Delicious hot boys gay porn When Dixon attempts to come back the

Delicious hot boys gay porn When Dixon attempts to come back the
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The Big Bang Theory Chapter 3: The In For a Penny Proverb Hey guys, I'm back for another chapter in my Big Bang Theory fan fiction series. If this is the first story your reading I suggest going back to the start, it will make a lot more sense for you. So far we've seen what the smart and slutty Leslie Winkle gets up to when she gets a hankering for nerd dick, now it's time to bring in Penny.

Penny is the incredibly hot blonde who is the only female character to be in every season. She is really, really hot (seriously I would do bad things to that girl).

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In addition to this she is pretty slutty, sleeping with a ton of guys in the show. I wanted to thank my readers for getting into the series; originally planned to make this a one part story, but I put in too much detail so I decided to break it into two parts.

Standard disclaimer, I'm not a literary pro just a talented amateur and fan, so don't expect the writing style and wit of the original show. Also this is a sex story about the Big Bang Theory if that offends you, please stop reading and do not leave any irritating comment.

I'm going to be changing the story lines and personality of the characters so it's not going to be 100%. Keep in mind it's a sex story, you're all reading this to get off so please don't send a bunch of comments about how the characters wouldn't do this or that, or that a tiny detail is wrong and ruins the whole story.

Please read and enjoy, I'll be interested in legit feedback, so creative criticisms only please. What have I done? That was the terrible thought going through the mind of Penny as she hid in the bathroom of her neighbours. Penny was having an interesting night to say the least, and she was really starting to regret everything that had happened.

She heard soft laughter coming from the hallway and she shrunk back even further into the shadows, hoping that no one would come in and find her. Luckily for Penny the laughter continued past her and Penny felt brave enough to peak through the crack in the door.

She saw that slut Leslie Winkle saunter down the corridor away from Sheldon's room, naked as the day she was born. She looked hot and sweaty and Penny glared at her cum covered ass as it wobbled by.

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Leslie was laughing softly and Penny knew she was the butt, so to speak, of the joke as she had overheard Sheldon regaling Leslie with a story about Penny. Was it Penny's fault she liked it when people fingered her ass during sex, she though angrily as she thought up ways to kill Leonard for posting that on-line.

Penny's continued to glare at Leslie as she slowly opened the door to Leonard's room and slipped inside. "Lucky little slut" she whispered angrily under her breath and then mentally checked herself. She knew deep down that she had no right to be angry with Leslie, she had done nothing wrong and was fully within her right to fuck both Leonard and Sheldon.


Besides after the night Penny had just had there was no way she could call anyone else a slut. Penny was currently standing in the bathroom of her neighbours Leonard and Sheldon. This was very bad for her considering they hadn't invited her in and because Leonard was her ex. To make matters worse the only clothing she had on her was a lacy red bra covering her luscious tits.

Her shaven pussy was not only completely uncovered but a small drizzle of milky white cum was leaking slowly from her slit. Penny looked into the mirror and sighed softly, hindsight was a wonderful tool she reflected but nothing could be done to take this night back.

She had caused so much trouble and she didn't know how to fix it. She looked back in time and wondered how it had come to this. She knew it was her fault of course.

Penny could trace everything bad that had happened tonight to her bad decision making. She was no longer with Leonard because she couldn't tell him that she loved him. That had caused some serious strain on their relationship and because of the evil Wil Wheaton (I shit you not, it is all Wil Wheaton's fault) she had decided to end it. Of course it hadn't ended there completely, she had still been fooling around with Leonard and there might have been a chance of them getting back together, if only she wasn't a massive slut.

It wasn't like she had meant to hurt Leonard, it was just that she really liked dick. She had always been a very slutty person, it wasn't because of issues with her self-esteem, it was because she loved the way she felt when she orgasmed. Penny had an amazing sexual appetite and guys loved her for it. She was willing to do anything that would get her off, very few things were off limit for her. Penny loved sex, to her there was nothing better than getting pounded in all of her holes or doing something that made her feel so dirty that her pussy dripped like a tap.

Her sexual behaviour was strongly linked to her sexual personality. Despite her confident and sassy approach to others in her normal life she was pretty submissive in the bedroom. Nothing turned her on more than a guy dominating her and doing whatever he wanted to her. It helped that she was a very attractive girl, with her blond her, girl next door looks, cheerleader body, pert tits and a tight ass, she had no trouble getting guys, and the occasional girl to fulfil her fantasies.

Penny did have boundaries however; she had never cheated on any of her boyfriends, at least not without their permission. She had been taking her sexual relationship with Leonard slow, she had really cared for him and didn't want to scare him away with her kinky side. It wasn't that the things she liked were scary, it's just that Leonard looked so innocent to her and she was sure he would freak if she told him about the stuff all the previous guys had done to her.

Leonard was one of the few times that Penny had been the dominate sexual being in the relationship. While she preferred to be the submissive one, Leonard had never shown the slightest desire to try and control her in the bedroom, and mostly did what Penny told him. This was probably because Leonard still had a hard time believing that he was good enough for Penny and therefore didn't want to take control.

Penny understood all this and had let him build up his confidence, she planned to tell him her kink later but she never got the chance. It had been tough to go without some of the really fun stuff she liked, especially anal, but she had endured.

The fact that Leonard had a half decent sized dick, years of sexual frustration and had something to prove in his mind had made it easier for her. She had been building up to wilder things with Leonard and had been days away from suggesting that he fuck her ass when they had broken up.

That was when her slut side took over. Deprived of Leonard's cock she had found alternatives to release her sexual nature upon.


She let a series of random guys do all sorts of hot and nasty things to her in the weeks after the breakup, and Penny would be lying if it hadn't made her feel better. The trick was to make sure that Leonard didn't find out about it. Penny wanted to do this for two reasons, firstly she wanted to get back with Leonard and didn't need this to ruin it for her, secondly she had already given him grief for sleeping with this really odd, slutty professor that had been staying in their apartment.

It hadn't taken too long for her to slip up, it was only after a few weeks of her renewed sordid adventures that Leonard had found out. It had actually happened last night, that was the worst part, because it had changed everything and led to this day's events. Penny had headed out last night on a date with a new guy she had met at the gym. He had seemed nice when he had first started hitting on her and was a perfect gentleman for the first part of their date, taking her to a fancy restaurant and buying her a nice dinner.

After dinner he had taken her to an up-scale bar where he proceeded to ply her with expensive cocktails and drinks, probably to make her loosen up. Despite her high tolerance to alcohol she had gotten fairly drunk and had become incredibly honest. This is when the guy's behaviour had changed dramatically; he started to ask her a series of personal questions about her sex life.

Penny had been so sloshed she had answered all his questions, giggling stupidly. She had revealed her love of sex, her kinky side, her love of being dominated and the fact that her date was getting lucky tonight.

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In the back of her brain she was slightly worried that her honesty would scare her date off, he seemed like such a nice guy. She was however relieved by his initial reaction. He had smiled broadly and brought her a series of strong drinks while he joked and made her laugh.

Penny didn't remember too much of what happened during this point, her only strong memory was of her signing a piece of paper and handing it too him.

Little did Penny how much that little piece of paper would change her life. Her date's personality changed as he quickly pocketed the sheet she had given him and with a wicked smile on his face leaned over and whispered into her ear a tirade of abuse, essentially calling her a dirty slut.

Penny sobered up immediately, and leaned back, a look of shock on her face, she had stood up but he told her to sit down in such a commanding tone that Penny had sat down again. He explained in no uncertain terms that he was in charge of her tonight and the she was going to enjoy it.

Penny had actually agreed with him, her kinky submissive side loved the way he was suddenly treating her. He then stood up and led her to the clubs bathroom, dragging her into the men's room. Luckily for Penny there was no one in there but her date pushed her into a cubicle and locked the door behind them.

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He pushed her to the ground and undid his pants, revealing his long cock and instructed her to suck it. Penny didn't even think about objecting, she simply took his rod in her mouth and gave the best blow job she could. She sucked and licked his hard cock, even deep throating a few times, until he came in her mouth and a little bit on her face. Gagging slightly she swallowed what she could of his load and looked up with a smile.

Her date didn't even thank her; instead her stood her up, reached down her dress and peeled off her panties. They were pretty wet at this point, she had been so turned on due to the how dirty and depraved she felt. Without even a word, her date grabbed her arm and walked her out of the cubicle into the bathroom.

A couple of young men using the facilities who had obviously heard what Penny had been up to cheered them as they emerged. Her date responded with a smile and threw her damp panties at one of them, causing them to cheer again.

They quickly walked out of the club, as they reached the entrance, her date turned her around to face the room and raised her dress up, causing her to flash her bald, dripping slit to anyone who was looking before pulling her out the door.

Needless to say this treatment was humiliating, and Penny was turning red fast but said nothing. Her inner sexual beast loved this depravity and she could feel her warm juices running slowly down her leg.

Her date continued to humiliate her all the way home; groping her ass and tits the entire way and making her flash her pussy and tits to random men and women they walked past. Penny's face was a deep scarlet but she still didn't object to anything her date asked her to do. She meekly obeyed his orders, lifting her skirt to show off her cunt whenever he told her. Penny was so turned on, her inhibitions were gone and she couldn't object to anything.

She didn't even say anything when her date bent her over and let two younger men she had flashed feel her pussy. Her date laughed as the two young men roughly inserted their fingers into her snatch and all Penny did was groan loudly. This treatment continued until she reached her apartment building. He didn't even ask to come in; instead he followed right behind her rubbing her bare pussy as she walked slowly in front of her.

She managed to smooth her dress down as they reached her floor, not wanting the guys to hear. Once inside Penny's room, her now authoritative date ordered her to fetch a pair of handcuffs she had previously admitted to owning and she fetched them trembling slightly, feeling slightly excited and extremely horny.

She fetched the cuffs and handed them to him with downcast eyes. He looked them over with another evil smile as he told her to undress, which she did rather quickly.

Her date then preceded to bend her over the kitchen bench, exposing her tight white ass and pussy. He used the handcuffs to secure both her hands to a draw handle on the bench and stepped back to admire his handiwork. Penny had expected her date to quickly get behind her a fuck her hard, assuming he was turned on from her shameful walk. Instead, still fully dressed, he walked slowly and purposely in front of her and looked around the kitchen, opening draws and examining their contents.

Penny shivered in anticipation as he picked up and examined the various utensils in the room and then looked at the contents of her fridge. After looking around her kitchen he walked behind her out of her line of sight and left her bent over immobile. For the next few minutes Penny strained her ears and tried to figure out what he had planned, her pussy dripped as she ran through several saucy scenarios.

He eventually stepped behind her; Penny could see out of the corner of her eye that his legs were bare so he must be naked now. She closed her eyes in anticipation as she waited for his cock to penetrate deep inside of her her. Instead she felt a stinging blow land on her waiting butt cheek, causing her to yelp in surprise. Another blow landed on her other cheek and she yelped again as her date started to spank her. More hard slaps rained down on her rump as her dominate date again started his demeaning rant, calling her dirty slut, a skank and several other descriptions.

Penny wasn't listening too closely to what he was saying, and only got the gist, instead she was focusing on the spanks to her ass and how horny she felt. The combination of the slight pain from the spanking and the continued dirty talk was exactly how she liked to be treated and her whole body responded as her yelps turned into groans of pleasure.

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In hindsight she wished she had been listening to what her date had been saying, she might have noticed that he wasn't really talking to her. Penny's body felt like it was glued to the bench as her perfect ass was spanked bright red and she let out a continuous groan of pleasure.

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Her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, her blond hair was messily falling down the front of her face, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open in a big O of slutty happiness. She didn't realise at first that she was begging her date to fuck her hard, she only came to her sense when she felt his hard cock enter her dripping pussy causing her to scream out in pleasure.

His dick slammed in and out of her pussy causing her to grunt, groan and scream like a porn star as he fucked her to an orgasm. As he pulled out of her Penny thought he finished and opened her mouth and sighed a little disappointed, only to have her pussy flavoured dick stuck into her mouth.

She gagged slightly due to the angle of her throat but gladly sucked his dick. As she sucked, her date reached over and pulled one of her kitchen draws out of her bench and slammed it down next to her. A look of shock flashed across Penny's face as she looked past the dick stuffed in her mouth at the draw, thinking that her date was going to pull a knife or something.

Instead he pulled out of her mouth, rummaged quickly in the draw and pulled out a plastic spatula and walked behind her. He smacked her ass hard with it a couple of times before he slowly inserted it handle first into her pussy.

Penny gasped at the sheer depravity of this as he walked around in front of her and started to face fuck her again, as her pussy dripped around the cooking utensil pushed deep in her cunt. After a few minutes of intense cock gagging her date withdrew from her mouth, moved quickly around, pulled the spatula out of her snatch and started to give her a hard fucking, pulling her hair as leverage to get deep inside of her.

After another few minutes of this he pulled out, reinserted the spatula handle and started to use her mouth again. This was the pattern that followed for the rest of the night, switching between fucking her pussy and her mouth while leaving a kitchen utensil behind. Penny was sure that her date had taken Viagra or something because he was lasting an incredibly amount of time, fucking her to several intense orgasms. After a few rotations he switched it up, picking up a thick metal ice-cream scoop and inserting that in the place of the spatula as Penny was busy slobbering on dick.

He continued to alternate between her pussy and mouth, while at the same time switching between some of the various items in her kitchen. The smooth metal handle of a butter knife was inserted deep into her twat, this was followed by wooden salad fork and then the matching salad spoon. Several other items from her draw where used, mainly all with long hard handles before her date got bored. He went through her pantry and pulled out a bottle of vegetable oil, which he poured over her ass, making it glisten as he rubbed it in.

He laughed at the wet sounds it made as he slapped her cheeks and pounded against her with his crotch. He opened up her fridge and started using some of her phallic shaped vegetables. A thick chilled cucumber and a long thin carrot found themselves wedged into her soaked pussy and she screamed in surprise and pleasure at the cool sensations they produced. After what seemed like hours to an exhausted Penny, her date finally seemed ready to finish.

He was fucking her hard from behind to a particularly fierce climax as she lay grunting on the bench, a wooden spoon inserted in her ass. This was a recent development, the last of the vegetable oil had been poured into her rear passage and he had slowly worked the thin handle of a wooden mixing spoon into her ass, causing some particularly loud screams from Penny.

With the combination her date's cock slamming into her from behind and the spoon sticking out of her ass Penny's pussy contracted hard and she screamed out a loudly as her exhausted lungs could manage. Her date groaned in pleasure from the sensations before pulling out quickly moving around to her face.

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With a grunt he aimed his cock at Penny's cute little face and covered her face in jizz, causing Penny to sputter as cum landed on her mouth, nose, and eyes as well as in her blonde hair. Penny lay on the table shaking as she came down from her series of intense orgasms, still handcuffed to the bench with the wooden spoon handle still in her rear passage, physically and sexually exhausted. She slowly came back to reality to hear her date talking, only then did she realise how humiliating her situation was.

Penny surfaced in time to hear "another hot bitch dominated and humiliated, this is another update from". Penny's eyes widened in horror as her date walked in front of her with his phone with a high definition camera focused on her cum coated face and hair.

Penny's mind raced as she recalled various aspects of the night she had previously forgotten due to booze or fuck confusion. She vaguely recalled her date convincing to sign something when she was drunk but she hadn't bothered to read it. Now she thought about it that phone had been on her for most of the night, at the bar, in the bathroom, on the walk home and no doubt set up behind her for their intense fuck session.

Now he walked around her getting a close up of her handcuffed hands, the cum on her face, he focused on the items on the bench that had been inserted into her. He moved behind her and Penny could hear the camera focusing, no doubt getting close ups of her used pussy and the spoon sticking out of her ass. Her date walked in front of her again and focused the camera on her angry and humiliated face "once more we've tricked another hot girl into being dominated on camera, do you have anything you want to say" he said, looking at Penny.

Penny thought of a dozen swear words and curses to say, instead she meekly said "I'm a slut, thank you for dominating me" as she felt another pleasant twinge in her pussy from the depraved situation.

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Her date laughed and finished filming. Without a word to Penny he got dressed and undid the handcuffs before walking out of the apartment. Penny stayed on the bench in shocked exhaustion for several moments before lifting herself gingerly off the bench, removing the intrusive spoon with a sigh, collapsing onto her couch asleep.

She awoke late the next day with a groan as she remembered what had happened. The cum on her face had dried and the oil that had coated her ass had left a little bit of a stain on her cushions. After washing and recovering her wits she thought hard about the night before. All in all it had been humiliating but worth it, at that moment she felt sexually sated from the fucking that had brought several of her fantasies to life.

She looked into her inbox and saw that her mysterious date, whose name she was having trouble remembering, had sent her a copy of the video with a semi abusive message requesting a reshoot whenever she wanted.

Penny was vaguely disgusted and only fingered herself to two orgasms as she saved the video and the request on the computer. She wasn't too concerned about the video being on the web there were already a couple out there and if the guys hadn't found those yet she was probably pretty safe.

Penny decided that she needed a day in, she didn't need to work at the Cheese Cake Factory that day so she had time to herself. So after showering, cleaning up her apartment and removing any trace of last night's humiliating date she spend her time doing her nails, watching TV and looking at the comments on latest video. The video was of surprisingly good quality considering it had been shot on a phone and the comments were a series of vulgar and abusive rants about how she had deserved this and how hot she looked when getting fucked.

Looking at these comments got her worked up again and the memories of what had happened to her last night distracted her somewhat as she left the apartment to do some laundry. If only she had realised that Leonard had heard her last night, maybe she would have been more careful and maybe she could have avoided everything that happened that night.

Stay tuned for the second part of Penny's wild adventures as her attempts to make Leonard jealous don't turn out like she expected.

Thanks for reading this story guys, I hope you had fun reading it. I got a bit carried away again and made it longer than it needed to, I just kept getting new ideas and had to add in a lot of detail, the second part of this story should be about the same length and should be out soon.

The biggest issue I found writing this chapter was how to portray Penny's personality. I could either make her a raging slut who hunted for cock, or make her a innocent victim of events.

I chose instead to show her as fairly submissive sexual character, I think it works well in this chapter and should make all of the future chapters with Penny a bit more believable.