Hot teen takes off every scrap of cloth to please her love tunnel

Hot teen takes off every scrap of cloth to please her love tunnel
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Feeling the metal cuffs on my wrists, clinking with the metal of the drawer handles on either side of the desk was making me more focused on what was going on around me, even as my clit still pulsed and my breath still came in rasps. I was slowly returning to normal but now that I knew my arms were tied on either side of me was a sobering thought.

I wondered what Mr Manning had planned for me now, I was still afraid but far more aroused and intrigued than before. Slowly he began stroking his cock right next to my head, he told me to shuffle up the desk a bit more, I did so without hesitation, I kept going as he instructed me to til my head was hanging off the desk backwards.

He kept stroking his cock but he pressed the tip against my lips and made it go from side to side along my lips, he told me to open my mouth a little, I did loosen my lips and he slipped his cockhead passed them very slowly, I felt his silky smooth skin against my tongue and the slight taste of salt with it.

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I tried to relax but it was hard, I was so exposed, tied up and being punished as Mr Manning called it, punished for things I didn't do. He sank himself a little further into my mouth with each gentle thrust til I could feel it almost touch the back of my throat.


I was panicking now that I would not be able to breath, i think he could tell that I was afraid because he started pinching both of my nipples gently making me feel something else other than panic. He slid in and out of my mouth a few more times before he pulled out completely leaving me to normalise my breathing. He kneeled down to my level, kissing my forehead he said that I was being very co-operative in this arrangement and that I would be rewarded for taking this discipline so well for the very first time.

I was afraid when he said first time, how many more times would he expect to do this to me I wondered. He got back onto his feet and walked away from me, he went round the desk, I thought he was going to play with me some more, I was trembling and I could feel I was very very wet, I was embarrassed to even think about how aroused I had become under this assault on my body. But he didn't touch me, the suspense waiting for him to touch my pussy again was torture.

Just waiting as seconds ticked by. He came back into view from around the desk and walked towards my head again, he learned forward telling me to open my mouth as wide as I could. I did so and as I did I noticed him gripping something in his right hand, he took it and showed it to me.

It was a black leather strap with a metal ring in the middle of the two straps all joined together. Well Violet, you've been very well behaved but we'll take it up a level I think now shall we.


He placed the metal ring inside my mouth just passed my teeth and he told me I could stop straining my mouth open, as I relaxed my jaw the metal ring kept my mouth open really wide, he told me it was called a 'O' ring and that it would help me to take more of what he had to give me. I tried to ask him what he meant but what came out was just garbled nonsense.

He told me it was ok, it wouldn't hurt me and that it was also to make sure that I couldn't hurt him. He lifted my head and fastened it at the back of my head and then let my head lull back to where it was before hanging off the desk.

Now that it was in place and I was handcuffed he went round to the other side of the desk, I felt him take each ankle and tie something round them both, he then attached whatever he had tied round my ankles to what sounded like metal clips just under the rim of the desk, now my legs relaxed and fell to the sides spreading me wide open.

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Now I was really afraid, here I was being sexually assaulted by the head teacher of my school, I was completely tied up and at his mercy, the door was locked insuring no one could walk in, I've got this thing in my mouth so I can't even talk and I can't move any of my limbs.

I was starting to shake with nerves but I also felt excitement, what was wrong with me. I was starting to tremble with either fear or excitement, I couldn't tell which feeling was stronger at the moment. He slipped his finger through my folds of flesh till he located my wet and swollen clit, just brushing his finger gently against it made me jump and yelp on the desk. I tried to pull myself away from his touch, I was so very sensitive just now but the more I tried to pull away the more I realised just how secure he had me.

I couldn't pull myself away much more than a few inches which he easily followed with his fingers and delved straight back into me, I couldn't see him but I could feel everything he was doing to me as my body started to absorb the pleasure. We've got a very wet little pussy he said as he rubbed his fingers from my clit all the way down to my bum, where my pussy juice was running over it, his fingers became so close to my asshole that I involuntarily clenched my ass checks so tight that it almost trapped his fingers.

But I guess he had seen me about to clench just in time and pulled his fingers away and back towards my vagina. He chuckled and said, don't worry little one, we won't be going near there today. I was relieved only momentarily as I relaxed myself but wondering if he was intending to take my virginity today, against my will. I didn't want that. I wanted it to be special with someone who cared for me but I did say I would do anything, I just never thought it would have anything to do with sex.

He walked away from me, through a door to the right of his desk, I heard water running and just a few seconds later I saw him come back with a flannel in his hands, he proceeded to wipe my wetness away and cleaned me up, he told me to relax my cheeks so he could reach the wet dripping down to my ass but I couldn't relax it at all.

He told me I would be punished even worse if I wouldn't let him clean me up, as much as I tried I just couldn't stop my muscles from holding together. He cleaned up my clit and went back to the bathroom, the water was running again and he returned. This time he held a silver looking egg in his hands, it had a wire attached to it. I wasn't sure what it was, he returned to my pussy and he spread my lips and placed the slightly cold egg against my clit, I felt the wire reach passed my navel and he rested the other end of it on my chest between my breasts.

Walking round to my head again he stroked his cock again to get it erect again, it didn't take long before he was running the tip of it up and down my nose, he was slick with his own wetness that I could feel running along the length of my nose. He slid passed my nose and onto my top lip, he circled his cockhead round and round my spread lips a few times before dipping into my mouth, he slid back and forth along my tongue, deeper into my mouth each time until he was reaching the back of my throat.

He moved slowly giving me time to get accustomed to the sensation again and time to regulate my breathing through my nose.

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He started to speed up, he pressed against my tonsils and they gave way easier than I thought and he slipped into my throat. Now I started to panic as I never ever experienced anything like this, I didn't really even know that this was possible until now.

It was so thick and long I thought it could never fit down someone's throat. He slid in and out of my throat multiple times picking up speed, my body was tense with the concentration I was trying to exude to not choke or gag.

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I felt my clit tingle and realised the slow tempo of the buzz wasn't being caused by my own body, it was that egg thing he had pressed into the folds of my pussy lips, it was tingling and tickling my clit, it was getting more intense as the seconds went by, with every thrust he made me take he turned it up higher and higher til I was so tense that my whole body was rigid with need.

The need to orgasm was building and with each time he entered my throat my throat closed tighter still, he was really pounding my mouth now, he was so hard that I knew he must be close, his breathing came in broken gusts as he pumped into me each time. Soon I felt his cock swell even thicker than ever and before I could even complete that thought he pushed into me harder than ever before and I could feel him pulsing in my throat and I felt the warmth of his cum slip down into me.

Suddenly the thing on my clit was buzzing so much faster, before I could make sense of what was happening my body shook uncontrollably, I orgasmed so hard that I pulled on my ankle cuffs and wrists so much that I felt the cuffs biting into my skin, I thought I'd pull the clips right off the desk that were holding my ankles in place but they never gave, they held me stuck solid.

He slipped out of my mouth while I wracked with so many spasms it was too intense and with the long orgasm I was having I started a mix of sobbing and pleading for him to stop it but he either couldn't make sense of what I was saying through the 'o' ring or he simply ignored my pleas as he watched my body bow off the desk and shatter into pieces as another wave of sensation was washing over me.

I couldn't take anymore, I just let go, I stopped straining against the cuffs, I sagged onto the desk, going limp was the only thing I could do now.


He stopped the toy soon after, he bent his knees sinking to my level, he lifted my head, kissed my forehead while I cried. He said sssh little one, it's all over now, you did really well and you can rest assured that your parents won't find out about your naughty ways, it'll be our little secret.

He untied my wrists and massaged them looking at the marks that were left by the cuffs, those will fade in a hour or so he told me, he finally unfastened the 'o' ring he had on me too, I rubbed my jaw into life again, it had been so strained with my orgasms that it felt achy. He moved to my ankles and unclipped them from the desk and freed them from the cuffs I could now see as I sat up on the desk.

He then slipped my panties over both feet and up my legs, making me get off the desk and stand as he pulled them up, he told me that I was too go home without cleaning myself up and I was not too put my tights back on, he wanted my juices dripping down my thighs all the way home, to remember that he could punish me again if I misbehaved and that next time he wouldn't be as gentle with me.

I did as I was told, dressed without my tights, he was still naked as he watched me putting them into my bag and he walked towards me. He raised his hand to the top of my head, he pushed gently signalling that I should go lower, I dropped to my knees, he told me to clean him up, I looked up at him, a bit confused, I started to use my hands to wipe the slick wetness off of his cock but he said "not with your hands little one" and I knew instantly what that meant.

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I had already suffered so much humiliation, what was one more thing added to the list so without anymore hesitation I opened my mouth and used my tongue to guide the head of his cock into my mouth, he was limp at first but with every lick of my tongue, every time I sucked a bit harder to clean off the residue from his cum and my saliva he pulsed a little bit, after a few minutes he told me that was enough for now.

He helped me stand up, walked back to his desk, put his hand into his trouser pocket, retrieved the key and walked back to the door, unlocking it he summoned me towards it, he kissed my forehead saying "be a good girl" as he opened the door and let me leave.

He closed the door behind me again, locked it and I stood there for a few seconds wondering where I was. I couldn't think straight, I was going to head to the loos but I remembered his instructions so I headed for the exit to leave and walk home, as I did so I felt my juices soak through my panties and some slipped down my legs, it felt chilly where the slight breeze was starting to dry the moisture, I felt it all the way home, remembering what he did to me to make me so wet and it shocked me to realise I enjoyed what he had made me do, I would do it again given the chance.