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Wild blonde with round ass fucks boss
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It began as a simple family vacation, a camping trip out in the wilderness. But the problem was we failed to check the weather forecast before we set off. During the three-hour drive through country roads venturing into the sticks, the skies steadily grew dark and grey. Within minutes of our arrival the heavens opened, leaving us all scattering for shelter in our four-wheeler truck, our half-erected tents left abandoned. Our possessions were still out in the open, amongst the half-erected tents, getting wet through.

By the time Mum, Dad and my sister and I reached the truck we were also drenched through. So there we were, cooped up inside the truck, staring glumly out the window, watching our possessions being spoilt with water. My sister, Marie, knew she couldn't criticise Dad, so she started on me instead. "Nice one, you little shit. We're all soaked and you've left our spare clothes outside too." I felt like punching her, but she was in the passenger seat and I was in back behind the driver's seat, so I didn't make the effort.

So instead I replied, "Piss off!" "Okay, guys, settle down," Mum said calmly.

Dad just sat in he driver seat, muttering obscenities under his breath. We fell silent for a while after that, leaving each other to our thoughts as the torrential rain persisted, showing no signs of letting up. Dad told me to look in back and take inventory of what items remained in the truck still sheltered from the elements. I found an old canvas tarp, a tatty old beach blanket and a windbreaker. At this point our clothes were soggy and we were all cold and shivering. We pleaded with Dad to turn on the car heater, but he refused, saying that it would waste gas and leave us unable to make it to the nearest gas station.

We were in a real predicament. "Well I've had enough of these wet clothes," my sister Marie snapped before unbuttoning her shirt. I stared at her unbuttoning her shirt, my mouth gaping, hoping to catch a glimpse of her bra. But before she opened her shirt she turned to me, snatched the windbreaker from my hand and said, "Turn around, you little pervert." Gulping and blushing, I turned around, just as Dad said, "You're going to strip off?

Here? In the car?" "Oh, Daddy," replied Marie. "You've seen me naked before, haven't you?" Dad gulped loudly. "Yes. But you're all grown up now, honey. You're a teenager." I kept my eyes averted. A few moments later, my sister said, "Okay, I'm finished. Take these, you little pervert, and spread them out behind you. Hopefully they'll dry in a few hours." She tossed me her jeans, shirt, bra and panties.

I could only see her upper half wrapped in the windbreaker. But Dad, from where he was sitting, must have been able to see her pubic mound since the windbreaker only reached down to her naval.

I had never pictured my sister naked before, but, I must admit, the image was certainly coming to mind now, and I surmised that it would be something worth seeing. I envisioned her nineteen-year-old body, soft and supple, lithe and smooth, her breasts full and firm. I had never seen my sister's nude body before, so I filled in the gaps from the times I'd seen her scantily dressed in the past: Marie dressed in a nightgown; sunbathing in her bikini; wearing a tight, cropped tank top and figure-hugging hot pants.

My sister naked was sure something that appealed to me at that moment in time. Then my mind wandered further: Marie tweaking her own nipples, rubbing her pussy, sucking a cock. "Bobby," Mum said, breaking me from my daydream. "Uh. Sorry, what was that?" Mum sighed with exasperation.

"I said, I think Marie has the right idea. Would you please pass me the tarp. And turn around. I think you're a little too old to be seeing me in my birthday suit." "Yeah, s-s-sure," I stuttered nervously. Mum nude! Now things were hotting up! Mum was forty-one, but still maintained a great figure with regular trips to the gym. She'd always had an amazing rack, two wonderful cushiony mounds - full, firm and plump. My cock was as hard as a rock as I began fantasising about her too.

But this fantasy had audio built in, since I'd often heard Mum's groans and squeals of passion through my bedroom wall in the past as she made love to my dad. After a few minutes, I got the all clear to turn around. Dad was next. He used the blanket to cover himself, so I was left with nothing, sitting there in my wet clothes. I was sat there wet, cold and shivering, while the rest of my family were completely naked but wrapped up snug and warm.

With a shrug, I turned, closed my eyes and fell asleep. I must have been asleep for a good half hour before I woke up, still in my wet clothes and shivering. It was getting dark outside. My dad and sister were both dozing in the front seats. I heard Mum say, "Come on, honey, take those clothes off. You're gonna catch your death sleeping in those wet clothes all night." "Mum. You'll see me naked," I moaned. "It's nothing I've not seen before," she whispered. "Besides, you can share the tarp with me.

There's plenty here to go around." Feeling horrible in my wet clothes, I decided Mum was right. I stripped off completely naked and placed my clothes in the back while Mum kept her eyes averted the whole time. Huddling up in my seat, I tried to get back to sleep, but I was still too cold. So I lifted a section of the tarp covering Mum and tucked my bare feet and legs under it.

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Mum grabbed me by the ankles and pulled my legs across her lap so I was lying on my back with my calves resting on her upper thighs. She rested one hand on my stomach while the other stroked my feet. The tarp was big enough to cover me from the waist down, hiding my modesty from Mother's view. "Now try and get some sleep," she said, as she gently caressed my feet and ankles. God, it felt good, having Mum caress my skin. My eyelids fluttered and I rested my head against the car door and was sound asleep within seconds.

It was fully dark when I awoke some two hours later. I could hear the rain still pattering against the car. My legs were still perched across Mum's lap and I could feel her pubic hair tickling the backs of my knees. Mum was fast asleep now, as were Dad and Marie. I could hear them breathing deep and heavy. Mum's left hand was resting on my foot, but her right hand, the one that had been resting on my stomach, was now perilously close to my cock.

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In fact, it was touching my pubes. I got an immediate stiffy, feeling Mum's hand so close to my most intimate area. It was a monster of an erection, propping up the tarp that was covering my groin. So big and stiff that the foreskin retracted and snagged behind the rim of the glans, leaving the helmet-head fully exposed.

I perched myself up on my elbows to get a look in front, just to make sure my sister and father were sleeping. The last thing I needed was one of those two looking back and noticing my beastly erection tenting the canvas tarp. My sister had her back and head against the car door with her knees drawn up to her chest and her arms hugging her legs.

I looked down at her crotch and saw her pussy sandwiched between her closed thighs.


Despite the dark, I could just make out her closed slit with a pair of tidy little pink pussy lips peeking out from the slot. It looked absolutely adorable.

I lay back down, my cock throbbing like a sore thumb. Despite the current situation, I couldn't resist slipping a hand beneath the tarp and giving my stiffy a quick stroke. The thought of Mum waking up and seeing my enormous hard-on gave me the frights, so I figured that if I could rub myself off and ejaculate in my hand without spilling any on Mum's legs, then my cock would go soft and Mum would be none the wiser.

But as soon as I touched my cock, Mum stirred and fidgeted in her sleep. Her hand that was resting on my pubes moved lower and her palm grazed over the exposed head of my cock. The harsh sensation made me breathe in sharply through clenched teeth. It came to rest on my upper thigh. Her little finger was now touching my ballbag!

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The shock of it made my scrotum pucker up immediately and go all tight and wrinkly. I left my cock alone and pretended to be sleeping. I was so aroused now that my body trembled all over. So much so that Mum woke up and said, "Oh, baby, you're shivering all over. Come and join me under the tarp." "Huh," I replied groggily, pretending to have just woken up. "What's that?" "I said you're shivering all over. Come join me under here. Let's get you all snug and warm." "Oh, err.

Okay," I mumbled, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. I snuggled under the tarp, my head against her bare shoulder. There I was, completely naked, under the cover with my nude mum. But honestly, my first feelings were of relief at the blessed warmth I found there. My throbbing hard-on had begun to dwindle. But as soon as I started to get warmed up and snug, it reasserted itself to its full eminence.

Feigning sleep, I assessed my position. Mum was sitting up, her bare feet on the floor, but leaning slightly away from me and against the car door, with her arms crossed. I had my legs drawn up and curled up behind me, with my head on her shoulder and my knee touching hers. My left hand lay on the seat between our upper thighs.

My right held the tarp up under my chin keeping me fully covered. My mind was whirling with thoughts of Mum's naked body so close to mine, trying to find some way to take advantage of this situation.

I was desperate to see her body, to touch it. But then destiny took a hand - quite literally. I snuggled in closer and sneakily placed my hand on her thigh, trying to get as close to her pussy as possible. My plan was to innocently rest my hand on her pussy as soon as she fell back to sleep. Also, I planned on dropping the tarp a little, in an attempt to have a gander at her cushiony breasts.

However, before I had a chance to put any of my plans onto action, Mum reached over and patted me on my upper thigh, in a subtle show of affection. But then as she drew her hand away, her wrist brushed over the tip of my raging hard-on, streaking her skin with the blob of pre-cum that had oozed from the urethra. Gasping loudly, she froze and stayed stock-still. I sighed with delight and pretended to be asleep. But after a moment's hesitation, she patted me again -this time on my erection.

And then gave the underside of my sensitive helmet-head a gentle tickle with the tips of her fingers. It twitched and throbbed and jumped all over the place when she touched it.

I couldn't believe what she had just done. It was too good to be true. I had never felt so aroused. I had the urge to jump on her, rub my stiff pecker all over her smooth body and squeeze her heavy titties, but I managed to keep my composure.

Tentatively, she rested the palm of her hand on my rampant member and stroked it really lightly, caressing it with her fingers. I still feigned sleep. As she continued to rub my cock nice and gently, her other hand dipped between her legs, close to where mine had been just a moment before.

Soon, I felt the hand moving in a soft, rhythmic motion. I couldn't fucking believe it! Mum was rubbing us both off, at the same time! This spurred me into action. "Ooooh, Mum," I sighed.

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Mum froze. Her hands stopped moving, but the residual feel of her fingers remained imprinted on my raging pole, sending shivers up my spine. "That felt real nice," I breathed. "Please don't stop." "I can't," honey," she whispered.

"I'm sorry." She pulled her hand away from me, but I grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her hand back to my throbbing rod. "What's wrong, Mum?" I whispered. "It feels too good to be wrong. Who's gonna know?" She hesitated still, so I reached a hand to her thighs, forced it between her legs, and massaged her pussy with my fingers. With a soft moan, her hand grasped my rod again and we masturbated each other under the tarp.

Pretty soon, I slipped a finger into her sloppy cunt, and she was grazing her fingers over my sensitive shaft and bellend. I was fingering her and rubbing her twat at the same time. Then my free hand was groping at her breast, while my other redoubled its efforts on her quim.

I pulled her tit toward my face and sucked her erect nipple into my mouth and sucked and licked the turgid piece of flesh. Mum was moaning and squirming in her seat now, on the brink of orgasm.

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Then she groaned and her whole body quivered, tightened and then relaxed as another tremulous sigh indicated her climax. She came down a bit, but was still pretty hot. We kissed deeply, very deeply, with tongues slamming down each other's throats. Both my hands pulled at her motherly tit flesh, as both of hers dropped into my lap to stroke me. But she didn't waste much time with that.

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Throwing caution to the wind, she lowered her head into my lap and swallowed me alive. It wasn't long before I felt my nuts tighten. Mum seemed to sense my impending climax, and increased her pace. I rewarded her efforts with about a gallon of jizz.


It caught her on the up-stroke and filled her mouth to bulging. She swallowed quickly and slammed me deep into her throat, where her incredible muscles milked me dry. When she raised her head again, she had an insatiable look in her eyes. A trail of cum flowed down her cheek and dropped onto her breast cleavage. She reached down, scooped it up with a finger and sucked it into her mouth. I was instantly hard again. "Fuck me," she whispered.

"But Mum," I began to protest, and cast a quick glance toward the front seat. To my horror, Dad's eyes met mine. He looked me right in the eye and I realised my life about to end. "Fuck her," he ordered. I looked back at Mum. "Fuck me, Bobby. Come fuck Mummy." I heard sucking sounds coming from the front seat. They ceased abruptly and Marie's head popped up over the seat.

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"Fuck her, Bobby." she smiled. I guess it was unanimous!