Haha Fuck my ex girlfriend

Haha Fuck my ex girlfriend
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I had been an active member of the school PTA, we had meetings once a month and put on various events to raise money for the school.


Our next meeting was planed for the second Tuesday of the Month, this was put back a week because of other events on the First Tuesday, four of us arrived more or less together at the school to find a notice from the caretaker, informing us the meeting had been cancelled and apologises for not being able to inform us.

Grumbling we headed back home, I was heading the same way as Heather, we had been on the PTA since or kids started at the school. As we chatted she said if she had known earlier she could have gone out for a drink with her sister for her birthday, I asked if she would like a drink, seeing as we were already out, we d dropped into the pub down the road from us, one drink lead to another and another, an hour passed and Heather was tipsy, I helped her home and taking her door key I opened the door and we entered, from the lounge I heard "Fucking hell" then Samantha, the 14 year old daughter dashed to the door, seeing me with her mother was the last thing on her mind, she was stark naked, her pointed tits drew my eyes straight away, they were like a the top of a rugby ball with the nipple on top, a look of horror shot across her face, she looked back in, there I saw a chap of about 19/20 years old, also naked, he grabbed his clothes and was dressed in seconds and as I was entering the kitchen with Heather, he was out the door, Samantha grabbed her skirt and T and came to see why her mom was home early and tipsy.


I told her what had happened. Heather collapsed in the kitchen chair and I was making my way out, when Samantha took my arm, "You know if mom hadn't come home I would have been fucking Peter by now" I wondered why she was telling me this, up until now we hadn't really talked much, she was in the year above my son so we only had chatted at PTA events.

I looked at her wondering what was coming next, I didn't have long to wait, "I'm so frustrated I need to get a stiff cock up my pussy before I go crazy" I was now thinking she was looking for me to fulfil this need, and I was right, dropping her hand to the front of my trousers she stood on tip toe to give me a kiss and came straight out and said "Seeing as you've got the only cock in the house, I chose you to give my virginity too" taking my hand she started up the stairs, I followed like a lamb to the slaughter.

Once in her room she started undressing me, I put up no resistance, standing before her naked she dropped to her knees and kissed my cock, looking u she said, "You're bigger than Peter, I hope I can take you" kissing and sucking my cock for a minute she stood, her skirt and T removed, I hadn't seen her do this but I wasn't complaining. She took my hand and walked backwards to her bed, sitting on the edge, than laying back, her legs raised and opened wide, my cock was pointing right at the love box in front of me, with a gentle push the head parted her lips, she had been looking down, but her head dropped back and she gave a grunt, I eased a little more into her, "Oh fuck, I'm taking itmy pussy is taking your huge cock" I guessed she had took care of her hymen before now, so I pushed hard, I was right, I went balls deep, "Fuck, Oh God, it's wonderful" I slowly eased out until the head remained in her then shoved back hard, my balls slapped her ass, as I worked my cock in and out of her I reached forwards and mauled her tits.

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She was vocal, "Don't stop, don't stop, please I need this so bad, I have to cum, make me cum, fuck me hard and make me cum" " Her head tossed from side to side and she grunted and groaned, my cock swelled and I pushed firmly into her and emptied my balls, she came with me, her muscles contracting around my cock with gentle squeezes.

With my hips bucking into her I heard a noise behind me, turning my head I was shocked to see Bethany, she was the youngest at 7 years of age, "What you doing Sam"?

Samantha sat up and looked around me "Go away Beth" Bethany came into the room and stood beside me, "Why is he naked and pushing against you"? Sam pulled away from me to grab Beth and take her out of the room, naturally my cock was in front of Beth, her mouth opened and her eyes widened like dinner plates, "Why was his dick in you, can I touch it"?

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"Sam grabbed Beth's arm and was dragging her out, "I'm going to tell daddy" stopping dead in her tracks Sam shook her sister, "No your not, You're not telling anybody, understand"? "I want to touch it, if I can't I'm telling daddy" Sam looked at me "What do you think"? What could I say; if Beth did tell I would be in so much trouble it would be unbelievable, "It wouldn't hurt if I let her just touch it" Beth smiled and sat on the bed, she reached out and cupped my balls in one hand and closed her fingers around my shaft, "It's nice" she looked at her sister, "Did you have it In your cunt"?


Sam told her she did" "Did you like it"? Sam nodded, then Beth looked up at me, "Will you put it in mine"?

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"I can't your too young and if I did your mom and dad wouldn't be very pleased" looking to Sam she told her to tell me to put it in her cunt, Sam looked at my growing cock in her sisters hand, I wasn't fully erect, "It wouldn't hurt, your not too big and would fit easily" "You cant be serious" "She will tell if you don't and you know what will happen" I was trapped, and I knew it, Heather was down stairs and she could come up any moment, so what was I to do, this was taken out of my hand to some extent, Bethany lay back and pulled her skirt u, she wasn't wearing any knickers, her little pussy was no more than a slit, she held her arms out to me, "Come on" Sam moved behind me and pushed me forwards, reaching around me she held my cock out, as I neared Beth Sam reached for her slit and pushed a finger into her, then my cock followed.

It goes without saying that her pussy was so tight it was difficult for me to enter her, but Sam kept moving me back and forth a little at a time, and eventually I bottomed out, her little vagina caressing my cock, to my surprise Beth took all of my length, but as said, I wasn't fully erect, Sam held my hips and moved me back and forth so I was fucking her sister, who was laying on the bed with a look of utter bliss and contentment on her face. Back and forth Sam moved me and I looked back, "I' going to cum" "Cum then" "You sure"?

"Why not, you can't knock her up, so give her the full pleasure" cum I did, even though I had cum not long ago, I exploded into little Beth, she bit her hand to stop from screaming. As I stopped pumping my cum in her I pulled back, the last few drops falling on her legs, sitting up she hugged me, then kissed my cock and said "Thank you, you made me really happy" I sat on the bed to recover and Sam took this opportunity to push me back and bend over my cock and start sucking on my pole, minutes later I began to shoot my thick cream all over her face and into her open waiting mouth.

She was busily gobbling up every drop and she used her fingers to gather it off her face and sucked each finger dry, she offered Beth some and she too ate it eagerly, we hugged then I dressed and was out the door in minutes, walking home I preyed Beth and Sam wouldn't speak of this to anyone. I got home and went to work on sorting out the prizes for the tom bola I was running at the summer fair at the school.

Around half ten the following day there was a knock on the door, Joanna was standing there hands on her hips, she's 20 and their big sister, with a look that could kill, "You, you dirty fucking bastard" she pushed past me and went into the lounge, closing the door I followed, she turned to face me as I entered, slapping my face she continued "You're nothing but a fucking pedo, and you're going to die, how could you fuck Bethany, she's only 7" I couldn't answer her, it was the shock of her coming to see me and the force of her attack, what did flash threw my mind was, why wasn't it Heather or David standing here.

With another slap across my face she asked what I had to say about it, I shook my head, and rubbed my cheek, "I was trapped" "What the fuck do you mean, you were trapped"?

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I explained about having a drink with her mother and helping her home, where I found Sam with a chap, both naked and he did a runner, then Sam seduced me, and Beth saw this and she threatened to tell your dad if I didn't let her touch my cock, then Sam instigated me in fucking her.

Joanne stood listening and I could see what I was saying was sinking in. when I had finished she said "I can understand that of Sam, and Beth would have told, so in a way I can see the predicament you were in, "But to cum in her, the poor girl she was leaking your cum all night" with her more relaxed I asked if Beth had told their parents "Do you think I would be here if she had, no when I bathed her I saw cum running from her and asked about it and she told me what had happened" "So you already knew what went on"?

"Of course I did, but I wanted to see if you would lie to me about it" relaxing I asked what she was going to do now "Well that's down to you, you can take me to bed and give me what my sisters had, or do nothing and I'll bring the police around" I took her hand and said "I think you know what I'll do" I took her to my bed and we stripped, laying in the 69 we gave each other oral for twenty minutes, she gave great head, licking the whole at the tip and bobbing her head up and down my shaft, squeezing the base of my cock she stopped me from coming several times, she on the other hand was having one orgasm after another.

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After yet another orgasm she turned around and was sat on my cock in a flash, she dropped forwards and kissed me, "Sam said you were a gusher, so come on and gush up my pussy you dirty pedo" she started bouncing up and down and grinding her hips on my shaft, she threw her head backwards as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock, I couldn't hold myself any longer and as I felt her pussy grip my cock, this was all I needed and I gave her what she wanted, as our orgasm eased she lay on my chest, we rested for a few minutes, then she pushed herself up on her hands, "That was awesome, none of my boyfriends have fucked me that good" we fucked again doggy, then the wheelbarrow and to finish we had a knee trembler in the shower.

As I was seeing her out she kissed me, "Don't worry about mom or dad finding out, I'll make sure nothing is said" I watched her walk up the road and I thought I had got off lightly. At the next months PTA meeting I was a little nervous seeing Heather, but she didn't say anything about that night, so I was in the clear.

i saw Joanne a few times after that, but then she went off to college and moved out of the area, later I heard Samantha had had a boyfriend over and Bethany had found her fucking and wanted the same, as the chap was fucking Beth, their father walked in, he knocked seven kinds of shit out of him putting him in hospital for months, he was sent down for three years for Grievous bodily harm, and assault, the fact he was reacting to what he had walked in on, did help reduce the sentence a little, but the ferocity of the attack was uncalled for.

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The chap was sent down for ten years for underage sex with both girls. Heather moved them back to her parent's home weeks later.

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