Having fun busting on Tamera ass

Having fun busting on Tamera ass
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"Okay everyone back on the bus" shouted Mr. Brady, the teacher in charge of the class trip. We all filed onto the greyhound, tired from running around the paintball course for several hours and Emma and I tried for a different reason also.

It was dark by the time everyone was finally going to their seats and we started to leave. As Emma walked by me towards her seat a bit farther back, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to sit in the seat next to me. She started to say something but I silenced her with a look and she closed her mouth.

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It was a good two and a half hour drive back to our hotel and with the dark quiet of the bus and the sun just slipping under the horizon, most of my other classmates began to fall asleep. Emma fidgeted beside me, obviously a bit nervous about sitting next to me but I remained composed and silent. About an hour into the trip when I felt that just about everyone was asleep, I reached over to Emma's sleeping form and bent her over onto my lap with her head and torso facing towards me.

She looked up at me wide eyed as I pulled my cock out through the hole in my jeans and pointed it at her mouth.

She looked around at the sleeping forms of the other students, terrified of getting caught and shook her head mouthing the word 'no'. I smiled and pulled the collar of her t-shirt and bra down over her breasts, letting her huge tits pop out into my lap. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her mouth onto my hard dick. She put up very little resistance for fear of someone waking up and seeing her blowing someone on the bus. As soon as the head of my cock touched her big red lips, she reluctantly parted them and allowed me to push into her soft warm mouth a few inches.

I leaned down towards her head.

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"Suck." I whispered to her. "Just give me a light blowjob and I won't bring any attention to you or let you get caught. Just put your arms at your sides and act like you are sleeping with your head in my lap. Trust me." She considered this for a few seconds before she began to lightly suck on my cock, moving her head only about a half inch or so, but using her tongue to swirl around my shaft and sending ripples of pleasure through me. Her soft, warm mouth felt incredible as she slowly bobbed and swirled her tongue around.


It was almost like being in heaven, having this gorgeous, curvy blonde girl with my cock half in her mouth, receiving a sensual and wet blowjob. The incredible sensation went on for about half an hour when suddenly a problem arose. One of the teachers at the front of the bus was making her way back with a garbage bag, picking up any loose trash items scattered in the isle.

My cock was clearly visible sticking through the hole in my jeans but I knew how to solve that. I leaned down to Emma. "If you don't want to get caught, then do what I say and you won't. Whatever I do to you or say, act like you are sound asleep. Don't say anything or move a muscle. Got it?" She nodded up at me, her eyes wide with fear as the teacher made her way back towards the back of the bus.

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As soon as she got a few seats in front of us, I placed my hand on the back of Emma's head and slowly pushed her down on my cock. She began to silently gag as my cock went deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat until it finally completely disappeared between her lips. I moved her hair a bit to cover her face and exposed tits and then leaned back in my seat just as the teacher passed our seat. She looked at Emma and smiled at me.

"Looks like everyone is tired from today." She said. "Do you want me to wake her up?" "No that's fine.

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She can sleep" I replied keeping a calm face to cover the incredible feeling of my cock being squeezed by Emma's tight, teen throat. The teacher moved on to the rest of the bus and I pulled Emma off my cock to let her breathe. She breathed in heavily, her chin covered in spit, her eyes tearing up a little. I watched the teacher as she finished her rounds and turned back towards the front of the bus.

"One more time." I whispered to Emma as I pushed her back on my cock, shoving it down her throat. She gagged silently as I forced my way back in but stayed still as the teacher came to our seat. She stopped in front of us and I almost passed out thinking she had seen us until she reached over, said "excuse me" and grabbed an empty chip bag from the side of my seat.

"Are you sure you're okay with her sleeping on your lap?" she asked "You're not uncomfortable?" "No really it's fine" I replied, almost shaking with pleasure.


Emma was squeezing my leg softly, running out of air. I could feel her body start to tremble and shake slightly against my legs. "Well we'll be at the hotel in about 20 minutes so it shouldn't be for much longer." She said. "Okay, thanks Ms. Bayer." I managed to say as she left towards her seat. Emma tried to pull off my cock but I couldn't hold back anymore. I grabbed her head and pushed her back down as I came gallons of cum down her throat and into her stomach.

She gagged and choked quietly on the cum as I came. I finally finished and slowly pulled her off, my softening dick sliding out of her throat and from between her lips.

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She lay in my lap panting, her chin covered in spit and excess cum. "Good girl." I told her, stroking her hair. "You did good." She giggled, panting and smiled up at me and then began to lick my softening dick clean.

I pulled out some napkins from a McDonald's bag and gave them to her to wipe off her face and then put my cock back in my jeans. She finished cleaning up as the bus pulled into the hotel and other kids began to wake up. "Alright, those of you 18 or over that paid for your own room may exit the bus.

The rest of you wait until your group name is called to come get your key and exit." Shouted Mr. Brady. Emma stood to exit and I followed behind her, grabbing her ample butt before stepping into the isle.


She smiled at me before grabbing her bag and stepping off the bus. ***** More coming soon. Please give your opinion and suggestions for next chapter. Thanks.

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