Oral service with a horny homosexual stud

Oral service with a horny homosexual stud
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This is my first story and it's a true one! Please rate and let me know what you think. All suggestions welcome and if you'd like more please let me know! I'm 23 my master is 46 we've been together 3 years. I'm 5'10 brown hair brown eyes curvy with 34C breasts.

In case you all were wondering ! I hope you enjoy my little retell of a night we were going out. xx Kitty. xxxxxxxxxxx I'm in the bedroom getting ready.

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You're taking me to dinner. I'm standing in my underwear, stockings, garter g string and corset. Black lace. I slip into my heels and as I bend down to straighten the seams on my stockings I look over my shoulder.

You're there. Watching from the door way. Tall and handsome. Leaning on the doorframe. I smile and stare as you adjust yourself through your dress pants. "We'll be late sir&hellip." I know that look in your eyes. You push yourself off the door frame and step into the room "sssssh baby, don't move." I stay exactly as I am, bent at the waist.

Hands on my legs. You run your fingers from the top of my spine all the way to my ass. My pussy is instantly wet and my legs start to tremble. "Mmmm you are such a sight baby.

I do love to see you like this" I smile and sigh. I love when you touch me. You press your cock against my ass "see what you've done?" "Yes Sir." I moan as the hardness I've created in you makes my body tense up with anticipation. "Come this way" You guide me by the hips "Stand in front of the mirror. I want you to watch baby" I walk on shaky legs to the large mirror and watch you pick up one of the stockings off my dresser "wrists baby?" I put them behind my back and you bind them "too tight?" "No Sir it's perfect".

I love how the nylon feels. "Legs apart my beautiful girl and bend over for me, that's it" you stand back and admire your adoring sub. "You're starting to soak through those panties aren't you? I can see them glisten"&hellip.I nod my head and lightening fast your hand connects with my ass. Once. Hard. A perfect slap. "Your words Kat. Use your words, you know I need you to" "Yes Sir, I'm sorry.

I'm soaking through my panties" "that's my good girl. Let me see…" You hook your index finger into the top of my g string and run it all the way down until it connects with my wet pussy.

"Mmmmm drenched" I gasp. "Oh you are ready baby aren't you?" Your gestures are so sure and certain. This is what I love about you. You're so confident in every way you interact with me. It makes me feel so safe.

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Knowing you're in charge. I want to do everything for you. I want to be on my knees and I want to taste your cock and I want you to bind me completely so I can't move. But the need to be fucked is so much greater than that just this one time.

I've never wanted you to just take me without any other extra touching before but my pussy is clenching and unclenching tightly and my clit is starting to throb to the beat of my pounding heart.

"I'm so ready Sir" I whisper it because I can't speak when you're looking at me like that. You move my panties aside. You're careful with these ones. You picked them. They're your favourite. I hear you unzip and my whole body is trembling. I can see you through the mirror. I love when you fuck me In front of it because you let me watch.

"I need you to taste my cock baby, you know how much I love that pretty mouth. Kneel. I'll help" I stand to the side and kneel. You tilt my chin up and smile. I love that smile. You're proud and adoring. I've been very good girl lately. You rub the wet head of your cock on my lips and my eyes drift closed at how good I know you're going to taste.

I can't believe I would ever want to skip this. You're so smart you know exactly what to do. What not to miss. "Open" I part my lips and lick the head of your cock and it throbs then I put my lips around it and suck.

You groan and throw your head back and the sound makes goose bumps spread across me. "that's it. Ease down onto it Kat.

Good girl" I take you deeper. Then keep going when I hear you groan again "Mmmm fuck your mouth is perfect!. Don't stop now." You're growling and I'm about to come apart. I love this so much. I'm almost all the way to touching your stomach with my nose and you start to thrust.

Shallow small movements into my mouth that make my pussy ache and my nipples hard against the lace of my corset. I love when you fuck my mouth. You're holding your balls. Cupping them and watching us in the mirror. It's a dizzying sight. My gorgeous sexy Dom in all his glory. It almost hurts me to watch you but I can't stop. You hold your cock in the back of my throat and i start to swallow around it.

Breathing deeply through my nose "don't gag Kat. I don't want you spoiling this pretty make up. Let's try to be tidy ok?" I look up at you and nod " "you look stunning with my cock in your mouth.

I love watching you" My panties are now drenched and I feel myself gushing into them at your praise. My swollen clit pressed against the wet fabric is making me crazy. I love when you're happy with me. "Stand up now, good girl. Bend over again. Face the mirror.

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That's it. Oh my sexy girl, your thighs are wet from your pussy. You do love sucking Sir's cock don't you?" I nod at you in the mirror watching in awe and feel the sting as your hand connects with my ass again. Once. Hard. Then across my thighs. Once. Harder. "Your words Kat, do not have me tell you again." You're so stern and it makes me hot.

"Yes Sir.

Sorry. I love sucking your cock. I love how you taste. I love making you feel good" You smile and pull my panties aside, run your fingers all through my pussy curling them around my clit but not on it. I know what you're doing, making sure my wetness is everywhere.

Then you spread it up and all around my ass. My fists are clenching and unclenching behind my back. I want to press myself into those wet digits and feel them push into that tight space. But I know better than to move. You keep dipping into my wet pussy then spreading it all over my ass. Drawing my wetness out of me. Then when you decide it's wet enough you step back and look at your work.

Your eyes are dark and I know you're bursting to get into my body. You smile at me in the mirror and put your fingers onto my lips "taste your perfect pussy for me, good girl" I am hungry for them. I love my taste.

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I lick and suck and I'm greedy to get every drop while you watch and stroke your hard, heavy cock. Then you're behind me again. This time you run your cock through my folds getting it soaked in me.

You rub the head over my clit and my legs start to shake "Do. Not. Dare. Katarina." Your tone is so firm it stops me in my tracks. "You must not cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?

Do not dare cum until then" I look into your eyes and nod "yes Sir. I understand" Then the head of your cock is at the clenching entrance of my pussy. It's wide and steel hard against all the softness of the warm flesh right there where I ache. I love all that hardness. You take hold of my hips and in one swift thrust you're buried deep.

"SIR!!!! OH FUCK!!" I shout for as my pussy is filled with all that perfect hardness. I'm so tight there. So very tight. You spank me and chuckle lightly "language baby. Remember you're a lady" I can see you smirk in the mirror and you put your hands back on my hips.

"Yes Sir" I'm so full up I can feel the head of your cock against my cervix. Rubbing there. Pressed tight against that spot deep deep inside me. You rub your hands over my ass and hold your cock steady inside me "Oh Princess.

Your are so tight and wet today. This won't last long" Then you start to move and the pull/push of your body dragging every sensation through mine is so amazing I'm doing everything I can not to cum. You press deeply into me.

So deep I think for sure I'm going to faint. Your balls slapping on my swollen clit picking up the pace. Your fingers are going to leave bruises on my hips and I love it. You slam home again and I'm terrified I'm going to cum everywhere. This is so intense and you have never fucked me this deep and hard before.

The pressure is reaching a point where I know I'm going to explode and cum all over and tears are pooling in my eyes " almost there, good girl. Fuck I love this pussy. You are so velvet soft and tight on my cock baby. Hold it together. Just a little while. I'm so close. I can feel your pussy clenching down hard princess and it feels amazing on my cock" Your words and the gravel in your voice as you talk dirty through clenched teeth are making me dizzy.

"All day I've thought of being in here. In this tight little hole. I love that it belongs to me. I love that I can fuck it deep like this whenever I like.

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You feel amazing, pussy feels so fucking good! Are you ready?" I'm panting and almost crying and your words are all a jumbled mess of hard against soft and then you slick your fingers over my wet ass and I remember how you prepared it earlier. I hold my breath. You know what I want. You start to pound me just as you slip your thumb deep into my tight little hole and I can't stop myself from begging you.


I'm pleading and gasping and clenching down hard on your cock and finally through the fog of all of this feeling you tell me to cum. And that's all I need. I'm saying your name over and over and over. "Yes. Yes. Oh god oh god oh god. Yes Sir… yes Sir, just like that.

Just like that Sir Please, please let me, please i need it.&hellip. " You say "Cum for me" and I'm cumming everywhere when you shout out my name and fill my tight clenching pussy with hot creamy cum. Your cock throbbing and filling me up makes my clit start to pound hard again and you continue to move in and out slowly through my second orgasm. I'm whimpering when you pull out completely and feed me you cock "Lick it clean princess.

Kat!!" You're not shouting just firm and louder when you say my name…"Concentrate for me. Lick it all clean. Good girl. You were so perfect my beautiful Girl. You came exactly when I said and you made me cum so hard. I'm very proud. Now suck the top. Mmmmmm that's it princess. Good girl. Perfect" you reach forward down my back to my still twitching pussy and put two fingers into me. You know I want your cum. I always do.

You take your cock out of my mouth and feed me cum straight from my freshly fucked pussy. And I moan and clench my opening tight to try to stop the rest leaving me. Your taste is everything I crave…and knowing I'm full up of all that salty cream makes my nipples so hard they hurt. "Now. Finish getting dressed.


Do not change your panties. Let me undo your wrists." You're kissing along my shoulder and untying me "Wear the short black dress. I'll be waiting." You turn me and kiss me softly as you rub the feeling back into my wrists. You're such a perfect Dom. Always taking care of me.

"you were so wonderful princess." you fit my g string back in place and lightly tap my ass. "Did you like it hmmm?" I'm eager and nodding like a puppy high on praise "it was amazing Sir! I'm still tingling all over. I've never had you so deep before. It was breathtaking" you smile and start to walk away "add it to your journa. We'll read it in bed later. See you downstairs. 10 minutes. Not a minute more.

Do not make me come looking again okay?" I nod absent-mindedly and a low dark growl comes from your chest "KATARINA!" This time you're louder. Fuck. My words. "Im so…" I start to say and you cut me off "No! No "sorry Sir." That's 3 now! 3 times. You know better. Come here!" I walk to you and you open the drawer in the special side table. Anticipation uncoils deep in my tummy as you take out the butt plug and turn me around. "Bend.

Now." you run it all through my pussy once twice a third time… coating it then press it into my ass. It feels too big in there and cold but I can tell already it will heat up quickly and I shiver. "Do NOT cum Katarina. You can wear it until bed time do you hear me? If you dare cum I will use the switch!

You MUST use your words. This is not negotiable. You can't nod like a child. You're much too clever to be nodding like a fool. It infuriates me. Now. Get ready. And do not dare remove that plug" You leave me alone and I put my dress on. The plug is heavy and fits snugly now that it's heated up. Its making my clit throb already. It's going to be a long night. I can't wait. To be continued??