Roch hot and sexy big boobs show

Roch hot and sexy big boobs show
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I woke up Saturday morning. My parents were waking my brother and I up to tell us they would be gone all day paying bills and running errands so my brother Eric would be in charge. Eric is eighteen and I am seventeen so I guess that made sense. I hated my brother though. He was a senior in high school and a total jerk. He was tall with black hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body.

I, on the other hand, have bleach blonde hair that reaches my butt, and hazel eyes.


That's the only attractive thing I find about myself. I guess I have a hot body.

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I'm skinny with a pretty face at least. I've never had a real boyfriend before. My longest relationship was two weeks sadly. Every guy I met would randomly ignore me after a few days of flirting. It got to the point where no guy would even approach me unless it was in a friendly way. Eric had many girlfriends in the past and a lot of one-night stands he didn't know I knew about.

He has a 'bad boy' reputation for himself so maybe that's why girls are constantly on his dick, besides the fact that he's extremely hot. No one fucked with him. If he wanted to he could walk up to a random couple and make out with his girlfriend, possibly even take her home, and not one person would try to stop him. Not even the girl. We're opposites. I'm shy, he's outgoing. I'm single all the time, he always has a girl.

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I'm nice, he's an ass. I could go on forever. Worst part, we share a room. My parents got sued out the ass and we lost our nice three bedroom, two bathroom house in the country and had to move into a two bedroom, one bathroom duplex in the hood. We also lost our Hummer.

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Eric is lucky enough to own his own jeep. I lost my permit due to low class grades and poor attendance, so no car for me. Eric yawned and stretched before climbing out of his twin bed across our room. My bed was against the opposite wall.

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Our parents had already left and he went to the kitchen for breakfast. I always waited until he got up first because while he slept in his boxers, I slept in my bra, t-shirt, and thong. I'd rather he didn't decide to wake up as soon as I stood out of bed. I slipped some shorts on and walked to the kitchen for my own breakfast.

He sat at the table with a bowl of cereal and some juice. I watched as he ate, spooning some chocolate puffs into his mouth. I watched how his muscles moved when he lifted the spoon to his lips and back down again. I wanted a man with a body like that. I started to feel myself getting a little wet at the thought of a guy touching me. I was so horny the past week and it just keeps getting worse. I bit my lip as I thought about his body pressed against mine.

His hands all over me and his big cock stuffed deep inside my virgin pussy. Pounding and thrusting until I shook and screamed in pleasure.

"What the fuck are you staring at?" I was snapped out of my daydream at the sound of my brother's annoyed voice. He was looking at me frowning with one eyebrow raised. At that moment I had realized while I had been daydreaming, I had been staring and biting my lip the whole time. "My bad. I, I was just thinking about something. Sorry," I stuttered out before turning around to browse my options in the cabinet. "You were just thinking about something.right?" he stated, sounding like he didn't believe me.

"Yep." I continued to look for some food. I was craving an apple. "What that would be?" he questioned. "None of your business," I countered. "Oh really? Looked like to me that whatever you were thinking about, you were enjoying," he said. I knew he was getting ready to pick on me in the most immature way like he always did. I didn't say anything. I found the apples, finally, and reached to get them as he continued talking.

"Izzy, were you thinking about my dick?" he said teasingly. He was such a cocky guy.

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He thinks he's the hottest guy at our high school which, shamefully, I have to admit is true. I didn't freak at how repulsive thinking about my brother like that would be because I was used to his big ego. I admit to fantasizing about him fucking me and ramming away at my pussy with his cock but they were just thoughts. I never planned on taking action on it. The thought kinda made me sick but at the same time, made me tingly with excitement.

"Shut up Eric, you know damn well that's not what I was thinking. You're immature dude." I grabbed an apple and started peeling it. "Dude?! What, are you a lesbian now? Now that I think about, it you never have a boyfriend Izzy you must be. With an ass like that and tits like those guys would be all over you.

You're a fucking dike!" He started to laugh at me. What he said pissed me off, but left a tingle in between my legs. My own brother pretty much just said I have a nice ass and rack. Creepy, but I could feel my panties getting damper as more thoughts of him grabbing and groping my body entered my head. I needed release BAD. I turned around with the half peeled apple in my hand. He had his back to me finishing the last few bites of his cereal.

Out of anger, I chucked the apple at his head. In blinding fast speed he whipped around, snatched the apple out of mid air, and chucked it back at me with much more force. It flew so close to my face that it touched my hair as it passed. The apple smashed against the cabinet door, causing pieces of apple to fly everywhere as it burst.

The apple was in my hair and on my face. He laughed for a good minute or two at me. "Throw another one bitch and I'll make sure to aim for your face next time." I stormed off to our room without saying a word, locking the door behind me. I cleaned the apple off me and laid down. What a douche bag. At least Mike was nice to me. Mike is Eric's best friend. Shorter than Eric and not as hot. Eric had more defined muscles but Mike was still sexy.

He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. My pussy was throbbing now and I knew I had to take care of it so I started to think about Mike touching me. It got me so turned on that I stripped off all my clothes and laid naked on my bed rubbing my wet pink slit. Sometimes I liked to fantasize about Mike, especially during times where I was too annoyed at my bro to fantasize about him. I've never seen Eric naked but I have seen Mike. He got dared to go streaking in the cafeteria and if course he did it with no shame.

His dick was pretty big even soft. I imagined Mike naked behind me on my bed pressing me into the mattress while he impaled my tight pussy. I took two of my fingers and worked them into my tight cunt, a tiny moan escaping my lips. It felt so good. I used my other hand to rub my throbbing clit causing me to moan again.


I went faster. I was so wet, it was covering my thighs now. I switched my position from on my back to on my hands and knees.

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I put my ass in the air, and used the fingers I used on my clit to work into my ass. I was fingering both holes now. I was so close to cumming.

I pressed my face into my pillows to muffle my uncontrollable moaning so Eric wouldn't hear. Suddenly Mike became Eric in my mind and I imagined him fingering my pussy while he fucked my asshole raw.

I began to twitch and jerk the closer I got to my orgasm. I was biting down on my pillows. I was finally going to get the release I had been needing all week. I heard the bedroom door knob turn. I didn't stop for two maybe three reasons: the door was locked; I was not about to let Eric ruin my orgasm; I was so horny that I kinda wanted him to know what I was doing.

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He started banging on the door. "Let me in Izzy, I gotta get dressed!" He shouted through the door. "One minute!" I shouted back panting breathlessly. "Open the damn door!" I ignored him and continued fucking myself until my orgasm hit with such an intensity that I started squirting. "Izzy! What the fuck are you doing?!" I jumped, grabbing my blanket to cover my naked body. Eric was standing in the door way, mouth agape in shock.

He must have picked the lock and let himself in. I felt my face turning bright red with embarrassment. He just got a perfect view of my ass and pussy as I finger fucked both holes until I squirted. I was mortified. "Get out!" I screamed. He jerked out of his shock, grabbed the door knob and slammed it shut. It was obvious he was just as mortified as I was.

After I sat on my bed for awhile, to calm myself, I grabbed my bath towel and wrapped it around myself. I peaked out the door to check and see if Eric was still waiting outside. He was no where in sight. I scurried into the bathroom, shutting the door loudly to signal him that I left our room and it was safe. After I few minutes, I heard him walk past the bathroom door and into our room. I sighed and got in the shower.

I was so embarrassed. I couldn't help wondering what he must be thinking. A part of me wanted him to be turned on by the sight, but the sane part me stopped that thought. Eric had apparently left to go to Mike's house. I worried that it was because what he saw repulsed him and he didn't want to be around me. It should have though, right? He's my brother and thinking anything like that about him is wrong.right?