Cuckolding babe rides cock in front of bf

Cuckolding babe rides cock in front of bf
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Monday. My job had taken me away from home, only to return for two days at most and not every weekend. Our relationship had always had an element of fantasy and fun. It was a good relationship and strong. I had just returned home for the weekend and as usual we always preferred plenty of sex play before making love, sometimes it could last for hours. We were gently playing with each other and chatting about our respective weeks.


Sue said that she had been swimming, not unusual but I sensed that there was more. So gently pressing her it she came out with the fact that she had been seeing Ben, an old colleague of mine, at the pool.

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"What does 'seeing him' mean", "Well I went up there a couple of times and bumped into him, but then we arranged to meet, its been fun". The story came out tantalisingly slowly. Sue was checking at each stage that I was O.K. with it before she continued. There was more messing about than swimming and after a couple of 'accidentally' touching her boobs he was now regularly coming up behind her and actually feeling her tits.

Sue has always liked this so did not object. She had fancied him for a while so was happy to go along with the games. Then Ben had complained about her swimsuit, a one piece, also it had preformed bra cups and because he wanted to 'see more of her', and had bought her a bikini to wear for him.

This being a thinner material and much less of it. The first time she wore it he couldn't keep his hands off of her. She was standing chest deep against the side, he swam up from behind slipping his hands around her waist then sliding them up to her tits, luckily there was no-one else about and he slipped her top up to reveal her lovely breasts.

All the time nibbling her neck, something else that she loved. The cold water had made her nipples really hard, they were always sensitive. Then feeling bolder he slipped one hand straight down between her legs and started to feel her. She was quite surprised when he did this and she grabbed his wrist, stopping him, she turned her head to face him watching his eyes as she then slid his hand to the edge of her bikini pants and slipped this fingers inside them urging him to feel her properly.

She could feel his erection pressing against her leg and reached down and released him from his trunks amazed at how hot he felt, even in the cold water. Then they were kissing and playing with each other. Sue stopped and looked at me, I guess to see my reaction. "Well", she asked. As a reply I moved her hand to my erection. "What do you think". She smiled, relieved that I approved. He was very gentle but insistent and slipped a finger inside her as she played with his huge cock.

Sue said that she was so excited, being felt up like that in public, although there was no-one else about, there was still an element of danger. With one finger up inside her, his palm rubbing her clit, his tongue in her mouth.

There was no stopping now as her excitement grew and her legs started to buckle as she orgasmed, adding it was one of her strongest ever. Still holding his cock she rubbed him harder and faster until he came as well. They have been back to the pool several times but it has been too busy for the sort of fun that they both want, so Sue suggested that he came over to our house.

She was clearly excited now as I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

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The thoughts of Ben were having quite an effect, actually on both of us. "He's also bought me some underwear he wants me to wear for him and wants to come round to see me in it, he brought it round last week and things got a bit passionate so I stopped him until I had told you".


"What's it like, lets see". "No" she said quite firmly, "If you want to see it, I'll invite Ben round for the evening and wear it for him, but if I do that you know what will happen". Sue moved so that she was facing me, we were both naked, and kneeling on the bed. " I need to know how you feel about things, if I wear these bits for Ben, I expect he's going to get more than a bit excited, I'm not going to lead him on and then say No, I want you to be there.

I want Ben to make love to me, I want you to watch. There I've said it now". She stopped and looked at me, waiting for a response. "O.K. Does Ben know about this".

She nodded. "Ben makes love to me and we have great sex while you watch, then after you and me have great sex, I thought you would like that idea, its a win win situation. How about it".

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It was not lost on me that she wanted to 'make love' rather than fuck or shag this guy. "We are going to move soon to another part of the country, I like Ben, no, its more than that, I sort of have real feelings for him I always have, I want him to make love to me, I know you get turned on by the thoughts of me being with someone else, so Ben is perfect, the last thing I want is to be fucked by a stranger, but whatever happens I will always have you just as you will always have me, nothing changes there".

I was warming to the idea, and it really did turn me on imagining Ben making love to my wife. "When" Did I really say that. "He could come round tonight if you wanted"."O.K." I heard myself say. "Lets do it". Sue grabbed my cock and I came straight away in her hand, not realising that I was so excited. "I'll phone him now" she said, jumping at the opportunity.

So it was arranged that Ben would visit about 7 that evening.

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Sue spent hours showering and getting ready. I guess I was a little jealous the way she was acting but I was actually looking forward to it as much as she was.

We had a couple of glasses of wine, then at 7 she disappeared. I answered the door to Ben who had brought another couple of bottles, this promised to be quite an evening.

Conversation was difficult while we waited for Sue. But then she drifted into the room. Wow the atmosphere was electric. She was wearing a black satin wrap and black stockings but was careful not to show anything else. She walked over to Ben, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on, lucky sod.

It was a kiss with so much passion that seemed to go on for ever, I could see her rubbing herself against him and no doubt feeling his erection.

His hands were all over her, trying to remove the wrap, but she managed to tease for a few minutes longer before facing Ben and waiting for him to undo it. The thin belt offered little resistance and Sue slipped the wrap off of her shoulders revealing the most beautiful pink lace bra, so thin and delicate and matching panties. She gave a twirl to show us both what she had and it looked very good to me. She unbuttoned Bens shirt and I assumed this was the point when we stripped, so I quickly got rid of my clothes not wanting to miss anything.

Sue undid Bens trousers and pushed them down but his erection prevented her from doing the same with his underpants, so he had to help. We both sported erections to be proud of, although Bens cock was longer but thinner than mine. Sue turned her back to Ben rubbing her ass against his cock, while he cupped both her breasts in his hands, her nipples were clearly straining against the thin material and she gave a gasp as he pinched them. Sue smiled and winked at me and I realised that I was gently wanking myself.

She gasped again and closed her eyes as he pinched her by now very sensitive nipples. The one hand slipped down to between her legs stroking her pussy but outside of her panties.

She put one hand behind her and grasped his cock. Ben turned her to face him, his hands went to her bra and undid it quickly discarding it then he hooked his thumbs into the top of her panties and started to slide them down. As he levelled with her breasts he stopped and kissed them sucking at her nipples, first one then the other. As he moved down her body he continued to kiss her, her panties were now at her ankles and his head level with her puss.

I could see his tongue lapping at her and hear the soft sounds she was making. She was clearly enjoying herself, and I realised that I too was enjoying seeing my wife being caressed by another man.


Ben moved so that Sue could sit on the settee, she opened her legs with her eyes fixed on me. She was totally exposed and the soft pink folds of her labia opened like a flower. This was so erotic and made more so when Ben lowered his head and started kissing, sucking and generally pleasuring my lovely wife.

Sue watched me as I masturbated slowly, but Ben would nip her with his teeth or finger her and she would gasp and close her eyes for a moment. I watched as her breathing became more laboured, her gasps of pleasure more frequent, then she was crying out as her orgasm hit, her hips were lifting wanting more. Watching her cum like that was the best, and I came all over my hand.

Sue lay back out of breath for a moment, although Ben had not finished, he knelt between her open legs, taking his cock in his hand and guided it into her lovely moist pussy. Slowly giving her his full length.

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Then almost withdrawing before plunging into her again making her cry out each time. She wanted to be made love to but she was being well and truly fucked and loving every moment and every inch that he gave her. Watching my wife being fucked like this was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Soon he shortened his strokes speeding up his movements and then he was shooting his cum inside her. They both collapsed onto the settee, Sue lay against his chest, both of them coming down from the highs of their orgasms.

Not knowing quite what to do I sat still gently nursing my wilting and sticky cock, I found a tissue and cleaned up amazed at how much cum I had produced. Not wanting to spoil the moment I sat still, wondering what would happen next. Sue took a tissue and opened her legs to show Bens cum leaking from her pussy, she wiped herself clean and asked me to get some more drinks while she and Ben went into the bedroom.

It took a few minutes to open a new bottle, and as I got to the bedroom door I could see Sue slowly playing with Ben although he was not hard again she moved to lean over him, I couldn't believe it she was going to take him in her mouth and suck him, but the plus side was that her ass was in the air and I had a full view of it.

As she sucked his cock back to a full erection he slid his hand around to her ass and started to finger her from behind. I watched fascinated as he dipped a finger into her, then two making her gasp, he was using his thumb to rub her tight other hole I stayed in the doorway and I think they forgot that I was there. I could feel myself getting hard again.

I just knew there was another show about to start.

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Bring it on. Sue pushed Ben back onto the bed and sat astride him, using her hand to guide him into her waiting and eager pussy. She eased herself slowly onto him gasping as he entered her and enjoying his hot cock inch by inch. She was having not only the time of her life but the fuck of her life and she was more than ready for it. I was spellbound watching her bounce on his cock, taking his full length each time it was making her breasts bounce but Ben soon took hold of them, squeezing and caressing them, then she stopped and leaned forwards so that he could suck them, then leaning back maximising the feeling of his cock inside her.

This was getting very intense now. It may have been good for Sue but I think Ben wanted more, as he eased her over again into the doggy position and entered her, Sue was moaning with each thrust as he pounded harder and harder. Soon Sue had to move, I think she was taking too much of a pounding, she managed to stop the thrusts and turned to lay on her back, Ben was quickly between her legs, he held his cock in his hand slowly wanking it as if to be offering it to her waiting for her acceptance, he was so hard and glistening with all Sues juices.

She was watching him with wide open eyes as he positioned his cock at her entrance. No words were spoken but she smiled at him as he slipped neatly into her waiting cunt, Sues eyes stayed open as he started to fuck her hard and fast once more. There was a look ofI guess sheer determination on her face, she was not going to be the one to cum first.

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She rode each thrust of his cock, and by now Ben was grunting as he powered into her. They kept it going for quite a few minutes before Ben climaxed crying out as he did, this triggered Sues climax and she came as well as he was shooting deep inside her. He had fucked her until her moans turned to grunts then to cries as orgasm after orgasm threatened to engulf her she came yet again. They both collapsed onto the bed, both totally spent.

Sues legs were still spread from the seeing to that she had experienced and cum was leaking from her cunt, I had held back for as long as I could but this vision was more that I could have hoped for and I shot my loadluckily I could clean it up afterwards. Not wanting to disturb them I took to the spare bed and slept soundly. In the morning I awoke to find just Sue in the bed, Ben had left during the night. Sue was sore from all her activity and I did not get to make love to her although she gave me a fantastic hand job as we relived her experience.

Ben was a frequent visitor after that but thats another story.