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BED MAKING MOM Chapter Two by Simon Fear I awoke to the sound of my wristwatch's alarm going off at 3:30PM. At first I could not understand why I was sleeping at this time of day, or why I was on the living room floor.

Then I felt my mother move in my arms, and the memory of what had transpired between me and my mom in the last two hours rushed through my mind. I was laying on my right side, and my mom was laying against my front. She had been facing me at the start, but now she had turned and had her back to me.

My left arm was draped across her bare breasts and my hand was actually cupping her right boob, I could feel her hard nipple in my palm. My dick, which was hard again, was now sandwiched between her bare ass cheeks, and boy did it feel good.

I knew my sisters were just now getting out of school and my oldest sister G.G. would be getting home in about 20 minutes, and my youngest sister Vera would be getting home in about 30 minutes. But I did not really want to get up. As I lay there thinking about the wonderful sex that I just had with my mom, I slowly began humping my dick through her ass cheeks. I slowly began rubbing my hand over her bare tits, gently squeezing one nipple then the other.

I was beginning to pick the up the pace of my humping when my mom moaned in her sleep. I knew what I wanted to do, and even though we had just had sex, I wasn't sure how she would react, but I decided that we had gone beyond the point of no return so I decided to just go for it.

I could see her pussy lips slightly peeking through her bare naked thigh, and I gently lifted her left leg up a little, and then I positioned my dick at her pussy entrance. I could still feel the heat coming from her pussy, and I could also tell that her pussy had been leaking out my cum and her cum for the last hour.

She was still incredibaly wet, so it was no problem to enter into her tight hole. I slowly eased myself in, while I continued to play with mom's nipples. She responded in her sleep by moaning, and she actual pressed her ass back into me, causing my dick to slide all the way into her. I stopped for a second to see if she was awake, but then I heard her make a cute little snore.

I was deffinatly looking at my mom in a new way, and I was loving it. I was still rubbing her nipples and I began to slowly fuck my sleeping beauty. As I started picking up my pace, mom was beginning to moan out pretty loudly in her sleep.

I figured she was pretty close to cumming. I really start going all out when mom actual woke up screaming in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded from her pussy. Her juices began splashing past my dick and getting my thighs all wet.

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Mom was literally thrusting her ass hard against me, and her pussy contracting so hard on my dick cause me to go over the edge. I slammed my dick hard into her pussy as I felt my dick release it's load for the second time that day.

I didn't cum as hard as earlier but I did squirt about 5 long shots of sperm deep in her pussy adding to what I put in there earlier.

I finally relaxed and began kissing her shoulder. Mom started rubbing my arm that was draped across her breasts. She then turned her head to look at me and I smiled and leaned down and began kissing her. I could still feel her pussy milking my now shrinking dick. I finally broke our kiss, "Any regrets mom?" She smiled and squeezed my hand, "No baby, no regrets unless you have any." I shook my head, "No regrets mom. I hope you don't mind, about me cumming in you again without a condom on." Mom smiled, "Actually I think it was a nice way to wake me up.

I'm sorry I fell asleep like that. I just love feeling your dick inside of me." With that mom began grinding her ass against me again, and believe or not, my dick which was about almost shrunk to normal, came right back into full attention inside mom's pussy.

Mom gasped as she felt it grow inside of her, "Oh my Simon, are you that horny?" She giggled like a little school girl. I grinned, "Mom, you make me that horny." Mom quickly slid off of my penis and stood up, and for a minute I thought I had said something to upset her, but then she bent over and push at me with her hand, forcing me to roll onto my back, my hard dick pointing almost straight up, cum still dribbling down the side.

Mom then placed her right leg on one side of my waist, so that now she was standing right over my penis. I saw mom's naked and completely bare pussy, which was staring me in the face.

I could see a trickle of my white cum dripping out of her pussy and down her thigh. Mom squeezed both of her large boobs and then ran her hands down her stomach and across her pussy. Her left middle finger slipped deep into her pussy.

It was sexy as hell. "Mom I have to say that you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen.

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No one can contend with you." She smiled, "You don't know how it makes me feel to hear you say that baby." She was still finger fucking her pussy. Mom then pulled her finger with a wet slurp and began to squat down. She lowered herself all the way down until the tip of my dick was once again right at her opening. Mom slowly begin to lower herself onto my tool.

I felt her hot wetness engulf my 9 inch dick until she had forced all of it into her. Mom then began to slowly fuck me. I had figured that it would take me a while to cum, since I had cum so much, but seeing her tits swaying in front of my face, and feeling her tight pussy contract on my dick, it didn't take long at all.

I felt the cum flowing up my shaft and I grunted out, "Oh Tracy I'm about to cum." Mom screamed out, "Oh Fuck yes baby cum inside me, OOOOOhhhhhh Fuck I'm cummmminnngggg!!!" As soon as she screamed those word I rammed my dick hard up into her as I started unloading my cum once more into her sweet pussy.

Mom slammed down hard onto me as she came once more, her juices spraying out onto my pelvis and even my stomach. I grunted as the last of my sperm emptied into her. For a brief moment I thought if I kept this up I would get mom pregnant.

But that left my mind when mom bent over and began kissing me passionatly on the lips, her tits squashing onto my chest. I felt spent, but it had been so worth it. I rubbed her ass and even spread her cheeks causing her to moan out as the cool air brushed against her bare anus. Suddenly we froze as we heard a muffled car door shut somewhere outside the house. Mom eyes grew wide with panic.

"Simon what time is it?" I quickly glance at my watch. "Oh shit mom, its 3:52PM." Just then we both looked at the door, just kind of frozen as we heard soft feet walking up the concrete path to our front door. Then the voice of my oldest sister G.G.

talking flowed through and then the giggling of another female voice. Shit, G.G. was bringing a friend in. Mom was still sitting on my pelvis, my semi hard dick still impaled in her pussy, cum from both us dripping all over our legs and thighs. I don't know why we didn't move, I guess we were to frozen in fear, but then we heard G.G. stick her key in the deadbolt of the door and saw the latch click to the unlock position. Everything went fast after that. Mom immediatly jumped off of my dick, which caused the built-up spunk and pussy juice inside her to splat on the carpet.

Mom took off running towards the stairs while I jumped up and grab my pile of clothes (thankfully I had dropped all of them into one pile) and bolted for the hallway. I entered the hallway just as I heard the G.G.'s key turn the doorknob and open it. Luckily I was out of sight by this time. I ran all the way to my room and fumbled with the door knob as my hands were full with my clothes.

I grabbed the door knob just as I heard my sister's voice in the living room. I quickly opened it and ducked inside hoping that G.G. did not see my bare naked ass. I sat down on the floor with my back against the door breathing heavily, my heart thumping loudly in my chest. I could hear mom moving around up in her room, probably getting some clothes on.

I decided that I had better do the same. I listened through the door again and heard my sister giggling and talking with her friend, I wondered who it was as I dropped my clothes to find my boxers. As I searched through my things I heard my sister's friend giggle then say, "Hey look what I found on the floor in front of the couch.

Do they belong to your brother?" I stopped breathing, oh no I didn't forget those did I?" Then I heard my sister say, "EEWWWWW! They look wet in the front. And something smells really strange in here." I quickly looked through my clothes and to my horror I realized that I had left my boxers in the living room and the wet spot in them was probably from my pre-cum that had oozed out.

And the smell was probably the smell of sex. Then I heard G.G.'s friend say, "EEWWW! There are some wet spots in the carpet.

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I bet he was jerking off in here." SHIT, I thought. Now I really can't come out of here. Then I heard my mom, "G.G. is that you dear?" "Yes mom, and Jennifer too. I brought her here so we could study for an exam tomorrow. Is it alright if she stays for dinner?" I could tell by the sound of mom's voice that she was walking down the stairs, "Sure sweety, oh and would you do me a favor.

Grab the carpet cleaner from the laundry room for me, I dropped my glass of soda on the floor and forgot to clean it up. Oh I see it made a bigger mess than I first thought. Oh and it looks like some even splashed onto Simon's boxers that I accidently dropped out of the clothes basket." Oh thank you mom for sparing me the humiliation I thought. I heard the girls giggling and then I heard them run up the stairs and to G.G.'s room. Seconds later mom knocked on the door, "Simon its me baby.

Can I come in?" I stood up and moved away from the door. "Sure mom, come on in." I was still naked of course, but I didn't care since it was just mom, and we had just had the most incredible sex. Mom opened the door and quickly stepped in. Boy did she look so sexy. She had thrown on a green pair of very short sleeping shorts and a black t-shirt. I could tell right away that she did not have on a bra or panties, as I could see her nipples poking through the shirt and the slight swell and crease of her pussy lips in her shorts.

Her black hair was all disheveled but her face was glowing. My dick instantly rose to attention. Mom saw it of course and smiled as she stepped closer. "That was a close call wasn't sweety?" I grinned, "Sure was, I don't know how we would have explained that one." Mom stepped right in front of me and reaching out with her hand, she grasped my dick.

I felt it jump in her hand, and oh did it feel good. She leaned in closer to me as she slowly began to pump my dick, "Still no regrets baby?" I shook my head, "No mom, no regrets. Never, will I regret this." Mom leaned her head in and began kissing me passionatly while she continued to stroke my dick. Mom then reached around me with her free hand and grasped my butt cheek, so I then reached around and slid my hands into the back of her shorts and began to caress her sweet ass.

Mom began pumping my dick faster and I knew it would not be long before I would cum again. She finally broke the kiss and looked me in the eye, "Do you think there is time for one more go while the girls are upstairs?" I grinned, "Oh mom I'm always ready for you anytime, but you will have to keep it down because you do get loud." Mom playfully slapped my ass, then removed her hand from my dick and stepped back.

Mom hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and quickly pushed them down to her ankles, then stepped out of them.

She then walked around me and went to the edge of the bed. Her back was to me and I loved watching that sexy ass jiggle. When she got to my bed, instead of turning around and laying down, she bent over, pointing her ass at me and then spread her legs and I saw her soaking wet pussy peek out at me.

Mom then looked around her arm at me and winked. I quickly walked over to her and holding my dick with my hand, I touched the head of it at the top of her ass and ran it down through her crack. When the tip brushed across her anus she shivered and actually pressed her ass back against my dick. I then slowly rubbed her little ass hole with my mushroom head as her body trembled. Mom pressed a littler harder against my dick, so I then began pushing back against her anus.

Mom's juices and my cum from earlier, had run down into mom's butt and her little back door hole was well coated, as well as my dick. I pressed and watched in awe as the head slowly entered her butthole. It was tight and hot as hell in her back hole. I pressed harder and watched as three inches of my dick disapeared into her ass. Mom's body shook as she clenched at the covers of my bed and I felt her ass clamped down on my dick. Mom trembled and grunted as her orgasm shook her.

I heard a little bit of squirting come from between her legs and I looked down and saw her sweet nectar flowing heavily down her thighs.

I could not believe that mom was already cumming and only from me entering her ass. I slowly pushed harder and watched as I sank my dick halfway into her ass.

I then slowly began to pull out and then push back in. Mom continued to trembled and she had to bury her face into my covers to muffle her squeals. I slowly began fucking my mom's ass as her orgasm continued to rack her body.

After a minute of this I felt my own cum beginning to flow up my shaft and I knew I was about to cum and I told mom. She lifted her face up, "Quick, shove it hard into my pussy, fuck me baby, fill me up again with your love juice." I quickly pulled out of her ass with a loud pop and then positioned my dick at her vaginal entrance. I saw her little asshole was gaping wide open now, and had not shrunk back down. I could see pitch black down into her anal cavity.

I then glanced down at my penis and I thought I should have seen a little bit of shit on my dick, but there was nothing there. As I pushed the tip of my dick into her pussy and felt her hotness I quickly slipped my thumb into her gaping butthole. Mom squealed out and buried her face into my covers, "Now baby, shove it in hard," her muffled yell came from the sheets.

I grabbed her hips and then I rammed into her hard. I heard mom scream out into the sheets. Thankfully the sound was muffled, though I was afraid that I might have hurt her, but when I stopped she rammed her ass into me, so I started pounding her pussy hard.

Mom was bucking against me and screaming into the sheets as she came hard, her juices gushing past my dick and against my thighs. I grunted as I started shooting my load deep into her pussy. I shoved hard one last time and held myself deep inside her as I squirted what was left of my cum. Mom continued to trembled under my body as she slowly let go of my wadded sheets. She was breathing hard as well as myself and she sank to her knees, my dick sliding out of her sopping pussy.

I knelt down behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her, my dick resting against her back. I reached my hands up under her shirt and rubbed her smooth stomach as she struggled to catch her breath.

I kissed her neck and her ears as she reached down with one of her hands and grasped my own through her shirt. "I love you so much Simon, in a way a mother is not suppose to love her son, but I do and I don't ever want this to stop." I squeezed her tightly, "I love you too mom, and I hope this never stops." We cuddled like this for a few more minutes when we both heard the front door and Vera call out, "Mommy I'm home." Mom squeezed my hand once more and then stood up and walked to my bedroom door.

"I guess I had better go out there." She grinned at me as she opened the door. "Mom aren't you forgetting something?" I said. She gave me a puzzled look.

I stood up and walked halfway to her, my dick swinging back and forth.

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I bent over and picked up her little shorts. Mom blushed and quickly took them from me. "I guess it would be best to put these on wouldn't it. Might raise questions as to why I came out of your room with only my shirt on." I grinned at her as she slipped on the shorts. I quickly stepped up to her and kissed her on the lips, my tongue slipping past her lips and meeting with her own tongue.

We kissed for a few seconds when Vera called again, "Mooooom where are you?" Mom broke the kiss and opened the door again, "You had best get dressed too sweety." She then turned around and walked out of my room. I walked over to the bed and laid down on it. My, my, my what a day this had turned out to be. Things were changing in my home and I was really loving it. I looked at my dick and saw that it was all slimy from my own cum and from mom's cum.

Hell I had pussy juice and cum on my pelvis and thighs. I decided to take a shower. My dick was now down to its limp 4 inches and I could feel it sway side to side as I walked over to my closet. I pulled out a thin robe that went down past my knees. I put it on and tied it off around my waist. I walked out into the hallway and looked out into the living room. I saw mom's sexy ass pointing at me in her little green shorts as she was down on her hands and knees scrubbing on the carpet.

I walked to the edge of the hallway entrance and looked around. No one but mom was out there. I stood there and watched as mom cleaned our cum stains off the floor.

Her shorts were so short that the bottom curves of her sexy butt cheeks showed. I could even see a wet spot in her crotch where her pussy would be at. Damn it if my dick didn't just spring right back up and push out against my robe. The girls must all be up in their rooms right now. I just could not help myself. I quietly walked up behind mom and knelt down behind her.

I parted my robe and my penis sprang out from hiding. Then very quickly I grabbed hold of the waist band of mom's shorts and slid them down her ass and slid a finger into her sopping pussy. Mom gasped out and I whispered, "Shhhhh its just me." I pressed my hard-on up against her butt crack.

Mom looked around at me, "One of them could come down any minute," but yet she began pressing her ass back into my dick, which let me know she wanted it as badly as I did.

I placed the tip of my penis back up against her anus and slowly pushed in. The head slipped past as my mom relaxed, "Oh God that feels so good Simon." Mom pushed even further back forcing my dick to slide deeper into her ass. Mom moaned out, a little bit more louder than was safe.

Mom pulled forward again and then pushed back even further. She pushed all the way until her bare cheeks pressed all the way against my pelvis.

I was now all the way inside her ass. My balls were pressed right up against her bare wet pussy. "Jeez Mom, I didn't think you would be able to take all of me in your ass," I whispered. Mom was breathing pretty hard, "I didn't think I would be able too either. Wow you are so big. I can feel you way up in me." Her body was trembling a little bit. "Am I hurting you?" She shook her head no, "Actually I'm so close to cumming right now," she moaned.

I pulled out slightly and slowly eased back in, seeing mom tremble even more, "So I take it that you like anal?" "MMM, Yes very much." I slowly began to fuck her ass, easing myself out and then slowly pushing back in.

"OOhhhh fuck," she moaned out. Her ass muscles clamped down onto my dick and her body shook as her pussy squirted juices back out against me as she came. I continued to slowly fuck mom as she kept cumming.

Her juices were longer squirting out in force but it was sure running out in a steady flow onto the carpet. Mom continued moaning out as I kept fucking her ass. Still her orgasm continued to go. I was keeping her peaked out. I did not know that a girl could cum for so long. I'm not sure how long I fucked her ass, I figure at least a minute or so and I was starting to feel my orgasm rising up, when mom moaned out, "Ohh fuck Simon I need it.I need it in my pussy.

Fuck my pussy baby, please fuck my pussy." Wow. I decided to tease her just a little bit before I gave it to her though. I pulled almost all the way till just the tip was the only part still in her ass, then I pushed it back in. Mom's body shook hard as another torrent of juice squirted out against me. Mom squealed. "OOhhhhh please baby fuck my pussy, fuck me, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, oh fuck my pussy!!!" I quickly pulled out and placed it at her pussy entrance.

"Give it to me baby, rammed it in me hard!!" I did just as she said. I rammed it in hard. When I did Mom cried out pretty loudly as she came hard. When she came, her pussy clamped tightly around my dick and forced me over the edge and I began shooting my load deep into her pussy.

I grunted out as I emptied my load when I heard a door upstairs shut. I quickly pulled out of my mom and wrapped my robe around me and mom straightened up and pulled her shorts up.

I was still in the throws of my orgasm and I felt a couple more squirts of sperm shoot out against the thin material of my robe. I so desperatly wanted to grab it and finish jerking it off but I kept my hand at bay. I stepped back and looked up at the landing expecting to see one of my sisters come to it and look over, wondering why mom had screamed out.

But to my relief no one came. My heart was thumping hard and I'm sure mom's was too. I looked down at her and grinned. Mom stood up while grinning back at me, "As much as I love having sex with you, we're not being very careful. We might try to be a little more cautious of when and where we do it." "That is going to be very hard to do mom." Mom smiled, "Oh believe I know it will be, cause everytime I see you now I just want to rip my clothes off and fuck you." "Me too, I just could not help myself.

I was going to take a shower and I saw your sexy ass. I couldn't resist." Mom leaned in and kissed me, then patted my dick through my robe, "You made a mess you know." Grinning I pointed to the wet spot on the carpet where her pussy had squirted on, "You too mom." Mom patted my ass, "Control yourself my horny son, and I'll try not to be sexy some of the time." "Mom you could be covered in mud and wear the most horrible clothes possible and still I would get aroused by you." Mom grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face the hallway.

Then she reached up under my robe and caressed my bare ass, "Off to the shower baby, Aunt Angel is coming to dinner and should be here in about an hour and a half, and I still need to take a shower myself.

She playful slapped my ass and then gently shoved me towards the bathroom. I looked over my shoulder at her, "Why not take one with me, we'll both be done at the same time, and it would be more private in there." Mom smiled at me then looked at the landing towards my sisters' rooms, "G.G. sweety!!" I heard a door open upstairs and then G.G. call back down, "Yeah mom." "Hun I'm going to take a shower before I start on dinner, will you girls be alright?" "Sure mom," G.G.

shouted back, "Enjoy your shower." There was something in the way she said that last phrase that made it sound like it strange, but I shrugged it off.

Mom grinned at me and the she quickly pulled her t-shirt off, freeing her lovely large breasts. Of course my penis came to attention once again and the head actually popped out through the opening of my robe to take a peek. Mom giggled and then quickly slid her shorts down and off her sexy legs. She was now standing completely nude in the middle of the living room.

I grinned at her and then motioned with my hand to have her follow me. She walked up to me, her breasts gently jiggling and then taking my hand I led her into the bathroom. When we got in there, mom quickly untied my robe and then slip it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She pressed her boobs into my back, and I felt her smooth stomach, and then she reached around and grasped my hard dick.

She slowly stroked up and down the shaft, and then her hand came back up to the head, she gently began rubbing the sensitive tip with her thumb. Oh this was a new sense of pleasure and I really loved it. Mom continued to rub the head with her thumb, and I felt a chill go up my spine.

Then ever so gently, she ran her thumb nail across the small slit of my mushroom head. My body trembled at this sensation. She did it a few more, before she let go. I let out a moan, "Oh don't stop mom." I heard a click and I turned around and saw that my mom had locked the bathroom door. "Just being cautious," she said. She walked around me, trailing her fingernails from my ass around my dick. Then she removed her hand from and turned to the tub. This bathroom had a good sized garden, with a shower head on one side of the wall.

Mom pulled the shower back and bent over the edge and turned on the faucets. She didn't look at me, but she did wiggle her butt at me, which told me have a little fun while I'm getting the water ready. I moved up behind mom and slid my hands over her sweet ass. I gently squeezed her butt cheeks then I spread them apart and saw her small little anus. It looked so smooth. I pressed the tip of my dick against it. Mom shuddered and pressed her butt against me.

I slowly rubbed my dick up and down her butt crack, making sure it rubbed across her anus. "Oh son you're such a tease,"she moaned out. "I know, but you love it." "MMMM," was all she said. While she ran her hand through the water to check the temperature I pressed my dick against her butthole and slid the head into her. Mom moaned and pushed back, and I slid further into her.

Mom began humping my dick and I met her thrusts. Soon I was fucking her ass much faster than I had previously and she was gripping the edge of the tub.


She moaning loudly. "Ohhhhh fuck baby, I'mmmmm Cummmmiiiinnnggggg, aaahhhhhhhhhh!!" Mom's butt muscles clamped down around my dick and I grunted out as I released another load, except this time it was in her ass. I leaned over mom's back and wrapped my arms around her as I pumped my spunk into her. I ran my right hand down to her pussy where I quickly slipped a finger inside her pussy and began fucking her pussy with it while I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

Mom screamed out in ecstacy as her pussy erupted again and juice squirted all over my hand. I continued frigging mom's pussy with my finger as her ass continued to milk my dick. Finally mom gasped out, "No more baby, I.I can't take any more, ooooohhhhh fuccckkk!!!" I slipped my finger out of her pussy and I began rubbing her stomach.

Mom's knees trembled and I thought she would colasp, but she managed to keep her legs. Finally I eased my penis out of her ass. My cum dribbled out of her ass, and her asshole remained gaping open.

Finally mom reached out and flipped the knob and the water stopped pouring out of the faucet and the shower head came to life. Mom straightened up and quickly reached behind her and cupped her ass as my cum came dribbling out, "Oh my, I'm so stretched open.

I feel like I need to shit. Oh, Oh I do need to shit," she groaned out. I looked down at my dick and noticed that there was little bit of shit smeared on it. Guess I had reamed her ass a little too hard. I glanced over and saw mom sitting on the toilet.

She tried being very modest but I could the shit plopping in the toilet. "I'm so sorry baby, I understand if your grossed out." "Honestly mom, I'm not grossed out, though it might be wise to use condoms next time we try that out." She grinned, "Usually girls get enamas before having anal sex, to prevent that, but it felt so good, I just didn't want it to stop." I grinned back as I grabbed a wash cloth and wetted it in the shower water, "Me either mom.

Better get some enema bags, cause I'm going to want to do that and I've heard condoms take away the sensations." I started wiping my dick off, while mom wiped her ass.

I tossed the soiled cloth into the hamper against the wall as mom walked over to, pressing her tits into my back and wrapping her arms around my waist. "Kissing my ear she whispered, "You know, I never did let your dad do that to me, but I always did it with one of my toys.

I don't know why, but I just didn't want him to fuck me back there." I covered her hands with mine, "And what about me?" She kissed my neck, "You can always fuck my ass whenever you want baby." Mom gently pushed me towards the tub, and I stepped in letting the water run over my body.

I took mom's hand and helped her in. Mom was facing me and she leaned in and began kissing me on the lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my around her and placed my hands on her butt cheek and pulled her close into me, feeling my dick press into her pelvis. While we were kissing, mom walked me backwards until I was directly under the shower water as it cascaded over both of us. After a few minutes of kissing mom stepped back and grabbed the bar of soap, and a dry washcloth and began soaping the cloth up.

Mom pulled me out from under from under the water and then she began lathering my body up with the soapy cloth. She started first with my neck, then moved down my chest. Next she she soaped my arms, and then down my sides. She started ticking my sides with her fingernails causing me to squirm. Then she grabbed the bar of soap and re-applied it to the cloth. Then she started lathering my thighs and then down to my ankles.

Mom then had me turn around and started at my ankles she started washing my back. She moved up my legs and then rubbed my ass with the soapy cloth. Then re-soaping the cloth, she washed me up my back and then the back of my neck. When she was finished she set the cloth down and gently pushed me under the water, letting it wash the soap off. Mom ran her hands all over me, and it felt so good. My dick was already hard again and pointing up at an angle. Finally after all the soap was off, mom turned me around again to face her and pulled me out of the water once more.

She grabbed the wash cloth and got it soapy again and then she began washing my dick. After working on it for a good few minutes she pushed me back into the pouring water and help wash the soap off my dick and balls. Her hands felt so good. Finally when the soap was all gone, she eyed my dick as she lightly ran her fingertips up and down the length of my shaft. Before I knew what was happening, Mom moved forward and wrapped her mouth around the head of penis. "I leaned back against the shower wall, "Oh God Mom, you don't know how good that feels." Mom just responded by moaning around my dick as she took 5 inches into her mouth and then withdrew, licking the head.

She wrapped her right hand around the base of my shaft as she took it back in her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving around my shaft as her hand stroked up to her lips. She withdrew again and looked up into my eyes, "Have you had one of these before?" Usually I would have denied such a thing, not wanting to tell my mom my most intimate secrets, but now things were different between us.

"Yes mom I have, but I have to say, just what your doing now is better than any other blow jobs I have gotten." Mom smiled at me and slipped her mouth back down onto my cock.

Mom began sucking on my dick in earnest, taking as much as she could down into her throat. Her left strayed around my waist and then grasped my bare butt cheek, and then she ran her fingertips through my butt crack. She pulled her mouth off my dick and looked up again.

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"Tell me if this is too weird for you." She put her mouth back around my dick and continued sucking. I was wondering what could be weird about what was going on, when I felt her finger tip press against my ass hole. Because my whole body was wet it did not take much effort for her finger to slip up to the first knuckle in my ass. Now normally I would never have tried anything like that because I had always assumed that anything going up a guys ass was just being gay, but when my mom's finger slid in, the sensation was so pleasurable I just moaned out and she took that as a cue to slip it in further.

I gasped out and I started humping her face, so that when I would back I would force her finger into mouth my ass. Mom continued to suck me off, as she slid a second finger into my ass. I felt myself being spread open and I felt my cum starting to rise up, "Oh fuck mom I'm bout to cum!!" Mom quickly removed her right hand from my shaft and slid my dick all the way into her mouth, I could feel her throat pulsing around it.

At the same time she slid a third finger into my ass. This was just too much and I felt sperm explode from my dick and down her throat. Mom eased back off my dick as it shot a second rope into her mouth and then she shoved her three finger deep into my ass.

I felt a third then a fourth rope of cum shoot into her mouth. Mom swallowed all of it. I didn't see a drop of cum dribble out of her mouth. Mom pulled her mouth off my dick as the firth rope splashed against her face and the last rope being week shot down onto her large breasts.

I felt a little cum dribble out of my penis, and even though I was no longer squirting, my orgasm felt like it was still going on. I think mom could tell that because she went back down on my dick and started sucking on it again. By now it was getting very sensitive and I was very surprised when I felt my orgasm rise back up and two more weak ropes of cum squirted into her mouth. Exhausted I pulled my dick out from mom's mouth and rested against the shower wall.

Mom was still squatting in the shower looking up at me. "I smiled back, "Damn mom, that was the best ever, and that is a first for me, to cum twice in a row like that." Mom stood up grinning at me. She walked up to and wrapped her arms around and kissed me heavy. I actually tasted my own cum for the first time, it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't something I would always do.

Of course my ass felt very weird, like I needed to shit real bad. Mom stepped back and bent over and grabbed the bar of soap and the second wash clothe and began lathering it up. I stepped up to mom and taking her shoulders I gently moved around her and then pushed her back up under the shower water.

Using my hand that wasn't holding the clothe I started feeling of her smooth round belly, rubbing with my palm.


Like I said before mom was skinny but she had that slight roundness to her stomach which I thought was sexy as hell. I felt mom shudder as I slipped my finger into her small bellybutton and then I continued upward until I was rubbing one tit then the other. I heard mom moan and when I looked at her face I saw that her eyes were closed. After rubbing her breasts for about a minute I then trailed back down her body and came right to the top of her bare slit. I ran my finger tips around the sides of her pussy lips and mom slightly pushed her hip out at me.

Then I slowly started at the top of her slit and slid my finger down through her lips, brushing over her clit. Mom trembled and pushed her hip further out. I went all the way down till I came to her entrance and quickly slipped my forefinger in.

But as mom tried to move to get my finger to go further in I quickly pulled it out, making her moan in anguish. "Oh baby, don't tease your mother, you know it's not nice," she whispered.

I just grinned as I reached forward again, slipping my finger in and pressing my thumb against her clit.

Mom squealed out, and as I started finger fucking her I began washing her body with the soapy clothe in my other hand. I lather both of her large tit, paying extra attention to her hard nipples, and then up to her neck.

Mom started moaning loudly and her hips were begining to thrust hard my hand. I knew that she was close, so I quickly slipped my finger out and grabbed the bar of soap to re-lather the clothe. Mom gasped out at my withdrawal and tried to move her own hand down, but I playfully slapped it away. "Nuh uh mom, you'll get to cum, when I say." "Don't be so mean to me sweety, it's been a long day," she said, but when I looked at her face I saw that she had grinned which let me know she was having fun.

As she calmed down from her near orgasm, I began washing her stomach and replaced my finger back into her pussy. I started finger fucking her and mom started to get close real fast, so when I got down to her pelvis with her the soapy cloth, I removed my finger again. Mom let out another moan of anguish as I denied her of an orgasm. I then started lathering her ankles and moved up her thighs.

As I got close to her pussy mom stopped me. "Wait hun, let me clean there real, I'm pretty sure you've never cleaned a pussy before." "Wouldn't you clean it the same way as a penis?" I asked. Mom giggled, "Oh no son, you see we have to clean up inside as well. Do me a favor, step out real quick and grab one of those douche boxes under the sink." I stepped out real quick, but not before making mom promise that she wouldn't make herself cum.

I opened the cabinet and looked in there. I had never before looked in there, since I kept all of my stuff in the cabinet above. There inside was 4 boxes of douches. I grabbed one and got back in the shower. I handed it to mom who then opened it up and pulled out a squirt bottle. It had a tall nozzle on it with slits al the way around it.

Mom shook it up and then positioned the long nozzle at her pussy hole. She then slid it up and proceeded to squeeze it. I watched in awe as I saw it fill her up and then run back out of her pussy. When it was empty she turned and adjusted the shower head to where it shot out a single thick stream of water.

She opened the bottle and filled it up and then repeated the process. When it was empty again she took the box from and pulled out a smaller tube. "Frangrence," she told me. She poured the stuff into the bottle and then refilled it. She shook it up and then cleaned her pussy a third time.

Then she handed the bottle to me which I sat on the floor outside the tub. "Now you can clean the outside," she whispered. I gently applied the soapy cloth to her shaven mound and cleaned it good. Her pussy was smelling very sweet.

And it looked sexy. Finally when I was done with her front I slowly turned her around and cleaned her back. While I did this, I reached around with my free hand and slipped my finger back into her clean hot pussy. I felt her orgasm building up and again I removed my hand. Finally when I was done with her back I turned her around and looked at her soapy sexy body. I leaned into her and reached up and re-adjusted the shower head to regular spray. I rubbed her body as the water washed the soap off of her.

When the soap was gone from both of us, I decided that now was time. I knelt down in front of her and pressed my face into her smooth mound. I slid my tongue as far in as it would go as I tasted her juices for the first time. It was very sweet with a slight saltiness to it. I loved it. I ate her pussy out as if there was no tomorrow. Mom began screaming, "Ohhh God baby make me cum, give it to me Simon, Oh fuck my pussy with your tongue." I did just as she told me.

I tongue her pussy hard, and I placed my hands on her bare ass, gently squeezing her cheeks. Just before mom came though, I took my tongue and then moved up to her clit, taking it between my lips. As I began sucking on it, mom screamed out and started cumming. I opened my mouth to cover her pussy as her juices squirted in.

I drank as much as I could, but I'm sure some spilt down onto my chest though it was hard to tell from the shower water.

As my mouth covered her pussy I slid my tongue back into her gaping pussy, feeling the juices wash over it. Mom grinded her pussy hard into my face as her orgasm continued.

She was screaming so loudly I was sure the girls would be able to hear her from upstairs, but at this point, I didn't care anymore. After what seemed like an eternity mom finally had to push my head away from her pussy, cause she was getting too sensitive. I sat down in the tub, and pulled mom down in my. She sat side ways in my lap, and we kissed each other. We jumped though when we heard a knocking on the bathroom door, then G.G. yelled, "Mom are you in there?" SHIT I thought.

I looked at mom, but she smiled, "Yes hunny, I'm in here!" "Why are in here instead of your own shower?" "The hot water up there wasn't working for some reason so I used Simon's bathroom." There was a pause, "I thought Simon was going to take a shower also." My mom sighed, "He did sweety, he should be in his room I think." Mom smiled at me, then G.G. spoke up, "Well he's not, I went to his room to ask him where you were, but he wasn't there." Damn I thought, why wouldn't she leave us alone.

Mom called out again, "Do you need something hun?" "Just wanted to talk to you about something." "Well I'll be out in a minute." G.G. said, "OK, I'll be in the living room." At this point me and mom were already getting out the shower and dripping on the bathroom floor. I reached over to grab us some towels, when I noticed that there was only one. I handed that one to mom, "You wrap this around yourself so you can go out, then while she is distracted I'll run into my room." Mom smiled at me and kissed me real quick, then wrapped the towel around her body.

I was still wet and dripping and my dick had shrunk down to its usual 4 1/2 inches. Mom looked down and quickly reach out and took it her hand stroking it. In just seconds it was back to its 9 inches rock hard and pointing up. Mom spread the bottom of her towel open and stepped up to me and quickly slid my dick into her pussy about 3 inches in.

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I felt her pussy muscles milking my dick as she slowly slid up and down it. Then to my dismay mom pulled off of me and wrapped her towel around me. "Aww mom now it will never go down," I said. She just smiled and opened the bathroom door and walked out.

I opened the door up little to listen and I heard my mom talking to G.G. I peeked around the corner and saw that neither of them were in view of the hallway so I quickly walked out and down to my room. Just as I got to my door I heard my mom say, "Hey Angela, I didn't know you were here." I quickly turned toward the living room and I heard Aunt Angel's voice, "Well hey yourself Tracy, my you look sexy in that towel." I heard G.G. giggle and then say, "Yeah she just took a shower in Simon's bathroom." As I was listening I saw Aunt Angel step into view and look down in my direction.

When she saw me her eyes opened wide and then I remembered I was completely naked, my hard dick pointing up at an angle at her. As I quickly walked into my room I heard you say, "So did you enjoy your shower Trace?" Then I shut the door. Damn, Aunt Angel was sure to know what had happened and she had seen me naked. I was really hard by now, mom had left me in a bad way, teasing me like I had teased. I went and sat on the edge of my bed, and grasped my dick.

I figured I had enough time to rub one out before I got dressed and went out with the rest of my family. I started stroking my penis, thinking about everything me and mom had done. I had cum some much today that it did not take long for my orgasm to build back up. My penis was getting very sensitive and my hand was flying up and down my shaft.

I felt my cum coming up my cock and I grunted out. Just then my bedroom opened up and Aunt Angel walked right just as the first rope of cum shot from my penis. I stopped my rubbing my penis, but I kept my hand on it and a second rope and then a third rope shot from it. The cum had shot a couple of feet out from me and landed on the floor. Aunt Angel just stood there, her eyes opened wide as she stared at my spurting cock.

The last bit of cum oozed out of my penis and ran down it to where my hand was still wrapped around it. I was so frozen in shock I didn't know what to do. Just as another bit of cum starting oozing out I heard G.G.'s voice, "Is he in there, I could have sworn he wasn't." She popped around the door and froze, wide eyed, as she saw the last bit of cum running down my shaft.

"Oh my God.", she whispered.