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For the record this is a true story, with minor alterations. This a story about how an innocent girl turns into a sex crazed women. The entire story will be broken up into several parts depending on how it is perceived by you. The first part has almost no sex and the subsequent parts will have a lot of sex! :P There are several aspects of the story which might be hard to understand if you do not really know much about the social inequalities in India, but I hope you do enjoy the story.

In short Indian society looks down upon premarital sex, and Indian girls are not supposed to date or even socialize with boys. Even though India is where Kamasutra was written and many architectural masterpieces show sculptures of voluptuous women and well adorned men doing things which even the open minded amongst you may consider kinky, Indian society in general never talks about sex and sees it as a dirty and demeaning topic.

If you are reading this and you know who you are, and I wish you the most wonderful and happy life. We had an amazing time. Part 1, The first phone conversation There were lots of times when I wished it happened but this was the time.

I could feel it. It was January and the last time we met was just a month ago. A month at the time felt like years. The attraction and chemistry was indescribable. We were both sexually inexperienced, but what we lacked in experience we made up with patience and enthusiasm.

Let me go back a few months to how we met and what our first few encounters were like. I was in the first year of University and we met through a common friend for the first time in June. We hit it off right away and the first few dates were awesome. However, coming from quite a conservative Indian background, she did not want to hold hands and kissing was a big no no.


We could feel the sexual tension as we were both constantly charged and horny. I know now that she used to get herself off several times after she went home. At the time though she did not even know that! It is explained later on in the story. She also joined university but it was in another city. I thought initially that it would not work out.


All I wanted to do was to spend time with her. She was the only girl I had dated for more than a week and I was completely and utterly in love with her. At University she felt lost and she felt intimidated, as she was from a small town in India. She was intimidated by all the girls and boys interacting so openly and partying, drinking, smoking pot, and being so much more proficient at English than her.

It might sound stupid to a non-Indian, but these were things which boys could be excused for, but for a girl from a traditional family, it was unthinkable (not about knowing English but the rest). If her parents knew about any of this, even if she did not partake in any of it, they would take her back home. In short, she felt alone. On the other hand I had been there, done that and I felt like I intimidated all the kids in her class when I met them.

Having a wild elder brother and my parents having lived in Europe for several years, I was allowed to really do whatever I wished while I was in high school. Her feeling alone and us having this crazy chemistry led to long phone conversations. Conversations which lasted for hours everyday. To a point where we were on the phone constantly, working, hanging out with friends and everything in-between.

I am generally very sexually charged even now, but at the time I was constantly thinking about her. Whenever I was in bed and speaking with her, I would get a boner. She felt the same way, but she would not express it.

In India, for a girl from a traditional family, it is not OK to kiss a man, before marrying him, forget having sex and God forbid you express your sexual desires as a woman.

I knew some guys who were married for years and said that all they got from their wives was missionary. Despite all this, my hormones kept trying to turn the conversation towards sexual topics.

I knew subconsciously that she was super sexually frustrated, but I could not get it out of her. I constantly felt this raw innocent sexual energy from her. Innocent as she had not watched porn, innocent as she had not fantasized about anything particular, innocence that I cannot explain but I will try. Then it happened, one night as our usual conversations ensued, I could hear the sexual frustration in my beautiful girlfriend's voice. She was aching to know something, but she kept putting it off.

After speaking for two hours about several other things, the conversation came around to porn. She asked me if I had ever watched any. She asked me in a tone, where I felt like I was about to be apprehended. My reply was a tentative yes, for some reason at that moment I was not horny but concerned.

It was not entirely impossible, that she would think that I am a pervert and refuse to speak to me. I really was concerned. Her tone changed to anger and she told me off. She said that it was not right and that it is not ok.

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It is supposed to be hideous and why would I do such a thing. I said that I cannot change the past, but I promise not to watch it any longer. That made her erupt, and she had never raised her voice for all the time that we had talked thus far.

She said, "Do you mean, that while we are dating you are watching porn? How could you?" I told her that I was really sorry about the way she felt and I will not do it again. She calmed down and we began having a conversation about porn. About ten minutes into the conversation, I was a bit taken aback by something that she said.

I realized that her imagination about porn was way more innocent and vanilla than what I was watching. She was talking about erotica, as in topless girls or girls with wet t-shirts and referring to it as hardcore porn.

And she was jealous that I wanted to see other girls like that. She had really no idea. She thought soft porn was when they showed men and women kissing in Hollywood movies.

The conversation moved to sex. Talking about sexual education classes in school etc, she said she did not have any. I was not surprised as it was not really a part of the Indian school curriculum and nobody wanted to talk about it.

My school was different and so were my parents and I had many painful and uncomfortable yet open conversations about sex with them. And I had spoken with my friends from both sexes who were having regular sex and I seemed to have a much better idea about it than the average guy my age. However, I was still a virgin.

I had felt up girls before and received and given oral sex, but never had actual sex. I was so taken aback by what I understood that I told her I needed a break to go and get a coffee and that she should too. This conversation was going to last quite a while. It was a Friday night and I still remember the smell of the coffee and the crisp crackling sound of the cigarette. I sat on the floor in the corridor outside my room and though. I was horny, surprised, excited, felt like there was a huge responsibility on my shoulders and wanted to mollycoddle her as she was so unimaginably innocent all at the same time.

Imagine speaking with an eighteen year old girl. This pretty, gorgeous, sexy, curvy, dark-skinned beauty, so sexually charged yet having archaic preconceptions and ideas about sex. Or rather having no ideas about sex and not really being able to describe what she feels. Never having had an orgasm or so I though at the time. After a fifteen minute break, where I took a cold shower to wake myself up and to not let my crazy sexual frustration take over, I called her.

She picked up the phone and immediately asked me if I could promise her something. She said, "Promise me that you will be completely open and honest about this and that you will not judge me. I am eager to understand and to learn, but I also want to know what you think, because I love you so much and I want you to be happy." I promised that I would be completely open and honest.

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We started from the top. It turned out that she was much more innocent than I though! She did know how babies were conceived, but she did not know that you actually have to have an orgasm for that. She did not know that the man has to has an orgasm, and she was not clear about semen.

In her imagination it was as if the guy had to take a piss in her vagina and that would do it. So she was amazed to hear that semen is not urine and yet it comes out from the penis. This part of the conversation went on for an hour.

She did not know that a man can or has to have an erection and what an erection is. I remember telling her that when a guy is sexually excited he has an erection, and without an erection and a subsequent orgasm it is not possible to make the semen come out of the penis.

Then she asked but what is the point of the erection? I told her that without an erection it is not possible to have sex, as the penis cannot enter the vagina. Subsequently she asked me how do you stimulate the penis? I explained to her that by rubbing with your hands or against something like the walls of the vagina.

The conversation then led to sex. By this time we were both very intrigued. Me because I was horny as hell with all the possibilities of where this conversation would lead us. And she because this was all so new for her.

A whole new aspect of her that she had never given a thought to. We began talking about sex. For the semen to come out, the penis needs to rub against the inner walls of the vagina and that it is what stimulates it. This led to the question, how? I explained that the man and women has to accommodate in some way and then the guy has to guide it in and out till he cums.

"So it is called cumming?" she asked. "Yes it is", I replied. She paused for some time. "Have you ever cum and if so how many times?" My reply to that was that yes, obviously I had, and I do not remember how many times. Countless times. "And what were you thinking off?" I replied, "Girls obviously and a wide variety of things. But sometimes the stimulation is enough." She asked this time with a tone that I did not recognize, "And what about when we were together? How many times have you cum and what were you thinking about?" "Every day that we spoke I have cum at least once.

And all this time I was thinking about you." And in a super soft and shy tone, it was as if her throat had suddenly dried up, "What were you thinking about me?" "Many things, but mainly you being naked and us kissing and having sex." A long pause followed, and then she asked, "I did not know that, this is all so new to me, I do not even understand how I feel.

So what exactly were you thinking about me? Like you imagined me naked?" "Yes and more. But tell me did you understand all that I said. " "Yes I did. So you were thinking of me naked when I was talking to you about other things?", she asked in a super shy tone. "Yes, it happened by itself, it was not like I wanted it to, it just happened." "And then what?

You would rub your penis till you came thinking about me?" "Yes. Sometimes I could not even think and just rubbed myself till I reached my orgasm." "What is that word you used?" "Orgasm" "What is that?" "Well it is the feeling that you get when you cum. I cannot describe it but it is a very good feeling." "But try and describe it na?" I went on to describe in detail what an orgasm felt like.

She was quite amazed and then I felt like she realized something. She went all quiet for a few moments. After that the conversation lasted well into the night and we went over all that we talked about once again. Being extremely intelligent she understood everything and had many more questions.

Then she asked me at 4 a.m in the morning if I was going to watch other naked girls and make myself cum? I said no.

Then she asked me if I was going to make myself cum? And I replied yes. She got all shy and did not know what to say.

It was late and we ended the conversation there. After a quick orgasm I feel asleep, still sexually frustrated.

I recall having countless sexual dreams about her. I remember all the sexual aggression in me coming out and her swallowing my cum and doing everything that I asked of her in my dreams. Part 2: The second phone conversation The next day being a Saturday, I woke up late and saw that I had a message from her saying that she loved me and that the conversation last night was enlightening. Needless to say that I was super horny and came three times thinking about the possibilities of having sex with this amazing and innocent girl.

At the same time, I thought about how it was my responsibility to make sure that she knew everything. I missed her a lot, not just physically, because we had not done anything yet, not even hugged, but just missed her.

She called me sometime in the afternoon and we talked about how we felt and what we dreamed our lives would be like when we finally can get to live together in the same place. As the evening progressed, the sexual topics and tension crept into the conversation. I let her know that after our conversation last night, I played with myself.

"Really? What were you thinking about?" "Well obviously about you?" "What exactly?" "Well not much since I was tired, but today morning I played with myself three times and I was thinking of how beautiful you would look naked." "Oh my God!

Ok, please stop it! Ok lets talk about something else. I have a surprise for you for being so lovely and patient with me and talking to me for so many hours yesterday." she said with a that tone again that I did not recognize. "Ok" "Well, I saw this dress online which I will buy for you.

I think it will make me look good!" "Cool, so we are meeting in two weeks right? Could you please send me a photo of yourself in the dress?" "Sure, I will." Well again I was horny and thinking about how much I wanted her, and no matter how nice she looked, how I wanted to rip any dress off her body and just have her. "So how do you describe when you want to play with yourself?", she asked.

"Sexually excited or horny you mean?" "Horny! That is a cool word. Wait, let me ask you something. Are you horny now? Am I making you horny? Is thinking about me in my new beautiful dress making you horny?" "Phew!! Yes you saying these things is making me horny. It is a new side of you!" "Well I am glad I could help, but I cannot actually understand it all, I am just playing along." "You are doing a damn good job at playing along!" "Thank you, thank you.

Ok so now I have to run, but please call me at night." Needless to say that I played with myself after that many times till I was exhausted. After a week or so, and everyday us having at least hour long conversations, we realized that we were going to meet just in a few days.

She was still going to be super shy and super uncomfortable, more so this time around, since we had all this talk about sex. I had already booked a hotel room. Yes it may sound odd, but I lived in an all boys student dorm, it was impossible for her to stay over.

She had no friends in this city, and the only place that we could go to get some privacy was a hotel. The hotel was a three star hotel a little out of town. It was an old hotel by the beach and it was very expensive, for anyone, and I was a student. Fortunately my parents were and are wealthy. She did not know that and it turned out to be a good thing in the long run. The weirdest part was that we were so in love and so familiar with each other at the time, that it did not seem to be out of the ordinary to just get a hotel room together.

If we were in the same city and dating, it would surely not have happened, but under the circumstances it seemed like the only and obvious choice. Coming back to the conversations. It was just three days and we would be together. "Hey you still did not send me that photo of you in the dress." "Well I took it and then I was too shy!

It is too revealing." She generally wore clothes that showed no skin at all, so for her a sleeveless t-shirt was revealing. "Well how revealing is it?" "I cannot tell you that!" "Just answer yes or no. Is that ok?" "Yes." "Does it end above the middle of thighs?" "Noooo!" "Just below the knees?" "No." "Just above the knees?" "Yes." "Does it have a deep neckline?" "Yes." I was already hard.

"Ok, does it show the curve of your breasts, as in is it tight?" "Omg, what are you asking me?" "Is it tight and is it stretchy?" "Yes." "Does it end mid way up your chest?" "Yes" "Do you have beautiful eyes?" "Yes." "Do you have a beautiful smile?" "Yes." "Is the dress red?" "Yes." "Did you know that my favourite colour is red?" "Yes." "What is your bra size?" "34DD.

Omg, I cannot believe I just told you that! Omg, omg, how could you ask such a stupid question? Omg. Hello? Hello? Are you there?" Well I was there, but I had no idea! 34DD what? As I said that before, she wore traditional clothes, and that generally includes a scarf that covered her breasts, so even though they seemed big, I could not tell. And to be honest, the first few brief moments that we met, I was looking more at her eyes.

I was super hard and extremely horny. "Yes, I am here." "What happened? Is there something wrong. I know it is a bit weird. I still cannot believe I told you. My friends at school always made fun of me for having such a large, you know. And sometimes I have minor back aches." In my mind I was thinking that I would happily rub her back for a chance to be in the company of her 34DD breasts on her 150 cm tall frame.

"No it is quite alright. But tell me when are you going to send me your photo?" "I am too shy. I cannot." "Please sweetie." "Ok, on one condition. I imagine that you are horny. And I imagine that you want to play with yourself." "Yes" While talking to her, I was so turned on that I just stroked myself to a quiet orgasm. "Ok, promise me you will not play with yourself, because I want to see what effect my dress has on you in person.

I want to see what you look like when you are horny." "Ok, done. So you send me the photo and I will not play with myself." I wish now that I had kept all her photos. Anyhow, she looked delicious in her tight red dress. In had a deep cleavage showing her ample bosom. I could not believe how big her breasts really were. As promised I did not play with myself and eagerly waited for the day that we would meet. Part three; The meeting It was late Thursday evening when her bus finally arrived.

I had been waiting at the stop for over half an hour. It was a clear evening and the cool sea breeze provided some respite from the damp sticky heat.

The giant red bus stopped as did my heart for what felt like hours, as I waited one by one for all the people to descend. And then I saw her. There she was in her dark blue traditional salwar and kameez, with a small green duffel bag.

She was beautiful. Looking at me she quickly diverted her eyes in shyness. I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. Slowly walking up to her I felt so much taller than her, the top of her head was just below my shoulders. I am a rather tall man, but that day I felt big, as if I wanted to engulf and protect her. Strange things one feels when they are so excited and happy.

I took the bag from her and made small talk. We got into a taxi and gave the driver the address for the hotel. She looked away and told me that the bus ride was long but comfortable but she was super scared to lie to her parents. At the same time she could not believe that she had come all the way here to meet me. She was super excited and scared all at the same time. I held her hand. It is strange how I felt then. Even though we have spoken so much about so many things and also about sex, it was the first time that she had ever let a boy touch her.

It sent sparks flying and I felt as if I were electrocuted by it. We held hands for the entire hour as we drove. She was surprised and a bit scared that this place was so far out of town. I told her that there was nothing to be scared about and that I loved her and would make sure everything was good.

The university was in a coastal town. We were driving along the ocean, and the sun had set hours ago, so it was pitch black outside as we continued on the long and winding road. On and off we could hear the roar of the ocean as we weaved our way alongside it.

She was scared, but in her freight she finally forgot about her shyness and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

She looked scared. I patted her hand and told her everything was going to be alright. She threw her arms around me and hugged me. To be honest, it was a kind of awkward half hug, but it did the trick, she felt better. After another few minutes the taxi pulled up next to a brightly lit wall with a large iron gate. The guard at the gate took my name and id and checked my reservations over the intercom.

We waited and then finally let the taxi go. We could hear the roar of the ocean and knew we must be close to the beach. Finally he got an answer and opened the navy blue gates.

The site in front of us was amazing. We were on top of a small cliff, looking down at the beach where the hotel was. There were steps carved out of stone all the way down to the beach along the side of the cliff.

The steps were lit, the large pool in front of the main hotel building was lit and all along the beach were several huts with small porches, each of them with a small glowing pool of blue in front. The entire resort/hotel was on several different levels, with the main hotel building being at the highest point, just below where we were entering from. The view was breath taking.

Another thing about India is that it is very difficult for an unmarried couple to stay at a decent hotel, since premarital sex is such a taboo. I am talking about the mid range of hotels, not the super expensive or the super sleazy ones. So I had gone out on a limb trying to find one which had no issues with a young couple staying together.

It also happened to be that my dad's friend was part owner of the hotel, so my parents were fully aware of what I was doing. They knew me and they trusted me. Just as a side note we were both above 18 at this point and so they let us check in to the hotel.

If we were any younger it would obviously not be possible. We checked in and found out that our little cottage was right on the beach.

I was super excited by the place and so was she. For a moment we forgot about everything else and just looked around at the endless ocean and at the beautiful resort. As we slowly walked to the cottage, however, she got shy again, as we held hands and quietly walked. I could feel my heart racing. Racing in anticipation for a proper hug, and who knows what else. After reaching the cottage, she locked herself in the bathroom for half an hour where she changed and showered.

All this time I sat outside and soaked in the atmosphere. She came out wearing another conservative set of clothes, but I could not complain she looked beautiful. She was the most beautiful women in the world to me. We slowly walked to the restaurant which was in the main building, and had a quiet romantic dinner. As our hunger was satiated we began speaking more openly. I ordered a beer. She took a sip when I offered her and said that it was the first time that she tried alcohol, and that it was not as bitter as she thought it would be.

Our conversations drifted on well into the night, as our waiter told us that the restaurant was closing. We got up and began meandering along the beach. She folded her pants up a bit and looked at me shyly when I was checking out the little bit of leg that I could see. We held hands and walked on and on, along the beach, sometimes stopping and sometimes walking into knee deep water as the waves kissed our ankles.

The conversation was about life and love and all the dreams that we had. I looked at my watch and it was two in the morning already. We found a nice secluded spot on the beach and sat down. Watching the stars, I suddenly noticed a shooting star and I told her that we should each make a wish.

I do not remember now what I had wished for, but several of my other wishes were about to come true. She turned towards me and I gently kissed her. She kissed back softly. I let my hands, for the first time touch her back and she put her hand on my face. We kissed, softly and lovingly for what seemed like only a few moments. It was probably more like twenty minutes. I wish I could relive those moments all over again. Our kissing became more passionate and my hands started to roam her back.

I felt her bra strap and I immediately got horny again. My tongue slowly pushed into her mouth and she did not resist. Instead she kissed me back. All that innocent sexual energy was slowly coming out. She kissed me back hard, but her body did not respond. I held her closer to me and kissed her deeper.

Still she did not turn her body towards me, her shy old self was blocking her. I eased off and we finally concluded our first magical kiss. She could not look at me again, she was super shy now. We lied down on the beach and looked up at the stars in silence, making quiet wishes with every shooting star that we saw.

After a few moments we felt a bit cold so we began walking back to our cottage. She did not want to sleep yet, and I was too in love to waste a single moment with her. We went back to the room and she changed her clothes. She wore a long skirt with an elastic band and a tube top, which made her shy even though the tube top was not revealing, but it did outline her shape better.

Her breast were large and firm and looked so appetizing. I was quite surprised that she chose to wear a tube top, and it showed me that she was up for more in some way.

It showed me that she was somehow beginning to grasp her sexuality. I gave her a gentle hug and then traced my hands along her face, down her neck and shoulders. She shivered and looked away. After taking two blankets from our room we continued on our walk to the very end of the beach. The crescent shaped bay ended where the beach met large boulders beyond which there was a steep rock cliff. We climbed over and around the large boulders till we came across one which was completely hidden from our beach, nestled right next to the cliff and relatively flat.

It was an interesting climb as it was pitch black and our cell phones gave us very little light. What it did mean though was there was lot of hand holding and touching as we walked and scampered along this treacherous and slippery path.

A couple of times she slipped and pressed herself onto me, and I felt her large breasts pressed against me. Momentarily I was turned on, but then the feeling of being in love took over.

After having chosen a spot, we spread out one blanket on the dry patch of rock and lied down. The climb had distracted her and for the first time she crawled up to me and lied down on my arm. I could feel her heart beat and I could smell her perfume.

It was wonderful. We lied like that under a blanket for some time. However, my libido was taking over my mind. I turned her on her back and slowly began kissing her. She did not resist, instead she kissed me back. I broke our kiss as I gently touched her stomach. There was a sharp intake of air, I could feel her getting turned on but I knew I had moments before she would begin resisting. I kissed her cheeks gently and then something magical and fantastic happened.

I kissed her neck. It happened momentarily, but I felt it. I felt that raw sexual energy emanating from her. I kissed her neck and used my tongue intermittently to gently lick her skin. I felt her getting hot, as if she was radiating. My hands slowly moved to her breast, and she did not resist.

I went on kissing her neck while I gently caressed her breasts. By now she was moaning and I could see that she was fighting with her conflicting ideas. The kissing and moaning went on for about ten minutes before I slowly began to put my hand up her t-shirt and began caressing her breasts over her bra.

Again, the moans continued. She began to run her hands through my hair as I kissed her neck. I slowly began to grope her breasts and feel as much of it as possible, which was difficult because of her bra. I went back to kissing her lips, and this time she forcefully put her tongue in my mouth and kissed me back.

We were both gasping for breath and I was getting really horny at this point. I broke the kiss again and attacked her neck constantly licking and sucking and biting. I kissed down further towards her shoulder blade and gently slipped my hand under her bra. There were no visible changes at first, but then she began to squirm in pleasure. I loved it, it was such a turn on. None of the other girls I had dated had let me get this far, this quick, moreover she was still so unaware about her sexuality.

The kissing and groping continued on. By now I had managed to lift her bra up and was pinching and squeezing her large nipples while kissing her. We were both turned on and I could feel and hear how excited she was but I did not want to look at her as I knew she would get shy and make me stop. I slowly put my leg over her in an effort to climb on top of her, still kissing her neck all the while. However, she wanted to sit up for some reason. Maybe she understood what I wanted to do.

So slowly while still kissing and fondling her breast we both sat up, side by side. Now with my other free hand I began feeling her back. I desperately wanted to unhook her bra, and eventually after fumbling with it for a while, I managed. It was a strange and awkward situation as she just let the bra be there while continuing to kiss me. Becoming more horny by the moment, I began to slide both my hands downwards.

First I slipped it into her skirt from the front and then from the back. We were two super horny teenagers, and I could not believe my luck. I was now sitting with both my hands inside her skirt while making out with this beautiful girl.

My hands discovered her sensible cotton panties and also felt the wetness between her legs. I could feel a bit of her pubic hair from around and underneath the panties, however I did not get the opportunity to explore any further. As soon as my hands were between her legs, she shut them close and trapped my hand there. Then her moans slowly subsided and she began resisting my kissing. I pushed on and tried to get a finger under her panties but she resisted.

I stopped and slowly pulled my hands out of her skirt. We sat there quietly both panting from being so turned on. She still looked absolutely fabulous, the most beautiful girl in the world to me. After all we had gone through I guess the exhaustion finally began kicking in and ove-riding my immediate need for release. We hugged and kissed some more and waited in silence for the sun to rise.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, far off in the horizon we began to see the colors of the sky changing. I was really tired so we finally went back to the room.

I shut all the blinds and drew all the curtains and drifted off to sleep on the soft bed. Sometime later I felt her crawling up to my chest and I remember us cuddling. Part Four; Realizations This chapter is called realizations as there are certain aspects to what I realized about her. There will be another chapter later on called awakening, where I will write about the time when she actually understood how sexually charged she really was.

The next day I woke up to find her in my arms. It felt amazing and as usual I had a morning boner. She took some time to wake up and I had the time to admire this beautiful girl in my arms. I also noticed that she slept in her bra and she wore the same outfit to bed. I on the other hand was in a pair of boxers and nothing else. As she woke up I kissed her and told her that I loved her and she meant the world to me. We began kissing and fondling and went back to where we had left off.

She seemed quite happy to let me fondle her breasts under the bra and she also let me slip my hands down her skirt a couple of times. It went on for a while and she began softly moaning again. I noticed that her legs were tightly shut and I just focused on kissing her and sucking on her neck. She really seemed to like that.

However, I was getting very very horny and she felt my erection through my boxers. In a while her moans subsided and she gently opened her legs. I took the cue to quickly reach for her panties. In my haste my hand accidentally went under her panties and through her pubic hair.

In my dazed state, I reached for her vaginal lips as I began sucking on her shoulder in earnest making her moan and shut her thighs shut. I felt her vaginal lips and felt that they were soaking wet and sticky with cum. I somehow managed to contain myself and not do anything more as she began resisting.

Slowly drawing away from her shoulders, I kissed her lips till she slowly relaxed. She said, "I know you are horny now and I think that you would want to cum, but you no that we cannot have sex till we are married. I just cannot do that." "I understand" I was getting super frustrated with the situation.

"But I can help you. I see that you like to play with my chest, so I will take off my bra and you can play with my chest." Before I could say anything else, she had already pulled her bra out of her tube top. I could tell she was super shy, but I could hear the frustration in her voice. "I beg you please take off your top and let me see your breasts. Just for a second. Please" At the mention of the word breasts, she retreated back into her little shy conservative cage and I could see her hands slowly moving up to cover herself.

"No no no, please, just the bra is ok, you can keep your top on. Can I play with myself while I play with your breasts?" I knew I was pushing my luck. What she said after caught me completely off guard. "But I am your girlfriend so may I play with your penis instead?" she said in an innocent and playful way. I was a bit confused but I played along. "Sure, ok" I tried not to sound too excited, waiting to see where this could lead to, "but you will still keep your top on right?" I said feigning to be sad.

There it was again, she was becoming super shy and I was losing the new playful and horny girlfriend I had in front of me. "Yes I will but I can make you cum twice to make up for it. I know you really want to see my chest, but I cannot show you that now. Now tell me how to play with you. How do you do it? Do you just rub it like you rub your arm when you rub oil on it or how? Teach me." I did not know what to do, but fortunately I decided to take things slow.

"Ok, so if I take off my shorts you will not be scared or shy right?" "No its ok, I have seen penises before. My brother has one and he is much younger than me and I was baby sitting him many times. I have a good idea what it looks like." I slowly took off my boxers still confused at what was happening. It was not ok for her to take off her top but she was ok with giving me a hand job! Well probably she was not thinking off it as a hand job but just as a game she was playing with me.

Yes she was wired a little differently. She said that if she played with my penis it was not sex and that she was ok with it. So there sat a fully clothed girl in my bed who began examining my shaved penis. "Wow it is so big (I was not big, 7 inches max) how would that ever fit down there? Why did you shave?" she asked "Well it feels better for me." I lied "Ok, now tell me how to play with your penis?" "Slowly use one hand to rub it like this and use the other hand to play with my balls like that.

Yes, gently, gently, a little faster and a little harder." "Ok, does that feel good? But tell me how will I know when you are finished? Does a lot of semen come out?" "You will know when I am done, but give me that towel or else there will be cum everywhere." "Oh ok, but can't you come here, just like this?" My brain was going crazy with the stimulation. I was sooo greedy for more at the time. She was so innocent. I pushed my luck further.

"Well do you want to taste it?" "What? Cum? Eww no!" I had learned from my mistakes, "Why not?" "It must be gross like piss." "No it is not something the body is trying to get rid off but something that gives life. It is totally not like urine. It is supposed to be sweet." "Oh really?" "Yes." I was getting super turned on now and then she asked, "So how do I taste it, do I wait for you to cum and then just taste it from the towel?" "No no, you can just lick and suck my dick." "Ok so how do I suck it and should I do it now?" "Yes baby please suck my dick as if you were sucking on a lollipop.

Make sure your mouth is very wet with saliva. Wait just come to me and kiss me once." She came to me, I turned her over onto her back and gave her a very very wet kiss. Her mouth and lips were very wet now. "Ok go down and suck my dick baby." She went down on me fully clothed and had my dick in her mouth.

She sucked it for like twenty seconds before I came in her mouth. The orgasm made me moan, groan and shudder as I shot rope after rope of cum into her open mouth. What a site it was. Here was this beautiful girl with her skewed ideas about sex, letting me cum in her mouth. "Mmmmm. That is a lot, and it is not that sweet but rather tangy. It is nice though, I like it.

Btw how was your orgasm, did your girlfriend satisfy your need properly?" "Yes you did babe, that was awesome." Part five; the second evening blowjobs She took a shower and then went to the beach.

I took a long cold shower and whacked off a couple of more times before I met her at the beach. We were ravishingly hungry and we each ate a large grilled fish with rice and gravy. As I began sipping on my first beer of the afternoon, I saw that the Sun was slowly starting to set.

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Who knew what more my beautiful girlfriend would allow me to do to her. Her sense of right and wrong had all kinds of ideas sparking off in my head. We moved to the table on the beach with a beer and a lemonade as I suggested that we speak in private. For the first fifteen minutes or we enjoyed the last rays of the Sun, and then I asked, "So why is it wrong in your opinion to not have sex?

As in your hymen should stay intact? And what are the other things you think you will be ok with which are connected with playing around but not intercourse?" She pondered over her lemonade for a bit.

In her white tube top and a much shorter skirt she seemed already much more comfortable with her sexuality. I think it also helped as there was literally no one else around and the other guests who did walk by once in a while never ogled at her as there was really no reason to. "I think that I do not know much about it, but whatever we were doing till now was fun. I really liked how you came. It made me feel so good, knowing that I can do that to you.

It made me feel so good that I can pleasure and take care of my boyfriend. However, sex is still off limits as I have been brought up in a particular way and I want to be a virgin when I get married. Though, please do not tell anyone, I am technically not a virgin." I was getting hornier and more intrigued by the moment, "What do you mean." "You have to promise not to tell anyone. When I last went to the gynecologist, she asked me if I had sex.

I was shocked and told her no. Then she asked me if I run or do some heavy physical exercise. I said yes I was training for the 200m sprint at school and also I was into horse riding.

She then told me that it is quite common for the hymen to break due to heavy physical exercise. So then technically I am not a virgin. But another reason for not having sex is that I am scared of getting pregnant. I do not know how I will face my family if that happens. So all these things put together I cannot have sex before getting married." I was thinking at this point of time to talk with her about her rights and her opinions, but I decided not to delve into it then and there.

Instead I was horny and greedy and wondered what else she would be ok with. I knew then that I had to coat it with it being fun and she would be up for it. But I also knew that I could not play with her just yet and make her come if she did not actually want to take her clothes off in front of me.

In the next half an hour I was super horny again as I asked her what all she thinks is ok, it turned out that night, that a lot was ok for her to do, with a few odd exceptions of course.

As it was dark and I was horny, I suggested we go back to the room. She asked me if I was already horny again? I replied, I have been horny ever since I met her. She smiled and said, "Well I am very happy that I can make my boyfriend so horny, but really all the time, even right after I played with you?" "Yes I was horny right after that as well and came twice in the shower. Now can we go back to the room please." "But tell me, did me playing with you make you hornier?" "Yes, it did, as a matter of fact I want you to do the same after we are back in the room." With that said, we settled our tab and almost sprinted back to the room.

I laid down in the middle of the bed and made myself comfortable by propping my head up with two pillows. Then I told her to take her bra and panty off. She asked me, "Why panty, you cannot see the difference, so what is the point. With my chest I understand." "Well it just turns me on knowing that you are not wearing any panties." "Ok that is strange but I am not taking off my skirt." "Ok fine, just do the thing you were doing in the morning, but from the starting just with your mouth." I dimmed the lights as she began sucking my the head of my already hard cock gently.

Slowly and constantly sucking on the tip. There was no licking and kissing and affection and any of the other stuff that generally accompanies a blowjob. It was a methodical systematic attempt to please me. I asked her to keep doing what she was doing and just take more of my cock in her mouth. "A little deeper babe, try to take all of it, just be slow and patient." I could not hold on much longer either way. I was extremely turned on and I grunted to her letting her know I was about to come.

She obliged by going a bit deeper to make sure she got all the cum. I felt my balls clench and I shot my load in her mouth. I moaned loudly and let my orgasm run its course. Ah that was nice. She immediately spat the rest of the cum out in the bathroom, after having a taste and came back to my arms. "You do not like the taste or what?" I asked her, still naked and semi erect.

"Yes I do, but I do not know if it good for me to swallow and if it will make me ill or not." "No no it will not." I pulled out my laptop and read her a random article about the components of cum and explained to her that it is perfectly natural and it has no side effects. She seemed awfully happy about that. "So the next time you cum in my mouth I will gulp all of it down.

It tastes quite nice actually." "That is awesome" I replied a little too enthusiastically. "Oh so you like me swallowing your cum?

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Tell me do you like me sucking on your dick or do you prefer if I play with it with my hands? "I prefer if you give me give me a blow job." "Wow there are so many terms for this stuff. Where do you know all this from." I could not tell her then and there that I wanted dirty filthy porn to get myself off, so I replied, "Well I talked to my friends and brother about this stuff so from there I guess." All this talk had gotten me rock hard under the thin covers that we were using.

She noticed and asked, "Do you want me to suck your dick again, it seems to be hard?" "Yes please." With that she went down on me again, this time I was a bit more capable of controlling myself. She started from sucking the tip of my dick and slowly made her way further and further down till she was halfway down my dick.

"Faster and harder baby!" She went faster and harder, I could feel my orgasm building, and the fact that I knew she was going to swallow was making me really horny. My balls clenched and I grunted as I shot yet another load into her mouth. This time she pursed her lips around my dick and did not let much cum drip out.

Then she sat up and swallowed. I was in bed with an innocent sex goddess and I knew at the time that the night was just beginning. At the same time I felt guilty because I could not pleasure her. Well that would have to wait. Part 6; The blowjobs continue For the next thirty minutes we talked and then ordered some room service. After having a light dinner she exclaimed that she is really enjoying this and that she really loves pleasing me.

"I see your eyes sparkle and then go glossy with pleasure. I love that I can do that to my boyfriend." Needless to say I was getting horny once again.

"Want to go to bed again I feel like making out." She shyly asked, "With or without my bra, because I really liked it when you were playing with my chest." "Definitely without your bra, I like playing with your chest too. It gets me really horny." "Well in that case definitely without my bra." We jumped into bed and I began fondling her breasts under the tube top she was wearing. I kissed her neck once again, and there it was, the lovely almost silent moans. I kept it going for a while and I could feel her getting frustrated.

After a while I climbed on top of her and continued to kiss her neck pinning her body down with my weight. I wanted to lie in between her legs, but she would not let me.

I continued to vigorously kiss her neck while playing with her tits. I rolled her nipples within my thumb and forefinger and I felt her shudder a little bit before moaning again.

I was getting really horny by now and the one thought that was on my mind was I needed to see her breasts as I had a good idea how to get rid of her being so shy about her body. What happened next was fascinating. I kissed further down her neck to the top of her breast and kept kissing them over and over again. She was already getting a bit shy and self conscious. I sucked hard on her neck and whispered in her ear that she has nothing to be shy about and that I will tell no one.

With that said, I slowly held both her hands and took them off my back. I kissed them all the way down to her fingers and moved them above her head. She still had not realized what was happening. She was pinned down and her arms were over her head. I held both her arms with one of my left hand and made sure she could not move. It took her another minute of moaning and kissing to realize what was going to happen, but too late. As I continued to kiss her neck I swiftly tried to pull her tube top down.

She struggled and I only managed to pull it down a little before she freed one of her hands and stopped me. But surprisingly her shyness had not taken over yet. I pinned both her arms back with both my hands and there was no way for her to escape my grip this time.

Continuing to kiss her neck I heard her moans get louder and felt her nipples get harder. I slowly kissed down to her breasts. Licking and sucking on her nipples over the fabric I got the fabric wet and see through. She looked amazing and her breasts were fantastic.

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Soft, bouncy and just delicious. However, she understood what I was doing and began to feel shy as she saw that I was staring at her breasts. In the next instant, I bit the top of her tube top and pulled it down with my teeth to make her beautiful large breasts pop out. She did not know what to do but was immediately super shy.

Paying no attention to her I continued to suck on her gorgeous tits. They really were very big and by God were they beautiful.

Her moans resumed after a while and I let go of her hands. She immediately ran them through my hair as she pushed my face into her tits. I began sucking in earnest, knowing that I will need a release soon. "Please give me another blowjob now." "Ok, but you have to get off from on top of me." "No just lie there and let me put my dick into your mouth." "Oh, ok sure." Before she said anything else I already had my balls in her mouth.

Again, she sucked them with urgency and exactly as I instructed her. Then I put my dick in her mouth. I did not want to fuck her face and yet I could not resist. "Is it ok if I put it in and out of your mouth?" I did not really wait for a response as my cock was already halfway into her mouth. I fucked her mouth gently at first and then a bit harder till I pulled out and came all over her chest. I crashed next to her on the bed and began kissing her. By this time I had too many orgasms to keep track of and I was super exhausted.

In my wildest imagination I did not think that meeting her would turn out this way. And there were still two more whole days and nights to go. I had fantasized about her several times before we met, and always she was doing something demeaning and I was dominating her and she was doing exactly as she was told. In all those fantasies she was knowingly submissive, a submissive who had already explored her sexuality. And here I was getting blowjobs from a virgin who was letting me cum on her tits.

I actually felt guilty in a way for taking advantage of her. "What are you thinking of?" She asked me as I was slowly kissing her with my thoughts drifting astray.

"Nothing much, I was wondering what you are thinking about?" I did not want to let on that she was fulfilling several of my teenage fantasies and we had barely met 24 hours before. I did not have the balls to let on that she was unknowingly making my perverted fantasies come true, without actually knowing so. "I was wondering why you pulled out and came on my chest?" which she was wiping with a small hand towel as I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes.

She seemed bewildered. "Does it not feel good to cum in my mouth while I am sucking your dick?" She was really picking up on the lingo. I did not or rather could not explain to her why I did that. I did it because my perverted mind wanted to see her breasts and wanted to play with them.

I did it because her breast were my conquest and I was marking my territory. I did it because it is demeaning that I cover her with my cum. There were so many other reasons. "It felt good in your mouth but it was too sensitive and I needed to pull out, it began to hurt." That was all I could come up with. "Oh ok, so I was not sucking it properly." "No no you were doing good." I did not also want to let on that this many orgasms and blowjobs are what guys dream about, not something which is common with every couple.

"Ok then what happened?" "Well I do not really know, sometimes you itch and you do not really know why, so I guess it is natural. What about you? How are you feeling? I hope it is ok what I did with your top?" "Yes what is done is done." she said with a slight hint of exasperation in her voice "Ok what do you mean by that?" "Well I am shy and you know that I did not want to do that, then why did you force me to do it?" "Well I did want to force you to do anything, but I did not see a reason why I can play with it, touch it and not see it." The real reason was that I was so turned on that I did not really care at the moment and I somehow knew that once she went topless, the next time would be easier.

"Are you alright?" I asked, almost asleep with exhaustion. We were cuddling by now and she had her top back on and was covering herself with the blanket. "Yes I am fine, but please promise me you will not do that again." I thought at the time, how could I promise that I would not rip clothes off that gorgeous body. "Well I will not have to since from next time you will show me by yourself." "And why would I do that?" "I mean I have seen them once so now there is nothing to hide na?" She had a shy look on her face and then in a very soft tone she replied, "Well that does make sense." There it was, this timid submissive side of her, once again, and I pressed on.

"Why don't we sleep topless tonight? Take off your top and we will cuddle and go to sleep. If you need help, we can always do it like we did before" I added jokingly, half expecting to turn me down. "Ok."she replied in a barely audible whisper and slowly removed her top.

I was amazed yet again. This was too good to be true. Basically what ever I wanted and suggested, she eventually did. I did not want this to stop. The dominant part of me still wanted more, but I was too physically exhausted. She turned away from me and we switched off the bedside lamps.

I was spooning her and playing freely with her large tits. As I was falling asleep I was getting hard yet again. And slowly pushed herself back on me and asked, "Are you still horny?" "Yes I am." "Do you want another blowjob?" "I would love one but I do not know if I will be able to stay awake to properly enjoy it." "Are you sure that you are not saying this because I hurt you on the last one?" She said turning to face me. "No sweetie I am not." "Well I was not sleepy yet and I was wondering if I can make you more horny and give you one last blowjob for the night?" "Yes and how do you intend to do that?" She slowly sat up half way and supported herself with two pillows.

Then she reached over to the night stand and took her phone and switched it on for some light. Slowly with both her hands she moved my head towards her lap. I obliged and lied on her lap. "Play with my chest, I see in your eyes that you like it. After that I will give you a blowjob." I took as much of her breast in my mouth as I possibly could in one go.

With my hand I squeezed her other breast and twisted her nipple. She began moaning. I continued for a while till I was rock hard. "Ok, I am ready." I said. She used the light from her phone and went under the thin bed sheet.

All I remember is the soft slurping noises and me cumming in her mouth while drifting off to sleep. I was in heaven. Your comments would be much appreciated and I will edit the following chapters accordingly.