Mom and son doing sex

Mom and son doing sex
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It's Friday night and it's Steve's turn to host the weekly poker game with a few coworkers. Sitting across from him is Rick, his boss, who takes great joy in antagonizing Steve. He's an all-around asshole that loves to flaunt his power and authority, especially over Steve who he views as a push-over beta male.

A week ago Steve almost got fired due to poor performance. His job was saved by his daughter, who worked her magic on his boss Rick to convince him to not fire her dad. It happened at the last office party. She gave her dad's boss a blowjob in his office. Since then Rick has been loving looking at Steve and thinking about his daughter's mouth all over his cock and Steve doesn't even know about it.

He's even told a few of the guys at work he's close with and Steve has been the running joke around the office ever since. The guys are at the table, joking around and drinking beers, as Rachel gleefully trots down the stairs.

"Hey guys!" She smiles brightly as she walks past them, her perky chest bouncing, to go to the fridge. They smile back, Rick smirks at her as they make eye contact. Rachel is a very sexy teen girl. Standing at around 5'4'', thin body, with long legs, smooth skin with a slight tan, deep brown eyes, sultry facial features, flat stomach, tight little butt, perky 32C bust, and long, dark brunette hair with lighter highlights. Combined with an aura of 'sex' and her flirtatious, submissive personality, she's definitely a girl who is very self-aware of what she does to guys.

She's a girl destined to become a stripper or porn star. She's dressed in tight, low-rising, lightly toned jeans with a hot pink thong just barely showing above her white, shiny studded belt; and high-heel leather boots covering her feet and shins. Her tight behind perfectly displayed with the tight jeans.

Her top is a tight, thin pale pink top with partial midriff showing. Her sexy black lace push-up bra can be seen under the see-through shirt. Her stomach exposed, you can see her shiny naval piercing and lower back tramp stamp tattoo showing just above her thong. She's a rocker chick barbie girl hybrid that just oozes sex appeal. Her face is dolled up and pretty, with bright pink lips, raccoon-like eye shadow complimenting her dark, sexy eyes and plucked eyebrows.

Her soft, shiny brunette hair with highlights runs down her chest, parting over the right side of her face, and her backside, teased up a bit in the top to give her hair a 'bigger' look. It's no wonder that guys of all ages drool over her.

"Daddy." She begins, both Rick and Steve look up to face her, "I'm going out soon, can I have some money?" The guys, having been told by Rick about what happened last week at the office with Steve's sexy teenage daughter, give each other little side glances and smirks.

They gaze up at her, all of them drooling over her. "Uhh, sure, honey." Steve digs into his wallet to give her a few bills. "Thanks!" She says in her bubbly, bimbo tone of voice before running back upstairs. This is pretty much how their relationship has been for the past handful of years.

If she talks to her father it's almost always to get money. She hasn't respected him in years, much to his dismay. Rick watches her leave, thinking about how amazing it was to cum down her throat. A few minutes goes by and suddenly Rick gets a text. He checks it as the cards are being dealt and sees that it's from Rachel.

"Daddy can you please come up here so I can suck your cock?" It reads, with an attached picture of her kneeling in her room, looking innocently into the camera. Rick gulps, smirking before putting his phone back away. They've been exchanging flirty texts back and forth ever since the events of last week. Rick can't stop thinking about her, his heart thumps loudly in anticipation and excitement.

He's going to dump another load of his cum down the throat of Steve's little girl. "Steve, would you mind getting those reports for me?" Rick asks abruptly as they sit at the table placing bets. "Uhh, well." Steve stammers awkwardly, wanting to say no but too timid to stand up to the boss. "Just so I don't forget, sorry buddy. Your chips will still be here when you get back." Rick chuckles. Steve leaves the table and heads upstairs. As soon as he's out of sight he brings up the text Rachel sent him on his phone and shows it to the guys.

"Look at this." Rick smiles as they check it out.

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They smile and laugh, making remarks about how jealous they are. They all saw her in her skin tight jeans, her tight pink top with the bra showing through, just looking like the sexiest little teen whore.

"Here ya go." Steve comes back down the stairs. "Thanks, bud." Rick smiles up at him arrogantly. Steve sits back down as the guys give each other little side glances and slight chuckles. "What's so funny?" Steve looks around smiling, feeling like he missed out on a joke. "Nothing." Rick replies casually. "I fold." He says as he puts down his cards.

Rick purposely bangs his knee on the table as he moves his chair back, like how he told the guys he banged his knee under his desk when Steve's daughter was under it sucking his cock, but it was really her head that hit it when she was bobbing up and down. "I'm always banging my knees on tables and desks. Too tall I guess." He laughs it off as the other guys try not to laugh. Rick told them every detail about what happened, including the part where Rachel banged her head underneath the desk when Steve was in his office looking for her and Rick told Steve it was his knee.

It's become a running joke among them. "I'll be back in a minute, gotta go dump a load in Steve's toilet." Rick chuckles playfully while getting up, giving Steve a playful but hard pat on the back. The other guys at the table give each other brief, subtle glances because they know what's about to happen. Rick's heart pumps with anticipation and excitement as he gleefully walks up the stairs to Rachel's room, the fire in his loins already building.

Leading up to her room he can smell her sweet scent more and more. He opens her door and immediately sees her kneeling on the floor in front of him.

"There's my little whore." He smiles down at her confidently. "Hi daddy!" She says in her bubbly teenage bimbo voice, smiling up at him submissively. "Make it quick.

Wouldn't want your dumb ass father to get suspicious." Rick chuckles as Rachel is already undoing his belt. "I just want to make you happy, daddy." She purrs up at him through soft moans. "Just shut up and suck you stupid slut." Rick exhales as he relaxes against the bedroom door. Rachel starts going to work, her eager teen mouth salivating over his cock eagerly.

She slurps all over it as Rick groans, hanging his head back against the door as he feels the sensation of her perfect mouth sucking his now throbbing cock. She works the tip while cupping his balls, batting her perfect eyes up at him submissively. RIck looks around the room, noticing the different shades of pink everywhere, mixed in with black. It looks like a little girl's room mixed with the room of a Playboy playmate. "Fuck." He groans between his teeth as he gazes down at her.

She goes faster, taking it in her mouth and down her throat flawlessly. With her hands on his hips she pulls herself into his cock, forcing it down her throat, her soft pink lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. She moves her head back and forth on his cock, with each suck she gets faster and faster. Rick runs his hand through her thick, soft hair, guiding her up and down. His grip on her hair gets tighter as he's overcome with lust.

"Ahh." He exhales, his breathing getter harder and harder. She moans softly, so horny from worshiping his cock. She eagerly slurps over his cock, the blowjob getting wetter and wetter as she drools over it and he leaks precum. She stops, lowering her head down to his balls and begins to lick and suck his nuts. Rachel tugs on each testicle gently with her lips, and licks them up and down. Rick smirks down at her as he enjoys the sight of his throbbing cock draped over her face and the feeling of this hot teen girl sucking his balls perfectly.

He reaches down to grab her head, feeling her hair between his fingers as he grips tightly. "Open your mouth, bitch." He demands under his breath as he forces her head back up and proceeds to fuck her pretty face.

He pumps her mouth, feeling his cock go down her throat over and over. He stops, she pants and he grinds his teeth in pleasure, rolling his eyes back. He steps closer to her, his crotch hovering over her face as she kneels down further, arching her back, knowing exactly what to do. He jacks his throbbing cock over her pretty little face as she passionately kisses and sucks his balls.

Their eyes lock as he feels the cum building up and she moans softly with his balls between her lips. "Aaahhh." He groans, his knees shaking a little as he begins to unload on her face. Streams of his jizz begin to cover her face, mostly around her mouth but it reaches up to her eye area. "Fuck yeah." He pants as she continues to gaze up at him. He smiles as he sees his cum covering her slutty teenage face.

She gives his still-throbbing cock a few soft sucks and gentle, wet kisses. He picks his pants up and starts to do his belt. She continues to kneel there smiling up at him.

"Good girl." He smirks down at her as he zips up. "Be ready to see me later tonight. I'm staying over and I'm going to fuck you while your pussy dad sleeps." He chuckles. "Mmm okay." She purrs up at him. Rick snickers as he turns around to leave. Just as Rick leaves Rachel snaps a quick pic of her face and starts sending a text to Rick.

Rick casually walks down the stairs with a grin on his face. "Was it a good one or what?" Steve teases. "Yeah, something like that." Rick chuckles, just seconds removed from covering Steve's daughter's face with his cum. The other guys smirk and casually look around at each other.

"Thought you'd never be done." Steve says as he gets up to go up to the bathroom. "This beer passes right through me." As Steve approaches the bathroom, Rachel is just walking out of it. He notices her makeup running and messy and a wad of tissue in her hand as she giggles walking past him. He thinks it's odd for a second but doesn't think anything of it.

Just as Steve leaves Rick gets a text from Rachel, with a picture attached of her face covered in his cum and it reads "Thanks Daddy!" Rick chuckles, and then shows the other guys the picture. They all laugh and look at it shocked. They ask Rick about how good it was and he tells them. They're even more jealous than they previously were. After countless cards dealt and numerous beers consumed, the night comes to an end and they all leave one-by-one, with only Rick remaining in Steve's home.

"I guess I should be heading home." Rick begins as he stumbles to the door, pretending to be more drunk than he really is.

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"Hey, uhh, I don't think you should drive, you're pretty tanked." Steve says as he notices Rick stumbling and slurring his words. "What time is it?" Rick murmurs as he looks at his expensive watch. "Fuck, it's later than I thought. It could take an hour to get home by cab. Hey, uhh, Steve you mind if I crash on your couch? I'll be gone first thing in the morning, haha." He mumbles and slurs further. "Uhh. Okay, sure." Steve reluctantly agrees. It's not only about him being as passive as usual but about Rick being Steve's boss and knowing he almost got fired a few weeks ago; and then thankfully his daughter saved him, although not to his knowledge.

"Thanks, buddy." Rick smirks at Steve, knowing he's soon going to be banging his daughter in his own house. After a short amount of time passes, Rick lays there eagerly awaiting for the right moment to head upstairs.

Just thinking about finally fucking Rachel is getting him hard. Suddenly he gets a text from her, notifying him that she's ready. He gets up and heads upstairs. Rick quietly sneaks past Steve's bedroom, the door open a crack. He stalls for a moment, listening for any snoring and finally he hears a distinct, faint snore and smirks. "Stupid fuck." He thinks to himself as he continues down the hall. He slowly opens the door to Rachel's room, his heart thumping with excitement and anticipation. She lies there on her pink bed in her pink room, scantily clad in only bra and panties.

Pale pink lace, they're tight on her sexy, petite body. Rachel lies on her side, pouting up at Rick like an innocent little girl as she holds onto a fluffy pink stuffed animal. Rick licks his chops, the sight of this hot teen slut acting like a little girl in her little girl's pink room making him lust like a savage. She's done up like last time before he assaulted her face with his cock and sperm. Her pink lips glisten under the light and her perfect dark eye shadow compliments her round eyes.

Rick breathes it all in before pouncing on her, the sweet scent of her perfume filling his nostrils. "Hi daddy." She speaks in her bubbly, soft tone as she pouts up at him. Rick wastes no time in taking off his clothes. He approaches the bed, eyes transfixed on her young, tight body. He mounts her, his large middle aged body covering her supple, young, sexy and tan teenage frame.

"Oh, daddy." She moans loudly as she hangs her head back, feeling his hands run over her body. "Shut up, stupid bitch." He demands as his right hand grips her throat.

He breathes heavily over her as he gropes her body. His hands press up against her perfectly shaped, perky C-cup chest. With his knees on the bed hoisting him above her, he moves up to kiss her. With his left hand under her head gripping her soft, thick, shiny hair lightly and his right under her backside to get a handful of her tight ass.

They lock lips passionately, she moans and murmurs under her breath quietly as she feels his throbbing cock brush up against her leg. His hands go under her back to undo her bra and he slides down her panties. Rick gets a firmer position on the bed, he kneels over her and then pulls her legs into him.

He looks down to rub his throbbing cock against the outside of her small, tight, pink teen pussy. Rachel bites her lips as she feels him tease her with his cock.

He savors every sensation and takes his time, slowly slipping in the head of his cock in and out. "You turned on knowing your weak ass father is right next door, hmm?" He says through his teeth, the fire in his loins burning. It takes all he can to stop himself from ravaging her like an animal.

"Mmm, yeeaahh." She moans softly, lying there helplessly, her pussy throbbing and wet for his cock. He can't take it anymore and slips it inside and begins to pump her tight pussy.

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A large exhale leaves his body as he feels the sensation of her tight, young pussy fitting snugly around his throbbing middle-aged cock. He slowly pumps in-and-out up into her pussy. His hairy, sweaty body goes down to cover her.

He looks intensely into her eyes as he picks up the pace, the bed beginning to rock back and forth as he humps her little body. He grunts over her as he enjoys the feeling of filling up her tight young hole with his dick. With her small, soft hands on his large chest she moans quietly underneath him. As he starts to go faster and harder her hands reach for her fluffy stuffed toy and she holds onto it as she gazes up at him innocently.

Rick loves it as a perverted, sadistic smile comes across his face. He slows down suddenly, taking a break while still slowly pumping her. He gets back to his kneeling position and pulls out slowly. "Get on top of me, slut." He demands under his breath as he gets onto his back. She does as she's told and gets on top of him, carefully guiding his penis into her as she comes down. With her knees at his sides, she begins to ride him rhythmically.

He grips her ass as he bends his knees a bit. He groans as they get into a nice pace and rhythm and he sees her perky tits bouncing up and down. She bites her lip trying not to moan loudly, arching her back as she hangs her head back to face the ceiling, bouncing on his cock.

They continue on like this as she bounces on his cock, both of them feeling the pleasure shooting through their bodies. "Come down on me, baby." Rick commands. She stops bouncing on him and goes down onto his chest with his cock still throbbing inside her. His arms wrap around her, holding her down onto his chest. As he holds her tight and pumps her furiously, he kisses her head.

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Next door Steve shuffles around in his bed, halfway between sleep and a drunken haze. "Wha.?" He murmurs as he hears a squeaking noise coming from next door in his daughter Rachel's bedroom. Rick continues to pound Rachel on her bed, more and more violently as he gets really into the moment and forgets about the noise they're making. "Ahh. Ahh. Fuck meee, fuck meee." She moans into his chest. "Shh, baby." He whispers as he kisses her head.

His balls slap against her as he continues to pump her up-and-down. "Yeah, take it. Take it, bitch." He growls under his breath, being inside of her feeling even better than his imaginations. His hands wrap around her throat and lift her head up above him while he slows down the pace to prevent himself from ejaculating. He wrings her head around violently as she struggles to breathe. With his hands around her young throat he flips her back onto her back and rolls with her with his cock still buried deep inside of her tight teen pussy.

He continues to choke her as her little hands try to push his hands off. He slowly humps her as his body completely envelopes her. Rick looks into her helpless eyes, loving the look of fear and submission. In the next room Steve is still in-between consciousness and sleep.

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He stops hearing the creaking and squeaking but can now hear faint whispering and other sounds. He hears coughing and wheezing and his daughter's voice sounding completely helpless and scared. Next door Rick just let go of his daughter's throat.

"Huh?" Steve mumbles as he gets up. Rick continues to pump into Rachel slowly as he kisses her to stop her from making sounds from the choking. She loves the mix of love, abuse, pain and pleasure as she moans softly into his mouth. Suddenly Rick is alerted to the sound of Steve's bedroom door opening while Rachel is still lost in the pleasure of her pussy tingling around his throbbing cock.


His heart jumps as he quickly gets back to a kneeling position, pulling his wet cock out in the process. "Shh!" He whispers down to her before quickly, but quietly getting off the bed and laying down on the floor. Rachel perks up and panics, hastily getting her pink blanket and putting it over her and grabbing for her stuffed animal to hold over her chest and neck.


Steve opens Rachel's door, stumbling into her room. "Dad?" She says flustered and pretends like she just woke up, pulling her blanket and stuffed animal up to her neck to hide the marks from Rick's hands on her throat.

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Rick is on the floor beside her bed, hidden from Steve's view. He lies there trying to be as still as possible, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. "I was just wondering what those noises were, sweetie." He mumbles. "Oh, umm. I was just on the phone a few minutes ago." Rachel tries to say as calmly as possible, trying to come up with anything believable.

"Sorry." Steve says, thinking it must have been nothing. "Good night." He says before leaving. "Night, dad." She says softly, a sigh of relief rushing through her as he leaves. Just as soon as he leaves, Rick rises from the side of the bed, "almost caught again." He says quietly with a smirk. His left hand reaches across the bed to slide off Rachel's blanket and find its way to her tight, little pussy.

"You like being used by your father's boss while he's right next door, hmm?" He says, looking intensely into her eyes, the adrenaline still shooting through his veins.

"Mmm, yeeaahh." She moans quietly, biting her lip as she feels his hand rub her pussy. Rick slips a finger in and begins to finger fuck her good. She squirms on the bed. "Suck my cock." Rick demands quietly as he stands up. Rachel moves onto her stomach and faces his semi-erect cock. She begins to bob her head up and down his cock, slurping over it eagerly as he lets out a quiet groan. His hand guides her pretty little head back and forth on his hardening dick. He grips her soft hair a little as he bends his knees and starts to pump her mouth.

"Yeah, take daddy's cock you little whore." He whispers aggressively under his breath as he feels his cock go deeper down her throat. Rick pulls out of her mouth, precum and saliva dripping from his throbbing cock. He takes no time in harshly grabbing her by the hips and moving her closer to him. "You want to get fucked again, hmm slut? With your father next door?" He whispers angrily as he props up her hips so that she gets into a doggy style position.

He spanks her ass hard and she yelps quietly, biting her lip. She looks back at him, pouting as he grabs his cock and maneuvers it into her tight pussy.

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His right hand reaches to grab the back of her neck as he begins to slowly, methodically pound her from behind. She moans softly as he goes in deeper. "Dirty fuckin' bitch." He groans louder than he should, not caring if Steve hears him. He wraps her long, soft hair around his fist and yanks her head back as he goes in balls deep. Rachel makes a concentrated effort to keep her mouth shut because she feels like screaming.

He continues to thrust in-and-out while pulling her hair and gripping her ass with his other hand. He yanks her back further and lets go to quickly move his hand to the front of her neck. He grips her throat tightly from behind and begins to choke her while maintaining the rhythm of his throbbing cock penetrating her pussy. She softly whimpers and moans as he chokes her and continues to fuck her from behind. Her pussy throbs around his cock as she begins to orgasm, her eyes rolling back.

Rick lets go, allowing her to flop on the bed with her tight teen ass still in the air. Her face buried into her fluffy pink bed, Rick continues to pound her as he grabs her hips, focusing on going faster and harder. He roughly pounds her as she grabs her stuffed animal, holding it tightly.


"Fuck. Fuck." He gets progressively louder as he feels how tight she is. Her body is now contorted in such a way that she can look at him fucking her. The sound of his balls slapping against the outside of her pink pussy fill the room. She continues to whimper helplessly as he has his way, roughly dominating her. In the next room Steve tosses and turns, the faint sounds from Rachel's room disturbing his dreams.

He falls in and out of consciousness a few times, hearing the same noises he heard from before but too far deep into a drunken, sleepy haze to care. "Ahh. Fuck." Rick exasperates as he feels the cum building up in his balls. He goes in deep as he groans quietly. His throbbing cock begins to pump a huge load into Rachel as he fucks her slowly. Rick breathes heavily as he feels his hot load fill her tight teenage pussy.

Rachel continues to whimper while holding her stuffed animal. They look each other in the eyes as he slowly pulls out, exhaling as his knees buckle a little bit. "You like feeling daddy cum inside you?" He smirks as she continues to stay in that position. "Yeah." She lets out softly, her voice nearly shaking. Rick hangs his head back, letting out another hard breath as he can't believe how amazing it felt to cum inside Steve's slutty teenage daughter. As soon as Rick looks back down on the bed Rachel is already on her knees in front of him on the floor and beginning to lick and suck his deflating cock slowly and passionately.

"You really know how to please me, baby." He whispers. "Good little whore. You like pleasing your new daddy? We're going to be having a lot more fun doing that again aren't we?" He smirks while watching her kiss his balls.

She looks up at him submissively, moaning softly as a confirmation. She plants soft kisses on his balls and all over his tired cock. Next door Steve is still in-and-out of sleep, hearing faint whispering from Rachel's room beside him.

He hears Rachel's door open. Steve suddenly remembers the weird dream he just had about someone being in Rachel's room and he gets up to stumble toward his door. He opens his door to see Rick just feet away from Rachel's door. "Oh, uhh. Hey Steve, I'm still a bit drunk I guess because I thought I was going into the bathroom but I accidentally went into your daughter's room.

Sorry if I woke you up, buddy." Rick scrambles, smirking at Rick casually. "Uhh. All right. It's okay." Steve looks at Rick confused as a hint of suspicion fills his mind. "Go back to bed, buddy." Rick looks into his eyes, fighting the urge to just tell Steve he just came inside his daughter.

Rick walks down the hall and down the stairs as Steve continues to stand there, his mind racing. He remembers the squeaks and voices he heard earlier, not to mention how Rachel seemed in her bed when he went to check on her. A fleeting suspicion comes over him but he quickly shakes it off and forgets about it, thinking there's no way.