Gemendo muito e gozando no Nike shox do amigo

Gemendo muito e gozando no Nike shox do amigo
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"97, 98, 99.100." Grunted Shane, dropping his weights onto his bed, noting with satisfaction the weight of them making the mattress bounce. He turned around to look in his full-length mirror, and held one arm up, tensing it. He had really grown in these last few months, with him getting a gym membership, working out nearly every day. His parents were perplexed by this sudden extreme fitness regime. Grabbing a towel, Shane walked to the bathroom and turned the shower on.

He pulled his vest over his shoulders, showing the very makings of a six pack. The outlines of the muscles were already starting to indent, and the puppy fat that had hung around his armpit area had disappeared. Ten minutes later, Shane stepped out of the shower, the sweat from his workout thoroughly cleaned from his body.

He carried on towel-drying his hair as he went back to his room, closing the door behind him. He had a new message on his phone. 'Can't w8 2 c u x' From Kerry. He smiled, and threw the phone back on to his bed, he'd reply later. Now, he needed rest; It was an early start in the morning. He slipped a thin pair of cotton boxers on, lay on his bed, kicking his covers off as he did so, and put his head back on the pillow.

It still wasn't very dark, and Shane was finding it hard to sleep, sweat now trickling down his forehead, tickling his neck. He tried to think of Kerry, to help him sleep, but it was no use; he just couldn't drift off. Ah well, it'd come in its own time. Slowly sitting back up again, he sighed and scratched his back. What to do? "Hmmm." He thought. "Might as well get my bag ready." Though, in truth, there wasn't exactly much to pack. A pair of basketball shorts that hung just below the knees, a few t-shirts to travel there and back, and a couple of pairs of underwear.

He didn't even know how much of this he'd need. He was getting excited now, thinking about the day to come. Finally, after about another hour of packing and re-packing, even though there was so little to be packed, Shane finally crawled back into his bed, the small hours of the morning fast approaching.

Sleep eventually caught up with him, sending him into a Kerry-filled dream sleep. *Riiing* *Riiiing* Shane swiped at his clock on the bedside table, sending it to the floor and stopping the ringing.

Rolling out of bed, he rubbed sleep from his eyes, and with a feeling of jubilation, he realised what day this was.

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He was going to see Kerry. He got dressed as quickly as he could, and jogged down the stairs, yelling a quick bye to his waking parents, and swinging his bag over his shoulder. It was another brilliant sunny day and as Shane jogged down his road, he was glad that he had chosen to wear three-quarter length trousers and a t-shirt.

It took him ten minutes to get to the train station, from where he boarded a train. In half an hour, he'd be with Kerry. About ten minutes later, Shane got a phone call, no prizes guessing who it was from, either. "Hi Babe." "Hey, I was just wondering how long you'll be?" "Dunno really, 'bout twenty minutes?" "Okay then.

But hurry up, I've got a surprise for you." She giggled. "What kind of surprise?" he asked cheekily. "Oh, you'll see. Bye then." And with that, she put the phone down. Shane felt himself going hard just thinking about all of the different surprises that could be waiting for him, each one more erotic and less realistic than the last.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity and a day, Shane finally left the train at a new station.

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The sky was still clear, and the sun glaring, pounding his skin. He knew the way to Kerry's house from here, and as soon as he got out of the station, he set into a steady jog. Soon it got awkward to jog on accounts of his boner, and he was glad in more than one way to see Kerrys house come into view.

He recognised it from pictures, and wasted no time walking up the small drive to the semi-detached house. He knocked on the door and waited. Eventually the door opened, revealing Kerry, even more beautiful and sexy than the last time Shane had seen her. She leapt out of the door into his arms, wrapping hers tightly around him, and he picked her up, carrying her through the door.

"I've missed you so much!" She exclaimed, kissing him. He kissed back, and they shared a moment of peace before Shane dropped her and closed the door. He noticed she was wearing sweatpants, like that day, a couple of months ago, and a strapless top, and he noted with satisfaction the small bumps where her nipples were poking through.

"Come in here." She said. He followed her into the small living room, where she pushed him onto the couch. "I love you." She murmured, sitting next to him.

"I love you too." He replied, and he meant it. He had realised that his lust for Kerry had long since changed to genuine love for her and her nature. They kissed and cuddled for a bit, talking about how crap it had been without each other.

Though, finally, she exclaimed, "Oh yeah, I forgot your surprise!" In a way that said that she had not forgotten about it for a second. "I'll be right back." She said, skipping to the door and disappearing upstairs. Shane took this time to look around the room.

It was no-where near as wealthy as Shane's house, but she was a student, and she wasn't living with her parents anymore, so it was pretty damn good. His cock had started to throb with anticipation when the door was slowly pushed open again, and a long, tanned leg came into view, no longer covered by sweatpants, but a knee-high sock, and slowly, the other leg and Kerry came into view, and Shane almost blew his load there and then in his own pants.

She was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, or what little there was of it. A narrow strip of plaid fabric made up the skirt, just low enough to cover the bottom of her panties if she stayed perfectly still. She was also wearing a white blouse, tied underneath her breast, showing her awesome stomach and hips.

There was a fair amount of cleavage showing, quite a few buttons undone. Shane made to get up from the couch, but Kerry stepped seductively over to him, prodding him back down with a ruby-red fingernail. "Ah ah ah!" She cooed, taking a chair from the corner and placing it a few feet away from Shane. "I've been practising. So you like the uniform?" She giggled, to which Shane just nodded dumbly.

She smiled, and started her striptease. She began by placing her hands on the edge of the chair, slowly bending over, and back up, and down again, so her white panties kept bobbing into view. After a while, she stood up, and squeezed her ass, her red nails plumping the flesh as she lifted her skirt out of the way with her other hand.

Her panties had sunk in between her two luscious cheeks, still covering part of them, but showing a teasing corner of her ass. She drew one hand away, the one holding the skirt, before turning her head over her shoulder to face a spellbound Shane, placing one finger on her tongue before sliding it off, and back underneath the back of her skirt, now teasing the band of her panties with one finger, before slowly pulling it down from underneath her skirt, bending over to get them over her knees and showing a small amount of her pussy as she did so.

She now stood back up, and Shane knew that she was wearing nothing beneath her skirt. She bent forwards to pick the panties up, her breasts threatening, (egged on with Shanes wish) to burst free. But alas, she stood back up with them very much firmly stuck in her blouse. Her hands brought the panties to her mouth, where she put part of the fabric in her mouth, then slowly pulling it out and tossing the garment to a stunned Shane, who was still sitting there, a massive tent in the middle of her pants.

Kerry smirked as she started to unbutton her blouse, pretending to fumble with the buttons, and eventually, all of them were undone, and Shane could see her breasts underneath, held back by a small bra. She teased him, opening and closing the blouse before letting it slip to the floor, now dressed only in her knee-high socks, the small strip of fabric that somehow qualified as a skirt, and a bra that was threatening to snap at any second.

She wasted no time taking the bra off, reaching behind and fiddling with the bow before slipping her arms out of the string, and stood for a while, two pieces of cloth still covering her nipples, fondling and squeezing her own breasts before letting this, too fall to the floor. There was a gasp of pleasure from Shane as the tanned surfaces of the breasts bounced, shining, to defy gravity.

His breathing got steadily heavier as he noticed what was next. The skirt had two buttons on one side of it, the way to undo it.

And undo it she did, turning around as she did so, so Shane only had the view of her ass. She sat astride the seat, her back facing Shane as she removed her skirt. Her ass was in full view, but that wasn't what he wanted to see. "Come on." He murmured, now fidgeting, filled with the desire to fuck her brains out. Slowly but surely, she stood up and turned round, showing him the thing he had longed to see these last few months: her perfect, shaven pussy.

It was perfect, and dripping, stimulated by its own sexy dance. Kerry finished her dance by stepping towards Shane, lifting one leg over his knee and sitting with her bare pussy on his thigh.


"So, did you like it?" She whispered, leaning in close. "Yeah, you bet." He said, leaning in and kissing her, her hands finding her breasts. He drew back and looked at her pleadingly. She knew what he wanted. "Go on then." She laughed. "Have your way with me!" And Shane wasted no time. He grabbed her by the armpits, lifting her up and dumping her unceremoniously next to him on the couch before leaning in and taking her breast in his mouth.

He suckled, fuelled by testosterone and the thought of fucking her. He moved her onto her knees, before dropping his shorts, and letting his cock spring free.

Holding her tits in each hand, he entered her pussy from behind, starting slowly at first but slowly moving faster, a steady, slapping noise filling the air.

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Shane was lasting longer than last time, and Kerry noticed as she began to moan, her juices spreading along Shanes shaft. "Yes, yes!" She shrieked as he buried himself to the base and fucked her madly, grunting with pleasure. After a while, this position got uncomfortable, so Shane moved her to a lower surface, which happened to be the glass coffee table.

Her tits pressed against the glass, she gripped each side of the table with her hands and Shane began to doggy style fuck her again.

He knew the sight from underneath the coffee table would be awesome, an amazing looking girl pressing her tits against glass and getting rammed from behind, slowly moaning louder and louder. His breathing was getting heavier, and as he felt his balls tighten, he quickly stood up and turned her over onto her back, just in time to blow his load all over her tits. He moaned in pleasure as he dropped to his knees, grabbed a flailing leg in each hand and buried his face in between her thighs.

He started off licking lightly down her thighs from her knees, tickling the insides of her legs with his tongue and making her squirm with pleasure. He then moved to the lips of her pussy, gently teasing them apart with his tongue, making them drip. Slurping as much juice as he could up, he moved above her pussy and slowly licked her stomach, around her belly button before moving back to her pussy again, inserting his tongue, feeling her shiver, and her heavenly juices wash his face.

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He wiped as much off as he could and licked it, sending her into ecstasy. He noticed her licking his cum off of her tits, and decided to pleasure her even further. He inserted two fingers into her pussy, and drew them out again, circling her ass hole with his other hand. He kept on pumping with his fingersand added one slow finger into her asshole, before she shook and was still again, reaching her second orgasm that day.

He slurped as much of her juices as he could up before standing.

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"You've got better." She moaned, still lying, spread eagled on the coffee table. The sight was extremely hot and began to get Shane hard again, as she noticed. "I think.I'll return the favour." She gasped, rolling off of the table. Shane collapsed onto the couch, his member sticking into the air. She kneeled before him, and he pushed her hair out of her face, holding it back for her as she slowly circled his head, then bobbed up and down on his shaft and eventually going to deep throat it.

She pulled his top off as she did so, and noticed the newly-bulging muscles, and her eyes widened in appreciation. She reached one hand and started stroking his stomach.

She also started caressing his thighs and it wasn't long until she felt him tense up, and pulled away, wanting to catch it all, but not to choke. The steady stream of warm cum landed in her mouth, and she closed it, leaning her head forward and catching another string of cum in her hair. "Ughhh." grunted Shane, sliding his fingers through her hair and collecting most of the cum, and brought it to her lips.

She licked them clean, her tongue wrapping around his fingers. Then they both just slumped on the couch, clothes strewn across the floor, both of them naked and panting after their workout. They cuddled up close, Kerry's, athletic, fit build lounged across Shanes lap, still wearing the knee-high socks. She lay her head on his chest, looked up at him and said, "I have missed you so much." Put her head back on his chest, and they both slipped into a sex-induced slumber.

It was dark when they both woke up, Shane waking up first, the sleeping, naked form of Kerry slumped across his chest, and he smiled. Never, in his wildest dreams did he think he'd be here in a few months time, but here he was, probably one of the sexiest, fittest girls he'd ever seen, lying on top of him.

He remembered with a laugh the first time he and Kerry had met after they had lost touch, the period of her teasing him, and him trying to get a look at her tits. His hand pushed her long blonde hair behind her ear, so he could look at her perfect, beautiful face. His fingers swept through her hair and she woke up sleepily, yawning. Shane saw her smile as she remembered where she was, and, looking up, she said, "Hey Shane." And kissed him on the lips.

He responded with a kiss, and his hand slipped behind her into the small of her smooth back, as he kissed her neck playfully.


Finally, after a long while of kissing, she said, "Hey, I've just remembered something, d'you remember a couple of months ago, when we went to your neighbours pool in the night?" Shane nodded, a grin lighting up his face. How could he forget, having sex in someone else's swimming pool at night?

"Yeah." "Well, I've just been thinking about it, and well, the thing is, we're not that far from the beach here, ya know." She looked up at Shane, excitement in her eyes.

"Come on." She willed. An even bigger grin swept on Shanes face as he stood up, and started to look for his shorts.

"What are you doing?" Inquired Kerry playfully, standing up and squeezing his bum. "No clothes, or no beach."She giggled. "Aww, come on." Said Shane. "As much as I like you naked," he looked her up and down, "and that's a lot, I can't go out in public naked!" "It's not public, and it's night-time, no-one will see us." She stood close to him, pressing her ass against his semi-hard cock.

"But if you don't want to go, it's fine, I'll just go on my own." She stepped away from Shane's quivering cock and made for the door. "No." Mumbled Shane, as she disappeared, and he heard the front door close. With a half-hearted laugh, he followed her at a jog.

"Kerry, wait!" He said, jogging down her drive after her figure. "Have to catch me!" She giggled, breaking into a sprint down her road. Stones dug into Shanes feet as he ran after her naked form, his cock flapping around madly. Finally catching up with her, he wrapped her up in his arms, newly instilled confidence at being naked outside flooding through him.

His hands played with her tits, and he kissed her neck. "Come on." she whispered, pushing away and leading him by the hand down the road. The pavement had a light dusting of sand on it now, and it wasn't long before they reached the beach. "Look." Whispered Kerry, pointing over the wall at the sea sweeping over the sand.

"Isn't it beautiful?" "Yeah." Said Shane, now leading the trailing form of Kerry down the stone steps to the beach. There was a slight breeze, though not enough to make them cold. "Race ya!" Screamed Kerry, suddenly sprinting past Shane, though he stood transfixed for a moment, watching her bouncing tits and her waggling ass.

Sprinting after her, he sprayed sand up behind him, and dived into the cold water a millimetre behind Kerry. "Haha!" She screamed. "Beat you!" a man-made wave over her naked body made her be quiet, and Shane roared with laughter. But Kerry leapt at him, tackling him into the waves. They both thrashed about madly in the shallows, laughing, their naked forms illuminated by the moonlight.

Eventually they both dropped to the dry sand, the edges of the waves tickling the bottoms of their feet. After a while of looking up at the stars, Shane moved closer to Kerry and silently picked her up, lying her on top of him, both of them lost in the magic of the whole thing. He entered her from underneath, reaching round and holding her breasts for support.

He fell into a steady rhythm, and kissed her neck lightly every time she was jolted upwards by one of his thrusts. Eventually he let go of her breasts, instead holding her hips, letting her tits bounce up and down with each powerful thrust, and she started moaning for the umpteenth time that night, which turned into her loudest squeals yet, lost in a world of pure pleasure.

Shane, too, was grunting with satisfaction, totally focused on the position they were in. As he pumped harder and harder, he gripped her waist tighter and tighter, until he felt his balls tighten, his cock quiver and Kerry go limp on top of him all at the same time, and he exploded inside her, filling her with his cum, and her juices slipping down his softening shaft. They had had their orgasm in sync, and it felt great; nobody having to 'catch up' with the other.


They lay like that for a while, panting, Shane's dick slowly falling out of her cum-covered pussy, and his fingers started tracing around her hard nipples, until she started breathing heavier again. But the sun had started to rise, and they needed to get back to Kerry's house. "Come on." She whispered, standing up and shaking the sand off of her, making her ass and tits bounce.

Shane reluctantly got to his feet and followed her off the beach and down the road, his eyes firmly latched on her ass in the dimming light. It wasn't long before he couldn't go any further, hunched over he whispered, "Kerry, I need to fuck you now." She groaned. "Can't it wait till we get back to my place?" She asked pleadingly. "No, unless you want me to walk like this." He was doubled up.

"Alright then, quick, come over here, get it done fast, don't worry 'bout me." She slid onto the bonnet of a parked car and opened her legs. It was such a sight to behold, Shane stood and stared before he regained control of his senses and stepped over to her, managing to push his dick inside her.

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"No use." He gasped. "You're too high up." But he had an idea, what had he been working out for for the last two months straight? He slid his hands underneath her cheeks, lifting her off the bonnet.

He told her to wrap her legs around him, and she did. He then began to drop her onto his cock, and it was the most pleasurable position he'd been in. He kept bobbing her up and down, his face buried in her breasts, until."Ugghh." It didn't take long for him to fill her again. "Come on!" She urged, dropping to the floor. It was almost light now.

They jogged the rest of the way back to her house, her pussy dripping with both their juices. They finally made it, and barrelled through the door, laughing. He drew her in close. "That was a close one." He said. "Yeah." She replied. "I'm knackered.

Comin' to bed?" She winked at him and scampered up the stairs, her ass waggling eroticly.