Geile blauhaarige nackt

Geile blauhaarige nackt
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CHAPTER I Finally, summer vacation was here! Six whole weeks of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. The minute I got through the door at home I kicked off my shoes and ran upstairs, turning the shower on and tossing my bag down onto my bedroom floor.

I unzipped my skirt and it dropped to the floor, I kicked it towards the laundry bin and began unbuttoning my shirt. I wasn't sure what was with Miss Chapman today, considering it was supposed to be the last day I would have thought it would have been nice and chilled.

But no, she breaks out a spontaneous end of term test and it hit us like a tonne of bricks. As my shirt joined my skirt at the laundry bin, I began pulling off my tights. I couldn't wait to get into the shower and shave, it had been a few days too long in my opinion.

I got up and unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts was one of the greatest feelings ever, I considered it a crime to keep my double-D's confined all day. I grabbed my towel and quickly hurried out of the bedroom, running straight into Dad.

I acted quickly to cover myself, but he had already been given the show of his life. As he looked up to the ceiling I couldn't help but get defensive. ''Dad! What're you doing here?'' I asked abruptly. ''Well, I live here too.

What're you doing running around naked?'' ''I know that, but you don't finish work until five. And I'm getting in the shower.'' I shot back. Keeping his eyes on the ceiling he puffed out a long sigh, ''I told you and your Mother that I was finishing early today.'' he glanced down at me while I stood there with my forearm across my chest.

''You know, you'd have more luck covering up if you were to use that towel you're currently holding.'' Score one for the big dog, I didn't think of that. I wrapped myself up and buzzed passed him and into the bathroom. I was more than a little embarrassed, my Dad hadn't seen me this naked since before puberty. I began to remember the home video of me and him in our inflatable swimming pool, tickling me and splashing water over me whilst I tried to drown him.

It was hard to remember the times that I was comfortable being naked around him, and yet there they were, on video. ''It's not the same now,'' he said as we watched it a couple of months ago, ''I remember your Mother taking pictures of you the first time you got in an adult pool on holiday. Parents today can't capture those memories any more. They'd be accused of being god-knows-what.'' Hearing him say that hurt a little, I guess all little girls grow up as Daddy's girls, but when they get to a certain age the Dad has to begin to separate himself.

They say that every boy grows up to marry his mother, and every girl marries her father. And as the hot water from the shower bounced off of my skin, I began to think about what it would be like to be that close with mine. Dion, my boyfriend, wasn't anything like him. Dad cared about others more than himself, whereas Dion was the opposite. I'd been with him long enough to know that I got with him out of rebellion, he had fulfilled me at that point in my life, but now I needed something more.

Something along the lines of love. ''L-O, V-E. All I needs my love machine oh.'' I sang to myself, I admit that I was something of a metal fan. And W.A.S.P's track 'L.O.V.E Machine' was one of my favourites. I remember having 'Balls to the Wall' on full volume when I had my nipples pierced, I almost broke Dana's hand gripping it so tightly.

Dana was my best friend, and when she supported me getting my nipple's done, I was right there next to her while she got her clitoris done. Which I might add, looked as though it hurt a whole lot more.

After I was clean and clean shaven, I allowed myself to dry naturally whilst led on my bed. I text Dana to see what she had planned for tomorrow, and then text Dion to say that I was able to meet up with him later.

That was when I heard Mom calling me from downstairs, I quickly leapt off the bed and grabbed the first thing I could find, my skimpy pyjama shorts and a t-shirt from the clean clothes pile. ''Coming.'' I called as I bopped down the stairs, breasts bouncing with each step, I walked through the hallway and entered the kitchen. Mom and Dad were both stood next to the table expecting me. ''What's up?'' I asked. ''Something rather last minute has come up, your father and I have been invited to Costa Rica with Aunt Anna and Uncle Robert.'' she told me.

''Okay, when?'' I asked. ''They want us there by Monday at the very latest, it's pretty urgent.'' Dad told me. I couldn't believe it, they were going to leave me home alone? This is amazing. ''It's only for a week, I've spoken to your Uncle Robert, he's more than happy to have you stay with him.'' Mom said, and right there my soul was brought crashing to the floor. ''Wait, what? I'm going where?'' ''Uncle Robert and Aunt Anna, they live just outside of Costa Rica.

On the Lake Nica-something.'' Mom told me, Dad then helped out by adding ''Nicaragua.'' ''You''ll have five weeks left of your vacation by the time we're all back.'' Mom told me, but I couldn't believe it. While I hadn't seen Anna and Robert for a very long time, I adored my Uncle but the thought of his son, my cousin Matt, turned my blood cold.

''But,'' I began, but I knew it useless. They obviously didn't trust me enough to leave me home alone for a week, and whatever it was that was happening in Costa Rica was clearly more important than anything else, so I knew I was defeated. ''When are we leaving?'' I asked in a dull tone. ''Aw princess, don't be like that. If it were possible then we would leave you here, but they way things are in this neighbour hood we won't feel comfortable.

And we're leaving tomorrow.'' Dad said. ''Tomorrow!?'' I blurted. CHAPTER II That night Dion had driven me out to the top of Foundry Hill, they called it 'Lovers Peak' and I was starting to understand why.


I was hunched over the front of his car with my skirt around my waist and my panties around my knees. He was going in and out of me like a Jackhammer, a firm grip on my ass with the occasional spank was just how I liked it. But something was different, I wasn't even close to climaxing, and I knew that when he start going hard and fast, he was reaching his end. We'd been coming to this spot for a while, and usually by now I'd have been all over this car, my breasts would have been exposed and my legs in the air, but he was about to shoot his load and I was actually pretty relieved for it to be over.

It had been like this the last couple of times, little by little it was getting stale. ''Baby,'' I started, ''Hold on, I'm guna shoot.'' he replied quickly. And right there and then he pulled out of me and fired his stream of cum all over my ass.

''Damn your ass look great with me all over it. Why won't you let me poke you--'' I knew what he was going to say, ''Because I don't like things shoved up my ass.'' I told him. ''It's getting old now babe,'' he told me as he fastened his jeans, ''Come on, I better get you home before your Dad comes looking again.'' he said walking around to the car door.

I couldn't believe it, as we drove home we barely spoke to one another. He pulled up outside my house and didn't lean over to kiss me goodbye or anything, ''Fine, be like that.'' I muttered as I got out the car, slamming it shut and going inside.

I didn't say anything to my parents as I passed them, I went straight into the shower and rinsed his semen off my ass. After my shower Mom came into my room, I was in my towel and sitting on my bed trying to get Dana on Skype, but she wasn't answering. ''Honey, you okay?'' she asked. ''Man trouble,'' I grumbled as she sat down on the edge of the bed. ''Oh, I see.'' she replied. ''I started your packing, wasn't sure what you'd be needing though.

Didn't know whether to pack this or not,'' she said holding up my vibrator. ''Mom!'' I blurted reaching for it, but she pulled it out of my reach smiling, ''It's okay baby, I'm a woman too you know. Yours is a little bigger than mine though.'' she told me whilst examining it.

''Mom, I'm not sure I wanna have this conversation with you. I'm pretty sure Dion and I just broke up and I can't for the life of me get Dana on Skype to chat about it.'' ''You can talk to me about it,'' she suggested.

I knew that all women reach a point in their lives when they realise that their true best friend is their mother, and I was beginning to think that this was that time for me. So I decided to test those waters, ''Okay, so I haven't been able to have an orgasm with Dion for a very long time, and it seems that he just wants me to bend over and take what he gives me.'' I told her, I watched her as I spoke, her face didn't change at all.

''Has he asked you for anal yet?'' she asked. ''Wow,'' was the first thing that came into my head and it came out of my mouth just as fast. ''yes.'' I answered. She took a slight inhale and then exhaled, ''Jenna, baby, he won't be the last that asks you for that. It's actually pretty rude to ask, considering that they only want anal because it's tighter.'' I wanted to be repulsed by the conversation I was having with her, but I found myself gathering information like a squirrel gathering nuts.

''Sure it's a new feeling for us too, but you either love it or hate it. There isn't really an in between. I've known some women to enjoy it, they would tell me that it's better if a guy shoots his load because there's no pregnancy. Other women I know have said that it creates problems for using the toilet, and is generally uncomfortable for them.'' she told me. ''What about you?'' I asked.

''Me? I've actually never tried it. You're father is actually the one who doesn't like it, he had a bad experience with a woman before I came along. But that'll be our little secret.'' she said. She looked at me with her loving eyes and reached out, placing a hand on my shoulder, ''So you and Dion, if it's not fun then it's over. That's all I can say.'' she told me. ''I know,'' I told her, and I felt a whole lot better about things now.

I was ready to let Dion go, ''But, I'm still not happy about being packed off to the lake.'' She smiled and patted my shoulder, ''I know and I'm sorry. Maybe one day you'll trust me enough to talk to me about your problem with your cousin. And if it helps, I don't think he's going to be there. Last I heard he was studying marine life in Australia.'' I smiled and leaned against my head board, Mom's hand was still on my shoulder and as I moved it slipped down to my breast.

''Wow sweetie, where did they come from?'' she asked as she had a slight squeeze. ''You!'' I fired back at her, causing her to break into a big grin, ''I know right, aren't they great?'' If the talk with my Mom had taught me anything, it was that things between me and Dion were over. He wanted something that I couldn't give him, and I wanted something he couldn't give me.

It was pretty rational for me to call him and tell him. But after at least three attempts I couldn't get him to answer the phone, I wasn't normally the type of chick to constantly call, but it would be the last call I ever had to make to him. After trying for a fourth time and finding the same result, I gave in. I threw myself down onto the bed and was finally successful in reaching Dana on Skype.

''Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you all night!'' were the first words to leave my mouth when her little Asian head appeared on screen. ''Sorry chick, been a little occupied. What's up?'' she asked. ''Well, first things first,'' I began, and that was when I saw it; everything just froze, it was as if time had stopped. Dion's jacket, the one I had bought him for his birthday, was right there on the back of the chair she was sitting on.

''Jay, what's up?'' she asked, I had lost all trail of thought up until that point. ''What's Dion's jacket doing in your bedroom?'' I asked. Her face turned white, her head span around to the back of her chair and she froze. Almost as though she was on pause.

''Um,'' she stuttered, ''I don't know.'' she said. Everything swept over me and like Sherlock fucking Holmes I knew everything. ''He's been fucking you behind my back, hasn't he?'' I asked while knowing the answer. It made sense to me, as Dana had told me on numerous times to try anal, and every time I joked with her that Dion would prefer her to me.

She sat there with a look of panic, panic that soon turned into desperation, ''But you were going to break up, and, and, you always said,-'' I didn't let her finish her sentence, I logged off of Skype and shut my laptop lid down.

I felt like throwing at the wall and going on a rampage through my room, knowing that it would end with me in tears curled up on my bed. But I didn't want to give either of them the fucking satisfaction. ''Mom!'' I called as I threw my towel into my laundry bin, I opened my wardrobe door and snatched my dressing gown from the hangar, slipping it on as she came through the bedroom door, ''What'#s wrong?'' she asked. ''Can you help me finish packing?

I suddenly can't wait to get out of here.'' I told her. CHAPTER III The Daniel Oduber Airport was the smallest of the two in Costa Rica, but it was the one closest to where I needed to go, as I made my way off of the plane I couldn't help but sing under my breath 'Hells Bells' by AC-DC.

I was told that Uncle Robert would be here to pick me up, and that Aunt Anna was at the house. I didn't know whether Cousin Matt was going to be there, and this missing piece of information was making me nauseous.

Mom and Dad had to leave as soon as we got in, but they told me that Uncle Robert was only minutes away, once they had gone I had fears of being abducted into some sex traffic ring, but I quickly found out that I didn't have long to wait.

''Hello, hell-cat.'' I heard from behind me as I walked through the airport. I turned around to see my Uncle with a big smile on his face. I struggled to recognise him at first, he'd changed so much since the last time I saw him. What was once a rather porky looking man was now a stocky looking stud. He wore a sleeveless t-shirt that showed his arms off to the world, arms of muscle and tattoo's.

His shorts came down to just above his knee and I could see another tattoo just above his ankle. ''Uncle Robert, I can't believe how different you look.'' I uttered as he came forward, clutching me in a vice-like bear hug. ''Oh it's me alright,'' he chuckled, ''And look at you! When did you become a fine young woman?'' he asked. ''Must have been the same time you developed muscle and got yourself inked.'' I replied smiling.

He laughed and nodded his head before taking my suitcase from me. ''Come on hell-cat, you still listening to rock music? I got some CD's in the car that you're going to love!'' he told me as we looked for the exit. As we made our way through the traffic I listened to what I later learned was Matt's CD, it was Stone Sour, a band I happened to love.

At first I thought Uncle Robert was doing his best to be the cool uncle, listening to the same music as me, but he belted out the lyrics to 'Tired' without pause, and as we both sat there singing our hearts out I couldn't help but feel a connection to him, one that was missing from my life.

''How far do we have to drive?'' I asked. ''It's a long way, a day trip. I would have asked that you fly to Managua, but I too was drafted out here so it was easier this way.'' he told me. I didn't know what was going on, why my parents were called out here, and I didn't ask. I figured that I would find out eventually. ''So hows life back home?'' he asked. I puffed out a sigh and tried to decide how to answer, ''Difficult.'' I replied. He nodded his head and looked out the window, ''I found out that my best friend was sleeping with my boyfriend.'' I told him.

He raised his eyebrows a little, ''Dear Penthouse, I don't usually write in but.'' he trailed off, he had a smile on his face and as much as I didn't want to, I couldn't help but laugh with him. ''Idiot.'' I muttered. ''Sorry,'' he said, ''But you got to admit, it's the kind of thing you read about.'' he said.

''Kind of thing YOU read about, maybe.'' I told him smiling. ''Hey, reading helps me sleep.'' he said. ''So what did your best friend have that you didn't?'' he asked, ''I'm curious, as you're the total package.'' ''That's sweet of you to say, but I don't have the willingness to take a prick up the ass.'' I told him bluntly.

He snorted loud, ''And nor should you have, sounds to me like your man was all the prick you could handle, never mind the one between his legs.'' ''Yes, he was.'' I replied. We didn't really talk much for the rest of the journey, I guess the previous topic had made things a little awkward. I was falling in and out of sleep for the most part, my concept of time had been shot away.

Every time my eyes closed and opened there were trees, or jungle in the distance. I stirred to the feeling of a hand on my thigh, it stroked me gently as I came around.

My denim jeans that I had cut up into hot pants were all I could find before leaving for the flight. The hand gently moved up and down my bare leg as my eyes opened. ''Hell-cat,'' my uncle whispered, ''We're here.'' CHAPTER IV The sun had long set by the time we were getting out of the car, it felt as though I hadn't slept at all. ''I feel like crap,'' I told him. He nodded his head as he pulled my case out of the car, ''Yeah you didn't sleep too well.'' he told me.

''You were pulling at your shorts, almost like you were trying to take them off.'' ''Really?'' I asked, he nodded, ''Yeah, must have been a weird dream.'' he replied. I followed him towards the house, Aunt Anna was waiting on the front porch for us.

A big smile appeared on her face as soon as she saw me, she ran over and took me in her arms. ''Hello! It's been such a long time!'' she exclaimed.

''I know,'' like my uncle at the airport, I was staring at a different person to how I remembered. She was never this thin, and her breasts were never this round. The figure hugging dress she wore looked great on her, it reached the ground and was strapless.

Maybe she had on some kind of new wonder-bra, I thought to myself. ''I can't believe how different you both look.'' I told them, Anna smiled and hugged me again. ''And you,'' she told me, ''you look so grown up now.'' Her hair had been cut short but was still the same shade of dark blonde that it always had been, and her eyes, in this low light it looked almost as though she didn't have pupils. I'd forgotten how brown they were. As we made our way into the house I couldn't help but mention it, ''Auntie, what kind of bra is that?'' I asked.

I could see that she was wearing one, a strapless bra for a strapless dress. ''Bra?'' she asked, she pulled down the front of her top and revealed the plain white cups of an everyday bra. ''Oh you must mean my boobs?'' she said surprised, ''I wasn't sure that you'd remember that I used to be really flat, but your Uncle decided it would be my gift for our anniversary a couple of years ago.'' she told me.

''I think it was gift for us both.'' he said with a cheeky smile and a wink. I almost asked about Cousin Matt, but held back as Uncle Robert put down my case in the spare room. ''Well here you are.'' he said, ''This is your room for the week.'' It was a king sized bed, it made my double at home look like a single. There was a walk in wardrobe that had a giant mirror as a wall, and an on suite bathroom. I was in heaven. ''Oh my god, I love it.'' I told them. ''That's not all,'' my uncle old me, ''In the morning get out of bed and open these curtains.

You'd be amazed at the view. You can't see much now mind you, but you'll have a great view of our pier too.'' he said. I walked across the room and gave him a hug, I felt his hand on my lower back as he lifted me up off the floor, he chuckled to himself while my legs hung below, ''It's good to see you too, Hell-cat.'' ''Right,'' my Aunt said, ''Lets go and have a drink before bed.'' A few minutes later we were walking out into the dry air on the decking, all of us with a glass in one hand and a bottle of something in the other.

I never realised how well off they were, clearly they had never broken a sweat over their bills. ''This place is amazing.'' I said, my uncle then walked over to the table and picked up a remote control, he flicked a switch and a light came on behind me.

I turned around and saw the proverbial cheery on the cake. ''You have a hot tub?'' I asked. They both smiled a little, I sensed a little embarrassment on their part, but maybe only a little.

''I'm sucking down dry humid air, and you have a hot tub?

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Fire it up, I'll be right back.'' I said putting down my bottle and glass. I darted up to my room and opened my case, rummaging through my clothes I eventually found what I was looking for and a few minutes later, I was standing back on their deck in my bikini.

''Meow, hell-cat.'' my uncle whistled. ''You're going to have to tell me what this hell-cat thing is all about.'' Aunt Anna said, my uncle smiled as I walked towards the hot tub. My bikini bottoms were fine, I was a little worried about my bikini top though. The inner padding had been lost during my last trip swimming, so the fabric was thinner than it should be. A good breeze would make my nipples stick out like bullets. ''Well it's simple really,'' my uncle began, ''She's as beautiful as a baby kitten, but listens to the devils music.'' he said as I stepped into the water.

''You can't be that good without a little bad in you, so she's my little hell-cat.'' ''Am I the only one getting in?'' I asked as I sat down, Aunt Anna got to her feet smiling and quickly stripped down to her underwear, she made her way over and started getting in with me. ''I can't be bothered to change.'' she told me. Uncle Robert had a mouthful of drink and nodded his head getting to his feet, ''Alright ladies, make some room.'' he said as he pulled off his top. I couldn't resist checking him out, he was in great shape.

He unbuttoned his shorts and wriggled himself free, before walking over towards us in his boxers. ''Just make sure you leave the bubbles to the jets.'' Anna told him, I smiled as he stepped into the water, my eyes were drawn to his crotch and though I couldn't see much, I saw that something in there was stretching the material.

''Aahh,'' he said sitting down and tilting his head backwards. ''It's been a little while since we were in here.'' he said looking at his wife, ''Oh my god, I had forgotten!'' she laughed, ''The Anders!'' they both said at the same time.

''What's the Anders?'' I asked as Anna handed me my bottle, ''Not what, who. Joie and her husband Carl. She started working at my place and seemed quite friendly, so I invited her over for food and drinks.'' she told me. ''So what happened?'' I asked. Uncle Robert brought his head forward and for a moment, I thought he was checking out my chest, but he glanced away, ''So we ate,'' he started, ''And everything was cool, we had some drinks and some laughs, all cool.

Then she saw that we had a hot tub, like you, and wanted to get in.'' he told me, I could see Anna's widening smile from the corner out of my eye. ''So, after another drink we're all in here. And we're talking, and talking, and then she asks to play a game. Some questions or whatever, anyway, she'd say something like 'I've never had a threesome,' and if you had, then you would have to sip your drink.

Or at least, that's how it started.'' he said. Anna turned to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, ''But after we'd finished all of our drinks, It got to clothing. You had to take off some clothes if you hadn't done whatever. And within minutes, we were all naked.


So when the clothes were gone, we had to do things.'' she said. ''It started off fairly tame, like passing a mouthful of hot tub water to one another's mouths,'' my Uncle recalled, ''But before you knew it, we were all having sex.'' I couldn't believe it, Anna laughed a little and leaned in a little closer to me, ''They were swingers, can you believe that?'' she asked.

''No,'' I replied, I had noticed that my body temperature had been rising ever since they began talking about the Anders, I was feeling a little flushed and my uncle saw it in me. He gave me a little nod to see if I was okay, and I nodded back. Anna tipped her head back and stretched a little, forcing out her chest and strapless bra. ''They were weird.'' she said.

I turned towards her a little and poked her cleavage, she quickly glanced down to see what I was doing. ''Sorry,'' I told her quickly, ''I wasn't sure what they felt like.'' I tried to make it sound innocent, but she lifted her arm up over my head and around my back.

''Have a feel then.'' she told me. Her eyes were alive, within the dark shade of hazel that encompassed her pupil, I could see my reflection. I saw my hand slowly rising up towards her chest, and a second later I felt her skin under my finger tips.

I hadn't felt anything like it, it was soft and firm at the same time. She puled down one of her bra cups and exposed her left breasts, her nipple was standing on end and I couldn't help but rub my middle finger around it.

''There was a time when they were permanently hard, but now only when I want them to be.'' she told me. I played with her nipple for a moment before having another squeeze, ''Nice.'' I said in a complimentary tone. ''And yours?'' she asked smiling. I went a long with the joke and flicked my hair over my shoulder, pushing out my chest to her.

I quickly realised that she wasn't joking as she reached over and cupped one of my breasts. My nipples hardened in seconds, and she saw it too. Somewhere in my mind I was begging her not to expose me, but it was a voice that went unheard, as she moved the fabric of my bikini aside and revealed my entire breast.

''There must be something in this damn water.'' My uncle said as he watched his wife fondle my breast. CHAPTER V It must have been the tiredness mixed with the alcohol, at least that's what I told myself as my Aunt fondled my exposed breast in front of my Uncle.

I was feeling a rush of adrenaline, it was a hot flush that ran right through me, getting me in the mood to later dig out the vibrator I had secretly packed. I was in a hot tub with relatives thinking about masturbation, I had the feeling this couldn't end well.

She rubbed my hardened nipple with her thumb and then turned to my Uncle; ''Why don't you come and tell me which feels better.'' she instructed. Right there and then he shifted his position, he looked a little uncomfortable as his wife kneaded his Niece's breast, and who could blame him. ''That's my brothers daughter,'' he replied.

''I'm sure the pair of you can form an opinion without me.'' ''Come on Robert,'' she pushed, she looked to me for support but all I could do was try and hold back my rising hormones. She slipped her free arm behind me and pulled me closer to her, ''Take mine.'' she said, and without hesitating I raised my hand back to her breast as my Uncle looked on.

''Your touch feels perfect,'' she told me. ''So does your boob.'' I quickly replied. She smiled as I mentally scolded myself, not only was I acting without thinking, but also talking before thinking. ''Okay, okay,'' my Uncle said, ''Let's end this.'' He moved forward as Anna and I separated slightly. I had the impression that he wanted to get out and forget he ever saw any of this, but as he came towards me I saw the bulge in his underwear. The water level came to just below his chest while he was sitting, but he was standing now, and though he tried to hide it, the soaked cloth of his boxers revealed to me an above average sized penis.

''Hell-cat, you okay with this?'' he asked. I managed to hold back on my verbal spew this time and just nod my head, I knew that if I spoke it would be an instant and firm yes, that would no doubt startle or surprise him.

I had felt an attraction to him all day, and now it wasn't going to be hidden for much longer. He raised both hands and closed his eyes, he had a slight smirk on his face as both Anna and I took his hands and brought them to our breasts. ''Oh, man,'' he moaned. His palm and fingers closed around my flesh as he compared it to his wife's.

I looked into Anna's eyes as he weighed them both, ''You know, I think they're both magnificent.'' he said. Anna rolled her eyes in faint surprise, ''That's such a cop out.'' she told him as he opened his eyes smiling. ''I know right,'' I said, ''Clearly mine is better.'' I said joking, Anna laughed in response, ''Oh sure,'' she said as she pulled me closer to her.

''Let's really see then,'' she said as her head lowered to my chest. Without another pause she took my entire nipple into her mouth and let it slip through her closed lips, ending with a kiss. My head tilted backward as I tried to comprehend the feelings running through out my body. She slipped in front of me and turned her back on Robert, kissing my areola and flicking my nipple with her tongue. She brought her hand up and cupped me, bringing my breast to her mouth as she straightened her back up, she kissed me on the collar bone before moving to my neck.

I hadn't opened my eyes since her lips had first touched my nipple, but somehow I knew her lips were right in front of mine, begging me to kiss them. I complied only too gladly, as our lips quickly began connecting. Her hand slid up my spine to the back of my neck, my arm went over her shoulder as our tongues met for the first time.

She was an amazing kisser, soft and sweet while knowing what to do with the muscle in her mouth. I felt pressure on the back of my neck, she pulled my head down towards her breast and when I took it into my mouth she gasped. Her nipple was as hard as mine, her areola was a little smaller than mine, but all in all it felt perfect.

Even her milk spots seemed to be erect. Her arm slipped down into the water, her hand found my thigh and slowly ran over my skin. She began tugging on the string that tied my bikini bottoms at my hip and just like that they came apart. She raised my head back to the level hers was and kissed me passionately, moving herself in between my legs her hands slipped down to my ass.

She squeezed my cheeks as she brought her pelvis against mine. I had forgotten that we weren't alone in the hot tub for a moment, but I was reminded as Uncle Robert came up behind his wife. As she kissed me and fondled my ass he slipped his hands around to her chest, removing her bra and exposing both breasts to me. His hands slid up and down her rib cage as he began grinding up against her.

Her kisses moved down to my neck as she leaned forward, pushing herself up against him. He didn't need any more of an invitation and began pulling her underwear down to her thighs, her hand slipped over my leg and found my vagina.

She softly massaged my clitoris with her thumb while allowing her index and middle finger to explore my labia. She gasped again as my Uncle entered her, her head rested on my shoulder while he began fucking her from behind. She started getting a little more forward with her plans to slip her fingers into me, as I felt her middle finger slide into me.

It was my turn to gasp as I felt the rub of her knuckle against me, her free hand was there to take out my other breast and guide it to her mouth. There were no words, only panting coming from the woman who married my Uncle. I watched him guide his hips backward and forward, with each thrust her finger hit my cervix. I then felt her ring finger enter me, her palm now massaging my clitoris as her two fingers rummaged around inside of me.

I could feel it coming, like a fuse that had been lit on a stick of dynamite I knew that I was going to climax. ''Oh my god, I'm guna cum, I'm guna cum so hard,'' I panted as she nibbled my nipple to stifle her own cries. ''Cum with me, baby please,'' she gasped as Robert cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples his movement quickened sending sprays of water over me and into the air.

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Her head dropped again before she forced herself back up to kiss me, she was as close as I was, her fingers were going crazy inside of me, my head tipped backward as I felt the orgasm about to arrive. Robert brought Anna's body up against his, they were belly to back now but before her fingers could slip out of me he drove himself forward.

Anna was breast to breast with me, our bodies now pressed up together as he pushed himself into her as deep as he could, I had almost been sitting in the palm of her hand as her fingers wiggled around inside of me.

The three of us were pressed together as it happened, the eruption of semen filling my Aunt's hole, triggering her orgasm, making her convulse whilst going completely rigid.

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That in turn setting off my own orgasm, something inside of me exploding like the sky on fourth of July. The three of us remained in that position for a minute or two, all of us panting with dopey smiles on our faces whenever there was eye contact. It had changed forever now, everything had changed forever. CHAPTER VI ''What have we done?'' asked my Uncle as he backed away, he ran his hands through his hair as Anna kissed me on the lips before sitting down next to me.

I wasn't sure what I was feeling, it was a mixed bag of excitement and relief. My breasts hung out from my bikini top and his eyes moved over them, I thought about putting them away but I didn't want it to appear awkward. I just remained there exposed and blissfully care free about it. ''That was amazing.'' Anna said as she removed the rest of her underwear.

She tossed it onto the decking and was now completely nude. ''I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.'' she said smiling. Her head rested on my shoulder, I felt that they were waiting for me to speak but all I could do was smile. My Uncle got to his feet and stepped out of the hot tub, his cock was now beginning to soften and the sight of it impressed me even more.

He wriggled out of his boxers and dropped them to the floor. I saw my bikini bottoms on the floor of the hot tub and let them remain there, I didn't want to move from where I was so I lifted my arm up and draped it across the shoulders of my Aunt.

Her head now resting on my chest her arm came across my stomach. ''How're you doing?'' she asked. ''I feel great.'' I managed to say, her hand pressed into my hip and she held me tighter. ''I could fall asleep right here.'' she said.

''Come on, let's go to bed.'' I suggested. A few seconds later we were both stepping out of the tub, our legs were unsteady and we had to help one another as we laughed. I untied the back of my bikini top and joined both of my relatives in nudity. My Uncle had taken a seat in the deck chair and was having a drink, he shook his head in disbelief as we both stood before him. ''You both look incredible.'' he said, ''You should get out of my sight otherwise we'll be up all night.'' I smiled and walked passed him into the lounge area, making my way towards the stairs I called out 'goodnight' but didn't hear a response.

I climbed the stairs and found my room, grabbing a towel out of the bathroom I rubbed myself down and thought about having a quick shower. But I couldn't wait any longer to slip into bed and decided that a shower would have to wait, I lifted the duvet and dropped my head to the pillow.


My eyes got heavy quickly, and before I knew it, I was drifting away. I didn't know how long I had slept, but my eyes slowly opened to the sight of my naked Uncle crossing my bedroom.

The pale moonlight that shone through the bathroom window lit him up as he made his way towards my bed. I was half in and half out of the duvet, he lifted it up and began tucking me in, hiding away my naked body. ''Uncle,'' I whispered. ''Sshh, it's okay, just tucking you in Hell-cat.'' he whispered back, I raised an arm to his and he took my hand.

''I love you,'' I whispered. He kissed the back of my hand and sat down on the edge of the bed, I freed myself from the duvet and rolled onto my side, pulling him towards me. ''I want a hug.'' I told him whilst a little groggy. He leaned forward a little as I pulled him into bed, I lifted my leg and rested it on his hip as my arm went under his neck.

My free hand began stroking his biceps as he kissed me on the forehead. I raised my head and kissed him on the chin, once and then twice.

He quickly got the idea and kissed me on my lips. His hand rested on my thigh and glided to my hip, before slipping down to my ass. A sigh escaped me before we kissed again. I felt a slight bump against my inner thigh and knew it was his swelling penis, he was getting turned on, so edged myself a little closer to him, kissing him again. He took my hand off of his arm and placed it behind my back, kissing my shoulder before kissing my breast.

He raised his head again and kissed me on the lips, before going back down and finding my nipple. He rolled me onto my back with my hand still behind me, sucking my nipple and now stroking my thigh. I didn't need to touch myself to know that I was going to be dripping any second now, I pulled my arm free from underneath him and took his cock.

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The strength and size of it was incredible, I held it at it's base and knew that I only held half of the member. He squeezed my breast and lightly bit my nipple, my legs were wide open and like a dog he smelt my secretion. He was down there in a flash, ferociously licking my wet hole as more home made lube leaked out of me. I wanted his cock in my mouth, and began tugging at him.

He rolled onto his side and brought me with him, I lifted my knee and gave him what he wanted while I had what I wanted. I took his helmet between my lips as he dipped his tongue into me, I cradled his balls while then running my tongue over the surface of his cock.

The vibrator in my case was almost exactly the same size and girth. He shook his face around my vagina and spread my fluid over his face, like a dog getting a drink on a hot day he relished every second. ''You taste so fucking good.'' he told me, ''Suck my dick.'' he demanded. I quickly did as I was told and took as much of it as I could in my mouth, it must have been around half as I still had a firm grip around the base.

''Fucking take my dick in that sweet mouth,'' he ordered, he tongue was lashing my clitoris while his nose was prodding me. He had a firm grasp of my ass as he pulled my waist closer to him, he couldn't get enough and neither could I. I could already feel the fuse inside of me getting lit, my Uncle was bringing me to an orgasm, I couldn't remember the last time I had two in the same night. ''Uncle I'm guna cum,'' I tried telling him, but he didn't listen, he thrust his hips forward and his cock punched it's way back into my mouth.

He was gyrating now, slowly guiding his own cock in and out of my mouth. ''Fucking take it and cum all over my face.'' he barked as he pushed himself deeper into my mouth, his cock hit the back of my throat and began hitting it over and over. His teeth, shielded by his lower lip, rubbed against my clitoris as his nose brushed against my vagina.

My gag reflex had never been tested before, not like this, I was amazed at my own ability to be able to just open my throat and take the pounding. But the ability to withhold an orgasm, I didn't have.

I erupted with a loud cry, my head swung back as my body came up off the bed, my back arched as I cried out at the ceiling. The saliva oozing down my cheek trailed right back to his cock, I tried to gather myself but he was already moving, positioning himself between my legs, holding me by the sole's of my feet he kept my legs raised while he pushed his way into me. ''No, wait, slowly, it's too big,'' I panted, but it was no use. He rammed himself into me and smashed into my cervix, ''Adapt,'' he told me as he withdrew his dick.

He pushed into me again and could only fit about three quarters of himself in, he brought my foot to his face and took my big toe in his mouth as he reached down and began rubbing my clitoris with his thumb. ''I'm going to fuck you so hard,'' he told me. He reached out and grabbed one of my breasts as he pushed his way back into me, again and again before he began building a rhythm. Just when I thought I had been tapped out, I felt it again.

I felt orgasm number three rising up from within me, he squeezed my nipple so hard I thought I was going to scream. ''I love your tits, I love your legs, how you taste, how those big green eyes beg me for more,'' he told me while fucking me.

With each thrust my breasts bounced and swayed, with each passing second I got closer and closer to climaxing again. ''Fuck me,'' I panted, ''Do whatever you want.'' I told him.

This seemed to take him by surprise a bit, he slowed his thrusts a little before briefly smiling. He pulled out of me and began pulling me over onto all fours, I thought he was going to fuck me like a dog but I was wrong. He pushed my head and shoulders down into the bed and made sure my ass was in the air, he slapped me hard on my cheek and at stung, but before I could complain (As if I would have) he pushed his cock back into me.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I didn't give a fuck who heard me. I moaned and cried out in pleasure as my Uncle fucked me as hard as he could from behind, he went to one knee as he rocked himself back and fourth. Then he put his foot on my face while he fucked me, his entire cock slammed into me as I felt his heel press against my cheek.

That was it, that was the last straw. I let out a long cry as my third orgasm took everything out of me. I felt an eruption, I wasn't sure what it was at first, I thought I was urinating. The piss-like liquid poured out of me whilst my Uncle was balls deep, ''Oh my fucking god.'' he exclaimed as he withdrew his cock.

He took hold of himself and began jerking, taking his foot off of my face my body crumbled to the bed. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I couldn't do anything. My Uncle dragged me towards him and turned me over, he climbed over me and was almost sitting on my stomach as he pushed his cock between my breasts. He held my boobs together while sliding his cock backward and forward, all I could do was look him in the eye and that seemed to be enough.

''Oh, Jesus,'' he spluttered as a jet of semen struck me in the chin. I barely had the energy to open my mouth as the second jet caught me on the lips. My tongue rolled out and I tasted his seed. With a little aiming assistance from my uncle, his third jet splashed across my breasts. He rubbed the tip of his cock against my nipple before collapsing next to me. ''If,'' I panted as I thought carefully about the words I was trying to string together, ''If I'm the hell-cat,'' I said, ''Then, you're one of the hounds, from hell.'' He leaned into me and kissed me on my forehead, ''You better believe it,'' he replied, ''That was something special.'' he said.

We both remained there, not only unable to move, but also not wanting to move. He held me as I fell into a sleep, a dreamless sleep. CHAPTER VII I awoke to not only find my Uncle still next to me, but Aunt Anna was the other side of me too. As soon as I raised my head her eyes opened, she smiled at me and I returned the smile. ''It was lonely in bed, so I came in here.'' she whispered.

''But, you're not-'' It had taken me a few seconds to realise that I had been up most of the night having crazy sex with her husband, my Uncle. And that she might not bee too happy about it. ''No, it's fine,'' she told me, ''You two needed some catch up time. But I think next time I want to be invited.'' she said smiling. She slipped out of bed and her naked body moved around to the other side of the bed to where the curtains were.

She pulled the chord and they flung open letting the light into the room. I first noticed how amazing she looked in the daylight. A gorgeous ass on a thin frame, her skin looked so soft I wanted to go right up to her and kiss every inch of her. ''Come and look,'' she told me. I climbed out of bed and joined her at the window, the view of the lake was amazing.

We both stood side by side as my Uncle rolled over behind us. ''Look at the pair of you, this is a picture I'll hope to never forget.'' he said as his naked wife and niece turned back to him smiling. Anna looked back out of the window and down towards the dock, ''Aw the dock seems so empty without Matty's boat there.'' she said. She rested her head on my shoulder as I held her for a moment.


''I can't wait to see him.'' she said. It was then that my blood ran a little cold, ''Is he coming?'' I asked. ''Yeah, Wednesday.'' My Uncle told me as he got out of bed, he came up behind the pair of us and slid a hand across both of our stomachs. ''Hell-cat, you've got goose-pimples.'' he said. Aunt Anna turned to me and smiled, ''Ah, and what have we got here?'' she asked as she noticed my erect nipples. I smiled at her but I thought about Cousin Matt, it had been a long time since I had seen him.

And part of me wishes that it would be a long time till I saw him again. ''Come on,'' Uncle Robert said softly, ''Let's go and have some breakfast.''