Legal age teenager gal naked porn

Legal age teenager gal naked porn
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This is a Semi-true story. I have changed the names and changed where and when it happened everything else is true. This is my first story, it was fairly simple to write as I live it each day. I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome! My name is Stormy, I am a 34-year-old male.

I have dark hair and eyes that change color based on my moods. I have been our dog's bitch for many years now. My wife Sara, has been very supportive. She is not into sex with the dog at all. However, she has helped and watched me countless times with our dog Oliver. Oliver is a Golden Retriever he is about eighty pounds, he has the most beautiful coat. It's so soft and warm when he is on you or snuggled against you. Oliver was trained from about six months on to have sex with me. As long as we are in the bedroom, all he has to do is push at me with his paws and I know what he wants.

Oliver is your typical horny dog, he wants sex several times a day. Most days he gets what he wants.

Let me describe a typical day at our house. My wife gets up to go to work around 5 am. She lets Oliver out, then takes her morning shower. I get up most days while she is showering (I am retired due to medical issues so I don't work). I put on a robe and let Oliver in, I check his food and water. My wife gets dressed and leaves for work. I go into the bedroom to start my morning. Most days Oliver takes this as his queue. He comes in and waits for my robe to come off. There are small scratches on my side from his claws.

I don't mind them, I call them love scratches. Sara looks at them every night to see if there are new ones. He then jumps up and pushes on my back.

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I know that command. I get down on my hands and knees. I have learned over time to take my finger and wet it with my own saliva and give myself a little finger fuck for lubrication. Oliver starts to prance around a little because he knows that means I am ready. I glance over and can see that eight-inch long red cock hanging out of its sheath. I want so badly to suck on it. But Oliver doesn't really like that.

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He is more of lets fuck, I need to cum type dog. He walks behind me, and I can feel him breathing on my thigh and ass. He raises up on to my back and his paws grab at my side. I can feel his claws dig a little.

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I have learned to like this little bit of pain. Its worth it for his love. His fur is so soft and so warm. I can feel his chest move as he starts to pant a bit. His mouth is just over the back of my neck, and the heat of his breath gives me goosebumps. I can feel him as he starts to prod his cock on my ass and I can feel some of the sticky wetness of his pre-cum. It takes a moment or two as he finds his mark. Once Oliver has found my asshole. He pushes in as hard and deep as he can.

Even now after several years of it, I still get my breath caught for a moment at the feeling of being penetrated so suddenly. The feeling of his eight-inch cock ramming into me causes me to close my eyes and my brain just focuses on the pleasure.

Oliver starts to thrust in and out of me as fast as he can. It feels like a hard smooth rod and it expands as he goes. I push back against him without even thinking about it.

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All I can think of right now is I want to please him as much as I can. I want to make him cum, I want to feel him squirt his seed into me. As Oliver nears his release he starts to drool on the back of my neck.

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He has always done this. I can feel his heart on my back, his breath on my neck so hot and so strong. The knot has started to push against my ass. This used to hurt but I have gotten so used to it that I can accept him easy now. He pushes his knot into me and I can feel it expand inside of me.

I know he is almost there.


My brain screams at me every time as I have my own orgasm without touching myself. Oliver gives his grow as he does every time. Then I feel his prick start to throb in me. I can feel him cumming inside of me. Oliver has always had what to me is an amazing amount of sperm. I swear to you it feels like a gallon! I know its less but when it's being shot up your ass it feels huge!

I love every moment of it. When he is done he turns away and we have to wait for his knot to go down. I can still feel him in there all that time. The floor is already wet from where I have cum and as Oliver exits me with a wet sounding plop. I can feel his sperm run down my leg. I love the feeling and on weekends when Sara is in the mood she will have me leave it there because she knows I love the feeling.

Being alone, however, cup my hand over my ass and get up and into the shower. I get dressed and get on with the day. At night when Sara gets home, I will cook dinner, we watch some TV or surf Facebook. Then we head to bed. We both get undressed. This gets Oliver started all over again.


Sara will generally watch, sometimes she will lay at the edge of the bed and finger her self-inches from my face. Oliver has made it clear in the past that you don't mess with his bitch while fucking so, I have to wait for sex with her until after he is done.

While Sara has never cared to have sex with Oliver for pleasure herself she does get off watch him fuck me. After he is done with me she likes to stick her fingers in my ass to keep it open as long as she can. Then she will take her fingers drenched in dog cum and offer them to me. I lick her finger off and relish in the salty flavor of it. Most nights this leads to some great sex. For years I have wanted to suck Oliver's dick, but as I said he doesn't like it.

Sara, helped me one time to get a mouth full of dog cum. But that's something for later on down the road.