Boy failed to hold cum while edging and has a ruined orgasm

Boy failed to hold cum while edging and has a ruined orgasm
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Hi, Michelle again.

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I just celebrated my thirty third birthday, but the stories I'm telling are from when I was just approaching fifteen, geeting ready to start my freshman year in high school. The stories are all true, and I'm doing my best to tell them in the order in which they actually happened.

(To the best of my memory.) At the time, I was 5' 5" tall, and weighed 105 lbs. Medium length reddish blonde hair and blue-green eyes. My breasts had filled out to a nice, (although average), 36C. I had almost no waist, and a little tiny butt that my brother Ricky used to joke, "Looks like the ass of a ten year old." I had been touching myself for about a year, but just within the past week or two had become really aware of guys, (and now girls too), of sex, of penises.

I was absolutely infatuated with penises, particularly when they grew big and hard. To watch one actually jerk and squirt was the ultimate turn on. By the time this story unfolds, I had become a hopeless exhibitionist, marveling at how just the sight of me, (my body) could cause a guy to get big at hard. (At that time I still thought it was something special about me, not yet knowing that that's just the way guys my age were.) Still, my ego, my self esteem, were soaring.thrilled that I had some sort of strange magical, mystical power over guys.


The following story takes place the Saturday before school was to start. My mom and dad were off to some kind of an all day company outing. (Picnic and golf I think.) My older brother Ricky (17 yrs old) had invited some of his friends over for a pool party and cook out, and this is how the story of the day unfolds.

This is a long, long story.about a long.long day.will have to be told in several parts.but. If there is one single day in my entire history that will stay with me all of my life.this is the day! So here we go. The Pool Party - Part One I awoke slowly, realizing that one of my hands was down inside my panties. It seemed like this was becoming a daily thing.

My finger began idly teasing up and down my lips as my mind wandered back over the incredible series of events of the past few days.seeing my brother stroking himself.jerking.squirting.

Spreading myself and touching myself in front of him.the time with our neighbor Jeff.the movie.I slid a finger up inside of me as I remembered all the things I had seen people doing on the video.the sleepover at Jennifer' exploring each.her licking each other.tasting each other. Without even thinking about it, I pulled my finger out of me and brought it up to my nose, inhaling deeply.

I pushed it into my mouth, licking and sucking, savoring the taste.remembering the taste of Jennifer's pussy. I pushed it back inside my panties and began teasing my clit. My finger started moving faster and faster as all of these sexy images kept flashing through my mind, and in a matter of minutes, I had treated myself to a warm, delicious morning come.

I stretched and yawned as my breathing returned to normal, and, rolling out of bed, started down the hall toward the bathroom. As I passed Ricky's room, I idly noticed that he wasn't in bed, but his bed wasn't made yet either, meaning he was still in the house somewhere. I reached the bathroom and went in, lifting the toilet seat.

I lowered my panties and sat down. As I released my stream, I looked down.and gasped! The wet spot in my panties was huge!

I mean, very big, very dark, and very wet looking! My God it looked like I had peed my panties. I wondered just how many times I had made myself come during the night! As my stream slowed to a stop, I leaned forward and tugged them off my feet. I reached for the tissue and wiped, then flushed, standing and lowering the toilet lid. I retriebed my panties from the floor and started back toward my room.

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On the way, I brought my panties up to my face, and, pressing the big wet spot against my nose, inhaled deeply. It smelled smelled smelled! I tossed them on the bed, and started for the kitchen, now wearing only my nightshirt. My brother Ricky was in his usual place, sitting at the table, drinking his coffee and looking at the newspaper. Just as usual, he was both bare-chested and barefooted, wearing only a pair of boxers.

I did my usual, walking up behing him and putting my hands across his shoulders and down onto his chest. I started lightly teasing his nipples. (He absolutely loves that!) They became hard as rocks as I leaned and whispered in his ear, "So how's big brother this morning?" He mumbled something or other in reply, but didn't move.

I continued caressing his nipples as I looked down at his boxers, expecting to see the usual twitch or two of his penis. Not this time.nothing. "What's the matter?" I whispered coyly. "Is our little friend still sleeping?" Still no reply, so I grew bolder. I ran one hand down his front and gave him a gentle squeeze through his shorts. This time I got a twitch.or two. I started squeezing him in a slow gentle rythm. "But bro," I pouted, "aren't you happy to see me?" I gave his penis a firmer squeeze and was rewarded when I could feel it start to swell and grow in my grip.

I hissed in his ear, "Well maybe you're not happy to see me, but a certain part of you seems to be quite pleased." I squeezed a bit harder and was thrilled to feel it grow bigger and start to harden. I continued my rythm, feeling him growing. He still had said absolutely nothing, so I whispered in his ear, "Don't you like this?

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What's the matter?" Although his penis was now rock hard and throbbing, he just sighed and let out a long breath. " feels great. I'm just not sure I want to do this again." "Do what?" I asked him, somewhat confused. "," he stammered.

"You know.have me.while I." Everything was all of a sudden crystal clear. He thought this was going to be another tease session, another mutual masturbation show.

Time to let him know what I really had in mind. I pushed my other hand down into his lap, and peeled back the flaps covering the opening in his boxers.

I reached in and pulled his penis clear. "God," I though to myself, staring at it, big, hard, proud, "It really is beautiful." I started a slow, gentle, up and down motion as I whispered in his ear, "Relax's my turn." I continued my stroking, speeding up my rythm as I heard his breathing become heavy. "You got something in here for me?" I hissed seductively, giving his penis a firm squeeze for added emphasis.

I returned to my stroking motion, speeding up slightly, and I thought I could feel him start to buck his hips against my hand. I tightened my grip and started moving my hand faster.

He was panting now, and the bucking motion of his hips was unmistakable. With a loud groan he froze, jerked, and squirted. "Oh my God!" I thought to muself, "I actually did it!" I watched as he squirted a second and then a third time, then collapsed back in the chair. I continued slowly stroking and gently squeezing his penis as I felt it start to soften.

As his breathing returned to normal, my gaze remained on his penis. As I squeezed again, I could see one last drop of cream right at the tip of his ltitle pee hole.

I reached up on the table and grabbed a napkin. Wiping the drop from his hole, I looked at him and mimicked the voice he had used with me the very first time. "Gotta make sure I got it all so you don't drip." He just stared at me, stunned for a moment, saying nothing. The his face broke into an impossibly wide grin as he chuckled, "Gotta hand it to you sis, you're a real quick learner." I smiled at him impishly, "Or maybe I just had a real good teacher.?" He grinned again as I released his penis.

I turned and walked to the fridge, getting a glass of milk and a muffin.

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Returning to the table, I sat opposite him. "Today's your pool party cook out thing isn't it?" I asked conversationally, knowing damn well that it was. I'd been plotting this day for a week! "Yeah," he replied. "No big deal. Just some of the guys coming over and we're gonna hang at the pool, throw some burgers on the grill, and kind of party. It's the last weekend before school starts." "Just guys?" I asked coyly.

"No girls?" "Nah, not this time," he replied. "Not going to be problem if Jennifer stops over later?" I inquired.

He gave me a kind of a wierd look as he replied, "Shouldn't be." "So how many you invite?" Inwardly, I was laughing hysterically.

I'd almost asked him, "How many penises did you invite?" "I think maybe eight or ten," he replied, then added, "But I'm not sure everybody will show." "So what time does the big party start?" I asked. "Not sure about that either, he replied. "I told the guys it was kind of an all day thing, to come on over any time, buit I know some of them got stuff they gotta do I'm really not sure when anybody's gonna show up." I finished my muffin and stood to leave. As I walked out the kitchen door, I had a sudden thought.

Maybe a little naughty.maybe a LOT naughty, but I was already trying to get in the proper mood for the rest of the day. I stopped and turned around, heading back to the table to stand next to him "Hey bro," I started. "Could I ask your opinion on something?" "Sure," he replied, looking up at me.

"What's up?" I lifted my right foot up and placed in on the table right in front of him. I pulled up on my nightshirt as I saw his eyes automatically drop to stare between my legs. I reached down and using just the tips of two fingers, spread my lips open. In this position, I was competely spread, my gaping pussy just inches from his face. "Do you think it would look sexy if I shaved my pussy?" He stared directly up into me, saying nothing.

I just stood there, lewdly displaying myself as a few seconds ticked by. I could feel the warm rush flowing through me. "Well?" I prompted a few seconds later. "What do you think?" I could feel myself starting to grow moist as he continued to stare. "Well," he finally stammered, "yeah, kinda." "What do you mean kinda?" I asked impishly. "You mean kinda sexy, as opposed to really really sexy?" "No." he rasped. "I mean you should kinda shave it." "What do you mean kinda shave it?" I asked with a chuckle.

"You either shave or you don't!" I knew I was really getting wet now, relishing my brother's gaze, riveted to my wantonly displayed pussy. I wondered if he could smell me.

" got to leave a little bit." "Come on bro,,help me out here. What do you mean?" "At the top," he stammered. "Don't tell me," I murmured suggestively.


"Show me." I grabbed his arm and brought his hand up between my legs. He extended his middle finger and reached for me. He drew a small circle right at the top of my slit.

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Even though he had come not more than a few minutes ago, I swear I saw a twitch in his boxers. "Leave this alone.shave the rest." "Why not shave it all bare?" I asked curiously. "Cuz your pussy will look like you're six years old." BINGO! That's what was wrong with the movie! All the actresses were shaved to one extent or another, but only a couple of them were completely bare.

At the time, I thought completely bare was not very sexy, but didn't really know why. That was it! Shaved completely bare their pussies looked like they might have been the pussies of a small child.

I didn't want to be a small child! I didn't want to be a little girl! I wanted the guys to look at me like a grown woman! These thoughts flashed through my mind in an instant, while I continued to let Ricky feast his eyes on my open display. Knowing what I was going to do, I pulled my foot off the table. I stood, blew a quick kiss in his ear, and whispered, "Thanks bro." as I left the room.

I returned to my room, grabbed a pair of scissors out of my drawer, and headed to the bathroom. I didn't think Ricky would be coming up the stairs anytime soon, but I left the door open anyhow, just on the chance he would want to watch me. I was idly wondering if a guy would think it sexy to watch a girl shave herself. I pulled the wastebasker over in front of the counter and looked down at myself in the mirror.

I put one foot on either side of the wastebasket, placing my pussy directly over the top of it, and picked up the scissors. I never had very much hair down there, and could see my lips peeking through what little bit there was.

I started snipping the sparse strands, wanting to cut them as close as possible, but not wanting to take a chance on nicking myself, particularly not today. I watched as the golden strands drifted down into the wastebasket, and within a few minutes, all that remained, except for the tuft at the top, was stubble.

I turned and started the water for the shower, adjusting the temperature a couple of times, and climbed in. I squirted a few drops of the body wash gel into my stubble, and rubbed it vigorously until a nice lather had formed. I picked up my razor and started the process of turning my stubble into smooth, bare skin.

That took only a couple of minutes, and then I quickly did my legs and under my arms. I lathered and rinsed my hair, and picked up the body wash. I quickly cleaned myself from head to toe, and was about to turn off the water when I had another idea. today was the pool party, and I wanted to be squeaky clean, inside and out. But I also knew that all the attention I had paid to my pussy, the scissors, my fingertips, the lather, the razor.had me just turned on enough that if I wanted to clean myself inside.and stay clean.I was going to have to come again first.

I reached for the hand held shower head, and removed it from it's wall bracket. I adjusted the head from "spray" to "pulse".

I squatted down on my haunches, spreading my knees apart. I reached down with one hand and used two fingers to spread my lips wide apart. I brought the shower head up between my legs and aimed it so the pulsing water was hitting directly on my clit.

I rocked back and forth slowly, adjusting the distance from the shower head to my magic button until it felt just perfect. It was only a matter of a few moments until I felt the familiar surge rushing through me, and in a few more seconds had treated myself to another wonderful early morning come. I stood and replaced the shower head in it's bracket. Although I didn't own a proper douche, I had the manual finger/soap method pretty much down to a science. I inserted the tube of body wash all the way up inside my pussy, then withdrew it slowly, squeezing gently as I did.

Replacing the tube with two of my fingers, I began moving them, in and out, around and around, wiggling them, twisting and turning them, until I was sure I had reached every single spot that I possibly could. I grabbed the shower head again, adjusting the flow from "pule" to "jet". Squatting down, I once more used two fingers on one hand to spread my lips wide. I brought the jet right up close until I could feel the water rushing up inside of me.

I gave it a minute or two until the water flowing back out of me was no longer a sudsy froth, but had turned clear. Returning the head to it's wall bracket, I reached for the tube of body wash, and, turning, inserted the tip inside my little back hole. I squeezed a small amount of the gel up inside me, and then added a dab to the tip of my middle finger.


Placing the tube on the soap dish, I reached around behind me and pushed the tip of my finger up against my tiny opening. I pushed a bit harder, and felt myself relax back there and allow my fingertip to enter. I continued pushing until I had my finger all the way up inside me, and then began wiggling, twisting, and rotating it, then finally pumping it in and out. After a minute or two of this, I reached again for the shower head, and, turning around, bent all the way over.

I brought the head right up against my back hole, and in a few seconds, felt the water rushing up inside me. Looking back between my legs, I knew now to expect the water flowing back out of me to start as kind of a murky brown, so wasn't surprised or grossed out when that's what I saw. Within a minute or two, the brown color disappeared and the water running out of me was clear. I straightened, adjusting the head back from "jet" to "spray", and gave myself a final rinse.

Stepping from the shower, I towled myself dry quickly. I grabbed the electric toothbrush and did my teeth, then spent a couple of minutes under the blow dryer. All the time I stood in front of the mirror, I was looking at my newly shaved pussy, trying to decide if I thought it looked sexy.

I even tried putting one foot up on the counter, spreading my lips with my fingers, but just couldn't get a real good view.

All this time my mind was racing.thinking forward to the pool party.all those guys.all those PENISES! I returned to my room, already feeling extrmemly naughty, just thinking about all the possibilities the rest of the day was going to bring. I picked up the yellow bikini I had carefully chosen as today's "costume". Two days earlier, I had carefully used a scissors to cut out the interior liner from both the top and the bottom, so I knew the only thing covering me would be the thin nylon. I put on the top, pulling the string up over my head until I felt the bow at the back of my neck.

I adjusted the two tiny triangles of material so they covered my nipples, (but not much else), and reached between my breasts, tying the connecting string in a tiny bow. I stepped over to full height mirror to check out my "look". I liked it. With the interior liner removed, the thin nylon covering my nipples molded itself against them, making very clear their outline and shape. I tweaked and pinched my nipples for a couple moments, feeling them grow and harden. I thought it looked pretty hot and was pretty sure it would get the guys' attention.

I looked down at my newly shaved pussy and had a sudden idea. I pulled the miror over next to my bed and hopped up. I laid back, bringing my knees up and pressing them against my breasts. I spread my knees far apart. Looking down between them, I gazed at the reflection of my near naked pussy staring back at me in the mirror. My little tiny back hole was clearly visible just below it. I moved my hands down and used my fingertips to spread my lips. "Wow." I thought as I looked at my inner pink, "that really does look sexy." All kinds of wicked thoughts were running through my mind as I heard brother Ricky coming up the stairs.

I swiveled slightly so my naked spread pussy was aimed directly at the door to my room, keeping my legs up and my knees tight against my breasts.

"Hey Ricky," I called out as I heard him approach down the hall. "C'mere and tell me what you think." I maintained my obscene pose as he rounded the corner and came throught the door. He froze. I swear his jaw dropped a foot, and he just stood there.looking.staring.

"Well!" I asked. "Um.well." he stuttered. "How can you tell from way over there? Come on over here and take a close look. I really need to know what you think." He approached my bed like a man in a slow motion movie, his eyes never leaving the sight of my lewdly displayed holes.

He stopped at the foot of my bed and murmured, "It looks looks good.real good," he finally managed to rasp out. "I don't want it to look good," I pouted. "I want it to look sexy.does it?" I rocked my hips suggestively. "Sis," he replied, "It looks VERY does it feel?" "It doesn't feel any different," I admitted. "Although it does sort of sting a bit." "You need to put some aftershave on it," he replied quickly. "Aftershave?" I asked. "Yeah," he answered, "just like I use on my face.

It'll kinda sting for a few seconds, but then it'll feel fine. Besides," he added, "in addition to taking the hurt away, it'll prevent you from getting razor rash." I thought quickly. "Oh," I said, and then feigning disappointment quickly added, "And here I thought you would just kiss it and make it all better." I rocked my hips again.

I swear his jaw dropped even further as he just stood there, frozen, staring at my lewdly displayed holes. "Well?" I whispered huskily.

He hesitated a moment longer, then lowered himself to his knees in front of me. His mouth was now just inches away from my spread pussy.

His face.his eyes.his nose.his mouth. He just sat there for a moment.looking.staring.The expression on his face was like that of a man dying of thirst.who had just been offered a jug of ice water. I could feel my juices starting to flow.anticipating. I rocked my hips lewdly one more time. "I'm waiting." I croaked. He moved his face even closer to me and I could see his mouth open, then his tongue protrude from between his lips.

I could feel his hot breath washing across me. I was really getting wet now, and wondered if he could smell me. He leaned furthur forward and I felt the first delicious moment as his tongue made contact with my lips. I gasped. He pushed his tongue up inside of me, and began quickly moving it in and out. I could feel his hot breath wash over me as his tongue continued to probe my now dripping hole. My breathing quickened as I thought to myself, "God, it's like he's trying to screw me with his tongue." This continued for several moments and I felt the familiar warm glow spreading through me.

"My God," I thought, "The very first time a guy has licked me.and it's my own brother!" I thought back to my first experience with Jennifer, and how her tongue had felt. But I was getting more and more turned on. My hips started rocking back and forth in rythm with his tongue. It was like my pussy was trying to suck more of his tongue up inside of me.

He was almost panting now, trying to drive his tonge deeper and deeper. It felt wonderful, but it wasn't what I wanted. I thought again about how Jennifer had licked me.

"Wait," I whishpered hoarsely. I reached down and used my fingertips to spread my lips at the very top, exposing the hood covering my clit. "There," I hissed. "Use your tongue.lick me.right there." He leaned forward eagerly and began lashing my clit. "Stop!" I almost croaked. " have to be gentle.VERY gentle." He leaned back forward and started a slow, gentle, tantalizing torture of my clit.

Up and down.side to side.around in circles. His tongue was driving me crazy. My hips were now bucking out of control and I found I was actually thrusting myslef against his tongue. My breathing grew chest hips thrusting. The tingles and flashes were rapidly spreading through me and I felt my orgasm approaching. He stopped and leaned back. "What?" I cried, almost in a panic.I was so close. "Nothing sis," he murmured, "You taste great." "Why are you stopping.?" I asked, almost pleading.

"Well.I thought.I" he stammered. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face back between my legs.

"You can't stop now! You can't leave me like this." I was desperate. He started again his delicious torture of my clit, and within moments I was right back on the verge of coming. I was panting openly now.hips thrusting wildly. "Faster," I hissed. "Ricky.I'm so close." His tongue movements immediately increased, and I could feel my juices dripping out of me as he continued pummeling my hardened clit.

"Ricky," I croaked, "put a finger in me." His tongue never missed a beat as I felt him push a finger deep up inside my channel. It sent me over the edge. Chest heaving, I felt like I couldn't breathe. My head tossed wildly side to side as I started shrieking, "" Spasm after spasm after spasm racked my body as this incredible orgasm took complete control of me. I jerked, twitched, arched. Every muscle in my body tensed.let go.tensed again.let go.

When the spasms finally started to subside, I collapsed on the bed.breathless.exhausted. "God what a come!" I thought to myself. As my breathing began returning to normal, I looked down between my spread legs at my brother's face. His lips, cheeks, and jaw were glistening with my juices, but he seemed oblivious, just sitting there with a very self satisfied grin on his face. I thought back to our session earlier in the morning and hit him with his own line.

"Well bro, I will are a quick learner." He hit me right back, never missing a beat. Smiling impishly, he replied, "Or maybe I just had good teacher." We sat there for several moments, not moving.not speaking. Finally I looked at him and whispered, "It's OK now, bro." "What's OK?" he asked, a quizzical look on his face.

"You can take your finger out of me." (To Be Continued.)