pleasant surprise! The End. Author's note: There is a 3D graphic version of this story.