Three Ballerina blowjob and facial

Three Ballerina blowjob and facial
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I woke up to my sister impatiently nudging me awake saying "get up! Dad just parked into the garage, we need to go get dressed quick". I hurried out of Jessica's room as she was getting dressed and ran into mine.

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By the time I got dressed I heard my dad call out to Jessica and I saying "were home, and we have a guest"; it must be Lucy, aunt Victoria's only daughter, I thought. I replied to my father that I would be coming down shortly. When I came down I saw Lucy, she was much prettier than I remembered. She was the same age as Jessica, just a bit more developed, her breasts were the size of small melons, but they weren't as pert as Jessica's. I came into the living room and said my hi's to everyone and continued to ask about aunt Victoria's health.

My dad said "she's gotten better since last night, but still in the hospital. So while her husband stays with her, Lucy is going to stay with us"as he said that Jessica was coming down the stairs and heard the news, she yippeed in excitement. My father replied to her excitement by saying "well I guess you two can share a room". When I heard that all I can think about was how I won't be able to get any alone time with Jessica anymore. My mom came in to the living room and called everyone in for breakfast breaking my thoughts of disappointment.

We had breakfast together having the usual random discussions, until my mom asked my sister and I how yesterday went. Jessica jumped at the question saying "it was awesome, John really entertained me and kept me happy.

but I did the same for him too" and gave me a knowing look. Mom just smiled at the both of us and said "I'm glad you two are grown up enough to take care of each other".

We finished eating breakfast and I went over to my room, turned on my computer and started to randomly search the internet. While surfing I remembered that I had cum in Jessica's pussy, and that she might get pregnant and how badly that would suck.

Then that thought took me over to how I won't be doing anything with Jessica while Lucy was in the house, so I started to wonder how to get her out of the house for a while; but I also needed to talk to Jessica about this potential pregnancy situation.

So after my dad left for work and my mom went out to do her usual shopping, I went over to Jessica's room and the door was open. I entered and I saw her changing her bed cover, I realized it was the one from we had sex on because it had a crusty looking spot in the center. I took the cover and held the spot up to Jessica's face, and said "we need to talk".

She leaned forward and slowly licked the crusty cum stain, looked me lustfully in the eyes and said "so how do you want to talk this time" and put her hand on my crotch. I lightly pushed her hand away (in spite of my hardening cock) and said "listen I came in you last night, you might get pregnant.


And Lucy is in the house, so we can't do anything anyway". She placed her hand back onto my crotch said "don't worry I've been on birth control for a year now. mom insisted. And you just leave Lucy to me, come and watch a master play".

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With that she went down to the living room where Lucy was watching TV and I followed her. Jessica said to Lucy "Hey I know your kinda bummed out about your mother and all, so I was thinking we should go to the sports club swimming pool to have some fun".

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"That would be a lot of fun, sure. but I don't have any swimming suits" replied Lucy, "that's not a problem, you could go to town and pick one out while John and I finish some chores around the house" retorted Jessica.

And it was agreed, Lucy took directions from Jessica and immediately left to get a swimming suit. The moment Lucy closed the door behind her, Jessica jumped on top of me basically pinning me down to the couch.

She looked at me with crazed lustful eyes, licked her lips, bit her lower lip and said "I saw this video online that I want to try out, it was called milking, and I want to try it out".

I was hesitant because I knew that she couldn't be milked since she was never pregnant, and that only left me to be milked. I asked "is it supposed to hurt?", to which she said "absolutely not, it actually feels better than normal. listen if you so this with me, I'll do something that you want in return". I already had something in mind and since it wouldn't hurt readily agreed. She said "well, get naked quickly and get on all fours", I did as she said, my dick getting longer and harder by the second.

She ran into the kitchen and came back with an empty saucer, knelt on her knees behind me and firmly grabbed my now semi hard dick in her hand. Then she told me to separate my legs slightly, which I did, and pulled my dick out from between my legs like a tail. Then she told me to close my legs tight so my dick could stay in place sticking out behind me, which I also did.

She spat on her hand a liberal amount of saliva and proceeded to stroke my cock from behind me, smoothly at first, but then she got rough, just pulling at it like a piece of meat. The felling was great and very different than anything I had ever felt before; and the fact that I wasn't allowed to look back at her meant that everything she did was a surprise, adding to the excitement.

I felt some precum form on the tip of my dick, which Jessica licked up and said "looks like it's going to be a good batch".

I was moaning for her to keep stroking, which she took as a hint that I was about to cum (which I was). She started to say "yes, my cow, give me my milk, I need my milk, I need to drink it all", these words put me over the edge. I started to cum, but since my dick was bent up from behind me the first two shots were sealed in. However the pressure from all that cum inside my dick caused my pleasure to triple, and each shot of cum only caused the pressure and therefore the pleasure to grow.

Then I felt the cum start to leak out of my dick, I was feeling so good that I didn't notice that Jessica had been collecting it in her little saucer.

After my orgasm died down, I looked back at Jessica as she said "Thanks my cow, this looks like some quality milk". She began to lick the cum out of the saucer, swallowing it all until it was all gone and said with a wink "tastes good too".

Then the living room door opened and Lucy walked in on us; she looked at us in complete dumbfoundedness. She saw me completely naked on my hands and knees, cum still leaking from my softening dick and some cum on Jessica's chin. I quickly tried to cover myself up with my discarded cloths; then Lucy said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spy, I.I.I just forget my money in my bag", and began to run for the stairs as Jessica grabbed her hand to stopped her.

Jessica told her "Just wait a second, we need to clarify things", I had finished putting on my boxers and said "ya, it's not what you think". Lucy said "it's okay, its none of my business anyway" in an awkward and grossed out way. Jessica caught onto Lucy's disgust and said "it's not bad, don't judge us without knowing what it's like. and it's not like I'm gonna get pregnant". Lucy responded with some confusion on her face and said "but its incest", "so what" said Jessica, "just watch and tell us if you think two people making each other feel good is bad" she continued.

And with that Jessica crawled on top of me and began to softy lick my soft dick through my boxers until it was rock hard again. Then she pulled my boxers completely off, revealing my revitalized dick and continued to lick, only now directly.

Lucy had her eyes glued wide open to my dick, this combined with the sucking Jessica's mouth was giving my dick made me extremely horny. So I just pulled Jessica's mouth off of my dick and told her "it's my turn to get what I want". So I pushed her onto her back and began to lick and kiss her all over her face, all the while undressing her. Her pajama shirt came off first, exposing her wonderful breasts to me as I covered them in my saliva induced licking.

Then her pajama pants came off, as I moved down her sides until I reached her thighs still licking not touching her pussy. I kept on licking just to the edge of her pussy with my tongue, making her go crazy, every now and then lightly brushing my nose on her engorged clit. She was getting very wet and horny, moving her hips in the direction of my mouth trying to bury her pussy in my face, but I wouldn't let her. Then I flipped her over and began to lick her soft toned butt, until I reached her rosebud, circling it with my tongue then licking it, sending a shiver down her spine.

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I began to lightly tongue fuck her ass until it loosened slightly; then I rubbed my finger into her pussy until it was covered in her juices and to her surprise began to insert it into her ass. Her asshole shut tightly at the first penetration and she froze, but after a couple of seconds her ass accommodated my finger and loosened.

I finger fucked her ass now, using her own pussy juices as a lubricant, she was moaning wildly saying "fuck me for real now". I didn't need to be told twice, so I pushed her body up on her hands and knees and rubbed my cock all over her pussy lubricating it with her juices. She couldn't take it anymore and said "fuck me already you tease"; with that I began to insert my dick into her, however this time my dick was entering her tight, warm and vibrating young ass.

I started out slowly, with short shallow strokes and built up my speed and depth of penetration from there until I was pulling all the way out of her ass and slamming back in at full speed. She was screaming with every thrust, but I knew she was enjoying it because she was slamming her ass back onto my dick with each thrust increasing my penetration.

As I was thrusting into my sisters hot ass I looked over at Lucy, she had a wet spot on the front of her shorts, and her right hand was busy digging into her pussy where the wet spot was. That sight took me over the edge and I yelled "ahhhhh, I'm cummming" as I shot rope after creamy rope of my cum deep into her ass.


My orgasm ended a little quickly however, probably because of the previous one I had minutes earlier. As I pulled out of Jessica's ass my cum leak out with it, dripping down her thighs, legs and pooling on the floor.

Jessica turned around facing me, licked my dick clean of the cum covering it and started to lick my cum off the floor. Lucy saw this and her eyes went to the back of her head, her body became stiff and she began to shiver in the ecstasy of her orgasm.

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I looked over at my sister and said "wow, you never seize to amaze me. you are such a cum slut", she looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said "ya amazing for you guys, I still didn't get to cum". I turned my gaze to Lucy who had now begun to recover from her orgasm and said "you got off on a free show, you should probably give Jess what's hers". Jessica all hornied up and unsatisfied crawled over to Lucy and said "yup, you need to get me off now".

With this Jessica rode her torso up Lucy's body, forcing her to lay down, as she rested her pussy on Lucy's face and said "please, I REALLLY NEED THIS". Lucy began to lightly lick Jessica's pussy all over, but Jessica was too horny for light licking and just squeezed her pussy down into Lucy's mouth.

Lucy took this as a sign of approval and began to suck on Jessica's clit, and fingering her pussy. Jessica began to moan uncontrollably yelling "oooohhhhh ya, keeping going, just like that.I'm, I'm, I'm gonna cummmmmmm".

With that last word, Jessica shut her eyes tight, arched her back forward and began to shutter in her orgasm showering Lucy's face in her girl cum. Then after her orgasm subsided, she leaned down to Lucy's face and began to lap up her own juices until her face was clean; Jessica looked at both of us and said "ya, I am a cum slut".

We decided we should go get cleaned, help Lucy get swimsuit, maybe eat outside and then go swimming. We all took our showers alone (mostly to not freak Lucy out too much) and quickly got dressed and went out to catch the next train to the clothing district.

The trip to the district was pretty eventless, but when Lucy began to try out different swimsuits things picked up a little.

The first one she tried was a one piece that really extenuated the curves of her ass and boobs. The second one (and my favorite) was a skimpy two piece that only left so much to the imagination; it revealed the roundedness of her smooth, tanned butt and breasts. The third was also a two piece but it covered some of the more important parts of her body, which is why both Jessica and I to her to go with the second one.

After buying the swimsuit we decided that it would be best if we went to eat some pizza before going swimming. We stopped by the nearest pizzeria, bought a whole pie and devoured it (probably due to our intense orgasms draining all our energies). By the time we finished eating, left the pizzeria and arrived at the sports club it was past 5pm. The pool was fairly empty when we got there, which was great since that would give us more room to swim around. We swam around for nearly 4 hours, rubbing bodies and touching each other "accidently" until we were quite worked up.

I was getting quite the hardon and the pool was empty, so I decided to try and fool around with the girls a bit. They were very responsive, but never let things progress past teasing (which kinda sucked for me). Until Jessica said "you teased me, so were gonna tease you now. We should get back home now though, maybe when we get home". I couldn't wait till we got home, so I made sure everyone got cleaned up and dressed quickly. On our way home both Jessica and Lucy were giving me smirks and giggles, which kinda filled me with more anticipation.

We got home at about 10pm and mom was setting dinner on the kitchen table, so we all sat down to eat. Our parents asked us about our day and if we were keeping our cousin happy, to which Lucy herself responded "very happy". As we were eating both Jessica and Lucy sat on either side of me, and I kept on rubbing my hands on their bare thighs.

The let me do this until my dick was straining at my waistband, and then made me stop as my sister said "when they go to sleep, come to my room".


Of course I couldn't wait till my parents fell asleep, which had to take another 4 hours, making me go insane with horniness. When the time came however and I was sure my parents were asleep I quickly snuck into my sister's room.

I found that Jessica and Lucy had started without me; they were completely naked, their bodies squeezed onto each other in a 69 position going crazy on each other's pink, sopping wet pussys. I got an instant boner that created quite a tent in the soft material of my pajama pants, which they must have noticed since they both said "hey horsey", but continued on each other. I got naked and joined them on the bed, but they still continued on each other. I got pissed and said "hey, what's up with you guys", Jessica looked up to me and coolly said "nothing, you just gotta get us going first".

I was at their mercy, I needed the release that comes from the touch of a smooth, tight, teenage body, so I asked "what do you want me to do?".

Again Jessica was the one that responded "you have to lick both of our pussy's at the same time and make us cum before we think of pleasing you". I said "okay, get on top of each other doggy style" (that way their pussys would be right on top of each other). Lucy was under Jessica, so I started licking at the bottom of her pussy, and up her ass crack, then up Jessica's pussy and ass crack. Then as they loosened and began to leak their girl juice, I took turns finger fucking them as I licked their clits.

They were both moaning softly trying not to make too much noise so our parents don't hear, which made me go crazy horny and loose all self control. I just slammed my cock right up Lucy's wet pussy and fucked her both of them still in that doggy on doggy position. Lucy didn't complain, she just pushed back harder into my thrusts. Jessica however cried out that I wasn't following the rules. After about a minute of fucking Lucy I pulled out and began to fuck Jessica in the same position, now Jessica stopped complaining but Lucy was complaining that she wanted more.

I kept on switching pussys every minute or so; from the girls' short rapid breaths and muffled moans I figured they were very close to cumming, and I wasn't far behind.

I had returned to fucking Lucy's amazing pink hole, while finger fucking Jessica's. Soon Jessica was trying to flail around in her orgasm under Lucy's body, as she moaned muffled sounds into her pillow.

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The feel of Jessica's orgasm under her, combined with the pussy pounding I was giving her caused Lucy to orgasm as well. The walls of her pussy tightened and began to suck on my dick like they wanted to swallow it, as she shivered and made very soft erotic moans.

This was all too much for me, and I felt cum began to flow from my balls into my shaft. I pulled out of Lucy's delicious pussy just in time to send load after load of my cum splashing all over her lower back, butt hole and pussy. I was completely spent, so I just fell back onto the bed; meanwhile Jessica had gotten out from under Lucy. Jessica held Lucy face down on the bed and told her "push your butt up", Lucy complied and Jessica began to lick up all the cum I had just painted Lucy with.

She began at the pussy moving up to the lower back, licking everything, leaving Lucy completely clean. I kissed the two girls and said "Thanks for a great night ladies, but we should probably clean up and go to sleep". With that I went to my room and fell asleep thinking of all the day's events and what tomorrow might bring.

The end of part 3. to be continued.