Very hard fucking by Boyfriend

Very hard fucking by Boyfriend
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2. Arriving at Devil' Island The four women were brought up from below. Their collars locked together with a short chain between them. The yacht had docked in a secluded harbor on the small island. The women could feel the moist and warm air blowing in from shore. They had no idea where they were but clearly it was somewhere warm.

A road led up into the hills but no house or building except for the harbor shed was visible from where they stood on deck.

Jason pulled on the chain and the four women had to follow him. Linda was first then Jackie, Tina, and Gina brought up the rear of the line of slaves. " Get moving whores. Time to get you sold." Jason barked. The four women couldn't walk very fast with 6-inch heels and ankle hobbles and Jason took care none of them lost their balance and fell.

He wanted them to be spotless for the inspection. A van pulled up as the women where lead down the gangplank. The rear doors opened, and the women were loaded onto the van.

The van had no windows, so they couldn't see anything. After about 10 minutes of a bumpy ride, the van stopped, and the doors were opened. A tall blonde woman dressed in a leather corset and various other leather straps around her tits and neck.

She wore black stockings and black high heels. As the four women were unloaded from the van she spoke to Jason. "I'll take over from here you know where to go, Jason." She said. Jason nodded and handed the leash to the blonde woman and went out through a door on the left. "Welcome to Devil's Island whores.


I'm Mistress Alex. You will not speak unless you are spoken too. You'll address me as Mistress and the man that you'll soon meet as Master. I know you all have felt the prod during your preparation. We use a different kind here on the island much more powerful and it will inject a small amount of a burning liquid wherever it touches your body.

So, I strongly suggest you follow every command without delay. One hit on your clit will burn like hot coals for days until the liquid wears off. Remember you are here to be sold and inspected. If you pass the inspection you will be trained in whatever manor Master deems appropriate.

If you fail the inspection, I believe Jason sells those whores to the whorehouses along the coast on the mainland.

They never last long there. Escape is not possible from the island. We are 600 miles from the nearest coastline. A few rules you need to know for the inspection. Your tits are called udders here nothing else. So, if you get the order present udders you bare your tits. That means you lift your top and unhook your bra. If the command is show udders, you leave the bra hooked up. The same applies to you fuck holes. Present fuck holes mean you lift your skirt and pull your panties to your knees but never let your panties fall to your feet never lower than above your knees.

Show fuck holes means lifting your skirt but leaving your panties where they are. Kneel means you drop to your knees arms at your side straight but do not sit back on your heels.

If you are slow in following any command, you'll get a hit by the prod. There will be no nonsense or second tries. Is this all understood whores?" The four stunned and bewildered women all nodded. " I didn't hear you whores." Mistress Alex barked.

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"Yes Mistress." The women answered in turn. None of the women could believe this was happening but they had no choice but to comply or suffer pain. Tina toyed with the idea it might be better to be sold to a whorehouse on the coast, it might be easier to escape from there.

As the women where lead by Mistress Alex along a dark corridor deeper into the building, Tina hadn't made up her mind, which was best. They were lead through a heavy metal door that locked behind them with a click. The room they had entered was large and brightly lit. " Each stand on one of the circle on the floor." Mistress Alex commanded.

Linda was lead to the circle with a one in the middle and was hooked up by a chain to her collar that ran up to the ceiling. The chain was tightened just like on the yacht and Linda found herself stretched from the neck. Tina was in spot two, Gina in three and Jackie in four. They were all stretched the same way. "Master will be along any minute to inspect you four whores.

You better obey if you know what's good for you." "Which one of you was fucked by the crew?" Mistress Alex asked. " I was Mistress." Gina answered. "Let's just hope the Master doesn't pick you then to be an example, Gina. Those men have big cocks. You must have gotten a good fucking. Did you enjoy yourself?" Gina hadn't enjoyed one single bit of it but should she say that or lie and say yes? Gina's mind raced.

"No Mistress, it was painful." She finally replied. Laughing Mistress Alex walked over to her and grabbed her crotch. Gina winched and jerked. "Still have a sore fuck hole eh?" "Yes Mistress." "What about your ass hole did they fuck you there as well?" "Yes Mistress." "When I ask something, you give me all the details not just Yes or No.Understood?" "Yes, Mistress sorry Mistress." Gina replied meekly.

Why was everybody picking on her? "Well I'm waiting whore." "I was fucked three times in my ass hole. First by the man called Ben then Larry and Jack." Gina replied.

Mistress Alex sneered. Went around Gina and stuck her hand up under her skirt to feel her ass hole through her panties. Gina winched, as even the lightest touch was painful to her. "They gave you a good fucking back there too then. First time you had a cock in your ass?" "Yes Mistress" "Well it won't be the last far from it and if you think Larry was big you have a few things coming whore." Mistress Alex grinned at her.

At that moment, the Master entered the room. Mistress hurried over to him. The Master wasn't a big man only about 5'7" and 150lbs. He didn't even look very mean. The four women had expected the devil himself to walk in so there was a sense of relief in all four women.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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They would soon learn different. The Master knew how to break even the most stubborn whore and make a perfectly obedient slave out of her. He had done it many times before and this bunch would be no different. He wasn't concerned with their mental status, he would get them in the right frame of mind soon enough. The biggest concern was their physical strength and appearance.

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Some things could be fixed with hormones and other types drugs but not everything. Mistress Alex was a doctor and had both the knowledge and access to the drugs needed, so that was never a problem. Of course, she would love doing her own little surgical experiment but so far he hadn't allowed that. He knew however at some point in time he might have to allow her a test object or two just to keep her happy.

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This really didn't bother him. It would ruin the whore for resale but still Alex was very loyal and trustworthy and would not be easily replaced. He looked over toward the four women and could see the fear in their eyes. Smiling to himself, he could have picked out the virgin and the reward whore without knowing anything.

He had of course been watching Alex as she went through her mental torment from the minute they had arrived. The house had cameras everywhere and nothing went undetected in the house, barn, or pen.

In fact, the whole island had top-notch surveillance. He could zoom in anywhere he wanted from his office. "Any of these whores any good Alex?" His voice was low and very non-threatening. "I don't know Master. The crew of course fucked Gina in her holes, so she has had a taste of training. She isn't a bad looking whore either." "Well, let's start with her then." Gina's heart sank she was the target again. She looked at the Master as he approached her. She saw the very wicked stick in his hand and made her mind up she could take no more and would obey.

There was no point in fighting this anymore. She knew in her heart she would never go home again. He stopped right in front of her then walked around her like he was looking at a price dog. "Kneel." He commanded The chain slackened to allow Gina to kneel which she did without hesitation.

Gina was determined to get through this without any more pain. "Open mouth" Gina opened her mouth wide and the Master shone a light in her mouth to check her teeth. He also checked her tongue to make sure it looked pink and healthy. He grabbed her by the hair and turned her head to look in each of her ears. Mistress Alex was making notes on her clipboard. Each whore had a file that was carefully noted with everything.

Master walked behind Gina. "Stand." He ordered her. Gina with some difficulty stood up again and the chain tighten again. "Show udders" Gina was trying to remember the correct action for that. She hoped she had it right when she just lifted her top up but left the bra. The Master reached from behind her and mauled her udders for a bit with his hands. "Present fuck holes." Gina pulled up her short skirt to her waist and pulled down her panties to her knees.

She felt his hands on her buttock and then his fingers probing her ass hole. She had to use all her strength to not move. With the other hand he probed her fuck hole and pulled and tugged at her lips and then without warning she felt a hard-stinging blow on her ass. Gina let out a small cry. Then she got two more stingy blows in rapid succession.

Gina cried out again. The pain wasn't that bad, but she couldn't help crying out regardless. "She takes the crop well." The Master commented. "How many times where you fucked by the crew?" "Three times." "Double fucked." Gina added quickly. "Hmmm.well your ass hole got a bit of a workout it looks like." "Would you want to be trained as a slave or remain a whore?" The question surprised Gina. Was there a difference? Was this a trick question? Gina decided that remaining a whore would probably mean being sent to a whorehouse, so best to be a slave perhaps.

" I like to be trained Master." She replied not really understanding what she was asking. "What type of slave would you like for me to train you as?" "Type Master? Whatever you think best Master?" Gina replied. She didn't know what the question meant but it seemed best to let the Master decide. The Master smiled knowing very well she was clueless.

The amusing part was to make them pick without understanding what they had picked. "I train four types of slaves. Bitch slaves, pony girl slaves, cows, and waste slaves. Since you are first in line, you get to pick. If I decide to train you instead of selling you as a whore that is. So, pick." Gina was no wiser from that explanation. Waste slave sounded like a painful death. She had no idea what a cow slave was, and a bitch slave didn't sound appealing either.

She had vaguely seen what a pony girl was from talking and surfing on the net. Maybe that was a good choice. She felt the master's eyes on her and knew she had to decide. He was swinging that awful prod like any second he would put it to her clit. "If it pleases you Master I would like to be a pony girl slave, Master." She finally said.

The Master's faced remained unmoved, turning to Alex he said. "Think we can make a pony out of her?" "She seems sturdy enough and she might be able to handle it.

She had a good start." Alex said. "True. I'll give you a month to prove yourself worthy of being a pony girl Gina. The training will be hard and if you fail, I will send you to a whorehouse instead. At least then you can work off the price I paid for you. If you do well you'll be a good pony within a month." "I will take no nonsense from you no matter how much you hurt if you fail three times to obey it will be the whorehouse for you.

Three strikes and you are out." He chuckled at his own pun. "Yes Master. I'll obey Master." Gina told him. "Thank you Master." The Master gave her a smile and a path on her pussy. She would be a good pony girl, she was almost broken by the rape on the yacht.

She was so scared that she had the right way to respond etc. down already. She would suffer dearly but in the end, she would make a good pony and breeder. If he decided to sell her at that point she would fetch five times what he had paid for her. The Master decided to do Tina next since she was the one most likely to resist. He wasn't disappointed. " Present udders." He barked at her.

Tina didn't make a move. She had decided the whorehouse was her chance to escape. That is until the prod hit her with full force on her clit. At first, she felt nothing. Then her clit exploded in pain. The Master never missed his target even with skirt and panties on. "AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE" Tina's scream was deafening.

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The pain was hard to describe. It felt like she had been hit by lighting and her clit was on fire being slowly cooked. Her whole body shook violently and she lost her balance and was dangling from her collar.

She was struggling to find her footing again, when the second way of pain hit her clit. A thousand red ants would have felt better on her clit that the few drops of liquid that the prod had injected into her clit. The burning itching was unbearable. Her knees buckled again, and she couldn't focus due to the pain. The pain ran through her body in waves and she screamed and screamed. "AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE." Tina's voice broke and she let out what sounded more like a gurgle than a scream. Tina felt a prick in her neck.

Alex had stepped up an injected a blocker so that Tina wouldn't pass out. Tina would disobey no more. Once the worst effect wore off in about six hours, she would have lost her voice, but she would not suffer any permanent damage. Alex brought down two more chains from the ceiling and quickly attached a belt to Tina's torso. She attached a chain to either side and locked them in place. She released the chain from her collar and let Tina dance with both feet firmly on the ground but even if her knees buckled, she wouldn't strangle on the collar.

Tina tried to scream but her voice was gone all she could was to dance a pretty dance in her chains as wave after wave of pain went through her clit and body touching every nerve ending in her body. The shock waves would subside in about an hour but the burning pain in her clit would last for days.

"Oh well. I guess we will just ship her off to the whorehouse. Luckily, I didn't pay that much for her. She should turn a profit in about year if she is worked around the clock." Master said matter of fact. Tina wanted to object and ask to please give her another chance, but her voice had already failed.

All she could do was shake her head madly and plead with her tearful eyes. Tina was truly sorry. She didn't know what else to do. She tried to speak but what came out was a gurgling sound. She panicked. She quickly used her last strength to pull up her top and release her bra and falling to her knees, she hoped it would be enough. "A bit late for that. I expect obedience at once. Not 10 minutes later at your pleasure. Since I'm in a good mood today and if the last two whores don't upset me I might give you one more chance." Tina felt the pain again and her eyes were full of tears.

She didn't know if she even could obey another command in the state she was in. She did a funny little dance on her knees as the pain hit again.

Then the chains pulled to her feet again. Tina would dance for a while yet before her fate was decided.


"Make sure those udders can be seen at all times." Alex mused and poked Tina with her prod in the left nipple. Jackie and Linda having watched Tina's performance would obey like they were old hands at this. Linda was next, and she had no intention of suffer like Tina was. This man may not look cruel, but he would not hesitate to hurt her badly, if she didn't obey.

Linda was truly scared, but she would obey. After having the teeth and ear check Linda awaited the next command. "Present udders and fuck holes." He ordered her. "Yes Master." Linda almost tore the top and unhooked the bra the skirt flew up and the panties came down in a flash. Linda wasn't taking any chances.

She almost fainted when the prod was roughly stuck up her pussy, but nothing happened. It hurt a little since her pussy was dry, but she could handle that.


"What is the biggest cock you had up there?" The question startled Linda. "Um.not sure Master. Maybe 6 inches." Linda replied.

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Her last boyfriend hadn't been big at all. "That's nothing can't use you here as a slave and nothing up your ass I suppose?" "Not in my ass Master but I can take more Master, really I can Master." Linda felt desperate. "Your udders are a bit small anyway, maybe we will just make a movie with you dancing with the prod." He continued to torment Linda to see what lengths she would go to in order to become a slave.

"Please Master you could enlarge them Master. Please." Linda knew that breasts could be enlarged somewhat with hormones. She didn't know there were other even more effective drugs on the black market. She would agree to anything to avoid the dance or the whorehouse for that matter. The Master smiled to himself, Linda was close to breaking as well. None of these women would put up much of a challenge. The mental torment was far more effective than any whip.

They would break out fear, but they would serve well in time the pain they would suffer in their training would break them completely. Then he would build them into obedient slaves that would never wish to be anything else they would learn to love the pain and humiliation.

"So, you want bigger udders. What about bigger pussy lips and stretching your fuck holes?" Without thinking, Linda nodded and replied. "Yes, please Master. I want to become a good slave." "You want to become a cow slave then?" "Yes, Master if that is what they are called.

Please Master." Linda had just committed to something she didn't understand but that was amusing to both Alex and the Master. "Put Linda down for cow slave training then Alex. She seems eager enough and her udders could be enlarged. Let's start her right after we inspect the last whore." Alex nodded and made notes on the clip board.

She smiled at Linda, but she was thinking got you. You'll wish you never asked to be a cow slave by the time I'm done with you. Linda felt relief she had avoided the prod. Looking over at Tina, she could see her still doing her little dance and moaning.

"Thank you Master." Linda hastily added. She thought she made a good decision. Jacky almost peed herself when the Master approached. She was a wreck already after watching Gina's rape on the boat and Tina dancing in her chains. She just knew she would never disobey anything these people told her to do. "So, you are the virgin bride, never had a cock anywhere? Not even sucked one? Or jerked one off?" "No Sir. I mean Master never been f.

f. f. fucked." Jackie stammered. "And you think you can be a slave. Ha.

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You couldn't handle a cock if you saw one." "Nothing to be done with you until you spent some time at a whorehouse and learnt a few tricks." Master was pushing Jackie just as hard as Linda and she would beg too.

"Please Master if you would train me I would learn really fast Master Please." Jackie begged. "Present udders and fuck holes and let's see if we anything to work with here." Jackie pulled her panties down and her tits came out even faster than Linda's had. The Master grabbed a handful of her udders and squeezed them hard the pinched her nipples and twisted them.

Jackie squirmed and moaned. Her udders were firm and nice she would breed well and milk good, but she would bring most money if she was trained as a bitch slave. Pure milkers were easy to find. He stuck two fingers up her pussy just to check she really was a virgin. She was tight but stretched well. She would take big cocks no problem.

"Your udders are nice but the only use you could be would be as a bitch slave." He told her.

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"Please I'll be a good bitch Master if you just train me I promise." Jackie was young and naive. "You are sure you want to become a bitch slave? Then you better ask me nicely and I might agree then again if you don't get it right the first time off to the whorehouse with you." Jackie wasn't stupid she had heard Gina having to beg on the yacht.

So, she figured the Master would want the same thing. "Would you please train this worthless, dirty whore to be the best bitch slave ever? Please Master." Jackie blurted out. He smiled thinking you'll wish you never said that in about an hour but it wouldn't matter she was doomed. "Very well you'll get one chance to train as a bitch slave. I doubt you'll make it and if you don't you'll first join Tina in a little dance for a few days before we ship you off." He said with a slight grin. "Please Master.

I'll do anything you ask. I'll learn really quick Master." "We shall see in about an hour after Linda's first training session. You'll get your chance then." "Yes Master. Thank you" Master smiled at Alex this was going to be a fun afternoon. Linda and Gina would have a relative easy afternoon.

Tina would not care and just dance as her body felt the pain. Alex would give her a new blocker to keep her awake, but she would suffer for the next two days at least then her training would begin. Jackie would be the target this afternoon she would be broken and utterly humiliated, but she would become a bitch. Alex went over to first Gina then Jackie and told them to cover themselves again.

Gina and Jackie got their cloths back in order. The Master had gone over to the other end of the room and was sitting in a comfortable chair smoking. A girl appeared with cold drinks on a try. She wore the same steel collar as the women and garter belt and heels. Her nipples had rings in them and there were rings in her pussy as well. She put the drinks on the table next the Master and then knelt in front of him. Gina and Jackie were released from the ceiling chain and told to follow Alex.

When they got to where the Master was sitting, they were told to stand inside the circles with their number on. Sue the slave quickly put new chains on their collar and tighten them the same as before. Gina noticed there where several places in the room with similar circles on the floor.

"Sue here is a higher-ranking slave and you will obey her orders." Master said to Gina and Jackie. "Yes Master." They both responded. Sue gave them an evil grin. Fresh meat she thought.