Beauty shows her pussy watch part on flirtsexlovecom

Beauty shows her pussy watch part on flirtsexlovecom
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"So how does it taste?" "It tastes like crap," Ruby blurted out smugly as she scarfed down a slice of lemon meringue with an exaggerated wince on her face. She still held onto that ch!ldlike honesty but mixed it with teenage sarcasm. I expected to hear that from her as she munched on the homecoming cake I purchased last minute for her. Had I known Ruby was coming back home today, I would have had time to fix her up something better rather than buy one at a gas station along the way to the airport.

"It's gross and bitter," she continued to mock both me and the cake. I had always looked out for my little half-s!ster Ruby. I tried to play the protective older br0ther despite us being so different. Ruby was a full generation younger than I, and she looked like a complete different ethnicity from me altogether. We barely looked like we belonged in the same country let alone the same fam!ly. After divorcing my mother after a long and arduous 25 year marriage, Ruby was the result of our reckless father messing around with a less than desirable Asian woman who bailed shortly after her birth.

Then again, most residents were less than desirable in this unscrupulous town of ours. Our hometown once garnered the moniker of diamond in the rough as developers and businesses rushed in to create the next American metropolis.

However, businesses deteriorated as quickly as they started, turning lofty highrises into empty shells while robbing the current residents of any respectable careers. My father was a product of his environment where blue collared men typically sought to escape their downtrodden realities through bad habits, i!!egal substances and loose used women in these crudely renovated establishments. Ruby, however, always personified the complete opposite of our town.

She was always so young and innocent, completely oblivious to the dark and debaucherous establishments that our town essentially thrived on.

I held on to this illusion of her so tightly that she had grown to reach her teens without me even realizing it. Here I was thinking of what cabbage patch doll to get for this little girl who had already started high school.

So while I tried to play the role model, it was easy to see that we grew up knowing very little about each other despite being within the same household. The extent to which she had grown didn't hit me until she left the summer for a study abroad program in Europe. What little advice I would offer her was always about taking school seriously and getting far away from our town before it dragged her down. She took my advice and worked diligently toward an opportunity her school offered to just a few select students to travel overseas for early school credit.

This was the first time we had spent any significant time apart, and when she finally returned, it was as if she was a completely different person to me.

Physically, she still looked like the same little girl to me. Her hair was jet black and short, just down to her shoulders but usually pinned up asymmetrically in a pair of messy pigtail buns.

Her eyes carried that distinguished oriental curve but were still large and prominent amidst her small flat button nose and snow white skin of her face. Her body was petite and tight, void of any fat or curves with legs completely straight but toned. I doubt she had even reached 5' in height yet. Topped off by a new set of braces on her teeth and you'd swear she were 4 years younger than all of her high school classmates who were clearly long past their struggles with puberty.

However, where she differed from the little girl I had known was in her new demeanor. While she maintained a degree of her old smartass immaturity, she now talked with a lot more confidence, probably from her seasoned experiences on a whole different continent. She was quite proud of her study abroad, flashing a smile from ear to ear that displayed her braces as if she were still living overseas. Ruby seemed bolder and more willing to try new things she would not have tried before.

She rambled on and on during her impromptu homecoming gathering, but unfortunately I had made some desperate plans of my own that I needed to fulfill. If I had even known she were to arrive back home that day, I wouldn't have made some risqué plans of my own.

I'll be honest, I was becoming like the men of this neighborhood, using the remaining "businesses" to escape the depression of the town. Murray's Tavern had become a secret favorite of mine where I could sample the countless stalls for shameless women willing to suck me off through a duct-taped hole for a nominal fee. I found it both ironic and appropriate that this former ritzy restaurant on the ground floor of an abandoned white collar office building became the best immoral service for us lesser patrons.

The tavern itself had the sprawling floor area and lavish decor of its previous affluent eating establishment, clumsily painted over to look more like an old sports bar. The gigantic male and female restrooms behind the tavern, which used to serve four floors of affluent businessmen and women, were joined together by sledgehammering the wall that separated them, allowing their collection of toilet stalls to run almost endlessly together.

These seemingly infinite rows of stalls had been converted into a cheap blowjob emporium where the dozens of bathroom stalls provided the perfect setting for glory holes. As much as Ruby wanted to continue telling me more stories of her time overseas, I couldn't escape my urge to have my knob polished by a mystery woman from an adjacent stall. "Sorry, Ruby but I have some matters I must tend to," I blurted out in the middle of her story.

"What matters?" she questioned, upset with the notion of me leaving. "Just some plans at the tavern." "Can I come?" she pleaded.

I laughed at her request as well as the thought of how shocking it would be for my innocent little s!ster to discover what went on at this place. "You're not even old enough to drive let alone drink." "Oh come one, every crappy bar in this town is so desperate for a buck, they'd let toddlers in for some whiskey," she continued to beg. She did have a point.

I thought for a moment how I could get away with this, but I figured as long as she could stay away from the bathrooms behind the tavern, she'd never know what truly went on there. We could continue our talks, and I could escape for a quick 5 minute blowjob at any time. Maybe even two. "Oh what the heck. Why not," I submitted to her incessant nagging.

Ruby was going to see this shady part of town sooner or later. Her first time may as well be around me to watch over her. So she tagged along, still wearing her tiny summer shorts, graphic tee and flipflops she came home with from the airport. - When we finally arrived at Murray's Tavern, I noticed that it was relatively busy. However, even at the most populated of nights, it was easy to find isolated seating away from other patrons as the bar boasted an impressive floor area as a former major restaurant.

We found a table and some high stools to anchor ourselves for the evening, and I quickly shot out an order for drinks and food.


Ruby seemed quite excited, and luckily naive, to what I believed to be her first bar experience. Her feet, still wearing the same pink flipflops she wore around the house, swung happily from under the stool.

I could see the twinkle from her braces as her lips parted for another big cheesy smile of hers. The bartender brought over some greasy salty appetizers and two pints of light beers without even so much of a request for ID. After just a few sips of beer, you could see her skin beginning to turn flush.

Ruby's speeches became more frenetic as her tipsiness began to affect her memory and focus. As much as I wanted to hear more of her stories (I really didn't), I finally excused myself to take the opportunity to get what I really came here for. On the way to the restroom, I tried to pay the bartender in one swift motion as if to guise any suspicious behavior. - Upon entering the restroom, I could already hear the echos of men grunting and groaning from both directions.

Thanks to the sloppy construction that demolished the wall which separated male and female restrooms, the long row of toilet stalls stretched from one end of the building to the other in one long almost continuous sequence of modular blowjob booths. I made a left toward the former women's restroom as it had no urinals and more stalls and therefore more working girls. Every other door had a scribbled number on it to denote which stall belonged to which working woman.

Knowing that I had a sibling waiting for me back at the bar, I decided to pick a stall that was closest to the entrance in slight haste. A brief peek under the row of stained plastic doors revealed only one pair of feet within the first few clusters of stalls. The ink from the number 9 on the door had either begun to fade or simply blended with the grime and stains of the plastic. A cloud of smoke sailed from the stall as the woman leisurely puffed on a cigarette in between sessions with her johns.

This woman would do. I rushed into the adjacent stall, and locked the door behind me. I slipped my fingers through the cutout in the left divider to signal that I was ready. My gesture was reciprocated as the woman in the next stall stuck two fingers through the hole, curling them upward as if to invite me through. I wrestled to undo my belt and pants before freeing my cock and slipping it through the glory hole.

There was a slight pause before I felt her fingers clutch my flesh. She started slow, using the pads of her fingers to stroke my soft cock. As bl00d coursed into my member, I felt the full clasp of her palm around my penis as she had begun jerking me off with circular rubs.

"Suck on it," I calmly ordered through the wall, careful not to sound rude in my hurry. Fortunately, the woman followed as ordered, kneeling in front of the wall that separated us until I could see her legs resting through the gap under the plastic divider. Her short skirt revealed her fairly broad thighs and scarred knees, giving me the impression of a chubby seasoned veteran in public blowjobs. I heard the woman take one last deep inhale of her still-lit cigarette before blowing its dark smoke onto my protruding cock, warming it in the process as its black fume flowed through the hole and into my side of the stall.

Then came the warm wet engulf of my rod as her mouth descended all the way to the base of my dick. It felt so good.

This working girl seemed as eager as me, creating a strong suction within her mouth as if she wanted to literally consume my offering. She sucked slow, but strong, swiping her tongue along the sensitive veiny underside of my shaft with each long drawn-out motion of her mouth.

I could hear her hum with delight as she relished the taste of my cock through the hole in the wall. After the initial power sucking, she paused for a moment with the very tip of my cock's head pursed delicately between her lips. From this position, she purposefully spit and drooled, her lips vibrating my cock's head in the process as juices flowed from her mouth and down my shaft. As I felt the long runny streams of saliva cascade in slow drips down my shaft and to the floor, she resumed her oral assault on my rod.

Once she felt I was lubed enough for her, the blowjob became a speed course as I could feel the f0rce of her jaw and throat with each stroke of her mouth. From the slight clearance between the improvised hole and my penis, I could make out her full lips each time they reached the base of my shaft. The splotchiness of her lipstick was quite evident as the deep rouge cosmetic had begun to smear along the length of me due to the wetness of her saliva and the friction of her lips.

I felt myself inching toward climax as her speed picked up yet again. She had mixed in slight rotations of her mouth as it went up and down my shaft along with firm tongue flicks and slight nibbles to break tempo. Her zeal was made known as she salivated even more with fluids dribbling down the folds of my scrotum with each deepthroat of hers.

I tried to slow the pace by moving backward only to be pulled back toward her side of the wall with a f0rceful tug of her mouth. I was ready to cum. However, the moaning and slurping noises from the working girl in the next stall was interrupted by the distinctive sound of flip flops slapping the heels as one walked. The sound of those familiar footsteps grew louder as it approached my stall. Shit, it was my little s!ster. "Br0, are you alright?" Ruby asked aloud with a hint of concern in her voice, unaware as to where I was in the bathroom.

I must have completely lost track of time and left her waiting in the tavern alone longer than I had intended. My cock was still being sucked on when I tried to respond coherently. "Uhhhh, yea. Just some. stomach aches from that horrible. bar food. I'll be just fine though. don't worry about. uhh me," I stumbled through.

With a butchered sentence like that, I doubted whether she could even believe my excuse. "Ok. I'll just be in the next stall as I need to use the bathroom too." "What are you doing here, Ruby? You shouldn't do that! This is the men's room!" I assertively shouted in one last attempt to get her to leave. "There was no woman's room. It seems like this was one huge bathroom. I came to check on you AND that beer is really running through me and my tiny bladder.

I'll be quick." As I remained glued to the divider getting my cock sucked on by an anonymous woman in the stall to the right, I watched from underneath the door as Ruby's feet walked over and into the stall to my left.

The slapping sounds of her flip flops hitting her heels echoed across the bathroom until she had reached the toilet. There, she pulled down her shorts, tore some sheets of toilet paper and sat down. I remained dead still, both listening to and attempting to remain silent to Ruby in the stall next to mine. It was quite difficult as the slut blowing me next door stopped for no one, not even for air.


However, what I heard made me even more nervous. Completely out of the blue, I could hear faint giggles resonate through the dark and filthy bathroom.

Just what was Ruby laughing at? She must know what I was partaking in. The shame of my innocent little s!ster Ruby discovering my debauchery began to sink in, prompting me to pull my still hard schlong from the glory hole. As I dislodged from the whore's mouth, my naked cock throbbed from an unfulfilled orgasm, still painted with the woman's red lipstick streaks and the thick glossy coating of her saliva that oozed in long drips toward the discolored tile floor.

Unable to clothe my sloppy dick back into my underwear, I shuffled quietly toward the opposite stall divider that separated me from Ruby with my pants still hanging around my knees. I pressed against the wall gently, hearing more giggles and whispers from my little s!ster's stall. However, it just wasn't her small voice that I was hearing.

The possible sound of another individual gave me reason enough to scale the side wall using the toilet as a stepping stool in order to peek over the stall divider. Ruby was sitting on the toilet seat with her shorts still down to her ankles.

Her feet were flared wide but her knees and thighs were pinned together as if she were daintly concealing the contents of her crotch. For added measure, she rested both of her hands over her private regions as she giggled and laughed while looking toward the impromptu cutout hole to her right.

And from that glory hole, I could make out the profile of an eye, open wide and peering at my half-clothed teenage s!ster using the toilet.

I momentarily descended back into my own stall to gather myself from the infuriating thought of Ruby being violated by some perv in the stall next to hers. Growing defensive, I lifted myself over again to get a better look at this peeping tom.

This time, I peeked over to see a massive cock flopping in front of Ruby through the glory hole in her stall. It was still flaccid but even in its soft state, its girth nearly filled the large cutout in the dividing wall.

"Touch it," whispered the deep voice from the next stall. His voice didn't carry far, but it was audible enough to sound intimidating, matching that of a hulking individual.

My eyes tracked downward from the wall that divided the random stranger and my s!ster for more visual clues. The gap below the plastic wall revealed the man's feet, probable size 16 or 17 boots that corresponded with the large proportion of his cock. Ruby was still sitting on the toilet with her knees together and her ankles out, her shorts still lingering by the top of her feet. She made no attempt to clothe herself upon acknowledging her watcher.

Instead, she propped herself up my placing her elbows on her thighs in order to lean slightly over the monster schlong, visually examining every inch and vein without touching it.

The size did not seem to intimidate my little s!ster. Chalk it up to naivety, but I doubt she would have been giggling and smiling had that behemoth been inside her tearing her inner walls apart.

She continued to chuckle, using her tiny voice rather than her touch to tease the stranger next door. "Touch it please," the voice from the next stall anxiously requested once again. Instinctively, I hopped down in my own stall, rushed out and barged into Ruby's stall which dawned a scribbled number 10 on the door.

Startled by her older br0ther breaking in while she was on the toilet, she looked further perplexed as she stared at my still exposed cock pointing directly back at her from across the stall as it still shimmered from spit and smeared makeup.

I was so consumed by the thought of my s!ster and this stranger that I still had not even dressed myself. "Suck it. Suck it," the mystery man begged, unaware that I was now in the same stall where his monster cock dangled.

His tone was formidable, and I felt conflicted between protecting Ruby and getting pounded on by a Leviathan of a man. In an attempt to find the healthy median, I began projecting sign languages and lip singing out commands for her to get away from the man.

However, she met my silent pleas with a blatant look of defiance. Instead, she flashed me a bratty smile, the same type of expression a spoiled ch!ld would flaunt to let you know she was about to have her way regardless of how you felt.

Ruby liked this monster cock before her. Everything seemed to slow down. I observed as Ruby slowly lifted her hand from her lap, bringing it upward toward the drooping dong. She was about to touch a strange man, and I just had to stop her. Upset with her disobedience, I lost control myself, abruptly taking a long stride to confront her.

By doing this, I had inadvertently projected my own stiff cock a mere two inches from her nose.


It was successful in that she refrained from touching the stranger, but now we were locked in the awkward scenario of a little s!ster's face being presented with her br0ther's penis. I tried to stare at her with conviction, but her lovely Asian eyes had widened with astonishment as I stood naked below the waist before her as she sat on the toilet.

Her eyes darted between my expression and my waist, her eyes crisscrossing almost comically when she observed the latter. Unable to deal with the compromising position, I looked away from her face in shame, planning to take a step back.

But before I could do so, I felt the soft enveloping of the head of my cock. I couldn't believe it as Ruby had willfully taken my cock in her mouth without permission, gently sucking just the tip as if it were a candy lollipop. My mind ran wild with excuses and demands for her to stop, but they never manifested themselves into an actual command.

I stood frozen as Ruby's tiny mouth moved meekly around the crown of my dick. How sick was I to let this happen? How incredibly wrong was I to completely corrupt the purest thing in this sinful town?

How much damage would this bring to our fam!ly in the long run? Yet, I still didn't stop her. My cock had acted on its own impulses, twitching erratically from the sensation of being sampled by my little s!ster.

Ruby had been staring at me intently, her beautiful Asian eyes gazing deep into my own. She knew that I was enjoying this, and that made her happy.

She remained modest in her sucking, using just her lips to clamp down as her mouth glided to and fro, never moving beyond the head of my cock. Her hands had returned to her lap, folded over each other as she sat up prim and angelically on the hard water-stained toilet. With her lips still puckered around my flesh, she looked to her right where the stranger's horse cock still hung down idly through the hole. Sensing her ever-present infatuation with this mystery man's dick, I palmed the back of her head, right between her pigtail buns, and pulled her mouth deep over the length of my cock.

She grimaced and gagged, desperately attempting to control herself from spewing as my cock tapped the back of her throat. I eased her in more gently with the following manual shoves of her head onto my rod, still trying to find her limit as to how deep her face was willing to go. Ruby took my cue from there as I felt her neck bob back and forth without the aid of my hand. There was still some residual thoughts as to how wrong this was, but I fell further and further into the depths of my pleasure.

Ruby seemed to be there as well, using both of her hands to clutch the back of my legs to pull me in closer.

She enjoyed sucking my cock, and her improving technique reflected it. I grew more excited than ashamed as I watched my schlong disappear and reappear from this teenager's mouth. "How does it taste?" I asked boastfully. Ruby removed my stick from her mouth momentarily to answer. "It tastes like crap," she blurted out playfully, sparking some deja vu from earlier in the day.

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Her smug facial expression showed that she was half joking, but also half serious as she put it back in her mouth, polishing off my dick which still carried the cigarette flavored saliva and faint lipstick smudges from the woman who was working on it earlier.

"Ith gwoth 'n bittuh," she mumbled to describe the flavor with the cock still in her mouth. She paused and removed my cock from her mouth once again.

I noticed her eyes staring at the slit of my cock's tip. I had begun to ooze a thick flow of precum that connected to Ruby's bottom lip in one gooey arching bridge. Maybe that was what she was tasting. Her willingness to satisfy me despite her distaste actually turned me on. I removed my cock from her mouth and held it up with my hand in front of her face to signal for her to lick the soft wrinkled skin of my testicles. Reluctantly, she did, lapping up all the juices that had dripped down there from earlier.

With my hand, I forcibly pushed Ruby's head in again until her nose pressed deep into my nut sac. Her jaw opened wide to swallow an entire ball of mine while she moved it around her mouth with her tongue. Enjoying the teabagging of my s!ster, I arched my back and tilted my head until I was looking toward the flickering lights of the bathroom ceiling. I momentarily tried to escape the shame of this great sucking when I heard moaning that was not of my own. I turned my attention back below to see Ruby had disregarded my earlier orders and had taken the stranger next door in her tiny right hand as she simultaneously sucked and nibbled on my sac and cock.

The mystery man's schlong began to grow with excitement. Ruby's hand was unable to fully grip the width of him with her thumb and index finger several inches from meeting as they curled around his thick shaft. I, again, displayed my disapproval as I slipped my cock back in her mouth, thrusting my hips deep into her once again as if to either distract or punish her. The wet clucking noise of her mini gags continuously echoed as I rammed her tonsils again and again and again.

The pale skin on her face had grown a faint pink from deepthroat exertion. The act of facefucking Ruby increased my own pleasure, but it failed to fully occupy her as Ruby's handjob on the stranger simply mirrored the speed of my hip thrusts. I wanted to be upset with her. I tried to be upset with her.

But deep down, the visual of Ruby stroking a large unknown man while simultaneously getting her throat fucked by myself was driving me wild. "Uhhhh. Get on your knees," I told her, losing all self control. While keeping one cock in her mouth and one in her hand, she finally rose from the seat of the toilet in order to kneel before us for better control and positioning.

With her shorts and panties around her ankles still restricting her movement, she clumsily rested her bare knees onto the cold mildew-tarnished floor of the tavern's restroom. It was only then I was able to catch a glimpse of the pelvis she was teasingly guarding from a seated position earlier. She sported a small tuft of black pubic hair in between her pencil thighs.

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It was unruly enough to show that she had never shaved, but short enough as if it had just begun to grow. Her tiny engorged pink clit poked out from its sheaths, begging to be touched probably for the first time. Now that she was on her knees, I thrusted harder and harder. This action f0rced Ruby to open her mouth wider in order to accommodate me, flashing me the braces on her teeth. Her cheeks reddened even more and her eyes began to glisten with moisture as her lips smashed against the base of my crotch over and over again.

Finally she quickly threw her head back away from my dick and released the man's cock from her hand grip to what I thought would be her surrender, letting us know she had had enough. But she surprised me yet again. In one long glide of her flattened tongue, she licked the length of her right hand in order to leave a thick coat of saliva on her palm. I didn't know if her agenda was to taste the mystery man's penis through her hand or to lubricate it as she clasped his giant dong once again to continue jerking.

Within the first few strokes, the flesh of his cock began to shimmer from the spit despite it being dimly lit within the stalls. She then took my cock back into her mouth, this time forcibly throwing her head deep down to the base of my shaft on her own. What a young slut. I couldn't take it anymore. Back to back sloppy blowjobs with a handjob sideshow was more than I could take. I had to explode right then and there. As I pulled myself from the her strong suction, Ruby emitted a large playful popping noise with her mouth as my rod sprung out from between her gums.

Resting the tip of my cock on the bridge of her nose, I began firmly jerking myself as I targeted the middle of her face. I felt Ruby's hand cup my balls, massaging them before sliding her fingers upward to replace my stroking hand with her own. Taking charge, she was now rubbing two penises before her, synching the speed and tempo on both cocks as I watched helplessly from above.

"I need to cum! Let me cum on your face!" My first stream of cum was a long powerful blast that struck her on the forehead right below her hairline, leaving a thick white unbroken trail of cream that extended to the tip of her nose. My first eruption excited Ruby as her left hand grip tightened around my dick, and her speed picked up in order to milk more fluids out. My second stream was even thicker but not as a far, striking Ruby's face right between her eyebrows in one large arching splat.

Its trail merged with the first as the line of cum that silhouetted her nose thickened in width. Ruby had begun to hum as she twisted her face for better coverage. My third thick burst of cum coated her entire open right eye from the brow and eyelid down to bone of her right cheek.

The sting to her eyeball f0rced her to seal it shut as semen pooled around the inner corner of her eye until only her eyelashes poked out from the puddle of white cream. She twisted her head once again as the collection to the right side of her face was too much to take.

Still going strong, I blasted out a heavy fourth load back toward the middle of her nose as the growing sea of cum began to overflow down her nose and to the sides of both cheeks. While she enjoyed the initial shots of cum to her face, she began to wince as the shear volume of this facial became overwhelming.

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However, my sac continued to twitch as it tried to drain itself dry. My 5th shot was more of a faucet spill. With the hole of my cock still pointed at the tip of her nose, more jizz rushed out and poured straight down until it slalomed down her nose, through the indentation of her upper lip and onto the soft pink mounds of her kisser. My 6th and 7th shots were laborious as I had to rigorously stroke them out myself as it dripped onto the pool on her lips.

As it plastered her lips, it began to flow down toward the corners of her mouth and then down her chin. She kept her lips puckered but clenched tightly in order to keep the sour and bitter taste of my cream from entering her mouth. I wrung out my 8th and last bit of cum onto her chin before flapping my cock up and down flinging several droplets back up toward her forehead.

I stepped back, panting from exhaustion, to enjoy the sight of my glorious cumshot on Ruby. I gave myself credit for the full coverage of the facial. Ruby's face, on the other hand, was locked in a grimace as the thick and gooey liquids plastered and ran all over her face. Her right hand had also frozen in place around the stranger's cock as all her attention had been diverted to her semen shower.

When she sensed that I had indeed finished, she finally opened her one free eye to look around. With her right eye sealed shut under the puddle of cum, she turned to me and flashed me a stern look of exasperation with her left eye. "Really?!" she said sarcastically, not enjoying the filthy cream mask on her face.

"You asked for it," I said with a heckle. She tilted her head back down, allowing the thick globs to drip and fall to her bare lap as she remained kneeling on the dirty bathroom floor. She finally released the other man's cock with her right hand in order to wipe just enough batches of cum from her eye until she was at least able to squint from a slight clearing among the sperm puddle around her right orbit.

Ruby began to blow and spit the salty contents that had penetrated her mouth before looking back up to me with a look of revenge on her face. Reveling in how humiliated she looked, I chuckled once more as an older br0ther would have done albeit usually not after a sexual encounter. "Why do you stupid boys like this? I'm so gonna get you back for this," she said, this time with a slight smirk on her face.

"Oh yeah? How are you going to do that?" "Just watch. I'm going to get my payback." "Yeah, I don't think there's much you can do that would bother me as much," I continued to taunt. I was wrong yet again as she didn't wait to make her next move. While remaining on her knees, she twisted her body until she faced the anonymous man's large cock. With both hands, she gripped the base in order to cantilever it high in front of her mouth. She slightly turned her head until her clear left eye was focused on me.

She stuck out her pointed tongue, and held it just under the man's flesh without touching it. "Can I suck it now?" she asked me teasingly, fully knowing I would not approve. "No!" I shouted from under my breath, careful not to alert the man next door of the resistance. "Can I suck it now?" "Ruby! You don't even know who that is! You don't know where he's been!" "Can I suck it now?" "Ruby, this has gone on far enough!

It's one thing with me, someone you know, but it's another thing with a complete stranger!" "Can I suck it now?" With the same sarcastic tone, she parroted her beg over and over in this juvenile game of hers. With my face displaying an expression of disapproval, Ruby opened her mouth wide and swallowed the head of the monster cock, making a purposeful loud slurp in order to further annoy me. With a few more slow bobs of her head around his crown, she paused with the mass of flesh still in her mouth, stared at me and flashed a huge smile with her braces, brandishing a throbbing cock in between them.

There was something about the visual of my tiny Asian s!ster's cheeks being stretched by the huge veiny load in her mouth. She tried to go deeper, her lips flexing to their limit to accommodate the girth of the mystery man. Her cum-lathered face still gleamed in the restroom lighting, dripping one drop at a time onto the soft white skin of her bare thighs.

I admitted to myself that this was indeed hot. But I tried to play the role of defensive sibling anyway. "This isn't right. I can't let my little s!ster do this with a stranger," I pleaded one last time. "Half-s!ster," she corrected me. That formality didn't say much except that this bratty girl was going to have her way, and she was going to let me know about it. The man in the next stall began grunting as Ruby used both of her tiny hands independently from each other to stroke the remaining two thirds of his cock that she couldn't fit in her mouth.

As her mouth descended down his flesh, it would deposit as much of her mouth's juices that her stretched lips could push out in a perfect formed ring of saliva around the middle of his shaft. From there, her right hand would stroke upward to collect her own spit as her left hand was moving downward to spread it across the length of him.

Her gulping sounds became louder, almost exaggerated, each time his head [email protected] the back of her throat. Ruby was doing all of this while staring directly at me, her left eye looking playfully sinister the entire time. She was toying with me. Seducing me. Fine. I'll happily play along.

I approached Ruby in a casual stroll as she sucked off the man next door. I maintained a fake smile of my own, a cheesy poker face if you will. I took my right hand, and petted her head as it bobbed to and fro as if to encourage her.

I then palmed the back of her head as I did earlier, running my fingers between her pigtail buns. With Ruby firm in my control, I pushed her head in, breaking her barriers as to how much she could take the well-hung man in her mouth. My arousal hit both new highs and lows. How sick was I to be cramming my own little s!ster's face into the crotch of an unknown pervert?

However, those inhibitions once again began to fade as Ruby began humming and moaning with ecstasy. Her face grew bright red and her eyes began to well with moisture as the man's horse meat irritated the depths of her throat.

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With the enormous rod held in her mouth, she gargled loudly in order to vibrate and tickle the tip of his cock with her throat, creating large bubbles of spit that foamed out from between her lips wrapped around his flesh. Her neck bobbing continued through the f0rce of my hand, pushing her face as far as it would go toward the glory hole. "How does it taste?" "It. tasth. betta.den.yourth." she mumbled with his cock in her mouth, one word at a time in between dick stabbings to her throat.

Her lovely Asian eyes continued to pry up at me, revealing how much she enjoyed this as she sucked off the stranger with gusto.

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What an adorable slut. It wasn't long until I was rock hard again, waving my dick over her semen soaked face for another round. She acquiesced, grabbing me with her left hand to pull me closer. With a cock in each hand of hers, Ruby moved back and forth, sucking my head before moving onto the other man. She began to use her tongue more, first running it in circular motions around each of our crowns before dragging it across the undersides of our dicks. Wanting to taste both of us at the same time, she pinned the heads of our cocks together side by side, flicking both of our slits pointed directly in her mouth in long sweeping motions.

From there she swallowed both of our heads at once, each of our dicks pulling her cheeks in opposite directions like a squirrel's mouth crammed with acorns. I marveled at how the puddles of my cum began to run down her inflated cheek mounds, each side of her mouth crammed with a different cock. Unable to do more with a filled mouth, Ruby went back to sucking each penis in turns, going as far deep down with her mouth as her hands jacked us both.

Shortly after, we both noticed the man in the next stall twitch and convulse, his monster cock pulsing as if it were ready to erupt. Ruby temporarily released my own dick from her grip so that she could stroke the man's thick log with both hands as she rested the bottom of his head's tip on the base of her tongue.

The man in the next stall began roaring in loud and aggressive fashion for several moments, creating a tense penultimate moment before cumming. And through Ruby's wide open mouth, I saw his first jet of cum, a load so powerful that you could literally hear the stream splat as it crashed into the back of her throat.

His second stream was just as voluminous, completely filling my little s!ster's mouth. By his third stream, Ruby's orifice had exceeded its limits, allowing the cum to seep out from the corners of her lips. The bottom of her mouth was now inundated by white gel to the point where I could not even make out her tongue.

Yet the man had so much more to dispel as he emptied the content of his sac into Ruby's mouth. His fourth stream of cum ran out of Ruby's mouth in a steady drizzle. The fifth cumshot was less forgiving, splattering off her tongue and caroming out like a shaken soda bottle. Long over-flooded, the sixth, seventh and eighth shots of cum poured from her chin in a fast current, creating a waterfall of cream that fell from her chin to her chest, thighs and pubic hair.

In order to squeeze the last drop out, both of Ruby's hands squeezed tightly around the man's shaft like a vice grip where you could visibly see the spongy shaft depress from the weight of her fingers. In slow but firm strokes, my little s!ster wrung out one last glob of spunk that fell with a splash as it landed in the deep load already in her mouth.

With her mouth wide open, Ruby then turned to me. Keeping her mouth agape, she whirled her tongue around her gooey sperm collection for a good minute to show me her reward. I couldn't help but to feel jealous.

And she knew it. Still without swallowing or spitting, Ruby turned back to the man who was still convulsing from his orgasm next door. She took his big sensitive prick back in her mouth, letting more cum spill down her lower jaw to fit his mass back inside between her gums.

Keeping her lower lip folded in as to keep the content of her mouth cupped inside, she continued to suck him once again, this time using his own jizz as a lubricant as her head bobbed up and down his monster shaft. From his grunts, you could hear the man ache from the bonus stimulation as Ruby's soft lips glided over his slippery shaft glazed by his own cum.

In one incredibly long pull of her soft pink lips, Ruby finally pulled her mouth from the individual, smearing more of his cum all over him. The man's dick finally retreated back to its own side of the wall, leaving me and my s!ster alone in the stall.

She turned to me and lowered her jaw to show the remaining load once more in another flirty expression. She closed her mouth and took a slight gulp, only to have to take another larger one to completely clear her mouth of cream. She winced from the salty and bitter taste before regaining another cute smile of hers. "Now back to yours." Ruby ran her hand back up toward me with her palm facing up, cupping my balls as she took my cock in her mouth yet again.

She seemed eager to skip all the slow and sensual buildup from before, sucking loudly and quickly while rubbing my nuts firmly in order to draw out a quick ejaculation. I gave in yet again, arching my back and thrusting my hip forward into her face. My knees became so weak that I had to grip the tops of the dividers on each side until my wingspan was completely splayed across the stall.

I came. Ruby released my testicles at the first taste of my salty spunk, placing both of her hands on her knees as she kneeled upright before me, using nothing but mouth and neck action to suck the juices out. I came again. My violently spasming and fidgeting contrasted Ruby's steady and continuous head bobs as I labored to dump any more cum into her mouth. I came again. I tried to compose my self, looking down at Ruby's face, her innocent almond eyes staring directly up at me with her cheeks caved in to create a tight pocket for my cock.

I came again. When I had no more left in my rod, she spit me out and took no hesitation in swallowing what I had left on her tongue. I was breathing heavily when she ran her tongue up and down my slit to polish off the last remaining bit of cum that was seeping out. Unable to take any more, I backed away from her, and pressed my back onto the door in order to prop myself up. I had just received the greatest blowjob at Murray's Tavern from my own little s!ster, Ruby.

As the oxygen came back to my head, so did my senses. And I now had to confront the innocent little girl I had always tried to protect about all of this. She was still kneeling on the grimy restroom floor, knees and thighs pinned together as cum dripped down her face, chin, shirt and thighs.

Her pants and underwear were still wrapped around her ankles, but the sight of her vulva was obstructed by another basin of semen that had collected from all the drips. Ruby's cheeks were still slightly red and the perimeter of her eyes puffy due to the slight tears from deepthroating.

Her hands were still sloppy, lathered with cum, spit and who knows what else. She looked like an innocent teenage high schooler and filthy disheveled whore at the same time. "Wha. Why.Wher. How. Whe." I tried to interrogate her in incoherent questions.

She just looked up to me with a crooked smirk, waiting for a question she could actually understand. "What just happened?" I asked the first broad question I could think of.

"I sucked your thingy. Then I sucked that guy's thingy. Then I sucked your thingy again," Ruby answered, using her adolescent vocabulary. "Why?" "Oh you know you stupid boys like that." "Where did you learn all of this? Don't tell me Europe." "Oh Europe is far more open about their sexuality than here. They do offer some good lessons. But that's not how I learned," she explained while unrolling toilet paper to wipe her hands and face at the same time.

"Then how?" "From here." "When?!" "Oh, I've been sucking stupif boys here at the tavern for a long time," Ruby admitted. I stood there frozen upon hearing confession of my little s!ster as she casually cleaned off all the semen off of her like it was of no inconvenience.

I felt angry. I felt disappointed.

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I felt stupid and naive. But among all of those emotions, I also felt wildly aroused. My tiny little s!ster who seemed to personify the complete opposite of our town's depravity turned out to be one of their biggest sexual deviants.

And I loved it no matter how much I didn't want to admit it. Just then, amidst the silence from my shock, another long stiff cock slid through the hole, dangling before my s!ster's face.

"Well are you just going to stand there? Are you staying or leaving? I have more work to do," Ruby announced as she took the stranger's penis in her hand for a few strokes before inserting it into her mouth.

She turned away from me, focusing on the new mystery man's schlong as if I weren't there. After one last bout with shock and awe, I relaxed and calmly approached the little kneeling girl as she blew yet another stranger.

"So. How does it taste?" "It tasth like cwap," she muttered with the cock still in her mouth. "Yourth tasth tho mwuch betta." I smiled upon hearing that praise as Ruby began to stroke my soft naked cock for one more go-around