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Dude loves fucking horny slut hardcore blowjob
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"Come on you piece of junk." Rose muttered to her car as she attempted to start it for the umpteenth time. Why it had chosen now to break down she did not know.

Why it could not have chosen to do it when she was in a town. Rather than stuck in the middle of darkest Scotland, with no sign of life anywhere. Of course there was no mobile signal out here so she could not call up a rescue company. The car coughed, spluttered and died, again. "Oh come on." She shouted to it as she tried one last time.

If it did not start now it was a case of walking. Which she was not looking forwards too. It was miles to the nearest village.

She turned the key, the car spluttered. "Please, please start." Rose begged, for a moment the car seemed to die again. Then with a roar, and a massive cloud of smoke, it burst into life. Rose gave a whoop of joy and started up the road. Almost instantly the car began to shudder, making seriously terminal sounding noises.

She could not get it to go any faster than twenty miles an hour. "Come on baby, just till the next village." She whispered, nursing the car along. It had seemed like a good idea to drive across the highlands after her holiday finished. After all there had been no warnings from her car as she had driven around the Shetland Islands.

Oh no, it had waited for her to be in the middle of no where to break down. Somehow the car kept going, rolling along at almost a snails pace.


Finally she spotted signs of life. Ahead was, oh miracles, a garage. She put the car into neutral and rolled down the rest of the way. Coming to a halt in the front of the garage. As she did the car coughed once and died again. Rose climbed out of it, brushing back her long blonde hair as the wind caught it. Her white cami style top and short denim skirt were not built to keep out the sort of wind you got on these hills. She had not expected to have needed to get out until she reached Glasgow.

And definitely not in the middle of the highlands. She headed into the garage, braced against the wind. Not easy in wedged pumps, but again she had not expected to need to. The two men inside both stopped what they were doing and stared at her. Rose was kind of used to it.

In all modesty she knew she was good looking. She was twenty three, tall, thin. With a pretty, round face, long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her figure was nice too, with full round breasts, tight hips and ass. As well as long, shapely legs. All of which could be as much a hindrance as it was an asset. It was hard to get a proper conversation with a guy when he was checking out your figure. Now however her looks might be of help. If it got the two guys out to fix her car quicker, then it was an asset.

The one man headed out, rubbing his hands clean on a clothe. "You ok missy?" He asked her, in a strong Scottish accent "No, my car's buggered. And I have no idea why." Rose said, giving him her best damsel in distress look. "We'll take a look and see what we can do." Rose nodded as the man came out to look at the car. She gave him the keys and headed in to get out of the wind.

The second man came out, checking her out as he did. Rose ignored the leer he gave her as she found somewhere to sit. The two spent several minutes looking at the car then headed back in. Rose stood up as the first man approached her. "What's the verdict then?" She asked, he told her what was wrong. Rose knew nothing about car engines so he might as well have been talking double Dutch to her. "Is that expensive to fix." She asked him when he finished explaining.

"I'm afraid so, it's going to cost about four hundred pounds." Rose looked at him in horror. "Four hundred!" She exclaimed, he nodded. "I don't have that much money." She said her voice rising in pitch with each word. The man shrugged his shoulders. "Well unless you've got roadside rescue you ain't going nowhere in that car." He told her, Rose deflated quickly. It was the one thing she had promised herself to get, and had not done so yet. "Basically I'm stuck until I can get someone to get me." Rose said in an almost whisper, the man nodded.

"There is one way you could pay for it." The other man said to her, still leering at her. "What do you mean?" Rose said, then felt her eyes go wide as she guessed his meaning.

"No way, what kind of slut do you think I am." She said sharply. "Well dressed like that, I'm not sure." The man said stepping towards her. "Look there's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing." Rose told him, he continued to move towards her. She put her hand out to stop him. "I said no, it ain't happening." With a swift movement he grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him hard. He pressed his face against hers. "Oh yes it is girl, your only choice is whether you do it willingly or we take you." He hissed to her as he dragged her into the main workshop.

Rose fought to break free, desperately pulling her arm to try and break his grip. His fingers were like iron around her wrist. He dragged her into the back of the workshop.

Rose saw the other man following, he turned and closed the doors. Blocking any exit. Rose swallowed hard realising they meant it. "Please, let me go." She begged, the man ignored her. He pushed her against the far wall. Pinning her up against it, running his hands over her body. Rose flinched, her skin crawled under his touch.

Something in his eyes told her not to fight. She could tell he wanted her to fight, so he could hurt her. She took a deep breath in to calm herself down. As much as she was going to hate it she realised that the only way to get out of this was to give them what they wanted. There was no way she was going to actually give them permission. Instead she allowed the man to touch her.

Run his hands over her, paw at her breasts. When he pulled her top up she let him. Fought not to shudder as he pawed at her naked breasts. "Umm god girl, not felt tits like this in ages." He said with a sneer as he dug his fingers into her breasts. Rose closed her eyes, not daring to look at him.

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Just in case he saw what she was really thinking. She heard a zip being undone. Opened her eyes to see him removing his overalls. Then he opened his jeans, releasing his cock. Rose could see he was hard, she took a breath in to keep from panicking. "I think I want to feel your mouth around my cock first." He told her, "before I fuck your cunt for you." Rose almost refused, she hated giving blow jobs. Had always felt that they were demeaning to her.

But, she did not dare disagree this time. Only hope that he did not intend to cum in her mouth. She was not sure that would not make her throw up if he did cum. She sank to her knees slowly, breathing in hard through her nose.

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For a moment she considered just biting him hard. Then remembered his mate stood by the door. She had no idea how he would react to that. With a soft shudder she made herself take him in her mouth. Sucking softly on him, sliding her mouth along him slowly.

"Oh yes girl, suck on my cock baby." He said, oblivious to the fact she was faking it. Rose closed her eyes tight, sliding her mouth along him. "Umm more baby, take more of me in your mouth." He told her, she did. Taking as much of him as she dared into her mouth. Sucking slowly, deeply on him. Hating every second of it, but knowing she had to put on a good show for them. "Oh yes girl, that's good." He said, cupping her head with his hand.

For a minute she was afraid he did intend to cum in her mouth. Then he pulled her upwards. She felt relieved just for a second. Until he pushed her skirt up, pushing his fingers into her. Rose grunted as she felt him probing inside her. She breathed in hard, pushing down her revulsion at his touch. She had to play along, until she could get away. She forced herself to part her legs, just a little.


It was enough for him to notice. He pushed his fingers down her pussy, sliding her thong to one side. Rose closed her eyes as she felt him pushing hard into her. She gasped softly, making it sound like she was enjoying it. "You want it don't you girl. You want me to fuck you." He said in a low voice. Rose said nothing, which he took as an agreement saying.

"I knew it, all you sluts want it really. Why else would you wear such short skirts, or such little thongs." He said as he pulled her thong down. Rose bit back her response that she just felt more comfortable in a thong.

He pushed her legs apart, moving between them. She could feel his hard on brush against her thigh as he lowered himself down. She bit her lip to keep in a sob of fear. No way was she letting on she was not up for it. Instead she lifted one leg up, curling it around him. Making it easier for him to enter her. He positioned himself against her. She could feel the head of his cock pressing at her pussy. She took a breath to calm herself. Then let it out hard as he thrust into her.

Slamming his cock deep into her body. She gasped, biting down on her lip to keep from screaming. He groaned deeply as he entered her. "Oh yes baby, so nice and tight." He said as he held himself in her.

Then he slowly began to move in and out. Taking his time over fucking her. Rose breathed deeply, chewing on her bottom lip to stop from screaming at him. She felt her eyes well up and closed them tight, not daring to let him see her tears.

"She's liking it." She heard the other man say as his friend started to fuck her harder. Rose felt the irony that her efforts to hide her dislike of their actions were being taken as enjoyment. Then the man began to thrust harder into her. She gasped at the sharp feel of him inside her. His cock hard as he pushed into her. His hands gripped her thighs, lifting them up round him. Pinning her into the wall behind her.

Each thrust driving his cock deep into her. Rose grunted sharply with each hard thrust. Fighting to keep herself under control and not show the disgust and anger she was feeling. "God girl you're so hot baby." The man gasped as his thrusts grew harder and faster. Rose knew from experience that he was getting close to cumming. She realised with horror that he was not wearing a condom. How many other women had he done this too. What if he had a disease, she gave a silent prayer that he was clean.

Not that there was anything she could do about it now. The only good thing was that she was safe from getting pregnant, she had only renewed her contraceptive injection a month before. He grunted hard as he thrust into her with rapid movements.

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His breath was hot on her neck. "Oh fuck, oh fuck." He groaned as she felt him cumming inside her.

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Rose gave a soft shudder of disgust. Closing her eyes against the tears that again threatened to well up. He held himself in her until he emptied himself fully, then pulled back. Rose lent against the wall taking deep breaths to control herself, fighting not to sob. Her hand was grabbed by the other man. He pulled her towards him. Wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her tight into him.

"My turn now girly." He whispered, before pressing his lips against hers. His tongue pushing into her mouth. Rose refused to respond, she did not pull away but neither did she kiss him back. He broke away from the kiss dragging her towards the work desk. "If you're too high and mighty to kiss me I'll do you like a whore then." He told her as he bent her forwards over the table.

Rose felt him pulling her skirt down. She heard him undoing his trousers, felt him rubbing his cock against her. "Is this how you want it girl, bent over like a whore." He said to her, Rose did not answer. She felt him positioning himself against her pussy. Then he slammed up into her hard. She gave a sharp cry as she felt his cock ram into her. He thrust in hard and fast. Ramming up into her repeatedly.

"Oh god!" Rose gasped at the power of his thrusts. "Yes girl take it like the slut you are." He said behind her, his hands wrapped around her hips. Pulling her back into him as he pounded into her. Rose grunted at each thrust. Burying her face into the surface of the table to hide her disgust and horror. Her hair hiding her face as she felt her tears run down her cheeks.

The way he was ramming into her hurt, and the comments about her being a slut were humiliating. None of which she dared let them know. Instead she gasped softly, keeping in the sobs that threatened to reveal what she really felt. Waiting for him to finish so she could escape.

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He kept ramming in hard, fast. Thrusting up into her with deep movements. Pushing himself as far inside her body as he could. Fucking her as hard as he was able. She dug her nails into the wood of the table. Biting her lip hard to stop from screaming and sobbing. Grunting with each hard thrust into her. Her body shaking under the repeated thrusts against her. His thighs slapping hard against hers as he took her. "Oh yes, that's it slut. Take that cock deep in your pussy girl." He grunted hard as he rammed up into with even more power.

"God!" Rose cried as he slammed in again, then again. Pounding into her harder, deeper than before. Pushing her harder against the table. He grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as he continued to slam into her. "Oh god, oh god." Rose grunted as the assault continued on her pussy.

His cock ramming up into her even harder now. "Yes slut, how do you like that." He snarled as he rammed in hard again. Pounding her deeply, forcing himself as far into her as he could go. Rose cried out shrilly with each hard thrust. He yanked back hard on her hair as he rammed in one final time. Burying himself within her totally.

Then cumming deep in her pussy. Rose heard him hissing behind her as he came. She gave a soft groan of relief that he was finished with her. He pulled out while he was still cumming, she felt his cum splash onto her thighs. It slid down the back of her leg, warm against her skin.

She sank forwards struggling not to start crying. She forced herself to draw in a long breath, calm herself down. Then stood up, beginning to turn round.

Before she could she was pushed back down on the table. "I ain't finished yet girly." She heard the first man say to her. "You've got such a hot ass I want to fuck that too." "No way, not that, fuck no." Rose said, now trying to fight him.

"Oh yes girl, all you slut really want you asses fucked. So I'm going to do it." He said pushing her down on the table. She sensed that there was no way she could stop him. He was just too strong for her, and had her in to venerable a position. "Please I don't want that." She begged, hoping against hope that she could persuade him to relent. "I'll fuck you again, I'll ride you if you want.

But please don't fuck my ass." She offered him. He shook his head. "Nope, I want your ass girl and I'm gonna have it." He said reaching over to pull a tube of hand gel towards him.

He scooped out a large dollop, his hand slipped behind her and she felt him rubbing the gel against her ass. God he really meant to do it. "Please I'm begging please. I'll suck you both off, let you fuck me any way you want." Rose said pleadingly, now not hiding her fear and disgust from them.

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Too scared of him fucking her ass to hide it. He ignored her, pushing a finger into her ass. Rose gasped hard as she felt him rubbing the gel inside her. She closed her eyes tight, knowing that there was no way she could stop him. She had only let a guy do her ass before once, she had hated every second of it. Had swore to never do it again, now she was about to have to. She took a series of deep breaths, trying to make herself relax.

If she was tense she knew it would hurt more. Behind her she could feel him rubbing the gel over his cock. Then he moved it between her buttocks. Pressing it against her ass hole. Rose took a shuddering breath as she felt him pushing against her. He did not even try to avoid hurting her, just thrust in hard. "Oh god unnn god." Rose screamed as he entered her. Sharp pain flashing through her. He grunted and pulled back, then thrust in again. Rose cried out as another jolt of pain shot through her.

He pinned her down, his hand around her neck and hip. As he began to thrust in to her ass hard. Rose cried out, shrill squeals of pain as he pushed deep into her ass. "Yes girl scream for me. It just turns me on more." He hissed and thrust in faster, harder. Tears rolled unchecked down Rose's face as he took her ass. Ramming in hard, deep.

His cock stretching her around it. Each thrust sending pain through her. She gasped as the sharp pain took her breath away. Forcing her to take shallow gulps of air between thrust. Air with was then expelled as she screamed with each thrust into her. "God, oh god unn please stop, god please." Rose squealed desperately to him. "Not until I cum in you girly." He snarled as he rammed in again. She squealed sharply clawing at the table. "God, please no unn no." She screamed with each thrust into her.

Sobbing loudly as he fucked her ass harder and harder. "Yes, yes girl, fuck me your ass is so tight." He gasped in a harsh voice as he continued to pound her.

Ramming himself as deep in her ass as he could. Raping her as hard as possible. Rose was desperate now, her head felt light from lack of proper breath. Her ass was so sore, she could not take much more. In desperation she began to push back at him. Clenching her buttocks around him. Trying to make him cum.

"Yes that's it girl. Fuck my cock with your ass." He said as he felt her pushing back at him. She felt his thrust grow more rapid, wilder. Knew that her desperation act was working. Seconds later he came in her, groaning in pleasure as he emptied himself inside her.

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Rose gasped sharply, sobbing softly at the sensation. Hoping that they were now finished with her. He held himself in her until he was totally empty, making sure every last drop of cum pumped into her. Only then did he pull out of her. Rose clung to the table, her legs too unsteady to hold her up. The two men grabbed her, dragging her between them.


She struggled weakly, unable to fight as they half carried her across the garage floor toward a back room. With a sharp movement she was flung into the room. She turned just in time to see the door slam shut behind her, plunging her into darkness. With a sound like doom approaching she heard the lock being closed. She dived at the door, but it was too solid to move.

Rose curled up in a ball and began to sob as she realised she was now totally at their mercy.