TS black amateur tugging on her massive dong

TS black amateur tugging on her massive dong
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Ever since I was about 12 or so I've been a serial public masturbator (I'm 32 now). At every chance I've got my cock out and had a wank. I love to masturbate with the thought of being caught. I masturbated on a train with a pretty girl at the side of me. It was winter so I had my coat on my lap. I unzipped my fly and stroked my cock to an intense orgasm. All the while the girl had no clue. Or I go into a department store, grab something and go into the changing room. I get all naked and if there is a seat I'll sit down and start to jack off knowing there are people around and at any time someone could walk in on me and it gives me a great orgasm, with cum spraying all over the changing room.

One of the best things I know, is to masturbate while there's lots of people around me. Especially if there's mostly girls. Sometimes, after a party, we sleep in the same room, and I start jerking off, when I believe everyone's asleep.

It's so much fun knowing there's a girl less than a yard away, and you're masturbating. Beaches, parks, woodland areas, in the car, on the bus, school, work, hotels, pubs and more, there's no where I haven't masturbated and cum.

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Sometimes though, having a wank right infront of a girl is the only way to go. The look on her face, the embarassment and making her watch me cum and shoot my load. And sometimes wanking at them when they don't know, getting close to them knowing they may catch you at any time, getting so close you can cum on them.

Every situation here is true and they're not very long either about 1000 words each or less ( I mean how long does it take to have a quick wank?) And some have been embellished slightly for a little dramatic effect and I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best of writers either so there are going to be mistakes in the narrative but I hope they don't ruin the stories too much for you.

The swimming pool. 1 I'm a very sexual man and I love people seeing me naked with huge hardon and also I am a serial public masturbator especially if there are some sexy young ladies around. I swim a lot and recently went to the pool after work to swim a few lengths. Now the changing rooms are unisex but you have to go into a locked cubicle to change.

Well this particular day I was feeling really horny and really wanted to show my body and cock off so I went into the men's showers, stripped naked and began to wash myself. The thought of other people seeing me naked just made me so horny that I pretty much straight away got a massive hardon that was so full on that it was facing in a nearly northern direction with my big purple helmet barely a centimeter from my stomach.

Now I know other men saw this and most chose to ignore it but a couple looked for maybe a bit longer than they should and this got me even harder. So I decided to get out and find a sexy girl to wank at so I wrapped a towel round myself and walk into the unisex changing area with my erect penis (which now was facing to the left) on show to all under my tight towel.

I then spotted a gorgeous girl, about 18 years of age that has just walked in from the pool and thought she is today's lucky slut. She was wearing a pink bikini, a cracking pair of tits with her nipples slightly showing through her wet bikini to.

A gorgeous ass with matching camel toe as her wet bikini bottoms sucked in her cunt slit. I watched her walk towards a cubicle and she began drying herself with a dark blue towel just outside one so I went into another just opposite knowing that if I left the door slightly open she would be able to see me. I love the thrill of the possibility I might get caught and this was adding to my hornyness.


I entered and left the door ajar before dropping my towel to reveal my still very hard cock to her through the gap on the door.

I began to wank slowly at first, imagining what her camel toed cunt looked like under her bikini, but not for long. Soon I was tugging hard and pulling my foreskin as far back as I could and showing her my full head. My eyes were glued to her, hoping she would catch me wankng, but she had her back to me as she continued to slowly dry herself outside her cubicle. After a few minutes she sat down on the long wooden bench just behind her and flicked her towel around her head and started to gently rub it her hair dry her hands either side of her had.

I groaned a bit thinking shes never going to catch me wanking. So I stopped jacking off and an idea came to me. It was quiet in the changing roomsno voices could be heard.

So I picked up my towel and loosely wrapped it around myself leaving a gap infront of my hard cock so it could clearly be seen. And then quietly I left the cubicle and top toed up to the girl and stood behind her. Gripping my cock I continued to wank. I don't usually stand so close to a girl wanking in public, but I was less than a foot from the back her head and it was really making me horny being this close to her and I was now wanking furiously then.bang.my cock shot out my full load right on to the dark blue towel covering her head.

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It was a glorious sight, big glob of my cum right on the back of her towel covered head and she didn't notice! I still had another load to shoot but rather than risking her feeling it hit her this time I moved slightly to the right and shot my cum over the bench next to her, then quickly and quietly moved to a cubicle that was more out of the way than before, and left the door open just enough to see her.

She still hadn't noticed my cum on her towel as her fingers were still at the side of her head. But then she stood up and took off the towel from her head.

She stood up and turned around her camel toed cunt in full view behind her bikini. She held a corner of the towel with her left hand and left the rest drop, then with her right hand went behind the towel and her left hand let it go so it dropped over her right hand and from where I was I could see my cum on her dark blue towel where her hand was.

OMG she still hasn't seen my cum on her towel! Then my jaw dropped and she slightly spread her legs and with her free hand she pulled at her bikini bottoms between her legs and exposed her cunt.

It was just how I imagined it, hairless with slightly puffy lips a deep slit and was still wet from her swim. My cock 1 second before this was just semi hard, now it was a full blown hard on and I had to restart wanking again. But the best was yet to come. Without thinking she started rub my cum in to her cunt, probably thinking she was drying it. I ejaculated on the spot, cum sprayed all over the cubicle wall, this was soo hot.

Tthis 18 yo girl, who for the first time I spied not 5 minutes before had her cunt exposed and was rubbing her cunt with my cum. I was in heaven. After her a couple of seconds of hard rubbing she knew something was wrong, stopped and and looked at her towel.

Couldn't see anything out of the ordinary with it as by then her puffy cunt lips had a nice thick cum coating and what was left on the towel was rubbed into the fabric. But she now saw the blob of my cum on the bench. "Fuck, is that cum?" she said and sniffed her towel, then checked her cunt. "Some dirty fucker cum on my towel! Eww did I rub it on myself?" and started to look around, I quickly hid out of sight in the cubicle.

Next I heard feet slapping on the wet tiling and she walked off. I quickly got out of there and round to where my locker was and got changed and left, my heart pounding with the excitement of it all and still had a hard on. The London Underground 1 I travel the London underground a few times a month and its perfect place to wank and cum, especially when its packed and standing room only. So when I'm waiting for my train to arrive I make sure Im behind the sexiest girl I can and make sure I follow her onto the train just behind her.

Hopefully it is standing room only and I can stand very close to her. Just a while ago I managed just that, she was in her 20's, 5'7, quite slim, long black hair, pale skin. She was wearing a black leather jacket over a red tank top, hiding a nice pair of smallish tits. Her ass was covered in a tight pair of denim shorts on top of a pair of black tights.

In her ears were the white earbuds of an iPod or IPhone, the hiss of some music i didn't recognise playing. That would make it less likely she would notice what i was going to do over her ass. She had a shopping bag from a lingerie shop which she has placed between her feet and looking down I could see some sexy black underwear and also red bra and by the cut of the cups, once on wouldn't in my opinion wouldn't hide her nipples.

Her ass was just 6 inches from my now hard cock that was still in my trousers. I "accidently" bumped into her a few times and apologised. After q quick check around to see where my near standing neighbours were looking at and what they were doing. Every one was in a world of their own and not paying any attention to me. I then took out my raging hard cock and started to stroke it and again accidently bumped into her, but this time it was with my cock right in her ass crack.

I apologised again and she just smiled as if to say its ok, its the trains fault. After a few minutes I was ready to blow my cum, another quick check around my neighbours and I aimed my cock right at her ass crack and my first lot of cum gushed all over her shorts. It was a lovely site to behold as it slowly ran down her denim covered ass crack. Then just as i was about to shoot again I aimed my cock over the bag with her new underwear in it.

Bullseye!! My cum splashed right on to her new black panties, my white sticky cum pooling in the folds of the panty's material. I quickly put my cock back behind the zip and pulled the zip back up and pretended as if nothing had happend. And let my imagination go forward in time to when she got home and started to change, taking off her shorts and seeing a cum stain.

Then taking out her brand new cum stained panties. I was getting hard again Two stops later she got off the train, the cum stain still quite visible. She must have noticed something as she rubbed her ass crack with her fore finger feeling the dampness and lifted her finger to her nose.

After that the train pulled out of the station. My cock was rock hard. That was good journey. Tenerife 1 Last year my brother Tony and I went on holiday to Tenerife. It was my first holiday for a few years as work was very busy or just didn't fancy going on my own. Tony loves the place and goes every year with who ever his current girl friend is. That year a few weeks before Tony and his girl friend had a big bust up and they ended splitting up. Tony gave me call and half an hour later he talked me round into going with him.

I cleared the time off with my boss and a few weeks later on the first day of our holiday we were sitting in a beach side bar drinking a lot of the local beer and looking at all the sexy girls in miniscule bikinis, thongs and sometimes topless.

I had a boner and would have it for the 2 weeks we were there. Tony knew that as a kid that I would at every opportunity I would get my cock out and wank, he doesn't know that I still do. So sitting in the bar it wasn't good idea to get my rock hard fuck stick out and have a wank at the petite blonde and her friend sitting at the next table.

We did though start chatting with them and after a lot more bottles of the local brew, got back to their room and fuck their brains out for a few hours. Most would say that fucking them was much better than just wanking at them sitting in a bar, yes I did enjoy it and I do enjoy fucking a lot.

But the thrill of public wanking for me is like a narcoticI HAVE to do it and I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't. The second day, Tony was off to see some Spanish friends of his. I didn't fancy it and headed off to the local nudist beach that Tony had told me about. After a 15 minute walk I found the beach.


It was a secluded sandy cove about a quarter of a mile long that and running the length of it ran a cliff face of a few hundred feet high. And other than by boat, the only other way of getting to it was by a single foot path that ran from the top of the cliff. It was very secluded and very busy with people, naked people. I walked the whole length of the cove to try and find the best spot for and found it at the far end.

There wasn't too many people around and I found a nice sandy spot in front of a few large stone boulders. I laid out my towel and took off my shorts and sat on my towel. Got some sun cream out of my bag and liberally covered myself including my cock as there's nothing worse than a sunburnt cock. The suncream felt good on my cock and it wasn't long before it was nice and hard and pointing straight up. I looked around but no one was paying any attention to me or my hard cock. I laid down with my hand gently stroking my cock.


I must have been dozing for a while as a shriek of laughter nearby that woke me up. I looked up and saw a gaggle of girls playing in the water and running off down the beach. There were also a few more people around as off to my left were 3 or 4 couples and to my immediate right about 15 feet away was a lady approximately in her 30's. She had short dark hair, small tits and a smooth hairless cunt. She was evenly tanned and no white bits over her tits or cunt.

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So she had obviously been nude sunbathing for a while. She was on her back on the sand and her right arm was across her eyes shielding them from the hot bright sun. At the sight of her alone, my cock got back to its favourite state of being hard as the little sleep I had had softened it some.

And on the other side of her were a few more couples all just laying in the sun. I sat up, got a bottle of water out of my bag and took a long drink. Then grabbed the sun cream again and rubbed some more onto my body and cock. Just as I had finished I gave my cock a stroke or 2 looking at the hot lady near me. She sat up, I thought at first she might have seen me rubbing my cock.

I moved my head slightly so i wasn't staring straight at her but could see what she was doing and pulled my legs up so my thighs were hiding my hard cock. But she fumbled in her bag and pulled out some sun cream and she started to rub some all over her body and watched as she squirted some cream on her hand and went between her legs spreading the cream in slow circular strokes over her cunt and inside her thighs.

I felt my balls twitch and pre cum was oozing out of my cock watching this erotic scene. She finished and in broken English with a Spanish accent she spoke to me. "Excuse please" I looked over and said. "Hello, yes" "Please, er.

rub cream on back" and shook the sun cream bottle at me to show what she meant. Yes, ok I know what you're thinking, nudist beach, naked sexy lady, rub sun cream on her back. That doesn't happen in real life but just porn movies. I've seen the porn movies myself. But this did happen, I swear. " Er, sure ok, I'd be happy to" I was very happy to. But I had a problem, how would I get over there without showing her my rock hard cock. But, I needn't have worried as she then laid on her front and was facing away from me spreading her legs.

I quickly looked around at everyone nearby, but they were all sun bathing and not paying attention to anything, let alone me. I stood up and walked the few paces over to her, my cock pointing straight up. Knelt down beside her and rubbed off the all the sand that was on her back and made special attention to her ass cheeks, then picked up the bottle of sunscreen she had dropped on the sand. I opened it and squeezed some cream on to her back at her shoulders and started to slowly rub it in her deep tanned skin with my right hand, while my left hand was quickly stroking my cock.

I wanted to cum on her.

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I finished with her shoulders and the top of her back and picked up the sun cream again and squeezed some more further down o to her back, put the bottle own and rubbed the cream in. I was close to cumming, i could feel my balls tensing up and the pre cum was constantly oozing out of my piss slit. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round, the crack had spread slightly and her ass hole was in full view, just beyond it was her bald cunt that I saw her rubbing few moments ago.

I knew where I wanted to cum. I picked up the sun cream and moved between her spread legs, her cunt moved in to view and my cock was just a few inches from it. She didn't stir and kept her eyes closed. I was now wanking furiously and ready to orgasm. I stood up on my knees aimed my cock head at her ass crack and shot a hot long streak of cum that splashed on her left ass cheek. Another 2 cum splashes I aimed at the sand just infront of her cunt. How I didn' t let out a loud moan, I don't know.

I quickly started to rub my cum in to her ass so she would think it was sun cream. And I squeezed the last of my cum out of my cock, it dribbled on to the sand. "I'm finished, is that ok for you" I asked. "MMMthank you, yes" but she still didn't stir and she still didn't open her eyes. I stood up and walked back to my spot, my heart beating strongly in my chest, my cock was throbbing in unison. I sat down and breathed out heavily, I must have been holding my breath. I grabbed my water bottle and took a long drink.

That was quite risky, I thought to myself, but I'm coming back here tomorrow. At Work 1 I like Fridays at work as it's a dress down day, no stuffy suits and ties for the guys and the girls also can get rid of their stuffy professional attire.

Having said that there are a few girls here that wear very nice tight skirts and sheer stockings that are begging to have my cum splashed all over them. The atmosphere also is also relaxed as everyone is looking forward to the weekend. There's rarely any boring meetings or unnecessary calls either. It's a day to spend in my glass walled office and catch up on the weeks paperwork and of course to have the occasional wank while looking out on to the work floor while checking out the nice ass walking around, while hidden behind a filing cabinet.

While during one of these wank times of mine, I was uninterrupted by a knock on my door. "Damn it!" I said trying to stuff my cock back inside my pants and walking back to me desk. "Come in" I called out. Jan opened the door and entered. Jan did a similar job to me and had the next office over to me. Was in her early 20's,tall, slim, long blonde hair, large tits that always are shown to their best in silk blouses.

Her nice ass always looks good in whatever she has on and she's very attractive and very much engaged to someone I haven't met and very much ion love. And think of her often when I'm wanking. "What's up?" "Hey, would you come and check something for me on my PC?

She asked. "Sure, what's the problem " I stood up and little me stood up as well. Straining against my pants and followed her to her office and she quickly told me she had a problem with a spread sheet was using, while I was checking out her smoking hot ass. She offered me her seat and I sat down, with Jan leaning over my shoulder, her tits pressed in to my back.

I tried to concentrate at the problem at hand. It was a simple fix, then Jan's phone rang she moved round her tits releasing their pressure of my back and picked it up.

Am minute later she dropped the phone back down and said to me. "I'll be back in 5, the boss wants to see me, you ok with that? " "Sure, no problem" and she left, closing her door behind her. I finished her problem in about a minute, even with the picture of her tits, legs and cunt seared onto my brain. Admittedly, I would love to fuck the ass off her, love to cum over her cunt, tits and face even if I could never masturbate again, but that was never going to happen. So I got my wank stick out and started to pull on it, her cunt in my mind just inches away from my face.

I looked down and saw her bag and just sticking out of the top was a large plastic bottle. Curious I pulled it out and it was a large bottle of body lotion about half full and a big smile erupted across my face. I let go of my cock long enough so I could remove the bottle cap and set it down on the desk and emptied a small amount onto my wanking hand and got back to the work of jacking off. The pumping action spreading the lotion all over my cock, it felt very good, very slippery.

A few minutes later I knew I'd be Cumming very soon. I stood up and held my cock head at the opening of the lotion bottle and shot 3 big greasy streaks of cum into the bottle. It fel t good. Then made sure the bottle had got all the little drips still dribbling out of my cock. I tidied my cock away and put the bottle top back on and gave the bottle a quick shake and put it back in to her bag as I found it, then sat back down.

Very shortly after, Jan came back. "Hey Jan, I'm all done here, how's the boss?" "The same. Just telling me about the big meeting next week." I showed Jan what the problem was with her spreadsheet and left going back to my office whistling to myself. An hour later, I needed some coffee and headed to the break room. As I got to Jan's office door I knocked, entered to ask if she wanted coffee. On her desk was the body lotion bottle. It was opened and Jan had a small amount lotion on her hand and then started to rub her hands together.

"Er, coffee Jan?" i said with a big grin on my face.

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Clothes shop 1 I was in town mid morning on a busy Saturday, sitting outside a coffee shop just finishing off my 3rd espresso, The day was sunny and the temperature was high along with the hemlines I was seeing, my cock liked what I was looking at too.

And the vest tops too were riding high, tits straining against the material, the skin of their midriffs looking smooth and supple. As much as I liked the view, I did have some shopping to buy and thought I better get on with it before the shops go too busy. I went over to the big department store across from the coffee shop and entered picking up basket at the entrance and headed to the gents department.

30 minutes later my basket was full, almost over flowing and a 3 pairs of trousers over my arm but I needed to try them on to make sure they fitted but made a detour first before heading to the changing rooms. The ladies lingerie department is pervert heaven for a guy like me and headed over to it. Racks and racks of panties, bras, baby doll nighties and every other under garment imaginable.

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I felt my cock thickening in my pants. I moved the 3 pairs of trousers across my other arm so I had my right hand free and picked up a pair of black frilly panties and undid my zip, pulled out my cock and rubbed it gently with them.

My left arm was across my belly so the trousers hid what I was doing.

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The sheer material felt so good against my cock head, but there were too many people about and too many store cameras. But before I stopped I made sure a little pre cum stained the panties and put them back on the rack and tucked my cock back in but left my zip open.

I made my way to where the expensive silk panties were. I saw what I was after a red bikini style panty that was on a little clip hanger. I took it off the rack and undid the 2 clips, balled up the panty and put it in to the pocket of one of the trousers hanging over my arm.

I did this with a similar black pair too and then headed for the changing rooms. The lady staff member at the changing room entrance gave me a large square piece of plastic with the number 3 printed on it indicating the number of items I was taking into the changing room which were the 3 pairs of trousers plus the 2 little items in the pockets, but she didn't know about them. The basket I had to leave with the staff member and I entered.

To get to the gents cubicles I had to enter and turn left then right, but the ladies were just straight on but all of the ladies cubicles on the left backed on to the gents ones that were on the right, so I always use the gets cubicles on the right. All of the curtains all were pulled back showing they were empty. I stopped at each opf the right hand cubicles to try and hear any voices from the ladies side and found what i was looking for 2nd from the end so I went in and pulled the curtain all the way over and hung the 3 pairs of trousers on the left hand hook.

I could hear girls voices, saying things like "that's pretty" or "that really suits you". I took off all my clothes and took out the 2 silk panties from the hid in the pockets and sat down on the chair facing the tall mirror on the back wall.

My cock in hand slowly stroking the hard flesh. Out of the back pocket in the trousers I was wearing i pulled out a little tester foil sachet of hand cream, ripped it open and squeezed out the cream over my cock and began to wank, spreading the cream over my cock.

My cock in no time was slick from the cream and I stood up and put on the red silk panties, keeping my very hard cock and balls inside them. The panties pushing my cock flat against my belly and pointing straight up, pre cum oozing out and running in to the silk. I grip my wank stick, rubbing it thru the silk while I hear the girl's voices from next door, my strokes getting harder and harder.

My pre cum and slick oily cock staining the red silk. I let out a little moan. In a few minutes I can feel my orgasm boiling and nearly ready to erupt, I let my cock loose from the panties and start to wank off using the black silk panties, the silk wrapping the whole of my cock, pumping faster and faster.

Them bam! I shoot a big streak of cum into the black silk panties. I continue to jack using the panites, cum covering my cock and soaking in to the black silk and i shoot a second load of cum hitting the mirror then it starts to run down. My cock starts to deflate and I sit down to catch my breath. The red silk soaking up the last few dribbles of cum oozing out.

I open up the black pair of panties and see loads of cum smeared on the silk and the red pair are wet and dirty too. I take them off and ball then up and put them back into the trouser pocket along with other one and get dressed.

I leave the running trail of cum on the mirror and leave. After picking up my basket from the staff member and I'm back in the lingerie department and I hang the cum stained panties back up from where I took them. I hang around a while see if any one picks them out, but I'm looking like a bit of a pervert the more I stay around so I think it's time to leave and I never get to see some young lady pick them up.