A moist cookie is rammed hard

A moist cookie is rammed hard
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I will start by telling about us, and the others involved, the names are changed to protect the not so innocent. My name is Ray I am about 5'10" and about 220#, my wife is Ann and very petite at less than 5' and under 100#, she has a very athletic figure and 34C boobs which do not sag even now, she is very sexy, but always feels that she is not, and wears rather loose baggy clothes most of the time.

All through our many years of marriage all my friends made comments that they would love to see her naked and get her in the sack, even though she has had four kids she still looks fantastic.

She was raised a strict catholic, and that has always had an effect on her conservative sex practices. These events happened during our late forties, but this event was my favorite night of my life, not everyone will probably see the excitement of this, unless they also enjoy wife watching and sharing as I do.

The friends that were most involved were Will and his wife Steph, which at the time of our flings, had been friends for about ten years, also involved were Bob, and his wife Bev. We were always very close friends for years with Bob and Bev, but after not working with Bob any more, and our kids grown, we just didn't get together very often.

At one of our now few get togethers, we were having a few drinks at there house, and talking a lot about getting older, and what we had done with our lives, along with what the future would hold. Bob was saying that what ever things we wanted to do, we needed to do it soon, if we wanted any last excitement before we got any older, as age was creeping up on us quickly, we all agreed and discussed it in depth, they were always a couple that we always could talk about anything with and no one judged each other.

The next week I noticed a change in Ann, a lot wilder in the bed, and wanting sex way more than past, for the last few years it had been down to a couple times a week or less, with me begging all the time, and pretty much just missionary style, oral sex was pretty much faded from memory, it had been many years earlier, when that was a big part of our lovemaking.

I brought it up to Ann, and after a long discussion, she said it was the discussion we had with Bob and Bev, especially the part, where Bob was talking that we don't have much time to have any flings, or wild times, before we are too old.

Our sex life began expanding, and five times a week was not uncommon again, trying new positions, as we talked about our fantasies openly, which she had been very hesitant to do in many years.

My fantasies always included other people, but she had always previously said she wanted nothing to do with that, suddenly that was a mutual fantasy, and the idea of us both doing it with someone else was part of our conversation, which always lead to steamy hot sex, she became an expert after a short time in oral, taking me all the way deep throating, she even started shaving her pussy clean, which always got me very horny, especially with the new possibility of being able to show her off to another guy that way and hoping for a swap or threesome to happen.

One weekend camping with Will and Steph, there was always a lot of physical attraction between Will and Ann, we were doing our normal flirting back and forth, having a few drinks, and I was a chatting with Will over the possibility of maybe doing a swap sometime with our wives, (we had had the conversation between us many times before) but he said the conversations he had with Steph, that she was willing to do it with me, but she did not want him to have sex with anyone else.


The next day while talking with Ann, she told me if I wanted to try it with Steph, she was ok with it, but she was not quite ready herself yet. That night after many drinks and flirting again, I told Will what Ann had told me, and he said he would be alright with that for now, if I wanted to ask Steph for sex go ahead, later that evening, my wife excused herself and headed for our tent, Steph did the same. A few beers later Will said go ahead and ask Steph, and see what she says.

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I went to there tent and asked if she was still awake, she said yes, and I said I was wondering if I could join her, she said what about Ann, I said we had already talked about it and she was ok with it. She then invited me in, and I found her nude in the sleeping bag, I got naked and slid in next to her, I found her already wet and ready, I started playing with her pussy with my fingers, slowly rubbing her clit, and sucking on her small breasts, then I slid down and began eating her, she soon urged me to climb on top of her, and slide inside of her, there was little resistance, as we fucked trying several positions, sliding all the way in and out, then slamming back in until my balls would hit her ass, soon I heard her having her second orgasm, I soon felt my load building in my balls before ejaculating into womb.

We laid there for a short time talking, when she asked me if I was sure Ann was ok with this, and I re-assured her we had discussed this ahead of time, and it was ok. After a while of talking, I got up and thanked her for the good time, and headed back to my tent, only to find my wife waiting, asking me how it was, I told her it was not as wonderful as I thought, but was fun anyway, she said Will had come by to see if she was interested also, but she had told him not yet, I asked why she had turned him down when I new the attraction that was there, and she said because Steph was still not ok with them doing it, she decided to wait, and Will finally agreed to wait also after some begging.

I was a bit disappointed that they had not had sex also, and started realizing that her doing it with another guy, actually turned me on more, than me doing it with another woman myself. She started working to get me hard again, and soon we were making love like mad. I started eating her deliciously sweet pussy, and soon she was ready to except my now throbbing member, she felt wonderful inside, as we made love, I fantasized about her and Will having wild sex together, we both came hard, and fell asleep, with me still inside of her.

The summer slowly faded without much else happening outside of are wonderful sex together, and in the fall, Will and Steph told us that they were finally going to get married, they had been together for fifteen years, and had three kids together, but were finally going to get married. Will asked me if I would be his best man, and I readily accepted, it was to be a very small wedding with just a few friends and family. As the wedding approached Will and I were at a bar socializing, and I asked Will what he wanted to do for his bachelor party, he said all he wanted to do was go out to the bar with a few friends and have a few drinks, no big party, he said Stephs friends were planning a big bachelorette party for her, going bar to bar and then to one of her friends for the rest of the night, but he was not interested in an all night drinking party.

I asked him if he wanted to go see strippers or anything, but he said no, but after going to a few bars he jokingly said he would like to find a hooker for a few hours before he tied the knot.

I said I would see what I could do, but he just laughed and said I am sure that will happen.

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I returned home later in the evening, and found Ann sipping a glass of wine, and told her that I was out with Will, talking about what he wanted to do about a bachelor party, so she asked me what we were going to do for it, as she was invited to the bachelorette party, but being she was not a big drinker, she was only going for a couple hours.

I said a couple of his other good friends could not make it because of other engagements, and he just wanted to go out with one other guy to a couple bars for a few drinks.

Ann looked at me and said is that all he wants to do, and I replied, well he did say he would like to find a hooker for the evening afterwards.

She sat there for a few moments, and then to my total shock and amazement, she said she could play the hooker for the two of us. After getting over the shock, I started getting very excited of the possibility, and asked her, do you really mean it, she said yes, it would be very exciting and a lot of fun, but do you think Will would want to. I said he always teased me saying he would love to get in your pants, along with the constant flirting he did with her, so that would be an absolute yes.

We then started discussing how we would carry this out, and remembered we had the keys to a friend's place, that was gone to Europe on vacation, that would be the perfect place. As we talked we both got extremely aroused and we then had a long very intense lovemaking session, and found her more turned on and wetter than I ever remembered, I said I think you like this plan as much as I do, as we both climaxed quickly as we pounded into each other.

The next week went by slowly, and we decided not to have sex during the week to really amplify the whole event. We talked often about the following Saturday between us getting ourselves very excited, I said I would not mention it to Will until the night of the party, and then not until later in the evening in case she changed her mind.

I said if she wanted to back out, to get in touch before 10 pm, because that is when I would tell him. She asked me, are you sure you want me to go through with it, and I just said you would not believe how excited I am about this and I know you are too. Saturday night finally came, and as Ann and I were saying our goodbyes, I again asked her if she was ready for this, she just said I will meet you here at 11pm, and gave me a very deep wet kiss, and off to the bachelorette party she headed.

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I picked up Will, and drove to the first bar to meet another friend named Jeff, we arrived and sat down having a few cocktails, we just talked and laughed about old times, the night for me, seemed to be dragging, hoping I did not get a call from Ann, but kind of expecting to.

We moved to a couple other bars and played some music and a little pool. Finally it started getting close to 10pm, and I kept looking at my watch hoping for no phone call, and Will noticed and wondered why I kept looking at my watch, and I just told him I would let him know shortly. Finally 10 arrived with no call, and I motioned for Will, he came over, and I whispered the plan that Ann and I had worked out, but we would have to break off from Jeff.

After our pool game was over he eagerly went up to Jeff and told him he was getting tired, and was ready to call it a night, Jeff said that was fine, as he had to work the next day anyway. As we headed out the door I looked at Will, the overwhelming lust in his eyes was showing brightly, as he nervously tried to hold a conversation with me.

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I must admit, I was also feeling the excitement building as we chatted about any and everything to pass the time, After we left the bar and started driving, I explained a little more of what was hopefully going to happen, and that he was staying overnight anyway, there would be no explanations to deal with, I also told him he could do what ever he wanted with Ann as long as she did not object, it was her night also.

We arrived at our house just before 11pm, and I offered Will a beer, and grabbed a bottle of Ann's favorite wine while we waited for Ann to meet us, but I was still worried she may still back out.

At 11:07 she, to my excitement, pulled into the driveway, as I approached her and gave her a big kiss, she said lets go before I loose my nerve, and we quickly all jumped in my car to head to our secluded friends empty house. We arrived and unlocked the door to find it a bit chilly inside, I put on some music, started the fireplace, and turned up the furnace to warm it up a bit; Ann opened the bottle of wine, and poured a glass for us all.

We sat on the couch with Ann in the middle, and chatted for a while, as the sexual tension ran through us all, then I decided to move things ahead, so I started unbuttoning her shirt a few buttons, she did not object, so Will unbuttoned the rest.

I was getting very excited seeing her sitting between us with her shirt open. (Ann never wears a bra) Will and I each began massaging her beautiful breasts as she laid her head back against the couch and closed her eyes.

We continued massaging her, and each sucking on one of her fabulous breasts, with her nipples sticking out proudly, after a while, she sat up, and said we should move to the bedroom, with that we helped her to her feet and headed back to the master bedroom with her shirt wide open.

We got to the bedroom, to a large king-size bed; I decided to give them a little time together alone, so they wouldn't feel awkward, so I said I was going to make a stop at the bathroom, I don't think either of them even heard me, as they just headed into the master bedroom holding hands looking at one another.

I waited for a few minutes and looked into the bedroom, to find they had not wasted any time, they were both completely naked, with Ann on top, opposite each other, both going to town eating one another, I walked back out knowing they had not even noticed me, and decided to give them more time alone.


I headed into the living room, and placed more wood on the fire, as I thought about what I was happening in the bedroom between my two best friends, I started getting extremely aroused, and so hard that it began to ache, I quickly shed all my clothes, but I was afraid to touch myself, for fear of Cumming.

After what seemed a long time (really about fifteen minutes) I decided to head to the bedroom to join them. I arrived, but I don't think either noticed, as Ann was sitting facing Will straddling him now, with her thighs spread wide kneeling over his lap, while he was sitting up on the bed, slowly sucking on her breasts, she was slowly lifting herself up and down on his cock impaled in her beautiful very wet pussy, I could here the squishing sounds with every stroke, as he helped her slide up untill the tip would almost pop out from her labia, then back in until there pubic bones would meet, Ann's eyes seemed to be rolled back in her head, as he seemed to be getting all the way in to her cervix.

I quietly sat down on the bed, and watched until Ann leaned her head back and arched her back, and started groaning and shaking as she climaxed for the first of many orgasms of the night, the electricity between them was incredible as I watched her. Will was right behind, as he shoved deep as he could into her, unloading his hot cum deep in her womb.

As they came down from there climax, they had a deep kiss, then Ann rolled off on her back with her pussy spread wide open, exposing her velvety opening with Will's sperm trickling out, and down her butt, I could take no more, and quickly filled her with my own cock in one stroke, she felt a lot looser than normal, but it felt fantastic with their combined juices, too my surprise Ann started moaning again after a very short time, as I pumped in and out, which was good because as aroused as I was, I knew I would not last long.

We came together as I added my own cum to both of theirs; it was like nothing else I had ever experienced. We rested a short time, then after cleaning up and something to drink; I started eating Ann, gently licking at her vagina and teasing her labia and clit reaching in with my fingers gently massaging her G spot. Ann grabbed a hold of Wills cock, and again started working on him licking, and taking him in her mouth balls deep.

After a short time Will and I changed places, and got Ann in a doggy position, with my dick in her mouth, and Will placing his hard cock against her swollen vagina opening, I watched him slowly slide the tip in, then drive deep inside her very wet pussy, I watched Ann's face as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the different cock buried deep in her, bottoming out, then withdrawing again, only to plunge back in deeply again, I could feel the electricity building as we all neared another climaxI watched her face as her third orgasm took over, she started shaking, twisting and moaning loudly, as it washed over her.

Will and my recovery times were now taking a lot longer, but Ann seemed to be ready again quite quickly, really getting into our adventure.

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Another rest period and a quick clean up, a glass of wine, and we were soon rolling around on the bed again, trying just about every position we could think of. Ann was incredible taking turns with us, over and over through the night. I was completely amazed that she could orgasm that many times in one evening, in the past twice in one day was the most she had ever had, but then that was not a threesome with Will, or being a bachelor party hooker.

We finally fell asleep with Ann in the middle. A short time later, I woke up as I felt the bed moving, only to find Will back in between her thighs, with her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him in as deep as she possibly could, moaning and wiggling, I just laid there pretending to still be asleep, while they tried to stifle there moans as they slowly kissed, and ground there bodies together in ecstasy, again they both began to shake and buck, as he again started filling her with his streams of white sticky cum, she tilted her head back in another orgasm with her eyes tightly shut, again they had a long deep kiss as they laid together in there after glow holding one another tightly.

I waited a short time, after he rolled from on top of her, I slowly started gently rubbing her swollen clit, which was now soaked from all the past activity, feeling her smooth shaven, very wet sticky vagina, she again pulled me on top of her, and we again made passionate love, I again told her how I really loved her, and was really proud of her, as I drove deep inside of her, she felt so loose and relaxed and very wet, we both had a very light orgasm this time, but it felt great anyway, then we fell back asleep with her in my arms tightly, facing one another, I again felt so close to her, and told her so.

As the morning light slowly started coming in the windows, Ann shook me lightly to wake me up, then whispered in my ear, asking me to play with her. As I slowly started to massage her pussy, to my surprise, I found Will had his cock filling her, sliding in and out of her sloppy pussy again from behind, I slowly massaged her clit, watching her face, as she lay there enjoying the feeling, and again she started down the road of yet another orgasm, this time it took quite a while.

It was kind of weird at first rubbing her clit this way, because I could feel his cock through her clit, slowly sliding in and out of her very wet pussy, just under my fingers, I could feel him as he started to pick up his pace and I new he was getting close, so I started rubbing more intently on her clit, I wanted to get her to cum at the same time as Will, it worked, because as he tensed up and started Cumming, that brought Ann back off for her last orgasm of the night, I watched in amazement as she seemed to keep shaking and Cumming for a full minute, with her eyes closed tightly and moaning over and over.

As her orgasm subsided, I lightly played with her, until she asked me to stop, as she was too sensitive. If someone had told me that my wife could have that many orgasms in one night, I would not have believed them. We again fell asleep until close till noon, cleaned everything up, including a very sticky set of sheets, and then headed home.

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I had never felt so close to her as I had at that time. It is amazing to see another man that has so much electricity with your wife and lover, truly making magic together.

It was a very exciting and special time, I keep hoping for something like this to happen again, but doubt it could be as good with any other combination than those two together, I have asked Ann many times for another threesome, but so far she keeps telling me no. Every time I think back to our experience I get totally turned on, and when I bring it up to Ann, I can tell it also gets her excited, although she will never admit it. I will never forget this experience, as it is etched in my mind, as the best night of my life.