Andy and Josh Share a Bed

Andy and Josh Share a Bed
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Hot Box Chapter 2, The Jungle Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Man and Woman It had taken us just under six years to get to where we were, but as far as I was concerned it was time well spent. Mandy had certainly pulled her weight when it came to the necessary research, and I like to think that my contributions were equally important when looking at the grand scheme of things. Four thousand miles to the southern part of Mexico and through countless little hole in the wall towns we had followed the clues.

Now as we trudged across the open field toward the thick stand of trees ahead it was hard to contain the excitement. Was all of our hard work going to pay off?

But as I looked down at Mandy's wonderful ass swinging back and forth in front of me, everything except for my thirst just seemed to fade away. "Hold up a sec sweetie," I said as I stopped and pulled my canteen from its holder. I was so thirsty it felt like I was chewing on cotton balls.

"So, what do you think?" I asked as I shifted the strap of my back pack to a position that was not already sore. Mandy raised her right hand up to pull the bill of her hat down a little before she took a long left to right sweep of the jungle and surveyed the obstacle ahead. The blazing hot sun felt like it was cooking us as we stood together in the tall grass contemplating the path that would lead us to the reward of a lifetime.

"Well," she said as she shielded her eyes from the sun, "I don't guess it really makes too much of a difference where we start." She turned to look up at me after she had made her conclusion and smiled.

"It's going to be difficult no matter how we slice it." "I agree," I responded just before taking a drink from my canteen. "So," she said as she readjusted her back pack and shifted her weight to both of her feet evenly, "Wanna look at my ass some more?" I almost choked on my water when I started to laugh at her statement.

"You know it babe!" I said as I gave her ass a little pat before putting my canteen back in its sleeve. "Actually I'd love to do more than just look at it," I continued as I grabbed her left cheek and gave it a firm squeeze. Mandy looked over her shoulder and gave a little "Ooh!" before she started walking off through the tall waist deep blades.

"If you're nice," she said as she turned around and started walking backward away from me with this coy smile on her face and a flirty tone to her voice, "I just might let you into the palace to play for a while." I knew what that meant, but there was no way we were going to throw down out in this blazing sun. We really did need to get into the jungle, not only because it was where we were going, but for the shade.

Another hour or two out here and we were done. Besides, watching Mandy's ass wink back and forth while she walked was a treat no matter where we were. ************************************************* It was about two weeks after our first meeting that I really fell in love with Mandy.

We had spent the majority of the time, up to that point, completely intertwined, screwing almost all day and all night for two solid weeks. The football coach was not too happy about his back up tied end coming to practice completely worn out.(I almost got thrown off the team) About the only time we parted was for our perspective classes, my football practice, and the frequent trips to the bathroom.

It was wonderful to say the least. But it was the Saturday afternoon of the conference game that Mandy's meat hooks really sank into me. I was preparing to head over to the field house for the before the game meeting.

Walking around in my apartment with just a towel around me was no big deal, but for Mandy, it was the perfect opportunity to drive me crazy. Every time I would walk past her she was either reaching in through the overlapped material of my towel to grab me by the balls, or playing touchy feely with my ass. In either case she was making me hard, and I was going to have to meet up with my teammates with a boner.

"Will you quit that," I said as I pushed her hand away from my nuts, "I'll never be able to get my pants on if you keep that up, and I don't have time to give you what you are asking for." I was getting just a little bit annoyed, but I knew she was only having some fun.

"Aww, poor fella." she said as she stepped into my way and stopped me in my tracks in the middle of the room. She had that shit eating grin on her face which told me the sexual gears were flying at full speed in her head.

"We can't have you going over to the locker room with this all hard now can we?" she said as she grasped my dick through the material of my towel. Before I could respond to her statement she squatted down in front of me and flipped the tuck of my towel lose, letting it fall to the floor and my dick to spring free. "You're rotten," I said playfully as I felt her mouth slowly engulf the length of my meat and her tongue swirl around the underside like she was working on a lollipop.

"Oh yes." I moaned as she began bobbing her head up and down, working my shaft with her lip gloss covered lips. "Oh you are so good at that," I grunted out as my shaft began to stiffen and I prepared to try and blast a hole through the back of her head. Sensing that I was approaching the point of no return she suddenly stopped and pulled her mouth from my shaft. I looked down to see her lick her lips before she stood up and looked at me with the most innocent expression on her face.

"What are you doing?!" I asked in a somewhat exasperated tone with my iron hard dick pointing straight up at the ceiling. "You don't need to expend all of that energy before the big game," she responded with her hands folded together behind her back. "You really are rotten," I said as I picked up my towel to dry my dick off. I was learning very quickly that she was an incredible tease. Sitting in the library it was nothing for her to flash her tits to me from an adjacent aisle, or lift her skirt and show me whether or not she was wearing panties.

She loved the attention from me and made sure that I was the only one to see her antics. Taking my class ring from my dresser while I dressed she called out to me. "Hey big boy," she said as she lifted the front of her skirt and pulled her panties to the side, "Check this out.this is for luck." She casually reached between her legs and pushed my gold class ring deep inside herself. "Now," she said after she pulled her panties back into place and brought her slick fingers up to my lips, gently brushing them back and forth, "if you win, you can go and get it." She then gave me that quirky little grin of hers before giving me a little peck on the lips and a wink of her eye.

"And what if we lose?" I asked as I placed my hands on her hips and drew her in close to kiss her on the lips. "In that case," she said as she pulled back from me and sat down on my desk chair before crossing her legs.

"No pussy for you for a week." "You're mean," I said as I pulled on my slacks and started to tuck in my dress shirt. "Well then you had better try extra hard today." she retorted with a slightly wicked tone to her voice. "Because if you win," she continued as she leaned back in the chair while spreading her legs wide and hiking her skirt up to her waist to expose her white cotton panties, "I will be your complete sex slave for the next few days." With that said she brought her hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy back and forth through the thin white material while she licked her lips.

"Whatever you want big boy," she said as the material in the crotch of her panties began to turn dark from her juice, "You can have it!" I will spare you guys the details of the football game other than we killed them.

I had 7 catches for 105 yards and 1 reception for a touchdown. It wasn't much considering that the rest of the team scored 4 times including one fantastic interception by our defense that they ran in for a pick six.

But all of the excitement of the game and the vigor's of getting pounded to the ground was still not enough to free my mind of that gorgeous strawberry blond with the green eyes sitting in the bleachers with my class ring up her snatch, and the promise of my own personal sex slave.

I couldn't get changed back into my street clothes fast enough after the team meeting. I was going to screw Mandy in half! By the time we filed out of the field house the stadium was almost completely empty.

Only a few people were still walking out but the rest of the bleachers were clear except for the booster club picking up the discarded programs and the trash. Mandy, however, was nowhere to be found. I made a bee line for my apartment, which was the closest to the stadium. All I found was a note lying on my bed. "Cum to my place," it said in her beautiful cursive writing, "The palace awaits! XXXOOOXXX" I'll bet I changed out of my clothes and into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in 20 seconds.

I was already getting a boner just thinking about her waiting on me so I wasted no time. The last thing was grab my keys and phone, lock the door, and I was gone, jogging across the campus heading toward heaven.

When I stepped up to the door at Mandy's place I didn't even have to use my key or knock on the door, Cameron opened the door just as I was about to reach for the handle. "Hello lucky," she said with a wicked smile on her face as she looked me up and down once. "She's waiting for you in her room," she continued as she swung the door open and stepped to the side. "Good luck!" "Thanks," I responded as I stepped in through the open door and headed straight for Mandy's room.

For the first time since we had been seeing each other her door was closed. Not that we were exhibitionists or anything, but it was just the way things were. It had become a pretty common thing for Cameron to come in, while we fucked in every imaginable position, and fuck her pussy with something.

Sometimes with her fingers or a dildo, and other times with whatever was handy that she could fit inside. (A long neck beer bottle was her favorite object followed by Mandy's lava lamp) In any cast I now stood at her door, with my heart in my throat, not knowing what was on the other side.

I turned the door knob and gently swung the door open, hearing the antique hinges squeak as the heavy wood door swung out of the way. Mandy was standing in the middle of her room wearing a pretty yellow sun dress that had short cut off sleeves perched high on her shoulders.

The front had a deep circular cut with a white lacy boarder that dipped all the way down to her cleavage before returning to the small sleeves on her shoulders. She had her hair brushed out and her gorgeous strawberry locks flowed down over her shoulders to partially obscure her exposed neck line only to stop just above her hardened nipples. The dress came down to her knees with many ruffles and pleats and a white boarder just like at the neck line.

And to top it all off she was wearing a pair of white high heeled shoes which made her delicious calves stand out. I'll bet my mouth fell open when I saw her standing there knowing that she had "gift wrapped" herself just for me. My dick certainly knew it because I went from limp to titanium instantly. "Hello David," she said in a soft and sexy voice as I stepped into the room. I felt like a wolf circling its prey as I eyed her carefully while closing the distance between us. She was absolutely gorgeous!!

My heart began pounding in my chest as I slowly walked around her and inspected the beauty that was standing before me. She stood absolutely still with her hands together behind her back, trembling only slightly as I leaned down to take in a deep whiff of her perfume at her neck. "Mmmm," I hummed as I savored the delicate fragrance coming off her definitely feminine shoulders. The resonance from my voice made her jump ever so slightly, almost like she had just received a small jolt of electricity.

I completed my circle and stood directly in front of her. "I believe you have something of mine," I said while taking a knee in front of her.

I reached forward and lifted the hem of her dress upward. Mandy did not make a move, allowing me to lift her skirt till her bare pussy was visible right in front of my face. I could already see that the insides of her thighs were wet and I could hear her shallow breathing.

She was sopping wet and ready for anything! With no real warning or preparation I reached up between her legs and inserted my index finger, slipping past her outer labia with no resistance at all. Mandy took in a quick breath and let out a faint whimper as she felt my finger protrude inside her. Easily my entire finger penetrated into her hot depths as I began my search for what was mine.

I had no trouble finding it. You really can't hide a man's size 14 class ring in a vagina and not be able to feel it immediately. But it did feel like it was almost floating in all of her girly cream that was in there. "There it is," I said with a bit of accomplishment as I stuck my finger through the hole in the middle before extracting it.

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It was shiny to say the least, but it was also covered in girl cream. I looked at my sopping wet ring before looking up at Mandy. She had this nervous grin on her face as I dropped the hem of her skirt and stood up. "We can't have this," I said as I brought the ring up between our faces and turned it from side to side.

"I'm sorry," she said before she took the ring from my finger and popped it into her mouth. It's not exactly the cleaning job I had expected.

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(I was actually going to do the same thing) But I wasn't about to complain as I watched her suck her cum from it before spitting it back out into her hand. "How's that," she said as she held the ring up to me for inspection. I took the ring from her and gave it a quick look over. I really didn't give a shit if it was clean or not because she owed me the completion of a blow job and it was time for me to collect. "That's good," I responded as I stuck the ring into my pants pocket.

Then I grasped the zipper of my jeans and pulled it down. "But I think somebody around here owes me something," I said as I undid the snap before letting my jeans fall to my knees.

Mandy looked down at my hard dick pointing straight at her and licked her lips once in a big circle. "Gladly," she said before she dropped to her knees and took my shaft in her hand. She kissed the very tip of my cock one time before engulfing half of my length in her hot mouth.

"Oooh yea," I moaned out as I felt her swirl her tongue around the underside. "That feels so good." Mandy has a pretty good technique when it comes to cock sucking. She keeps her hand around my shaft just below her mouth and pumps it up and down while she sucks on the end like a lollipop. It's a little bit different from the norm, but then again what was normal about Mandy? I looked down to see Mandy looking to her left with a bit of a smile on her face while she sucked on my cock. I looked to my right to see Cameron standing just inside the door with a camcorder focused on Mandy and the task she was performing.

I didn't know what to think as Mandy doubled her efforts to make me cum in her mouth.

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Having Cameron watch us as we fucked like rabbits was one thing, but filming us was completely over the top. But it did give me this weird kind of charge to know that I was being filmed. And it was that little charge the sent me flying over the edge into a long awaited orgasm. My cock swelled and I grunted out loud as cum rocketed out from my balls and into Mandy's hot mouth. "That's it girlfriend," Cameron said as she got down on her knees right next to Mandy and aimed the camera at my cock disappearing into Mandy's mouth.

"It's feeding time." I jerked and twitched back and forth while Mandy swallowed as fast as I gave it to her. "OH MY GOD!!" I gasped out loud as I could feel Mandy's mouth and tongue move with each swallow. "That's a good little bitch," Cameron said as she reached between her own legs to rub at her crotch. "Finish it all." Thankfully my orgasm finally subsided. Mandy looked up at me as she gave one last swallow before she pulled her mouth away and began licking her chops.

"Thank you baby," she said before she looked over at Cameron and blew a kiss to the camera. You probably could have knocked me over with a feather at that point. Cameron switched the camera off and stood up. "Thanks David," she said before she turned around and started to head out of the room. "Hey," I said as I pulled my jeans up, stopping her in her tracks. As she spun around I asked, "What's that for?" Cameron looked at the camera and at Mandy for a moment before she looked back at me and responded, "Just something for me to masturbate to." And with that said she turned around and headed out of the room.

Mandy stood up and took a position just a foot away from me, facing me squarely. "As promised," she said as she resumed the same position she was in when I had come in the room. "I'm starving," I said as I fastened my pants back together. "Let's go get something to eat." Mandy didn't say a word she only nodded her head in agreement. With the last little adjustment to my clothes we headed off for some grub.

On the way through the house we could hear Cameron going at herself in her room while the video she had just made played in the background. "We're gone," Mandy hollered at her door as we stopped for just a brief moment.


Almost instantly the moans and grunts from inside the room stopped, leaving only the audio from the video. There was a little thump followed by footsteps before the door swung open to reveal a completely nude Cameron.

This was the first time I got a full length view of Cameron completely nude. She was definitely an attractive girl, being built very much like Mandy. Her pubic patch was trimmed in to what they call a landing strip and was framed by a nice pair of slender hips.

She was lean and somewhat toned with breasts that were a little smaller than Mandy's but they sagged just a bit. Her brown hair was straight and it came down about half way between her shoulders and her breasts, leaving her bullet sized nipples standing out hard and free in the open air. "Bring me back a pizza," she said as she handed a wad of crumpled up cash to me in her cum sticky fingers.

"Anything else," I asked as I took the bills and stuffed them in my pocket. "Just you big boy," she said coyly while she slapped her hand against her ass and stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth. "In your dreams," Mandy replied instantly as she took my hand in hers and brought it up to her face. "He's mine," she said just before she kissed my knuckles and squeezed. Cameron got this dejected look on her face just before she turned around and headed back over to her bed. Picking up the video remote and a big double ended dildo she plopped down on her bed and brought her feet up, spreading her knees apart to make a big V.

Extending her hand out between her knees she pressed the remote button to rewind the video before bringing the dong down between her legs. "Don't hurt yourself with that thing," Mandy said as she gave me a little push toward the front of the house.

"Ha, ha, very funny," I heard Cameron say around the corner of the door as Mandy and I walked out of the house. As we headed up the street, hand in hand, I looked over at Mandy. "So I'm yours," I said as I looked at the smiling beauty. "You've claimed me as your territory." "Yea," she said happily and she nuzzled in next to my arm and looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes and a broad smile.

"You are all mine and I'm not sharing." "Don't I have a say in this," I asked while I leaned away from her just a bit to look at those sparkling eyes. Her response was very short and to the point but playful in tone. "No you don't." And that is how our relationship became what it is. Mandy claimed me for herself and has made sure to keep me very interested in her.

My class ring in her pussy for the football games became my good luck charm. Only the games we played while she was on the rag and not carrying it did we lose.

I know there is nothing to superstition, but when you have that kind of success, you don't mess with a good thing. Needless to say my ring stayed very shiny until the next to the last game of my junior year.

I blew up my left knee on a sweep and my football career ended. Coincidence or not it was during a game when my ring sat on my nightstand and Mandy was on the rag that my luck ran out. But until that fateful day Mandy would always reward me after the games with whatever I wanted in any way shape or form. Blow jobs, nonstop sex for hours, wearing costumes and role playing. It was some of the best times in my life and I fell hard for her.

(You guys will get more of that throughout the story so just keep your socks on) ****************************************************************** The haul through the jungle was hot and difficult to say the least. I had to give up my position behind Mandy to lead the way with the machete swinging back and forth at full force. Mandy followed quietly behind me as I hacked a path through the dense undergrowth. We might have been in the shade but it was still blistering hot, causing me to stop every 15 or 20 minutes for a good pull from my canteen.

"How in the world did those ancient explorers do this?" I said in between gasps for air and sips from my canteen.

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"They had teams of men," Mandy resounded as she stroked my arm in a soothing manner. "But my man is doing better than a whole team of explorers," she said with a smile before she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

I didn't know if I should feel honored or foolish for undertaking this heavy task. I felt like throwing up. But the sound of rushing water off in the distance gave me a little incentive to continue forward with our quest for treasure and riches.

"Ok ass kisser," I said as I holstered my canteen, "I'll keep going." It took almost an hour before we reached the creeks bank. It wasn't much of a creek, only a few feet wide. But there was a good amount of water flowing down it and it made several large pools at if cascaded down over the somewhat hilly terrain.

"Oh wow!" Mandy said as she shucked her backpack before stepping over to the crest of the bank. "Doesn't it look fabulous!?" "Be careful honey," I said as I set my backpack down and began to hack out a small clearing. "There's no telling how stable that&hellip."&hellip.splash! I didn't even get to finish my statement before Mandy was gone.

"Wahoo!" she hollered as she broke the surface and began wiping the water from her face. "Come on in baby it's wonderful!" "That's alright," I said as I threw the vegetation I had cut out of the clearing I was making.

"Just don't drink any of that." The last thing either one of us needed was Montezuma's revenge, or something worse. I had pills in my pack to purify the water to make it drinkable, but not enough to cure the whole creek. But it was definitely amusing to watch Mandy splash around in the water. Her soaking wet T-shirt clung to her chest revealing her nice round breasts and the outlines of her areolas. Her display was actually starting to make me horny.

"What's this?" I heard Mandy say as she was near the far edge of the pool next to some really big rocks. Reaching into the water, Mandy pulled her hands out holding an object wrapped in a piece of leather; the ends of which were tied with narrow leather straps keeping the contents securely inside.

"David!" she exclaimed as she lifted the object up to her waist and cradled it with both hands. "Look at what I found!" "What have you got there?" I asked as I leaned over the edge of the creek bank to see what she was holding. "I don't know," she responded with a degree of excitement to her voice as she waded over to the edge of the creek just below me, "But it's awfully heavy." Reaching down to offer her a hand up I got a little better look at what she was carrying.

It almost looked like a scroll from the way she was carrying it, and it was about 12 or 14 inches long. But it was really difficult to see from where I was as Mandy struggled against the current to get to the creeks bank. "Here!" she hollered just before she tossed the object up to me.

If you are ever in the field and recover ANY kind of artifact, NEVER throw it. Luckily for Mandy I have some pretty good hands and I was able to snag it out of the air before anything bad happened. "Give me a hand," she said as she struggled to get a footing at the base of the creeks bank. We locked wrists and I gave a good hard pull, standing up as I pulled Mandy out of the water.

In moments my soaking wet girlfriend was standing next to me. "You know you could have stuck this in your pocket till you got up here," I said as I handed her find back to her. "What do you think it is?" she asked excitedly as she looked at the piece of leather wrapped around the object from all sides. "It's a tamale." I said jokingly as I sat down on a rock and pulled my handkerchief out of my pocket.

"Cute," she responded as she flipped the item over so the flap was facing up. "Why don't you open it up and see what you've got." I said as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

Mandy spun around and sat down on my lap, positioning her soaking wet shorts and ass directly on my cock. I had managed to stay somewhat dry up until that point, having skipped my turn at a swim in the shallow pool, but my efforts to stay dry were for naught.

Luckily I love her a lot. Tugging at the straps Mandy was not having very much success at getting them lose. They seemed to be woven into the bunched up ends of the piece of leather. And since there was no way to tell how long this thing had been down in the water, those straps were probably swollen up and thoroughly stuck.

"Damn it," she said as her fingers kept slipping off the slick leather. "Have you got your knife babe?" she asked as she looked over her shoulder. "No," I responded as I watched her fiddle with the straps some more only to become more frustrated. "What is the golden rule that Professor Callahan taught us in class when it comes to an object wrapped with something?" I asked as I shifted my knees to turn her toward me a little.

"No knives," she responded with a very noted bit of dejection to her voice.


"That's right," I said as I reached around her and lifted the object out of her hands. "So," I retorted as I set the object down on the top of my backpack, "now that I am wet, let's both go for a swim." Before Mandy could make a reply I quickly stood up, scooping her up in my arms as I went.

She let out a loud scream as I ran the few steps necessary to get to the edge of the creek bank before leaping with her in my arms into the pool below. The water was fantastic as we splashed into the waist deep pool. It's really nice to be out in nature miles away from everyone else. You have a tendency to do things you usually only dream about.

Mandy and I stripped off all of our clothes and splashed around in the water for quite a while. Several times we wound up fucking for a few minutes, celebrating the find of the object as well as just enjoying each other. But throughout those few hours our minds kept returning to the mysterious object Mandy had found wrapped in the piece of leather. By the time we climbed out of the water several hours later the piece of leather looked to be considerably less saturated than before.

We didn't even bother getting dressed before picking up the object to start our inspection. "What do you think it is," Mandy asked excitedly as I tugged at the leather straps to loosen them. "It could be anything," I said as the straps finally gave way and I untied the ends. When the two flaps of leather opened up and fell out of the way my jaw dropped open.

Inside was a metal cylinder about 6 or 8 inches long and maybe as big around as a golf ball with a 5 or 6 inch long piece of flat metal coming out of the end. It looked like a very elaborate knife because of all of the engravings in the sides around the cylinder, but the blade seemed to be broken; having several large chunks missing from several different places up and down its length.

The end of the handle was rounded and smooth and the whole thing looked to be made out of solid silver. "Holy fucking shit!" we both said in unison as I slowly picked up the artifact.

"There must be about 6 or 7 pounds of silver here." I said as I raised and lowered the knife in my hand several times to get an estimate of its weight. Mandy took the knife from me and began looking at it very closely.

"I can't tell if these are engravings or if there's something attached." she said as she held the knife up to within an inch of her face and slowly rotated it around. "Hat's off to you," I said as I leaned back against my backpack and flipped through my book to see if there was any mention of an artifact like this anywhere. "I just wonder…" Mandy said before she got up and stepped over to her backpack. It didn't even matter to her that she was still completely naked; of course we were way out in the middle of the jungle so we didn't have to worry about anybody seeing us.

But as she bent over her fantastic ass and glistening pussy were staring me straight in the face.

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Now I am what you might call and opportunist. When the opportunity for something is presented I will usually take it. In this case the opening to the palace of pleasure was looking right at me while Mandy rummaged around in her back pack. Not being one to pass up the opportunity I quickly got up and stepped up behind her. Before she could say a thing I eased the length of my cock up into her soaking wet box. "What are you doing?" she asked very casually as I began pumping myself in and out of her at a slow but steady rate.

"Oh I just came over to see if I could help with anything," I responded as I gently grasped her hips and began thrusting more fervently. "Is that so?" she retorted as she stopped what she was doing and looked back at me over her right shoulder. "I would say you just wanted to fuck me while I was bent over." "Thank you very much," was my answer to her statement as I began to seriously root around inside her, "I don't mind if I do.

It's not every day that I get to fuck an incredibly beautiful woman who just made the find of a lifetime!" Let me tell you a little more about Mandy. She is a real sport when it comes to fucking. During the week of final exams our junior year, she would let me fuck her while she studied for her tests.

Resting her upper half on the kitchen table top she would prop her head up on her hands while I stood behind her and did whatever I wanted inside her. She said it helped her to concentrate. I didn't care one way or the other because I was getting to spend multiple hours at a time inside her and she would let me cum as much as I wanted; taking a break only when the mess was getting unmanageable. (That's a good way to describe it) Not trying to toot my own horn but we both got A's and B's that semester.

"Well how about you let me get back in the tent," she said as she picked up her book and the silver knife, "because the mosquitoes are going to eat us alive out here." "Good point," I said as I pulled out of her and stepped to the side. Mandy stood up and turned around to face me.

Taking a quick look down at my juice covered cock she then said as she raised her eyes up to look at me again, "Besides, that thing is big enough already," she said as she grasped my cock and gave it a squeeze with her hand.

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"Any bigger and you'd hurt me." "You say the nicest things," I responded as we crawled into the tent. For the next hour Mandy offered her ass up to me while she dug through her book, almost oblivious to the fact that I was rooting around inside her. Sometimes I fucked her hard with long and powerful strokes till I would get close to cumming, then I would slow down and just enjoy having her wrapped around my shaft.

I had actually stopped with my cock buried deep inside her and was having a drink of water when I suddenly felt her pussy clamp down on my shaft. "Here's something," she said as she pulled herself off my cock. She repositioned herself on her back and opened her legs, offering to let me re-enter her. "There is a brief mention here of a tribe dominated by women," she continued as I took her up on her offer and plunged back into her hot depths. "It says that the men of the tribe were the hunters and builders of the city, but the women held all of the major political offices from ruler on down.

Their major point of interest was that they were very wealthy with precious gems and silver." When she said silver her eyes seemed to brighten and give off a nice little sparkle. "And how did this information come to be known?" I asked while grinding down into her. "It says here that in 1522 a man was found who had been running out of the jungle for 4 days.

Malnourished and having no supplies he collapsed in the village of Barrio El Zorrillo. That's where we got the machete 7 days ago," she said excitedly as she continued scanning down the page while I screwed her relentlessly. "He reported finding the remnants of an ancient city with only a few dozen people left in it. But it was a city run by the women of the tribe." "Does it say why he was running away from them?" I asked as I grasped Mandy by her hips to lift her ass off the ground. "No." she responded as she flipped back and forth over the few pages a few times to look for any more clues.

"It only says that he appeared from the northwest and collapsed from exhaustion." With Mandy's ass up off the ground I could now move a bit more freely. I used this to my advantage and really began pumping in and out of her hard, causing her whole upper half to slide back on forth on the floor of the tent.

Mandy tilted her book forward and looked over the top edge of the spine while it rested against the bridge of her nose. "You like it in there don't you?" she asked as she looked up at me working hard to try and fuck her pussy clean out of her body. "You're fantastic," I replied without missing a beat. "I could just live inside you." Mandy casually closed her book and set it carefully to the side before she looked up at me.

"And I suppose you want to cum in me too?" she half stated half teased. "You're not going to have much choice about that in another ten seconds," I retorted as I felt my cock begin to stiffen and my balls draw up into the firing position. "Well then," she said as she interlaced her fingers together before putting them behind her head and spreading her legs a little wider.

"Let me have it." "What about you?" I asked as I prepared to fire into her depths. "Don't you want to cum too?" "Oh…" she said as she looked down at my groin slapping against hers, "I've been cumming for the last 5 minutes." KABOOM!! I slammed my groin against Mandy, stuffing my cock as deeply into her as I could before firing multiple blasts of semen.

I always like seeing Mandy's face when I cum in her just so I can see her expression change. And I don't know if it happens with all girls or not, but every time I cum inside her, her mouth opens.

If it's just a natural reflex action or something she does on purpose it always has the same effect on me. It makes me remember that first time we ever fucked and she leaned back with her legs wide open and said "Aaaaaaaaahh." I completely drain my balls into her every time.

I held firmly onto Mandy's hips, pulling her tightly against me while I fire cum up into her. "Oh god yes," I said as I looked down at my smiling girlfriend, "That's what I'm talking about." Mandy's expression always ends up the same when we are done. She has this nice little smile on her face, almost like she is proud of herself for accomplishing something grandiose before she throws her arms around me and holds me down onto her. She says she can feel my sperm seeping into the little nooks and crannies of her pussy while she holds me.

I just know that one of these days that is going to lead to parenthood. But for now, I just love being balls deep in her. "Get some sleep babe," she said as she laid her legs out wide on the floor of the tent. "Tomorrow is going to be a busy day." She gently ran her hands up and down my back, cradling me inside her as I slowly drifted off into a post orgasmic slumber.

I could not think of anyplace I would rather be as the light slowly turned to darkness. I'm not sure how long I slept because it was still dark when I woke up but Mandy was not by my side. I could see the glow of a lantern outside through the material of the tent and her shadow gently moving back and forth. Gasping the zipper I opened the tent flap to see Mandy squatting down next to her hanging lantern. She had two of her books open and was holding the silver knife up very close to her face while inspecting the engravings with a jewelers loop.

"What are you doing," I asked from my lying position inside the tent. Startled by the sudden sound of my voice she quickly turned and looked at me with the loop still stuck in her eye. "Hey babe," she said as she readjusted her position so the light was coming from behind her right shoulder. "I couldn't sleep," she said as she resumed looking at the engravings through the loop.

"I see that," I said with a noted bit of sarcasm. "Any luck?" "No," she responded as she slowly rolled the knife so she could see all the way around it. She sounded a bit frustrated as she stopped inspect the knife and let her hands fall to the tops of her feet while she squatted in the yellow glow of the lantern.

"I know what this is," she said as she raised it up with one hand and rotated it back and forth while she spoke, "I've seen it before&hellip.somewhere&hellip.I just can't place where it was that I saw it." She then turned back to her right and flipped through some of the pages of her book in a noted display of frustration. "I can tell you where you saw it," I said while propping myself up on my elbows.

Instantly Mandy spun around and directed all of her attention at me.

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"Where was it," she said excitedly as she shifted from side to side in her squatting position so she was facing me directly from only a few feet away. "Cameron had something like that stuck in her snatch the day before we left the house," I said jokingly. "You know&hellip.her silver vibrator?!" Mandy's expression quickly changed from one of frustration to that of someone who was becoming very pissed off.

"Ha, ha." she said mockingly before she turned completely around so her back was to me. "If you're not going to help then go back to sleep." I had seen this kind of display from Mandy before back at the campus. The day she found the first clues that started us on this quest she could not let go of it.

She stayed awake for almost 3 days before she finally collapsed from exhaustion, spending most of those hours going through page after page of various books and historical records of this region.

And at the time I had tried everything I could think of to get her mind off the subject so she could get some rest, screwing her relentlessly for hours at a time to no avail. I knew that if I did not intervene soon she would be a total wreck and virtually useless for hiking through the jungle. I crawled out of the tent and squatted down right behind her, spreading my knees wide apart so I was spooned up behind her back.

"Sweetheart," I said as I gently wrapped my arms around her and covered the backs of her hands with mine, impeding her from continuing with her movements and inspection of the knife. "Come on honey," I said as I gently grasp her hands and hugged her with my arms, "this thing is not going anywhere and you are going to be dead tired if you don't get some rest." "But I know what this is," she said sounding exasperated. "I'm sure you do," I said as I gently took the knife from her hand and brought it back around to my side out of her sight.

"Look, you're already out here in the jungle. You found the knife in the creek; you have done all of this research to get us where we are. The knife can wait a few more hours. Come on and get some sleep." I said as I nuzzled my face in to the crook of her neck just above her shoulder.

"You can start again with a fresh mind after you have had some rest." Mandy let out a big sigh of exasperation as well as relief. She knew I was right so there was no reason to argue.

She turned her head to the right and looked at me out of the corner of her eye. "Ok," she said before giving me a quick peck on the lips.

A few hours of sleep was going to make a world of difference for her. As we spooned together in the tent Mandy hugged my hand to her in between her breasts.

"I love you," she said before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. What was really cool is that I already knew it. End Chapter 2