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Doc guys gay sex exam and boy gay sex and young boy gay sex movies
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Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 7 - Chasing Trains The next morning, John woke up to every man's fantasy. On his right, he had the love of his life, Kelsy, and to his left, was a girl that his family rescued from her father after he got her pregnant when they black mailed her.

Now she was living with him, and was 4 and a half weeks pregnant with his child. The previous night, the girls conspired against him, and Kelsy gave him permission to have unlimited access to Brenda's pussy as much he wanted, until she found a loving boyfriend who loved her for who she was.

He wanted to cuddle with them more, but he really had to use the bathroom. He was in the middle of them, so he had to carefully pull himself out from under the blankets, and get to the foot of the bed in order to get to the toilet. It took him a few minutes, but he managed to extract himself.

As he relieved himself, he thought about the events that occurred last night. He loved Kelsy with all his heart, and he knew that she did the same because she was trusting him to sexually please Brenda without falling in love with her. He knew however, that when she found someone, he will no longer have access to her body, but he will still have Kelsy, and in reality, that's all he needed. We walked back into the room and saw that the girls were still under the sheets where he had left them.

He decided that he would let them sleep in after last nights events and went to his computer to edit his pictures.

He started to edit the one he started the day before when both Kelsy and Brenda interrupted him. As he tried to edit the picture, he could not concentrate. His mind was constantly being distracted by Kelsy. He started to seriously think about asking her to marry him and become his wife. He got on the internet and started to search for engagement rings. He knew that it had been only 2 and half months since they had been together as an official couple, but they had known each other for so long, that he knew that they were meant to be together.

It already felt like they had been a couple for 6 years already. AS he searched, he became frustrated. He couldn't really find anything that he liked on eBay, it was mostly cheap stuff from Hong Kong, or pre-owned rings from relationships that went bad, and he did not want to give her a ring from someone else's failed relationship. None of the rings he saw suited her at all anyway.

He heard the girls start to move about behind him, and he closed Internet Explorer as fast as he could so Kelsy would not see what he was looking at.

He decided that he would make it a total surprise to her, and he was not even going to tell any of his friends, or their girlfriends about proposing to her.

He did not want them being nosy while he shopped for the perfect wedding band set. He went back to editing the picture when Kelsy came up behind him.

She was still naked and she wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Watchya doing, baby?" She asked "Just editing some pictures from the other day. Don't you want to get dressed, baby?" He asked. She turned him around in his computer chair and sat down on his lap. She pulled him in for a kiss and told him, "After watching you have sex Brenda, that was all I could dream about last night, baby.

I am so horny from watching you two, baby, I really need you in me." She told him, and pulled him for another kiss. She was already naked, and John was just in his boxers, and he could feel how wet she already was.

He kissed her with passion as she reached down and fished his cock out from the slit in his boxers. Once it was out, she started to stroke and him with her soft hand as he let out a moan. "You like that, baby?" She asked, "Do you want your sexy little girlfriend to keep jerking you baby?" "Hmm, baby, I love it, I would love it if you kept Jerking me, but I would rather do something else to you." He replied "Oh, and what would that be, my love?" She asked.

John grabbed her by the hips and started to grind her pussy against his cock. She could feel how hard he already was, and this just made her hornier than she already was. She really needed his cock in her, however, she knew that she was getting very close to her fertile period. It was either going to be today, or with in the next day or two.

She knew it was risky, and that she did want to have a family with him, but she had wanted to wait at least another month before she conceived, but she was so horny that she just had to have him in her pussy. "Oh baby, your cock feels so good against my pussy, do you want to fuck your little girlfriends tight pussy, baby?" She asked in her sexy voice. "I do want to fuck my little girlfriends tight little pussy until I give her a gallon of my cum he replied as he ground her against him She was moaning even louder now.

He was hard as rock and the more he ground against her clit with his cock the wetter her pussy got. He could feel her wetness and his cock was soon wet from her fluids. "Fuck your girl baby, give her your cock, fuck me right here in this chair, baby." She begged.

She could no longer contain herself, and the high risk of getting pregnant was forgotten about. He lifted her up and she lined his cock up with her pussy, and she sank down on him.

She felt him go deep and she thought that he was probably deeper then he had ever been before. He felt so good in her. She looked into his eyes with her emerald eyes and looked at him lovingly. She knew that if today was indeed her fertile day, that she would soon be carrying his child. "Oh, god baby, do you like my tight little pussy on your huge, cock?" She asked him in her sexy voice.

"Your so fucking tight, sweetie, I want to keep my cock buried in there forever." "Do you want to knock up your little girlfriend, and give you a child?" She asked "I really do want that, sweetie. I want nothing more than to have a family with you, even if we are not yet married." He said as he ground her hips against his. "Fuck me baby, knock up, give me your baby, I want your cum in me, oh god, yes, fuck me!" She rambled.

He was grinding her clit against his cock as they fucked, and the talk about knocking her up made him pick up the pace. He really did want a family, and he really did want her as his wife. He continued to grind her against him as took a nipple into her mouth and started to give it the attention it was begging for. She let out a moan, feeling his mouth on her nipple and his cock grinding into her pussy.

The pleasure was too much and she let out a scream that she had to cover with her mouth so she would not wake up his parents.

She started to cum hard on his cock and pressed his head hard against her breast as she got off. She felt herself get even wetter as she squirted onto his balls and onto the computer chair. She finally relaxed enough and he continued to grind into her pussy. "Is this a two player game or can I join in?" Brenda asked. Their love making woke her up, and she was very horny after hearing them. "Come here, you." John said. Brenda walked over, and took one of his hands and put it between her legs.

He started to finger her clit as he let Kelsy take over the grinding of his cock. Brenda then took on her sexy voice. "You like my pussy, you love how you shot your cum deep inside it and made me pregnant? Do you want to give me more children as well and dump as many loads of cum as you want in me?" She kept asking.

Kelsy just moaned at what Brenda was saying, the thought of her boyfriend knocking her up with more children, as long as giving her children as well made her even more horny as she started to grind faster. "Cum in her pussy, John. I want you to make her a mom like I will be!

I will have a boy and you will have a girl, they will fall in love and give us grandchildren." Brenda whispered in his ear. John was loving this talk of getting Kelsy pregnant. It was making him harder then he ever felt before. He did not know what got into them, but he was loving the idea more and more about being a father.

Kelsy ground her pussy harder. She had her eyes shut tight and her mouth open in a silent scream as another orgasm swept through her body. The feeling of Johns cock buried deep in her and grinding on her clit, Brenda telling him to cum in her pussy and knock her up, and knowing that for the next three days, she would be fertile, was causing her to cum harder than normal.

John could tell that she was cumming harder as well, because it seemed like ever 10 seconds or more, he could feel her squirting on his balls. "Cum for me baby! Give it to me! Oh god, YES! JOHN! Fuck me! Give me your seed! Shoot it in my fertile pussy!" She screamed Brenda held Johns hand in between her legs and he fingered her pussy as Kelsy was cumming hard on his cock, and pretty soon, Brenda stiffened her body as she had her own orgasm.

John could feel his cum starting to boil in his balls. He pulled his hand away from Brenda and grabbed Kelsy's hips and started grinding her harder. He looked at Kelsy in her emerald eyes and told her, "I am going to cum baby, I am going to shoot my baby makers deep into your womb and give you our first child, baby." He pulled her down for another passionate kiss.

Hearing this, Kelsy had her most powerful orgasm to date, and John could feel it with how hard her pussy spasmed and clamped down on his cock.

This drove him over the edge, and he let out a groan and fired his cum deep into Kelsy's womb. "YES! OH GOD, BABY, I FEEL YOU CUMMING! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!" She cried out. John held her still as he pumped a massive load deep into her. He did not know if the two of them were talking about getting her pregnant to increase their pleasure or if she was serious about having a baby, but it had worked.

It felt like he would never stop cumming. Eventually, after about 10 seconds, he did stop, and his cock was just twitching inside her.

Kelsy looked into his teal eyes. She loved the way his eyes looked after they made love. She cuddled into him as she felt his cum and cock deep inside her as he held her. The love making they just had wore her out, and she started to fall asleep. John picked her up, his cock still buried in her and carried her to the bed where he laid her down.

He cock finally slipped out, and it was instantly followed by a torrent of cum. Brenda came up to him and wrapped her arms around him. He could feel her gentle breathing on his neck. "You really fucked her good this morning, John" she said. "Yeah, I know, but I wonder what was with all the talk about getting her pregnant?" He asked her "No idea, I guess she wants to be a mother, if she does become pregnant, what would you do?" She asked him.

"I would make her my wife, that's what I would do, we are both 18 now, and it just feels right with her." John replied. "I think that would be the smartest, but I don't think her parents would be thrilled about her becoming pregnant." She commented "I don't know, they are getting older, they had her when her mom was 41, so I don't think they would mind having a Grandchild now, her mom is going to be 60 next year, and her father is already 61." "Well, I don't really know what to say about that, just that I hope it works out for the two of you." John could feel her tits against his back as he watched Kelsy sleep.

He knew that Kelsy gave her permission to have sex with Brenda, and the feeling of her breasts was making him want her. Even though he just had amazing sex with Kelsy, he was now wanting Brenda.

He turned around and gave her a passionate kiss. She did not expect him to kiss her, but she returned the kiss. "Oh? Does the father of my child need my pussy now as well?" She asked in a sexy voice.

"I want it buried in you," John replied, "and give you more cum like you want." She wrapped her arms around him as he moved his mouth from hers and started sucking on her neck. Unlike Brenda, this did not drive her crazy, but it did cause her to let out a moan of pleasure.

"Do you need an itch scratched?" He asked her "Badly" as well that she said. He pushed her down on to the bed next to Kelsy, with her legs over the side of the bed. She let out a slight yelp when she felt him force her legs apart.

The next thing she knew, he had his head between her legs and was licking her wet pussy. As he licked, he could taste his own cum still in her from the night before. It gave her a different taste, not an unpleasant one, but different. Brenda put her hands in his hair as he stuck his tongue into her as she let out a satisfied moan. He was a talented lover, and knew that he would please her. She wish she did not have to find another guy to be with, because she loved the way he got her to cum.

John moved his tongue out of her, and started to attack her clit. The feeling of him sucking on her clit right after shoving his tongue into her caused her to shudder from the sudden attention on her sensitive nub. She grabbed his hair and felt a sudden wave of pleasure wash over her body as she had a series of mini-orgasms as he sucked and licked on her clit.

"Oh God, John, please, no more, I am to sensitive!" She begged. John removed his mouth and slid up her body. As he sucked and played on her nipples, she could feel his cock, still wet with cum from both Kelsy and himself, rubbing against her pussy.

"John, let me suck your cock, I want to taste Kelsy on you." She told him. John got up and pulled her up with him. She looked up at him as she took his cock in her hands and started to stroke it. "I love how big you are, sexy." She said with a smile. She looked down at the head of his cock and gave the head of his cock a lick, and right away, she could taste the two of them. She liked the taste of her new lover and his girlfriend on his cock. To her, it tasted like a Pina Colada.

She liked the taste and started to lick down his cock to his balls. She could see how big they were, and she knew that they were full of cum that will soon be shooting into her pussy.

John let out a sigh as she felt her tongue running down his cock to his balls. He wished that she would take them into her mouth like Kelsy did whenever she gave him a blowjob. She did not, but kept licking up and down his cock.

He could tell that she was loving the taste of Kelsy and his cum on his cock. She looked up at him after a couple of minutes of licking him. He saw her brown eyes and noticed how pretty they were. Before he could say anything, she took his cock and sucked it into her mouth. He gasped when she felt how hard she was sucking on him, almost as strong as it was when Kelsy had her small mouth on his member.

He rested his hands on her shoulders as she did her best to give him a great blowjob. John looked over at Kelsy and noticed that she was now awake and watching them. She saw Brenda going down on him and she smiled. She knew that she was giving him pleasure, and that's what she wanted for him.

John returned the smile and mouthed "I love you" to her. She could read his lips and blew him a kiss in response. He looked down at Brenda and saw that she was really enjoying having his cock in her mouth, but he wanted to be in her pussy even more. He pulled her mouth off his cock and she looked up at him. She gave him a small frown when he pulled his delicious cock from her mouth.

Before she could say anything though, he pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, putting her legs on his shoulders. "Oh, and what do you think you are going to do?" She asked, playfully "What do you think I am going to do, I am going to shove my cock into that soaking wet pussy of yours and fuck you until my cum explodes deep in your pussy." He replied "And why do you think I need that?" She retorted.

He knew that she was playing hard to get, but was not attempting to stop him. He answered her by lining his cock up with her pussy, and he started to push into her.

She gasped as she felt him stretching her pussy again. She loved how big he was and how he filled her up perfectly. She looked up and smiled at him, then looked over to see if Kelsy was still asleep, and saw her watching them. "Are you enjoying my boyfriends cock?" She asked All Brenda could do to respond was moan what sounded like a "Yes." John looked over at his girlfriend, and she gave him an approving nod, giving him permission to fuck their friend until he came.

He started to thrust into her with long, steady strokes. Every time he pulled back, he only left the head of his cock in her, then he shoved it all the way back in her. The way he was fucking her was so much different than when they had blackmailed her.

"Oh god, please John, go faster" She begged. John, ignored her, and kept up his pace. He was enjoying her pussy. She may not have been as tight as his Kelsy, but she still felt good buried in her. He looked over at his girlfriend, and saw that she had started to rub her clit. The show that the two of them were giving her was really turning her on. "Please, go faster!" Brenda begged even more. "Why should I, I am enjoying myself." He replied She started to thrust her hips into his cock.

She really needed him to go faster so she could cum. He still kept up his pace. "Please, I need to cum!" She announced "What do you say if you want to cum?" He replied Brenda then remembered the night that the two of them had sex.

She remembered that she was his sex slave, and that she needed to call him master and beg him to let her cum. Remembering this made her even hornier, and was making want to cum even more. The thought of being his slave was really turning her on. "Please, master, let your slave cum, She really needs it, Please, master!" She finally begged "How do you want your master to make you cum?" He asked as he continued his strong thusts.

"Fuck your slave faster, pound into her, make her squirt all over her masters cock!" She begged. "Are you going to be a good little slave then?" He asked "Yes, master! Please! I need it hard and fast!" John looked over at Kelsy and and she shook her head yes. He knew that she wanted to hear her scream as he fucked her hard.

John moved her legs off of his shoulder, and pushed them to where her knees where up against her breasts. She immediately felt that he was going deeper into her, and right away, she felt him start to pound harder and faster into her pussy. "Oh god, YES! FUCK YOUR SLAVE! FUCK HER GOOD!" She cried out.

John was pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could. What happened next, surprised him, as Kelsy reached her hand down to his cock to feel him pounding into Brenda. John could feel the additional pressure and this got him going even more. Brenda all of a sudden stiffened as she cried out in passion as her orgasm swept over her. Her pussy contracted onto his cock, and the feeling of her cumming ond Kelsy's fingers on his cock as he pumped into Brenda drove him over the edge.

He felt his cum racing up his shaft for the second time that morning, and he exploded into her. "YES! Cum in your slave!

Cum in me, Master!" She cried out as she felt his cum splashing inside her, making her cum hard as well. She did not squirt like Kelsy did, but he could still feel her tighten her pussy on him as he continued to deliver his cum into her pussy. He did not cum as much as he did when Kelsy was riding his cock earlier, as he gave her most of it.

He ended up giving Brenda what he had left that was not delivered to Kelsy's pussy earlier that morning. John kept still, letting Brenda come down from her orgasm before he pulled out. Kelsy got up and gave him a passionate kiss. "I love you, baby, with all my heart." She said "I love you too, Kelsy." He replied as he returned the kiss. They looked down to Brenda and saw the she had passed out.

The both chuckled because they knew that he had made her pass out from when she rode his cock earlier. John finally pulled his cock out of Brenda's well fucked pussy. He had enjoyed himself, and he got really turned on by Kelsy telling him to cum in her and give her a baby. He know started to think hard about what she meant when she said that. "Come on, baby, we need to shower." Kelsy said. She got up and wrapped herself in a towel before they walked down the hall to the bathroom.

When they reached the bathroom, John got the water started as Kelsy stripped off the towel she had worn. She did not know why she did, after all, it was a weekday and his parents already had gone to work.

He took her into his arms and gave her a kiss. "Kelsy, my love, I really want you to know how much I love you.

Even though you are letting Brenda and I have sex, I just want you to know how important you are to me." He told her "I love you, John, I never knew how much you loved me until the night you saved me from Derek. I knew the morning after that I had been in love with you all this time, but did not realize it. You are the most wonderful man I have met, and I know that sharing you will not damage our relationship." She replied He gave her a kiss and led her into the shower.

As they let the water run over them, he pulled her in for another passionate kiss. Kelsy sensed where this was going, but stopped him.

She was too sore from the previous night and that morning. "No more John, my pussy can't take anymore." she told him "What about your ass, then?" he replied "Not this morning, baby, but, if you are good today, then maybe I will let you have my ass tonight." She replied with a smile John was a little disappointed, but he loved her and he knew what "No" meant, unlike some other men that would have forced her, namely Derreck. He helped her wash her back, and he took the shower head and held it over her when she was washing her hair.

When she was done, they switched places. This was the first time they showered together, and to his surprise, she washed him, washing his hairs and his body. His girlfriend, it seemed, will never stop surprising him. When they were finished, he gave her a kiss and she got out of the shower to dry off.

He let the water run over him as he took his razor to shave. It did not take him long, and he was done in a couple of minutes. He turned off the water and got out as Brenda walked in. "Thanks, sexy, after last night and a few minutes ago, I will need a shower as well." She playfully said. "Be careful, or you might be taking showers more often." He winked as he dried off. He walked out of the bathroom back to his room where Kelsy was already. "Baby, you know what I would like to do today?" She told him as he walked into the room.

"Whats that, sweetie?" "I think I want to go take photos of trains today, and not at the station, I want to go to the other places you go with the boys." John knew that she had an interest in trains like he did, and that she had a couple of N scale (1:220 scale) models on his layout as well. He knew that she enjoyed being at the station with him, but he thought that was about as much as she would want to do. But here she was, asking him to show her some of his other favorite places to watch trains.

"What about Brenda?" He asked "We can ask her if she wanted to go with us." She replied "Do you think that she would want to? You know she really does not understand why we both like trains. I know you grew to like them because I did." He responded "More of a reason to take her, she needs to understand why we do." John agreed, she did need to understand them more if she was really wanting to go out with a railfan.

The two of them started to get ready. They would be wearing casual clothes, So John put on a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt with a small Alton and Southern logo on it.

They were almost finished when Brenda came back in after getting dressed after her shower. "Where are you two going?" She asked. "We are going over into Illinois so Kelsy can try out her new camera on trains." John replied "It was my idea, you want to go with us?" Kelsy asked Brenda thought about it for a moment. She did not feel like going anywhere that day. "I will pass for today, I am still tired from last night and today. John took a-lot out of me." She responded. "Are you sure?

You want to date a railfan, so we think that you should learn more about the hobby" John told her "I will, but I feel like just staying her today. Besides, I can use your computer to learn more about the hobby as well." She really did not feel like going out as she had a very busy few days. Kelsy saw that she did look exhausted, even though she did have a refreshing shower. She told him that it is okay, and the two of them could just go alone and make it a date.

He quickly agreed. John grabbed his camera, he was not going to bother taking video, as he was going to concentrate on showing her how to properly use her new camera. They walked down stairs so they could head out. Brenda was already down there and was in the kitchen when they walked in.

"You two be safe, I don't want to loose my best friend and her lover." She told them "We will, I will keep her safe from all the idiots on the east side." He replied "I am sure that some will be looking at me." Kelsy said "And I will make sure they know that you are mine." He told her. Brenda giggled at the cheesiness of his statement and told them to have fun as they walked out the door.

After John had started the car, he plugged his scanner into the Auxiliary Jack so they could listen to the scanner through the cars radio. There was not much chatter, and it seemed like the UP line to Jefferson City was dead.

He knew then that they would not be distracted by anything coming towards the station. He pointed the car south on Kirkwood road and headed to Interstate 44. He was not going to bother with Dupo, as there was not much action there on a Monday. He was going to show her his 4 favorite places to watch trains. "So, baby, where are you taking me?" Kelsy asked "Well, we are going to start in Alorton, on the back side of the Alton and Southern, that's where most of the arriving and departing trains go into the yard at, then we will head north to Madison to the Terminal yard and try to get some shots from the overhead bridge.

I will take you by WR tower in Granite City then finish of in Mitchell, IL at the North end of the Alton and Southern mainline." "Sounds exciting baby.

You think I will enjoy myself?" She asked "I think you will, you have an appreciation for trains, and I know you like to take pictures of them." Kelsy smiled and held his hand as they rolled up I-44. As they came into Shrewsburry, they passed the BNSF Lindenwood Yard. There was not much there, but Kelsy had her camera ready and took some quick shots of the yard through the windshield as they passed.

John smiled because the first time he passed the yard with a camera, he did the same thing has his dad drove them to a Cardinals game. They were soon crossing the Poplar Street bridge into Illinois, the last time the two of them crossed this bridge, they were being chased by Derrick.

That seemed like ages ago. He got off the interstate and headed east on Illinois 15. All too soon, they had arrived at their first stop. He pulled up to one of the access roads and they could see the downtown St. Louis skyline, and had a good overview of the yard. There was not much happening at the moment, but that would pick up after about an hour. As they waited for the first movement to come past them, John started to think about what Kelsy had said when they were having sex.

"Sweetie, can I ask you something?" "Go ahead baby, you know you can ask me anything?" She replied "This morning, when you were riding my cock, you were telling me to cum in you and give you a baby, where you just telling me that to get me going more, or what?" Kelsy blushed.

She knew that she was more than likely in her fertile time, and that he most likely got her pregnant this morning. She could not lie to him as she loved him with all of her heart. "Baby, to be honest, I don't want to wait to start a family. I think you may have gotten me pregnant this morning though, because I know my periods come like clockwork, and I have figured out when my fertile times are." She responded "So you are not on any kind of birth control?" He asked Kelsy looked down at her camera.

She couldn't keep it from him anymore "I have never been on Birth Control. I never needed it to control my periods. I knew when I was safe and when I would not get pregnant, but this morning, I was so horny, I could not help myself. That's when I decided that I wanted a family with you now instead of waiting to he married." She told him John looked out the window at the expanse of the yard.

The only thing moving was the cut of freight cars being shoved over the hump to be sorted into the proper tracks by gravity. Nothing special. He thought for a moment. Should he be mad that she held back that she was never on birth control, or should he be happy that she wanted a family with him.

He decided that he should not be angry with her, because he knew that eventually, they would have children anyway. He decided to accept the fact that she was more than likely pregnant.

"Baby?" She asked. "Are you mad at me?" John looked at her and smiled. "Why should I be, baby? I mean, I should be because you never told me that you were not taking birth control, but the more I thought about it, I became happier because I know that we would have eventually had children.

So, if you are pregnant, I will be very excited." He told her. This gave her a smile. She tried to get close to him so she could cuddle as they waited for the first train to come by them.

From what they heard on the scanner, the closest train was about 20 minutes away. This gave her an idea. "Baby, how busy is this road we are on?" "Hardly anyone comes out here. At this time of day, the only people out here would be the two men in the hump tower over there." he replied.

He looked at her and saw that she had an evil grin on her face. Before he knew what was happening, she took her hand and started to rub his cock through his pants. He was not hard, but she knew that would change really fast. John looked at her. He never knew that she would risk being seen. "I thought you did not want anymore today?" He asked "My pussy does not want anymore," she replied, "but my mouth wants some of that cum of yours." She said with a sexy smile on her face.

She used her one hand to pull the elastic band down below his balls, exposing his hardening cock. She took it in her hand and started to stroke it. She could feel it getting bigger in her hand as she played with him. "Baby, this car will make it uncomfortable to be bent over while I blow you, and I don't want to get out of the car, I will just stroke you until you are about to cum, then I will bend over to take your cum in my mouth." She explained to him John laid his head back onto the head rest of the car.

Her soft hand was gripping his cock as she stroked him. She would vary her speed, teasing him and she knew what he liked and how to get him off, as this was not the first hand job she had given him. She watched him as she stroked his cock.

His face was contorted as her soft, delicate hand stroked him. She didn't want anyone to catch them, so she gripped him tighter and started to stroke him faster. She knew what to do to get him off fast, and it seemed to be working. Pretty soon she could feel his cock start to swell. From his heavy breathing, she knew that he was about to cum. She bent over to put the head of his cock into her mouth.

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She sucked on it while pumping his cock with her hand. She was right, because she felt him grab her hair. He bucked his hips up as a groaned as his cum shot into her mouth.

She swallowed after ever shot so none of it would leak out from her lips. Once John was finished cumming, she pulled the waist band back over his cock. She looked at him and saw that he was still in a daze. She laughed and leaned over to give him a kiss. He looked over at her and smiled, then he noticed something. Right behind her, and slowly coming up the closest track was a train.

"TRAIN!" He yelled as he grabbed his camera and hopped out. He was a bit fast because the train was not moving that fast as it was within the yard limits. The locomotive on the point was a CSX in the new Dark Blue and gold scheme that the railfans have started to call the "Dark Future" scheme, while the previous scheme of Yellow, Blue and Grey was called "Bright Future." Kelsy got out of the car, and she managed to get a couple of pictures with the camera set on Auto. John saw that she was taking pictures and forgot to teach her how to do the settings for the best picture.

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He smiled though, because she had at least figured out how to use the Auto Mode. They got back into the car once the locomotives had passed and John started to explain more about the camera and what each function was for. She listened carefully to everything he had to say, and she learned very quickly. Over the next hour, she managed to get some spectacular, pictures of each train as it passed. They got bored with the A&S and decided it was time to move on to the next location.

He drove up to Venice, Illinois where the the Terminal Yard was located. John decided to drive over the bridge of the yard first to see if there was anything worth stopping for before they got out to walk up onto the bridge. Like he predicted, there was nothing really special there to photograph. He decided to go on to WR Tower.

John pulled off to the side of the road in front of a vacant lot that was used to hold privately owned passenger cars. He could tell there was a green signal for a northbound on one of the tracks.

He tried to listen to the scanner to find out what was coming, but he did not hear a thing. He put the car into park and decided they would wait for it. Kelsy turned to John and asked him "Do you think you are ready to be a father, baby?" She asked him. "Lets find out if you are pregnant first before we even talk about that, I already told you I would not be angry if you were, weather it be now, or sometime in the future." he replied Kelsy smiled.

She knew that he would understand. She decided that the subject had taken its course and to keep talking about it would be like beating a dead horse. He really was okay with it. "What about Brenda?" She asked "What about her?" "Do you really think the baby she has is yours, what if it is her dad's?" She was worried about how her friend would react if the baby was actually her fathers. "I asked her the same thing. She was really upset with that fact that there is a one in three chances that it was him who knocked her up." he replied "She started going on about having an abortion if it was his." "I hope she does not abort the baby." She sighed.

She was against abortion, but every fetus deserved a chance at life. "I talked her out of it. She is going to have a DNA test of the fetus at her first doctors visit in a couple of weeks. If it is indeed her fathers, then she will just give the child up for adoption." "That sounds like a much better idea than abortion." Kelsy said. "That was exactly the same thing she said." "But, are you comfortable with her living there?

I mean, I already gave you permission to have sex with her, whether or not I am there, but do you think you could stand helping her take care of a baby?" "I wouldn't mind. But I am going to be trying to hook her up with a buddy of mine, Jack. He is similar to me, so, if they end up becoming a couple, I think he would rather help her care for the baby." "You really think that he would?" She was concerned.

"Is he really like you?" "I would like to think that he is. I have known him for a while, we met at the station. He seems like a very nice guy." "I hope you are right, when are you going to introduce him to her?" She asked "I was thinking about that.

I don't really know when." He replied. "Do you have his number, baby?" She asked him "Yeah, I have all of my friends numbers in my phone." "Then call him, call him right now." She was getting a little bit excited that he may have the perfect guy for Brenda. Even though she was okay with him having sex with her, she still was not comfortable about the whole idea, even though it lead to great sex earlier that morning.

John reached for his phone and started to scroll through his contacts. He thought that now would be the best time to introduce her to him. He finally found Jack's contact and he pressed send to call him and put the phone on speaker.

Jack answered after the 4th ring. "Hey, John, whats cooking, man?" Jack answered "Hey Jack, nothing much, just doing some foaming in Granite" (Authors note: Foaming is a term that railroaders use to describe railfans) "See anything good?

I am actually north of you in Mitchel with a few other guys." "Really? Have not seen anything yet, its been a slow day. Hey, Kelsy and I are going to head your way, I need to ask you something as well, and I think you will like what I am going to ask." John explained "Well, better hurry up, there is a train on the A&S that is ready to leave." Jack said "We are on the way, dude, I don't care if I miss it, besides, I have something more important on my mind." "Like what?" He asked "You will find out when we get there, see you in a few, Jack" "Right, catch you in a few" he replied as the hung up the phone.

John started up his car, and Kelsy looked at him with a bit of confusion. "Are we not going to wait for this train?" She asked. "We are just heading north, we will see it, but not here. Jack and a few others are in Mitchel, so we are going to talk to him in person about Brenda." He replied.

Kelsy wondered if Jack was really as nice as John made him out to be. If he was, then maybe she could have him all to herself again. After all, she might be pregnant with his child right now. It took them about 10 minutes to get to Mitchel, and in no time, John found Jack's car.

They also noticed that William was there as well, but they did not see Danielle with him. They were standing against Jack's 1997 Buick talking. They both looked over to see John and Kelsy pull up. The two of them walked over to their car as they got out. "Damn, John, how did you manage to afford that!" Jack asked in amazement "Dad gave it to me when his new Avenger arrived." He responded.

"Lucky bastard. Even more lucky now that I heard that you and Kelsy are now a couple. You would never shut up about her!" Kelsy rolled her eyes. She knew that everyone one of his friends were going to say the exact same thing, because so far, everyone has said the exact same thing. She just sighed and let it pass. Jack noticed her roll her eyes and sigh, and thought it was something he said.

John just laughed, because every time they ran into one of his friends and they found out they were now a couple, they would say the exact same thing. "So, I guess you noticed the locomotive behind me, didn't you?" William said. He did not think that they noticed yet because Jack was admiring John's car.

John looked behind him, and is eye's widened. He went to go grab is camera, and once it was in hand, he basically ran, well, more of a fast walk, to get his picture. Right there on the point of a train getting ready to leave was the Union Pacific #3300, the Red, White and Blue with Stars all over the short, low hood.

The 3300 was specially painted back in the mid 1990's to promote the United Way. It was one locomotive that he had never seen.

Kelsy followed him over to see why he was all excited, and then she realized why when she saw the 3300 sitting there. She too went back to the car to grab her camera, but she was not in such a rush like John was. They both got their pictures and were just turning around to go back to talk to Jack about Brenda when they heard the GM 16 cylinder, 3,000 Horsepower diesel engine rev up in order to get the train moving towards Chicago.

As the train was passing them, Jack turned to John. "So, what was so important that you needed to talk to me?" He asked "Well, Jack, are you still single?" John replied "Well, yeah, I mean, who would date a train loving geek like me?" He responded "Don't be so hard on yourself, Jack, besides, I believe we have the perfect girl for you then, if you are ready to be a father." Kelsy said Jack's eye's widened.

The words of him being a father was not what he really expect to hear that day when he woke up. "Um, excuse me? Are you talking about Rachel?" He asked. Rachel had been his only girlfriend, and she left him for a stupid reason, he had gotten her pregnant after they agreed to start a family. He never found out what she had, as she moved to Michigan after she dumped him.

"No, not Rachel. Her name is Brenda. She has been abused and broken, and she is currently living with John and his family after he father kicked her out when he found out she was pregnant, and then her boyfriend left her for the same reason." John Explained "What the fuck?" "Also, she is very similar to Kelsy here, but she really does not have an understanding of our hobby." John continued.

"And why exactly are you asking me if I want to go out with her or start a relationship." He asked "She is a very sweet girl who really needs a man, and not a boy, in her life. She has had a terrible past, and she managed to hide it very well from everyone, considering her popularity at school and also being the cheer leader captain." John told him "Jacks eyes lit up when he heard 'cheer leader captain' as he always wanted to go out with on, but he was always rejected." "When do you think I could meet her?" He asked "You can meet her tonight if you don't have anything else planned, or now if you just want to follow us back to my place." He told his friend "Okay, I can do that, but, I am just wondering, how far along in her pregnancy is she?" "About a month and a half or so, but we are thinking more like a month." Kelsy replied "So I will have 8 months to really get to know her then." He commented.

Both John and Kelsy tried to hold back a slight laugh when they heard this, because he did not seem to realize how horny she had become because of her condition. They knew that he would really get to know her on a personal level. "What?" Jack asked "Nothing, come on, lets go." He said "You want to come too, William?" Kelsy asked "No, I need to get going as well, I need to go get some dinner started for Danielle." he replied "How is she doing?" Kelsy asked "She is doing fine, she starts her Chemo next week." "I am happy to hear that, tell her I said hi and to call me tomorrow" Kelsy said as she walked to John's car.

"I will, you guys have a great evening." William said as he walked back to his car. Jack decided he would just take I-270 from Mitchell down to Kirkwood. It was longer, but there would be less of a risk of loosing Jack as he had never been to his place before.

It took them about an hour to get back to his place. His parent were home when they arrived. John parked his Charger behind his mom's mini-van as Jack parked in the street. When they got out, John yelled over to Jack. "Welcome to my home, don't you dare burn it down!" Jack just laughed at this as he made his way up to them.

"Sweet home, dude." was all that he managed to say. "Come on, lets go inside so you can meet my parents and Brenda." He told him as they started to walk towards the door. Once inside, he called out that he was home and that they brought home a friend for dinner.

His mom yelled out that they were in the kitchen and to come on in. They walked through the living room and into the kitchen and that's when Jack first saw Brenda, she was starting to set another setting of dishes for Jack and he could feel his face start to turn red as his heart started to pound when he saw how beautiful she was.

John noticed the look on his friends face and he pointed it out to Kelsy. She gave a slight chuckle, as it looked like his jaw was going to drop right off his face. John elbowed him and this brought him back to reality as he quickly closed his mouth. He still could not believe that his friend was going to try to hook him up with this girl that was standing in front of him. Brenda noticed Jack as well and she got a smile when she saw that he was turning red.

Maybe it was because of her, or that he had some sort of skin condition that caused him to turn red for no apparent reason, but she kind of figured it was because of her. "Brenda, meet Jack, Jack, meet Brenda." Kelsy said.

Brenda walked over to their friend, but instead of shaking his hand, she gave him a hug. Jack did not know what to do, he was only expecting to shake her hand, and not for her to give him a hug. The only thing he managed to do was hug her back. He could smell the shampoo in her hair and the smell made him close his eyes as it reminded him of apples. Brenda broke off the hug and she said she was very happy to meet him.

Then she looked over at John. "Do you mind if I talk to John in private for a minute?" She asked. "Yeah, go ahead Brenda." Kelsy replied. Brenda walked outside and John followed her. He had hoped that he did not upset her in anyway by bringing his friend over for dinner. "So, did you bring him over to meet me?" She asked "You found me out. You had mentioned that you wanted someone like me to fall in love with, and he is the closest that there is" He replied "I did find it funny that he blushed when he saw me, I thought that was really cute.

Can I sit by him during dinner?" She asked "Feel free, I think he would like that." John said "Maybe I can get some fun out of him later." She said with a laugh. "You never know, from what I can tell, he has not had any kind of sex since his last girlfriend left him a few years ago." He said. "Well, lets see how is he, and maybe I can leave you and Kelsy alone, but I am not going to rush things, I want to see how things go, and go on a date with him first.

Does he know that I am going to be a mother?" "Yes, I told him everything, but left out that I am the father because of a blackmail, and that your dad had used you as a slave." He commented "Thanks, I will never tell him about the blackmail, but I will eventually tell him about my dad if I do get together with him." She said as she started to walk back inside.

Kelsy and Ann had just finished putting the food on the table, as John, his dad and Jack were already sitting down. Brenda went straight for the open seat next to Jack and sat down. She looked over at him and saw him start to blush again.

Yup, it was definitely her that was causing this reaction. They enjoyed the grilled chicken that Gary had prepared for them, along with green bean casserole and broccoli with cheese. They shared a nice conversation about Kelsy's first railfan trip into Illinois and she explained what they saw. She did leave out that she had given him a hand job when they were at the Alton and Southern. Brenda did catch Jack looking at her a few times, and she just smiled when he she did.

She did not know much about him, but she got the feeling from being next to him that he was really a sweet guy. As they were finishing dinner, she knew that she wanted to get to know him more. During the meal, they did talk to each other a little bit as the others were talking about Kelsy and her first railfan trip with John. She found out that he lived in Des Peres, about 10 minutes by car just on the other side of the interstate. After they had cleared the Table, she led him out to the patio so they could talk more.

She thought that he was actually handsome, and not just cute. They sat down on some chairs as they talked. John and Kelsy saw them talking and they smiled. They knew that it was likely they would get together.

When they saw him take her hand in his, they knew that they had made the right choice for her. That is when the decided that they would go out and Join them. Jack and Brenda looked over at them as they walked out.

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They brought them some drinks to enjoy in the cooling July air. Brenda was all smiles. "Are you two getting along?" John asked "Oh, I am enjoying myself, but I don't know about him" she replied. She laughed when she said this because it caused him to blush again. "So, what are you two talking about?" Kelsy asked "He just asked me to dinner on Saturday." She responded, "I did say yes." "Treat her right, Jack, and we will have no problems." John said, giving his friend a stern look.

"Remember, she has been abused and hurt a-lot, she does not need another let down." "Oh, I intend to, she is really beautiful and she seems to be glowing since she is pregnant." It was Brenda's turn to blush.

No one had ever called her beautiful before. They continued to talk well into the evening. It was about 9 when Jack said he had to get home.

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Brenda gave him his phone number and told him to call her tomorrow and she got his as well. She could not wait to talk to him again as she was really starting to liking him.

Brenda walked him out to his car, and gave him a hug before he got in and left. When she got back into the house, Kelsy stopped her. "I take it you really like him?" She asked. "Yes, I do. I hope it leads to something, he says that if we do become a couple, he will be there for me whenever I need him and he would even claim the child as his, putting his name on the Birth Certificate" She said "That is very sweet of him." Kelsy said "Yes, I gave him a huge smile when he told me that.

I never expected someone to be so nice to me the first night I meet them, it has always been the same thing, wanting un my pants. He is a real gentleman." She continued "John did say that he was just like him, and I can tell that he was right." "Speaking of John, I did not want to scare Jack off by taking him to bed, but I was thinking that maybe the two of us could seduce John tonight." She said "I think that would be fun.

Who knows, after this Saturday, he may be off limits again." She told her. "Better take advantage of this!" "I just hope Jack is a good lover like John is." She replied. The two girls laughed as they headed up stairs to John's bedroom. He was already in there and was getting ready to change into some night clothes when the girls walked in. The saw that he was just in his boxers. "Oh baby, I don't think you need to change just yet." Kelsy said as they walked into the bedroom.

"Oh, do you girls have something planned for me?" He asked. He knew that one of them wanted his cock. He walked over to Kelsy and gave her a hug.

He felt Brenda behind him. He started to Kiss his girlfriend passionately as he reached behind her to embrace her. He could fell Brenda start to kiss and nibble on his neck, and that's when he figured out that they were going to be having a threesome and he let out a moan at this thought. Kelsy broke off the kiss and lifted her shirt over her head, while Brenda started to gently suck on his neck. He pulled Kelsy back in for another kiss and reached behind her to unfasten her bra.

She felt the snap came apart and felt the bra become loose. Brenda helped her push the straps down her arms and removed her bra the rest of the way so she could continue to make out with John. He could immediately feel her breasts against his chest. It was only a few seconds later that he realized that Brenda was not behind him anymore, but a second later, she was back against his him, and he could now feel her bare breasts against his back.

John started to suck on Kelsy's neck and this caused her to moan, something he loved to hear her do. He started to kiss his way down to her breasts. It was a little more difficult since Brenda was pressed against his back, but she realized what he was wanting to do, and backed off of him so he could attack Kelsy's nipples. Instead of taking a side seat, she moved over to Kelsy and started to kiss her as well. Kelsy was in heaven. Her boyfriend was sucking and playing on her nipples as Brenda was making out with her.

She wrapped one of her arms around Brenda's neck and placed her other hand on the back of John's head. Brenda meanwhile took one of her hands and slide it into Brenda's pants and started to rub her pussy. She could feel her getting wetter as she moved her hand against her. John noticed what she was doing and he moved his hands up between Brenda's legs.

She was only wearing a skirt and he easily managed to get his hand against her panty covered pussy. The three of them were really into each other.

Kelsy had Brenda kissing her and rubbing her crotch while John was sucking on her nipples. All of this was too much for her and felt herself cum hard. Brenda could feel her friends panties get soaked as she ended up squirting into them. John took his head away from her nipples. He wanted to get her out of her clothes. He immediately hooked his hands into her pants and shoved them down along with her panties. He did not wait for her to lay down when he got down on his knees and started to attack her pussy with his tongue.

The sudden shock of his tongue against her clit caused her to almost loose her balance, but Brenda was there to catch her. Brenda gave her another passionate kiss before she went down to her tits and started to suck on them as well, as John continued to eat her pussy.

Kelsy never thought being with John and Brenda would feel so good. She could feel herself approaching another orgasm from John licking her wet pussy when she felt him push two fingers into her.

She gasped from the penetration and grabbed his head. She knew that she would not last much longer from this much attention. Sure enough, a few seconds later, another orgasm swept through her body.

He wanted her, bad. His cock was rock hard. As he stood up to kiss Kelsy so she could taste herself on his lips, he could feel Brenda slide his boxers down and take his cock into her hand. She started to stroke him as he kissed his girlfriend.

Instead of getting on the bed, she got down on her knees and took his cock in her hand as well. The feeling of two hands from two different girls stroking his cock really got him going.

"Brenda honey, why don't you join me and we can both suck on his cock together." she said. "I think John would really like that." "I think he would to, as she moved to his front on got on her knees next to Kelsy. Kelsy took his cock and started to suck on the head of his cock as Brenda took his balls into her hand and started to gently play with them. She did not want to squeeze to hard because she started to think of the sex that morning, when she told him that she wanted to see him knock Kelsy up.

John moaned at the feeling of the two girls playing with his junk. He could feel Kelsy's tongue swirl around the head of his cock, then she took him all they way into her mouth. Brenda was amazed that she could get the whole thing in her. She sucked on him for a a minute or so when she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"You try it, honey." She said, offering her boyfriends cock to her. Brenda responded and took his cock into her mouth without hesitation. She could not get as much as Kelsy could in her mouth, but John was not complaining. He loved the way that both girls went down on him. Kelsy watched as Brenda bobbed her head up and down his cock, trying to get as much as she could, but her gag reflexes prevented her from getting more than 5 inches in.

She knew she could not hog his cock to herself, so she pulled it out of her mouth and offered it to Kelsy again.

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The two girls shared his cock, each taking a couple of minutes sucking on him. The difference of their styles of going down on men were apparent, but this managed to get him going as he could feel his cum boiling in his balls. "I am going to cum soon!" He announced. "Cum for us baby, spray your cum on our faces." Brenda replied as Kelsy kept his cock in their mouth. Kelsy heard him say that he was going to cum and pulled his cock out until only the head was still in her mouth. She continued to suck on the head as Brenda took her hand and stroked his cock as well.

It took only a few seconds and he grunted as he could feel his cum racing up the shaft os his cock. Kelsy pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time as he started to cum.

He shot onto his girlfriends face, and then moved his cock over to Brenda's. He covered both of their faces with his cum. When he finished, they both laughed. The two of them started to lick his cum off each others faces and in a few minutes, they had all of his cum cleaned up. "I think its time he fucks your pussy, sexy girl." Brenda said.

Kelsy smiled when she said this, as she was ready for him. She wanted his cock deep in her. She got on her hands and knees, lifting her ass up into the air, offering her pussy to John's massive cock. She looked back at John and gave her that "Please fuck me." John did not want to make her wait, and he moved behind her. Before he lined his cock up, he spread her ass cheeks apart and gave her pussy and lick, causing his girlfriend to moan.


"You have eaten her out enough, big boy, give her that cock of yours" Brenda said. She wanted to watch him fuck Kelsy's pussy. He got up behind his girlfriend as Brenda moved her hand to his cock, lining it up with Kelsy's dripping wet pussy. He pushed all the way into her with one thrust, causing her to moan as she felt him slide into her wet pussy. "Please fuck me, John, I am so fucking wet for you!" Kelsy begged.

"Fuck her, Big Boy, fuck her until you shoot your load into her." Brenda whispered in his ear. He did not make her wait as he started to pump into her with long, steady strokes.

She started to moan as he filled her pussy up with his cock. She could feel him stretch her pussy wide.

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She never got tired of how big he was and how much she filled him up. As John was pumping into his girlfriend, Brenda got up and removed her skirt and panties. She wanted some action too. John had already came once and Kelsy had gotton off three or four times, and she had yet to cum. She moved around and laid down in front of Kelsy with her legs spread open.


Kelsy responded by grabbing her hips and pulling her closer to her so she could eat out her pussy. Kelsy shoved her tongue into Brenda's pussy so that every time John thrusted into her pussy, the momentum would cause her to basically tongue fuck her. Both girls started to moan in pleasure as John fucked Kelsy's pussy and Kelsy tongue fucked Brenda.

"Fuck her pussy harder, big boy, make her cum!" Brenda told him. "Fuck her fast!" Knowing that Kelsy was going down on her while he fucked her from behind, he grabbed her hips and started to pound into her. This caused Kelsy to scream out into Brenda's pussy. The vibrations of her screaming caused launched Brenda into a massive orgasm. She came hard and held Kelsy's head into her pussy. John on the other hand, tried to fuck his girlfriend as hard and as fast as he possible could. This was giving her the maximum amount of pleasure as she kept rocketing into orgasms.

She did not squirt as much as this morning, but she was squirting onto his balls basically each time she came. "Cum in her, cum in her pussy and knock her up, give her your baby!" Brenda cried out as she was coming down from her own orgasm.

"Yes baby! Cum for me! Give me your baby makers and make me a mother!" Kelsy begged. He did not have to be told twice as he had already felt his own orgasm fast approaching. Just as Kelsy finished begging him to cum, he buried his cock as deep as he could into her and shot a massive load into her.

Kelsy cried out in pleasure as she felt his sperm splash against her womb. She knew that she would most definitely be pregnant now. John finished cumming and pulled his cock out of her. He noticed this time there was no torrent of cum pouring out of her. He did not care though, because he knew that his cum was in her.

He laid down to relax but he did not really have a chance to, because almost as soon as he laid down, Brenda came over and started to lick their combined fluids off of his cock.

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"No time to rest, sexy, its my turn to have your cock in me." She told him. "I know it is, do you want it from behind so you can try to lick my cum from my little girlfriends tight little pussy?" He asked She did not have to answer because he was reading her mind.

She got onto her elbow's and knees, offering herself to him. Kelsy moved in front of Brenda, spreading her legs wide to give her full access to her pussy.

Before John could slide his cock into her pussy, she was already lapping at his girlfriends pussy. He really liked what he saw and he did not hesitate to line his cock up with her wet fuck hole and slide it deep in her like he had done to Kelsy.

He knew he would last much longer, but he did not really want to. He had already cum 4 times that day, and he wanted to dump one more load of cum into Brenda before they went to bed. He didn't think it was fair that everyone got off so much already that evening and she did not, so he was going to fuck her hard and fast to get her off as much as possible.

He started to pound into hard and fast, and this launched Brenda into an immediate orgasm. John felt her pussy clamping down on him tight as it could when she came. It was not as tight as Kelsy, but it still felt wonderful feeling her spasm on his cock. He could see his girlfriends face as Brenda ate her pussy.

It was contorted as she was experiencing a girl eat her out for the first time and he could see that she really enjoying it, since she was cumming a-lot as from Brenda's ministrations. John felt Brenda start to thrust her hips backwards as he fucked her.

She wanted his cum in her as much as he wanted to give it to her. He reached around her and started to rub her clit as he pounded into her hard and fast. This caused her to launch into yet another massive orgasm, and while she tried to keep herself from screaming, she did a very poor job at it. "How do you like fucking her pussy while she eats my pussy, baby?" Kelsy asked "I love it baby, I love watching her go down on you and make you cum!" He replied "Give her your cum baby, I want you to cum deep in her!

Give your child a sperm bath!" She gasped as another orgasm washed over her body.


He kept pounding into Brenda's pussy as he knew that's she wanted, and he wanted to give it to her. He felt the familiar sensation of his impending orgasm, and he tried to pound Brenda harder and faster. She was constantly cumming now, and the sensation of his cock slamming into her kept her pussy constantly contracting on his cock. "I am going to cum in her pussy, baby!" He announced "Do it, baby, cum in her pussy, give it to her!" Kelsy moaned as Brenda kept eating her out.

Brenda stopped eating Kelsy's pussy to cry out her response to his announcement "Yes! Fuck me! Yes! Oh God! Do it! Cum in my pussy! Give it to me! Oh god, I am cumming again!" He jammed himself as deep as he could into her pussy and let loose his torrent of cum. He let out a load moan as he felt like the pressure would cause his cock to come off in her pussy.

As Brenda felt his cum splash inside of her, she let out a moan into Kelsy's pussy. Feeling her moan as she sucked on her clit launched her into a powerful orgasm herself, squirting all over Brenda's face. With all their sexual energy spent, the three of them came down from their orgasm's and relaxed while they cuddled up against each other. Brenda fell asleep almost immediately but both Kelsy and John were still somewhat awake. "I hope you enjoyed that baby, I know I did" She finally said.

"I did, having the two of you at the same time was fantastic." He replied. "I love you Kelsy, and I always will." Kelsy smiled. "I love you too, John." She leaned over and gave him a kiss and laid her head on his chest.

She felt safe when she was on his chest, and it felt like he could protect her from any danger that was thrown their way.

She was able to comfortably fall asleep in his arms. Soon, all three of them were fast asleep, dreaming of their future's that they can look forward too, as both lovers, friends and family.

Meanwhile, in Kelsy's womb, unknown to either John or Kelsy, the sperm that John pumped into her pussy that evening had found its mark, and fertilized one of her eggs and was embedding itself into her womb.