Moist night full of craving

Moist night full of craving
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Alice's descent into debauchery part 2 I remember waking that next Saturday with a jump, my alarm sounded extra loud that morning or perhaps my senses were just more alert with what unknown the day held.

Silencing the shrill noise, I sat up in bed. The covers slipping off, exposing my tired curvy little frame and allowing a cool breeze to wrap itself around me as I stretched, making my puffy little nipples stiffen. I quickly spied the outfit my mother had already picked out, laying across my desk by the door. I could already see it was the same hideous white turtle neck dress she liked to stuff me into when she wanted to present her version of a country club little girl.

I groaned and let my legs drop to the side of the bed and onto the floor, not wanting to put on that scratchy dress until I had to, I decided to stay naked until I had no other choice. Crossing the room quickly my little boobs bouncing with each step, I moved to the full-length mirror.

I eyed off my body as I picked up my hair brush and began to detangle the unruly mop of blonde hair. My eyes wandered to my developing curves and I wondered if it was perhaps something I had done to cause my current predicament.

Perhaps men were just incapable of helping themselves and I should have said no like my mummy always says to. My thought bubbles were quickly popped as I heard my mother's voice screech from the kitchen that breakfast was ready and she didn't want to be late.

I sighed and called back that I would be right there, taking one last look at my reflection I smiled at the now gleaming and soft hair falling around my face and framing my perky little tits. Running my hands over my little tummy and over my firm ass I turned and quickly grabbed the only nice bra and panty set I owned out of my draw. I had got them as a Christmas gift from an aunt who didn't know how old I was and quickly slipped into them.

I loved how the black lace framed my little body and set off my porcelain skin perfectly. I reluctantly picked up the dress and pulled it over my head roughly. I instantly felt the constricting neck line choke me slightly as it fell into place just below my knees. I stared grumpily into the mirror as I tried to smooth my hair back into place, while conservative I did have to admit the dress had started to cling to my curves in a flattering way the last few years.

Hurrying to the kitchen I spotted my mother already filling a travel mug with coffee so I quickly grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and started to snack knowing she wasn't going to wait around for a sit-down breakfast. As she turned around and spotted me she quickly pointed to some white sandals by the door "Put them on quickly, Troy is expecting us at 9 and I don't want to be late or the rest of my day will be completely off" pausing and eyeing me up and down, pursing her lips quickly before adding "that dress is getting a little tight for my liking we will have to go shopping for a new one soon" I just nodded silently slipping into the shoes she had pointed at wondering why I was staying quiet about what she might be taking me to encounter, my stomach well past butterflies was doing summersaults and my nipples were staying permanently hard.

I cursed my body and hoped she wouldn't notice anything amiss and quickly followed her out of the house and slid into the passenger seat. Taking a deep breath as she started the engine and watching my house slowly slip away as we pulled down the driveway. As we sped along the backstreets her usual lecture started "Now hun, this man is doing your mum a favor by offering to look after you and I expect you to behave like a good little girl for him" I nodded as a twitch went through my little pussy.

Remembering when he had said very similar words, I tuned her out and nodded occasionally as my mind wandered to where I was being taken. I began to fidget slightly in my chair, out of impatience of fear I still don't really know. The last thing I heard before pulling into his drive was my mother snapping that I had best not be so damn fidgety all day and annoy him.

As we pulled into the long drive my mother announced she was already running late and would have to drop me at the door and to pass along her apologies. I numbly nodded as she pulled me into a quick hug before slightly pushing me towards the door hurrying me along with a final reminder to behave and do as I'm told by the adults in charge.

I watched her car speed off down the drive again and looked up at the front door. My stomach was now like lead and I felt rooted to the spot, was I really going to just walk into this man's house after what had already happened? I felt my limb's respond before my brain had finished processing its thoughts, my feet walking towards the steps leading to my fate. I started to climb and as I reached the last step the door swung open.

There he was standing already staring down expectantly at me, dressed all in black. Almost like a hungry wolf. I gulped quickly and looked up stammering out some excuse and apology for my mother not being there. He silenced me by walking the few paces and closing the gap between us, pulling me into a big bear hug and spinning me around making me giggle unexpectedly, making me forget my fear of him for a minute. Holding me in his arms he inspected my outfit quickly "I'm so happy to see you little one, I thought perhaps maybe you would stand me up, but I can see you're a good little girl.

so I'm unsure as to why your mother wants you to dress like an old nanna?" I giggled again and tugged at my dress to keep it from riding up. "I don't know either" I replied, "she thinks it makes me look grown up and respectable I guess?". He laughed at the confused look on my face as I tried to think.

"Well baby girl, how about we go shopping for some nicer clothes and perhaps some other things for when you come to visit me? They can be our little secret and you can dress appropriately for our little dates".

He slowly lowered me back to the ground making my little body press against him for as long as possible. I quickly tugged my dress back into place and looked up at him to reply "I would love that" I blushed "my mother never lets me pick anything that I like". He looked down at me nervously fidgeting and laughed again. "well why don't you come inside quickly while I grab my car keys and we will have a quick drink and be on our way, I think it would be a nice way to start our day together don't you think?

I nodded quickly following him through the open door and into the main living room. "Take a seat" He said calmly, pointing towards some large leather sofas, I'll just make sure the dogs are outside, lock up and be back with that drink" "oh" I quickly replied while walking towards the lounge he had pointed to "You have dogs?". I watched his face turn into a smirk before he covered it quickly "Yes", he purred back "I have 2 Great Danes, both boys.

I'll have to introduce you to them when we get back from shopping" with that he quickly exited the room leaving me alone. I sat down on the couch and jumped as the tv turned on, realizing I had sat on the remote I quickly pulled it from under me and the loud gagging and moaning drew my attention back to the screen. The image I saw was a little brunette girl on her knees sucking several black cocks, I gasped and looked around for the remote again trying to find a way to shut it off but it was too late, the sound had already caught Troy's attention.

He was standing in the doorway holding to glasses filled with something bubbling with an amused look on his face. "Well now" he smirked crossing the room and settling the glasses down on the coffee table in front of me "what do we have here?" I blushed furiously and dropped my gaze.


The sucking and slurping noises only broken by the occasional slap or insult in the background. "umm I'm really sorry" I muttered " I sat on your tv remote and this came on before I could do anything" I shuffled from foot to foot feeling the weight of his gaze on my body, "Its ok baby girl" he finally said " I just wished you had waited until I got back before finding this, but now that you have seen it why don't you sit back down and have your drink.

You can tell daddy what you thought when you saw it" He waited until I had sat before pressing a cool glass into my hand, "I grabbed us some lemonade" he explained. "I like mine with extra ice so I hope you don't mind it cold". I took hold of it with a small trembling hand, still refusing to look directly at him or the tv.

"Take a sip" he urged, "It will help you relax and feel more at home". Raising his own glass to his lips and taking a long drink before lounging back on the couch next to me letting his hand fall on my thigh causally.

I hastily raised the glass to my lips and took a sip, it was slightly more bitter than lemonade I had drank in the past but I assumed he just had a different brand of soda. After a few sips I indeed felt myself start to relax and I leaned back into the couch, daring to look up at the tv.

The scene had progressed to her being fucked at both ends, drool running from her lips and down her chin as the guy fucking her held her down on his buddy's cock. "Have another drink" troy urged and I complied as he continued to talk, noticing that my brain was starting to feel a little fuzzy and every sensitive part of my body throbbed.

"So baby, what do you think of the girl? Don't you think she's pretty and look how wanted she is, those guys adore her and she's only a few years older than you. You know she would have started practicing around your age to, you know that's the only way to look as good as that" my head swirled as I watched the girl on the screen wondering if she really was only a few years older than me and if I would look like that if I was in her position.

I slurred a little when I admitted "I think she's very pretty" tearing my eyes away from the screen, I looked over to Troy and noticed he had slipped his cock out of his jeans and was slowly stroking it watching me. When he saw my eyes widen he quickly moved his other hand to the back of my neck and started stroking gently.

When he felt my body relax again he slowly started to apply pressure to the back of my neck forcing my head towards his now twitching dick. I didn't understand why my body had no will to fight the fuzzy feelings invading my limbs. "Don't you want to look as pretty as her?" Troy urged pushing my head lower "plus daddy needs to make sure you're a good girl before he takes you shopping and believes you will do everything he tells you to" My eyes glanced up at the screen again as the brunette opened her mouth wide to take in another cock and I felt Troy's hit my lips.

I opened my mouth like the girl on the screen and slowly started to let him thrust his cock into my mouth, my spit running down his shaft, unsure of what to do. I felt him grab a fistful of my hair and use that to guide my bobbing head, pushing his cock deep into my young little throat. My head continued to get fuzzier as I began to mimic the actions of the girl on screen. Flicking my tongue over the head of his cock, down his shaft, before taking the whole thing down my throat until I choked.

I heard him moan and thrust his hips to meet my lips making me suck him hard and fast, "I want you to swallow all my cum like a good girl" he grunted tightening his grip and forcing the head of his cock to pop into my throat "I've been saving this load for you since I said goodnight to you my little bitch" he started to savagely thrust harder, holding my head in place as he fucked my throat, I gagged desperately trying to breath "mmmm fuck" he moaned " you look so much prettier than her choking on a cock, perhaps we should film you hmmm?" He thrust several more times before stopping and slapping my face hard, I winced and almost let his cock fall out of my mouth but he held me in place.

" I asked you a question slut" he growled " I don't care if your mouth is full say yes around my cock and nod" with tears in my eyes and my cheek still stinging I started to bob my head up and down on his cock again, licking as I sucked, I slowly nodded as he watched me. "That's better" he moaned "Now say yes around daddy's cock and let him fuck your throat" I choked as I inhaled spit but managed to moan yes around his thick shaft before he started ramming his cock past my tonsils.

He continued to thrust, holding my head in place ordering me to suck and lick. I felt his body tense as he thrust his cock down my throat for a final time, firmly holding me in place as his cock spasmed and filled my little throat. I started to gag and desperately swallowed. Troy moaned as his cock finished twitching and he pulled his softening cock from between my lips leaving a trail of spit and cum. My head told me to lick it up before it dripped down to my chin and I quickly did so, my tongue darting over my lips cleaning up every drop of his creamy load.

"Mmm good girl" he purred "see I didn't even have to tell you to do that, now how about you finish your drink to wash that down and we will go get in the car". I struggled to keep up with his line of thinking, feeling completely unsure about what just happened but I decide to listen, leaning back to my bit of the couch, I grabbed my drink and quickly downed the last of it.

The bitter drink eliminating any lingering taste of what had just happened. By the time I looked back at him troy had fixed himself and was sitting on the couch casually again. My head started to buzz, driving any thoughts of this not being normal from my head. Troy leaned across me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "You're my good little princess, you know that right?" grabbing the remote while he was talking, shutting off the tv with a click of a button.

"How about we go get you dressed like one?" I nodded happily, in quite an agreeable mood after finishing my drink and stood up behind him shakily. He grabbed my arm to steady me, "whoa there baby girl" he laughed "daddy gave you a little something to relax and enjoy your day with him more so don't try and move to quickly for a bit" I giggled and fell into his arms, happy to let him half carry me to the car as I cuddled his waist. As he helped me into the passenger side of his car and buckled me in he leaned in and gave me a deep kiss.

I felt my little cunny tingle as he nibbled at my bottom lip and let his fingers wander across my thigh. He pulled back and paused just staring at me hungrily before shutting my door and returning the driver's seat. I leaned my forehead against my window as we drove, enjoying the view and the feeling of Troy's fingers gently rubbing my inner thigh. My body tingled and i felt my legs drop open causing my dress to ride up my legs.

"Help it along baby girl" troy urged "No-one will be able to see you while your sitting and we are driving, pull it up and show daddy what panties his little girl wore for him today" I blushed and giggled remembering the very grown up set I had on suddenly excited to show it off.

I pulled the itchy dress up over my knees and up to my hips, exposing the black lacy panties that hugged my bubble bottom perfectly. I heard him give a low whistle, "those are some pretty panties baby, spread your legs a little more for daddy I want to have a good look" I felt my nipples stiffen as he talked, the butterflies in my belly banished and replaced with the fuzzy feeling and I let my legs fall open wider.

I watched his hand quickly move up my thigh to the crotch of my panties. "Mmmm my little girl is so warm and wet already" he hissed, his fingers digging in squeezing my little pussy through the fabric.

I felt like such an object being touched like, having my little holes groped while he stared at the road. His fingers dug their way under the band of my panties and pulled them to the side, making sure they cut into my clit. "Leave them there" he hissed when I tried to rearrange them "you will learn to love it" he moaned, continuing to slide his fingers deeper into me as he sped down the road. I squeaked at the rough fingering my little pussy wet but still too tight to take even fingers easily but stayed with my legs spread starting to enjoy the sensations.

I started to moan and grind myself back against him, urging him to drive his fingers in harder. He suddenly jerked his fingers out of me leaving me biting my bottom lip and looking at him pleadingly before I realized we had pulled into a parking lot with a building with its windows blacked out. I looked up at the sign about the building and it said ADULTS XXX. "Where are we going?" I asked Troy quizzically thinking we were going to somewhere like forever 21.

I watched Troy smile and look over at me "I thought you would like some proper grown up clothes for some of our dates and I know the owner here so I can make sure he lets you try on everything before we buy it to make sure it fits, plus they sell some toys that grown up little girls like you should own".

I blushed and looked down at my feet suddenly embarrassed by the sandals and secretly pleased he thought I was grown up enough to own adult clothes and toys.

I looked up at him and nodded and bravely opened my door and got out before him to show him I was a big girl.

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Tugging at my dress wishing I was wearing something a little cooler for the first time meeting one of his friends.

We walked across the parking lot and he grabbed my hand, quickly ushering me into the building. A doorbell rang and I saw an older creepy looking man standing behind the counter, gazing at me confused. Then his eyes fell on troy and a horrid grin settled on his face, "TROY" he boomed out "It's been too long, you gave me a scare we never get customers in this early. Or ones this young and pretty" he added nodding his head towards me.

By this time my eyes had gone wide and I was taking in my surroundings, if I hadn't remembered daddy's warning about not moving too quickly I may have bolted from the shop.

The place was filled with the biggest cock shaped things I had ever seen, leather, chains whips, collars, weird metal looking things and to many other things for my brain to comprehend.

My knees started to buckle but troy caught my elbow and steadied me while the old guy laughed "Awe you poor thing, it's a little overwhelming isn't it? Don't you worry papi will take care of you, I'm sure you're a special little girl if Troy's brought you here.

Now Troy's why don't you bring your little princess over to the costume section until she calms down a little hmm?" I heard troy snicker but gently tug me along to a corner of the store I hadn't noticed before that was slightly more sectioned off due to racks of clothing.

I stumbled into a chair and looked up at the two men a little unsure of what to say. Troy broke the silence by turning to the older man and starting to speak "So bob, this little lady as you can see is in urgent need of some new clothing. Something more suited to showing off that cute little figure of hers for our dates". Bobs smiled widened to resemble the Cheshire cat, showing off his yellowing teeth as he leered at me.

"Well I don't know about you but I think I need a better look at our little model, you know to get an idea of what will look good" I paused and looked at Troy hesitantly, I knew this man was his friend but something about the way he was looking at me gave me the creeps. Troy nodded at me encouragingly "why don't you stand up and give us a little twirl baby, bob wont bite.

Unless you ask him to" he laughed "oh don't worry" he added noticing my worried expression "I won't let him hurt you". With that confirmation I stood, stumbled a little but righted myself. Flashing the two men a dazzling grin as the buzz started back up in my brain. I spun on the spot slowly, turning and showing them every inch of my curvy body.

Flicking my hair back over my shoulder to let them see what they could of me in this restrictive dress. "Hmm." Troy paused " I don't know, I think it might be easier to find the correct sizing if we see the raw material we are working with, don't you want to look grown up in the things we pick princess? Why don't you strip to your bra and panties and let us see your perfect little body" I blushed and looked down at my feet, crossing and uncrossing them nervously.

"But. But daddy I've never been seen like that by anybody except you and mum" I heard a low hiss and moan emit from between Bobs teeth. "Oh its ok sweetheart" bob quickly interrupted "I'm a professional, there's no reason to be embarrassed in front of me.

I've helped plenty of pretty girls find the perfect date outfits". I looked up at him shyly my brain slowly processing what he said. "Oh well I guess that's ok then" I replied finding nothing amiss in that logic.

I slowly started to peel my dress off, glad it was covering my face which was by now bright pink from embarrassment. I felt my nipples stiffen under the lace of my bra as I jerked out of the last part of the dress letting it fall to the floor at my feet. I heard the men whistle and looked up to see Bob adjusting his pants while gazing at my puffy little nipples, Troy laughed and punched him lightly on the shoulder "patience bud, all good things come to those who wait".

I looked at him confused while bob hissed slightly in reply. Troy pulled the nearest dress off the rack, it was a tiny pink tube of fabric that was cut out at the back almost to my ass. "Here baby girl, I think you would look so pretty in pink. How about we start with this one?" I giggled and took it in reply pausing to look back and ask where the dressing room was.

Again, bob answered quickly before anyone else could add anything "Oh that's ok hunny, it would be better if you changed in front of us. You're not use to these kinds of dresses yet so we can help you get into them" I shrugged and turned back to face them stepping into the tiny pink dress and pulling it up over my body, wiggling myself into in not realizing how that made my little tits jiggle.

The men watched in silence as I tugged the last bit of fabric into place. "Wow baby girl that looks great on you" Troy murmured "Please turn for daddy, show him all of you". I slowly rotated on the spot, letting him take in every inch of his dressed-up dolly. "Mmm" he moaned "Almost perfect, why don't you let me take of your bra off baby?

This isn't really the right one for this dress and it's better to go without one in those situations" Walking over to me as he spoke, running his fingers along my bare shoulders. I shuddered at his touch but stayed still and allowed him to continue tracing down my back and unhook my bra. Tugging gently the straps on my shoulders he pulled it free of my body causing the dress to fall.

Flashing them both my puffy hard nipples. I quickly pulled the dress back into place but was unable to hide the hard flesh poking through. Troy laughed and tossed my bra over to bob who quickly put it in his pocket, "Its ok baby girl don't be embarrassed, you look so pretty" I looked up at him and smiled sweetly, my brain happily floating. I watched him slowly move his hands towards my little waist grabbing it firmly holding me in place. He didn't have to though, for some reason I was happy to stay in place.

Leaving one hand gripping me tightly, his other started to wander up to my chest. Starting to gently caress my tits through the thin fabric, his rough palm grazing my hard nipples. Slowly he started to pinch them, alternating between the two making them harder if possible. Troy started to twist my nipples and a loan moan escaped my lips, he took this as encouragement to pinch and twist harder, rolling my nipples between the fabric and his fingers until I squeaked in pain.

He released them after making me squirm for a few more seconds, stepping back and turning to face bob "well I think this one's perfect, what about you bob?

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Any suggestions while I look for the costume I came here for?" My eyes shifted to bob and I watched his smirk darken, his eyes quickly darting away from my swollen nipples to an outfit that looked mostly liked straps to his left. Grabbing it off the rack quickly he shuffled over. "I think this would look perfect on you hun, not many girls who come in here have the confidence to try this on but seeing you in that dress I know your grown up enough and brave to try this on". I shuffled nervously as I eyed the outfit if you could even call it that, it was one of the leather strap harnesses/dresses, I had seen on the mannequins walking in near all the whips and chains.

It only had a thicker leather strap to cover my little pussy but my nipples would be left completely exposed while my tits were bound. I swallowed hard and nodded obediently not wanting to disappoint daddy and upset his friend, he had worked so hard for this trip after all. Troy step back and eyed bob warily "don't scare her to much" he hissed to him.

Turning back to me troy smiled warmly "Now princess let bob help you into this one it's a bit complicated and he knows the best way to fit something like this", before walking off between the racks shuffling around looking for something. My eyes quickly flicked from Troy to bob and I nodded obediently lowering my gaze to the floor not before seeing bob lick his lips greedily. Bob hurriedly approached me, outfit in one hand the other slightly outstretched like a claw.

"I'm going to need you to take off that dress and put it on the chair neatly princess" bob snapped "this dress has a lot of straps so I want to get started". I quickly complied shimmying out of the small dress, laying it neatly over the chair next to me, standing before bob in just my panties. I crossed my arms in front of me, my hands clasped together near my crotch waiting patiently. Bob shuffled around with the straps for a bit before kneeling down and asking me to step into two holes he was holding open.

I obeyed quietly and stepped into the harness, I felt him tug and pull the leather straps up over my legs and knees getting closer to my little pussy before I felt him pause and look up at me. "I'm sorry princess this isn't designed to be worn with panties it will cause it to sit wrong, let me just tug them down really quick" and in one swift motion he dropped the dress at my feet and grasped my panties and tugged. My perfect pink little pussy came quickly into view and he took his time sliding my panties down my legs leaning close and inhaling my little girl scent.

When he had my panties on the floor he stopped and looked up again "step out of the panties and back into the straps" he ordered, "yes Bob" I stammered in reply. He looked up sharply, "You will address me as papi or sir, is that understood? I won't tell you twice. I stumbled slightly as I winced at the sharpness to his tone, reaching out and grabbing his shoulder to steady myself. "I'm sorry sir" I mumbled, looking at the floor shame welling up inside me.

I quickly stepped out of my panties and back into the harness. "mmm that's ok baby" he murmured enjoying the view my arm on his shoulder was giving him of my tits. Slowly sliding the harness back up my slender pale legs he grunted before firmly pulling the straps up into place on my little cunny. I couldn't help but gasp a little at the cold leather pushed against my clit, it didn't help that he was wiggling it intently telling me that he was only fitting it into place properly.

He stood up abruptly yanking on the harness as he did almost lifting me off the ground by only the strap under my pussy. He quickly tightened the buckles around my hips, causing the straps to cut into my clit like my panties had on the drive over and I stood still remembering to be a good girl. He stood back and admired the first part of his handy work, "Mmph" he grunted, "perfect fit, now let's get the top of you strapped up.

Hold out your arms hun help papi". I straightened up at his words, holding my arms out to the side. My tits rising high and perky on my chest as I did. I watched him bite his lip as he watched me comply and a warm floaty feeling went through my belly as my clit throbbed under the leather. He quickly moved to get the last bits of the thick straps that made up the dress into place, two thick leather ones above and below my tits and one that held those together that fit almost like a halter.

Bob stood back and admired his work, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and I started to blush furiously. I was barely covered and with how tight he had done the straps every little curve I had was emphasized.

"Oh hush" bob grunted out quickly as he was me starting to turn pink "you look so pretty, how about you turn and look at yourself in the mirror properly and I can point out the features". I quickly composed my face into a smile and remembered this was his job and turned to face the mirror properly. Any movement in the tiny harness causing it to shift and grind on my pussy or constrict around my chest.

As I gazed at my reflection, my puffy little tits sticking out obscenely like I was some kind of Barbie dressed in belts instead of clothes and my pussy starting to leak and make my thighs glisten from the constant friction.

Bob moved closer and wrapped his arms around my waist. He started to point at different parts of the outfit as I watched him in the mirror. When he got to my chest he pointed out how the harness kept my tits even perkier and made them look bigger, tweaking my nipples to make them jiggle as if to emphases his point.

I jumped a little at his touch but quickly found the strap around my pussy constricted to tightly if I moved like that.

I remained still and he grinned. taking further advantage of my situation he pushed his fingers back to my nipples and began to pinch them. rolling them hard between his fat sausage like fingers. I couldn't help myself, I leant back against his chest and moaned, the buzz in my brain completely overwhelming my senses.

Bob grunted and pinched harder urging me to twitch and feel the leather calling me all kinds of degrading names but I no longer cared. The sensations coming from my chest took away the humiliation I felt at being turned on by being touched by this creep. He continued to fondle my little chest for a bit before I felt one of his hands slip lower towards my now dripping pussy.

I felt my body freeze slightly unsure of what to do when I heard a cough come from behind me. I felt Bobs hands freeze and I looked up to the mirror to see a reflection of Troy staring back at us a hungry look on his face. "Did I interrupt something here?" He asked amused, swinging a catholic school girls outfit from his hand as he stared down at me in the mirror.

"No. No daddy" I stammered out, trying to straighten myself up and clear my head. I heard Bob merely grunt in reply. "well in that case" troy continued "how about you let bob get you out of that and add it to the pile of things to get, seeing as you have got your little girl cum all over it and we get you into the outfit daddy's been dying to see you in".

I felt bob shuffle around me for a bit before reluctantly starting to undo the buckles holding me in. Waiting until the last possible moment to undo the strap holding it to my pussy, dragging his fingers across my throbbing clit as he pulled on the leather. I let the harness drop to the floor and picked it up, bending over and exposing my pink glistening holes, placing it on the chair with the dress before turning back to troy expectantly.

He held up the tiny red plaid skirt and white top he had found with a grin. He had the little lace blazer that went with it draped over his arm. "I've seen the broacher's around your house, your mummy is thinking about sending you to a catholic high school and I just couldn't wait that long to see you in the uniform so this will have to do" he motioned for me to take the clothes and begin to dress.

I reached out and grabbed the skirt nervously suddenly a little scared that he knew of my future plans but a little excited he had paid so much attention. I went to quickly step into and pull the skirt up before troy stopped me with a cough. "I want you to dress slowly little miss, turn around and let me see it slip over that sexy little ass of yours" I blushed and turned on the spot slowly, the skirt around my knees. I slowly began to slide it up over my thighs wiggling my hips like I had seen the little brunette do in the video and I heard the men hiss excitedly behind me.

I slid the skirt over the last bit off my ass turning and flashing troy a smile as I zipped it into place. "May I have the shirt now daddy?" I asked biting my bottom lip. He grinned and passed it over quietly, his eyes never leaving my chest.

I took it wordlessly and began to slide the silky fabric over my arm, looking up at both of the men swaying my hips, my tits moving as the top slid into place. It had no buttons, only some fabric to tie up under my boobs and I tied it with a cute bow.

When I finished fastening the shirt I looked up at troy with a triumphant smile waiting to hear what to do next. He smiled down at me proudly and reached for a tie I hadn't seen attached to the coat hanger. "Come here" he whispered, and I approached quickly and my head spun as a result. When I was standing in front of him he slipped the fabric around my neck and pulled me close to him. "You have been such a good little girl today, daddy is very proud of you.

I think we should have you pick out some grown up toys next, don't you think that will be fun?" Yanking the tie tightly around my pale throat as he wound it into a neat knot to emphasize his words. I nodded and replied "yes sir" quickly, a little worried about the scary looking stuff I had seen walking in but not being able to think clearly. He finished the tie with a flourish and made a show of placing it delicately between my tits.

Pinching them before stepping back and looking down at me. "find us some white socks will you bob" he said quickly over his shoulder before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a packet of hair bands with cute little bows attached to them, I heard bob shuffle off to the counter as Troy approached me again. I saw him raise his hands to my hair and heard him ask me to be still. He slowly gathered up half of my long blonde hair, securing it on the side of my head in an adorable pigtail.

The little bow on the band sitting on top like the cherry. He repeated the process quickly on the other side with the remaining hair, tugging on them slightly when he finished causing my head to bob towards him. He smirked and turned hearing bobs footsteps approach.

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Bob held up a pair of knee high white socks triumphantly in his sausage like paw and threw them over to me. I caught them quickly said "thankyou sir" before looking to troy for instruction. Go over to the chair and turn around baby, I don't want you to sit on it but you can put your leg up to steady yourself. I want to see that cute little ass as you put on your socks" I turned and walked over to the chair, making sure to arch my back and sway as I did, making my pigtails bounce with every step.

I stopped facing the chair and undid the packaging on the socks pulling on out and placing the other on the chair in front of me.

I bent over and placed one foot up on the chair, beginning to unroll the sock onto my foot. I made sure to keep my little ass firmly stuck out, my little skirt so short the two men could catch the briefest glimpse of my wet little pussy. I pulled the sock up over my knee and went to pick up the other "wait" Troy hissed, "I want to see you sitting with your leg hooked over the chair arm while you put that one on".

I glanced up and caught the two men's reflection. I had briefly forgot about the mirror on the wall. I tuned and sat on the edge of the chair, careful not to sit on and wrinkle the clothes on it and hooked the leg I needed to put the sock on over the arm rest.

Completely exposing my wet little pussy to their hungry eyes. Pretending not to notice my skirts lack of coverage I causally hooked the sock over my foot. Tugging it up my leg and into place. I left my leg hooked in place and stared up at troy patiently. My heart racing about the part to come but my brain still to fuzzy to really care more than being excited. Troy whistled and walked over to me holding out his hand to help me up.

"You look perfect princess, I think it's about time we went and looked at the toys". I grinned back up at him and accepted his hand, using it to steady myself as I tugged the little skirt back into place. "After you daddy" I giggled, hoping I sounded grown up as troy grinned at bob and they both lead me back to the front of the store. Troy held my hand as he guided me back through the racks until we stopped at a shelf containing huge rubber penises.

I giggled and looked away but he tugged my hand firmly causing me to spin and turn back to face the shelfs contents. "No baby girl, you have to behave like a grown-up lady like right now and we need to get you a few of these so you can practice.

Perhaps ill even have you sneak one home and sleep with it in your pussy so it's nice and ready for me in the mornings when I pick you up. Now how about you pick two of your favorite's while I talk to bob and pick out a few surprises for when we get home." With that I watched him walk over to the counter and start talking to bob, my eyes flicked back to the shelf and I started to browse what was in front of me.

I was overwhelmed by the shapes and colours wondering if it was possible to fit even half of them inside my tiny little body. Some were thicker than my wrist and as long as my forearm. I eventually settled of a purple sparkly one that was only about 4inches but fairly fat and a slightly longer 6inch one that was skinny.

As I headed back to the counter with my toys I watched troy eye my selection with a little amusement and disapproval. "I will make a proper slut of you yet" he said as I approached, shaking his head. I looked up a little puzzled at his comments but was quickly distracted by Bobs loud boom of laughter. "Well ahahaha what about we start now, hey?" Bob quickly got out "Ill offer you any butt plug in the store for free, so long as I can put it up her young little asshole".

Troy quickly looked at me and harshly told me to thank Bob for his generous offer and that good little girls accepted things like this. I shuffled nervously from foot to foot not really knowing what they were talking about but I manage to stammer out to bob "Th.

Thankyou sir, I'm very lucky to have met you". Troy grinned wickedly at me before quickly striding over to the glass cabinet near the register and pointing at something, "I've had my eye on this for a while and I think I've found the perfect little slut to use it on" he said to Bob, "unlock this and have fun, but make sure she takes it though cause I'm not paying for it".

Bob smirked and sauntered over to the cabinet, "nice pick" he grunted "you did always have good taste". I watched him grip and pull out something large and conceal it by his side. "How about we put the little princess on her belly laying across my counter so she's more comfortable" he said with a grin. I got nervous again and stayed rooted to the spot, ignoring their stares.

Troy quickly walked over and slapped me hard knocking me to the ground. "Don't embarrass me" he snapped "you have been such a good little girl, bob has asked for something and I expect you to respond to him as you would me". I looked up at him tears welling in my eyes and I clutched my cheek where it stung.

I nodded through the tears as my head swam. Troy leaned down and grabbed me by the tie and jerked me to my feet marching me over to Bobs counter quickly.

Scooping me up in his arm and laying me down on the surface he started to rub the welt he had left on my cheek. "I'm sorry I had to do that baby girl, you can make it up to me by showing me how much of a good girl you are. Bob needs to teach that little bottom a lesson and he's going to put something inside you. I won't let him touch you more than that but it would make daddy very happy if you complied and remembered your manners" I looked up at him the best I could and nodded, jerking as I felt bobs greasy fingers jerk apart my legs.

Gripping my ankle tightly. I felt Troy's hand flip up my little skirt exposing my ass, before sliding up to my neck and pinning me in place. I listened as bob grunted and shuffled around behind me and heard him pick up something else. I suddenly felt a cold liquid being poured onto my asshole and I yelped, jumping a little.

Troy laughed and said "Don't worry pet, that's just lube. It will help the plug slide in easier for your first time" I stopped wiggling as I felt bobs fat fingers come into contact with my puckered little ass, massaging in the cool liquid, forcing his thumb up inside my little bottom as he did.

Once my little ass had taken his thumb I felt him start to wiggle it, I felt my untouched little hole burn with each movement but willed myself to stay still. I didn't understand why he was putting his fingers in that place until I remembered the video from this morning and started to panic. "Please daddy" I begged "I'm not sure I can do this". "Shut up slut" came the harsh reply from bob " your daddy has made a deal with me and I intent to see it through" I yelped as his other hand came cracking down on my ass leaving an instant mark.

I tried to look up at troy but he only pinned my neck down harder pushing my face into the cold glass and stayed silent. My eyes filled with tears as Bob yanked his thumb out of me and replaced it with the tip of the bottle "you will need this" he hissed before I felt my little ass fill with the cool fluid. I felt him pull the bottle top out harshly and felt it replaced by his fingers once more.

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Poking and pushing at my little hole, laughing each time I tensed. I suddenly felt a hard rubber like thing push against my little ring, I squirmed a little but didn't want to be hit again so quickly stopped. Bob started pushing the plug in slowly but I still felt like I was being ripped open, he thrust in the tip and wiggled it around, forcing my little hole to give, I couldn't help but start to cry and struggle and troy responded by stuffing my discarded panties in my mouth and leaning over me to keep me pinned to the counter.

I heard him whisper in my ear " be a good little girl, daddy expects a lot of use out of this hole so you had better get used to it now". I gagged on the panties and Bob seized the advantage of my distraction and thrust the plug in serval inches hard and I heard a switch click before it started to vibrate hard inside my little ass.

I couldn't help but moan at the new sensation, the buzzing pulsing through to my little pussy and clit as he tried forcing the plug deeper into my asshole. "Mmm that's a good little bitch, has this cunt ever had anything up her ass before?" I heard bob ask from behind me. "Not that I know of" came Troy's reply "I haven't had the pleasure or time yet". I wondered why he was lying about fingering my little asshole as his previous threat came back to mind, about other holes to fuck, but at hearing Troy's words I felt Bob renew his assault on my ass with the plug.

Forcing it deeper inside my tight little hole, I felt myself rip slightly around the huge bit of vibrating silicon. "You have it about half way in now baby slut" I heard him hiss "Just the thickest part left and it will slide right in, don't resist now".

I sobbed in response as my little body hurt from being crushed into the counter and the assault on my ass. I felt more of the cold stuff drip onto my asshole before a sudden slap on my ass cheek made me try and leap up. I screamed, the panties being coughed from my mouth at the same time I felt troy hold my ass apart as bob pushed savagely.

Forcing my little asshole open to take the clearly monster plug.

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I saw my tears pool on the counter top as they continued to molest me, my little ass giving in little by little as they forced in the last few inches. I couldn't help moaning through my tears again, the pulsing vibrations offering some relief to feeling like I was being torn apart. "Mmm yes you little bitch moan louder, all good girls know their place is to take it in whatever hole a man wants, scream and moan louder I want to hear you slut" I hear bob say from behind me. I felt troy yank my face up by my pigtails until I was looking him in the eye.

"Tell him thankyou and then scream for him bitch" he hissed at me. I choked on my spit a little and was still a little sniffy from crying when I replied "Thankyou sir, for teaching me my place. I love it when you hurt my little bottom" I heard them both moan and watched troy bite his lip a bulge forming in his pants and almost hitting me in the face. He let go of one pigtail and quickly fumbled with his zip, pulling out his long thick cock.

Telling me to open wide before stuffing it into my mouth and down my throat. Grabbing the pigtail he dropped earlier he began to tug, forcing my little head to bob up and down on his cock as he pleased. I gagged and drool ran over my lips and down his shaft for the second time that day. My head swam as my oxygen was deprived, keeping his cock firmly lodged in my throat I heard him tell me to moan around it.

I moaned loudly hoping it would make him ease up so I could breathe but upon hearing my moan Bob forced the last several inches of the plug deep inside my ass, one of his fingers stabbing into my pussy painfully with the force he used to get my ass to give.

Making me scream and choke harder. Struggling hard as my little ass burned and stung. Troy moaned at the sight of my little ass so obscenely stuffed and backed up to let me breathe slightly before ramming his cock down my throat again.

"That's a good baby girl, I bet that feels amazing inside your little virgin asshole. It looks perfect, you took all 8 inches of it, it's the fattest in the range at 5 inches wide I hope it stretches you to be able to take my cock nicely" troy grunted above me.

I felt dizzy and began to suck harder at my body's urging. I heard Bobs voice float from behind me "Fuck me man, this little cunt is so tight with this plug up her that I can barely fit my finger in to the knuckle.

I can feel every vibration through her pussy from her ass" I heard a low hiss come from between his teeth as I continued to suck and gag. "Fuck this" I heard Bob grunt "I'm not waiting any longer to feel this little cock sleeve wrapped around my dick, I don't care what you have to say about waiting".


I looked up scared at troy but he just grinned down wickedly and forced my head to continue bobbing on his cock. "Is everything in this store still recorded bob?" came his own reply as he grunted at my slurping. "yes" came the short reply as I heard pants hit the floor and felt bob line up his cock with my little hole perfectly presented before him. I started to struggle more violently and felt the cracks rain down on my ass quickly, "Struggle all you like slut" I heard Bob hiss "it turns me on even more".

I started to sob harder around Troy's cock as I felt him line his cock back up with my tiny entrance. "Bob has one of the fattest cocks I've ever seen baby girl you should feel privileged to feel it fuck you" I heard Troy say soothingly. I felt my body sag in defeat as my head started to swim again and I started to feel like it was a better idea to go along with their sick games.

I started to softly suck again crying as I felt Bobs cock twitch and start to force itself inside me. He hit a wall quickly and I heard him grunt and shift, placing one hand on my hip and holding my little pussy open with the other, he tried again succeeding in popping the head of his dick inside me.

I started to scream again and this time troy pulled his cock from my throat to listen properly. "PLEASE!" I begged as soon as he was out of my mouth, coughing up spit "Stop I can't take anymore. You will rip me apart, its killing me". I heard both men laugh and Bobs reply came back menacingly, "Oh stop your whining little girl, every bitch knows it's their place to take cocks and produce babies. And they are a lot bigger and come out of your cunt so you can take this now" I felt him push his hand against the plug wiggling and twisting it while the tip of his cock was stuck inside my tight little pussy.

I yelped and struggled as another moan escaped my lips and I watched Troy lean across me, quickly pinning my little body in place once again. spreading open my ass cheeks holding my little pussy open for Bob. "Please be gentle" I murmured into the glass as I felt bob start to push inside me again, my insides burning from my second ever proper fucking. I heard them both snort as Bob gripped my ass tightly, forcing his fat dick deeper into my little hole splitting it open around him.

I felt him pour lube over his cock and over my little cunny and wiggled. Welcoming the cooling relief from the burning in both my holes. With the lube applied Bob started savagely thrusting, forcing every inch of his fat meat inside me.

Grunting and moaning, he forced his way inside me. Making me feel it as he pounded his thick cock in and out of my too small hole, urged on by Troy.

Occasionally turning up the vibrations on the plug in my ass to keep me on edge. I felt myself rip as he bottomed out in my pussy, the blood seeping down and around his shaft. Feeling my blood, Bob glanced down and moaned at the sight "Oh fuck baby girl it's almost like taking your virginity again, I can't stop myself be a good girl and serve papi's cock. Fuck me back you little bitch I want to feel every inch of me inside you". Troy released his grip slightly as he saw I started to comply and wiggle my hips in a circle, grinding back onto Bobs cock rather than just trying to struggle away.

He hissed at the sight and returned his cock to my mouth "suck on daddy while he watches your little pussy stretch, I bet you love having both your slutty holes filled at the same time. You're such a good girl for doing this for daddy, show me how you take it like a good girl".

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I couldn't help but smile around his cock at his words pleased I was pleasing him. I started to moan, the vibrations starting to overpower the pain throbbing in my ass. Grinding my little pussy on Bobs cock as he thrust trying to get my pussy to loosen its grip on him so he could fuck me harder. "It's no use" he grunted after a few minutes of trying, "the little bitch is stuck on my cock and keeps sucking me back in like a vice.

Pinch her nipples for me will you. Get her to loosen up" Troy grinned wickedly and started to trust deeper into my throat making me gag as he reached beneath me to tug at my puffy nipples. Being pushed against the glass they had stayed hard and moaned at his first touch "you like that baby girl" he moaned tugging harder and twisting.

"relax baby and let him fuck you properly". I felt my little pussy start to give as the rest of my body began to throb in pleasure and pain.

Bob picked up his pace, savagely thrusting into me from behind. "Mmm fuck yes much better" he hissed "Your little pussy is sucking me in so perfectly and your vibrating on my cock like a perfect little fuck toy". I felt my pussy gush at his words and he felt it to. "Good girl" he commented "starting to enjoy yourself, are you?" I nodded the best I could around the throat fucking and gurgled yes, remembering earlier in the day when I hadn't answered daddy.

I felt Bob pick up the lower half of my body and use my pussy to masturbate his cock with and I exploded, I felt myself cum all over his cock pent up from the day's activities. The constant pinching of my nipples and rhythmic throat fucking pushing me over the edge when combine with the pain from the fucking I was taking.

"Yess slut" I heard them both hiss and Bob continued " Cum all over my cock you little whore I want to feel you twitching on my cock while I explode deep in your unprotected little pussy, this is where you belong. On the end of a cock." With that he picked up his pace again, pulling my whole body back against his fucking. Slamming my pussy back into his cock impaling me with every stroke. Pulling his cock out until just the head remained and brutally forcing it back in.

Troy had stopped thrusting by now, content to let the movement of me being fucked force his cock deeper into my throat with no effort. I gagged around his dick as I felt my little pussy burn and throb. I started to wiggle my hips and grind against Bob harder encouraging him as best I could to dump his load inside me.

I felt him slam into me 3 more times before he went rigid and froze pinning me on his cock, keeping it stuffed as deep inside me as possible "Stay still bitch" he moaned " I want you to feel me fill you". my little pussy so tight around, him cum started to be forced out while he was filling me. Troy moaned and quickly trust his cock deep into my throat at the sight of my little hole leaking, ordering me to wiggle my tongue against his shaft.

I quickly complied and was met with his creamy load exploding down my throat joining his earlier load. "You have a good little toy here" Bob commented as they withdrew their softening cocks from my mouth and pussy leaving a trail of cum behind them.

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Leaving the plug in place to twitch and vibrate as I coughed up cum, laying there between them like a used whore on the counter. The butt plug making my whole-body spasm with how sensitive I was. They ignored my low moaning and twitches and Bob continued pressing conversation. "You will have to bring her by regularly so I can see how she breaks and trains" Troy laughed before replying "well I'm happy to make you a deal starting right now, you can sell that little security video of us to any of your customers looking for something a little extra and in exchange you give little Alice here everything we picked out today for free as a gift to start her fuck toy career.

I also bring her by to see you at least once a week and especially if she needs any new gear". I struggled to sit up hearing them talk, my head swam as I thought about what was being said.

Would he really give me all that stuff just for what happened here today? I found myself thinking it wasn't so bad of a deal. I mean I didn't want to become a burden on troy and make him pay for things all the time.

I smiled slightly pleased that this might be an alternative. Bob snickered and cleaned his cock on my thigh before putting it away it his worn pants. I was too exhausted to stop him or clean myself as I sat there leaking cum from my abused hole, the plug driving me insane and keeping me wet regardless of how exhausted my mind and body were."You drive a deal too good to pass up old friend" he replied. "Now get your shit and get this little slut out of here before some customer comes in that we aren't prepared for" Troy grinned in response and reached out and shook Bobs hand across me.

Both sets of hands lightly grazing my swollen nipples as they parted. Troy left me on the counter top as he quickly gathered the items he and I had picked out during our trip and put them in a bag.

Bob took advantage of this time to continue to stroke and fondle my exhausted little frame, enjoying my little squeaks of pain as he pinched my sensitive nipples a little too hard. When Troy returned Bob said goodbye by sharply slapping my clit causing me to jump and moan at the same time. He laughed cruelly "Don't forget our deal Troy, I'll be looking forward to this bitch's weekly visit.

You will have to let me know where she goes to school.". Troy laughed back just as cruel, "Oh I'm looking forward to bringing her, and that's not a bad idea." With the last lingering statement, he scooped me up in to his arms not trusting me to walk and carried me out the door. Cum slowly leaking out of me as he walked. Walking across the carpark I felt the breeze hit my swollen little pussy and nipples. The outfit I had on doing little to stop the biting cold.

My nipples instantly stiffened again and with each step I felt the enormous plug drive itself into my ass. Fucking me in its own right. Troy noticed my stiffening nipples and smirked "getting worked up again already baby?


Just wait until I get you home, rest in the car while you can. He slid me into the passenger seat and quickly buckled me in. Tossing the bag of goodies through to the backseat and leaving me to deal with my stuffed vibrating ass he closed my door. I watched him take his time walking around to his side, watching me squirm in my seat the entire time. As he unlocked his door and got in he grinned again, starting the engine and speeding off in the direction of home.

I must have been even more drained than I thought, because I fell asleep on the drive home and woke up laying on Troy's big leather couches. I stared up at the ceiling light trying to calm the dizziness running through my head when I heard the clattering of paws and claws on wooden flooring. Before I knew what was happening two huge dogs burst into the lounge and started licking my face, with Troy nowhere to be seen I froze.

Not knowing how friendly these dogs laid still at let them continue their licking and investigation. It didn't take the bigger of the two very long to start sniffing around under my skirt, nudging it aside and licking at the leaking cum. I jumped and yelped at the sudden intrusion again and the smaller dog growled close to my face and throat as if warning me to let the bigger boy continue.

I froze at the growl and let my legs fall open, the bigger dog happily accepted his new bitch's submissive actions and continued his licking investigation only pausing to slightly nip at the vibrating plug, pushing it in deeper with his nose as he tried to figure out what the buzzing thing was.

I couldn't help myself moaning loudly as his rough tongue dived into my young flesh, licking up every bit of my cum and Bobs I was leaking. I heard Troy's muffled voice approaching and zoned into what he was saying as he drew closer. "Oh no keeping her here overnight won't be any problems at all Lucy". My heart froze and I tried to sit up only to be met with a fiercer growl from the smaller dog. The bigger of the two continued his oral assault not letting up as his master entered the room and smile spreading across his face at the sight that met him.

He patted the dog growling softly and continued calmly talking down the phone. " it's really no hassle, she's been a perfect angel today. She helped me and an old mate with some chores and now she's playing with my dogs keeping them company". I couldn't help but grin at his words "so you just enjoy yourself and don't worry about drinking too much, you just stay there the night and don't rush home in the morning.

I miss my kids since they moved out of state so it would be my pleasure to take care of your little angel tonight" "Mhmm ok, I will do. Bye now" He hung up the phone quickly and sighed happily.

"Well princess, looks like your mine and the boys for tonight. she drank a little too much and has to crash at a friend's, but I can see the boys have already introduced themselves". I could only moan in response, my hips arching to meet the dogs every lick. "The boy eating your sweet little cunny right now is King and you will address him as that or master, the young man keeping you pinned for his father is Prince.

They are both award winning show dogs that have retired to breeding bitches, it will be good to have a young tight thing like you around to keep them in healthy shape". I shuddered at Troy's words. Ones like breeding bitch, and the fact that my mother wasn't going to come get me tonight got stuck in my head and I couldn't help but cum all over Kings tongue.

My swollen hole tightening back up and my ass clenching down even harder on the plug. I heard Troy click his fingers and King backed up from my twitching frame. I moaned and squirmed on the couch as he approached, gripping me by the elbow he pressed a glass I didn't see he had to my lips and I drank deeply.

It was the same bitter tasting lemonade as before and I drank deeply gratefully. The buzz quickly returned to my head as I drank but I ignored it and sculled, I slumped back into the couch giggling, able to ignore that the action forced the plug deeper inside my abused little asshole. Troy tugged at me gently and saw how easily I responded so he flipped me over onto my stomach so my legs dangled off the couch and I was on all fours.

I was so short with how much of my body was on the couch my toes barley scraped the floor and I giggled at how the rug under the couch was tickling them. I heard him snap his fingers again and this time both dogs dived in and started licking my little pussy. I squealed happily as their tongues probed me deeper and deeper, roughly scaping across my clit and all over in their frenzy.

I heard troy hiss and felt him tug at the plug lodged deep in my ass. I screamed as he yanked it out several inches and was met by low growls coming from near my pussy. I instantly froze and let him continue pulling and twisting the huge toy from my ass.

He managed to work it out slowly as the dogs continued to work me with their tongues, my little asshole opening and clenching looking for something to replace the plug, occasionally succeeding in snagging on of the dog's long tongues allowing them to dive into my ass with their persistently licking as well. Troy moaned and held my ass open for them, reaching forward and stuffing the plug into my moaning mouth, "Taste your ass you little dog slut, because King will never be able to get his monster cock inside you with your ass still stuffed, I'll save that for later" he hissed, forcing my face into the couch as he watched his dogs work.

"You know, you have gotten King all worked up you teasing little bitch, I was going to wait until after I had gotten to fuck you again, but it seems so cruel to make him wait when he's this antsy. Just take a look at his" I felt his hand grip one of my pigtails and jerk my head around to face the scene behind me. Prince was still licking away but King was whining and pacing impatiently behind me.

I quickly noticed his throbbing cock already out of its shaft purple throbbing and leaking cum. I moaned again from the licking and Troy forced my head back into the couch. "Stay there and don't move, King is big enough to hurt you and he isn't a fan of his bitches moving or trying to get away while he fucks them. He's likely to bite down on your neck and shoulders and we don't want to hurt you just yet do we princess?" I shook my head no quickly in reply and tried to stay as still as possible, my head still buzzing happily and my clit throbbing on Princes tongue.

I heard Troy snap his fingers and the tongue disappeared. I was a little disappointed until I felt the fur brush up against me. Excited briefly not knowing what to expect, until I felt Kings paws thud down beside me.

Completely dwarfing my tiny body. I let out a muffled sob of fear into the couch as I felt Kings hot doggy cock start to jab around at my swollen holes and his hot breath on the back of my neck. Remembering Troy's advice not to move I stayed frozen, felling the dog jets of doggy pre-cum hit my clit and asshole.

"Are you ready to finally feel a doggy cock baby?" I heard troy whisper, he may hurt but you will get use to his size. I need to see you be his bitch before using you again myself" I nodded and squeaked "yes sir" into the couch, turning my head slightly so I could see out of the corner of my eye him lining up Kings throbbing doggy dick with my tiny little pussy.

With the first jab it was like King knew what he was inside, thrusting brutally he slammed half of his 9inch cock inside me. It was burning hot and shooting jets of cum into my tiny pussy already helping him to stuff more of his obscene cock inside me.

I screamed and dig my nails into the couch, clinging to it for dear life, praying I wouldn't move and trying to adjust to the size of the animal fucking me. "Yes baby, take more" Troy urged, giving his dog a command to fuck harder. King seemed to slow down at this request, brutally slamming each inch of his steel hard cock inside me working my little hole open before picking up his speed again.

I bit down into a pillow and tried to take the brutal fucking like a good girl. My body being tossed like a ragdoll beneath the huge dog with the force of his fucking. I could feel a lump start to grow on his cock and started to panic. "Shh baby its ok" troy soothed, noticing my trembling legs.

"It's just his knot, relax I want to see if he can force it inside you, he has one close to the size of my fist. I love watching how much your little girl body can take, your little holes swallow cock so beautifully and you really do need to learn your place properly with how many times you almost disobeyed today. You could have made daddy and Bob very unhappy" I moaned in response as I felt King start to push harder to pop inside my tiny pussy.

I arched my back and felt my pussy give swallowing the growing ball. I yelped in pain as my torn pussy was opened up again around his growing cock, I tried to stay as still as possible. Feeling like I was going to explode as it grew inside of me.

It got to a point where he could no longer move inside me when I felt Kings cock explode, it was like someone had turned a hose on inside me. I felt his hot cum flood my little pussy and start to painfully fill my gut as his knot had sealed my young little cunt perfectly. I groaned and heard Troy sigh happily "What a good baby girl, I bet that hurts here let daddy help".

I felt his fingers slowly move between my legs and find my clit rubbing it softly. I couldn't help but mewl at him as I was pinned under this giant brute. He told me to rock back and forth gently and milk the last of the cum out of Kings throbbing cock while he stroked my clit.

I happily complied enjoying the painful and pleasurable sensations washing over my body at being overstuffed by having my clit worked in a wonderful way. "well baby girl it looks like you might be here a while" troy laughed "King hasn't had a bitch as young and tight as you before. he may get hard again while trying to tug his cock free, why don't you let daddy slide under you and sit on the couch and you can suck on his cock while I tell you about the plans I have for tonight hmm?" I nodded weakly and let him shuffle into position.

He propped me up between his legs and patted the panting dog above me quickly, his cock was already out and waving in my face. I took it into my mouth slowly, sucking on the tip and letting my tongue roll down the shaft. Savoring his reactions to my little mouth. " Oh yes baby girl, just like that" he hissed "I'm going to have so much fun with you tonight after Kings pops out of his new little bitch." To be continued.?