Hot blonde teen masturbating companionly Family Competition

Hot blonde teen masturbating companionly Family Competition
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This event occurred during my senior year in high school. My nick name in school was Wiener, for one very good reason.

My cock was the largest in school. It hung just over 6 inches soft, and a full 9.5 inches when hard, with a 3 inch diameter. I was not a very big guy about 5' 9" tall, about 170 pounds in weight. God just blessed me with a big cock.


All the guys would tease me about it, but I just think that they were jealous over my size. I was shy in nature and only had a couple of girl friends, and one was scared to death of it and the other tried to give me a blow job, but couldn't, and we drifted apart. In math class the teacher is a fat guy we call Porky, he was a mean prick. I sat next to Debbie Mann, who was one of the most popular girls in our class.

She was real pretty with auburn hair, nice body, great personality. In the middle of class she leans over to me and ask, "why do they call you Wiener all the time?" Boy did my face get red, and I just mumble, "that I did not no why." But she was persistent and kept asking. All of a sudden Porky is by us and hollers, "Miss Mann, Mr. Summer, is this a private conversation, or can the whole class be involved." I really turned red and ducked my head down trying to hide in any hole that I could find.

Debbie respond, "sorry Mr. McCoy we did not mean to disturb the class." She just had the effect on people, and he just said to her. "please pay attention from now on." That was it, and I think that I might have just pissed my pants.

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So after class she walked up to me and asked again, "why they called me Wiener?" So I looked her right in the eyes and said, "because my dick is so big." 'Really I want to see it." She responds back to me.

She grabs me and steers us to an empty room. I put on the brakes and said, "no way, if someone comes in I am the one who gets into trouble, not you." "Ok we both have last period study hall, why don't we skip and go to my house, and you can show me there.

My folks don't get home till 5 and my brother and sister have after school activities till 5 also." She tells me. Off we went in different routes to her house. I got there and knocked on the door, and she lets me in. I notice that she had changed into different clothes, a blouse and shorts. We both were kind of nervous about this. She said, "sooooo drop your pants and let me see why you have that nickname." "Not so fast, if I drop my pants, and show you, then you need to reciprocate, and show me." I replied back to her.


This caused a long paused, as she thought about what I asked for. She looked at me and nodded her head ok. She then took me to her bedroom. I then took off my shirt, and she took off her blouse. I took off my pants and so did she. I dropped my underwear, and she just gasped and stared at my penis, as it just hung there.

She looked at me and said, "can I touch it." I just nodded yes. She reached down and started to stroke it lightly, and it started to get hard in her hand. She started to work her hand faster and faster, till she had me rock hard, at a full 9.5 inches long, and her eyes never left my cock.

I reached around her and unhooked her bra, and watched it drop to the floor. This is the first time that a saw a girls breast live. They looked beautiful, so nice and firm, with a big nipple. Hers weren't very large, kind on nice and perky, maybe a 34 B, but what the fuck do know about boobs.

I reached down and copped my first feel. I was in heaven and my cock was straining to burst it's skin, with her stroking it.

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I told her, "go ahead and suck it." She just looked at me and then back at my cock. She kneeled down and took my mushroom head in her mouth. She kind of lick and sucked on my head, and took some of my cock into her mouth.

Her warm wet mouth felt so very good, I never wanted this to end. But of course the only thing going through my mind right now was how to get her panties down and stick my cock into her pussy. Being this was my first time that I was having sex with a girl.

I just wanted to bury my cock in her and fuck her. But how do I proceed, and what was my next move going to be. She stopped sucking my cock and stood up and look me in the eyes. Our lips came together in a soft but passionate kiss. She put her arms around my neck and I had mine around her waist right at her pantie line.

So I started to push them down, when I got them over her hips she started to help by wiggling her ass and legs to get them to fall to the floor. We were still kissing, but now we were both naked. We broke the kiss, and I asked her, "if she ever done it before, and she shook her head no." "Me either." I replied. So we are both virgins, this should be real interesting. We kissed some more and she lead me to her bed, and we laid down on it.

"Please be gentle with me?" she asked me with tears in her eyes. I slow got my cock head into her pussy, WOW was she tight, I had to work some to get her to loosen up. She said," wait a minute." I pulled my cock out and she had some lotion by her bed, and got some on her hands and started to rub my cock with the lotion. When she finished, I started to push into her slowly, and she had a death grip around my back.

Finally I hit her cherry spot and I stopped and backed out, I went back and forth up to her cherry, trying to getting her well lube from the lotion and wet from her juices. I pushed real hard and broke her cherry. She scream, and it scared the shit out me, so I stopped. We just laid there for a few minutes, "Are you ok?" I asked her with some concern in my voice. "Yes, but it hurts." She whispered back.

I responded, "well do you think we should stop." She did not reply right away, then she said, "just go real slow." So I did real slow strokes, each one going deeper in to her pussy. Finally I had my cock fully imbedded inside her. I stopped to let her get adjusted to the size and feel of it inside of her. I pulled it all the way out and then pushed it back in again, each time I picked up the pace.

She had her arms and legs wrapped around me in a bear hug, as I banged away at her pussy. Suddenly she gripped me real tight and gasped into my ear, "O Goddd that feels so good." I continued to fuck her with deep strokes, as I could feel my cock bottom out in her pussy. Her pussy was making a lot of squishy noises.

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"Don't you ever stop." She cooed into my ear. "Debbie I think I am going to um cum soon," I said as I could feel my nuts start to tighten up, as I slam my full cock deep into her pussy.

She said, "go ahead I am protected." I was not sure what she met by that, but I was to far gone to really care, as I blasted about 8 waves of cum deep into her pussy. I ask her, "was it good for her?" She replied, "oh yes I got off twice." I rolled off her and got off the bed, looking at my cock it was covered with our combined cum and her blood, it looked awful.

She got off the bed with me, and we look at the spot where we just were, and her sheets were a mess covered with blood and goo. I went to the bathroom to cleanup, and came out and she was busy changing her bedding, and I helped with that. Then we both got dressed. As I was heading for the door, she said, "you're my stud now." Now what the hell did that mean. She said, "Saturday night I am having some of the cheerleaders here at the house for a sleep over, and I want you to be there." "Now why in the hell would you want me there with a bunch of girls?" I asked her with a not so sure look in my face.

"I want to show me off my new stud to the girls, and be here at dark Saturday night." She informed me with a radiant smile. Saturday night I showered and put on a dress shirt and jeans, and told mom where I was going and that I would be home between 11-12.

I drove over to Debbie's house and parked down the street so I was not noticed. I walked up to the back door and stood around till she finally came and got me. She took me down the stairs to the basement, where the rest of the girls waited. When the saw me they all went ewuuuuuu why is he here. Debbie said that she invited me her to show me off to you girls. She told them he is my stud. She told me to strip, and I laughed and said no way unless they do also. So Debbie stripped naked first, and oddly the rest just took off their shirts.

I was looking at 5 sets of boobs, and my cock was getting hard real fast. So I stripped naked for the girls, and as I pulled down my underwear, my cock leaped to life, all 9.5 inches of it.

I looked at the girls and all their eyes were locked on my cock. Finally Cindy said, "I have never seen a cock so big and round." The other 3 girls never said a word just stared.


Debbie walked over to me and gave me a kiss, and started to stroke my cock. We broke the kiss, and Barb said to Debbie, "just what the hell are you doing." Debbie replied, "that I was over yesterday and popped her cherry, and you just can't believed how good that monster feels inside of you." Next thing I know, she pushes me down on a chair, straddles me, grabs my cock and guides it into her cunt.

She starts to fuck me silly right in front of her girlfriends, and then Cindy comes over and gives me a kiss and says, "I am next." I continued fucking Debbie, or should I say she was fucking me, anyway she finally flopped down on to my chest, panting hard. I picked her up and turned her around and pounded her dog style till I blew a giant load in her.

She collapsed on the chair, and cried enough. For some reason having an audience watching me had no affect on me. Debbie gets off chair and stumbles over to sleeping bag and climbs in it. Cindy pushes me down on the chair, and starts to suck my semi soft cock. She cleans both mine and Debbie's juices off my cock.

Soon she get me hard again, and positions herself over my lap and guides my cock into wet pussy. Cindy is a pretty blonde with bigger tits than Debbie and a nice blonde bush. She knew how to fuck, and what she wanted, as she rode my cock, she talked real dirty to me. I let her do all the work, and she pounded away on cock. Pretty quick she starts to stiffen up, and grabs a hold of me and moans.

She creams all over my cock and ball, as she has a massive orgasm. I fucked both Debbie and Cindy twice more, before they were both fucked silly and said enough. The odd thing is that I only cum that one time, but my cock stayed rock hard the whole time.

I walked over to the other 3 girls and asked, "if any of them want a piece of me?" They all shook their heads no. I said, "have you girls ever been fuck." They all shook their heads no. They were sitting Jan, Barb in the middle, and then Mar.

I stood in front of Barb and told her go ahead and touch it. Pretty soon all 3 girls were stroking my cock. It was not to long before I could feel my nuts start to tighten up, and I shot off a bullet load of cum, hitting Barb right on the nose, taking her by surprise, and shot 4 more loads on her tits and face. The look on her face was priceless, but she and the other 2 never let go of my cock.

They milk my member dry of cum, and it started to soften up. I looked at Barb and started to laugh she look so funny with cum dripping off her nose, chin, and tits. I went over and got my clothes and got dressed. I looked down at Debbie and Cindy both were sound asleep, then I looked over to the 3 girls, and said these two will sleep all night, and I left. That Monday at school Cindy was all over me like a fly on dogshit.

She said, "that we could go out to her car in the parking lot and grab a quick fuck." She must have talked because a lot of girls were all looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

Cindy kept bugging me to fuck her again. I finally told her "go ask Debbie, because I was her stud." I could not believe it, but Debbie sold my services to Cindy for Twenty Dollars. Now what the fuck was I going to do, I felt like a sex slave.

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Cindy took me behind the stage, where nobody ever goes, and stripped her clothes off, and then she stripped my clothes off. She stroked and played with my cock till it was at full mast. She then got on her knees and gave me a very nice blow job. Twice she brought me to where I almost shot my wad, only to back off and let me cool down.

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"It is your turn now to eat my pussy," She said to me. I had no idea what to do, I have never eaten one. She taught me how to lick and suck a girls pussy, and make her cum. To know when she is aroused and ready to cum. She showed me how to reach her G spot, and rubbed it and her clit till she had an orgasm.

She gave me a real good sex education, with hands on attention. When she got done teaching me, I then fucked her silly, she was moaning real loud, and she had 2 big orgasms.

For some reason I looked up and there watching us was Miss McCloud, the speech teacher. I was way to close to blowing my load in Cindy to stop now. I gave a great big grunt and blasted away. We were both spent, but as I pulled my semi hard cock out of Cindy, giving Miss McCloud a good look at it, I could hear her gasp out loud at the size of my cock.

Cindy heard here gasp, and jump up say, "O MY GOD, " and put on her clothes, and ran out of the room. I just stood there naked, giving her a good look at my tool. "Did you enjoyed the show?" I asked her as I slowly got dressed. She just stood there looking at me and never said a word.

"Anytime you want some of this meat, just let me know." I told her as I grab my crotch area I turned and left her standing there with her mouth open, as I went through the door.