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Tyler is hot for cock
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My name is Shelly, but everyone calls me by my middle name Tracy. I'm not sure how it happened, but it did, and somewhere along the lines I just went with it, like I do all things. Same thing with my marriage. I loved Mark then, and I do now, but through the years, I have just gone along with everything, and it has led us to a pretty dull life.

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All I ever wanted was a child, but even that was beyond us. We tried for three years, all of those years having timed sex, taking what little passion we had between us out of the equation.

I knew he jacked off in the shower and to porn, and I sneaked away into the bathroom to use my egg in the middle of the night. It wasn't that we weren't sexual people. At least on my part I thought about sex all the time, and before we were married, I sure wasn't a prude. We thought it better not to talk about our pasts, and perhaps it was thinking we were both so pure that made the sex so bland and unexciting. We hadn't given up on having a child when Shannon came into the picture.

We had just put out name into the pot for adoption when we were contacted, and we viewed it as an omen. She was evidently going to be a lot of work, but we both figured we could use the chore and the distraction. When Shannon finally arrived, she was so far from what I was expecting. I knew she had been abused, and for some reason I was expecting a mousy little girl that stayed to herself. I met her after I got off work. Mark had been to get her at the airport to pick her up and got her settled in the room, and when I walked in the door, he told me she was in her room.

I knocked on the door and when she said "yes" I opened the door. "Hey, I'm Tracy, I don't know what Mark has told you, but I'm sure its all lies." She looked at me with confusion. When she finally spoke, all she said was that he spoke well of me. But I didn't pay any attention to what she was saying. She was stunning. She wore short black boy shorts, clearly torn and worn, but sexy none the less.

She also had a worn sleeveless tee shirt, ribbed, that barely covered her breasts. I had been with a woman in college, mainly to experience it, but rarely thought about women, but Shannon was gorgeous.

Her body was stunning. Underneith her teeshirt, her nipples were clearly visable, and the sheer size caused them to pancake out and settle out the arm holes. We made small talk, and I told her that we would take her shopping the next day, and then shut the door and walked back to the bedroom. "So what did you think of our Shannon." He was propped up on the bed reading a book.

"I don't know what to say. Its going to take some work having her in the house." "What do you mean?" "Well she's a grown woman. Its like we skipped all the growing up and suddenly have a teenager in the house." "Yeah, she seems really well adjusted, but I did get a call from the adoption agency and they said she'd been though a lot and that she had a skewed view of relating to people." "How so?" "No big thing, we just need to watch her, show her we love her." "Yeah, I'm sorry to say this, especially since she is now out daughter, but did you see her body?

Wow." I was so turned on it was unbelievable.

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"Well I'm glad you are home, but I'm beat. I put some food in the fridge if you want some. I'm going to get some shut eye. Have a big day tomorrow, want to make sure she gets settled in." "Night." I gave him a kiss and walked into my closet.

I took off my clothes and threw them into the basket, folded my bra and put it in my drawer and then slipped on some boxer shorts and an old teeshirt. When I left my closet all the lights were out, and I made my way down the hallway to the kitchen.

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Shannon's light was still on, but I didn't disturb her. I went into the kitchen and ignored Mark's covered dish and settled on a good old fashion PB&J. I leaned up against the counter and turned the radio on, catching the BBC on NPR. I listened to the latest news and finished off my sandwich. It wasn't very satisfying, but I wasn't hungry anymore, and shortly caught myself daydreaming.

In college I had gotten drunk and been approached at a bar by a girl I had seen around a few times. We talked for a while, and I was surprised when she asked me back to her place, but being that I was drunk and very curious, I gave in and went with it. She was attractive, but didn't have much of a body. Skinny with little to no curves, even after it was all done and some curiosity had been satisfied, I was still left thinking about what it would be like.


I had enjoyed going down on her way more than I thought I would, but there was something missing. Sitting there in the kitchen, I couldn't help but think about Shannon. When I had been curious, at the height of my mind swimming around the issue, I had always envisioned myself with someone who had a body like mine. I mean I wasn't a model or anything, but I had curves, and was usually one of the big breasted girls in the group.

When I had thought about women, I thought about breasts, always curious about what the big deal was. I had always had guys stare at my chest, always had guys that attached my breasts as if they were the last thing on the menu, and my experience with her small little mounds left a lot to the imagination. Standing there in the kitchen, I replaced my girl in college with Shannon, and with my eyes shut hard I tried to imagine what it would be like.

Without noticing, I started rubbing myself to the thought of feeling her chest as I ate her out. One of the few things that I loved about Mark was that he loved to go down on me, and I loved it when he would reach up and make my breasts sway as he brought me to orgasm. I felt myself as I thought about feeling Shannon, and it was only when I started feeling my boxers getting wet that I opened my eyes. "Are you ok?" It was Shannon.

She was standing five feet from me, looking at me in the eyes. "I'm fine. I was just lost in thought. I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." "Must have been a nice thought." "I'm sorry. I just got carried away. You know, about adult stuff." "Oh, do you need to get off? Do you want me to help you?" "What?" I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. I just sat there looking at her. "I really don't mind.

If you need me to eat your pussy I will, especially after all you've done for me." "Shannon. That is not how this household works." "I really don't mind. I did it all the time back home. It's a bit different than sucking cock, but its still not a big deal." I was lost. I had never imagined that a young girl like her would dream of saying cock in front of her guardian or mother, not to mention offering herself to someone in my position." She walked towards me.

"Here really, its no big deal. Let me make you feel better. It's my pleasure." "Shannon&hellip." But it was too late. She had already come up to me and lowered herself to get her mouth on my crotch. I backed away, but I backed into the island in the kitchen, and before I knew it, her mouth was open on my now wet boxers. I tried to say no, really I did, but she was so fast in getting her mouth on my vagina, that it was nearly begun before I could say anything.

Before I knew it, my boxers were on the floor, and she was swirling her tongue around my clit. My body forfeited. I eased back onto the counter, and she lapped me up with force and purpose. She sucked on my clit, thrust her tongue into me, and then brought it back out to flick my clit. Before I knew it I was cumming. When I stopped bucking, I sat up on the counter, and looked at her.

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"Shannon. We should not have done that." "I really don't mind. Maybe now you can sleep." And that was it. She turned and walked out of the kitchen. I looked down at myself. I was naked perched on the counter, and it took me a few minutes to gather enough strength in my legs to stand up and get dressed. I staggered back down the hall, saw her light was out, and made my way to my side of the bed and passed out.

The alarm went off way too early. I rolled over and tried to feel for Mark, but he wasn't there. I got up and walked to the kitchen and found him there with Shannon, her eating a plate of eggs, bacon, and grits, and him having a cup of coffee and reading the paper. He pulled it down long enough to kiss me, and then pointed me to the plate that was already served. "So Shannon, we are taking the day to take you shopping.

Mark is coming, but only to spend the money. It's a girl's day out. Excited?" She looked at me and then at him.

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"You don't have to buy me anything. Really." "But we want to." Mark was peering over his paper. Nothing more was said. We finished eating, and Shannon and I walked out of the kitchen about the same time. As she walked into her room, I looked in and told her to put on something comfortable, that we would be trying on a lot of clothes, and then made my way back to the bedroom to get ready.

I showered and got dressed and then went back to Shannon's room. "You ready?" "Almost. Don't know what to wear." I walked in and closed the door. "What do you have?" She was standing completely naked looking into one of her suit cases. I stood there starring at her breasts and her huge nipples. "Well, you have a bra right?" "Yeah." "Well that's a start." She put it around her waist the way I do, and snapped it and then pulled it around and pulled her arms through.

As she adjusted her breasts into the cups, I noticed that the underwire floated a few inches above, smashing her breasts together. "We need to get you some new bras." "These work fine." "No, they don't fit you hun. You need to have something to support you." "Well you really don't have to buy me anything." "Its fine. I'd go with jeans and a tee shirt. It will be comfortable." When we got in the car, she sat in the back seat, and for some times there was no noise.

Then she spoke, "So, what do I need to do since your going to be buying me clothes?" Mark looked at me, "Hun, you don't need to do anything. Its our job to get you clothes." I looked back at her and smiled. "We're just happy you're here with us." She didn't say anything until we got to the store. We walked in and I asked a lady behind the counter to go back with us and get a proper measurement of Shannon for the bras we were going to purchase. We went into the dressing room, and the lady asked Shannon to remove her bra and to lift her breasts.

She measured her and then left the room and then came back with five different bras. "Try these on and then your mom will let me know when you are done." She pulled her shirt over her and then faced me.


She looked a bit confused and then looked at the price tag. "This is a fortune." "Good bras cost a lot of money. Make you feel better if I get some too. We can both spend Mark's money." She smiled and then I peaked out the door. "Can you bring me the same bras in a 36d?" The woman smiled and soon she knocked on the door and then handed them too me. I pulled off my shirt and undid my bra, Shannon still standing in front of me with the 145 dollar bra in her hand. I pulled it off the hanger, and before I had a chance to put it on, she grabbed both my tits in her hands and squeezed.

I looked at her in her eyes, and she reached down and kissed my nipple. I didn't move. "Lets try them on!" She was excited. She put it on and then turned and looked in the mirror. "It makes them look smaller." "They look nice." "Do you think they are too big?" "No they are amazing.

But good bras hold you in place, and many times that means actually making them look smaller for support." "But you still like me if they are smaller." "I like you either way." "Really." "Sure." She reached out and hugged me. Then without notice, she reached down and took my nipple back in her mouth. "Shannon, you don't have to do that." "I like it. Can I go back between your legs?" "Shannon.

You don't have to do that. You understand that don't you." "I don't have to, but I like to." "Have you ever had someone do that to you?" She was clearly embarrassed. To mask it, she started undoing my jeans.

I didn't resist. I leaned back against the wall and looked down on her as she stripped me of my panties and ate me with reckless abandon. When I came, she stood up and took off her bra and went to try on the next as if it was nothing. "Shannon. Has anyone done that to you?" "I think I like this bra more than the other one." "Shannon, you can get all of them if they fit." I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. She looked at me, and I told her to try and be quiet. I don't know where the courage came from.

I got to my knees and undid her jeans, pulled down her panties and put my mouth onto her opening. Her lips were large and the pubic hair was bushy and full. I pushed her to sit on the bench and parted her lips with two fingers. I told her to take off the bra, and she did, and when I put my mouth back on her, I reached up and grabbed her enormous breasts in my hand and probed her with my tongue.

In no time she was soaking wet, and her juices ran down my face as I licked her clit and ran my tongue up and down her pussy. When she finally reached back and her body tensed up, I released her boobs and grabber her thighs to brace myself. When she came, a huge stream of her cum erupted onto my face. I had squirted before, but it had been rare and never while I was being eaten out.

After a short pause she came again, and I knew if I was to face my husband, I had to let go of my daughter's pussy or be wearing her for all the world to see. I stood up and told her we would take all the bras, and then took her head in my hand.

"Shannon. No one can know about this. This is our secret, and some secrets are better off between us, no one else. Got it?" "Yeah I got it.

Mark wouldn't understand would he?" "No he would be angry." "Ok then we won't tell him. I want to make him happy." "You should want to make him happy." "Really?" "Yes. Like I want to make him happy. So we won't tell him ok?" "Yes.

So you me to make Mark happy?" "Yeah. Everyday we both strive to make him happy." She turned and looked in the mirror and took off her bra, "so what do to do next?"