Teen braces handjob amateur big dick girl fucks hot xxx

Teen braces handjob amateur big dick girl fucks hot xxx
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I want you in so many ways.

I dream of you constantly, and can feel your hands running all over my body. You are driving me wild, and I think you know it. I want you so bad I can taste you. I first saw you in the hallways of the school we both attend, and I was too shy to say a word. The twinkle in your eye spoke volumes about your desire, but, I got the feeling you are shy, too. You are so handsome - about 6' tall, with slightly long dark brown hair, and deep blue eyes.

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I wonder if you know what kind of effect you have on this lady. Finally, we had a chance encounter in the break room. You accidentally touched my hand at the soda machine, and I almost jumped out of my skin. A huge shock of electricity ran through me - that unspoken desire was mutual, and we both knew it.

After class that day, I happened to walk by your car, and you stopped me, asking me if I wanted to come over for lunch and a study session before the big test of the week.

Be still my heart. I agreed. Our small talk on the way over to your apartment was the most trivial, sharing silly jokes about the instructor, and fellow classmates, just relaxing with each other. I had several chances to glance over at you, and I knew we were going to have a wild afternoon from the steady blush that started at your collar and colored your cheeks.

I was so glad I had dressed in my laciest undies that day, and worn a blouse that did not button. I knew you would like the front closure on the bra. Just the thought of you exploring me made me squirm. Once inside your apartment, I knew you lived alone by the casual, bachelor state of affairs. You cleared a spot for me on the couch, and disappeared into the kitchen.

The rumpled clutter of your place somehow put me more at ease, and I sank back into your couch. You came back into the living room with two Cokes, and handed one to me. "I ordered a pizza.

it should be here in a few minutes," you said as you leaned back and took a long slow drink from your soda. I smiled, and we let the innocent, meaningless patter continue.

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The pizza arrived right on schedule, but, I was too excited to eat more than one small slice. I started to pick up a second one, but, you took my hand, and took the slice of pizza out of it, laying it on the plate. Gazing into my eyes, you pulled me close, and began kissing me softly, tentatively exploring with your tongue. I leaned back into the couch, pulling you with me, deeper into me.

Your hands started to roam, sliding easily up my loose shirt. I moaned deeply, but did not pull back as you lifted the lower edge of my shirt and began kissing my belly. Your hands continued to explore higher, finding my tits, and gently, almost reverently caressing them.

I lifted my arms, and helped you remove my shirt, arching my back towards you as I pulled it over my head. I loved the look in your eyes, as you took in the sight of my lace- cupped tits, begging you for attention.

You caressed them through the lace, gently pinching the nipples. I reached up and unhooked the front, peeling the cups back for you.

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My little pink nipples were very hard by now, and standing up a full quarter inch from my fairly ample tits. Your fingers teased my fully erect nipples, tracing little circles and then gently pinching and rolling them between your fingers.


I arched my back towards you, begging you with my eyes for more. You discovered I loved having my tits played with - you were unprepared for my deep moans as you leaned down and took one deep into your mouth.

I almost came from the intensity of your mouth sucking hard on my tit, nibbling away while your fingers teased its lonely partner. You continued to play for several long minutes, then switched to the neglected tit, leaving the newly abandoned one wet and tender.

After what seemed centuries, your hands began exploring and wandering again, traveling down my smooth belly, and easing under the waistband of my denim shorts. I wiggled my bottom in anticipation, and reached down to help you undo the button, but, you had already managed it, lowering the zipper, and then kissing the freshly exposed skin.

I let you pull my shorts off, leaving me in my bikini panties and my fully opened bra. You cupped my nylon covered mound with one hand, then began tracing the slit with a finger, not entering me, but teasing my lips and clit until you felt the wet juices begin to soak through.

"Hmm. we need to get rid of those before they get ruined," you teased as you tenderly tucked a finger into the waistband on either side of my hips. I smiled back at you, then, reached down to help you ease them down, exposing my curly blonde hairs, glistening now with fresh juices. You dropped the offending garment onto the floor, taking this opportunity to remove your shirt and shorts, stripping down to just your boxer shorts.

You placed one of my legs on the back of the couch and then settled down between them for some serious exporation. Softly and slowing tracing my slit again, you allowed your finger to begin to part my lips a bit more, smearing my wet juices all around. Your eyes were on my face, watching me for signs that I was enjoying myself and wanted more.

I tried to push my cunt into your hand, but you gently pushed me back down onto the couch.


"Shhh. just close your eyes and enjoy this, Becky. I have wanted to do this for so long," you murmured to me quietly. I had no options but to try to obey you. Your hands felt so good. I closed my eyes, hypnotised by your smooth, gentle caresses. Holding my legs apart, and my pussy lips spread wide, a finger tentatively entered my hot, wet, pussy, gently stroking. "You are so hot and tight. I think we need to do something about that, baby girl." The next thing I knew, the warm, wet finger gently probing my cunt was replaced by something cool and hard, also just barely slipping into me, then being pulled out.

Just as I was getting used to this new sensation, you turned the vibrator on, and wave after wave of pleasure moved all through my hot little box. I moaned deeply with delight, as you kept stroking in and out with this new delight.

Your free hand moved up to my clit, and began rubbing it as you held the vibrator deep inside of me. It did not take long before I found myself in the middle of my first real orgasm, screaming out your name, quivering and moaning with delight.

You turned off the vibrator, but kept it in place, and gently pulled your hand away from my clit. Strong arms lifted me from the couch, and you carried me to the bedroom, placing me on the bed. With the vibrator still deep in my cunt, my legs naturally fell wide open. You smiled and began to move it in and out slowly. I wanted more and you knew it. I playfully tugged at your boxer shorts, pulling them down for you to step out of.

Your cock was enormous, fully engorged - a solid 8 inches, and quite thick. The circumsized head glistened with a drop of precum.

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I smiled at you and pulled you close so that I could lick that precious drop off. You stood beside the bed, and closed your eyes as I took your cock deep into my mouth, sucking on it gently. Pulling you out slowly, I teased your balls with my free hand, then slowly guided you back into my hot, wet mouth. I felt you grow even larger as I played with you, sliding you in and out freely now, cupping your balls, caressing your shaft.

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Pulling away from me suddenly, you got onto the bed, between my legs, turning my vibrator back on, and teasing me with it for a few playful strokes. You pulled the vibrator from my dripping wet pussy, then teased the lips with the head of your cock, just slipping the head of it in. You pulled my legs up, over your shoulders, and entered me with one strong thrust, ramming that ramrod all the way deep within my cunt.

After staying perfectly still for several moments, you slowly began to pull out of me until just the head of your cock was still inside me, then you thrust deep within me again, filling me completely. You took a finger, and began playing with my clit as you long-stroked me, knowing you were going to make me cum so easily.

I pinched my tits as I felt my orgasm build. You began stroking harder and faster. building up the pace. I arched my back.

yes. Yes. YES. I screamed out your name as I flooded your cock with hot, wet juices. Moments later, you shot several huge wads deep within me, taking almost a full minute to fill my little twat with your cum. After several long moments, you pulled out of me, collapsing beside me on the bed, a huge smile on your face.

"I have no idea why we waited so long. but, I am so glad we finally got together," you said as you wrapped your arms around me, and quietly dozed off. Silently, I agreed.