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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Six: Heart's Longing Chapter Three: Alchemical Solution By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Journeyman Mage Faoril The Free City of Baraconia, the Island of Birds The guilt, shame, anger, disgust, and self-loathing metastasized in me and then exploded out of me in a jet of uncontrollable magic, feeding on the vast reserves of power I absorbed when I debased myself with the crew of the Golden Hunger. The jet, a combination of all five elements, slammed into Thrak and threw my orc lover in a bellow of agony. My heart stopped. Sparks trailed behind him.

Bursts of reds, yellows, blues, and violets. He soared twenty feet before crashing to the inn's courtyard with a heavy thud and rolled as a limp heap.

His ax clattered on paving stones. He came to a rest on his side, one arm thrown over his body at an awkward angle. Steam rose from his flesh. Frost crusted his hair. "No." I clapped a hand over my mouth. "No, no, no." He didn't move. I shook my head. Tears distorted my vision. They burned down my cheeks. Relaria howled in my mind, flung from Master Mage Yolun. She landed in the same unmoving heap.

Dead. My legs buckled. Collapsed. I shivered. Sobs shook me. "No, no, no. Gods, no." This couldn't be happening. I couldn't have killed him. He was the strongest person I knew. Tough, powerful. He had survived an avalanche, fought an Erinyes with a broken arm. He had butchered an entire party of orc raiders. My spell couldn't have killed him. No. He had to live. I crawled across the courtyard, not caring that the round paving stones bit into my knees.

My vision blurred as the tears failed. Hiccupping sobs escaped my lips. I slowed as I neared him. A sudden terror seized me.

What if he were truly dead? The steam rising off his still form thinned. Baraconia's muggy heat melted the last of the frost riming his arm. I reached out for him, trembling. What did I do to him? How could I lose control of my magic? I touched his arm. "Thrak." My words were a choking whisper. My fingers tried to grip him but lacked strength.

Numbness gripped me. I tried to shake him. His bulk refused to move. "Thrak." My words were louder. My heart clenched. I killed him. "P-please, Thrak. D-d-on't b-be d-d-dead." Hiccups and sobs broke my speech. Hopelessness seized me. I collapsed onto his body. I shook, sobbed, wailed my grief. I killed the man I loved. Snuffed out his life. I wasn't an apprentice just learning to wield the elemental forces of the universe. I should have control. How did I lose it? Why was I such a failure as a mage?

Thrak. Relaria. The test. Failure. Useless. A hand rubbed my tear-stained cheek. Fingers thick, calloused. I blinked away tears. Thrak moved beneath me. My breath caught as his finger wiped away a tear. His eyes stared into mine, dark-red. Alive. I didn't kill him. More tears exploded from me. Thrak's strong arms wrapped about me. He held me to his broad, scarred chest. I shook as I wept in relief. I didn't kill him. The words chanted through my mind as only throat-tearing sobs escaped my mouth.

I didn't kill him. "I'm sorry," I choked out. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I kept sobbing the words, clinging to him. He scooped me up in his arms. He was so strong. I nearly killed him. But I didn't. My magic didn't take another innocent life.

He grabbed my discarded robes, stepping over the unconscious sailor who I had tried to prostitute myself to, and carried me into the inn. Wood creaked beneath him. Doors passed us. He opened one onto a small room. He placed me on a bed. He stared at me with love. How? How could he love something as terrible and filthy as me? "What happened?" His rumbling words demanded I speak. I owed him the truth. He deserved to know just how filthy and disgusting and horrid I was. Then he wouldn't stare at me with love in his eyes.

Then he would despise me. Murderers always deserved to be despised. What I did to Relaria spilled out. The fight with Yolun, my imprisonment in the ouroboros circle, and how the only tool I had at my disposal was my control over the lamia bard, Relaria. I made her my puppet, using the vile magic the Warlock Fireeyes had researched. I thought it was harmless. An easy solution to handling the bard, and then I didn't see the perils to use her to break the circle and win my freedom.

Or to distract Yolun. "H-he reacted instinctively," I sobbed, my body tensing. I pictured Yolun standing in his black robes, Relaria creeping up on his back. The spells flew back and forth between us. I needed to tip the balance. I forced her to attack. "He defended himself and.and." I stared up into Thrak's face. "She died. I killed her. Murdered her. She had no control over her actions.

She had to obey me. She was my slave." I withdrew from Thrak. At any moment his eyes would harden. He would withdraw, abandon me. "I murdered her. I can still hear her scream. I wanted it to stop. I don't want to feel anything. I needed to silence the screams. Replace them." "So you fucked every sailor on the ship?" I closed my eyes and nodded. "I loved it.

For hours I didn't feel my guilt, only the pleasure of their cocks reaming my cunt and asshole. No sounds but groans, grunts, and the slap of flesh. I sucked on their dicks. I swallowed their cum. You saw me afterward. You saw how they soiled and used me. I was an object to them. Something to fuck over and over. And I loved it. I needed it. "I needed it again. I needed to sell myself to those men.

I needed—" His arms were about me. It shocked me out of my words. He hugged me. Fiercely. Why? Why didn't he flee me? I pressed my hands on his chest.

I tried to push him back, to squirm out of his arms. But he wouldn't let go. "Thrak, no. I'm filthy." "You're not. I love you." "No." I sobbed again. "How? How can you love a murderer?" "You made a mistake. You were desperate. You didn't think she would die." "I should have known. We were throwing lethal magics at each other.

He was trying to kill me. It was all I could do not to die.


I had a choice. I could have surrendered, but I didn't want to. I wanted to keep going, to succeed at the quest. And" His embrace grew. So tight. So fierce. "Why? I don't understand. Why do you still love me?" "I would always love you because of your heart. It's so kind, so loving." I shook my head. "A loving heart wouldn't have sent Relaria to her death. Only an evil, disgusting heart would." "Then why are you so broken up?" I blinked.

"What?" "Do you think Fireeyes would have shed a single tear for Relaria? Do you think it would make him search his soul, to question his actions?" "No. He's evil. Callous. Heartless." "Everything you're not.

That's why it hurts you so much. You made a mistake, one of the worst mistakes a person can make, and it's destroying you because you are a good person. And that's why I love you. Your passion, your goodness. You're like Serisia. You see me as more than a barbarian because of your good heart." "I despised you at first. I thought you were a barbarian. And then.I saw your pain." "And you wanted to soothe it." I nodded my head. "I see your pain. Why are you surprised I want to do the same?" I hugged him.

I threw my arms about his neck. I pressed my face into his throat. I breathed in his primal, masculine musk. I became so aware of my naked breasts against his bare chest. My nipples hardened as they rubbed across his scarred flesh. Last night I had lost myself in depraved pleasure, needing to be filled with filth and depravity, to soil myself. Now a desperate ache to be filled with something different—something better.

Something I didn't deserve, but Thrak offered to me anyways. Love. My lips found his. I kissed him with fierce desire. I moaned into his strong lips. I savored his rough hands stroking down my back to my ass. They gripped my butt-cheeks, clenching, pulling me into his kilt. My bare pussy rubbed into the rough fabric.

His cock swelled beneath him. I closed my eyes. Love radiated from his form, bleeding into mine along with his body's warmth. Despite the muggy heat of the Baraconia day, I savored his warmth. My body drank it in as I undulated against him, grinding on his hard shaft.

My pussy grew wet and eager. My clit ached as it rubbed into the fabric of his kilt. He groaned into the kiss. His fingers clenched my ass. He was so big, so thick. I didn't find what I truly needed with the sailors last night, and I wouldn't have found it with the two sailors I sold my body to.

I needed this orc. I shuddered as Thrak laid me out on the bed. He loomed over me. Huge, towering, powerful. His hands undid the belt holding up his kilt. It dropped off his body. His cock thrust towards me, thick and long, tip pierced by a bone ring. My hands reached out, pale on his swarthy shaft. I stroked him, loving the pleasure crossing his pierced face. "Faoril," he growled as he lowered himself to me, his woolly hair brushing my face as he buried his lips into my neck.

I groaned as he sucked at my flesh. His mouth was hungry. I shuddered beneath him, undulating, my pussy on fire. His hands stroked my sides, teasing me. I moaned, pressing my thighs together, relieving the itch at the tip of my clit. And then he kissed lower.

His large hands found my breasts, engulfing them. He squeezed them. My nipples ached. He wanted them pierced. I should do that for him. If there was any pain, Sophia could heal them. Silver rings glinting as they adorned my pink nipples. "Thrak!" His name burst from my lips as he engulfed my nipple. I moaned. He nibbled and chewed. His lips were huge.

He sucked as much of my tit into his mouth as he could, the areola and more. My nipple ached as he sucked. "Yes." His eyes flashed up at me, his pupils wide. His eyes were black pools but still burned. My fingers stroked through his thick hair. It was different than a human's. Not soft and silky, but rough and thick.

Like him. His left hand engulfed most of my right tit. He squeezed it, his fingers sliding up until they found my nipple. He sucked harder on the left. I squirmed. The pleasure shot right down to my pussy. My juices flowed. My thighs grew sticky. The pleasure built in my core. My head tossed back and forth as he loved my breasts. His lips kissed over to my right nipple, and he sucked hard on it. My back arched, pressing my tit into his mouth while delight rippled through my body. My left nipple ached.

His fingers found it. Teased it. Twisted it. Sharp pain mixed with the pleasure. I loved it. "Oh, Thrak," I moaned, my voice husky as the pleasure built in my pussy.

I pressed my thighs together. "A little more. I need a little more. Suck harder." He did. Incredible, sucking pressure tugged at my right nipple.

Liquid moans escaped my lips. I squeezed my thighs harder together, putting as much pressure on my clit as I could. I only needed a little more— I came. "Thrak!" It was wonderful to scream his name as I bucked and undulated on the bed. My legs shot apart. I wrapped them about his torso, humping my pussy into the rippling abs of his stomach. I groaned, embracing the stimulation as my pleasure washed through my body.

"Gods, Thrak," I moaned, my head lolling. It took me a few heartbeats to realize he had abandoned my tits to move south. His body slid down the bed. My pussy rubbed against his stomach than chest until his head nestled between my thighs.

I bent my knees, my thighs flapping open and close around his head, brushing his cheeks, as he breathed on my juicy twat. "What a lovely sight," he growled. A finger stroked up my slit.

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My feet planted on the bed. My legs flexed, raising my ass from the sheets, keeping pace with his finger. I didn't want it to end. "Such a succulent sight." "It taste better than it looks," I moaned.

Thrak smiled at me.

I smiled back. It was wonderful. And then his mouth buried into my pussy and it grew even better. My breasts jiggled, nipples hard and glistening. I humped into his mouth, using my legs to raise my hips up and down. I loved the hard feel of his piercings and the softer feel of his lips and tongue. His hands wrapped around my thighs, sliding up, caressing my stomach. I gasped and squirmed when his finger probed my bellybutton.

Ticklish delight joined the burning pleasure churned by his tongue. My clit throbbed every time he brushed it. He licked hard, lapping through my folds, driving me wild with delight. "Oh, gods," I panted. "Pater's cock, yes. Eat my pussy. Mmm, I love it." "I love your moans." I smiled and shuddered.

Pleasure washed through my body. I gripped my breasts. I squeezed them. My fingers slid up and found my nipples. I tugged and pulled on them. It was amazing. The bed creaked beneath me. My juices flowed as my excitement built. I wanted another orgasm exploding through my body.

My fingers twisted my nipples again. After they were pierced, I would tug on the rings. I bet it would feel so good. "Keep moaning. Keep talking. Let me hear your passion, Faoril. Tell me how much you love this." His lips latched onto my aching clit. The bud throbbed as he sucked. "Pater's blessed cock, yes! I love that. Oh, Thrak, don't stop sucking on my clit. Mmm, yes. Keep sucking. And nibble. I love it when you—" He nibbled. I squealed. "Oh, yes. That's it. Ooh, my orc knows how to eat pussy.

Oh, yes. That's.that's." "Making you cum?" he asked between sucks. I nodded my head. A low, growling moan escaped my lips. I shuddered and rose up on my elbows. I stared down at him, undulating my hips, purring my delight. My pussy clenched as the pleasure built in my depths.

"I'm going to cum so hard on your mouth. Slata's cunt, yes. I love you, Thrak. Oh, gods. So good." His teeth nipped my clit.

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My sensitive nub sparked with pleasure. I fell back on the bed screaming my bliss for the entire world to hear. I thrashed. The bed creaked. My juices flowed. Thrak drank. Stars fuzzed my eyes. My fingers pinched my nipples. Joy and pleasure and delight consumed me. Thrak loved me. He loved me. My back arched. My pussy spasmed. Thrak growled as he drank my juices. His hands squeezed my hips, holding me.

He was so strong. I thrashed, but he kept my pussy glued to his mouth. He kept giving me pleasure. And I embraced the waves of joy. My head banged the headboard. I didn't care. Too much bliss consumed my body. My legs shot out over his shoulders. My heels drummed on his back. I shot my hands down. I gripped his woolly hair.

I held on for dear life as the pleasures washed through me, driving me to insensate bliss. And then Thrak rose. He was atop me. His weight comforting. I pressed my face into his chest. He was so tall, so big. His cock pressed at my pussy. The hard, bone piercing rubbed at my folds as he shifted, searching for my entrance. And then he found it. He was in me.

Filling me. "Thrak!" My pussy clenched on his thick cock. My toes curled. I locked my thighs around his waist as my pussy writhed. Pleasure rippled through me, the last moments of my orgasms. I hugged him, breathed in his scent, and gasped as he fucked me. "Gewin's mighty cock," Thrak grunted as he drove his dick over and over into my molten depths. "So tight." "Yes, yes, fuck me," I groaned. "Thrak!" "Love you," he growled.

The headboard banged into the wall. The bed creaked ominously. He fucked me so hard. Wood torqued and groaned. Despite the pleasure rippling out of my cunt, I feared the bed couldn't withstand my orc's passion.

But I could. "Yes, yes, that's it. Mmm, I need this. I need you in me, Thrak. Gods, yes." He grunted and growled. He sounded so fierce and barbaric. But I knew those sounds. The sounds of his pleasure. He enjoyed my body. He had given me such bliss, and now it was my turn to soothe him. I bucked and undulated. I groaned and gasped. His cock slammed deep into me.

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Every thrust hard and powerful. My clit ached as it smashed into his pubic bone. My body shuddered. I drank in the bliss his dick churned. My fingernails clawed his back. I moaned with the bed's creaks. I gasped when his cock buried into my depths. "Faoril," he moaned. "My Faoril." "Yes, yours." My lips kissed at his chest.

I bit him as a surge of pleasure rippled out of my cunt. He grunted. He could take a little bite. His hips thrust harder. Such rapture. I loved his hard thrusts. It ached my body wonderfully. I knew I would feel this all day tomorrow. A reminder that my orc fucked me hard.

My thighs gripped his hips. I humped into his thrusts. The slap of our flesh echoed through the room. My fingers bit into his flesh every time. I clawed his back, sharing my passion with him as I groaned into his chest. "Gewin's cock!" Thrak buried into me. "Faoril! Gods, yes!" His heavy balls smacked my flesh. His cock erupted. The flood of his hot cum filled me. I shuddered. I squeezed my thighs tight about his waist as he spilled in me.

Wonderful heat flooded through my body. He loved me. He loved me. Tears spilled from my eyes. I clutched him as I cried for Relaria again. And he held me. The guilt remained, but I wasn't alone any longer.

I wasn't filth. I had Thrak. I clung to him as I mourned for the lamia bard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx It was strange being back in Baraconia, walking through the streets, passing halflings as they scurried about their business.

Everyone was my height, more or less, once I left the docks behind. No big people I had to stare up at. It had been years since Fox, my older sister, and I fled Baraconia for Raratha. We had been too bold in our thieving in Baraconia. So we stowed-away on a ship and made it to Raratha to start over, joining Spray's crew. And again, Fox had wanted to be bold. She wanted to pull off the biggest robbery.

And it got her killed. Hung by the guards. "I did it, sis," I whispered. "I pulled it off. I hope you can see me." I bet she could, watching me from the Astral Realm. I bet she was thieving from the gods now. Reminiscing about my childhood wasn't why I walked the streets of Baraconia.

I needed more alchemical supplies. Xera had used a few of my sleep bombs and sticky bombs when we broke into the Great Vault. I needed refills. I only hoped Rosaria's shop was still open. And I hope she had another item. I still remembered my way through the chaotic warren and found the market square where Rosaria's shop lay.

The wooden sign hanging before her door looked the same, if more weathered and the black paint faded. It was a good sign. I marched across the square and reached the round door. It was nice to have a door knob at a proper height. I entered the shop. My nose twitched at the pungent chemicals and my eyes burned. It even smelled the same. I moved through the shop, passing shelves covered in jars containing medicinal ointments or pouches full of various herbal teas.

Rosaria stepped out of the back, wearing a leather smock stained and singed, her round face framed by metallic-red hair cut short like a bowl had covered her head and someone had cut every lock that dangled past the dish's edge. It looked self-inflicted. Rosaria wasn't one to care about her appearance. "How can I help you?" Rosaria asked, her tone brisk.

"I. Marianne?" I winced. "Yes, but no one's called me Marianne since I was six. You know that." Rosaria rolled her eyes. "I'm not calling you Minx.

It is a stupid name." "It's a perfect name," I huffed, striding forward. "So are you ending your exile from Baraconia? The authorities have long forgotten about your misdeeds." "Just passing through. On the trail of a big score." I reached the counter. "But I need more supplies. I used up most of my sleep and sticky bombs. I could use a few more of those." Rosaria nodded.

"And I was wondering if you had any ointments for stimulating elves." Rosaria's brows furrowed. "Stimulate. Do you mean, drive them into heat?" I nodded my head. "You were gnome trained, right?


Surely the gnomes would have figured something out for themselves." "Gnomes have the opposite fertility cycle to an elf. They have their cocks except their three day heat when it reverts to a clitoris." Rosaria frowned. "Why are you so interested?" "Oh, well, I'm working with an elf and." My cheeks tinged.

"Well, in Raratha, I ran with a nixie thief boss and, well, I liked being around hermaphrodites. So I was hoping." "You could play with your elf when you like." Rosaria tapped her cheek. "Well, I might be able to whip something up for you. It'll be pricey." I grinned. I held back some of the treasure Xera and I stole from the Doge's vault. Captain Thyrna got plenty. She wouldn't miss a few baubles. Especially if she never knew we stole them. I pulled out a ring studded with pearls.

"That will cover everything," Rosaria said, snatching it from my hand and tucking it into a pocket. "And is Lynette with you?" I hadn't heard my sister's real name in years. "No, no." "Never thought I would see you two apart." I wanted to tell her what happened, but she was already bustling into the back.

And it was easier not to. I turned my back and wiped at the tears budding at the corners of my eyes. I took a deep breath. Which was a mistake. I coughed, the chemicals in the air burning my throat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia It was well past dark when Minx burst into the common room, a huge smile on her face. Thrak and Faoril had disappeared earlier, followed by Angela and Sophia. Chaun still played on stage, entrancing the crowd. The joy in his voice was apparent.

He loved to entertain. I was considering spending the night with Chaun and enjoying a cock—his slight build and almost feminine face in his changeling form made him attractive to me. Unlike human males and Thrak, Chaun was almost feminine. I was too used to elven women and their cocks to find the average male interesting. Too much hair, too much muscles, too large bodies. Chaun was slim, his face even delicate. Just as I was about to go up and talk to him when Minx leaped onto the chair beside me, perching on it, her hands gripping the back.

"I bought something." "Oh?" I asked, my ears twitching. "It's really naughty." "So your alchemist was still around?" Minx nodded her head, joy bursting on her bronze face, her metallic-red hair swaying about her shoulders. She had such big eyes for such a small creature. "I found everything I need, including a treat for you and me." I did want to enjoy a cock tonight—I could fuck Chaun without fear of pregnancy, so it wouldn't be cheating on my wife—but Minx was so enthusiastic She had such passion bursting out of her small body.

I couldn't figure out where she put it or the large amount of food she could eat. "Okay. What did you get?" She pulled out a small, clay pot with a lid tied down with twine. "This. A mixture of red ginseng and rhodiola." "And it does what?" Minx winked at me and hopped off her chair.

She scampered across the common room and reached the door that led to the guest rooms. There she paused, flashed me another smile, and then darted out of sight. I smiled. It was fun to chase her. That was how we met. She led me on quite the adventure through Raratha. A fortunate coincidence that she pickpocketed Chaun.

But we were dealing with prophecy. Coincidence could be fate. The silent thief who steals more than gold. What else would she steal for us? Did it mean just the pommel of the High King's sword?

Was it a metaphor, or would she steal something amazing? I bet she would steal something amazing. She was skilled. She could move as quiet as an elf, when she wasn't excited as an elf-child on Henta's Day. She reminded me of a child until I saw her naked. Then there were no mistaking her developed curves, perfectly proportioned for her small frame. She was all woman then. My pussy itched. Trickles of juices dripped down my thighs as I followed her to one of the four rooms we rented from the proprietor.

My ears twitched, hearing Sophia and Angela gasp and moan in their bedroom. "Spank me harder, my Queen," Sophia panted, followed by a loud smack. It made my pussy juicier. I opened the door to the room Minx fled to. She was already naked, her vest and britches on the floor, her body perched on the bed, the jar in her hand. She had such a wicked grin on her face as I walked to her.

"Well, what does it do?" I asked, standing before the bed. She took off the lid, revealing a dull-red paste. Minx scooped it onto her finger and then rubbed it on my clit. I gasped. My flesh burned. I squeezed my eyes shut.

Tears beaded as I let out a painful moan. "Henta's cunt and cock," I snarled, using the vilest of elf curses. "What is that? Get it off. It burns." "Give it a second and.there it goes." "What?" The burning faded, and I felt.engorged.

My clit ached and throbbed. I opened my eyes. Tears clung to my lashes. Then I gasped. My clit grew. It transformed into a cock, thrusting right at Minx. She quickly closed the jar and set it on a small table beside the bed. "It worked." "What.? How.?" I shook my head. "I'm not supposed to be in heat for a week. What is going on?" "The alchemical ointment grows your cock for a few hours," Minx grinned.

"Rosaria whipped it up for me. She's gnome trained. Ooh, and you have such a beautiful cock." Minx opened her lips as wide as she could, which wasn't wide enough to engulf my cock, and latched onto the tip.

Her lips sealed tight over much of the crown as she could. She sucked. I groaned. Her tongue slid over the tip. I swayed, my heart thudding in my chest. I couldn't believe how good this felt. I moaned and my hips undulated. Minx kept her lips latched on. Her small hands gripped my shaft. She couldn't get her hand all the way around it. They were so dainty as she stroked up and down my flesh. I shuddered, my breasts heaving and my pussy clenching as her tongue slid across my dick.

"Minx.this is.amazing." My ears twitched as the pleasure washed through me. "I just couldn't wait for you to go in heat," she moaned. "I love hermaphrodites so much." "Right, right. The nixie you. Matar's cock, yes." Her lips nibbled on the tip. Then she sucked. My pussy clenched every time. Such wonderful, wicked, delicious pleasure washed through my body. I grasped her silky hair for support as I swayed.

My nipples ached. My dick burned. I needed to cum so badly. It came on me fast, overflowing me and spurting spunk into Minx's hungry mouth. Blast after blast of my jizz pumping past her lips. Thick and creamy. Minx's eyes squeezed shut. She swallowed with the same enthusiasm with which she did everything. My cum spilled out of her mouth as I overflowed her.

So much squirted out of me. It was amazing. I loved cumming with my dick. My ears twitched as I swayed. I cried out in elvish. My pussy flooded my thighs with my juices. The final blast of cum spurted into her mouth. I shuddered, the pleasure peaking. Then fading. "Wow," smiled Minx. "Wow, wow, wow. That worked just as well as I thought. And, mmm, elf cum is delicious." Her small tongue swiped across her lips, gathering her jizz. My cock still burned. Still ached.

I needed to cum again. It was worse than being in heat. "I need to fuck you." "Yes," Minx smiled. "Let me ride you.

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I love riding cocks." I nodded my head, eager. I threw myself on the bed, my tits bouncing and my cock smacking into my stomach. I pushed my green hair out of my face as Minx straddled my thighs. She was so tiny. The cock thrust up so high. How could she fit it all in her? I knew she had fucked Thrak, and I wasn't as big as the orc, but, still, she couldn't even wrap her hands all the way round my elf-dick.

And then she rose, excitement shining from her face as she guided the tip of my cock to her juicy folds. I groaned as she rubbed me against her flesh.

Her hips swiveled. I bit my lip. It was too much. It was wonderful and powerful, but it made me want to explode. Then she dropped her weight down and impaled herself on my cock. My eyes widened and my ears twitched as her pussy engulfed my cock. She was so tight. A hot, silky glove. She slid lower and lower, her back arching.

Her stomach bulged with my dick while she screamed out in bliss as she bottomed out on me. She took all of my dick. "Matar's cock." I came hard. My cum exploded into her pussy. Jets of jizz blasted out of me. I overflowed her. My white seed spilled out around my dick, forced out of her pussy stuffed with my big cock.

I bucked and groaned. "Wow, you have a hair trigger," groaned Minx as she slid up my shaft. "Not usually," I panted. "It's the substance. Oh, wow. It's made me so horny. I.I. Keep riding me. I need to cum again." "Yes," Minx smiled as she slid up and down my cock, lubed by her juices and my jizz. My dick ached. The tip was so sensitive after the first eruption. Pleasure rippled through my body as her tight flesh gripped me. My ears twitched harder.

Minx leaned forward, her small hands grabbing my tits, squeezing them as she bounced on me. "Oh, yes, such a great cock," gasped Minx. "Mmm, I love it. Cernere's nimble fingers, yes. Ooh, Xera, do you love it?" "I love your cunt," I gasped. "Oh, yes. Gods, this is amazing. Matar's cock, don't stop. I need to dump more cum in you." "Good, good. Dump all the cum you want in me.

It's so hot feeling your squirt in me." "Uh-huh," I panted, tensing. My pussy clenched. The pressure rushed to the tip of my dick. She had hardly bounced up and down on me ten times when my fingers dug into the sheets. "Matar's huge cock!" I came again. Powerful blasts of pleasure shot through me as more of my cum flooded her stuffed pussy.

When she slammed down on me, my jizz squeezed out around my cock and ran in thick globs across my pale, green-tinged skin. I loved it. I bucked and moaned, shuddering in delight. And my dick stayed hard. I had to keep cumming. The tip burned. Minx rode me hard and fast. Her small breasts jiggled and bounced. She moaned, her lips writhing. My hands found her ass. I squeezed her cheeks, bouncing her faster on my cock. I needed more stimulation.

I needed to keep cumming and cumming and cumming. I spurted again into her pussy.


My ears twitched so hard. Minx fell forward, shuddering in delight as she lay on my body, her face buried between my large tits.

Her hands squeezed them against her cheeks as I bucked up, fucking my cumming cock in and out of her pussy. She undulated on my body, grinding and moaning. "So good," she groaned. "It's so hot. You keep cumming and cumming.

Xera, yes!" Her hips undulated as her lips explored my breasts. She found my nipples, adding more stimulation that sent me spurting into her cunt. I lost count of how many times I erupted. The pleasure crashed through my body.

My pussy clenched. My juices flooded out of me. The sheets soaked up my cream, sticking to my ass. Then I flipped us over, Minx so tiny beneath me. I held myself up on my elbows, my breasts dangling in her face. She sucked back and forth, from nipple to nipple, while I pounded her hard and fast. She nibbled and chewed. I groaned, my eyes rolling in my head as I fucked her small body so hard. And she took it. She moaned over and over as my cum spilled into her body until it was her turn to finally explode.

"Xera!" she screamed as her pussy grew even tighter, spasming with her orgasms. My eyes shot wide open. I came with her.

I couldn't resist the spasming of her pussy. I drove my dick into her, my vision dancing before me. The world swam. My dick ached, but I didn't care. The pleasure was so wonderful. It consumed me. My back arched. Minx moaned beneath me, nibbling on my nipple. So much pleasure crashed through my body. And then I collapsed on Minx, sucking in deep breaths. The engorging pressure on my clit faded. Her pussy seemed less and less tight with every heartbeat. My clit shrank.

Exhaustion crashed on me. I rolled off of her, staring at the ceiling, my crotch a mess of cum and pussy juices. It perfumed the air. Minx snuggled against me. "Did you love it?" she asked, a huge grin on her face. I nodded my head. "I came so much. I'm so drained." "Good." Then she kissed me on the lips. I smiled into the kiss, my eyes closing. Sleep beckoned. I needed it. The little halfling wore me out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun I crept into the back of the inn where the innkeeper lived. I wore his appearance, my cock aching at my impending seduction. It wasn't the wife I was after, but the daughter. Blossoming into adulthood, eighteen and lithe, her bright-red eyes flashing as she waited tables.

The moment I saw her and witnessed the man she loved dancing in her thoughts, I had to have her. Estyr was in love with her own father. The rest of my companions had sought their beds. I waited for the night to grow still, for Estyr to find her bed. Tonight she would have her dreams fulfilled. A taboo thrill ran through me. There were times being a changeling created problems for me, isolating me, making it hard for me to connect with others.

Only Princess Adelaide ever knew the real me. Tonight wasn't one of those nights when I hated what I was. I reached Estyr's door. I could feel her inside. I had marked her. It worked better on married women, but the girl's love was so strong for her father it came close. And the taboo nature of it only made my cock ache more. I opened her door and stepped in. Moonlight painted her as she slept on her bed beneath a tent of fine gauze—mosquito netting.

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She slept naked, her youthful charms on display. Her breasts were round and firm, her stomach sleek. A trimmed patch of red hair grew between her thighs. She was so lovely, I ached just at the sight of her. My dick rose.

Her father didn't have the biggest cock, but it wasn't small. Average. The perfect cock for a virgin to experience. If her own father was oblivious to his daughter's wants, then it was his loss. I would savor it. I stripped naked before I reached her bed. Then I lifted the mosquito netting that draped her sleeping form, climbing beneath it. The gauze fell around us, the world beyond filmy.

I stroked my finger up her flesh. In her father's form, I had the same bluish skin as she did. They were both Valyan humans. I reached her breast, slid up the mound to her areola, and circled her nipple. It puckered and hardened.

She stirred. Her eyes opened. "Dad?" Her words sleepy. She stretched. I stroked. "Dad, what are you—" "Shh," I whispered, leaning over her. "Relax. Let me love you tonight. Our little secret." She bit her lip and sighed as my finger stroked her nipple directly.

She shuddered and let out a virgin moan. I didn't pop many virgins' cherries. My kind hungered for mature, married women, but variety always improved life. I leaned down and kissed her. She sighed and undulated. Her slim arms wrapped around me, her hands stroking my back. Her kiss was clumsy but enthusiastic. It was such a sweet, innocent kiss. It made my dick ache more.

As we kissed, I played with her nipple. She undulated again and pressed her pussy into my belly. I was stouter as her father, a middle-aged man. But it made her wet.

Her juices smeared against me, hot and eager. I broke the kiss and moved down to her breasts. I squeezed them. I was the first man to touch these breasts. I loved how they looked in the moonlight. Then I leaned down and engulfed her nipple. I sucked and nibbled on it. She gasped and bucked again. Her moans echoed through the room. She squirmed beneath me. "Daddy, oh, Daddy. I dreamed of this. I wanted this. I love you, Daddy." "I love you, too." The words spilled out of me, saying what she needed to hear.

I was her father. I had become him. "I've always loved my little clam." She giggled and moaned. Her hands played with my hair as I nibbled and teased her nipples. She squirmed then purred, "I have a pearl now, Daddy. I discovered it." "Oh, where?" I looked up at her, loving the enthusiastic passion burning in her eyes. "Down there. In my naughty clam." "Your succulent clam? The one all the boys want to open up and devour?" "And I haven't let them, Daddy.

I want you. Please, please, Daddy. You. I know we can't do this. I know Mommy would be mad. But tonight.let me be yours." "My little, succulent, delicious clam." I kissed down her stomach.

I was glad to deliver this fantasy to her. Her belly trembled beneath my lips. The sweet scent of her musk lured me lower and lower to the treasures that beckoned between her thighs Her little clam. I parted her thighs.

Her red fur glistened with her excitement The eighteen-year-old virgin humped her hips, eager to be tasted. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, her little clit peeking out. She gasped when I brushed it. "There's my pearl, Daddy," she groaned "Ooh, yes. Play with my pearl." I parted the lips of her labia, exposing her untouched, pink flesh. Her hymen covered her opening, a ring with a large hole in the center that a pair of girlish fingers could easily fit through.

I licked her, savoring the flavor of her peach. "Daddy," she sighed, her head falling aback on her pillows. Her hips undulated, grinding her hot clam against my hungry mouth.

"Oh, Daddy, that's so much better than my fingers." Her round breasts heaved as she humped against my hungry mouth. She ground on me. Her juices flowed into my mouth. I loved the flavor. I licked and nibbled. I probed into her depths, wiggling through the hole in her hymen to tease her virgin flesh while my nose pressed against her pearl. She moaned again. Her thighs tightened on my cheeks. She bucked and heaved. I watched her breasts bounce. Her hands shot down.

Her fingers tangled in my dark hair. My dick ached. I wanted to fuck her. But not yet. It had to be special for her. "Daddy, it's happening," she moaned. "It's coming so fast tonight.

It's so wonderful to be touched by you. Oh, yes, yes. Daddy!" She screamed as she came. Her thighs clamped on my head, holding me in place. Sweet juices flooded my mouth. So pure and fresh. I drank them down while her breasts jiggled. Her red hair tossed as she squirmed.

She moaned through her clenched teeth. Then she bolted upright, pulling on my hair. "Daddy!" Then she flopped onto her back and mewled "Mmm, what a tasty clam you have," I smiled as I moved up her body.

"Are you going to.?" She bit her lip. "Make you a woman?" She nodded her head. "Do you want me to?" "Yes, Daddy." Her hands grasped my cock. She brought me to the wet folds of her pussy. She rubbed me against her hot flesh. I groaned and trembled. I kissed her hard on the mouth.

Her tongue flicked out, tasting herself on my lips. She held my cock against her virgin hole. She sighed into our kiss.

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I pressed forward. Her hymen held for a moment, then the membrane ripped, and my cock buried into her depths. She gasped into the kiss. Her hot, tight depths clenched down on me. She let out a groan and shuddered, breaking the kiss. "Daddy," she whined. "Daddy." "It's okay," I told her, nuzzling at her ear, speaking the words her father would have said. "Relax and enjoy the pleasures your body was created to have. Slata birthed men and women to love each other.

Even when they're father and daughter." "Oh, Daddy," she moaned, her hips undulating. "Oh, yes, Daddy. Make love to me." We kissed again as my hips moved, sliding my cock through her hot, virgin depths.

She moaned into the kiss. Her hips undulated. The heat grew. She burned. Her nipples rubbed on my chest as we writhed together. I made love to my daughter. To the innkeeper's daughter. Her flesh was silky. It was amazing.

Her love burst through her. I pumped harder, faster. It was a shame she wasn't actually married. I would love to breed her, to let her think she carried her father's child.

But a changeling could only impregnate a married woman. Our flesh slapped together harder as our hips moved faster and faster. We both moaned and sighed, driving toward our climaxes. My balls ached, eager to spill into my daughter's depths. I groaned, losing myself into her father's persona for a moment. "Daddy," she gasped. "My sweet clam," I moaned.

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We kissed again, tongues fencing. My dick ached in her depths. "Spill your seed in me." Her pussy squeezed down on me. "Give me a baby, Daddy." "Estyr!" I groaned, her words crashing through me. I thrust into her depths. My cum erupted from my balls. "Yes, yes, give me a baby, Daddy!" she moaned. Her thighs clamped on my hips. Her pussy milked my cock as she orgasmed beneath me. She bucked and squirmed. I held her, loving her passion as it burned through her.

Then she fell back on the bed, breathing heavily, a huge smile on her face. "If this was a dream, Daddy, then it was the best." I kissed her and held her as she fell asleep. I stroked her face and kissed her one last time before I slipped out from beneath the mosquito netting and grabbed my clothes.

I had already assumed my real form by the time I slithered out of her room. She would always remember tonight. The one night she had the man she loved. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Collserola Jungle, The Island of Birds The deeper into the jungle we walked, the hotter it grew.

It had been almost cool in the early morning when we left the Pirate's Noose, the sea breeze spilling over us from the docks. But the wind did not penetrate far into the jungle beyond Baraconia. Steam drifted out of the thick, dark foliage on either side of the narrow trail.

It led to the mountain and Black Glass Aerie, the tribe of avians who lived upon the volcano's slope. It was dark beneath the canopy. The huge trees, stretching high above us, blocked out most of the sunlight. We walked through perpetual twilight. It reminded me of the Deorc woods. Only there I didn't feel suffocated by muggy air.

Sweat coated my body. Sophia walked behind me, her footsteps labored. She must be dying in her robe. It was so hot. My armor trapped the heat. The metal plates were warm. I wanted to take it off and go naked.

But there were dangers in the jungles. Minx was clear on that. Creatures prowled the canopies, from regular beasts like jaguars and pythons, to monstrous creatures like panthopuses and couatls. We had to be on our guard. I held my shield in my left hand, despite the discomfort the weight put on my shoulder, and kept my eyes scanning the jungle. Xera and Minx led us.

I often lost sight of them as the trail bent and wound through the foliage. Behind Sophia walked Chaun, with Thrak and Faoril brining up the rear. I glanced behind me, catching a glimpse of her red robe through the branches. Thrak would be right behind her.

Faoril seemed like a normal person this morning, not lost in her head. Her eyes were still sad. Whatever happened to her in the Saltspray palace still affected her, but Thrak had shaken her out of the worse of the fog.

I understood. If I didn't have Sophia, I feared I would spiral into despair. Soon I would be declared a knave, no longer a knight, no longer required to complete my Quest.

Doge Aurelius would have placed a bounty on my head. We stole his treasure and assaulted his person. He was a prideful man. But I wouldn't abandon my quest. Sophia was right. Killing the dragon was the just thing to do. I was a knight, whether or not my order recognized me. Being a knight wasn't about belonging to one of the orders, it was about protecting the people of the world, to go out into the wilderness and slay the monsters that threatened them. I could do that on my own just as easily.

In a heartbeat, rain struck us. It poured from the sky, a massive deluge. The world crashed around me as the warm droplets soaked my sweat-damped body. I paused for a moment, staring up at the patches of sky, glimpsing the angry clouds. "Slata's hairy cunt," Sophia gasped. "Where did this come from?" The drops were thick. They almost hurt as they crashed into my red hair.

There was so much water in the air. The path turned to mud. Puddles formed about my feet. The foliage around us shook beneath the power of the deluge. From up ahead, Minx laughed. Then, just as quickly as it arrived, the rain stopped. I gasped, dripping with water. I turned and looked at Sophia.

Her white robes clung to her body. Her eyes were wide. Water dripped off her nose and chin. "What was that?" Sophia gasped. "Afternoon shower," Minx called from the front. Beside her, Xera peered into the jungle, her ears twitching. "This time of the year they're very—" Thunder cracked, cutting off her words.

A lightning bolt arched out of the foliage and struck me in the chest. Sparks exploded around me, and I fell to the ground. Sophia screamed. The trees spun above me. Thunder cracked again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah The Free City of Baraconia, the Island of Birds I stepped off the Merchant's Bounty onto the docks of Baraconia, following Fredagest, the gnomish alchemist and bounty hunter.

She strode before me at a height with the halflings working the dock, her stride brusque and swift. She thought I was Adeliatholaria, an elven hunter. After the audience with Doge Aurelius, Fredagest was the only bounty hunter willing to work with me. The others all had their own ideas where Angela and her group went, each believing that Angela claiming to be on her way to the Island of Birds was a lie. Except Fredagest "It's Mount Peritito she's after," the gnome said once I convinced her to partner up.

"She's after the High King's sword." "And how would you know that?" I had asked. "Why else rob the Doge's Vault?" I debated killing Fredagest on the voyage to the Island of Birds. It would be easy, but there were dangers in killing a sentient creature.

I had kept my appetites under control for so long, submitting to the will of my lord and husband. If I killed, I might hunger for more. It was better if I kept an eye on her. If I earned her trust, I could steer her away from Angela's quest, or be there to lend aid when the bounty hunter reached Angela. Fredagest was skilled. I had no doubts her arsenal of alchemical objects would prove effective against Angela and her party. Gnomes pioneered that science. At the second inn we visited in the bustling city, we were greeted by a bubbly, young woman sweeping the common room.

She was a Valyan human, her red hair bouncing about her shoulders. She smiled at the sight of us. "Another elf. How wonderful." Fredagest smiled. "And are they still here?" "Left just this morning. They're on a quest to the volcano. Isn't that brave of them?" To be continued.