Dripping Wet Mommy Fucking Son

Dripping Wet Mommy Fucking Son
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I laughed and kicked the ground. As I was pacing the awning area a black dodge truck pulled up and lauren hopped in. "Who…what…? Is that her boyfriend?" Samantha wrapped her arms around me and just sighed. "She didn't wanna tell you…shes been basically using you to get cock until this boy manned up and basically you were a toy…" I just whimpered…like a scorned puppy.

I was crushed&hellip.it was like the last time. I wasn't good enough again. As I started to cry my phone rang. "H-hello?" "Its vince. I need you to some work this next Monday. Itll be the stuff you need to pay me back. We will talk then." it hung up and I just stood there crying and griting my teeth. I wanted to run away and break everything I saw. "Just calm down sam. She isnt worth it." Lexi tried to calm me down but I was just enraged.

I screamed and groaned. "Im going home. Follow me or not I don't care really but don't think about trying shit." I hobbled into my viper and drove off to the house. When I pulled in I fell out of my car and just laid their crying. I heard the girls pull up and rush out of the car. "Lets get him in the house. Its been a night rougher than most men." I just groaned and kept streaming hot, hateful tears. As we got into the house I could see emily on the couch with her nose in a book.

"Well hello e- is he ok?" "No hes been crushed by something that no man can really handle…rejection." "Was it lauren?" I nodded and just sobbed.

"Come here sammy." I slowly limped over to emily and she wrapped me up in her arms. "Shhhh its ok big guy." she stroked my hair and rubbed my chest. "Youre home now and no one will ever let you get hurt like that again." I just cried into her chest and kept thinking about all the bull shit I dealt with. I slowly got up took my pills and got the two pieces of paper out of my pocket.

They were numbers one from the doc and the other from kylie. I plugged both the numbers in my phone and popped my back. "Im gonna go to bed yall. Night." I walked upstairs set a 11:30 alarm and stripped down to my boxers. As I lay there I slowly accepted sleeps embrace and blacked out. I woke up the next morning early, about 10 ish and saw a squad car out front. God damn it I thought. I showered, changed and got some blood and took my meds. I got my crutches and hobbled out to the car.

"Hey son! Ready to go already?" the officer was taller and buff as hell. "Well I figured might as well." He chucked. I sat in the back and I asked him a precarious question. "Have yall ran my back ground yet?" "Oh no son we need your prints first." as we got into the station I made my move on him.

"Officer you have the wrong man. I didn't see anything and youll let me speak to the other officers." He nodded and led me to the office. "You all have the wrong man. I saw nothing. Forget what you asked me and that you even knew me." they all nodded and I walked out. Just like that I was free. I walked home from the station, a good four mile walk. As I walked I heard an engine behind me.

Then I saw a motor bike pass me and stop, turn around and park.

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"I thought I told you to keep off that leg." it the doctor, clad in jean shorts and a white tank top. I just oggled her figure and blushed. "Get on. Ill get you home." I hoisted my self onto the back of the bike and we sped off. When we arrived I hopped off and she followed me in. I wanted to say tha-" Before I could blink she had me by my shirt collar.


"Well well…well. You disobey my orders, get into trouble and expect not to have any back lash?" I just looked at her and nodded yes. "I just.i want to forget so I did what I wanted." She giggled. "Boys your age always surprise me. So much life and excitement. But still im unsure if you know who I really am and why you didn't text me?" I was just slack jaw and looking for answers. "I am the stand in leader around here and you and some other kid are supposed to replace me.

And ill be damned if I get some dumb shit to take the throne." I nodded at her and she let me go. I grabbed her waist and kissed her. "That was for the ride home maam." She kissed me back and smirked. "Ill go now. And I want you to call me soon ok?" "Ok." she walked out and closed the door behind her.

I walked around the house and heard squeaking coming from upstairs. I walked to emilys room and listened and just heard odd noises, reared back and shouldered the door down. "What the hell man?!" "Yeah sam what the fuck are you doing?!" I just stood there. "Thought we had bad company. I mean I aint wrong but oh well." I walked out, grabbed the door and went outside. I grabbed some hinges from a tool box and a new door handle from the toolbox aswell. I started to fix the handle first and finally got the new handle on and got the hinges put on.

"What a fucking mess." lauren was behind me. "Come to tell me about using me?" I heard her laugh. "You thought you were my type? I like my men smart tall and ripped not short dumb and quiet. Not to mention a shitty driver." I picked the door up and set it on the frame and screwed it in again. "That's cold but what should I expect." "Ive got places to be bitch so&hellip.kay bye go have some more fun with that boy toy." I limped out to my viper and shot off.

My phone rang and I picked up "Hello?" I heard moaning and lexi and samantha. "Sammy come over. We have a problem." the phone hung up and I wondered one thing. How did they get kylie into this shit?

I got to kylies house and saw lexis lykan parked outside. I ran in the house as fast as I could and didn't see anyone.

I felt hands on my neck, chest and in my hair. "Welcome to my parlor. Said the spider to the fly." I was surrounded. "W-whats going on here?" I was mezmerized. "Turns out kylie isnt all human either, more like half siren and now that she has you here…were going to make you fuck us." I followed them to kylies room and they got me undressed. "Mmmmm damn I could just eat you up." lexi whispered in my ear. I shivered and they pushed me on the bed. I was making out with kylie and sam while lexi jerked my cock.

"I think he can fuck all three of us and not even get close girls!" I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and I moaned. "Fuck meee.that…" I was cut off by lexi shoving her pussy in my face. I licked her clit and forced my tongue in her hole and teased her. She was riding my face and moaning for more. I could feel lexi and samantha work on my cock. Each sucking and jerking in sync. I rolled out from kylie and pinned her down, slamming my cock in her pussy and she gasped.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" she clawed my hips and bit my lip. "I want that cock in me forever!" I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. "Im going to make it so you cant walk for a week!" I kept fucking her harder faster and deeper until she came so hard she rolled out from under me panting and moaning.

"Whose next?" lexi jumped on me and grabbed my hips pulling them to hers. "I want a ride baby." she pushed me to the wall and slid onto my cock. "Ohhhhh yes that's it!"I picked her up and started slamming her onto my cock. "Im so fucking done playing around!" I rapidly slammed myself into her as she started to grip my shoulders.

"Ohhh fuck youre so tight!" I was close to cumming again and started to feel myself black out in ecstasy. I came in her within minutes and rolled over onto the foot of the bed. "No more im spent." they laughed and looked down at me. "Well lets get him home girls." I sat shot gun in my viper as we rode home.

I saw a tarp and a car under it. We pulled up and I limped out slowly looking at it and I heard vince behind me. Lexi sold her super car and bought this for you. No payback is needed man." im taking the viper though." I nodded and shook vinces hand. "Lexi what did you buy for you?" "I got a comaro, ya know nothing fancy." I laughed and ripped the tarp off the car. "No! you didn't?!" I saw an exact replica of my GTR.

"Shes just how I left her…I cant even begin to say thank you enough." I hugged her and started to laugh. "But sam what about that girl? Arent you worried?" I looked at samantha and shook my head. "Nah. No time to be worried." vince drove the viper off and took it where, I don't know. I limped back into the house and looked around. Clothes on the couch and on the floor.

"Well I guess shes here with him again." I just kicked her clothes around and sat on the sofa. "Maybe shell not use me one day. And when that day comes ill deny her." "Sam don't say that." Emily walked out of her room and hugged lexi and sam. "And kylie its nice to see you around. By the way hes nothing but trouble." She winked at me and kylie laughed. "Oh trust me I know maam." I looked at my new car and remembered the wreck. I started to wonder if that girl could find me here in the states or even worse if she already had.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by emily tapping my shoulder. "Hello? Earth to sam! Wanna go to the movies?" I snapped out of my thoughts and shook myself. "Yeah sure, sounds like a plan." But still I wondered about that girl.

I figured id ask more about her later. "Lets all get ready we have a big day out." emily walked into her room and closed the door. I walked to the counter took my pills and drank some blood to wash them down.

I walked up to my room and closed the door. I took my clothes off. I sighed and looked in my closet for something to wear. "It aint fair.im always thrown away eventually." I pushed my clothes aside and found my shoes I got my clothes out and ready then hopped into the shower.

I washed my self off when I heard moaning and pounding. I assumed it was lauren and her boy toy. Damn can I just get some peace and quiet?

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I dried my self off and exited the bathroom to my room. I got changed and looked around. Someone had been in here or still was here. I was dead quiet and just listened. I heard a inhale from my closet and pulled my doors open to see robby sitting on my shoes. "Yeah so this is happening." He said laughing. "I may be stabbed but it was easier getting in here then out of my house." I laughed and helped him up. "So I had plans with the girls but if you wanna tag along I could use some back up bro." as soon as we got downstairs all I heard was a pop in the floor boards and I put my self between lauren and robby, ramming my shoulder into her abdomen.

"Oh fuck! What?!" robby was confused as to what I had just done. "He shouldn't be here hes not one of us!" lauren was furious and half naked. "And what of your fuck toy?" "Hes different. Hes not aware of us." "Well fuck you. Im here bitch and you wanna mess with bro here you mess with me." "Robby quiet. We are leaving." me and robby walked out and lauren just slammed the door behind us.

Everyone else was waiting outside. "Late addition to the party but he kinda flew under our radar." Robby waved to lexi samantha emily and kylie. I saw robby and kylie lock eyes. They both sat in the back of my nissan while emily and samantha rode in emilys car and lexi sat shotgun with me. As we drove I asked robby what all he remebers and to him it was all a blur but her knew it was a woman.

I chewed the thought all the way to the movie theater. As we pulled up I saw my sisters best friend. Kelsey laneright. I let my blow off valve hiss and every one looked. Me robby samntha lexi and emily walked to the front doors and I held them open for them. I quickly slid inside and hoped kelsey didn't see me. I just kinda hung closer than normal to my group of friends. I heard them going on about a movie when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I jumped and saw her. Standing there with tiffany and stephanie. My sisters former co-workers. To say the least I wanted to vomit. I just stood there, a quivering mess then they spoke. "Oh my gawsh like who fuck is he!?" kelsey was clearly drunk as were the other two. "Hesh so fuckin hot!" I kinda just stood there and stuttered. "He looks sorta familiar." "Nah yall don't im just here with my sisters." I could barely speak and thank god they were drunk.

I just walked off and followed the others inside. "Whats the plan y'all?" I asked glancing over my shoulder, hoping that they didn't follow us. "Well it's a chick flick so brace your selves for it boys and get the tissues." I groaned at the thought of two hours of sappy love bull shit and horrible sex scenes, as is always the cliché.

"I think its word as fuck man! Lets just see the movie and criticize later." I nodded at robby and just sighed. I was in it for the long haul. We got to the movie theatre ticket hub and paid. I was dreading this shit and as we got popcorn lexi grabbed my belt loop and pulled me close.

She leaned in and kissed me deeply. "You sit through this and ill fuck those pretty brains of yours right outta your skull." I was insta-whipped and gave her a yes maam and followed suit. I slowly faded into my thoughts as the screen faded to black. I felt lexi lean into me and grab my hand. I slowly started to doze off. I could hear my self snore and it would wake me up, but I was finally woken up by lexi pulling at my arm. "Hey we gotta go. Weve been called in for a council meeting sam. Lets go!" I shook my self up a little and cleared my throat.

"Ill get robby home ill meet yall at the house." I grabbed robby and we ran to my car. "Whats the deal bro? everything ok?" "Yeah man just some family issues lets get you home. Ok?" He nodded and we sped off.

I hit a red light and prepared to launch the car through the ten mile straight away. I launched it sending robby back into his seat and covering a mile in under a minute. We reached the halfway point when blue lights popped up behind me. "Fuck&hellip.lets see if he can play keep up." I pushed my car to about 170 and soon enough the lights faded. We turned into his neighborhood and heard the sirens scream by. "Take it easy bro. call me tomorrow!" I zoomed off reaching the house five or so minutes later.

Two black suv like vehickles sat in the drive way. I got out and entered the house with caution. As I approached the door it swung open.

"Ah! Theres the young man." and elderly man approached me. "He feels powerful. Now tell me my boy what have you discovered in the short time you've been one of us?" "Well there is the uh.blinding speed, enhanced reflexes, boosted strength, regeneration, and mind altering." The elderly man nodded and smiled. "All I hoped for. You see my boy we need some one like you.

From what ive heard youre a righteous and brave lad. So we want to see where you are in three years time. Then this council convene yet again and see which one of you is worthy out of the males in this clan." I nodded and looked at the other twelve people.

And there was that blue headed doctor lady. "So three years of doing what? School?

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Training?" "Oh my boy you will be sent to robershaws academy for outstanding young men and women. Its located in upstate new york. You will leave in three days time." He shook my hand and walked out side waving for the others to follow.

I just kinda stood there and looked around. "Welllll I mean I guess no isnt an answer?" I looked to the girls with something mixed with sadness confusion and anger in my eyes. "We should have told you sam…" "Im not mad but I have three days of freedom left. Im gonna say my goodbyes and then ill be back in three years." I gave them all a hug went upstairs and started packing.

I packed photos clothes shoes and plenty of cigs. As I packed my phone went off and I picked up. "hello?" "Nice work saving your pal. When we met in dubai I knew id be in for the long haul." The phone call ended and I dropped it and looked at it in horror. She know my number what else does she know?

I kept packing and finished up around midnight everyone was asleep. I got a text around five minutes later. It was her and she wanted me to meet her at the park.

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The adress popped up and I got the rout to it. I slowly snuck out and snuck my car out I got out to the end of the drive way and started her up. "Ok&hellip.time to get this done I guess." I drove over to the park and saw a blacked out corvette. I slowly got out and stood by my car. She opened her door and walked over to me. "Hmph looks like youre harder to kill than most." "Yeah." I was staring through her.

"Im so shocked you havent hit me yet. Whats stopping you?" it could be the fact that you arent worth it or maybe it's the other two girls you have closing in on me." I started to tense up and I struck at the one on my right.

I landed a blow on her diaphragm and she went down. They werent the fastest but I wasn't whining. I dispatched the other one by a swift blow to the gut and it was me and her. "Leave now…and leave my friends alone." she scoffed and dove at me with speed that rivaled mine. We threw punches and kicks. I was slowly getting my ass beat. I finally pulled back. "Look why are you doing this?" "Im an elite huntress.

Sent to dispatch your kind." "You are one of us. Why kill your own kind?" "I despise who I am and if I can kill more of you than I can count ill be happy for once." I was done with this. I kicked her square in the head and knocked her as out cold. I grabbed her phone and deleted all traces of my exsistance and then called her security.

"shes probably dead." I dropped the phone and drove off. I just hit a buncha chicks…highly dangerous chicks responsible for the harm of my friend but girls&hellip. I just kept driving and I got a call from aaron. "Hey man whats up?" "Hey gurl im at the airport. Got laid over in atlanta but anyway…can I get a ride?" "Yeah man be there in 15." "Thanks bro we gotta catch up." I hung up and mad my way over.

I arrived and he wasn hard to spot out of a crowd. I signaled for him and he dropped his shit in the back. "How did you live?" I looked at him and laughed. "Vampires man, always assume its them." He laughed and I just looked at the road. "Im leaving in three days time.

I have school in newyork man. We need to get the gang together and have a hoorah before then." "What for man?" "That's unclear to me right now but ill let you know when I get there." we pulled up to his moms place and he hopped out.


"Call me tommorow man. I worry." "Iwill aaron." I drove off to the house. I walked in the front door and sighed. My mind was running all over the place. I went back upstairs stripped down and fell onto my bed. "Ahhh peace at last." "Peace?

No more like a piece of that ass." I heard lauren from somewhere in the room. "Go away seductress. Ive had a long night." "Oh I heard. So I figured I atleast owe you this." she was moving in on me. I felt her grab my head and hug me. I was between her tits and I just hugged her back. "Im such a bitch I know…im sorry about it. I wish I had never done all the things I did." I just sighed.

"I don't know why but I forgive you whole heartedly." I felt her lay beside me and pull me to her. She started pulling my hair, my main turn on. "Lauren…cmon." "What its just soft…yet thick." I groaned. "Donnnnnt.

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Youre being very unfair and not nice." my protests fell on deaf ears. "Just relax if I wanted some id have it but im here to talk and if you can talk coherently annnnd not get touchy I'll make you happy you obeyed." I shuddered.

"ok what?" "Why do you even care about this school? Its not like you can fit in." "Im not going to fit in. im gonna make some kind of difference." she was silent. I just felt her hands run down my back and pull my hair some more. "So brave…your sister jean would have been proud." I was falling asleep fas and turned over to her and kissed her. "Im going to sleep. Lets finifh this tommorow." I nodded off and finally felt the peace fulness of sleep. When I woke up lauren was still asleep.

"Damn shes a heavy sleeper." I saw what time it was and I was impressed. 10 in the morning. I felt good and I felt like itd be a good day. I made my way to the shower and turned the water on. I stepped in and slicked my hair back. "Care if I join you?" lauren was draped in one of my shirts and her black panties. "Yea if you play nice." She stripped down and hopped in. I started to wash my chest and I felt her hands move mine away and she took over.

I felt her wash my chest with great detail. "oh cmon now. We cant have you doing this shit can we?" I sighed. "That feels nice…" she started to wash my hair and I shivered. As she finished up I streched. "Want me to get you?" "No sir I got it you get fixed up go say your good byes.

Youre leaving tonight get into town before this storm hits the east." I laughed and went downstairs to find lexi lounged on the floor with emily. I sat behind them and ruffled lexis hair. "So what are yall doing today?" "Well were going out of town, save you, and well be back next week." I laughed. "Im leaving tonight, so I have limited time." I crawled beside lexi and she hugged me. "Were gonna miss you. I hope youre safe up state." I kissed them both "I have few things to do but my stuffs ready so im set there." I called the schools number that emily wrote on the fridge and stayed on the pgone with them for a good two hours and when I was done I was kinda giddy.

It sounded fun yet challeging. It was around one when I made all the arrangements for my early arrival and by then I had said my good byes to the girls and emily. About three or so I heard a ring at the door and I opened it. "Oh hey kylie.whats up?" "Heard you were leavin…I wanted to say goodbye in my own way." She shut and locked the door behind her. "I really am gonna miss you." she grabbed my hips and kissed me.

I knew where this was going so I pulled my shirt off and we started to make out on the couch. I finally got her out of her clothes and vice versa. She bit my neck and moaned. "I want you to fuck me like youll never come back." "Yes maam." I slid into her already wet cunt, going all the way in. "Oh fuuuuuck yes sammy that's it." I pinned her down and went at it, fucking her faster and faster, she clawed my back and hips. "I want you to make sure I remember this." I nodded and slammed all of my cock into her, seemingly breaking her.

She howled in pleasure and pain as I fucked her herder than ive fucked any one else. "Shove that fat cock in me! God please fuck me harder!" "You want harder??" I responded with all my might. Feeling my self get close I pulled out outting my head between her legs and licked her cunt. I slid my tongue up and down her slit, biting sucking and sticking my tongue in her.

She was practically screaming. "I wanna suck you off. Please?" I stood up and she licked the head of my cock slowly. I shuddered. She completely swollowed my member whole and didn't even gag.

I was moaning and shaking, getting closer by the second until I couldn't stand it and came down her throat. "FUUUUUCK!" she just stared up at me and smiled swollowing it all down like a pro.

I fell back and she giggled. Its late big boy.


almost time to leave." I looked over and she was right. It was almost five. She got dressed and headed for the door. "Come back to us ok?" "I promise I will." she walked out and I slowly got dressed, grabbed my keys and hopped into my car suitcase and all. I drove off and twenty minutes on the road I started to cry a little.

Three years away&hellip.maybe I I can make it I thought to myself.