Young whore loves the cock

Young whore loves the cock
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I couldn't hold back the excitement i was holding any longer. Today i was visiting my best friend after not seeing her in years. We grew up together after becoming friends in 3rd grade. I was bringing my boyfriend along with me since we had both planned to move back up here. As we continued to drive i noticed the street we were in.

"Dan stop the car." I said as i went to remove my seatbelt already feeling my nipples erect.

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As I commanded dan stopped the car as i hopped out I began to make my way to a house I've only visited so many times before i left. Placing my hand on the doorknob i twisted it slighty surprised to see it was still unlocked.

In this house dan and i would continuously fuck. Entering the house I walked into the kitchen and looked at the for seeing where we had once been. I began to walk around until i saw dan walk in before closing and locking the door.

"I can't believe you still remember this place" dan said making his way towards me. "I've told you before I remember only the important things." I said looking at him as he stood in front of me.

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Dan raised his hands and placed them on my breasts and began to grope and tug on them. I couldn't hold back the soft moans as he played with my breasts.


He slipped his hands under my shirt before pulling up my bra. I let out a small gasps as the cold air hardened my nipples.

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He slowly walked me backwards to the counter quickly having me sit on it before he started to unbuckle his pants. I watched closely noticing the buldge in his pants.

Being here like this had my core heating up. I knew i was beginning to get wet as he pulled his cock out. Dan began to pull my pants down. Not being able to wait any longer i pulled down my underwear before bringing him close to me and began to kiss him passionately.


I heard him groan every once and awhile before he reached his hand down to his cock placing the head on my entrance teasing me. I then wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him in as his cock then entered my pussy earning a soft moan as he started to thrust in and out of me slowly. I was then getting annoyed he knew exactly how i liked it but considered doing this.

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"Fuck me harder dan" i began to beg. It was only when i commanded him did he do what i asked. Soon dan began to thrust deeper and harder into me hitting my limit with each thrust.

I couldnt stop the moans escaping my lips. He seemed to enjoy it as he picked up his pace biting into my neck as his hand began to twist and tug on my nipple.

"F.fuck dan.m.more. fuck me more" i was beginning to feel my pussy tighten around his cock as his twitched knowing he was about to cum he began to pound my pussy harder which had me cumming and moaning his name out hoping the neighbors didnt hear. "Hop off the counter jen" dan said panting while pumping his cock in front of me. Doing as he said I hopped off and got to the floor. He positioned me on my hands and knees.

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He began to grab my ass grazing his fingers on the hole i had yet let him penetrate. He had always wanted to do anal but i never allowed him. He brought his cock closer poking my virgin hole with the tip before he just slammed his cock in quickly covering my mouth as i let out a scream. It was painful but if it brought him pleasure i would surely do it again. "Fuck jen.i wanted this for so long.its so tight.

It feels as if it's sucking me in." Dan moaned out as he thrusted his cock inside my ass. Soon the painful feeling subsided as waves of pleasure rolled in causing me to moan and back my ass on him earning a moan from him. We continued for what seemed like hours before we both ended up on the floor covered in our cum kissing passionately while only moving slowly against each other.

Dan knew how my body enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside of me. Even if we were both tired he continued to thrust inside of my sore pussy.


We stopped paying attention to the time and only focused on the sounds of our cum and thighs smacking against each other with each pounding. Even my moans became raspy. I felt my body heat up as dan continued to thrust my pussy tightened as i began to cum. "A.ah d.dan dont stop til you finish.i want you cum in me" i begged.

"I'm not stopping until i have my fill of you jen" dan said thrusting harder into me. I couldn't help the moans coming out of my mouth. It felt so fucking good i could feel his cock pounding at my womb and damn did it feel so good. I could stay like this for hours just fucking til i was completely covered in cum and oozing out of my holes.

Dan soon began to go faster and his cock was twitching. I knew he was gonna cum soon so i slipped my tongue into his mouth as he continued only then i heard him moan as streams of cum began to shoot into me. It felt so warm in me i let out a moan of approval as he pushed his cum deeper into my womb.

We havent fucked in a while but this was surely worth it. After he had finished cumming dan pulled out and brought his face down to my pussy running his tongue on my clit and entrance.

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"We taste good together babe" he said with a wink. After we had finished we got dressed and headed out the door and on our way to my friends home.