Kiaraxx sucks a strangers cock in the alley for money

Kiaraxx sucks a strangers cock in the alley for money
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Today Nikki was wearing a hot pink top which was very tight making her breasts looks extra tasty today. Oh how I would like to slip my lips over one of her sensual nipples.

She also wore her hair straightened and a short jean skirt that showed off her not long but sexy tan legs. I could imagine myself slipping a hand up that skirt. Pushing her panties to the side and feeling her lips. Parting them as I found her clit and rubbed it.

Slow at first and then faster; I could feel her pussy getting soaked. It was so wet I began penetrating. Two fingers was good as I went nice and slow searching a bit then going faster and finding her g-spot oh!.

. "Stop sleeping in my class young man" my teacher Mr. O'Brian had notice me day dreaming in the back of class.

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"There is no excuse for dozing off in my classroom" "but. . I." "No Excuses!" If he was Imagining Nikki's little pussy, or could even see what she was wearing he would be ok with some day dreaming. If she was in this class I would have to sit up front and not to avoid getting a hard on but to help get one. Now that I thought of it I realized that just imagining touching her gave me and erection. I would sit up front so that I could look back and see what was under that pretty little skirt of hers.

Now you may say I am a pervert if I look up girls' skirts but I see it as harmless. I love it when all the hot chicks wear skirts. Except sometimes they wear spandex so I don't get to see any panties, pussy, or camel toe. I really love it when the hot slutty chicks wear them because they don't wear spandex. I know this one girl Stephanie and she sits behind me in math and chemistry every day. So 6th period chemistry and 7th period math I tend to look behind me.

My favorite days are the days that Stephanie wears thongs and skirts. This is because it makes it easier to see her nice pink pussy. Her lips may not be spread but when her legs split I see the pussy of one of the hottest girls in school. Getting to see some pussy in school makes my day go so much faster.


Today we have a Spanish club meeting and I am determined to sit in front of Nikki. I have only had one chance to look up her skirt before but she was wearing spandex. I arrived in Spanish club and there was Nikki in the cute skirt. I went to the office room before the meeting started. Right behind me walked in Nikki. "Hey. . Mike." "oh hey Nikki" I sat down at a computer she walked up behind me touching my shoulder "let's play a game" oh what type of game I knew I wanted it to be.

I wanted it to be Mike's dick in Nikki's pussy. "What game?" "Well you are going to look straight ahead at this computer and I am going to go to the other side of the room and do my own thing." "Ugh.

. ok" so I sat at the computer while Nikki walked to the other side of the room with a little bag in her hand.

Yah I know I was cheating at the game but she didn't notice. She pulled out some panties and began to put them on! Oh my gosh she had been going commando all day and I Missed it.

Next she pulled down her skirt. There stood Nikki in her tight pink shirt and white panties with a little read rose on the front of them.

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Then she put on a pair of tight jeans she had to jump to get on. "Do you need any help over there?" I asked with a bit of a laugh and turned around. "Hey! The point of the game is to not look." "I think the game should be about looking." I really wish she would let me. "Not this game." She walked out and left me with a hard on after seeing her in her panties for the second time. During the Spanish club meeting Mr. Peck told us that he was going to be having another BBQ and he invited all of us to spend the night at his house.

I was so excited I was going to be able to see Nikki and Kelly. I arrived Early to see if I could help with the BBQ or well to see Nikki and Kelly. When I arrived Mrs. Peck answered Told me that I was the first to arrive, Nikki was in the shower, and Kelly was taking a nap, and she was going to the store. It was just me and the girls (sort of). I sat on the couch watching T.V. as I Thought of Nikki in the shower.

I was hard so I began to grab myself a bit then putting my hand in my pants I stroked my cock just a bit but I needed more so I unbuttoned my pants and began to stroke my cock faster. Oh it felt good and thinking of Nikki Oh! That made it amazing I had pulled my dick out of my pants fully now beating it faster and harder. Nikki was in the shower just down the hall her naked body wide hips that shaven pussy water just drizzling over it her tan skin that was so smooth and those breast they were perfect with her nipples which had to be so tasty." Mhmmm… oh Nikki" I whispered ah.

. ahh. . Wait! Where would I cum? I had to jizz somewhere oh god this felt so good. "Having fun Mike?" Oh Shit! I wouldn't have to worry about cumming Nikki had just walked in on me and scared all the jizz back in me, but I was still hard.

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I was still hard because Nikki had just walked in wearing nothing but a towel around her. I was speechless all I could do was put my cock away.

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I didn't even button up my pants. She giggled and repeated.

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"Are you having fun Mike?" I stared at her scared shitless of what she might say to other people or what she might think about me. I just stared gave a faint laugh and said "Yah" "well at least one of us is" she says and begins to walk up the steps I could see some of her ass through the slit of the towel.

It was as nice as I could imagine. Oh how I wanted to grab it. "Why aren't you having fun" I asked before she could go upstairs. "Do you see me with my fingers all over my pussy?" ha-ha I think no, but I'd like to.

I just say no. "That's why" she responds. "Well why don't you?" I can't believe I just asked Nikki Peck why she doesn't masturbate, and I can't believe that just a couple seconds ago she caught me masturbating and she doesn't seem to care.


"I am about to right now!" I can't do anything but smile and say "ok have fun." She giggled and ran upstairs where she would drop her towel walk over to her bed and lie down naked.

She played with her nipples then moving her right hand down her stomach and to her pussy. Spreading her legs to reveal her nicely shaven slit. She spreads her lips and starts rubbing her pussy, still playing with her now erect nipples with her other hand. She finds her clit and begins rubbing it slowly. She gets a little faster Ah. . Ahh. Nikki knows her way around a pussy especially hers. I bet she knows her away around a cock too.

I bet her pussy could find a way around my cock. She is starting to get wet, really wet! UHH. .

she puts two fingers inside her vagina and starts to move them in a circular motion UH. . UHH. AHHH. She is so wet she stick a third finger in now moving her fingers in and out feeling for her g-spot.

OH. . UHH. AHHH AHHHH AHHHHH she is coming.


Her pussy is so wet and she is having the best orgasm of her life. OHHH. . OHH. AHHH… UHHH Mhhhh Ahhhh Mike! I hear her shout my name from upstairs. I run up to her room knowing she said she was going to be masturbating. I step to her door and look in seeing a fully naked Nikki spread out on her bed. Her eyes closed hand on a noticeably wet pussy. She was breathing so hard with one hand still on her breast.

Oh, she looked so beautiful on those silk sheets. "Um, Nikki did you call me?" she looks up with those amazing eyes with a look of great pleasure on her face. "Have you ever been with a girl Mike?" I could barely get my words out "Not one as pretty as you" I figured it was a good time to let her know what I think of her. She patted the bed for me to go sit on the edge of the bed next to her. I walked over and sat next to her. I was hard now realizing that I was sitting on a bed with one of the hottest chicks in my school and the girl of my dreams, and she was naked!

She leaned up and put arm around me. She put her other hand on my lap and brought her lips to mine. She gave me a quick peck and brought her lips to my ear now.

She whispered to me "Fuck me"