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Exxxtrasmall spinner in a suitcase tiffany star cum in pussy
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Leaving a small southern town an attending college can be overwhelming. I am my daddy's pride-and-joy so failure was not an option. Half way through my sophomore year I began having problems, and I had to find some immediate help to relive the growing "C" that was forming in my first term of Physics. I searched the local ads for a tutor and came across Kevin.

Kevin was a Thai-American, had an amazing resume, and after a quick phone conversation informed me that he was available for an afternoon session. Arriving at his off-campus home I was immediately confused and baffled about my decision or either my poor sense of direction in reaching the proper location. In his driveway were a Lexus Sc430 and the growing "Boom" of bass resounding from his rather untidy but large, by college standards, house. Ignoring the warning signs and pushed by my academic woes, I knocked on the door.

I was greeted by Kevin who was closer to my expectation, being average height and medium framed; he spoke as man of high intelligence. What I was not suspecting were the two large black athletes lounging on a large couch behind him. Anyone would have known them throughout the State of Alabama. Ray, a senior running back, had hurt his knee early in the football season, and Neil, a large dominating linebacker, was only a sophomore but he was built like a Greek God.

I introduced my self again and was shuffled in with polite haste. "Struggling with the Conversation of Momentum my dear?" Kevin asked with a grin.


"Absolutely," I replied, somewhat still not sure what I had located. "Fear not, everyone around me makes A's. Right boys?" he said. The gallery gave a resounding shout and went immediately back to their conversation, with somewhat devilish grins.

"Whenever you're ready," I said. Kevin just grinned and then told me his story, or rather… racket. "I take care of the Universities finest… and you certainly fit in that category.

Ever star here sees me, and I see them through School." He held up a nice folder and in it was my next Physics exam… I couldn't believe it. I wanted to know how, but at the thought of success I simply didn't care.

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"Those men are going to the NFL and also keeping up our graduation rate," Kevin divulged with a wink &hellip. "You just work on your momentum problems with them… and you get the test…the answers… the work for the answers…in other words. THE WORKS." I didn't know what to think for a few seconds, and when my mind had focused again Kevin had disappeared upstairs. I searched the room quickly for the exit, but my eyes halted immediately on Neil's and Ray's uncut and unzipped cocks lying halfway down their muscular thighs.

"MY GOD," I uttered unconsciously! Ray was very sexy, symmetrically built and almost model like. Neil was a pure manhood, he was thick and every inch of him was covered in muscle. Neil's cock was no different. Although both men were longer than anything I had ever imagined, Neil's girth was that of my wrist.

I weighed the decision. It was simple, disappoint the home front or indulge myself with erotic agony. It was really no decision at all. I walked cautiously toward Ray; his cock was a work of art. It was at least 9.5" long and thick. I knelt down in front of him and tried to grasp it with my shaking hands. At my worst I barely am over 115 lbs and my hands would not even close around him as I pulled his black foreskin back and tasted my first black cock.

Every inch of his foreskin that my hands slid back released an intoxicating testosterone aroma that heightened my senses. I stretched my jaws wide and achingly took his head in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Neil work his massive cock in his tremendous hands. It was even thicker now!! I stopped breathing for a moment to only be snatched back into reality when Ray's cock hit the back of my throat. Gagging slightly, I rose up and was frightened to see the shine on Ray's cock from my mouth barely went a half of the way down.

I had almost forgotten that I had showed up to this encounter in my University Jogging suit. My memory was abruptly returned when Neil slid my sweat pants down and revealed my barely touched but admittedly dripping-young, southern womanhood.

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"DAMN!! Would you look at that… talk about irresistible forces," Neil chipped holding his now rock hard monster. "Guess were gonna have to expand her horizon, Ray." I spun around quickly, trying to think about the situation, and pulled my top off.

I never had to wear a bra much. I only have "B" size breast with my small frame, but I used the moment to grab both monsters in each hand.

I worked them as best as I could with my feeble hands while both Gods looked at my bare breast. Though I am small chested, my tits are olive from my natural tan, and my nipples are firm and brown to match. I used this as best as I could. When my jaws ached from Neil's monster, I would use the natural lubricate of my saliva to rub his cock on my nipples, and then shift my attention to Ray's rock hard model.

Soon, I felt both men tremble and my tits were covered in their steaming hot cum. It too was much like the men strong, plentiful, and aggressive. Soon in had ran down my firm flat stomach and some filled my belly button. "This lesson is about conversation of momentum .remember," Ray said firmly while flopping his semi-erect cock back into my face. I opened my mouth and invited in his head while milking him as best I could. Trapped in his amazing length was still a full load for an ordinary man, and as I squeezed from his base to his head, my mouth quickly filled.

I swallowed as best I could but some escaped to my chin. I heard Ray command me not to leave his boy out either as I swooned back onto the couch resting my head on the arm.


From the couch and out of the corner of my eye I watched Neil's massive cock sway as he walked toward my face. With each step marble size drops of cum fell to the floor. I had barely had gained my breath when the end of his cock slapped my face, dropping a pearl on my nose. I strained once again to open my mouth as he took his vise like hands and drained a seemingly never ending supply in my sticky mouth. I turned trying to catch my breath and spat some on my steaming chest.

As soon as my head came back up, Neil's monster hand caught my chin and he placed his hot, massive meat in my open mouth. It was hard to breath and the room was spinning as I felt my pants go from my ankles, as Ray got his first look at my pouring small pussy. "Damn bra, you were not shittin," as he spread my ankles wide.

"This is gonna be force times mass equals penetraition," he laughed. I tilted my head around the 2lb load of meat in my mouth as Ray stroked the head of his God cock trying to revive it from it semi soft state.

He squeezed the base which expanded his head and dropped a last drop of cum onto my pink lips as his black shiny pole reached my opening. ***I THOUGHT MY PUSSY, MY HIPS, and MY BODY would explode as his forced rigid cock slid into me**!!! "LOOK AT THIS," he said amazed as he let go of his grip on his base and my pussy defiantly snapped back as best it could. Now, instead of his head swollen from his grip on his base, the other was true.

"LOOK HOW THIS TIGHT SHIT BENDS MY DICK, I CAN FEEL HER HEARTBEAT!!!" Ray continued in amazement, "THIS WHITE TRASH'S PUSSY IS ON FIRE!!!" "IT"S BURNING UP IN THERE," he continued. Apparently this aroused him again, and even though just his head had made it in, his cock began to swell. There was no redirecting the blood flow this time, nor had the cum fest saved me from either man. Ray's cock filled my pussy even in its stationary position, and now Neil's monster had awoken and my mouth expanded also to its hilt.

I pushed away from both as best as I could. Now the arm of the couch was against the small of my back and my head hung to the floor. This move also proved futile, Neil just squatted behind me a lay his fence-post cock from my forehead to my mouth and tapped it gently on my lips.

He moved his muscular ass directly over my face and with my head tilted at an angle, wrapped his massive hands around my head and stroked his cock as deep as he could in my mouth. Ray's advantage has also grew, now my pussy still vise-clamped on his head was raised on the arm of the couch. I felt his hands grasp my hips and his first thrust bottom out in my short young white pussy.

I tried to scream from passion and pain but no air could escape around the double-man amount of meat in my mouth. I tried to turn my head to the side but the monster invader had it locked up deep in my throat. I breathed from my nose as best as I could. With each stroke Ray took my pussy from young girl to woman, and then, in a thrashing orgasm from somewhere inside me, he took me to a torn, gaping, black cock loving slut! Each stroke that crashed into and past my known limits pierced my body into orgasm!

I moaned loudly onto the massive meat in my mouth. The vibes from my ecstatic screams sent Neil into bliss. I watched his fist size balls tremble as a seemingly cup full of thick cum filled my throat. In his moment he pulled his cock from my mouth with a vacuumed pop.

I shook my head violently from the ecstatic but overfilling load. With one great thrust Ray's cock found its limit and slammed to my very end.

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A never before imaginable orgasm rocked my body and my head fell limply back and dangled and in this position, Neil's cum ran into my sinuses cutting off all breath. I passed out completely for a moment!! Somewhere from the darkness, I heard and felt Ray tremble, and then the flood of hot cum fill my aching, swollen, and beaten pussy.

Next thing I remember was falling off the couch and onto the floor. I got up dazed and confused. I had cum running down my thighs from my pussy and amazingly now some dripping from my nostrils. I put my clothes on wrong side out and staggered for the door.

From upstairs, I vaguely heard Kevin's voice remind me to pick up the Physics folder. "Remember," he said, "that's only your next test, to pass the others… they swap."

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