Adrie rae is a hot nanny willing to do anything to keep her job

Adrie rae is a hot nanny willing to do anything to keep her job
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when i was 15 i had pretty much everything going for me. a great boy friend and an amazing body. i was 5.7", slim but athletic build, 40DDD breasts, a great ass, and long black flowing hair. as you can imagine i was pretty popular with the boys. but i didn't like boys.

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i wanted a man. my boyfriend sky was taking me to a party his friend was throwing. i wasn't really up for it. because i knew all eyes would be on us. sky is good looking and alot of girls like him.

he has medium length brown hair, blue eyes, an amazing smile, and a cute butt. just the typical guy every teenage girl wants.

he treats me good and all but he isn't quite what I'm looking for. i hear my name being called from across the room. " Tiffany!" Cassandra runs towards me. " hey wutz up?" " wutz up? you are wutz up. have you seen sky lately? giiirrl you are lucky to have a fine piece of ass like that!" " I'm not fucking him" "and why the hell not?" she asked almost yelling.

"you know i'm a virgin and besides he isn't my type. don't tell him, but i think I'm going to end it." " are you stupid?" " no just not interested. he's boring. THIS is all we ever do." i said pointing around the party.

i am being honest. not much in my life has happened since I've been with sky.


as the night goes on a great party can turn into a big disaster. the house was raided by cops. sky took off with his friends and left me at the party. it wasn't a big deal. it just gave me another reason to leave him. but walking home isn't what i had planned. i have a short jean skirt on, a low cut tank white tank top, some white heels, and no sweat shirt or jacket.

it was freezing outside.

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i was walking down a back road. rubbing my arms to stay warm. when a blue car pulled up beside me. " want a ride?" a man was hanging half way out the window. and being in the predicament that i was in i had no choice. i got in the car slowly. the heat was on so i warmed up quickly. " where do you need to go?" " umm. anywhere but here is fine" " well anywhere is everywhere. so I'll just drive around for a wile till you warm up.

then you can tell me where you live." he said smiling. he seemed like a pretty nice guy. not bad looking either. looked to be about 6.2" maybe 6.3", short black hair, Asian, tan skin, gorgeous smile, and pretty eyes. i felt him watching me. he just smiled and turned away. the little things he did started to drive me crazy. like run his fingers through his hair or rub the back of his neck.

just looking at him made me wet. " what's your name?" he asked. " Tiffany" " how old are you Tiffany? it seems pretty late for a girl like you to be walk home alone." " I'm fifteen" i answered.

he gave me a questioning stare. he pulled over. i assumed he was tired of driving. he laid his head back on the seat and closed his eyes. i loved his neck line. so manly. i looked at his body through his tight black t-shirt. his jeans were form fitted and looked nice on him. i seen something that i imagined wasn't supposed to be showing. a large tent was in the front of his pants. and from what i had heard Asian men aren't very big. but he seemed to be above average.

i tried to restrain myself from reaching over and touching it. i wanted him the more we sat there. i was extremely wet. horny is an understatement wile looking at this man. i could feel my juices run down my thighs and onto the seat. he seems to be concentrating. i slowly reach between my legs. not want him to notice. i slid a finger inside my cunt. i was so hot and ready to be fucked. he licked his lips and almost made me cum. I've never been so turned on. i slid my finger out to taste my juices.

it was sweet much like a cherry. by this time i couldn't restrain myself. i reached across his lap and started rubbing his cock through his pants.

his eyes opened and his head slowly lifted. he looked down at my hand, watched it move. then he looked over at me. bit his lip and stared into my eyes. he felt so big. he had to be over 10 inches. a size most men would envy. he put his hand over mine and guided my strokes.

" i live about a block away" he whispered as i kept rubbing him. i liked how his breath was deep and shallow.


he drove the block and we went upto his house. we could barely get the door open. ripping cloths off. he grabbed my face kissed me deeply and passionate. lifted me up by my ass and carried me up the stares. luckily the door to his room was open. he laid me on the bed. " I'm going to do things to you. things a young girl like you couldn't dream of." " i want you to fuck me right now" " there is no turning back" " fuck me!" i yelled at the top of my lungs.

he kissed me again. reached bellow his pillows and tied me with ropes. I've never been in bondage before. he kissed my neck and slowly moved down. tasting every corner of my body.

teased my hard nipples. bit and sucked them. i was enjoying everything. he got to my waste line. kissed my mound. slid his tongue between my lips. sucked my clit. his tongue went in circles up and down my labia.

tongue fucked me.

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i have never felt so excited. " mmmhhh" i let out a small moan.

he took it as an invitation to do more. he lifted my legs to my ears and kept eating my pussy. it felt too good to be true. he tongued my ass and fingered my cunt. " oh fuck" i said unable to control myself. he put three fingers in my ass. it was a sensation I've never felt before. he let my legs down and knelt by my face. his cock slid in my mouth before i could testify.

he tasted so good. i could only take the first few inches because of his girth. but he shoved down the throat causing me to gag.

he pulled out and smiled. then he shoved back in and started face fucking me. his strokes became harder and faster. i couldn't breath. his cock jerked and he cam down my throat. i couldn't swallow all of it so it spilled from my mouth.


he slapped me across the face. " you dirty whore" he said with a smile. i never thought something like this could turn me on. now i wanted him even more. he kissed me. " are you bad girl? do you still want me to fuck you? are you a dirty cum loving whore? i think you need to be punished" before i could say anything i felt a sharp pain in my ass. i yelped. he kept doing it.

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the stinging pain i felt in my ass was indescribable. soon the pain turned to pleasure. i loved him spanking me. he put his head down by my pussy and teased my clit. i felt like i was going to cum. " not yet" he said and started slapping my pussy. fuck it felt so good. he drove me to the edge.

the orgasm was building in me. i was about to cum when he shoved into my pussy. i cam so hard i didn't realize he had popped my cherry. i didn't feel pain at all i was in a daze. he fucked me so hard. it was rough and i liked it. his cock filled my pussy. wile hardcore smashing me he slapped me across the face again. " do you like that?" he asked.i was almost in tears, but it felt so good.

" mmmhhh fuck" " i knew you would. we're not finished yet" " sssssssss mmmhhh haaaaa" " I'm your new daddy! say my name bitch!" " mmmsss daddy" " louder!" " DADDY!" i screamed as he rammed his cock into my ass and pounded it raw. he was completely inside me. sliding in and out.

thrusting harder and harder making me gasp. he pulled all the way out and drove it back in. reaching in as far as my body would allow it. i began to panic as he grabbed my legs and flipped me over on my stomach. he started to rub my pussy making me moan louder than i had expected. " daddy, can we please stop it?" i said in a little girl voice. " no bitch shut the fuck up it's over when i say it is!" " i can't handle it any more!" " i don't care" he said smiling.

i liked when he yelled. it turned me on even more. he began to eat my pussy. god he was good at that. rolling it in circles and tongue fucking my cunt. I've been eaten out before plenty of times but never like this.

he knew exactly were i liked to be touched as if he was reading me. studying every inch of my body and how i reacted. he kissed me deeply. " hold on tight baby. this might hurt" he whispered in my ear and before i could say anything he shoved his fist in my pussy. it did hurt but it was practically nothing compared to his size. he fist fucked me deep, hard, fast, and rough.

i could hardly breath when he shoved the other in my ass. i was gushing fluids everywhere.feeling myself go crazy i could tell i was going to cum harder than ever. i gripped the sheets, clawed the pillows, and rocked my hips back and fourth thrusting against his fist. all at once he pulled both out and i squirted half way across the room. but wile i was still in shock he shoved his cock inside me and came deep in my pussy.

i ended up passing out. about an hour later my phone rang. it was sky. i didn't even have energy to talk but i answered anyway. " hello?" " where the hell are you it's 6 in the morning and you haven't called" " it's 6? oh god I'll be getting home soon" " where are you at? I'll pick you up your mom would flip if she knew i let you out of my site" " I'll be fine i crashed at a friends house" " ok. i love you" " yup bye" i felt bad ending the conversation like that.

but fuck that bitch he left me stranded. oh god I'm starting to talk like him. i heard a knock on the bedroom door. " umm come it" " morning" he said smiling. " i have a few questions before it's a good morning" " ok go for it" " one.why didn't you tie my mouth shut? old are you?.and what is your name?" as i asked the questions he smiled like he was expecting something more. funny because i was expecting more too. " ok.i didn't tie your mouth because i like how you scream.second.I'm 32.and my name is Chris" " your 32?

oh god i like older men but my mom would kill me" " don't worry about that no one has to know besides it's not like it's going to happen again" i began to worry. last night was the greatest night of my life and now it wont ever happen again. i need excitement in my life and last night was the first night i had ever done anything like that. he dropped me off a block away from my house so my mother wouldn't suspect anything. " where were you last night?" she asked right when i entered the door.

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" i stayed with a friend mom it's no big deal" " no big deal? you go out with Sky at 8 o'clock at night and come back here at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and you expect me not to worry? you told me you would be gone for an hour" " I'm sorry i should have been more responsible and called to let you know where i was going" i said as i walked up the stares to end any further conflict. a few seconds after i walked in Sky busted through the door and started kissing me.

now that I've been with Chris i wasn't attracted to Sky even more. i just smiled and acted as if nothing was wrong. in all reality i was finally happy. expect a 2nd and 3rd part