Girlfriends mother in stockings sucks and rides cock

Girlfriends mother in stockings sucks and rides cock
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Ugh. THIS WAS THE LAMEST job I had gotten in a while. I was at my home, when a service call was made. The phone machine message was pathetic. "This is Tomiko Hokkaido's House Sitting Service, please leave a message, and I'll call you back for arrangements.

**BEEP**" His voice was a bit shakey and he sounded like a work-a-holic. "Hi there, this is Tom Gleason, I'll be away for a meeting this week, and I need someone to watch the place. My number is 555-5555. " And another stereotypical work-a-holic calls.

My job requires me to constantly deal with these uptight business types. The only thing I could always take pleasure in, was snooping their high-priced condos, learning their demons. I was sort of dissapointed as I walked up the patio to the complex.

Searching for the apartment number, I arrived at an average, yet shabby looking door. "Good thing we already set the price," I think to myself. The interior isn't all that outstanding either. Plain furniture, walls, and little decoration scattered around. I glance toward the kitchen and groan to myself. The man must've left in a hurry, his table lay littered with the remnants of a half finshed meal. The kitchen a mess with the ingrediants.

His living room wasn't all that great either. Coffee table trashed with various papers books, magazines, and LOTS of old coffee stains. I was intrigued by an area in the corner, it didn't make much sense for a sole chair to be placed there, but I left it, still spotting that some sort of wrapper had to be cleaned up over there aswell. I figured I wasn't just going to hang around in this extreme squalor, so I spent most of Monday just scrubbing up the place.

My rule as a house sitter is to never move furniture out of its original place, and leave as if you weren't even there, aside from leaving the place cleaner. I cleaned the little apartment top to bottom, and by 8:00pm, the place was spotless.

I went to the kitchen to make myself some pasta. I boiled it, and went for the butter. I took one look at that butter, and I was positive that this guy lived alone. Unless you have a girlfriend, there's no reason to leave pubes in the butter. As I finished cooking my meal, (using oil oil instead), I went over to the living room space. I flicked through the channels, when I found a rerun of All My Children. I started to watch, when I heard a loud moan of a woman's voice, and the sound of a whip.

I laughed, crazy neighbors I guess. I fell asleep on the couch to the sound of them fucking. The days went by in a flash, and things kept piling up. The dirty magazines in the bathroom, the male vibrators, the lube. I knew this dude was a cronic masturbator. I couldn't help myself when I read those magizines. I was a straight girl, hell my parents have even set me up with a good, Japanese stock broker, but my eyes kept straying to those nasty American girls.

The magazine was a bondage magizine, with black haired girls on brunettes, girls being filled in every hole, girls in leather outfits, girls strapped to chairs, or tied up spread-eagled. The girls looked so hungry for sex, so hungry for a beating.

I couldn't help it. I ripped my panites off as fast as I could and sat over the toilet. I shoved two long fingers into my pussy and rubbed my G-spot hard. I couldn't bare the sound of my cum dripping in the bowl, and it made me come some more. I was on the verge of a climax when I wanted more in my pussy.

I rummaged through my bag and grabbed my hairbrush. I pounded it in my pussy again and again, faster and harder, until a waterfall of cum exploded out of me. I moaned so loud, I couldn't even see straight. All though had been lost after that point.

I grabbed Tom's electric toothbrush off the sink. I turned it on it's low setting and placed the back of the brush on my clit. Icouldn't bare the buzzy vibrations. More cum streamed out of my pussy.

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The high setting brought me to climax fast. I moaned again. Then I relaxed, basking in the fufillment and nastieness of what I just done. My afterglow full blown, I began to clean up my mess around the bathroom. Wiping the pool of cum that escaped tge toilet off of the floor. Rinsed my beush in the sink, and put his toothbrush away, my cheeks a little red as I did so (I hadn't clean it, and left my cum to soak.

I wondered at the thought of the man brushing his teeth with it.) Almost in a dazeI hear a large moan escape the apartment adjacent, the sane obe from earlier, More interestingly tge apartment was dimmed, yet by the chair there was a clear line of light shining in through somewhere. My walk to it couldn't have been so filledIn wonder and awe. Getting closer to the spot, the sound grew louder and more crisp. The last few steps I was almost at a tiptoe. What I saw confirmed my thoughts.

This sex addicted bastard drilled a hole to peep into the other apartment with! Oddly (well maybe a little less so) I wasn't truly disgusted, but glad. Almost smiling with giddy. I've been listening to this couple for a while. Their moans and screams never failing to pierce the walls and wake me from my sleep.

I'd rub my clit through the passing hours listening to the erotic scenarios they come up with. I almost always here a new pet name like; doctor, nurse, teacher, student. All of them without an end gave that woman an orgasm at least once a night, sometimes 2 or 3.

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(I'm a woman too, trust me when I say I know what a girl sounds like when she reaches it.) For some reason, just the idea of watching them made my pussy drip cum into my panties. I didn't wish to dirty them, so I quietly removed them, and I took a seat in the chair. I could hear a whip beating hard, and that woman's muffled screaming in pleasure. When I peered in side, I almost lost my mind.

This girl, oh she was splendid! Her hair was light brown, her tits were A-cups, and she had the cutest little bum.

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I had always fantasized about a sweet little chick to whip, and assert my dominance over. Oh jesus. Her little ass was so red with welts.

I went to touch my clit, and I had forgot to let the nerves calm down, since I had just had such a power clitgasm. I mumbled "Fuck!" and, the man stood up, "Did you hear that my love?" She laughed, "It's probably just Tom, leave him to his jacking for a little while!" I sigh inwardly. I had escaped capture, for now.


Then I start to giggle; oh how exhilarating! This guy, a total perv as he was, is allowed to perv himself about, and they know all about it!

These dirty thoughts were unable to shake my mind. THEY THOUGHT I WAS HIM! Holy shit, I wanted to take advantage of this moment, I wanted to so bad. I looked down to find myself wetting where I sat, I could smell myself, that lust and desire I wanted it now.

I couldn't help it, at my orgasmic state of mind, to do anything but continue fucking myself. I gave my clitorus a break, as I searched my bag for my butt plug. I sat on it, and it eased itself in efficiently. I started to fuck my pussy with my hairbrush, and slowly but surely, I found myself having a hard squirting orgasm as I continued to hear his torturess onslaught on her little ass and as I watched hurt face writhing in pain and pleasure.

My internal sadist barked viciously at me, when the man asked her how she could enjoy such pain. As she attempted a response, he did one final whip on her rear, so hard, using all his might, making a small little cut from the tenosity of the belt. She squirted everywhere at this shock to the system, and seeing her like this made me moan loadly and involuntarily, in a very feminine voice.

The little girl cocked her head at Tom's peeping whole and said, "Tommy boy? Do you have a woman in there?" She laughed as her husband yelled at the hole aswell. "Why don't you bring her on over?" "Sounds like your girly friend doesn't want to join." The woman called over all pouty, shaking her little red bum to the wall. Shit, shit, shit. and then a sudden realization, "Fuck it." I called out, "Tom's not home right now, I took his place." The little, whipped beauty calls "Ooh, a girl's been spying on us.

and we didn't even know?" A greedy smile, "Why don't you come over here and join us? You can't be all finished yet. It's been a while since another girl's been in the bed with me." She was right. I wasn't done. I wanted to hurt her, Iwanted to play with this beauty. I was psyched. I just couldn't wait to join in with these freaks!

The husband left the room and went knocking on the door. I grabbed my matching black and light blue polka dot bra and panties, and slipped them on under my loose t-shirt and jeans. The husband escorted me to their sex room, which was even more beautiful then I could imagine. Strangley enough, I found myself drawn to the closet filled with little costumes for the girl.

When I made eye contact with the girl, I had the craziest chick boner the world's ever seen. She was still hogtied on the floor from her whipping, and she smiled at me.

The husband turned to me, and asked, "So, what are you a Sadist or a Masochist?" I promptly replied sadist and the little girl's eyes widened. The husband laughed at her reaction, and rubbed her red, throbbing little ass. "Well, well, well my darling, you'll have the both of us punish you. Would you like that?" She nodded, and I quickly stripped. "Round. er 5?" The guy laughed at himself " I've lost count! It just shows how tolerant she is." And slaps her painfully across the ass, to which she gave a throat tingling scream, ending in moaning submission.

He turned to me, "Want to help me dress her? I think it's time for a more. provocative costume." I nod quickly, grinning. The girl watched his every move from her position as he proceeded to rifle through the closet. He turns back to our oblivious bodies with three different items: a black corset, some black kitty ear headband, and the appropriate black tail butt plug. "What do you want to put on her?" I eagerly reach out for the butt plug, as she moans from behind me. I look at the ass I'm about to penetrate, still sore and throbbing from the whipping, and trail my new toy up her thigh, and around her ass.

I tease her hole a little until she wines out, to which I shove it forcefully in, letting out a sharp grown from her little body. I look up to find that my fun allowed enough time for the man to don her the corset and just finish fixing the ears on her cute little head.

"Let's see what a little cat we can make of her. The man untied her hogtie, and she sat legs to the side, and playfully licked her arm like a kitty cleaning herself. The man asked me to play with her a bit, while he retrieved a couple items from the kitchen. I took the oppurtinity. I forcefully pushed her to the ground, and she hissed.

I slapped her across the face, "BAD KITTY: I said. She smiled and whimpered as she squirmed under my strength. I was a pretty strong girl, especially on account of the fact that I did core body strength and muscle building at the gym once a week.

I roughly kissed the cutey, and our tongues twisted and moistened. I looked at her sternly, "Promise me you won't move." She nodded, and I released my grip.


My hand neared her dripping pussy and I couldn't bare the lovely smell. I started to lick her juices, and I started to finger her. I could feel her clenching the hard, wooden plug in her ass, and so I roughly shoved two fingers in her pussy.

I twiddled them on her bloated G-Spot, and in nearly 2 minutes of this torture, she threw her head back, and moaned like crazy. By this time, the man had returned, and had been watching from his chair. He had retrieved a spray bottle with olive oil inside, a bottle of cream, and a metal saucer. He promptly sprayed her in the tits with what I felt was, cold oil, and said, "BAD PUSSY! You listen to us." Our little kitty whined a little animal whine to us.

Another spray. "Don't cry about it." Though she still recoiled from the freezing touch." Is our little kitty hungry?" The man asked her, shaking a bottle ofcream back and forth in front of her. She purred her agreement and knitted her clothes onto my bare arm, to which I promptly slapped her ass, for she isn't allowed to hurt me. The man through the saucer onto the floor in front of her and poured the liquid until it filled up full.

"Drink up." We both said together in unison, without surprise. We wanted the same thing from this little beauty. Out kitty crawled over and bent her head down to the bowl, and ever so slowly and gracefully began to lap at the cream. The man placed a hand onto her oil soaked back and rubbed, petting, causing her to purr more. I felt extremely arroused at our power over this adorable little girl. She lapped up the cream like it was the sweetest thing to ever grace this earth, and her delightfully round ass was held present, pointing upward at me.

I was ready to pound the shit out of her with a strap on, or whip her even more, but her stance made it feel almost sinful to do so. She finished the saucer, and cruely, I poured more in. She whined, "I'm not hungry anymore." The husband grabbed her head, and pushed it torward the cream again.


She resisted, and he clenched her head. "My my my, what a naughty kitty, being so rude to your guests. She poured it just for you." She whinned again, and the man shoved her to the ground, and held her there. I laughed, "Fine then, if you won't drink my cream, you'll just have to bathe in it!" And with that,we ripped her corset off, leaving the kitty ears and butt plug, and the man sprayed her with the cold oil and I covered her sweet little bum in cream.

She shivered and jerked, but we had her completely helpless. THe man laughed, "Your getting to loud." And got a plastic ball gag. He shoved the gag into her mouth, slapping her cheek a bit when she resisted. And stuck her into the most horribly exposed position, ass high in the sky."Now we get to have some real fun!" The man exclaimed, and reared his already hard, and huge (at least 8 inches) cock to her and drove it without warning straight into her pussy.

I watched in amazement as the whole length disappeared into her with one mighty stroke after another, while she groaned and screamed, all muffled through the gag.The man in the heat of it all, "What are you staring for? Punish her for her screams." What stamina he had! But of course I ached to screw the beauty myself. I decided on the most cruel punishments to think up. I dunked her tits into the cold bowl of cream, which caused her to arch and spasm deriving more painful pleasure from the penetration.

I attacked her clit with my fingers, her body convulsed, trying to loosen my grip, but I would have none of it.

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She continued to twitch and spasm. Until the most powerful orgasm erupted out of her. Her shouts of pleasure escaping the gag, and her cum splashing to the floor below. She collapsed into her own pool, beat, satisfied, breathing maniacally for air. I in a way hoped she passed out from our abuse. I turned to the man, who was still rock hard, and I asked him if he had any strap ons.

He grabbed a double ended dildo strapon, from a little black box, as I tight the sex kitten to a table. She was spread-eagled and I couldn't wait to punish the broad. The man realized what I had set up, and he grabbed for her head. We were going to gang bang her, from each end. Her eyes were wide with excitement, and her body was glistening in oil and cream.

She smelled like sweet cream aswell, which made her seem the perfect dessert. The naughty little broad had been askiing for it, when her sweet little butt plug popped out. I laughed at her, "My my my, not much of a kitty now are you? You've only got the ears!" And with that, I road her sweet little ass like a real man, and with each hungry thrust I gave, I felt another thurst deep inside myself.

It was as if I was being fucked. It felt so good, I didn't realize it, but before long, I was moaning louder than our sweety, up on the table, dying.

I was caught up in the motion of my own pleasure, when I heard my delicious kitty gagging. I realized the husband was fucking her mouth vigorously, and he laughed. "Are you doing anything for her pussy?" I looked down, it was dripping everywhere from the hard ass fucking I gave. Absorbed until now into the fucking I gave her. I couldn't help but be transfixed by what the man was doing to her.

Her gags were more familiar to me as they came. The man had his hands wrapped around our ex-kittens head, his cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. She tried to please him with herself, but whenever she tried for the chance, he'd shove his cock deep into her throat, holding it there until she coughed and gagged and spit, and then the cycle would continue.

Cum and spit alike dripped from the side of her mouth, dripping of her chin. He forced his head onto her over and over again, his cock deeper in her throat still, and if I wasn't mistaken, she gagged less often each time. He yelled over to me, "I think we should finish her off, don't you?" I was very ready to do so.

He gagged her once more with the ball, then came over to my side. "Douple penetration?" He asked laughing, and I could hear a muffled, "YES PLEASE!!" From our darlingg. I was loving this all, and so he got right underneath her and shoved his cock right inside her pussy.

We were both in her now, and she was loosing it, her body vibrating with every thrust. I started to involutarily thrust harder and harder on my end of the dildo, and I lost my mind aswell. I thrusts matched at first, rhythmically, but were soon animalistic in our lust with our beauty. I could feel her clenching on to me. her back arching ever higher, her moans higher pitched, screaming with muffled desire. She grew hotter and hotter, her thrusts back were nothing but instinctive, her mind lost to the sea of ecstasy.

And then there it was; a scream marking her climax, her grip on the strap on was making it impossible to move. She collapsed once more as her cum flowed. Only this time was joined by the man, who gave a mild grunt and released his load into her, only egging her on to cum harder,splashing everywhere, onto the table, the floor, our bodies. And soon, we found ourselves in a pool of bodyfluids, mine spewed all over her back and his creampied into her pussy.

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And with this afterglow, I heard a sound coming from next door. It was Tom. He was back from his business. I heard a sound coming from the little hole. It sounded like a man climaxing. The husband got up and said, "Tom you crazy old bastard, get in here!" To be continued.