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Gay guy emo porn first time As Cj got dressed  Brett sat on the futon
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Song's Passion Chapter Six: Hot Mage Menage By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Acolyte Sophia Lor-Khev, The Magery of Thosi Jathibiyya's hands grasped my naked hips, swaying them from side-to-side. Her breasts pressed into my back, her nipples hard points that caressed my skin.

My body moved under Jathibiyya's direction. Chaun's music wasn't playing right now, but my body still boiled from the lust of his song even after the danger of the attack. Why had the changeling infected us with lust? To get Angela alone? "That's it," Jathibiyya purred, her fingers lightly stroking my naked skin, sending shudders through my body.

"You're body is very responsive and graceful. You have skill in control over its movements already. Most women need much practice to move like this." "I was trained in the temple of Saphique," I answered. "I was taught to know my body fully so I could give my lovers all the pleasure I have to offer." "Mmm, they trained you well." Her dark fingers squeezed on my flesh.

The Halanian dancer pressed tighter against my back, her groin pressing on the curves of my ass. Her excitement filled me. "Do they also train you on how to handle such dangers as those creatures." "No," I admitted, my skin drinking in the silky delight of every inch of her flesh pressed against me.

Her breasts pillowed into my back, her nipples digging into my flesh. They were so hard and thick. Her dark hands swayed my ivory hips faster, forcing them to pop right and left, wiggling them without moving the rest of my body.

Jathibiyya was a famed Halani belly dancer. "And yet you acted without fear," Jathibiyya purred.

"I was so scared when the monsters burst into the common room. I could only huddle in the corner while you and your friends fought naked." "I didn't do much fighting," I moaned, my body alive with the excitement of her spicy musk tickling my nose. My hips moved faster.

"But you were still there, wielding your glowing knife and healing the mage. You followed the knight and the orc out into the night. I was so scared for you. All those beasts howling and slobbering." She shuddered. "What were they?" "Barguest," I moaned. "Shapechangers. Probably sent by Angela's enemy." "Who's that?" "We don't know." I left out the part of the Goddess Slata sending her erinyes daughters to also kill Angela. But the mystery of who hired Fireeyes to kill us remained.

And now the barguest pack assaulted us. It was no coincidence. "What an exciting life you live," moaned Jathibiyya. A low, throaty moan came through the wall. Xera and Angela were enjoying Chaun. When the attack came, the changeling had come downstairs with Angela, the pair both naked.

He had been seducing her with his song. "What do you know of Chaun?" I asked. "The minstrel?" asked Jathibiyya. "Not much, other than he is popular with maiden and matron alike." "Did you know he was a changeling?" Jathibiyya froze for a moment.

"Yes, yes, I did see the changeling during the fight.

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I did not realize that was Chaun. Mmm, no wonder he is so exciting. I enjoyed the night he seduced me. He knew just how to please me.

Does he excite you, too?" I shuddered. There was a part of me that found the slim, midnight-black changeling attractive. His features were delicate, even beautiful, not ruggedly handsome and strong like most men.

Even knowing he had a cock, a part of me was attracted to him. That had been a first. "A little," I moaned. "And I am a lesbian priestess dedicated to Saphique." "Such a pity you deny yourself half the pleasures of life," Jathibiyya purred. She pulled away from me and turned my shoulders so I faced her.

I drank in her dark body's beauty. Her skin was an ebony brown and glistened in the candlelight. Her hair fell in beaded braids about her shoulders that clicked and clacked as she swayed her hips.

She had removed all her bells, including the ones dangling from chains attached to nipple rings. "Oh, I think I'm just embracing and fully enjoying one aspect of sexuality," I purred, my hand reaching out to grasp her hip, trying to match the fluid way she moved them. I was getting closer. "So what do you know of Chaun?" "For a lesbian, you are very curious about a man." Her smile grew naughty.

"Do you think to break your sacred vows with a night of forbidden passion?" "No," I blushed and fought that impulse. "He still has a disgusting cock. He's just.will be traveling with us." "Ah, he was waiting for you," Jathibiyya answered.

"Waiting?" "It seemed like it. He had been in town for some time. He seems afflicted with wanderlust, and yet he stayed. I have known his type. I could see his restless eyes. But he stayed and kept playing. Over two weeks. That is a long time for his type to stay in one place. And I noticed no woman holding his interest." I frowned. Why had he tried to seduce Angela?

Was he just being a changeling or was he waiting for us? And if he was waiting for us, how did he know we would pass through here? Was this mere jealousy that Angela and even Xera were with him right now, enjoying his body.

"These questions are not helping you train," Jathibiyya purred. She fell to her knees, her braids clinking. Her dark hands rubbed at my ivory thighs, pushing them farther apart. "Let's practice your hips moving. Embrace the pleasure and let it guide you." Her lips kissed at the inner slope of my naked thighs, climbing towards my wet, shaved pussy.

She licked up a line of my tart juices. My hips swayed, her tongue's caress sending wonderful flutters through my body. "Dance for me," she moaned. "Show me your passion, acolyte." The ruby on my belly piercing glinted in the candlelight as I swayed. I licked my lips, my tongue piercing clicking against my teeth. Her lips reached my vulva, kissing along my slit as I swayed and smeared my hot pussy right across her mouth.

The pleasure sparked through me. My pussy rubbed on her tongue and lips as I swayed and popped my hips back and forth. I raised my arms over my head, my small, firm breasts jiggling as I moved. My hips undulated and circled, moving how she taught me and rubbing my pussy across her licking tongue and kissing lips.

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"Saphique, yes," I breathed, my head tilting back. "The temples need to bring Halanian belly dancers to teach us this." "You should suggest it," purred Jathibiyya between sweet licks. "When you return from your Quest." "Yes," I moaned. If we returned. There was such a long journey ahead of us.

Jathibiyya's tongue diving momentarily into the depths of my pussy sent a swirl of pleasure through me that banished that worry. My excitement built with every sway of my hips and caress of her tongue and lips on my excited flesh.

My juices flowed from my pussy. Their tart perfume scented the air, mixing with Jathibiyya's spicy musk.

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I licked my lips, eager to experience Jathibiyya dancing on my face with her delicious pussy. I brought my hands down from over my head and let them rub across my body, caressing my skin and sending flutters of excitement through my body. I swayed faster. My moans and groans provided the music to my dance. "Jathibiyya," I squeaked as her tongue licked and caressed at my clit. It was only for a moment, but the brief contact spurred my hips to move faster as the pleasure rippled through my body.

"Yes, dance for me," moaned Jathibiyya. "Show me your passion, Sophia. Drown me in it." "I will," I promised. My eyes squeezed shut. My blood roared through my ears. My heart thudded beneath my jiggling breasts. Her tongue caressed my folds and clit. Sometimes it dived into my hole and swirled around, stirring up my nerves. My flesh drank in every place she touched me. My pussy clenching and relaxing as the pleasure built in my core. I would cum hard on her lips.

My hands slid up my stomach, sending wicked flutters down to my aching pussy. My fingers reached the bottom slopes of my breasts. I grasped my firm mounds, squeezing my flesh. My nipples ached on the peaks of my mounds. My fingers slipped up them. I grasped my nipples and pinched. "Saphique yes," I purred.

I threw my head back, my light-brown hair swaying across my back, teasing me with its silky softness. "Worship your goddess as you dance," moaned Jathibiyya. "Show her your passion." "I am. Oh, Saphique, watch me. Thank you for your gifts of lesbian pleasure." My body shuddered. My pussy clenched as I ground my flesh across Jathibiyya's hungry mouth. "I dance for you, my sweet Goddess." "Yes," moaned Jathibiyya.

"Such a beautiful dance." I looked down as I pinched and rolled my nipples. My ivory thighs surrounded Jathibiyya's ebony face.

Her dark eyes stared up at me, wet with excitement. My body shuddered as I stared into them. My hips moved with more fluidity as I ground on her flesh.

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I moved my clit to her lips. She latched on and sucked. The powerful, warm bliss engulfing my clit sent shuddering sparks through my body. My pussy clenched as my body tensed. My hips stopped moving for one moment. And then my orgasm seized me. My hips danced on their own, undulating and writhing as the pleasure washed through my body. My pussy clenched and relaxed. The pressure exploded out of me in powerful squirts of my juices that splashed on her lips and chin.

My back arched and my fingers squeezed hard on my nipples as I cried out in worship. "Saphique!" My passionate cry echoed through the room as my pussy spasmed. My mind flooded with pleasure. I let my body move how it wanted, dancing to the primal beat of my orgasm.

Stars danced before my fuzzing vision. And then my pleasure passed. I stumbled back, taking in deep breaths. My legs bumped into my bed and I fell back on the quilt, my legs spread wide, my thighs sticky with my passions.

I panted as I savored the retreating high of my climax. "Mmm, such passion," purred Jathibiyya. "You could be one of the best belly dancers." She rose and walked to me, her braids clinking, her breasts jiggling. Her ebony face and neck glistened with my juices. I always squirted when I came hard. I loved squirting on a woman's face when she made me cum.

"Is it your turn to dance for me," I asked as her dark hands ran up my thighs to my stomach, her caress tingling me. I licked my lips. "I would love to experience that." She leaned over me, her breasts dragging up my stomach. "I would love to dance for you." Our lips met in a hot kiss.

My tart juices flavored her mouth's caress. My tongue met hers as her body undulated upon mine. Her pussy met mine. She undulated her hips. My eyes widened as her clit pushed through my pussy lips. "Oh, wow," I groaned when she broke the kiss. Her hips kept moving, guiding her clit and pussy against mine. "You really know how to trib." "I know how to dance," she smiled, "and the horizontal dance can be as pleasurable as the vertical." "I can see that," I groaned.

"I think I like this new dance." Her hips kept undulating and swaying, moving faster and faster on me. I stayed still, letting her clit caress and tease me. I shuddered and my back arched, pressing my pussy harder against her hot, wet flesh.

Her hard nub slid between my labia and bumped into my own clit, sparking new pleasure through me. "Mmm, I love the feel of your flesh," groaned Jathibiyya. "There is always something so erotic about dancing upon a woman after she's cum. Her pussy already soaked with her excitement, her labia engorged from her enjoyment. I can feel every bit of your pussy with my clit." She had such control over her hips' movement. She did rub her clit through my folds, exploring my pussy like a woman using her tongue.

Her clit was fat, one of the biggest I had ever experienced. I groaned as it caressed my labia and dipped just into my pussy's hole. My toes curled in pleasure. "You are so skilled. I've never been tribbed like this. You are a master at it." "It's just dancing," she purred. "I love dancing with a sexy partner. Don't you?" "Oh, yes," I gasped, my hands caressing her supple back.

I slid down and grasped her ass, loving how her cheeks writhed and flexed as she ground faster and faster. The bed creaked and my fingers dug into her flesh as her clit bumped mine again. "Oh, yes, I love this dancing." "Good," she moaned into the nape of my neck.

Her lips latched on, sucking as her hips moved faster and faster. My body shuddered beneath her. Jathibiyya's wonderful clit stirred such wonderful bliss through my body. I let my pleasure sing out of me as her clit caressed my pussy faster and faster. My fingers clenched again. My toes curled.

Another orgasm swelled in my depths. Her lips were so wet on my neck, sucking and nibbling. Our nipples caressed as she writhed on me, more delight added to the pleasure brewing in my depths. "Jathibiyya," I groaned. "Oh, I wish my Angela was here to see this." She licked up to my neck. "You'll just have to practice on her and share it with her." "I will," I groaned.

"You love her." "So much," I gasped. "Even if she has the pesky need to fuck men every so often." Jathibiyya laughed before her lips sucked at my neck. I would have a hickey in the morning. But it was worth it for this bliss. I undulated beneath her, moving my body as she rubbed her clit harder and harder on my pussy. She groaned into my neck. I wasn't the only one experiencing bliss. My pussy must feel so wonderful on her clit. "Dance faster," I groaned. "I'm getting so close to my climax." "Mmm, yes, let's bring our dance to its delightful conclusion." Her hips moved faster.

I gasped and shuddered. Her hips writhed like they had on stage, moving far swifter than should be possible. Her clit rubbed through my flesh, teasing me, sending flutters of pleasure through my body.

I gasped and moaned as I lay beneath her, letting her flesh pleasure me. "Yes, Jathibiyya, yes. Dance with me. Oh, yes. So good." Her tongue licked up to my lips.

We met again. Our tongues caressed. She loved my tongue piercing. My fingers dug into her ass again, trying to pull her tighter against me as her hips undulated and swayed. Her clit fucked into my pussy and slid up through my folds. My body bucked beneath her. My pleasure swelled. Our clits met, rubbing against each other, striking pleasure through both our bodies. I could feel the orgasm about to erupt through her.

I was temple-trained to read a woman's pleasure. Her clit circled mine faster and faster, giving us both such shuddering pleasure. We moaned into our kiss, our tongue dancing like our clits.

My pussy clenched. She trembled upon me. Her hips undulated one last time, striking our clits together. The pleasure burst through both of us.

I let my climax shudder through me. Jathibiyya broke our kiss as she thrashed atop me. Her juices flooded out, drenching my pussy in her excitement as her passionate moans sang out. I joined hers and we made such sweet music in each other's arms. And then she collapsed on me. The both of us sucked in our breaths, our breasts shifting on each other.

"What a dance," she moaned. "What a dancer. I will be so sad when you leave." Part of me would, too. But I needed to keep going with Angela. And I had to figure out why Chaun waited. He hadn't objected at all when he learned he was a part of our quest. He wasn't surprised at all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril I smiled when Angela, Xera, and Chaun trooped downstairs, the three smiling.

I straightened my back, my nipples hardening beneath my robes. He was such a sexy man. This morning he was dressed in a fine doublet and hose that clung to his sleek legs. A codpiece drew my eyes down to his crotch and made me shift even more as I remembered his cock. But he wasn't as endowed as my Thrak, who sat beside me.

Thrak gave me a grin when he saw my gaze. My orc lover wasn't jealous. Of course, I hadn't slept with another man since I met him. Human men seemed so lacking. I hadn't even collected more human cum to replace the vials I used. I had plenty of Thrak's stored up for my magic. I wondered what changeling cum was good for. They were creatures of lust, born from the God Las's indiscriminate masturbation.

His seed had landed across the world and formed many single-sex races from unicorns and centaurs to imps and ogres. I bet it was good for life magic, but only in the subset of fertility and passions. Sophia, sitting beside me, gave the bard an inquisitive look.

She wore her white acolyte robes, her light-brown hair falling about her shoulders. A brown hickey adorned the ivory slope of her neck.

Sophia seemed to have enjoyed her night with the dancer. I know I had fucked Thrak into unconsciousness last night trying to satiate the burning lust Chaun's song had inspirited. That was very naughty of the changeling to make us all so horny. It almost got us killed, but how could he have known a pack of barguest would attack us. "Ooh, breakfast," Angela sighed, her armor clinking as she sat down beside Sophia. The pair exchange a lover's kiss. Angela pushed back Sophia's hair and smiled.

"I see you had fun last night." "And I heard your fun," Sophia answered. "Good morning all," Chaun said as he stopped before our table. "I do not think we all had proper introductions last night, but I am Chaun, graduate of the Bardic College of Az and a wanderer seeking to experience all the beauty in the world." "Is that what you were doing last night?" Sophia asked. I groaned. I hoped Sophia wasn't getting jealous. She didn't usually mind Angela's dalliances with other men, even with my Thrak.

"Yes," Chaun smiled. "I enjoyed two beautiful women." His eyes flashed to me. "I hope to experience all the beauty your group has to offer." My cheeks burned and a wicked idea popped into my head for tonight. Changelings were shapeshifters.

I smiled back. "It was fortuitous that we met you, Chaun," Sophia added. "What brought you to Lor-Khev?" "You are curious this morning," Angela said, frowning at her lover. Sophia gave her an innocent smile before taking a bite of her thinly sliced, fried ham.

"Just wanting to get to know our new companion. Most bards of Az work at court. They are in high demand. So few graduate from the school. They say it's only one a decade can pass." Chaun sighed.

"My fall from grace is a sordid tale," Chaun admitted. "But it has afforded me a life of wandering and experiencing beauty." His eyebrows furrowed. "I had a lover. Her husband was a powerful man and he did not appreciate our affair." He cut into his ham. "She was a radiant woman. I was consumed by her passions. But when her husband found out, he tarnished my name.

He is a powerful man in the Princedoms." Sophia blinked. "Prince Gruber of Kivnar? You're the changeling bard that cuckolded him with his own appearance. Princess Adelaide was horrified when she learned the man in her bed was not her husband. I remember the scandal erupted right before I left my mother's estate to join the temple." "A lie Adelaide was forced to adopt to keep her husband's temper from her," Chaun admitted. Then his face fell, his voice breaking as he said: "She knew full well who I was.

She hated her husband, and it brought her great pleasure knowing I, in her husband's form, could please her better than Prince Gruber. She loved me greatly, but we have been forced apart." "I'm so sorry," Sophia said, her eyes wide.

There were even tears in her eyes. I had to admit, the pain in Chaun's voice moved me, too. "And that's why you play in such low establishments like this, keeping to small towns. You are not allowed to practice your art.

The College of Az was shamed by your act and disowned you." "Like I said, he was a powerful man in the Princedoms, and the College of Az has ever relied upon the politics of the Princedom to survive." Chaun took another bite, a smile on his lips. "But imagine the tale I can craft journeying with you. It might be enough to overcome the stain on my name." "You'll have the stain erased," Angela promised, placing her hand over his.

Thrak smiled at me as I dabbed at the corners of my eyes. The poor man separated from the woman he loved. My lover's amusement made me shake my head at him.

I knew he had a heart beneath his brutish surface, but it seemed the bard's tale did little to stir it. "Well, where are we traveling," Chaun asked, "and what is our Quest?" "To slay the Dragon Dominari." His smile slipped off his lips for a moment. "I see," he said, recovering. "Well, that will prove quite the epic indeed." "Our next stop is Khan, the ruined dwarven outpost," Thrak answered. "You plan on venturing into the tunnels of the Lost Kingdom of Modan?" Chaun asked.

"These are the dangers we shall brave," grinned Thrak. "Imagine the song you shall craft." I elbowed him. "Stop teasing him," I muttered. Chaun licked his lips. "Well, I knew this would be dangerous." "Don't worry," I added, "we have a map of Modan." I patted the pocket that held the map I purchased in Esh-Esh. "So we shouldn't get lost." "Well, who fancies a drink to fortify us for the road?" Chaun asked. "I know I could use one." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak Miliiath Pass Highway, The Magery of Thosi The highway out of Lor-Khev followed the Ichir River southeast towards the towering Lesh-Ke Mountains and Miliiath Pass.

Once we entered those mountains, we would leave the Magery behind and enter the Kingdom of Haz's territory. The mountains were dangerous, haunted by deadly monsters. Many knights' Quests from the three orders ended here, killing the monster threatening the locals. Once, the Tuathan had considered it their sacred duty to protect the mountains. They had legends of twinborn witches forming a triad with a paladin of Gewin and her own sister.

They would be charged to roam the mountains, but twinborn witches were rare while knights on Quests were plentiful. The need dwindled and the witches found other ways to help their peoples. The women of the party, save Sophia, all clustered around Chaun, giggling as he sang them ribald songs while he rode on the back of his placid mare, Maiden. Only Sophia didn't join in. She rode beside me, her back stiff. "Both our lovers are ignoring us," I said as we stopped for our noon day rest.

"Yes," Sophia sighed. She attacked her trail ration with vigor, her teeth tearing off the tough end of the jerky. "I'm sure the novelty will wear off in a few days." "I'm sure," I nodded. "That's how our brains are wired, you know, to seek out new experiences. It's what drives progress and means sometimes your lover will be infatuated with another person. Just so long as it remains infatuation, it will fade." "So you're not worried?" Sophia asked.

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"You used to be the man the women fawned over." "I was novel." I let out a laugh. Sophia glanced over her shoulder and groaned, "Faoril is sucking on his cock." "Well, she needs her cum," Thrak shrugged. "She probably is looking to see how it affects her magic. You watch, she'll start casting spells once he climaxes. She is always investigating cocks for her research." "Which shouldn't be long with three women fawning over him. Even Xera." Sophia shook her head.

"I thought the elf had more sense." "She is easily distracted by a pretty face," I shrugged. "Most people are. I know you are." Sophia blushed. "Men shouldn't have pretty faces." I nodded my head in agreement. "He needs a scar across his face. That'll make him look more manly." A giggle erupted from Sophia's face. "Yes, it would." "But, being a changeling, I imagine he could just shape his flesh and make it go away.

It must be strange to constantly slip from one form to another. They can almost become the man they change into, if the man's important to a woman. It's rather fascinating. How much of Chaun's identity is real. Is he merely acting right now? Was his story about a lost love even true?" Sophia furrowed her eyebrows.

"Or was he merely fulfilling the role you women need of him? Wounded, attractive, in need of a healing touch. His plays on the heart, engendering sympathy and a desire to aid him. It is a societal construct ingrained in all us." "I keep forgetting how smart you are," Sophia sighed.

She bit her lip. "Jathibiyya thought he was waiting in Lor-Khev for something. She found it strange that a man like him would linger for more than a few days in any one spot." "Our group is bound by fate," I shrugged.

"Prophecy unites us. There are forces at work that move us around the world. They violate causality and the way the natural world functions. Oracles are rather adept at creating these violations of causality.

They see the multiple futures and then give advice based on one, leading the recipient of their prophecy towards a new goal. The oracle glimpsed a future where Angela had slain the dragon Dominari by gathering the sword. But that future could only exist because the oracle told Angela of its existence. That future was an event that didn't have a proceeding cause.

The Oracle violated causality by viewing it. The Oracle then created a cause and thus made that future now exist as a possible event." "Possible?" "Not every oracle's prophecy comes to fulfillment.

In fact, they are rather self-fulfilling. If you ignored their prophecy, then the possible future event they glimpsed will never arrive. Nothing forced Angela to make the decision to seek out her ancestor's blade. But Angela has made that decision and now that cause has been unleashed, the effects rippling out from her decision. Chaun was merely caught up in it. He could have left, but he kept finding reasons to stay.

And even then, he could have chosen not to come with us. Do not think our goal shall be successful just because a prophecy exists." "You are making my head ache," groaned Sophia.

A sudden wind gusted around us. The wind caressed my body and reached beneath my kilt to tug at my cock. I smiled and glanced over my shoulder. Faoril had cum on her lips as she stared at me, her magic clearly surging around her. I groaned as she caressed my cock. "See," I said to Sophia as I tried to ignore Faoril's teasing. "Her magic is out. Look at her. She is enjoying herself." "I guess," Sophia muttered.

"What if Chaun knew we were coming?" "Who would have told him?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Mage Faoril Beth-En Village, Magery of Thosi "Thrak," I purred, striding up to him as he finished off his large dinner. "Oh, so you are paying attention to me." A smile crossed his swarthy face.

Amusement played on his broad, chiseled face studded with bone piercings. He was so wild and savage. So sexy in his own way. He leaned back in his chair, the muscles on his chest rippling, highlighting the many scars that adorned him.

"Sorry," I smiled as he pulled me onto his wide lap. His cock was hard beneath his kilt, pressing into my ass through my red robes. "He's so enchanting." "Are you going to fuck him tonight?" "So matter-of-fact," I sighed.

"Could you even pretend to be jealous or have any of that famed, orcish rage?" His amusement slipped. "Sorry, that came out wrong." Thrak didn't like losing control of his rage.

He turned into a mindless killing machine. It was horrifying when he berserked. I had only seen it once. He had slaughtered so many that day. "I don't want you to get angry.

But annoyed." "Sorry," Thrak grinned. "See, all you have is amusement," I sighed. Then I shifted, my pussy on fire. "I already talked to Chaun, and he's more than willing to indulge my naughty fantasy." "What?" "To fuck two of you," I moaned, my pussy on fire. "I want to put our changeling to good use. Two big, strong orcs in my bed, caressing me. Teasing me. Fucking me. I'm so wet, Thrak. You have no idea. I've been so wet all day. Please, Thrak, please." "You want to fuck two of me." His grin grew.

His cock throbbed hard beneath my ass. He loved the idea. "You are a wicked woman." "A wicked woman that needs two strong orcs to fuck her." I stroked his swarthy face and peered into his dark-red eyes. My hands stroked up to his woolly hair, caressing it as I leaned closer.

"Please, Thrak. It would be so hot." My tiny nose brushed his. I nudged the bone piercing. "I'll do anything you want. Any fantasy." "You don't have to bribe me," Thrak grinned. "I owe you for the virgin still." I smiled and shuddered. "I didn't do that so you would owe me. I did that because I love you." "And I'll join you and Chaun because I love you." My heart melted. I kissed my orc lover.

My slim arms went about his neck while his broad arms hugged me to his chest. I savored his thick lips on mine. He was so big in every way. And he would let me have so much fun tonight. My nipples rasped beneath my robes as I squirmed on Thrak's wide lap. His cock was so hard.

My pussy and asshole would be filled with two cocks that thick. I broke the kiss, my excitement bubbling through me. "Come on, Thrak, I can't wait. I need this so badly. My pussy is dripping juices down my thighs. I bet you can smell them." "I can. I'm fed and you've kept me horny all day with your teasing wind." His eyes grew knowing.

"Ensuring I would be amenable to your wicked idea." I blushed. "You are too smart, Thrak. And, yes, I was." I lifted my head high. "A lady has to ensure her pleasures can be experienced." Thrak laughed and stood up, holding me in his arms. Sophia, Xera, and Angela had already retired to their room to enjoy a night of Sophia's sweet body. I imagined the acolyte was already tied up to the bed, quivering with desire to be used by her Mistress and the elf. They would have their fun, and we would have ours.

I kept kissing his jaw and whiskered cheek as he carried me through the inn. The other guests all stared with apprehension at Thrak. He was so big and strong, taller than a human male, his body broad and heavily muscled. Wearing only his kilt, he looked so primitive, a beast that had wondered out of the songs and stories into the midst of the ranching village. I loved how primitive he looked. So strong. And I would have two to play with.

"Hurry," I purred as I squirmed in his arms. His grin grew. "I make you that wet, huh?" "So wet. It's like Las has infected me with burning need." Thrak took the stairs two at a time with his broad strides.


He wasn't rushing. He just was that big. He ducked a low beam on the second floor and marched down the hall to our room. He threw the door open. My eyes widened. A second Thrak stood in the room, hard and naked, his cock thrusting at me.

It was just as big as the original Thrak's, but missing the bone ring piercing. In fact, none of Thrak's piercings adorned Chaun, but the scars, the muscles, the primal passion that made my heart thud and my pussy quiver were all there.

"Hello, Faoril," Chaun said, his voice the same low, throaty rasp. "Yes," I squealed. "This is.strange," Thrak commented as he carried me to the bed. "Is that what I look like?" "Surely you've seen yourself in the mirror." "He's.backwards," frowned Thrak, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Yes, yes, reflections are not reality. Everything is reversed in a mirror. And I am taller than I thought." My mind wanted to latch onto to his words about reflections, but I was too horny. He sat me down on the bed and then my Thrak stripped off his kilt, his cock thrusting hard.

Two reddish-brown orcs stood before me, their cocks hard and thrusting at me, beading with precum. I inhaled, Thrak's musk intensified by Chaun's presence. I slipped out of my robe, both men appreciating my round breasts, then leaned forward and licked the tip of Chaun's cock, gathering up his precum.

It tasted like Thrak's. Chaun's hadn't been so salty when I sucked him this morning. Every bit of him changed. It was so fascinating. My mouth opened wider, sucking the head of Chaun's cock into my mouth. My hand wrapped about Thrak's cock, stroking him as I sucked Chaun's.

It was so different having this thick, familiar dick in my mouth but missing the bone piercings. My tongue slid around his thick head. Chaun moaned just like Thrak would, the same snorting, passionate grunts. "So beautiful," one growled. "Yes," the other answered. Their hands stroked through my hair as I popped Chaun's dick out of my mouth and swallowed Thrak's. My tongue flicked at his bone ring, savoring the familiar cock. I fisted both dicks now, going back and forth, tasting their precum, loving how they both tasted the same.

They even throbbed in my hand together, their heartbeats matched. Chaun was a perfect mimicker. He just couldn't shape things, like piercings, out of his flesh. But his cock had the holes to slip in the bone piercings through. My tongue probed into those when I sucked.

He groaned louder, his hands tightening in my short, light-brown hair. "My delicious mage," one rumbled. "Can you smell how wet she is?" the other asked. "Yes," the first replied. "We should do something about that." They both laughed together.

Their hands pushed me down onto my back, pulling my lips from their cocks. Rough, callouses hands roamed my body as both of my orcish lovers leaned down and sucked on my nipples. "Thraks," I gasped, my back arching. "Oh, yes. Two hot, sexy Thraks. Suck on my nipples." Their lips felt the same. They both sucked with the same hungry intensity. My nipples throbbed in their fierce lips. The pleasure shot down to my wet pussy. My toes curled as my hands ran through their woolly hair.

So thick. So easy to grip. Their teeth nipped and nibbled. They both growled their pleasure. My skin came alive beneath their hands' touch. They caressed me everywhere. They stroked my thighs, caressed my stomach, and rubbed at my pussy. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped, squeezing my eyes shut and loving their attention. Thick fingers rubbed at my pussy. I had no idea whose they were. It didn't matter. They were a Thrak's. They shoved into my pussy. My flesh clenched on them as I writhed and shuddered between them.

The finger worked deep into me, then pulled out. I moaned my disappointment, but it worked deeper, sliding beneath me and into the crack of my ass. My eyes shot open and my body bucked as the thick finger fucked into my ass, using my juices as lube. "Yes, yes, yes," I panted. "Get me ready for your cocks. I want you both fucking me." Thrak fingered my ass and sucked on both my nipples. A second set of fingers fucked into my pussy and rubbed at my clit.

I bucked beneath the Thraks. One nipped and nibbled on my tit while the other kissed away from my nipple, exploring my body with his wet tongue and strong lips. He sucked and nibbled on my flesh.

Then he rolled me onto my side. The other Thrak went roaming, too. Their fingers fucked my holes as one Thrak kissed down my spine towards my ass while the other loved my stomach.

I shuddered on my side, gasping and groaning as their lips moved lower and lower. "Pater's cock," I gasped as one Thrak reached the swell of my ass, kissing and biting at my but-cheek. Not hard, just enough to let me feel his teeth. The other reached my pubic mound and nuzzled at my neatly-trimmed bush. "Let's devour her," one Thrak groaned. "Yes," grunted the second. "She'll explode on our lips." "I will," I promised.

"I'll explode so hard. Oh, yes. I need it. I need to cum. Then I need to be fucked by your cocks." The Thrak kissing my ass parted my butt-cheeks while the Thrak nuzzling at my pubic mound spread my thighs. Fingers withdrew from my holes and were replaced by hungry, thick tongues. I gasped as my pussy and asshole were licked, my body shaking as the duel sensations burst through my body. "Oh, Thrak, yes," I gasped.

"My big, strong Thraks are licking me. Don't stop." The pleasure cascaded through me. Their tongues probed deep into my holes. The tongue in my ass fucked in and out while the tongue in my pussy flicked through my folds and found my clit. Strong lips briefly sucked on my nub before they returned to nuzzle at my pussy.

My bowels clenched on the other Thrak's probing tongue. I shook and shuddered between their hungry mouths. "Oh, yes," I gasped. "Oh, wow. That's so good. Mmm, yes. Oh, wow. I love it. Oh, yes, yes, yes." My body bucked and shuddered between them.

I gasped in delight as the pleasure crashed through me. Two strong tongues stirring my holes, sending different, complimenting sensations through my nethers to crash together in the depths of my core. I undulated between them. Their strong hands roamed my body, teasing me with their touch. I gasped and groaned, savoring every minute of their wicked touches on my body.

I humped harder and faster between them. My asshole clenching on one Thrak's tongue while the other bathed my pussy in bliss. I couldn't take such wonderful, amazing assault any longer. My pleasure burst through me. "Yes, yes, gods, yes!" I screamed as the pleasure rippled out of my ass and pussy. Both holes spasmed and clenched, teased by my Thraks. My juices flooded into one Thrak's mouth. He growled his appreciation, loving the flavor of my passion. I spasmed on my side as they both kept licking me.

Teasing me. My eyes rolled in my head. Stars burst across my vision. Such wicked, wonderful, beautiful rapture consumed me. A preview of the true delight that was to cum. "Fuck me," I gasped. "Please, please, please. Shove those dicks in me. My holes need to be filled. I want both my Thraks in me." "What do you think?" the one licking my pussy rumbled. "That our slutty mage is hungry for thick, orc cock," laughed the one tonguing my ass.

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"I think we should fuck her hard." "Yes," the first growled. "Yes, yes, yes," I panted in eager excitement. "Fuck me. Las's cum, I'm so glad I have two Thraks tonight." They both moved up my body. I shuddered as their hard dicks pressed into my flesh, one rubbing on my stomach, the other on my ass.

My eyes widened. Neither had bone piercings. My real Thrak had removed his. I had no idea which one was which. Perfect. I buried my face into one of the Thrak's swarthy chests, savoring his musk as their cocks moved to my holes. One thick dick brushed my clit before finding the entrance to my dripping pussy, the other pressed between the cheeks of my ass. "Is this what you want?" the Thrak behind me asked. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned, my body still buzzing from my first orgasm.

"Fuck me. Love me. Two Thraks." I was delirious with lust as they plunged their thick cocks into my depths. I was sandwiched between their delicious, strong bodies. My tits pressed into one muscular chest while the second rubbed against my supple back. But it was the cocks I loved. Long, hard, and so thick. My pussy and asshole both stretched around their girths. A long, slow moan escaped my lips as I shuddered between them. I gasped in delight as both my holes were stuffed with Thrak's cock.

I was stretched out. It almost hurt having them both in me. I savored that sweet ache. "Yes," I moaned in delight. "Yes, fuck me. Hard. Make me cum, then dump it into me." Both Thraks growled in unison. Their hips moved together, thrusting into my hot depths at the same slow, hard rhythm.

The friction of their cocks rasping in and out of my asshole and pussy sent shuddering delight racing through my body. I undulated between their strong bodies. I gasped and groaned as their dicks slid in and out of me. When they both thrust in unison, my back arched. New rushes of pleasure dived through me and the first of my orgasms exploded in my depths. My pussy and asshole came alive with bliss. I couldn't speak as my orgasms burst over and over through my body.

I could just moan. "I think she loves it," laughed the Thrak fucking my pussy. "She's a cock-hungry slut. And who has a better cock than us?" "No one," laughed the first. "No one," I croaked in between spasms. My pussy and asshole writhed about their thrusting cocks, massaging them with my hot, silky flesh. They fucked me faster and faster, maintaining their rhythm, moving as one Thrak. Chaun's powers were amazing. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through my flesh.

The pleasure kept hammering me. My pussy and asshole grew more sensitive. Drinking in more pleasure from their thick shafts slamming into my depths. "Gewin's mighty cock," the Thrak fucking my ass grunted. "How's her pussy?" "Perfect," panted the other Thrak. "Wet and hot. So tight. She's hungry for our cum." "Do you want our cum?" "Yes!" I screamed.

"Then let's pound the slutty mage," laughed the Thrak fucking my pussy. "Yes," growled the other. My eyes widened.

They pounded me. Hard, slamming thrusts. Their cocks worked faster and faster in and out of me. Two pairs of meaty balls thwacked into my flesh. Both were full of their hot cum. My toes curled as my orgasms intensities grew. The pleasure washed over me as I thrashed between them.

My holes milked their dicks. I needed their cum in me. I had to have it. I had to gasp and shudder as the pleasure rushed over me. I craved it. I begged for it as a thrashed between them.

"Cum in me," I moaned over an dover. "Flood my holes. Cum in me." "Yes," one Thrak grunted. "You're going to get so much cum," the other growled. "So much. "Cum in me!" I answered. "Please, please, cum in me." Their dicks both slammed into my holes. Together, they growled, "Gewin's mighty cock." Two cocks erupted into my holes. Hot cum spilled into my ass and pussy. My eyes widened as my body absorbed the power from their cum. Orc and changeling cum filled me, the two reserves of pleasure spilling through my body as my holes milked both cocks.

A final orgasm crashed through me. The pleasure rushed to my head. Stars burst before me. I drowned in pleasure. It covered me in warm, sweet darkness. I drifted in bliss as I drank in every drop of rapture. I was fucked by two Thraks. I drifted for a while, lost to the pleasure. When my eyes opened, I groaned. I lay on my back, my holes empty. Cum stained my thighs and leaked out of my asshole. I lay on my back, every part of me wonderfully sore. "Thrak," I groaned. "You passed out," he grinned, moving to me.

His cock ring was back. Chaun had left. "Thank you," I smiled. Thrak leaned down and kissed me. He had wiped his lips clean. I would never know which hole had been fucked by which Thrak. And that was okay with me. It was a wonderful experience to enjoy two of my lovers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Lesh-Ke Mountains, Kingdom of Haz We had entered the mountains two days ago, not long after we left the village of Beth-en. The road had climbed since we entered. Now, just past noon, I believed we had finally reached the crest of the Miliiath Pass. The road seemed to meander down now. But that could be deceptive. I had learned not to trust downhill slopes. The mountain pass road didn't travel as straight as the map seemed to indicate, and we could walk up again just around the next bend.

It was cooler in the mountains at night, but still warm with summer during the day. The peaks towered over us, snow clinging to their tops. They stood higher than the Lone Mountain that rose over Shesax. I had heard the tallest mountains in the world were found in this range. The pass was patrolled by the Guardians, a race whose ancestors were humans before the Biomancer Vebrin modified them and merged them with animals. The men were all half-lion while the women were half-octopus.

They had made their homes in the mountains and twice we had passed a proud leotaur, his black, panther-like body giving way to a dusky-skinned human torso. He stalked the pass, spear in hand. The octogirl, purportedly his mate, rode his back. She was as dusky-skin as her mate, with the torso of a beautiful woman.


At her hips, eight thick, purple tentacles with suction cups extended, her "tentacle-legs" wrapped tight about the body of her mate. She had a bow clutched in her hand. "Knight," both pair of Guardians had nodded as we passed.

Sophia had a speculative look in her eye the first time she saw an octogirl. Those tentacles did look fun. And the leotaur male was handsome and strong. I wondered what sort of cock he had hidden in his tawny fur. "There is an overgrown road ahead," Xera called out, snapping me out of my reflection of the past days. "And I found a fallen stone sign with Dwarvish. I think it is the path to Khan." My stomach twisted. "Let's follow it." Sophia sighed beside me while Chaun flicked the reins of his gray-coated mare and trotted up to the trail.

He was eager for the adventure. I smiled at Sophia and took her hand as she rode beside me. "I'll be with you in the darkness." "I know," she smiled. "Still.we have no idea what we'll face down there. No one knows what destroyed the dwarf kingdom. It had to be bad, though. Everyone says dwarves were fierce fighters." "We'll be fine." We had to be.

We needed adamantium, and it was only found in one place—the mines of Modan deep beneath our feet. We rode up the trail, Xera and Thrak in the lead. We had to go single file. The brush had grown over the trail. It had been centuries since Modan had fallen and Khan, their above ground outpost, had been abandoned.

In a quarter hour, we burst out of the brush and came upon a squat, ruined fortress, plants growing up the side, tree roots buckling up the paving stones. In there was the entrance into the Fallen Kingdom of Modan. I dismounted my horse.

"Let's search for the opening." My stomach twisted. Sophia was right to be afraid. The Dwarves had been powerful. Hopefully, whatever had destroyed them was long gone. It had been centuries since their downfall.

To be continued.