Hot gay sex Emo man Sean Taylor returns this week in a

Hot gay sex Emo man Sean Taylor returns this week in a
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LK said - The first thing we're going to do is lay down the ground rules, baby. This is bimbofication - turning you into a sweet, loving bimbo, not some cock-hungry slut who can't tell her Daddy's cock from a zucchini at the supermarket. A bimbo lives to make her Daddy happy, a slut lives to fill her pussy. We're turning you into a bimbo, not a slut. You'll learn to please your Daddy, to love him, comfort him, and in return, Daddy will take care of you, love you, guide you, reward you when you're happy, punish you when you're naughty.

Is this acceptable? FBS said - Yes Daddy *hugs daddies arm smiling up at him* LK said - That's my girl. Well, you will be, once we're done teaching you properly.

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Let's start off by getting you naked. Daddy needs to see what he's working with before we can begin. FBS said - Yes daddy *strips down, I'm 5 foot without heels, 98lbs, short black pixie cut hair, green eyes, thin shaved fem-like figure, flat chest, wide hips, tight lil ass, tiny coin purse, and my useless 2 inch boiclit* LK said - *walks around your stock-still nude body, tracing a finger along your waist, your ribs, your spine, and your collarbone.

You shudder a bit, the cold air puckering your nipples, your clit stiffening out but still pointing downwards - it's too small to curve up erectly.* Simply beautiful. And Daddy will make it all better. First, Daddy will improve your ass. You want it nice and big and plump, more cushion for the pushing, no?

*my hands massage your round, peach globes, my thumb circling your pucker dangerously. There's a heat to my hands, and with each revolution around your apple bottom, you feel the flesh become heavier, fuller, warmer, as your butt balloons outwards.

If asses had a cup size, you'd be pack a solid 'C'.* How's that, honey? Feel good? Perhaps baby wants it a bit bigger? FBS said - ooohh it feels funny daddy *giggles* maybe a lil bigger?

LK said - My baby girl's a fucking mind reader. Alright then, to infinity and beyond! *My hands begin kneading deeper into your hot, heavy ass-flesh. You yelp, almost as if in pain.

Maybe you are in pain, my hands are being a bit.impolite. My thumbs pop into your hot cunt as I squeeze and massage your lovely orbs. The meat of your ass grows rounder and thicker by the second, 'C' cup, 'D' cup, 'DD'. I juggle the soft, almost liquid mounds of flesh, and you shiver in delight.* FBS said - ooohhhh *gigglers* its all sensitive now.I love it daddy *giggles* what next?

LK said - Now we begin the fun parts. have such a pretty little clit. How can you call something that makes Daddy so happy 'useless?' No part of my baby bimbo girl is useless if it makes Daddy happy. FBS said - well.can you maybe give me a pussy instead daddy? LK said - Hmm, if that's what my baby girl wants. FBS said - Yay, and maybe so some work on my know.only able to walk in 7 inch heels? LK said - We can certainly work on that.

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I was thinking of changing things up so we leave the pussy for last, make it something to work up towards. FBS said - Ooohh yay *giggles* so what's next? LK said - Now we work on your stilts, baby girl. Have a seat here on this bench, and put your feet up on Daddy's shoulders.

FBS said - *smiles* yes daddy *sits down and lets out a slight moan as I sit down on my new sensitive ass, putting my feet on your shoulders* mmmm like this daddy? LK said - Just like that, honey. Let Daddy know how this feels. * I quickly begin rubbing my hands over your legs, taking special care to massage your thighs. With each press into the tight muscle, your legs extend, except for your calves.

You writhe and moan as a gentle tingle overwhelms your legs, and when it's over, their a good four or five inches longer. I kiss your left ankle, and swing your legs over my head.

You try to stand, but with your shortened calves, your feet won't sit flat on the floor properly. Luckily, you have a smart Daddy, and I give you a pair of seven inch heels, translucent lucite, for you to perch yourself on. You coo happily as you stand eye to eye with me for the first time.* FBS said - YAY thank you daddy *hugs you tight as my new heels clack* LK said - It's a Daddy's pleasure to make his bimbo baby happy.

Now, how long can baby girl hold her arms over her head? FBS said - um, why Daddy? LK said - Do good girls question their Daddy, honey? FBS said - *lifts my arms smiling* no daddy LK said - No they don't, there's Daddy's good girl.

*circles your new, elevated body. I tease your ass, lifting each cheek with one finger,and watching proudly as they bounce back down. I trace each rib with a single finger; you inhale sharply at my touch. I stand in front of you, looking into your sweet eyes. I see the obedience there, and lift your chin with a finger. You smile at me, and I give you a quick peck. You've been so good, you deserve a little treat.

With my other hand, I cup your right niplet, rubbing it in a small circle. Soon your chest begins to feel heavier. The flatness that lay beneath each nipple gives way to a budding titlet, growing quickly like a water balloon.

I begin on your other tit, engorging it until you're sporting a nice pair of 'B's.* FBS said - OMG I love them daddy.but do you think they can be.bigger? LK said - Of course angel, Daddy's only teasing. Everybody knows there's no such thing as a B-Cup Bimbo. It's like leprechauns, or English professors - all just make believe. *I renew my molding of your budding tits, kneading them in my thick, rough hands.

I must have tripped some sort of g-spot, because as they expand, your head lolls back limply, your eyes rolling into their sockets, and your cute, bubblegum tongue hangs out like a dog in heat. I take advantage of your languid state to give you a playful nip on the throat, and when your orgasmic haze ends, you find yourself with a pair of bolted on 'E's strapped heavily to your chest.

I place my hand on your back to help you balance, and you giggle absently as you give the girls a few test jiggles, shaking them from side to side as if you were trying to hypnotize yourself.* FBS said - *gigles* I love them daddy, they are beautiful, and soooo sensitive they feel amazing *giggles as I jiggle them* LK said - Daddy's glad you like your new toys, baby.

It looks like you're really having fun with them. FBS said - *jiggling my new fakies and looks up at you smiling* so whats next daddy? LK said - Next we work on that pretty head of yours, baby. After all, a good bimbo has two very important characteristics about their head. Do you know what they are, angel? I bet you do, smart girl that you are. FBS said - uuumm.long blonde hair and.really dumb? LK said - See, I knew you were a smart girl. I'm going to really miss that about you, but it's for the best.

Yes, baby, long blonde hair and no nasty, boring old thoughts cluttering up a beautiful girl's head. All those things like reading, math, history, the ingredients to make ice cubes, they just get in the way of all the important stuff, like smiling and giggling and sucking Daddy's hot, creamy cockload and taking it balls deep in your pussy.

What do you think of that, baby? FBS said - ooohh that sounds amazing daddy, oh and what about their lips and high cheek bones? LK said - Of course, how silly of Daddy to forget something so important. What would Daddy do without my bright baby bimbo to help me out. But wouldn't it look awfully silly if Daddy were to massage your lips plumper? you have any idea how Daddy could make your sexy lips thicker, baby? FBS said - *looks down and pouts shaking my head looking sad* no daddy I don't LK said - Don't be sad, honey!

*gives you a quick peck on the lips to cheer you up* we don't need to do the lips right away. Let's focus on the hair for now. Now, are you sure you want blonde?

FBS said - *looks at you and nods smiling* yes daddy LK said - You know I spoil you. Alright honey, lean your head back, and close your eyes. *you comply, and I begin slowly combing my fingers through your dark, short cropped hair. As my hands brush over your scalp, your hair lightens slightly, lengthening as I go. After a few strokes, it grows past your ears; a few more, and it brushes against the back of your neck. A couple more, and a long, thick curtain of platinum blonde hair cascades off your shoulders and lays just above the valley of your cushioned ass.

I sneak another peck on the lips, and whisper for you to open your eyes.* FBS said - *opens my eyes* mmmm my head feels a little heavy daddy LK said - It does? Well that's no good. Now what can Daddy do to help lighten the load? FBS said - um.weren't you gonna make me dumber daddy?

LK said - Of course, that would make things lighter, wouldn't it. Alright baby, hold Daddy close, so you don't fall over. Close your eyes, there we go. Now, tell Daddy what's going on in that hot little head of yours? FBS said - mmm well.I'm happy and loving my new body as you make it.but I have this nagging feeling a boy should never look like I do.I just wanna be my daddies dumb lil bimbo girl LK said - And you are, baby.

Daddy's special little bimbo. Such a lovely body. And we'll make it even better by the time we're done, don't you worry. But for now, let's take all those nasty thoughts, all those noisy doubts and anxieties, and let's quiet them down a bit, hmm?

Put them all in a big box, and put the box in the basement. Everything that makes you frown, or makes you sad, or angry, or anxious, we'll just put it in the box and put it somewhere small and dark and we'll never think about. No more noisy thoughts, no more clutter in the brain, just pure, sweet happiness. What makes you happy, baby, tell Daddy. FBS said - mmmmmm being happy, pretty, sexy, slutty, my daddy, daddies cock, daddies cum, and making daddy happy LK said - Then that's what we'll think about.

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No more worry, no more fear or sadness or anything else, just Daddy's cock, Daddy's cum. In your mouth, in your pussy, in your ass, all over your tits and face. Happy thoughts, giggly thoughts. Bimbo thoughts.


You don't need to think about anything else, Daddy will take care of all those nasty, boring things. You just focus on that pretty little body Daddy made for you. You take care of your hair and nails and make-up, play with your titties, and smile, and Daddy will take care of the rest. That's what Daddies are for, right? FBS said - *giggles, eyes still closed* Yes Daddy LK said - Hmm.I love when you say those words.


Now open your eyes and tell Daddy how you feel? *FBS said - opens my eyes smiling big and giggles* I'm, like, really happy now like.whats next? LK said - Well, while Daddy was watching those lovely joyballoons on your chest heaving up and down while we washed all those bad thoughts out of your pretty little head, he had an idea. If the plumping magic is in Daddy's hands, then maybe if baby girl sucked on Daddy's thumb, her lips would get nice and cocksuckingly big, and meanwhile, Daddy can put the finishing touches on your sweet little body.

What do you think? FBS said - ooohhh daddies like sooo smart *giggles* lets do it LK said - *You take my thumb into your mouth, sucking and chewing and generally drooling on it absently like it was a piece of candy. I take my other hand, and trace a line from your throat, between your bimbo tits, over your delicate navel, down to your boiclit.

I brush a finger against it, and you furrow your brow, biting my thumb suddenly and roughly. Guess you don't like being reminded that guy's still around. No worries, though. Daddy has the magic touch. I nudge your clit aside, and cup your bald coin purse.

I massage it gently, making it shrink under my touch. In a few seconds, it's gone, leaving nothing beneath your clit but bare, smooth flesh. I begin rubbing my fingers into the spot where the tiny sac was, puffing it out into a small, tight mound.

My thumb works the puffy growth, until a slit forms.

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I keep rubbing it, your pussy oil leaking into my fingers and down your long, creamy thighs. You begin to groan and mumble. I look at your face, and your lips looks like a thick pink ring around your mouth.

I pull my thumb away from the pillowy lips, but you whine like a little puppy, until I begin rubbing your boiclit between my thumb and finger. It withdraws into your body, until it really is a clit, barely an inch long, hidden within it's hood just over your brand new pussy.* FBS said - mmmmmm legs feel all weak.and, like, I think I need to suck something *looks at you pouting* LK said - You do?

Oh no, I don't have any candies or anything to give you baby! Whatever could Daddy give you to suck on, I wonder? FBS said - um, could I like.suck Daddies cock?

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LK said - long as it doesn't spoil your appetite. On your knees, baby. *Unzips pants, fishes cock out. Gives it a few strokes to stiffen it up a bit.) FBS said - *giggles and gets on my knees, my mouth watering as I see Daddies cock, my mind going blank as I lean in mindlessly and take it in my mouth, sucking hard and slow, my eyes fluttering* mmmmmmm LK said - Yeah baby.

Look at Daddy. Daddy wants to see your pretty eyes while you work his cock. Oh shit yeah. Your lips are so soft, angel. Like pillows wrapped around my thick, hard cockmeat. Yeah, you keep that up. Gonna make Daddy cum. You want it, baby? You want Daddy's hot cum? *nods as I suck faster, stroking the base, my eyes rolling back as I gag on it, my pussy leaking a puddle under me* LK said - Such a good girl.

Such a good bimbo for Daddy.

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How deep can you take it, baby? Take Daddy's cock as deep as you can. FBS said - *takes Daddy balls deep, gagging lightly as my eyes roll back* LK said - Oh shit baby, you're so beautiful. You take Daddy's cock so well. You're making me cum. Tell Daddy where you want it: down your throat? On your face?

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Or do you have any other special places you'd like to get soaked with Daddy's hot cream? FBS said - *pops off panting* mmm please Daddy.please cum in my mouth *opens wide, lolling my tongue out, panting like a bitch in heat* LK said - *Stands over you, jacking my slick cock. Foam forms under my knuckles from your saliva, and after a few seconds and quite a few incoherent grunts, a shot flies out, draping across the bridge of your nose and the spoon of your tongue.

Another shot sends it onto your forehead and hair. I aim a bit more precisely for the third, fourth, fifths shots, sending white cream volleys into your gaping mouth, pooling on your tongue.* FBS said - *gargles it before swallowing and opens wide to show daddy its all gone before licking my lips* mmmmmmm thank you daddy LK said - Hmm, my pleasure baby.

Is there anything else Daddy can help you with? FBS said - *giggles and gets on my back, spreading my legs wide so my sopping wet twat is in full view for daddy* mmmm please Daddy.fill up you bimbo naughty wet cunny LK said - Oh god baby, Daddy so wants to fill up your virgin bimbo pussy. But first there's something Daddy needs to do. *kneels between your sexy long legs, and buries my face deep into your weeping cunt. I snake my tongue into the sweet honeypot, sucking and licking and nibbling at every fold.* FBS said - Ahhhh.ooohh daddy.that like feels SSOOOOOO GOOD *coos and squeals as I cum the instand you start* LK said - *Buries face even deeper into your sopping slit, slurping on it rudely.

You arch your back, howling in ecstacy, thrashing your head from side to side, lifting your ass off the floor as you try to drive my mouth harder onto your cunt. I pull my face away to breathe, and you shriek loudly, a jet of sweet, honeyed girl-cum shooting from your pussy like a cannon, drenching my face, my back, and about five meters of floor behind me.* FBS said - *falls back panting, eyes rolled back as I smile, giggling mindlessly* LK said - Oh don't give up on me yet, baby.

Daddy's had a nice taco snack and he's recharged his cock just for you. *slides up between your knees, guiding the head of my cock to your soaked slit. Even as wet as you are, your virgin pussy is still nice and tight. Before I can sink all the way into yuo, you take the initiative, wrapping your legs around my waist, and pulling me all the way in, popping through your hymen.

If it hurts, you don't show it, only a vapid, blissful smile on your face.* FBS said - OOOHH DADDY *I squeal as my hips start rocking on their own, my heels knocking together loudly* LK said - I scoop my hands under your doughy ass, shift myself so I'm sitting, and pull you into my lap, my rock hard cock impaling your quivering twat.

I greedily pop one of your cherry-coloured nipples into my mouth, as you begin rocking back and forth violently on my dick, your pussy juice pooling beneath us. FBS said - *my head flies back as I cum again, my eyes rolling right back as my tongue begins to loll out, moaning and giggling in mindless and endless pleasure* LK said - At this point, your body is so hot and tweaked that everytime you slam down on my cock, you explode into another mind-shattering orgasm, your pussy leaking like a burst dam.

I look up at your face as you ride me, and see tears running down your cheeks, and saliva running down your chin and throat. I dig my fingers into you pillowy ass, slipping my ring finger into your tight asshole. I go back to chewing on your buttery nipples, as you begin to shake like a woman possessed. FBS said - aaahh oohh daddy.soooo good. head.fuzzy.cumming.cumming.CUMMING AAHHH *squirts all over you* LK said - I push you onto your back, bucking my hips into you just as hard as you were riding me.

Your pussy makes a wet sucking sound with every thrust, and the only sounds escaping your lips are brainless squeaks, punctuated with wet gurgling moans. Oh baby, Daddy can't hold on. Your tight pussy is milking me so good. Look at you. You're so beautiful. So dumb and sexy.

Look at these massive tits wobble as I fuck into your oily cunny. That's right baby, it's Daddy's pussy. Daddy's gonna cum up this hot, tight pussy. Would you like that? Can you even form a thought to tell Daddy you want his cum? Fuck!

Gonna shoot up you! Say it, baby, tell Daddy what you want! FBS said - AAAHHHHH .cock.cock.cock.COOOOCK!!! LK said - I cum so hard inside you it hurts. It seems to go on forever, seven, eight, maybe twelve shots, all for you. My cum explodes out your pussy around my shaft, and I collapse in a sweaty, breathless, half-dead heap on your sweet tits.

We both babble at each other mindlessly. I guess you made Daddy your bimbo too, huh honey? FBS said - *lays there giggling and panting, my eyes rolled right back, a smile plastered on my face with my tongue hanging out, you can see my brain is total mush atm* LK said - Yeah, right there with you, honey.

Think it's possible to run a bath with the power of the mind? My body is not going anywhere for a while. Not until the blood migrates back to my brain and I somehow unglue myself from the tile because of all this cunny juice plastered on my skin. Fuck, girl, you're more dangerous than meth. Daddy's beautiful, brainless bimbo girl. Ooh, lookit the pretty colours.

FBS said - mmmmm tell me what I am daddy LK said - are a cum-swallowing, cocksucking carnival ride, all bright lights and cotton candy and calliope music drenched in pussy juice and fucksweat. You are Daddy's special, obedient, loyal, every-horny bimbo baby girl, and that alone makes you a very special girl. Does bimbo baby love Daddy? FBS said - *giggles* Yes Daddy LK said - Then that's all that matters.

Daddy has his bimbo baby, baby has her Daddy, and everything else can go fuck itself. Preferably while we go fuck each other. After.after many hours of rest and rehydration, of course.

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FBS said - *smiles mindlessly at daddy, hoping I can please him and his cock* LK said - Hmm.the way you feel, taste, smell.yeah, Daddy won't be trading you in for a newer model for a very long time. FBS said - *just smiles and giggles, not a thought in my empty lil head* LK said - Just the way it should be.

*Smiles contentedly, kissing you softly on the forehead. I swat your plump, bouncy ass playfully, gripping it like a vice as your eraser nibs dig into my chest.

I doze off into a fucked out slumber.* FBS said - thx for a fantastic rp