Sexy babe rides like a wild pro hardcore and blowjob

Sexy babe rides like a wild pro hardcore and blowjob
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Have Hands Will Travel The Early Years It was while in the Army I actually done something to really change my life. The times reflected the mood of the early 1970's with the Vietnam War, Watergateand Women's Lib in the headlines. I was stationed at Monterey, California at Ft. Ord. I was only months from discharge and counted myself lucky they didn't need mechanic's so I wouldn't be re-enlisting. It was a job not unlike a civilian who worked 9-5 40 hours a week.

My nights and weekends were free, and because I was from N.C. leaving base was not economical. I accrued leave time at the rate of two and one half days a monthplus weekends. I had several weeks of leave due, but no place to go. A friend suggested I take a cruise. The West Coast cruise ships ran up and down the coast from L.A. To Mexicoand north to San Francisco and Alaskadepending on which ship and time of year. His brother was a masseur on one of the ships, and said he needed some help.

If I agreed to help, my fare was free. Turns out I had about 98 days of leave available out of 105 days of service left. The Army decided to muster me out and I was suddenly a civilian again.

Each day of leave not taken was a cash out, so I left with $2,300 in cash, an enormous amount of money for my young age. I wired $ 2,000 to my Dad for safe keeping and told him I'd be home in a few months.

After talking with 'Ron' the masseur, and explaining my desire to travel with him and learn his trade, the date was set for me to start. I would be his 'apprentice' for a minimum of 18 months or 1500 hours of documented table timewhichever came first. The date finally arrived and I met Ron on board the ship. I was shown his ample massage room, and all the tools of the trade I would be using. I was billeted a very nice private cabin nearby. Four hours after the ship was under way, Ron's first client came in.

A lovely 35 yr old with a flawless figure. Now me being only 21 myself, I probably looked like a kid to her. Ron introduced me as his "Gopher" and would not participate in the massage.

I brought him oils, towels, hot stones, etc. My career was launched. I was allowed only to watch as his hands seemed to bring the woman into sobs on the table. I later learned those sobs were moans. Ron gave me his books on anatomythe nervous systema life sized skeleton to keep in my cabin and learn the names of the bonesthe spinal column and associated vertebrae, discs, etc.

When I was not with him, my face was in a book. The days progressed till Ron felt I could do a decent massage.After observing me with my first client, he patted my back and said I was a quick study,and that I would be one of his best pupils if I stayed committed. We began to split the hours at his 'office' with him on duty 10 am till 4pmand I would take the 4pm 10pm hours. Let me mention that being his apprentice I was not allowed to accept pay for my servicesonly tips.

He charged $60.00 an hour for our services, a fair price in the early 70's. If I received a ten or twenty as a tip, it was mine to keep. I was averaging $50 - $100 per shift in tips, so money was never my problem. My problems seemed to be the young ladies.

Once they found out my job, they would hang around merubbing their boobs and butts on me thinking I would give them 'freebies' on the table. Every cruise I had a different girl who seemed to lay claim to me as hers. This produced jealously among the others, and it got so bad I talked to Ron about it, and asked his advice.

"Yeah- I've been there and done that. Dano don't single out any one girl on the cruises. Tell them it's against our policy to get serious with them,and we must treat all passengers equally.

It won't take but one to ruin your reputation on board. If that happens, you might as well quit. IF you get sexual with a client, make sure it's in your cabin and not on the table, for now.


You must also learn to be very discreetand try to relay this to any woman you're with." Sounded like a man who knew. The 3 day/4 night cruises passed quickly into the summer and fall of 1972. I became very good with my hands, and earned a respectable reputation with the young ladies.Getting laid was never a problem. One afternoon we anchored in a long bay about a mile from the coast. Ron gave me money and a note for a 'special' purchase in the local market.

I was to seek out an old Mexican who sold sombrero's in the right side of the marketplace. I had left the ship in Puerto Vallarta ,a resort town on the coast of Mexico. Our ship ferried passengers to and from the resorts we anchored near. I breezed through shops and taverns and finally arrived at the place I was looking for.

Ron had used this stuff for years and had sent me on a quest to procure a fresh supply. The little shop was barely visible among the dozens scattered in the marketplace. I handed the old guy an envelope with a note. " So, now Senor Ron wants more of the 'fly' eh?" he laughed, his English thick with the accent. "Whatyou mean there's actually a real drug called "Spanish Fly?" I thought it was a mythhanded down in sexual folk lore for untold generations.

" It's really a bug here in Mexico—called a "Blister Beetle" the old man continued. "We starve them to death in glass jars, and let them dry. The crushed beetle can be ingestedor rubbed on the privates.

A little goes a long way" I was fascinated, and it was cheap also. $100 an ounce till it crossed the border. I had only $300 on me besides the $100 Ron had given me. I returned to the ship with a Mexican sombrero, the hollow inside the head stuffed with the "dust". about a quarter pound. I gave Ron his part and took mine to my cabin. The old guy had said the dosage was "a half thimble full dusted inside a glass and filled with your favorite beverage." A very small pinch could also be applied to the female clitoris or the glans on males.

I divided mine into six- half ounce baggies, like you would buy pot/reefer/Maryjane etc.If I ever got back home, I would be a popular young man! Our return up the coast was not uneventful. A young lady named Sandy had a wanted a massage earlierbut Ron was so backed up, he had her come back on my shift.

She filled out our standard form which helped me document my hours, and gave information we might need to know. Age-18 weight 115 height-- 5' 2" any problem areas we should know about -- no- any back or neck injuries - no, just to name the important ones.

She smiled as she handed me the form. "You are much younger than Ron and I'm glad I waited." " You look too good for him," I said " and it will be my pleasure to serve you.

Ron usually takes the older, more wealthy clients, thinking of his tips. Have you ever had a massage before?" "No, you might say this is my graduation present. I'm here with two of my classmates. After the cruise, we're off to college." "O.K.

Here's the way it goes-- you can undress in the restroom there. I need the bra off, but you may keep your panties on, if you're shy. We have beach towels and sheets to drape you with in there. Take your pick. Come back out and we will begin with you on your tummy." Sandy returned shortly and lay tummy down for me to begin.her beach towel rode high, barely covering her cute ass.

I oiled my hands and began at her feet, working the oil between her toes, arches, and heels. I wasn't even trying to steer her legs apart when she let them splay open enough to see her blond covered labia—no panties.

The small lips were folded in, with a tip of clitoris barely visible. I divided her calve muscles on each leg, then moved to her upper thighs, dividing them also.She moaned softly. "Do you have a girlfriend, Dano?" "I'm not with anyone at present.

I can have ladies in my room, but the rules say I have to treat everyone equal . I can't have a 'steady' one." I was at the towel now, and moved to her head, working my fingers into her blond hair,massaging her scalp.

Moving down, I worked Sandy's neck and shoulders while she moaned how good it felt. " I wasn't being nosyI just like you, and wondered if we could get something going later. My girlfriends and I have been in a Catholic boarding school for the past three years. We'd like to live a little before going off to college.

They've already hooked up with a couple of guys on boardand I feel left out." My hands were now on her spinal column, checking her alignment. She moaned again, rather loudly as my hands reached her tail bone. I had the towel folded down to her butt cheeksand she reached around and pulled it off, letting it drop to the floor.

I said nothing, as if I saw that happen daily. "Don't you think my butt's pretty, Dano?" "It's one of the nicest I've ever had the pleasure of seeing." She rolled itletting her thighs open more.

I placed a row of warm stones down the sides of her spine. "Oohh! That feels good ! I ran a line up each legand finally I held a larger one in my hand and rolled it across her cheek, turning it light pink. I repeated on the other, as I heard her breathing change, becoming shallow.

" My ooohh my-that's so good!! Don't stopplease! More." I kept at it a few minutes. then removed them back to the heater. The other stones followed. "What did you take em off for?" " To roll you onto your back." I said as I helped her turn.

Sandy had a perfect body, her breasts a 32b with pinkpuffy nipples. Her frame was medium, and she worked out, judging from the six pack Ab's she had. I lightly oiled with Egyptian Musk and massaged her forehead, cheeks and neck.

I used the remainder between her lovely breasts. "That smell is so good makes me feel funny." She reached up to pinch her own nipples, the puffs contracting into respectable nubs on each breast.

Her breathing gave her away again, coming in gasps.

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I massaged her tummy and sides using my open palms to press and knead the vibrant flesh. I placed a row of stones on her chestjust under her collarbone, on a line down between her breasts and tummy, ending with a larger one on her pubic mound.

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"Dano-- I want to tell you something. I've never been with a manbut I'm not a virgin either." My hand tried to withdraw but she grabbed it and held it to the stone, pushing it lower onto her clit.

"Ahhhh!!" she was trembling. "How did you manage that trick?" I said. "At school, we had a nice vibrator one of the girls slipped in. We would use it on each other. Burnt the motor out of it, but it still felt good. one of the girls broke my hymen with it. I think it's ruined me, and it's the only way I can get off." She pulled the stone, and my hand lower. "Would y-you use your fingers in mee-- please?" Her hand trembled. " No, I can't . It's a rule.we can't get sexual with the clients on the table.

Hell, Ron could walk in any minute and catch us." "Lock the door." "No--- If you want to do anything else, you'll have to come to my cabin later tonight. I promise I'll take good care of you then." I stepped back, pulling my hand free. It took everything I had to turn her down. "This massage is finished," I said.

"You may dress and come to my cabin later.You must also be very discreet, don't tell a soul . It's three doors down from here." Sandy stood and said nothing.going into the restroom and dressing. She came out and gave me $50. " I can't take this, I'm still an apprentice." " It's your tip for a job well done-- and a future one well done." she smiled. She turned to leave, and kissed me full on the lips. " I'll see you later, about 11pm—O K?" I said.

Sandy nodded and left. I had only two more massages the rest of the day, and in between them, I'd sit outside in the warm sun, working on my tan. Sandy and her 'girlfriends' came walking by -- Sandy played her act well, not even looking my way. I left about 9:20pm and went to my cabin . I had a shower and shavequickly dressed in cut off Levi 501's and found two glasses . I dusted one and set it aside while I fixed a double Black Jack over ice.My bed was made,so I turned it down and lit a couple of Egyptian Musk candles, since Sandy seemed to love it.

I lay and sipped my drink and read awhile in my anatomy book. At 10:30 I dropped a pinch of the fly in my drink. I couldn't even taste it. Sandy arrived on time, dressed to kill, her tight white shorts and yellow tank top left little to the imagination.

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I asked what she wanted to drink. "Oh what ever you're having." I fixed hers in the dusted glass, and told her what it was.It didn't seem to impress her. We sat on the wide bed and toasted to our plan working. "I saw you walk by today. You got a gift. Your girlfriends never had a clue." Sandy gulped down the laced bourbon very fast, draining it.

I followed suit and we were soon making out. Her breasts pressed into my bare chest as she kissed me deeply-- with tongue.She had no bra onand her hands were already at the buttons on my 501'strying to get them open.

My hands went to her lower back, using my fingers to slide down the back of her shorts.Sandy wore bikini briefs, cut high on the hip. My hands found the firm muscled ass cheeks and gripped them tightly,making her moan. " H-Help meee!! " she cried as frustration set in, her fingers fumbling with the buttons. I moved them aside to quickly thumb them open. Her hand dove inside to find the head of my half-hard cock.

My shorts hit the floor. "It's the first real one I've ever touched." Sandy said. "It's bigger than our vibrator." I pulled her shorts and panties off,letting them fall to the floor. She pulled the tank top over her head and discarded it too. We lay naked and made out some more while groping each others charms.

I kissed my way to each breast, pausing to suck greedily on each engorged nipple. Sandy was breathing hard, like she had been running.

She rolled me to my back, both hands around my thick shaft. " I wanna play with this a little-O.K.?" Sandy saidgrinning. " Knock yourself out." She got on her tummy, between my open legs. "I've got a better plan" I said as I reached her thigh and pulled her around into a 69.

I went straight to her clit with my tongue, tormenting the nub as I wrote my ABC's all around it. She gasped as my wide glans dripped pre-cum. Catching it with her tongue, she lapped the wide head, licking the sensitive underside also. She went down on the shaft, sliding about five of my seven plus inches into her hot mouth.

My own tongue dipped into her tight folds, bringing a hiss to Sandy's voice. "Y-Yesss !! Oh Yesss! Eat it!-Yesss!." Her ass quivered as an orgasm raced through her body, making her cunt spasm out three strong spurts of fluid. I ran my two middle fingers inside and hooked her G- spot, milking the gland.

Two more spurts flew out to splash my hand. "G-God-I-I'm cummmiinng!" The second orgasm shook her to the core."Ahhhgghh!!" Her head shook from side to side. I rolled her to her back as she came, turning and pressing my stone hard cock to her blond cunt,the lips soaked in cum. I drove the wide head inside two whole inches before her muscles clamped down on me.

" Noo! S-Stop.It's too big !" I rolled my ass to help spread the tight inner lips.another inch pressed in, making her scream. "Ahhhhgh!-- P-Please take it out—it's burning!" I backed out and reached to the nightstand for another pinch of the 'fly', rubbing it on the wet head of my cock.

It was instantly Very Warm, not burning, but like candle wax when it's dripped onto the skin. I returned my cock to her soaked pussy, and pushed again, more slowly than before. Sandy's mouth formed an ' O' as she felt the wide head split her inner lips, and slid inside a few inches.

"God- That's so hot really hot!!!" She used her fingers to pinch and hold both my nipples, then released and began to suck on them. Even her saliva felt hot as she rolled the nipples in her mouth ,with suction . I backed out and flexed my prostrate muscle again, making the head and shaft bulge in width.

This stuff was heating me up, but also tingling as the dust was absorbed into my cock. The heat and pressure dilated her inner lipsletting my hot cock slide into her 'virgin' depths. Inch by inch the wide shaft opened her tunnel until I was finally in as far as it would go.

I say that because I looked and saw at least an inch left exposed between us. Her pussy would have to be fucked a little before she could take the full length.

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It was that tight! I held my ground while she adjusted, kissing her full lips and playing with her nipples.

This made Sandy even hotter, and she began to hunch her crotch at mine, trying to get some friction going. " It's feeling so good Dano. You can fuck me now, you can do it fast, cause it don't fact it's itching way up inside me.Hurry please, please!!

A-Aaaahhhnnngg!!" I was pulling back out, dragging her clit and nearly turning her cunt inside out. I withdrew completely and stood at the edge of the bed, pulling her body with me till her ass was on the edge.

I put her legs over my shoulders and entered again, her hot pussy gripping me tightly. I stroked my cock rapidly in and out, using only half my length to accustom her to it's girth. The more I moved the hotter it seemed to get inside . We were both sweating, despite the air conditioning being on. I knew it had to be the 'fly' working on us. Sandy's hips were trying to match my thrusts as we raced alongtrying to scratch this very warm "itch" we had inside us.

I added the rest of my cock, to take her breath as I bottomed out on every other stroke I took. Her breath was ragged now, gasping for air and trying to fuck me faster. " I-I'm gonna c-cum Dano—Pl-Please cum with mee!!" she screamed . "Aaahhhhggh" Now-!--Oh Yea!-OhhhSshiitt!! Ahhggh!!" Her cunt contracted around my shaft, flooding it to overflowing as her orgasm peaked, soaking my heavy balls and sheet below. This triggered me to let loose a violet orgasm of porn star caliber, shooting hot ropes of semen deep inside her spasming cunt.

As our fluids mixed, the insatiable "itch" that had drove us finally eased off, leaving us panting and exhausted. I crossed her legs 'Indian style" on my chest and stroked her pussy slow, both of us having the little aftershocks of a great orgasm. My cock was still like stone, which was not unusual for me, but I was not so sure Sandy could continue.

Her eyes were closed and she was still breathing heavily, almost sobbing from the intensity of her climax. I was feeling that itch returnway down deep in my cock. I moved my hips a little faster, scratching it. This caused Sandy's eyes to open wide and nod her head in approval, wanting more. Her lips were cracked from dehydration, and we were still sweating as if in a steam sauna.In this position I could fuck her deeply, using the couple of inches behind my balls.

Sandy was grunting "Ungh' every time I bottomed out in her tight pussy. In the standing position, I had several options to fuck from and I used them all to her delight.

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Uncrossing her legs, I raised them straight up and locked her knees, and placed both them over one shoulder. A dozen long strokes and grunts later, I moved them to the other side, and the grunts got louder. I leaned into her, breaking her down like a shotgun,her knees nearly in her ears. She screamed she was cumming again, and I slammed her pelvic bone with mine as she gushed more fluids around my cock.

Sandy screamed one last time and passed out . My cock erupted inside her spasming tunnel, my hot cum mixing again with hers . I slipped my cock from her and lay down beside Sandy, and held her still jerking body against mine as my body finally wound down from this incredible experience .

We lay five minutes or so before she came around. Looking at me with her big blue eyes she asked . " Can I sleep here with you tonight? I don't think I can make it back to my cabin, and I'd have a hard time explaining where I've been." "Sure-I'd love for you to." I said.

It was rare for me to sleep with a lady these days. We cleaned up some, and changed the sheets before calling it a night. Curling up together, we slept like babies . I woke at 9 am to find her gone.I showered and dressed and left the cabin in search of coffee. I knew Ron kept a pot going for himselfso I went to the room and knocked, as was our rule if the door was closed. He opened the door and invited me in, saying he was catching up on paperwork. "How did you like Sandy?" he asked.

I recounted every moment since she had gotten on the table yesterday. He seemed impressed. "I'm sure you did the right thing, and I'm proud of you for respecting my judgment. How did you like the 'fly'?" " I would love to mix it in a punch bowl at a party full of girls, then sit back and see what happened." I smiled.

"You would be screwed to death !" he said laughing. We talked on a more serious note then. I asked how could we handle this situation when a lady 'wants sex' on the table. Ron was a man wise beyond his 42 years . " It's in the 'ethics' of massage therapy not to get into a sexual situation with a client. That unspoken rule is on it's last legs, I believe. We must adapt with the changing times, or get left behind." "Most females aren't afraid to ask for what they want, with women's lib in the open now.

I've come up with a plan to get around a charge of 'solicitation' sex for money, if you will." " When the client is on the table and gets sexual ideaswe ask if she wishes an "Erotic Massage"in addition to her regular one." " Tell them it's a more 'personal- intimate massage'.

They are paying for the massage, after all.We should do anything the client requests—within reason." " Any sex that takes place afterwards is a personal thing between two consenting adults. Just be sure they ask for it first." I had been with Ron five months, and had over 450 hrs of massage documented on paper. My reputation continued to grow among the crew, which in turn was passed to each new group of cruise passengers. I was learning first hand how ' word of mouth ' referrals worked.

If a passenger came to me saying that the bartender suggested she see me, it was a code for an 'Erotic massage' . I in turn, passed a few bucks to the bartender for the tip. Same with the portersand various other employees of the cruise line. It wasn't long before the whole crew knew who Dano was and it was like I had an enormous family watching over me. On one cruiseRon called me by phone that morning and asked me to come see him asap.I knew something was up because he had never interrupted my free time before.

He was sitting at his place outside our massage cabin, soaking up some morning rays. " You have a special massage to do this evening. This lady is a well known celebrity and has asked for you personally.

You will bring a table and stones to her stateroom tonight on the top deck. She's so well known that she travels with her own bodyguard.He will be by your cabin later about 11pm to help carry the things you need up there." "Do I get to ask who it is?" " You will recognize her when you meet later. I just wanted to clue you in on what to expect.


She is beautifulbut shy . Her needs will become obvious, so pay attention to what she says. Her body is in excellent shape. This will start out as a relaxation massage, but could go to Erotic.depends on her mood.

Don't expect much conversation from her or her bodyguard. Any Questions? " " Yes—Why me ?" " Someone on board dropped your name to her. She called down this morning to talk to you, but got me instead. I told her you worked the afternoons and was most likely asleep. She's been told you're very good at massage,so it's your show.

Don't disappoint her—or me. Everything you do up there is a reflection of what I've taught you. Oh-You have the day off-enjoy it" This was no way to start out the day. My curiosity was off the scale, and Ron didn't help any except hand me more pressure than I was accustomed to.

I made my way to breakfast as I thought about what lay ahead for me. It was buffet style and I was handed a plate, moved slowly down the line pointing at what I wanted while the servers dished it onto the plate. Sitting close to the door, I ate with unusual ease, and went back for seconds, also a first. Was this an after effect of the fly? I was very hungry, but thought back to the last time I'd eatenwhich was yesterday about 2 pm.

I had three eggs over easy, four strips of bacon, hash browns, toastjuice and coffee. Finally full, I sat with the last cup of coffee and looked to the tables around me. This place could easily sit 100-150 people . Off in the distance I saw Sandy seated with her friends. They had their heads all bunched together like football players in a huddle, planning the next play. I only hoped she would keep our relationship to herself.

I left, and returned to my cabinand lay out on the bed. My next thought came at 4 pm. I had slept too much, feeling a little stiff from lying in the same position too long. I washed my face to get the sleep out of my eyes and walked back to see Ron again.

He had it made, having only two ladies since I'd seen him earlier. " Ron, tell me some more about this lady. Don't send me in blind." "She comes on these cruises to get away from the Hollywood crowd. I've known her for 3 years, and have massaged her several times. Her husband is also a well known actor. I've never met him, but if you saw his face, you would instantly recognize him. His phone rang and he listened and said, " Sure—he's here now." Cupping the receiver he whispered-'It's her'.

He handed me the phone and the sexiest voice I've ever heard said-- " Hello Dano-- You're a hard guy to pin down. I just rang your room and got no answer.Could we move my massage up some?" "Sure, how soon you want me?" " I'm sending someone down to help you with the table. Come quickly please- my lower back is in spasms." "Yes mam " I hung up, telling Ron she was in pain and wanted me now. "Go and remember our talk." Ron broke down one of the tables for me as I went for my Jethro bag.

I no sooner got back inside my cabin than a knock was at the door. I opened it to see a huge man well over 6' tall, and arms that looked like my upper thighs in thickness.

"You Dano?" I noddedunable to speak. "Let's go." We walked back to Ron's to get the table and stones. Ron nodded and said "How you doing Harold?" as he picked up the tableturned and left, ignoring him. I grabbed the heater with the stones and followed. We reached the stateroom and Harold opened the door with his plastic and we entered.

He sat the table down and unfolded it for me, then took the heater from my hands and plugged it up nearby. "T-Thanks Harold" I stuck my hand out to shake his. He looked at it, turned and stepped outside, locking the door behind him. I could hear the shower running as I checked out this huge place. The water suddenly stopped and I froze. "Is that you Dano?" "Yes I just arrived." "Fix yourself a drink I'll be right out." Looking at the bar, I sat my Jethro bag down and fixed my usual double Black Jack over ice, downing the drink in two quick hits.

I made another, trying to calm my nerves and turned to see my 'client' standing behind me near the table. I nearly dropped the glass when I saw who it was. Out of respect for her [she died a few years later in a freak accident ] privacy-- I'll call her 'Baby'. She walked over, wrapped in a short bath towel that barely hid her damp bronze body. Standing so close I could feel her breath on me, she took my drink and downed it, handed the glass back to me and walked to the table and slid onto it, tummy down.

"So, do you know who I am?" she asked. "Yeah-- I do. You are much more beautiful in person though." "Well aren't you sweet. What did Ron tell you about me?" "Only to give you my very best relaxation massage, and anything else you requested." Baby's dark brown eyes locked on me as she said- "That's so like him to say that. I've been told however, that you have 'magic hands'.

and that you are very discreet. I have pain in my lower back, but you can focus on it during the massage. You may begin please." "My stones are not ready, but I can work around that." I got my Egyptian Musk from my Jethro bag and oiled my hands . I usually reserve this expensive oil for the face and neck areas, but I wanted to pamper the young actress, and impress her with my skills.

I began at her cute feet and worked the oil between each toe slowlytaking time to pop each one, which can be a great stress reliever for some. Baby groaned as her toes popped and wiggled them in my hands to show her approval. I moved to the calves, dividing each muscle with my thumbs. Her towel was high on her buttocks, and showed plenty of cleavage. Her thighs were spread, exposing a hint of dark brown pubic hair,laying in curls. My cock thickened under my thin shorts, and I just remembered that I had no briefs on.

This let it fall down beside my leg, creating a slight bulge.maybe she wouldn't notice. My oiled fingers traveled up each upper thigh to the towel, my thumb pads pressing the large muscle in the center to divide it.

Moaningshe shifted her thighs further apart, so I could access the inner portions. I lightly scratched them, raising goose bumps all along the length of her legs. "Mmmm—You do that so well, Dano.Don't stop." I continued a couple of minutes then moved to her head. " You know my husband ?" " Yes." He was also a well known actor. "He's in Hong Kong shooting a film . He put me on this ship and said he'd see me in a month. I'm between movies now, and he could have taken me along, but didn't." "Maybe he thought you needed a break from each other." I said.

" I'm 23 years old- and he's 32.We're both too sexually active to be apart that long." Baby was frustrated. " I love him with all my heart, but this puts a real strain on our relationship." I had got a few Hot Stones and laid a line up the back of each legstopping just short of her awesome buttocks.

" Oh-God those feel so good!" she moaned. I returned to her shoulders, using my fingers to massage her tight muscles. The chill bumps followed my fingers. I checked each side of her spinal column, till I reached the towel that covered her buttocks. I folded the towel till about half of her cheeks were exposed. I laid two of my largest on each side of her L-5-6 region—the place she had complained about.

" Unngh—yeah.thats the spot, right there. Remove the towel, Dano and put some stones on my butt also." She was really getting into this. I folded the towel very quickly and lay it to one side to gaze on her nakedness. Baby was a Goddess, her skin so brown from the sun she looked like a Hawaiian.

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"I want to establish some rules here Dano." "Yes mam." I said. "First-quit calling me 'mam'-- call me Baby. As I said, I love my husband very much, but I have needs also. As this massage goes forward-- you may do anything you deem appropriate to relieve my 'stress'.except screw me—is that clear?

I must remain faithful to my husband." " Oh really—I wonder who Harold is faithful to --- you or your husband?" "Me- He's in my employ. He don't really like my husband." "Whatever you wish Baby." She was giving me the go ahead for an Erotic encounter. My cock had turned to stone. I took two stones from the heater and held them a few seconds to dissipate the heat into my open palms.

Laying them aside a moment, I used my palms on her ass cheeks-- both at the same timerolling them in opposing circles, watching her pink star-shaped anus wink at me.

" They were right when they said you had magic hands-that feels wonderful ! Please don't stop!" I kneaded the ripe orbs, squeezing them-- causing Baby to shudder and moan loudly. I pulled all the stones from her back and legs, returning them to re-heat. I used my nails to lightly scratch her ass cheeks, leaving long red lines along her orbs.

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"Gggod-- you are good! Scratch harder! " I increased the pressure, raising welts and she screamed. "YESS!!" I began to slap her assone cheek at a time, making her moan like a whore, as she pushed her ass towards my punishing hands. I let my hand dip into my Jethro bag and got out a baggie of the 'fly' and opened it. I wet my middle finger and touched it to the dust, coating the digit.

Spreading her cheeks, I placed the finger into the deep crease, rubbing the dust first over her wet labia, then onto her pink anal muscle. "Oooohh—she hissed-T-That's warm-very warm." I got another fingerfull and coated the tip of my tongue with it,and sucked the digit dry.

Warmness spread throughout my mouth. "P-Put your fingers inside Dano—pleeze!! God it's so hot" I obliged her, spreading her cheeks to blow my warm breath inside the crease, making her anal muscle clench in spasms.

My two middle fingers found the outer labia through the light thatch of curly brown hairs, and barely put the tips inside, tormenting her.

A minute or so later Baby was begging for my fingers to penetrate her. I slid them in suddenly,taking her breath. Hooking her largeG-spot, I pulled down, forcing the fluids to spurt out, coating my hand and wrist in cum. " Aaaahhhnnngg !! C-Ccuuummiingg!!" I let my thumb of the other hand massage Baby's anus, my thumb pad rolling all around the spasming muscle. Another strong orgasm ripped through her, making her scream so loud I knew Harold would appear and break me in half.

Was he deaf? I eased offletting Baby lay there sobbing, while I got a washcloth from the bathroom and wiped the strings of cum from her pussy and my hand. My tongue was on fire as I rolled her to her back. I immediately went to her ripe breasts, sucking the nipples noisily and rolling my hot tongue all round them.

I grabbed a warm stone and turned it on edge, splitting her labia with it and pulling it up to torment her clit. "Nnnoo!!! I c- can't stand any more yet!" I removed the stone and moved to one side of the tableand leaned over to lick and stab at her clit with my hot tongue. I circled it over and over, then sucked it into my mouth and bathed it with hot saliva.

I felt her hand slip up my shorts to find my stiff cock, and put a death grip on it. She wasn't trying to jack me off, just squeezing it incredibly hard with her soft hand. I felt her body goe rigid as she came again, screaming her ass off. "Aaahhhhh-ccuummiiinngggggg g!!! As she spurted cum again, my cock shot long thick lines of cum all down my leg and onto the floor .She milked my cock a couple of times as she slipped into unconsciousness.

I raised up to see her head laying to one side, and a single tear running down her cheek. I cleaned us up as best I could. I covered her with a sheet of mine, and gathered my stuff and left.

Outside her door stood Harold arms crossed and the same blank stare looking dead at me. I suddenly wasn't scared of him any more. " You can bring my table down to Ron's in the morning-- Baby's sleeping peacefully on it. Don't disturb her Harold." A slight smile formed in the corner of his mouth.

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He winked at me as I left. To this day it haunts me-- was that single tear I saw for her husband or for me? In my cabin, I showered and had a couple of drinks, then went to bed. Upon waking the next morning about 10 am, I saw an envelope slid under my door.

I opened it and read-- ' Dano-- Thank you so much for just being you. I want to see you again tonight . Baby. There were five one hundred dollar bills included.